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Aidra Fox Teen Fidelity


Aidra Fox Teen Fidelity

This is part of a new series that Teen Fidelity is coming out with it’s called Jean Fucking.  The first one was with Emma Stoned this one is with a girl I think is a little cuter her name is Aidra Fox.  I wouldn’t just say a little, but I know everyone has their own taste so I will just leave it at that.  This is the craziest sex scene I have ever seen Aidra in.  Usually she does like erotic stuff but in this one she is getting down right dirty.  I mean Ryan shoves his cock so deep in her throat that she has to gag and go over the sink if you know what I am sayiing.  She doesn’t just do it once either she lets Ryan do whatever he wants to her including cumming inside of her for yet another creampie ending from Teen Fidelity.  The video has Aidra wearing these jeans throughout her whole scene Ryan just rips them open and gets access to her pussy and that’s all he needs.  Aidra also does something new I would say beside the whole super hardcore part of this video she also does a lot of anal play with Ryan.  She lets him stick a finger in there and bang her for a little bit and through the video he gives her ass some love.  There is hard pussy pounding, choking just some really hard fucking in this scene so check it out and see if its something you like.  If it’s not don’t worry the videos on Teen Fidelity are so different all the time you will get something like this and then ext week you will get a super erotic film.

Emma Stoned


Emma Stoned on Teen Fidelity

Ryan Madison is plugging away at a new pussy to him it belongs to Emma Stoned.  He also created a new series I think it’s called Jean Fucking.  If you have a tight jeans fetish or something that I think you’re going to want to keep a eye on this Teen Fidelity series.  As you can see it basically has Emma here wearing jeans the whole time so it’s almost like a CFNM scene.  The best part of this video is of course the facial ending but if I was going to pick a sex position it would be when she is laying on her stomach squeezing those butt cheeks as he bangs away.  Emma seems like she is the new hot thing from around town in porn because I have seen her popping up on new sites all over the place.  They start things off outdoors and then they moved into the room where Ryan chains her up and fucks her anyway he wants and then they move to the bed so Ryan can really get a good pounding it to make himself cum.  Unlike most scenes I could only see one cumshot from Ryan this time he really has at least two in every video for Emam here though he saved it up.

Ava Sex For Chair


Ava Addams I Have A Wife

Ava Addams is cleaning house now that she got a divorce and the first thing to go is her ex husbands favorite chair, she always hated that thing.  A guy came over to pick it up and he was right up Ava’s alley.  She is looking to upgrade to a younger man after this latest divorce but when she finds out he is married it really doesn’t matter.  In fact it makes it that much hotter in her mind.  So he starts to haggle with Ava and she basically tells him that if he fucks her he can have the chair for free.  It’s a one time thing no strings attached and this married man couldn’t turn it down.  If a MILF as perfect as Ava made you the offer I doubt you could turn it down either!  Anyways check out this amazing video it was shot for Naughty America part of their “I Have A Wife” series.

Chloe Amour Casting


Chloe Amour Casting Couch X

Here is the first sex tape that Chloe Amour ever did, it’s her Casting Couch interview if you will.  I can just tell what casting site she was on by the couch and the fact that I have seen her on other sites I know that Casting Couch X was the first to fuck her.  They are one of a couple casting sites that actually find girls jobs, the other ones are fake agents the most notorious being Backroom Casting Couch.  Chloe comes into her interview looking stunning wearing white pants because she knows that us guys can’t help but like a hot girl like her in white pants.  She also has on this little matching tube top and a big shirt that goes over it, very trendy and cute I must say.  Who cares about what she is wearing though because in this video you get to see this former Playboy model fucking and sucking!  I guess being a hot model getting naked wasn’t paying the bills so she stepped up to the big leagues and now taking the dick!  If Chloe here sticks with porn I think she is going to be the next big thing, but it seems most girls in porn make a run and then disappear so enjoy her while it last fella’s, because all good things come to a end.

Melissa Matthews


Melissa Matthews Massage Girls 18

Melissa Matthews gets a pussy full of cum in this new little video from Massage Girls 18.  She starts off giving the guy a massage in nothing but her pants, he asks her to loose them and when she does well she is naked. Melissa is one of those girls who rocks the no panties every time no matter what.  You never know when you’re about to get some dick isn’t that right Melissa?  She is quite the hottie with her petite little body and her awesome full natural tits.  She is one of those girls who you see her natural tits are are just like DAMN, those are awesome because they’re so unexpected.

Nikki Does Anal


Nikki Casting Couch X

I think you guys are going to like this newest model named Nikki from Casting Couch X.  She has a nice meaty pussy but this guy barely even fucks it instead he spends most of his time fucking that tight ass of hers.  For being such a newbie she does a really good job at having anal.  I mean he is pretty much able to pound away at it and she just lets him do his thing.  Nikki just moved to L.A. and wants to be a pornstar and with a performance like this I think that the guys who run this talent agency are going to beable to find her some work!  What do you guys think?

Riley Reid & Malena


Riley Ried Malena Morgan

It looks like Malena Morgan is going to be the new “it” girl on We Live Together a Reality Kings site.  That’s all fine and dandy to me because I love Malena she is just so damn hot and she can eat a good pussy let me tell you!  In this gallery she is not only eating pussy but she is also licking ass!  She actually does that in a lot of We Live Together scenes because that’s what girls like but they don’t like to tell anyone that they like it.  Riley Ried is a super petite model with a butt so round you won’t believe that it’s all natural but it is.

Christy Mack Fucks


Christy Mack Reality Kings

That is one plump ass and it belongs to a badass pornstar named Christy Mack.  She just has a perfect body with an amazing hour glass figure and a booty that just doesn’t quit.  That’s why Reality Kings got her to do a scene for their curvy women site Monster Curves.  The pictures in this gallery are definitely worth a look usually I know you guys just skip right to the video but I am telling you just check out some of the pics.  They did such a good job a capture her ass that I think you guys will agree that she has one of the best butts in porn right now.  During her sex scene she keeps on her super tight jeans for a bit just sliding the down to the guy has access to that meaty pussy of hers.

Aimee Richards


Aimee Richards for Mystique Magazine

Mystique Magazine brings you these hot photos of a gorgeous model named Amiee RIckards as she strips down in an outdoor building of some kind, maybe a barn? She’s got work gloves on at first so it seems likely…anyway she pulls off her tight jeans and panties to show off nude and that’s good enough for me!

Victoria Raye


Victoria Raye IC Girls

I have almost forgotten about my favorite “babe” cam site.  It’s IC Girls and these guys definitely have the hottest models I have ever seen on live cams.  I think the only problem with them is that they don’t require that their models get naked.  That’s fine though because just chatting with girls like Victoria Raye here is okay with me!  She has some of the best tits I have ever seen and I think I am going to wait until she is online and then get a private show with her just so I can see those things naked.

Gabriella Paltrova


Gabriella Paltrova Mr. Anal

I have a new girl for you guys to enjoy and she loves anal sex!  Her name is Gabriella Paltrova and she is quite the hottie.  The scene was shot for Mr. Anal a site put out by Bang Bros and it’s dedicated to girls who like anal sex and that’s it.  Gabriella supposedly has the tightest butthole that Mr. Anal has ever fucked I don’t know what that mean but I thought I would share it with you.

Mae O


Mae Massage Girls 18

This is a great scene for you guys from Massage Girls 18 her name is Mae O and she is a cute little 18 year old Ebony girl.  She has nice small tits and a cute little plump ass that looks great when she is riding dick reverse cowgirl.  You guys know the drill when it comes to this site, the girl is the massage therapist and she is making sure her client is happy by giving him a rub down and then a nice hard fucking!  If this scene doesn’t really scratch that itch for black girls then check out this black porn tube, you will like it.

Trying Out Anal


Try It Out Girls Do Porn

The guys at Girls Do Porn get a lot of amateur girls and they are doing it just to do something crazy and shocking.  So it’s not that hard to get them to try anal because most of them haven’t done it before and well they are in the “trying” mood if you will.  The guys at first stick a butt plug into her ass that gives her a little electric shock to try and get her in the mood.  She has no idea what is going on telling the camera guy she doesn’t know if she likes it or not.  I am just going to say that she likes it and is too embarrassed to tell them that.

House Party


Dancing Bear House Party

This Dancing Bear house party is off the hook!  You get to see a male stripper try so damn hard to get his dick in a wet pussy that he even eats a girl out for like a solid 15 minutes trying to get her horny to fuck!  This girl is a gangster though because she gets her orgasm from the guy and tells him to fuck off she isn’t letting him fuck her she got hers and that’s all she wanted!  There is a lot of slutty girls in this video but if you’re having male strippers at a house party you are probably a really horny chick.  I didn’t catch if it was a birthday party or anything maybe these girls just go together to get some dick.

Girls Do Anal


Girls Do Anal

I bet the guys at Girls Do Porn had no idea that they were going to get this girl to do anal sex when they first booked her.  During the interview though they find out that she loves to watch porn, what type of porn you ask?  Well she loves the anal sex porn that’s what she likes to masturbate to!  The guys would hate to not give her what she wants so they get her ass all stretched out for the biggest dick she has ever taken in her ass before and she loves every damn second of it.

Amateurs ahoy


Amateur collection

These ladies are totally amateur and totally nsfw, which is a hell of a nice combo if you ask me! Any one of them could be your girlfriend or wife or friend’s wife or your sister if you’re funky that way I guess. Some of them are definitely way hotter than others but you know, that’s just how life is!

Rachel Is A Cowgirl


Rachel Starr Ass Parade

What a awesome gallery this new Ass Parade is!  It stars Marissa, Rachel Starr and Karen Fisher!  Rachel Starr’s ass is looking rounder then ever isn’t it just check out this picture!  You get to see all three of these lovely girls fucking and it’s all thanks to Bang Bros.  Bang Bros has had a good relationship with Rachel over the years you can just tell from all the scenes she has done with them.  If you want to check out some of those just browse the site I am sending you too it’s a Rachel Starr fan blog.

April For Digital Desire


Digital Desire April ONeil

April ONeil remains one of my favorite adult models, and not only because she reminds me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…she’s also completely gorgeous from head to toe, with a beautiful face and huge full perfect tits that you just can’t help but squeeze. Couple all that with a butt that won’t quit an an insatiable appetite for sex and you’ve got yourself a winner, as you can see by this Digital Desire gallery as she strips down nude!

Coed Tries Anal


Coed Tries Anal on Girls Do Porn

Here is a super hot 20  year old college girl getting fucked super hard and long in her first sex tape which was filmed for Girls Do Porn.  She deserves to finally enjoy a job because as of the day she filmed this sex scene she had three jobs just trying to make ends meet. This coed tried a lot of new things in her scene like deep throating and anal. The anal sex wasn’t even the guys at Girls Do Porn idea, the girl is the one who wanted to try it out! How hot is that!

Just For My Love


Karina White Babes Network

What I wouldn’t do to fondle those amazing breasts that belong to Karina White.  She is a gorgeous babe and in this gallery you get to see her having some amazing passionate sex.  The scene comes from Babes Network like all the other galleries today because they just opened and they have a ton of amazing porn!  This scene has Karina White exchanging oral sex with her boyfriend and then they start fucking and the cumshot ends with a surprise, it’s a must see trust me!

Drill Private School Jewel


Private School Jewel drill

Private School Jewel heard people were screwing left and right in the shop so she came down there and ripped her little pants off, but I think she may have misunderstood a little. Oh well, we still get to see her gorgeous nude body as she poses with all kinds of different tools, making the workshop as sexy as it’s ever been!



Lauren Backroom Casting Couch

It’s nice seeing Rick from Backroom Casting Couch having everyday problems like some other dudes in this world.  He is fucking this hot little petite chick named Lauren who has a cheerleader body and once tight pussy and he just can’t hold his liquid.  He ends up cumming inside of her and then asking if she is on birth control, REAL classy Rick real classy.  Anyways he is able to rally and give her another cumshot and even having her try anal sex for the first time, Rick is a wizard with words for sure!

Nicole Aniston PAWG


Nicole Aniston PAWG

This is a PAWG you guys are looking at right here a Phat Ass White Girl and the girl actually has a name it’s Nicole Aniston.  This is the second update for Bang Bros new site they are opening and it’s even better then the first!  I am starting to get pretty stoked on the PAWG stuff so make sure to check back often to that category for every single update they do.  In this gallery you get to see Nicole doing a little working out with nothing but a thong on and then she just takes that off and does it naked.  Then she gets her ass licked and eaten out and then that fat dick gets some pussy.  The make sure to oil up Nicole’s perfect round ass because that’s what dudes who enjoy a big booty like!



Alexa Massage Girls 18

This amazing ass would have been one of my top galleries any other day but today because well I just crushed it with good porn today.  This girls name is Alexa and she is cute as a button with a amazing tight petite body.  The scene comes to us today from a site called Massage Girls 18, they rate different girls happy ending skills and Alexa here passed with flying colors.  She spends a lot of time riding her clients dick on the massage table in this video and then at the end she just tells him to fuck her pussy as hard as she can missionary style and he does just that.

Morman on Girls Do Porn


Girls Do Porn Morman Chick

So I am like 99% sure that this chick is Morman but as I said in the gallery I am not 100% just because she doesn’t come out and say it during her sex tape.  This girl did her interview with Girls Do Porn and revealed a bunch of stuff that all points to her being a Morman if you ask me and if I am wrong then well I’m sorry!  I find it extra hot that this once super good girl is now being paid a crazy amount of money to do what she loves to do and that’s fuck and give head!  She even says that she think she is really good and riding cock but this girl is actually good at it just watch the video and I think you will agree!



Zarena FuckedHard18

I have a special scene for you guys from FuckedHard18 with a model named Zarena.  It’s special because unlike most of the scenes on Fucked Hard 18 this one ends with Zarena getting inseminated!  I really hope she was expecting this creampie because if she wasn’t these two better be heading to the closest Plan B store if you know what I am saying!  Zarena is that girl next door that all of us want to fuck and I like seeing that more then plastic pornstars having fake sex!

Madison Rose


Madison Rose Reality Kings

This is a new model to me some of you might know Madison Rose but this is a first for me!  I am pretty stoked to find her because Madison has one of those fat juicy asses that I am a pretty big fan of.  This scene is once again a Reality Kings scene that was filmed for their site MILF Hunter.  I love the pictures I love the video there isn’t much I don’t like about this girl and I will do whatever it takes to find more of her don’t worry!

Avril FuckedhardGfs


Avril FuckedHardGfs

This is a hot amateur sex video for you guys from FuckedHardGfs of a couple fucking in a hotel room.  The girl has a nice round ass as you can see here and she is just totally fuckable.  You can tell these two have been together for a while because the guy doesn’t wear a condom and is fucking her doggystyle right.  When he is about to cum he just tells her and she flips over on her back so she can take his load in her mouth without even being told to do so.  It’s like their patented finishing move I guess.

On The Rebound


Mollys Life On The Rebound

It just never gets old looking at Molly Cavalli’s juicy round ass right?  This is the new update from Mollys personal site called Mollys Life.  She went over to her friends house Charmane Star to help console her because she just went through a breakup.  Molly didn’t just make her feel emotionally better but by eating her pussy I think she scratched that itch that Charmane thought she would be meeting.  These two probably have more of a fuck buddy relationship after this video.

Cutest Girl Ever


20 Year Old Girls Do Porn

You tell me that face isn’t the cutest damn face you have ever seen in porn before and I sir will call you a LIAR!  This is a awesome hardcore scene from Girls Do Porn in which you get to see the cutie fucked in her favorite position doggystyle nice and hard.  I think my favorite part of the scene though is when the guy is just pounding her missionary because she really seems to be enjoying herself and I like that in my porn.

Bryci Glass Dildo


Bryci Glass Dildo

I like this gallery for a lot of reason but probably the most because you get such crystal clear shots of Bryci’s perfect pussy getting fucked by this glass dildo.  Bryci is such an amazing babe and has been running her site for such a long time that I would say she is one of only a handful of girls who you should join to get to know better.  The scene starts off with Bryci in some kind of a rockstar costume with super tight red pants, more spandex then pants though.  She takes off the bottoms and then uses a nice little glass dildo of hers.

Angelica Heart


Angelica Heart outside for Stunners

Angelica Heart is rocking a red top and some little denim shorts as she wanders around in this park, but when she notices nobody is around she quickly strips down and peels off her red thong, showing off a gorgeous nude body in this Stunners gallery! My favorite shots are when she is on her hands and knees with that glorious round ass in the air, showing off a hot pussy.

Hot Chick Creampied


Hot Ass Chick Creampied Girls Do Porn

I have been waiting for this girls creampie scene on Girls Do Porn for sometime now and it’s finally out!  It’s just as good as I thought it would be but how could it not be one this girl is as hot as she is?  I don’t even know what ethnicity this girl is but I am going to take a guess that it’s Asian I could be wrong though.  Her tits are all natural, big and super perky it’s pretty remarkable and actually not even fair for other girls.  She has a pretty face perfect tits, and if that isn’t good enough her pussy is amazing and even hotter when cum is leaking out of it just check that out for yourself!

This girls first time on Girls Do Porn getting a facial

Dare To Dream


Ivy X Art Dare To Dream

This is just a picture gallery site from X Art but you know me I can’t help myself but post their galleries.  X-Art is seriously one of the best porn sites you could join you get erotic photography like this and even better videos.  I like the variety that they offer as well with nudes all the way up to explicit hardcore which is still done in a very erotic way.  This gallery is of a model named Ivy she is cute as hell and has a nice round ass as you can see.  The name of the scene is Dare To Dream and if you want to see more just check out their site.

Ivy in a X-Art scene called Lady Lovers
Ivy having sex on X Art in a episode called Lunchtime Fantasy

Priya Anjali Rai


Priya Anjali Rai on Naughty America

This is one hot sex scene from Naughty America with Priya Anjali Rai.  I mean just look at that picture alone any girl that lets you fuck her like that just loves the cock deep inside of her.  Priya is a older chick more of a MILF really so you know she is like horny all the time because don’t girls get horny as they get older?

Nikki Rocks Out


Nikki Rocks Out

You know the saying “Rock Out With Your Cock Out” well here is Nikki Simms doing the female equivalent I do believe.  She has those big boobies of hers out while playing the guitar.  She is wearing some fishnet stockings and just in general looking hot as ever.  If you have never had the pleasure of visiting Nikki’s Playmates then I would suggest you do because this girl is worth a second look.

Jas FuckedHardGfs


Jas FuckedHardGfs

The guy who submitted this video of a girl named Jas to FuckedHardGfs is one of the smartest people to ever submit a sex tape to a site.  You know why he is because he fucking censored his face, so he gets paid the cash for the tape and on top of that he gets to remain anonymous, that’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Nikki Curly Hair


Nikki Sims Curly Hair

This is a sexy gallery where Nikki Sims is wearing some tight blue jeans and some pink high heels in the beginning of the set.  My favorite part is when she peels off the jeans and shows that amazing round ass of hers.  I also wanted to comment on how good Nikki Sims looks with curly hair, I think it’s the best she has looked how about you guys?

Harley Exotic



Harley’s new to the biz but she’s got such a wonderful body there’s no way she isn’t going to go far. She loves taking her clothes off and manages to make some very classy poses while getting everyone riled up with that delectable body. I can’t wait to watch this girl fuck.



Perfect Body

This is Harley and she’s one of the hottest girls I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’m really happy to bring her to you guys, I know she’s going to end up with lots of fans. She’s got a perfectly sculpted body and bedroom eyes that are sure to get you riled up. It’s okay to spank to her, she wants you to!

Kelly Christiansen


Big and Beautiful

Kelly Christiansen is making sin look large and gorgeous with her massive jugs. These are definitely the kind of tits you want to curl up and get a good nights sleep on – after you blow a hot load on them at least! Kelly is more than willing to let you do that, so come on down.

FTV Lilly


FTV Girls Lilly

Lilly is from FTV Girls and she is a very tall girl with a nice exotic look.  Really the only problem with her is a tattoo done right above her right breast.  I mean it’s very easy to get over I just wish at least it was a good looking tattoo you know!  In this gallery you get to see her masturbating a lot and flashing her private parts in public like all FTV galleries.

Split Jeans


Teen Sex Couple Split Jeans

This perfect round ass belongs to Jessica from Teen Sex Couple.  This gallery was a request a member had of them at that was to get a pair of jeans and cut out the ass and have Jessica ride dick reverse cowgirl.  The cumshot is a creampie slash on squirt on her ass for good measure.  If you like to see real passionate sex their is one place to go and that’s Teen Sex Couple!



Kalani Backroom Casting Couch

I am not a big fan of girls with tattoo’s I would say the majority of guys aren’t but this girl Kalani kind of does it for me.  She is definitely a bad girl that’s probably why she let a guy she just met cum inside of her.  Backroom Casting Couch site owner Rick doesn’t just fuck her pussy though he gets Kalani to take it up the butt, and let me tell you Kalani kind of likes it just see for yourself!

Jeannine Hansen


Amateur Beauty

Who doesn’t love an amateur blonde with big tits? She’s a little shy at the start of this one but Jeannine Hansen soon gets into the swing of things and she’s knocking them dead. There isn’t a thing about this girl that isn’t great, from her pretty hair to her spankable ass. Enjoy.

Boyfriends Nude Pics


Gorgeous Blonde GF Revenge

This is what happens when you let your boyfriend take nude pictures of you girls.  You end up on GF Revenge like this hot blonde right here.  He took a lot of pictures of her naked and some downblouse shots as well.  She is just super hot and I bet she is pretty pissed that everyone in the free world is now enjoying those big titties of hers.

Veronika X Art


X Art Friends With Benefits

This is a Veronika getting fucked by her ex boyfriend in a scene X Art calls Friends With Benefits.  You can see why they call it that because even though they are broke up they loved to fuck each other so much they have kept that going.  Veronika gets fucked just the way she likes and has multiple orgasms in what is one of the hottest scenes of the year for X Art!

Nataly W4B


Eastern Bloc

Nataly is fresh from the Eastern Bloc and ready to show us what she’s made of. I’m having a hard time deciding whether I like her tits or her ass best, but I think I’m gonna have to go with the ass, because that tight little hole looks like it’d be all kinds of fun to fuck.

Karmen FuckedHard18


Fuckedhard18 Karmen

If you think that picture is amazing then you have to check out this video from Fucked Hard 18 I have attached to the gallery.  This girls name is Karmen and she is just beautiful I love those long blonde locks don’t you?  She has a small ass but its like super firm and just has a great shape, probably the hottest girl I have seen riding dick on Fucked Hard 18 and that is saying ALOT!

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