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Roxy on net video girls

Meet Roxy, a gorgeous tattooed babe with amazing eyes, fantastic tits and a mighty fine ass, not to mention a sexual libido a mile long! She showed up at the Net Video Girls studio for a calendar girl shoot audition and before you know it she was getting naked and making out with the camera girl, showing that she was comfortable being nude with another woman…comfortable my ass, she was outright going lesbian on it as these two rolled around in each others’ arms, kissing and caressing and grabbing tits and eating each other out like crazy! Something tells me this wasn’t Roxy’s first time going south of the border with another girl, she licked twat like she was a champ, looking sexy as hell…the next day she came back to continue the ‘audition’, sucking and fucking the casting director’s big hard cock! She gave a nice sucking on that dick but kept gagging when she deepthroated him and seemed like she was in a bit of pain when he was pounding that sweet wet pussy, I guess maybe licking another chick’s pussy was more her thing. Oh well, she looked hot getting fucked and hey maybe she’ll even pass the audition process! Oh wait, the whole thing was a setup just to get another gorgeous amateur naked and fucked on camera for Net Video Girls…those rascals!




This girl had me hooked until I saw her name is Vxmpire…if you’ve been reading a lot of Anne Rice novels though this chick is going to rock your world! This photoshoot is from Suicide Girls and Vxmpire definitely fits their mold, so to speak…she’s hot as hell with a ton of tattoos and is relaxing on a gloomy afternoon in her tight tank top that you can pretty much see her puffy nipples right through! This edgy babe strips down to show off those sexy black strap panties, giving a nice view of her huge back tattoo as she rolls around on the living room rug. Vxmpire is sexy as hell, I just hope she doesn’t take herself too seriously as her name kind of implies! She’s super hot though so enjoy these photos. Nice big tits, fantastic round ass, this girl actually has some sexy womanly curves instead of being rail-thin like a lot of the heavily-tattooed pierced dyed-hair chicks on Suicide Girls tend to be!




Now this is just plain adorable, there’s no denying it. Beautiful cute-as-a-button Euphemia here is the sexiest cat burglar ever, as long as you’re into hot chicks with piercings and dyed hair and big perfect breasts! She pops off her hood and unleashes those big titties, her pierced nipples glinting in the sunlight as she runs her hands over that beautiful smooth skin…this girl is an absolute stunner and looks like she’d be fun to not only fuck like crazy but also just to hang out with. She’s even got a cute smile and some nice tattoos to explore with your eyes and fingers and tongue…Euphemia here is a Suicide Girl apparently, which I guess you probably could have guessed from the lip-ring and ink and electric blue hair.

Rachel Rae


Rachel Rae

Meet Rachel Rae, a beautiful slutty newbie who wanted to make a porn and man oh man this girl is a hottie…beautiful face, perfect perky titties, nice fuckable pussy and an excitement in her eyes that will have you hard as a rock even before she starts deepthroating her man and then bends over with her sweet tight ass in the air to get drilled from behind! This tattooed hottie has an incredible ass and a nice tight wet pussy and loves getting her hole pounded and she gets a pussy workout in this hot hardcore fuck scene before getting a nice big facial and swallowing every drop! Well, every drop that’s not dripping down her chin and on her cheeks, I mean.

Sheena Rose


Sheena rose porn goes pro

The scene being set up in this Porn Goes Pro update is that you’re going to be getting married to your high school sweetheart, a pure and innocent girl who’s never broken a law in her life, so the night before the wedding your guy pals have set you up with a whole evening with the hottest tattooed alt slut they could find, gorgeous pornstar Sheena Rose, through the Porn Goes Pro service! Sheen comes over to your hotel room looking just as hot and dangerous as you’d imagined, changes into some sexy fishnet thigh high stockings and a corset and proceeds to rock your world in this hot hardcore first person perspective fuck scene! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a pornstar who has a tattoo on her labia before, that must have stung like crazy…this chick doesn’t seem to mind a little pain though, she has a bunch of tattoos and probably some piercings too, plus she takes this big hard cock deep in her tight little pussy without so much as a wince, spreading her legs wide open to get pounded, then dropping to her knees to take a nice big facial load of cream!

Emma Ink


Emma Ink

Gorgeous tattooed babe Emma Ink is a sexy kitchen fairy in this hot photoshoot from her own site as she lifts up the hem of her little skirt to show off her sexy red thong panties, flashing her sweet round ass and those nice big titties of hers too! If you’ve got a thing for girls with some sexy curves and some nice tattoo work, this chick is gonna be right up your alley. She ends up stripping down naked and lifting her leg up in the air to spread her pussy open for you, I don’t know how she has room to do that in that little kitchen of hers but hey I guess that’s why she’s got her own site, she can handle situations like that!



Brcc tatumn

Amateur wannabe pornstar Tatumn here might have some pretty wack tattoos and a face you just want to stick your dick in to wipe that smirk off, but she’s ready willing and able to do what she has to to make it into the business with her casting video! Too bad this isn’t a real casting call and there won’t be any callbacks, since this is Backroom Casting Couch…this horny hopeful just strips down and gets naked, sucks cock and gets fucked for a dream. Well, at least she gets to have some fun! Watch Tatumn show off her tattoos as well as those bouncy jiggly titties and her admittedly nice ass as she starts things off with a little masturbation, rubbing her clit and bringing her knees up by her ears as she gets more and more wet…soon she’s in the mood for a blowjob so she takes the casting director’s cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then getting bent over the table to get her pussy fucked from behind! She seems like a rebellious teen all grown up and figured a porn career might be her best bet for a little extra spending cash…well she might get a few jobs here and there with those blowjob skills and that ass, but I hope she isn’t sitting by the phone waiting for a job offer from BRCC…she’ll just have to content with the massive cream facial she gets at the end of this hardcore fuck session!

Lass Shy Little Thing


Lass Shy Little Thing

I think the name of this adorable redhead is Lass and this shoot is from Suicide Girls…if you saw that face just on its own you’d think she was some kind of angel or something but this chick has an edge to her, as evidenced by her copious (and beautiful) tattoo work! She’s got perky little boobies and an amazingly sexy ass and is stripping down in the bathroom showing off every inch of that body as she gets into the bathtub. I forgot how hot some of these alternative style chicks are, but Lass here is a great reminder! Who doesn’t love a beautiful redhead with nice boobs and butt, whether she’s got tattoos and piercings or not?

Tattooed Hottie


Tattooed Hottie

The description for this Suicide Girls photoshoot was ‘Jessica Rabbit comes to life’ but I don’t know, I’m just not seeing it…I mean this girl is hot as hell and has red in her hair and has huge tits but other than that she doesn’t look really anything like Jessica Rabbit to me. She does however look like a gorgeous chick with huge boobs, tattoos everywhere and a fantastic ass that looks like it would be right at home getting raised into the air while she fucks some lucky dude! If you like your girls with a bit of an edge to them, a little alternative style, this inked up hottie will be right up your alley I think. If you have a Jessica Rabbit fetish though you might be a little disappointed.




Suicide Girls is still on top of their game in terms of bringing you the hottest tattooed and pierced and otherwise outside-the-normal-scope girls on the internet and getting incredibly sexy photos of them. Tangerine here has an amazing body and looks like a dream come to life as she poses in a sunny mid-morning room, taking off her red checkered bra and tiny denim shorts to show off a body that is second to none. Tattoos have gotten a lot more acceptable in society over the last decade or two but they still give an edge of excitement and rebellion…especially on a girl this hot.

Nikki Hearts


Nikki Hearts blowjob

Beautiful tattooed chick Nikki Hearts looks amazing just hanging out in her bikini and her guy pal in a suit thinks so too because he tips her a wink and she grabs his big dick through his pants! Soon she’s got his cock in her mouth and then has her bikini pulled aside to get licked and fucked in this Burning Angel photoshoot. I love seeing these tattooed alternative girls getting naked and showing off, if you saw this chick at the beach in her little polka dot bikini you’d probably shoot a load in your pants just imagining what she looks like naked but now all the guesswork is eliminated, you get to see her get nude and fuck and then take a load of cum on her perky pretty titties!

Becky Holt


Ddf becky holt

If you’re in the mood for a hot and horned up pornstar with an edge, check out sexy tattooed babe Becky Holt in this photoshoot from the DDF network! She’s got big tits, a beautiful face, nice round ass and is adorned with a ton of colorful tattoos…add to that the fact that she’s in a sexy pair of blue lingerie with a garter belt and sheer thigh high stockings and you’ve got a force of nature on your hands. More and more pornstars are getting inked up nowadays and I for one love it…a girl’s personality can be shown in an image easier than ever!

Kili Bangs


Riding Cowgirl Kili Bangs

The guys over at Round and Brown found themselves a real hot black girl.  Her name is Kili Bangs and she has a ass that will put a smile on your face.  She is wearing these super tight jean leggings (are girls making leggings out of everything now?) and that body of hers is loking tight.  I like her ink it gives her that bad girl look.  The name of the episode is actually riding cowgirl and that’s because Kili here knows what she is doing when she is on a cock.  She spends a little time in the traditional cowgirl position but she knows her audience so she turns around and shows off that plump but riding him for a long time reverse cowgirl.  The video ends with this guy just exploding all over her pretty face, I mean this facial is really really big!

Maia Gets Fucked


Porn goes pro maia davis

Maybe you’re fed up with the cookie-cutter big breasted plastic blonde fuckdolls masquerading as pornstars these days…maybe you got a look at some cute punk chick walking the streets and want something a little on the edgy side, who knows? All you know is that you’re horny for a hot girl just like Maia Davis and she’s available so hell, why not give her a call and have her come by to suck and fuck your huge cock in a hot POV scene from Porn Goes Pro? This sexy alternative babe has tattoos, a partially shaved head, and an entirely horny pussy and she’s ready to rock your world from here to next week as she shows off her sexy kinky lingerie before getting into a nice blowjob and spreading those long smooth legs to get her pussy spelunked by that big dino cock in front of you. There’s just something about a cute tattooed girl that brings out the wild side in a guy, and Maia loves when things get a little wild!

Suicide Girls Carrina


Carrina on Suicide Girls

This girl Carrina looks like she stepped right out of medieval Europe for this Suicide Girls photoshoot, except of course for her copious amounts of tattoos! She’s absolutely gorgoeus with perfect tits, and she’s more than happy to share them with us as she spreads her shirt wide open, relaxing in the golden summer sun in a wheatfield and just looking incredible. A pretty girl, a great body, a beautiful day, it’s what summer is made of.

On the Loose


Gf revenge on the loose

This guy assured his hot blonde gf that nobody would see this video besides her and himself but obviously that plan went out the window when she decided to jam some other guy’s cock in her twat a few weeks later. So, the bf sent the footage in to GF Revenge to get a little sweet payback and now we all get to watch his girlfriend showing off her perky tits and getting fucked on camera, taking that big dick doggystyle until finally the guy pulled out and shot his load all over her tummy! She’s got some pretty big tattoos and I hear the protein in man-cream is good for the skin so I guess everyone wins, sort of. The scene is called On The Loose, I’m not really sure what the chick’s name is but she is cute as hell with those erect nipples of hers!

Christy on My Sisters Hot Friend


Christy mack on my sisters hot friend

I tell you what, if I was the guy and had gone to my sister’s house but found her friend Christy Mack there half-dressed and horny as all hell I can guarantee I would fuck her brains out like this guy does! She is one of the hottest pornstars in the world if you ask me, with those huge tits and big round firm ass and of course her beautiful face…I don’t even mind all the tattoos and her shaved punk hair, it just adds to her edgy hotness. I think a lot of guys with sisters near their age grew up fantasizing about their sister’s friends, and this site My Sisters Hot Friend from the Naughty America network lets you play that fantasy out with some of the hottest babes around!

Christy Back on PAWG


Christy Mack back on PAWG

Christy Mack is one sexy bitch.  I just can’t get enough of her and she is totally not what I usually go for.  Girls with shaved heads, just aint my thing guys but Christy Mack here I will make a exception her body is just too damn perfect.  She is once again on PAWG this is her third time being on the site.  If you would like to see the other two times she was on this Bang Bros site you can see them here and here.  I can’t really say that this one is better then the other two but it’s just as good.  Christy looks a little different in this one as well, she has the blonde hair and probably a couple more tattoo’s.  Bang Bros is the site you’re getting sent to for those of you who are not in the know.  It’s because you get access to this PAWG site through their mega pass, it’s a really good deal because you get access to like 30+ sites for one price.  I mean you can join for a day for $1.00 so if you just want to watch this one video and maybe a couple of others do that, I don’t see why you wouldn’t!

Christy Mack Chicas


Christy Mack Culioneros

I like to take a look at this Culioneros site every once in a while because you see some really high quality stuff.  Not to mention they get big time pornstars like Christy Mack to come on their site.  This is actually the second time she has came on their mini site called Chicas de Porno (first time here).  They start their little sex session in the bathtub in this gallery and once things get a little to hard to do they move to the bedroom where Christy basically fucks this shit out of this guy.



Elizabeth Backroom Casting Couch

Elizabeth here is a alternative looking girl I will give you that but her outgoing personality and cute face will definitely when you over.  She just seems like a pretty cool chick.  She not only is cool but when you get a look at this girls perfect round ass you’re definitely going to like her.  She met Rick on that sugar daddy site and he talked her into trying to become a pornstar.  He invited her to his new office and they did a little interview.  I don’t think it was quite what she expected but if this was a real interview for a porn job I think she would have been hired.  She swallowed Ricks cum even though she doesn’t like to swallow.  She took it up the ass even though she doesn’t like anal.  I don’t know what else you could ask for from a applicant Rick!  Well I guess you actually have to have the ability to get these girls jobs in order to hire them… Damnit.  Anyways, I realize if you visit my Backroom Casting Couch category things are a little out of order that was my fault I will get it back in order at some point though don’t you worry.

Rika for Suicide Girls


Rika on Suicide Girls

Rika looks romantic in pink (you thought I’d say pretty in pink didn’t you?) in this photoshoot from Suicide Girls, stripping out of her lingerie and into her birthday suit! She’s got huge soft round breasts with pierced nipples and loves squeezing them together, crawling around on the couch in these hot edgy photos. From her pink hair to her tattoos and piercings she’s a hot and sexy alternative babe who will drive you nuts!

Red Sunglasses


Hailey Leigh red sunglasses

What’s that, you say? You want to see a gorgeous girl with perfect tits wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of sunglasses? Well my friend you must be part psychic because I’ve got a hot photoshoot featuring beautiful Hailey Leigh showing off those incredible pierced titties of hers in a gallery from her own site. I don’t know why she decided to keep her shades on for every shot but hey, with a face that pretty and a nude body that hot who’s going to argue?

Blue polka dot bikini


Ivy Snow masturbating outdoors

Have you noticed any kind of pattern lately? All the girls in the adult world seem to be flocking in droves outside for the first sun of the year, dusting off their bikinis and getting ready for a hot couple of seasons by the pool! In this gallery from her own site, edgy tattooed redhead Ivy Snow is showing off her blue polka dot bikini before just stripping down nude and getting into a hot outdoor masturbation session, fingering her tight pussy and grabbing those big tits as she enjoys a nice cool breeze.

Lass for Suicide Girls


Lass Suicide Girls

Incredibly gorgeous tattooed redhead Lass Suicide is playing around in an abandoned school in her lingerie, climbing around in the gym in just her panties and posing in the hallways to show off those perky titties of hers! If you’re into tattooed alternative girls, especially redheads, take a look at this Suicide Girls photoshoot, you’ll blow your mind.

Lana Tegan bathroom


Lana Tegan Babefox

Babefox presents this photoshoot of Lana Tegan getting her big tits out after brushing her teeth or something at the sink! She can’t even use the bathroom without looking sexy, apparently…watch her run her hands down her gorgeous body, over those big full breasts and down her tummy to her panties, ready to pull them off and let you loose on that tight pussy of hers.

Yurizan Beltran


Yurizan Beltran Tonight's Girlfriend

How would you like this juicy ass view of Yurizan Beltran.  She could ride your dick too you just have enough money to pay for a night with her.  In this Tonight’s Girlfriend video there is a guy who is pretty much addicted to highering hookers to fuck him.  His wife just doesn’t give it to him like a woman who’s profession it is to fuck.  He has a thing for big tits and big asses and Yurizan Beltran is a girl who fits both of those requirements.  He hires this pornstar to come to his hotel room for a hot night of passion.  Yurizan doesn’t skimp on anything giving him the full service even keeping on her lingerie that she brought for the encounter making her look just that much sexier.

Sexy Skater Girl


Sexy Skater Girl

I really think that the sport of skating should be dominated by girls like this.  The reason I think that is that they just don’t have the same fears that some of the guys have to deal with.  When your going on a Rail as a guy you got to make sure you don’t fuck it up or your nuts are going to get owned.  A girl has no such fear.  Anyways, that’s besides the point.  This is a GF Revenge scene with a sexy skater girl that’s the only reason I said that.  She really just doesn’t give a fuck about what people think because she is skating down the streets in nothing but this black g-string thong.  She then goes back to the house and uses that same camera that caught all her “awesome” skate tricks to film her and her boyfriend fucking.  It must not have been her camera because once they broke up the tape somehow found it’s way over to GF Revenge.  Enjoy this hot skater girl getting the business in this home made sex video.

Suicide Girls Essence


Essence on Suicide Girls

Some girls can pull off a septum piercing and some can’t (if you don’t know, septum piercings are like a bull’s nose ring)…unfortunately I don’t think Essence falls into the ‘can’ category here. However, she is gorgeous as hell so I think it offsets her piercing fail…she’s got huge beautiful doe eyes, a lovely face and big perky breasts with puffy nipples and is showing off all of the above in this Suicide Girls photoshoot! Without the septum I’d give her a 8.5, what do you guys think?

Black Barbie’s 3rd Scene!


Girls Do Porn Black Barbie 3

The Black Barbie is back on Girls Do Porn and looking hotter then ever!  I mean her tits almost look bigger to me but it’s probably just my head.  She is the only model to ever be on this site three times…  I would have a update a month from her if I could she is fucking smoking.  She is this mixed girl who is just super exotic looking and she likes all types of sex!  I mean she has done anal, got creampied, rough sex, face fucking she just does it all.  If you missed the other two scenes she has done for Girls Do Porn you can check them out gallery 1, gallery 2.  I would have a hard time picking my favorite of all 3 of these could you guys?  Each scene is so different and I would say the thing that makes this one a little different is how the guy gives it to her rough.  There is a lot of choking and face fucking in this one were in the other two you really didn’t get that.



Parker Backroom Casting Couch

Rick might be a little scared after fucking this girl Parker.  He was fighting cumming the entire time during this Backroom Casting Couch scene.  She was sucking his dick and it was just to good and got him there too fast if you know I am saying.  He bends her over the desk and just puts his dick in and kind of leaves it because he is about to cum.  She stays still he pulls out and starts cumming on the floor.  Instead of stopping he just puts his dick back in and starts fucking.  He then tells the girl that the cum on his dick wasn’t form him but was from her.  In the members area he tells the guy that he actually did cum in her pussy but just didn’t want to let her know because he still wanted to do anal.  Well he never asked Parker here if she was on birth control and never actually told her he gave her a creampie!  Sure hope Rick got himself fixed or something or else this could be his baby momma.  Rick does end up getting in that ass of hers and Parker takes it like a champ claiming it was nothing.  She does get pretty pissed though at the end of the video when she finds out that she isn’t actually going to get paid for what they just did.  You should have worked that out before you let him fuck you in the ass darling duh.

Raven Bay


Raven Bay Porn Star Spa

Her ass looks kind of big and round in this picture but I think that’s because Bang Bros is using one of those fish eye lenses or something.  Raven Bay actually has a pretty small little ass as you will see in the beginning of this video while she is doing her stretches and what not.  She has to loosen before her massage after all!  I mean when you are on the Porn Star Spa they get you relaxed just so they can get her to orgasm while being fucked.  If you really want to please your girl guys give her a massage and then fuck her.  I have seen it a thousand times and it works on almost any girl including pornstars!

Suicide Girls Coco


Coco for Suicide Girls

Coco is a wild thing in the jungle in this hot update from Suicide Girls as she poses in her tiger swimsuit, giving a smoldering gaze as if she’s contemplating chasing you down as you run and pouncing! I don’t think too many guys would put up much of a fight though; Coco is drop dead gorgeous and completely nude after peeling off that tiger skin! Beautiful eyes, a great ass and sexy tattoos…looks like she’s a force to be reckoned with under the palm fronds.

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