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Tiny Seductress


Tiny Seductress

There’s something magical about that golden morning sunlight, especially when you combine it with a beautiful horny tiny seductress like Piper Perri here! We get to be a voyeur as this stunning perky blonde wakes up and gives a guided tour of that tight fit spinner body, slipping in and out of her lacy black lingerie and showing those perky tits and cute pert butt…evidently she loves an audience because it gets her so turned on she hops on the bed and starts masturbating! Piper slips her fingers into that tight pink pussy, spreading herself open so we get a nice view at those petite privates as she moans and rubs her clit…she’s got a unique sort of way of masturbating, reaching back with one hand to finger her hole with her ass in the air and getting her other hand in the action as well at the same time. There’s only one site that could make a photoshoot this red hot and sensual and that’s of course X-Art, as if you had any doubt!

Rock Me Baby


Rock Me Baby

I always love seeing who X Art has in their modeling stable, so to speak…this girl for instance is Anny Aurora and man oh man she is a stunner. She’s a redhead hottie with nice perky perfect boobs and legs that already look hot as hell even without the knee high striped tube socks she has on in this photoshoot called Rock Me Baby! She was listneing to music on her headphones when her boyfriend came by her room, kissing her nipples and then moving down to finger and lick that perfect tight pussy before whipping out his huge cock to fuck the night away! She can barely handle that big thick dick in her tight little hole but she was dripping wet and was just able to manage it, moaning her head off and taking a load of cum inside for a creampie.

Tickle My Pink


Tickle My Pink

When you’ve got two sexy girls as stunning as Naomi Woods and her girlfriend Kenna James you know you’re in for some fun, especially when they’re horny as hell and can’t wait to start making out and getting naked in this sexy lesbian photoshoot called Tickle My Pink! Naomi’s tight little pussy has been aching for the touch of a woman’s tongue and Kenna loves to drive her friend crazy with her fingertips and lips so this is one red hot X Art shoot if you ask me. Both of these girls are absolutely drop dead gorgeous with perky titties, tight horny pussies and perfect tight fit asses and they love to play and explore each others bodies as you can see!

Two Fingers Deep


Two Fingers Deep

Meet the newest utterly gorgeous babe on a site known for having some of the most gorgeous babes in the world, X Art! Her name is Madi Meadows and in this photoshoot called Two Fingers Deep she is giving us a nice tour of that sexy body of hers…she slips out of her garter belt and panties, relaxing on a big comfy chair wearing just her thigh high sheer black nylon stockings as she starts exploring her own body, slipping two fingers deep in her tight perfect pussy and sliding her other hand up over her big round breasts to feel her nipples rock hard and quivering! It’s a red hot masturbation scene featuring a girl who’s sure to become a member favorite on X-Art…Madi is a goddess, no doubt about it.

Alexis Love is Back


Alexis Love is Back

Click to watch this Alexis Love video!

Holy moley how long has it been since you have seen an Alexis Love scene? It’s been since 2007 since we have posted one of her galleries. Well 8 years later it looks like X Art was able to get her back into porn! They don’t have her doing anything hardcore but I really just enjoy a hot girl masturbating and that’s what we are getting in this update. She has a toy that she is using here, it looks like a big dildo but it has to also vibrate or something because of how hard she is cumming in this gallery. There are a lot of good pictures but come on guys when it comes to X Art you’re really not enjoying their content unless you’re watching their videos.

In The Garden of Eden


In The Garden of Eden

Every time I think X Art has reached the pinnacle of hotness in terms of their models, they astound me by showing us a girl even hotter…for instance, this newcomer to the site Blake Eden! She’s a tall slender blonde and looks absolutely incredible, from those perfect-sized breasts to her tight pink pussy and beyond…she’s absolutely drop dead gorgeous, has long legs and a great ass and even has cute feet, and in this solo shoot she’s taking us on a journey in the Garden Of Eden, so to speak. Blake has those thigh high white stockings on as she spreads her legs, letting her fingers dip down to penetrate that silky pussy and masturbating with her long blonde hair cascading back as she arches her back in pleasure!

Dressed To Thrill


Dressed To Thrill

There’s something about riding in a fancy car that gets little Caprice‘s panties all wet, so she figured hey why not just go without panties at all! She was in the car sliding her dress up to get access to her tight perfect pussy, fingering herself and tickling her clit while her man drove and kept one eye on the action. Soon he pulled over in a parking garage and she went to town on that hard cock of his, sucking him off and then climbing into his lap to get her tight wet cunt fucked! He pounded that pussy, taking advantage of the roomy interior of his luxury car in this hot X Art photoshoot called Dressed To Thrill.

Cabin And My Wood


Cabin And My Wood

Beautiful Piper Perri and her equally hot girlfriend Naomi Woods headed out to a spooky cabin in the woods for a little Halloween party but things turned out a whole lot more sexy than scary if you ask me. This is an X Art scene featuring two of the hottest girls they’ve got, and since they’re a site known for having hot women you know you’re in for some fun! Piper and Naomi are both gorgeous blonde spinners with cute perky titties, nice tight little asses and of course lovely faces and in this update a dude shows up at their cabin and they immediately notice his bulging package, and soon he was balls-deep in both of them! The girls take turns licking and sucking and fucking the dude until he gives them a nice double facial to share…not exactly the scariest Halloween story ever but hey, I bet you’ll want to see a few sequels!

Caprice Wants To Cum


Caprice Wants To Cum

I hope everyone is as stoked as me to see a new Caprice gallery! Especially one where her whole goal is just to have an orgasm. The scene is all lesbian sex and the co-star in this gallery is Eden. The two of them have really good chemistry I think but what really sets this picture gallery off is the fact that Caprice is looking to have an orgasm. The video in the X Art members area is really where it is at but they’re not offering a teaser for this video just the pictures. I think you can get a good idea what is going on, Caprice is in complete control sitting on Edens face telling her to make her cum all while the cameras role and a little fun fact her husband watches!

The World At Her Knees


The World At Her Knees

How would you like to take a shower with this chick Lily? She’s absolutely incredible…smokin hot supermodel caliber face, big full and downright perfect tits, sexy hips, long gorgeous legs, the list goes on and on. She’s here in an X-Art update called The World At Her Knees and I’ve gotta say, I would imagine most people in the world male or female would love to get on their knees in front of this girl if given the opportunity…wouldn’t you agree? Who wouldn’t want to tongue that sweet pussy and then stand behind her like this lucky guy is doing, kissing her neck tenderly and sliding his hands up to grab and squeeze and caress those incredible breasts of hers!

Freckle Faced Fox


Freckle Faced Fox

She’s a Freckle Faced Fox with a soft horny pussy and a relaxed, carefree attitude…meet Chrissy Fox as she hangs out on the bed with her man, her head in his lap as they kiss passionately. Chrissy’s nipples poke right through the thin lacy fabric of her nightgown (or whatever lingerie she’s got on) and the guy grabs those tits before sliding his hand down further, slipping his fingers into her pussy to feel her excited wetness within! Chrissy moans right into his mouth as she spreads her legs open, feeling his fingers penetrating her horny hole…I can only imagine where the night went from here, and I guess you’ll have to imagine it too because it’s not shown in this photoshoot, maybe next time?

A Deep Awakening


A Deep Awakening

Click to see Alex Grey on X Art!

Beautiful blonde Alex Grey found her man fast asleep in the bedroom slumbering away and couldn’t help but grab his cock, he must have been dreaming about something amazing but when she woke him up with a nice sensual blowjob he found reality was even better than his fantasies! Soon they were both naked in the bed and he was giving Alex’s sweet tight pussy a nice tongue-lashing to get her clit all vibrating and swollen before sliding that big thick dick of his into her hole. Alex loves a nice hard pounding and it was the perfect way to start the morning in this X Art hardcore update entitled A Deep Awakening! After fucking that slit from behind doggystyle and shooting a load all over that tight firm ass of hers he might just go right back to bed…it’s been a busy day!

Angel Dust


Angel Dust

Click to see Alex Grey on X Art!

It was a beautiful sunny morning and sexy little blonde spinner Alex Grey was feeling mighty frisky so she put on quite a show in this X Art update called Angel Dust, slipping off her little pink panties and letting her hands glide down over those nice perky breasts to slide between her thighs, penetrating her pussy with multiple fingers, fucking herself and then getting her ass in the air while looking back over her shoulder as if she’s just waiting for some lucky fella to come by and give that tight little pussy of hers a hard deep pounding doggystyle! She looks like a vision sent from above, that’s for sure…but there’s certainly nothing angelic about the feelings she’s stirring up, am I right?

Do It To Me One More Time


Do It To Me One More Time

Click to see Tiffany Thompson on X Art!

So the name of this X Art scene is a little on the long and awkward side so let’s just get it out of the way right off the bat shall we? It’s called Do It To Me One More Time and after a mouthful like that I’d be about ready to write it off but not so fast there, hot rod…this hot hardcore scene stars none other than incredible beauty Tiffany Thompson and that my friend is reason enough to check out every single photo and every second of video if you ask me! She is an absolute stunner, I have yet to see a girl hotter than her on X Art or, really, pretty much any other site for that matter! The curtains float around her in the breeze as she and her man make sweet passionate love, her long slender legs wrapped around him to pull his cock into her tight perfect pussy as deep as possible.

Dripping Pleasures


Dripping Pleasures

Click to see Lisa on X Art!

Beautiful brunette Lisa stars in a super hot X Art update called Dripping Pleasures here…her man had woken up and when he looked over at Lisa he couldn’t help but just start kissing her all over! I can’t say I blame him either, she’s got an amazing body and loves to be caressed and kissed apparently because when he starts moving his way down her body she grins and starts pulling her little panties aside! Lisa gets that perfect tight little pussy licked up and down before turning the tables, getting her man’s big hard dick in her mouth for a nice blowjob. Every inch of Lisa’s body is hot as hell from her gorgeous face to that spectacular round ass to her perky full breasts and beyond…this guy is determined to lick and touch and tongue every inch of her and Lisa is more than happy to let him make that dream cum true! She ends up going for a ride on his cock, pulling his hands up to grab those perfect breasts as she takes him inside her wetness…X-art always has incredibly beautiful women but they really took the cake with this girl!

Good Morning I Love You


Good Morning I Love You

Click to see Tiffany Thompson on X Art!

No, you’re not still asleep and dreaming; this girl really is this gorgeous. It’s the one and only Tiffany Thompson on X Art in a scorchingly hot scene they call Good Morning I Love You! Tiffany enters the bedroom with her shirt hanging open to expose those perfect perky breasts and the rest of her flawless body, before meeting her man on the bed and making out before spreading her legs and getting that tight sexy pussy eaten out, sucking his cock and going for a nice deep ride on it! She gets that sweet perfect ass in the air and takes a nice doggystyle pounding, looking of course like a supermodel every step of the way even with her hair splayed out and her face on the sheets, then gets on her knees to take a facial, pumping a load of cum out of that cock right into her waiting mouth. This girl is easily one of the hottest women in the industry if you ask me, she’s one of those girls that juts keeps getting more beautiful somehow every time she gets in front of the camera. X-Art is known for having gorgeous women on the site but man, Tiffany is in a league of her own there is no doubt about that…just take one look at that stunning face and perfect body and see for yourself.

Lusting Lesbians


Lusting Lesbians

Click to see Pam & Stefanie on X Art!

Sometimes it’s a little unclear where a site gets the title they give to an update but not this time…X-Art is the site to thank for this red hot update called Lusting Lesbians featuring a couple of, well, lesbians lusting after each other! It’s Pam and Stefanie in the house and they’re looking of course incredible…I’m not even sure which is which but one of these babes is a brunette with black lingerie and the other is a blonde with white lingerie, and they’ve both drop dead gorgeous and super horny! The photographer can barely keep up as these two roll around in each others’ arms, kissing and fondling and caressing and of course eating each other out. Nobody knows how to pleasure a woman’s body like another woman and these two are determined to bring their partner to the peaks of orgasmic pleasure! From the looks of things they both succeeded, a lot of times things will start out as a lesbian makeout session on X Art and then a guy will join them to turn things into a threeway but here this sapphic twosome is plenty hot enough. Perky tits, great butts, horny pussies and hungry lips abound in this red hot scene!

Make Up Sex


Make Up Sex

Click to see Kaylee and Miu on X Art!

There’s nothing hotter than make-up sex, especially when it comes to gorgeous lesbians like Kaylee and Miu on X Art! These are two of the most stunning girls on a site well known for having incredibly beautiful women so you know you’re in for a treat…I guess they got in a fight or something and were both fuming it out, but eventually they got over whatever it was they were disagreeing about and thus the Make Up Sex came to be! Who knows, maybe they got in a fight just for the opportunity to HAVE make-up sex, knowing that it would be hot as all git-out! These two knockouts met in the sunny kitchen in their underwear, Kaylee had brought home flowers and left them on the counter with an apology note for Miu to find and I guess it worked because next thing you know, she’s licking and fingering Kaylee’s perfect tight pussy, eating her out and getting that sexy tight ass of hers in the air! Kaylee got to cum all over Miu’s face and the girls got to rekindle the fires of their relationship and of course we got to watch it all go down (go down, get it?) here in this X Art update!

Tight Ass Teen


Tight Ass Teen

Click to see Aubrey on X Art!

When it comes to a gorgeous tight ass teen nobody does it better than X-Art…if you need a little proof for the pudding so to speak just take a look at this update featuring the impossibly lovely Aubrey as she and James get it on! Aubrey was alone in bed to start things out but it sure didn’t stay that way…after she slipped off her little panties and started playing with her pussy a bit her man James heard her sighing and gently moaning and came into the bedroom to investigate. Finding his gorgeous girlfriend nearly naked in bed playing with herself he of course joined right in on the fun, riopping his clothes off and hopping into bed with her, his cock already stirring! Aubrey licked and sucked that dick of his, getting him rock hard and quivering before rolling over onto her tummy to get that sweet wet pussy and her ass licked up and down…James took advantage of the fact that she was now dripping wet with her ass in the air and slid inside her from behind, kissing her neck and making her about moan her head off as he fucked her! Aubrey took every inch of that cock and had her face pressed into the sheets, pushing her cunt back on his rod until she came on his dick…she reached back and guided his cock into her ass, taking him deep in that cute little butt of hers…I guess he liked the sensation because he soon shot his load, giving Aubrey a nice anal creampie to finish off this X-Art hardcore sex scene!




Click to see Bree Daniels on X Art!

You’ll lose your mind over this girl Bree Manuel (also known as the stunning Bree Daniels) in an X-Art update called, cleverly, UnBreeLievable! She looks like a dream cum ture in her little blue top and sheer black panties, laying on the bed showing off those sweet perky breasts. Her man came home from a long day at the office and found her there, taking Bree in his arms and kissing her passionately before slipping his hand into those little panties and tickling her clit, feeling her tight little cunt getting wetter and wetter! Soon she was on her knees with that perfect tight butt in the air, getting her slit and ass both licked before this guy slid into her hole…he didn’t even bother taking his button-down shirt off before fucking this redhead knockout, and Bree couldn’t be happier! She takes that big thick dick of his to the hilt, rocking and rolling on it and then going for a ride in the guy’s lap. She’s got a perfect tight body that looks hot as hell and has the face of an angel, so it’s no wonder the guy had to work to keep from blasting off so to speak! After awhile he just couldn’t take any more of that pussy, it just felt too good and he had to pull out as he shot his load all over Bree’s snatch to finish off this red hot hardcore X Art scene.

Best Friends With Benefits


X art best friends with benefits

This guy Jake wasn’t dating beautiful brunette Kaylee per se but they were best friends and from the looks of things the ‘no-dating’ was more a formality because they spent a ton of time together and as you can see they’re not exactly shy about getting into some naughty situations at any time! In this X Art update for instance, they were just hanging out in the kitchen together making a little food when they started kissing and giggling and fooling around and before you know it Kaylee is naked on the counter and Jake is on his knees licking that sweet tight pussy of hers! This girl is drop dead fucking gorgeous by the way, this dude is a lucky son of a gun being in a situation like this…the name of the shoot is Best Friends With Benefits and they’re both benefitting from this little arrangement they have as they fuck right there in the kitchen, with Kaylee’s top slipping down to show those perfect perky titties and her leg cocked up on the counter to take his hard cock as deep in her tight wet hole as possible! This girl is an absolute dream come true and she gets fucked nice and hard here, she’s a joy to watch whether she’s clothed or naked and I don’t know about you guys but I hope these two stay friends for a long, long time…as long as we’re invited along for the fun!

Midnight Passion


Midnight passion on x art

Time to get back to basics with X-Art as two of the hottest models on the site meet up with a mutual guy pal and spend a hot and passionate evening having all kinds of naughty fun with each other! In this update called Midnight Passion we don’t see any outlandish settings or crazy costumes or anything like that, just two incredibly gorgeous women getting naked and having a fun sexy time. Aubrey Star and Jenna Ross have always been attracted to each other so having a chance to make out and eat out each others pussy while their guy pleasure them both with his big hard cock is basically a win-win-win all around! Aubrey and Jenna both have spectacular perfect asses and nice perky breasts to go along with those beautiful faces; Aubrey’s eyes in particular are going to melt your heart and stiffen your cock with a single smoldering glance! The girls start out on either side of the guy, leaning over him to kiss each other while he watches and gets turned on like never in his life…soon all three of them are naked and the girls are taking turns licking and sucking his cock (actually not even taking turns sometimes, they’re just both doing it at the same time) before getting those dripping wet pussies fucked before pumping out a huge load that turns into a double facial that they share, looking up at him with a couple of the sexiest smiles you’ll ever see!

Muy Caliente


Xart muy caliente veronica rodriguez

If there was ever a girl who earned the term Muy Caliente it’s most certainly beautiful exotic Latina babe Veronica Rodriguez! I think she’s from Cuba but am not 100% sure, all I do know is that she’s red hot and in this X Art scene she’s ready to take us on a tour of that gorgeous nude body of hers…she strips out of her lacy little camisole to show those perky little boobies before getting her perfect ass in the air, spreading her pink pussy lips with her fingers looking like she would just love some lucky dude to come along and fuck that hole doggystyle! This scene is just Veronica though, so she takes care of things herself with a clear glass dildo that she licks and sucks and then slips in and out of that sweet tight pussy. It’s always a fun time seeing a beautiful exotic babe masturbate for us, but especially when she’s as incredible as this Latina honey…Veronica looks like she’s enjoying every second of it as well, she’s crazy about having attention while she fucks herself to orgasm like this! X-art hit a home run when they signed this girl on, she just keeps getting sexier every time she’s on the site.

Bring Me To My Knees


X art caprice bring me to my knees

I would bet dollars to donuts that if there was one chick on X Art who you would love to see tied up and blindfolded and bottomless it would be sexy little Caprice! Well lucky for you that’s just who’s tied to the ceiling in this red hot update called Bring Me To My Knees as she awaits her man, her pussy already getting wet in anticipation! He teased her a bit before letting her down to drop to her knees, sliding his cock into that sweet little mouth for a nice blowjob as she sat there with her wrists bound and eyes still blindfolded. He took off the strap covering her eyes so she could see what he was doing as he came up behind her, slipping his dick easily into that wet cunt and fucking her after tying her back up! Caprice is exploring her kinky side in this X Art scene, enjoying a bondage fetish she’s been thinking about and moaning in pleasure as the guy pounded her pussy and then her mouth, finishing with a nice facial that dripped cum down her chin as she looked up at him! Hopefully he let her loose after shooting into her mouth but hey who knows, maybe he left her tied up down at the bottom of the stairs there so he could have his own personal fuck-slave anytime he wanted a taste of that tight perfect pussy! Caprice doesn’t look like she’d mind that idea too much, that’s for sure.

Smooth and Tight


X art smooth and tight with maya

In this hot solo scene from X-Art we get to explore Maya‘s smooth and tight slender beautiful body as she relaxes on a cushioned little satellite looking chair, spreading those sexy legs and letting her fingers wander down her sweet perky breasts over her tight abs and down between her thighs to delve into the mysteries of that perfect tight little pink pussy! Some women need a lot of fanfare and makeup and wardrobe and exotic locations and props to make a sexy shoot but not Maya, she just needs herself and it’s already heating up the camera to the smoking point! From her long glossy black hair to that incredible body all the way down to her cute feet this girl is a knockout and she loves to masturbate, and from the looks of things she likes having an audience too! That works out pretty well for everyone involved…who wouldn’t want to sit back and relax and watch a girl as stunning as Maya get naked and show off her tight smooth nubile body as she flicks her clit til she orgasms?

Multi Cultural


X art serena aubrey multi cultural

Welcome to a multi-orgasmic and multi cultural threeway courtesy of X-Art featuring beautiful Serena and Aubrey! Brunette beauty Aubrey looks incredible but she might even be surpassed in this hot hardcore scene by redhead stunner Serena! These two absolute beauties get busy with their mutual guy pal, some lucky son of a gun with a big thick dick who happened to be in the right place at the right time, getting both of these girls naked at once and getting his crank worked! Aubrey and Serena licked and sucked his dick simultaneously, then took turns going for a ride on his cock…check out that ass Aubrey is sporting as she bends over on her hands and knees, getting fucked doggystyle while making out with Serena. Perfect tits all around, gorgeous faces, beautiful sweet tight asses and pussies, these girls are both fucking glorious and they each get a nice pounding by this guy in a red hot threesome scene! Looks like these girls are having a cock sucking and fucking competition and everyone gets a gold medal if you ask me.

Spread Wide Open


X art wide open with veronica

Beautiful exotic Veronica Rodriguez was getting ready for a classy night on the town with her man…she was putting on makeup and getting dressed when he walked in but when she gave him that sultry seductive look she does so well they forgot all about date night and started ripping each others clothes off! Veronica had forgotten how big this guy’s dick is and it was a bit of a stretch for her (pun definitely intended) to fit it in that tight Latina pussy of hers. She got it spread wide open though and managed to slide his big thick meat inside and once it was in they were off to the races! This X Art scene is hot as hell but really how could it not be with a girl this stunning taking center stage? Every scene Veronica Rodriguez has done for the site has been amazing and this one is no exception as she gets that perfect ass in the air, moaning as he slides his cock in and out until finally pulling out barely in time and blasting a load of creamy cum all over that pussy.

In The Mirror


X art in the mirror jessica summer

Beautiful horny lesbians Jessica and Summer were hanging out together in this room but were too shy to approach each other…they had both been lusting for each other since they used to dance ballet but had never gotten up the gumption to make things happen! When they caught sight of each other in the mirror though they just couldn’t hold back any longer! I love seeing a purely lesbian scene come up on X Art, sometimes all a girl needs is another sweet tight perfect pussy and that’s what Summer and Jessica are getting here. They strip each other down and kiss passionately, exploring each others body with their hands and lips and tongue…they are both just incredibly beautiful with tight perfect bodies so seeing the two of them together is like a dream cum true. Speaking of cumming, both of these girls end up in orgasmic ecstasy by the end of this steamy Sapphic scene!

Maybe Yes


Maybe yes on x art

No your eyes aren’t tricking you and no you aren’t still asleep and dreaming, this is indeed the beautiful Caprice back for another red hot hardcore shoot for X Art! She and her man were asleep in bed but he was having some mighty naughty thoughts…he whispered in her ear what he was thinking about and wanted to know if she was down to clown, and her response was “Maybe…Yes!” which as you may or may not have guessed is the title of this X Art scene. Pretty clever of me to fit that in like this, right? Anyway, she was of course down for the idea of a hot roll in the sheets and was off to the races, getting her pussy fingered and then getting on her hands and knees to have her perfect slit and her ass licked from behind before her guy slid his cock inside, fucking that tight wet hole and taking her down to a sort of sideways doggystyle position to penetrate Caprice as deep as he could before shooting his load inside for a creampie…I just can’t get over how sexy Caprice is, she just gets hotter and hotter every damn time we see her!

The Studio II


X art studio II angelica

So you guys remember in the X Art update called The Studio Part I when Angelica and Mila fucked each other like lesbians in the dressing room, right? Well Angelica was still horny as hell after all that and decided to take care of her craving for cock with this lucky photographer…after posing for him for a bit they called a wrap to the shoot, at which point Angelica basically tackled him and grabbed his big dick out of his pants! He was already pretty turned on just taking pictures of this absolute beauty so he wasn’t exactly going to complain about her grabbing his lovestick, sucking him off before spreading those long lean legs and getting her tight Russian pussy pounded! Angelica is seriously one of the hottest women in the world if you ask me…her body is flawless and her face is angelic, and her libido is off the charts as well! She pulled up her shirt to show off those perky titties and took the photographer’s cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him up and down and then bending over with her tight little ass in the air to get fucked doggystyle. Angelica got fucked in that perfect tight hole for a bit until the guy was ready to pop, and then sucked his load out into her mouth to swallow down!



X art watching with kaylee

Gorgeous lean petite brunette Kaylee here is one of the sexiest models on X-Art and if you’ve ever seen that site before you know that’s saying something! In this hot solo update she doesn’t need a big thick dick to have a good time, she’s spending a little quality time alone in the bedroom playing with that tight perfect pussy, lifting her legs up and masturbating knowing that we’re all out here watching her every move! As it turns out Kaylee is a bit of an exhibitionist, she doesn’t mind having an audience while she rubs that perfect pussy of hers…in fact it seems like it turns her on even more! She was watching some hardcore fucking on the tv and just enjoying every moment of it, sliding her hands all over that sweet tight lean body…this girl is an incredible beauty and the fact that she’s willing to share her sexiness with the world is pretty good fortune on our part! From her supermodel face to those perky breasts to her tight shaved pussy and of course her perfect ass, Kaylee will be in your dreams and she’d like it no other way. 

The Studio Part I


X art angelica studio part i

Two of the hottest girls on X Art, Angelica and Mila, were going to be doing a photoshoot together but they didn’t even get to the set before they were all over each other! In this update called The Studio Part I the girls were in the dressing room putting on their lingerie for the shoot but they just got so turned on by seeing each other in the nude they started making out and sliding their hands all over those perfect titties and tight firm asses! This is a red hot lesbian scene and since they made sure to call it ‘part I’ I can’t wait until the next part comes out! For now let’s just sit back and enjoy these incredibly beautiful women getting naked and fucking each other, watching themselves in the mirror as they lick each others pussy and slide their fingers in and out of those wet holes. Angelica and Mila loves a little Sapphic pleasure and they look unspeakably sexy in this hot scene…perfect tits, perfect asses, perfect faces, make sure your monitor doesn’t melt from this hotness as you check out this update!

Super Cutie


Super cutie on x art

If there’s one girl you could describe as a Super Cutie without being made fun of it would have to be Aubrey here! In this X Art update she’s showing just how sexy she can be, relaxing and rolling around on the bed in her flowerly little lacy panties and bra. Aubrey was having naughty thoughts all day long and couldn’t wait for a little alone-time in the bedroom, peeling her panties off and sliding them down her long lean legs to give her access to that tight perfect pussy! Aubrey loves a nice hard pussy pounding but sometimes you just want to take care of things yourself, so to speak…Aubrey is flawless from head to toe and she gives that sweet tight pink snatch of hers plenty of attention with what looks like a tiny version of the Magic Wand vibrator! Her nipples are standing on end as she turns herself on more and more, masturbating and moaning her way to orgasm as she lifted up her knees to her ears, spreading those soft pussy lips as she buzzed her clit!

Fucking Ballerinas


X art fucking ballerinas jessica

Fucking ballerinas should be left to the experts, such as dudes who are also dancers…they’re the only ones with the strength and endurance to handle these women! Jessica here is a gorgeous example of what I’m talking about…she’s beautiful, flexible and supple and I would think that any normal dude would get fucked into the ground if he tried to make love with this hottie! This X Art update brings you along when Jessica and her man go on a little staycation, hanging out at the house with little or no clothing involved as they make love in basically every room of their house. Check it out as Jessica hangs out by the pool at sunset, slinging water out of her hair and arching her back as she dances around the pool, silhouetted by the setting sun! After their swimming pool fun they headed to the bedroom to make love, passionately kissing as the X Art cameras rolled…and did I mention Jessica ends up taking a load of cum in her pussy for a creampie finish? Well now I HAVE mentioned it!

Strawberry Morning


X art strawberry morning selena

Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day…I don’t know about importance but when you’re hanging out with redhead newcomer Serena on X Art, it’s certainly among the sexiest meals of the day! In this update called Strawberry Morning she’s having a sunny breakfast with her man, serving up some fruit and then taking his banana in her mouth with those perky breasts peeking out of her robe! Soon she’s spreading those long creamy legs to get that perfect tight wet pussy pounded, the guy fucking her hole as she lay on the glass table moaning and her perky boobies bouncing with every thrust. Serena here has fiery red hair but don’t go thinking it’s store-bought, she’s got a firecrotch you’ll love as this guy licks and fucks her to orgasm before getting a load of cum pumped out of his dick and into her mouth to finish this hot hardcore episode off. I think this is Serena’s first update on X-Art but with that beautiful face and her sexy tight nubile body I’m sure it won’t be the last! Who doesn’t love a gorgeous horny redhead getting naked and getting fucked?

Sizzling Hot


Xart sizzling hot with veronica

If there’s a girl you’d describe as Sizzling Hot it would have to be luscious love Latina babe Veronica Rodriguez! She’s drop dead gorgeous, has a perfect pair of tits and a perfect ass, and is pretty much permanently horny! In this X Art update she’s naked on the couch having a little me-time, sliding her hands over her perky breasts and down her body to slip between her thighs and tickle her pussy, penetrating herself with her fingers with her long beautiful silky legs spread wide open. This girl is a complete stunner, she is the epitome of Latina hotness if you ask me and seeing her masturbate like this I think you’ll agree! You might think ‘oh it’s pictures of a chick by herself masturbating, big whoop’ and get ready to cue the snoring but man oh man this chick definitely knows how to keep your attention. I couldn’t find a video for this update unfortunately but keep an eye peeled because once it comes out I’ll see what I can do about updating! For now we get to just enjoy these hot photos of this beautiful exotic honey with her sweet tight little ass in the air as she dips her fingers in and out of her wet pussy, moaning and gasping as she brings herself to orgasm.

Love From USA


X art love from usa

This beautiful 19 year old from the Czech Republic is Katherine, and she’s ready for a little Love from the USA in this X Art update as she meets up with a handsome traveler at a bed-and-breakfast…they’d been flirting and making eyes at each other and finally had the house to themselves, taking the opportunity to chase each other around in their underwear and then passionately kiss on the couch! When Katherine felt his big thick cock stiffening in his pants she showed a little European hospitality, taking his dick out and sucking him with those luscious lips…he returned the favor, getting tongue-deep in her tight teen pussy before giving her a nice deep pounding! With those big perfect breasts and her nice tight ass Katherine is a stunner in any country in the world and looks fantastic here as she bridges international borders…Katherine gets that perfect butt in the air to get her pussy fucked from behind, taking every inch as she slips a finger into her ass for some anal pleasure as well until finally pumping a load of cum out of that cock and into her mouth!

Fashion Fantasy


X art fashion model fantasy

If you’ve ever seen a fashion show or seen a gorgeous model in a catalog and fantasized about seeing her naked and working her pussy over, this X-Art update is for you! It features absolute knockout Mila as she lives out a Fashion Fantasy, teasing us with a flip of that dress as she shows a glimpse of her perfect tight little butt before laying down in front of the crackling fireplace and pulling her clothes off to explore and caress her own body! She masturbates to orgasm and looks completely beautiful from beginning to moaning gasping shuddering end…on a site known for their hot models Mila is a cut above! She could seriously look right at home in a lingerie catalog or on the catwalk in a fashion show and here she is getting naked and fucking her sweet wet perfect pussy for us…she’s not self-conscious about having a camera on her while she fingers her hole, I guess all her modeling shoots have prepared her and given her plenty of self-confidence!

The Secretary


The secretary on x art

Have you ever imagined having a gorgeous secretary who would not only take down letters and handle phone calls and appointments but would also stay after work sometimes to get naked and fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before? That’s exactly what’s going on in this X Art update called The Secretary as Jenna Ross gives her boss the ride of his life. She’s an absolute stunner every time she’s on the site, especially getting in a red hot hardcore scenario like this one! She takes the guy’s big thick dick in her mouth, licking him up and down and sucking him hard before stripping naked and getting that perfect round ass in the air for the guy to lick and then slap his balls against as he fucked her sweet pussy from behind! Watch Jenna’s sweet perky breasts get bounced around as she takes the guy’s cock in and out of her hole, moaning and sticking her foot on the guy’s face so he could lick her toes…I guess he’s a bit of a foot fella in addition to having fine taste in secretaries! I don’t know what her WPM score is for typing but she’s scoring a perfect 10 in terms of sexiness and fuck skills. Jenna gets drilled here good and hard before dropping to her knees and getting a big facial on her cheeks and into her mouth!

Sexual Vanity


Aaliyah love sxual vanity x art

I think when you’re as gorgeous as blonde stunner Aaliyah Love you can be permitted a certain amount of sexual vanity…a little confused? Well just hold tight, dear viewer, and check out this X Art scene as Aaliyah (or Aliyah as they call her for some reason) hangs out in the bedroom alone stripping out of her bra and panties and staring in the mirror! She just can’t resist her own reflection and really can you blame her? She’s absolutely perfect from head to toe, from that beautiful face to her sweet perky breasts to that incredible round firm tight ass…Aaliyah takes her time, spreading those long legs and spreading her sweet pink pussy with her fingers before grabbing a pink acrylic toy and sliding it in and out of her tight hole! Some girls look incredible whether they’re getting fucked or just masturbating and Aaliyah Love certainly ranks among em…she’s just a vision of hotness every time she’s on the site, if you don’t believe me check out this previous scene and you’ll see what I mean! She might be a little full of herself, I mean she’s fucking her pussy while staring at herself in the mirror, but she doesn’t seem arrogant she just loves a hot naked body even if it’s her own, can’t fault her for that.

Never Better


X art never better caprice

There is probably no hotter couple in the adult industry than beautiful little Caprice and her lucky-ass boyfriend, whatever his name is! Caprice was just lounging in bed in her panties and bra as her man woke up from a nap and she started teasing him, slipping her hand under the covers to grab his stiffening cock and licking him to hardness! This X Art update is called Never Better and Caprice certainly has never looked better, she just keeps getting hotter and sexier every time we see her! She gets those perky petite boobies out and slips her panties off with her perfect butt in the air, getting her pussy pounded by her man’s big dick until he shot a load inside for a creampie finish. There is just nothing about this girl that is anything less than glorious…watch her get those lean beautiful smooth legs in the air, dangling her cute feet as she got her snatch licked and fingered and fucked! I’m certainly happy Caprice decided to start doing hardcore sex scenes, she cranked up the hotness factor by about fifty with scenes like this one.

Back For More


X art back for more

Apparently Aubrey and her man had a pretty good first date because they’re Back For More in their second X-Art scene! This girl is an absolute stunner…she’s only done a few scenes for X Art so far but already I’ve gotta say she’s proven herself to be one of the hottest chicks on the site. She and her guy pal got back to the house after a date and started making out, with the guy sliding his hand up that smooth thigh of hers and teasing her pussy right through her panties to make her moan! Once her pussy is dripping wet the panties come off and Aubrey takes a dive onto that big dick of his, sucking him off and looking up at him with those beautiful eyes…she wasn’t about to be satisfied with just a little blowjob so she lowered herself onto his cock, getting that tight teen pussy filled up with cock! This spinner has a spectacular body from head to toe, there’s just no such thing as a bad angle with Aubrey here. I’ve gotta say, the scenes where she still has her dress on and pulled up over her cute butt as she rides the guy are some of the hottest I’ve seen in a long time, take a look and see if you agree. In case you missed out on the first time with Aubrey getting fucked, check the action right there with that link!

Barely Fits


X art barely fits veronica rodriguez

This girl Veronica Rodriguez is a red hot Latina who’s pretty new to X Art but man she brings it with a fury every time she’s on the site! She may have met her match in this new update though, she’s got her man here on the bed and is ready to take his cock in her mouth and pussy but when she pulls off his boxers he finds that he’s packing a massive cock that will barely fit! Veronica’s always up for a challenge though so she gets right to work, licking and sucking that dick and then taking him in her sweet tight pussy…it’s hard work but she manages to take him to the hilt and once she gets used to the size she has a blast! This beautiful lean Latina goes for a nice hard ride on that guy’s lovestick, grinning and running her hands over those perky little titties as she lowers herself onto the guy’s dong. Veronica has a perfect firm ass and she gets it in the air, getting her pussy pounded doggystyle but apparently that position drives the guy nuts because he grabs her tight and busts a load deep in her hole for a nice creampie finish!

East Meets West


X art east meets west

What guy around college age hasn’t dreamed about trekking across Europe, seeing the sights and staying in hostels and maybe meeting up with beautiful local girls along the way? That’s what’s happening in this X Art update called East Meets West as gorgeous brunette Maria joins this dude in a bright white hotel room, showing her sweet perky breasts and that perfect tight ass as she takes his cock in her mouth. From the way she’s dropping her towel at the beginning of this update it seems like they just got back to the room from the spa, kind of like that movie Hostel but with 100% less horror and a ton more hardcore penetration! Maria is a drop dead beautiful Czech babe who always loves a nice hard pounding so when she met up with this handsome hunky horny dude on his European trip she was more than happy to show him a few of the lesser-known sights of the area, such as between her thighs. She gets a nice deep dicking as she rides that cock, bouncing up and down on his meat until he blasted a load up her back!

Tease Me, Please Me


Tease Me Please Me Jessica

This is going to make all of you very happy guys.  This is a beautiful scene from X Art called Tease Me, Please Me and it stars Jessica.  It looks like this guy is going to like tie her up and fuck her but he really just ties her up and then teases her.  She has on these high heel black boots that I just love that she kept on during the entire scene.  She has these super cute small titties and if you want to see more of her scenes just click here.  The video I have cut for you guys is just a lot of Jessica riding on this guys dick.  He is sitting on the chair and she is just giving him hell.  I will spoil the ending for you guys, it’s a cumshot on her stock he is pounding her like you see in this image and he just pulls out and creams her just above her pussy.  You guys know we love X Art here but that’s because we have a membership.  So you need to buy a membership to know how awesome this site is.  The quality of video you’re watching here is like 1/10th when you inside the members are, it’s just dogshit and I am embarrassed to give you this quality but hey it’s a lot of bandwidth if I gave you guys the good stuff.

Enjoy The Ride


X art enjoy the ride julie

Everyone loves sex but sometimes you don’t really want to take charge of the situation so much, you just want to kick back and Enjoy The Ride a little am I right? Well my friend that’s just what this X Art update is all about, featuring the incredibly gorgeous Czech babe Julie as she gets those surprisingly big breasts of hers out…I say surprising because she’s pretty petite otherwise, with a sexy slim little waist and a nice firm tight ass. Her big boobs look amazing though, no doubt about it…she just has her man lie back on the bed as she pulls his big fat cock out of his pants, sucking him while grinding her pussy on his lips and then riding him like a cowgirl! He gets a great view of that perfect ass as she fucks him, sliding her wet pussy up and down on his meat and moaning as he reaches around to grab those tits of hers. This guy must be on cloud nine as he gets his big dick taken care of, just laying back and admiring the view as Julie rode him nice and deep and hard until she came on his cock, right before he shot his own load all over that nice wet pussy!

First Time with Aubrey


X art firs ttime aubrey

Insanely gorgeous newcomer Aubrey gets that sweet perfect pussy fucked on camera for the first time in this hot X Art update! I mean I could put it a little more elegantly than that but hey, that’s what it all boils down to…this girl is a total fucking stunner and as you can see in the video here she really knows how to work that perfect ass of hers, slamming it up and down on the guy’s big fat cock and moaning her head off as he penetrates her sweet pink pussy again and again, making her cum all over him! She returns the favor too, licking and pumping his meat until he busts a nut all over her face. Aubrey made a splash already just doing a solo masturbation scene right here in her X Art debut but this is just incredible, she is so fucking hot it almost hurts. Beautiful face, great tits, jaw-dropping ass and now we know she really loves getting pounded too and looks great taking a big dick in her hole! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us with this girl, but it’s bound to be made out of win.

Pure Aubrey


Pure aubrey on x art

Feast your eyes on the hotness that is new X-Art model, teen stunner Aubrey! She is an absolute knockout and I guess it makes sense that she was a fashion model before making the fantastic decision to lose the clothes but stay in front of the camera! This girl is beautiful, there’s just no two ways about it, and has a tight little teen body that’s going to be rocking your dreams tonight I’m sure…she strips out of her little black panties and gets that perfect tight ass in the air, showing off a little before letting her hands drift down to spread open her little pink pussy lips and finger herself to orgasm for us! This photoshoot is just 100% Pure Aubrey from beginning to end, she doesn’t need anyone else in the scene to make it hot (although I would love to see her getting pounded, wouldn’t you?) as she tickles her clit and slips her fingers in her hole. X Art loves bringing you some of the hottest women in the business and I would dare to say that Aubrey here is one of the hottes girls on the site already!

Under My Blanket


x art under my blanket

At the crack of dawn we also get to check out the cracks of Teal and Silvie as well in this X Art update called Under My Blanket! Silvie had woken up from a sexy dream and found it to be completely true…she really WAS lying in bed with her stunning lesbian lover Silvie, and couldn’t resist sliding her hands under the blankets to gently touch and tickle her sweet pussy! Silvie slowly awoke to find her lover’s hands caressing her most sensitive parts and soon they were passionately kissing and exploring each other’s body with their hands and tongue and lips! This smoking hot sapphic scene will leave you sweating bullets as these incredible hotties pleasure each other and bring each other to shuddering orgasms. Usually in these types of updates a guy ends up joining the girls to make it a threesome but this time it’s just two beautiful women making love and it’s just plain perfect! Speaking of perfect, check out the perky breasts and tight firm asses on these women, not to mention a couple of faces that would be perfectly at home on a catwalk under the lights.

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