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Hot Bath For Two


Xart hot bath for two

Summer is officially over now and Autumn is breezing its way in, and that means cooler temperatures all around…it also means the season for having a nice hot bath for two is right around the corner and Ivy from X Art is keen to break in her new tub for this steamy hot update! She strips down and relaxes into a bubble bath, soaping up her perky breasts and sighing with pleasure as she feels the weariness seep from her bones. Soon her man joins her and they get into a hot lovemaking session right there in the water, which isn’t really a great idea if you ask me and I guess they agreed because they quickly got out of the tub and toweled off before continuing their fuck-discussion with the guy’s hard cock buried deep in her sweet pussy! Ivy has a magnificent ass by the way, just a callipygian beauty…that’s a good word to learn by the way, it just means having a great ass in Greek I think. Ivy definitely fits the bill with that sweet booty of hers as she gets fucked in this sexy scene!

Sexy and Wild


X art sexy and wild jenna ross

If there’s any girl who knows how to keep things Sexy and Wild it’s Jenna Ross…yeah she has a gap in her teeth but that just adds to the character of her face, she’s fucking gorgeous and I’ll have words with anyone who says otherwise! She’s also mighty flexible apparently and we get to see a little of that in this X Art update as she does a nude headstand, getting her pussy eaten out as she spreads her legs still upside down…she and her man Jake were spending a little time together in Brazil and the sparks just keep flying between these two. You saw the chemistry between them in their previous meeting but now things are cranked up even a notch higher! Jenna gets those perky titties of hers bounced around as she fucks Jake’s hard cock, riding him and closing her eyes in ecstasy as he penetrates her nice and hard before spraying her down with a big drippy facial to finish things off. Sexy and Wild indeed! Sometimes it seems like people just sort of get thrown together in hardcore scenes and go through the motions, they might both be attractive but if the chemistry’s not there it just doesn’t work right…well, that’s definitely not the case here, Jenna and Jake just click!

Lisa’s Hidden Cam


Lisa's Hidden Cam

I was really hoping that X-Art had made some type of like real hidden cam video for this update but it’s like a real professional one instead.  That’s fine because let’s be honest these guys have been making some of the best porn for like the last 5 years.  They started it all guys so anytime you see high quality porn its because of X Art.  The name of this scene is Lisa’s Hidden Cam so you can see why I thought that maybe they had done that or something.  You have to know though that this is a real couple, not some porn guy fucking a hot girl for proof of that I would like you to look at Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C.  You will notice that it’s the same guy in every single scene, I don’t think X Art really cares who she is fucking, they just want her to have sex in their erotica scene but Lisa here does care she is only fucking her boyfriend / husband whichever it is.  Plus I read the little blogs that Colette writes in the members area.  Colette is a girl if you guys didn’t know she shoots a lot of the X Art videos and I think she is the one who kind of started it, I could be wrong.  Anyways, Lisa here is dressed up in some sexy black lingerie, from the heels to the stockings and she keeps it all on during this sex session.  She even has a tiny little black thong that stays on I mean it’s so small it’s easy to just pussy to the side while he eats her out or fucks her.  The video ends with Lisa furiously sucking on her man’s cock until he cums in her mouth and she swallows it like the good girl she is.

Our Little Cottage


Xart our little cottage julia

Some couples like to head out to exotic tropical destinations or go all out at Mardi Gras and things like that, but some couples like Julie and her man George just like to spend a little quality time together so they rent a little house in the country and just enjoy each others’ company whether they have clothes on or not! In this X Art update called Our Little Cottage we get to see a little of the latter and are invited inside to watch the action as George buries his face in Julie’s beautiful pussy and perfect ass from behind, licking her slit to drive her nuts before penetrating her with his big hard cock. Julie loves to get fucked doggystyle and you can tell the passion between these two is real as she wraps her arms and legs around him as he thrusts inside…I mean hardcore porn is gonna be a fuck scene obviously but it’s just plain hotter when the people involved are clearly into it just as much as we are.

Shes A Spinner


X art shes a spinner

I’m beyond stoked that Ariana Marie has finally joined the ranks of X Art! They’ve got some of the hottest women in the world on their site if you ask me and Ariana definitely belongs in that category…perfect breasts, perfect ass, stunning face, great personality, she’s pretty much got it all. This update called She’s A Spinner is her inaugural performance on the site and man does she deliver…watch her slide that tight pussy of hers onto her lucky guy’s cock, riding him until he shoots a big creamy load of cum on her face and her flawless tits! Now that I look a little closer though I’m guessing they shot this quite some time ago because Ariana doesn’t have her “15” tattoo on her shoulder…I guess X Art has just been sitting on this update waiting to unleash it upon the world when the time was right. Can’t argue with that, I’m just glad the day has cum!

Tiffanys Tight Ass


X art tiffanys tight ass

I sure hope you guys are sitting down right now, for a couple of different reasons. First, if you’re walking around watching porn on your phone what’s wrong with you, watch where you’re walking. Secondly and most importantly, you’d probably just fall over from the sheer hotness of this X Art update featuring Tiffany! I’m sure you know about Tiffany Thompson, she’s been a legend since she busted onto the adult scene at age 18 and has only gotten more gorgeous since then. Well, she and her lucky boyfriend decided they were going to try out anal sex and since Tiffany was so comfortable with the X Art crew she decided to have them in attendance! That’s right, you get to see this guy fucking Tiffany’s tight ass in her first on-camera anal hardcore scene…that perfect ass of hers is finally getting pounded! Well I guess pounded isn’t quite the right word, the guy is pretty gentle since she’s not entirely used to having a hard cock buried in her backdoor, she’ll need to be eased into things so to speak. In this lava-hot update Tiffany and her man play around on the beach before heading inside to get naked, with Tiffany giving him one of her incredible blowjobs before getting fucked in her sweet perfect pussy, then moving on to a jeweled buttplug and then finally getting that cock in her ass before taking a facial!

Smarty Pants


X art smartypants

I think there’s a preconception a lot of people have about girls on porn sites that they’re just plain dumb or can’t figure out another way to make money besides peddling their ass…well I’m sure that’s probably pretty true for some girls but then there are ladies like Scarlet here from X Art! She’s quite the smarty pants and if you’re into the goth thing at all you’re about to lose your mind because she’s studying to be a mortician! For now though she’s saving up some cash by showing off in the nude…in this sexy shoot she was studying in bed but eventually started thinking more and more about her lucky fella, and soon she was completely naked and slipping her fingers into her pussy and masturbating with a vibrator until she brought herself to a huge orgasm for us! This girl has an incredible body, it’s mighty kind of her to share the goods with us like this!

Taste Me


X art taste me susie

If there’s one thing X Art excels at it’s bringing you some of the hottest women and showing how incredible sex can be! Well OK I guess technically that’s two things they’re excelling at but hey cmon, you know what I mean. This update called Taste Me features stunning blonde Susie and her boyfriend Steven as they spend a passionate morning in bed together…Susie headed into the room in her little white cutoff shorts and a white lacy shirt but the shorts dropped to the floor after about three seconds, revealing that perfect smooth ass of hers! Soon Susie was getting her pussy licked while she sucked her man’s cock, then saddled up for a nice hard ride with her soft perky breasts in the guy’s face. He fucked that perfect tight hole until he couldn’t take the sensations anymore, pulled out and shot a big creamy load all over her pussy and stomach! This beautiful blonde has been in a number of other X Art updates but one of my personal favorites is when she took a cock in the mouth and one in the pussy at the same time in a scene called Body Language, definitely worth checking out.

Bedtime Hijinks


X art bedtime hijinks with elena

It looks like things were pretty dimly lit in the bedroom when this X Art update was shot and that only serves to make it feel more intimate and comfortable when stunning babe Elena strips out of her little panties to show off an absolutely perfect pussy! Just look at that sweet hole of hers, it’s flawless…the rest of her body is no slouch either though, she’s got a great ass and a very nice pair of tits and of course that beautiful angelic face of hers. In this shoot the exotic honey is rolling around on the sheets, spreading her vagina wide and then fingering her hole for us, masturbating and throwing her head back in ecstasy as she brings herself to a massive shuddering orgasm! This girl is just on a whole other level of hotness, I don’t have a video for this scene for you yet but hold your horses because I’m sure it’s in the works. It would be a crime against humanity if there was never a video released so we could watch Elena getting down with some serious clit play, but for now we’ve just gotta be satisfied with these sexy sensual and artistic photos of Elena’s Bedroom Hijinks.

Paint Me White


Paint me white on x art

You know the old saying, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…well, all work and no sex makes Caprice a grumpy girl and nobody wants to make Caprice unhappy so after a little while painting the walls in their new home her boyfriend decided to get into a little fun time with her, and they both lost their clothes and got down to a little hardcore fun! They painted each other just for goofing-around purposes, hence the title of this X Art update being Paint Me White, and once they had some paint on their chests (if anything it makes those perfect tits of hers even hotter, they have some sort of mystical power) Caprice took his cock in her mouth for a nice leisurely blowjob before dropping down to the floor and getting fucked right in the middle of the room! I mean if you’re going to paint a room you might as well put it through its paces right off the bat, right?

J’Adore Lisa


J adore lisa on x art

No you’re not dreaming, that really is a real woman’s body and her name is Lisa in case you haven’t seen her previous X Art updates! They’re hot as hell by the way, you can take a look right here to get a nice sample of what I’m talking about. The title of this photoshoot is J’Adore Lisa which is French for “I love Lisa” and if you haven’t already fallen in love with this girl (or at least fallen in lust) this shoot will almost certainly change your mind because she looks incredible. Perfect tits, perfect ass, absolutely stunning face and nice long dark hair, this girl is a stunner for sure! Apart from just being naked and easy on the eyes Lisa is running her hands all over herself, slipping her fingers into her tight wet pussy and mastubating, enjoying the excitement of having so many people watching her play with herself and bringing herself to orgasm! J’adore Lisa indeed.

Elevated Erotica


X art elevated erotica with jenna ross

American hottie Jenna Ross had taken her first trip to Brazil and met up with European stud Jake for the first time in this X Art update called Elevated Erotica…the highrise apartment was beautiful and I know a lot of people have been waiting for these two to meet up, well finally the time has come and soon you probably will to after checking out this hot rendezvous! They started things off with some hot passionate kissing and soon their clothes were coming flying off and Jenna was moaning away with Jake’s tongue buried in her perfect tight pussy! Jenna has a body like a dream with those nice big breasts and her sweet round ass, and there’s just something undefinably sexy about this girl that’s hard to put your finger on. Jake seems to have no problem putting his cock on it though because he gave her a nice hard fucking, holding her creamy legs in the air and sliding his cock into her hole before shooting a big facial load of cum all over Jenna!

Luminated Emotions


Luminated emotions on x art

There’s nothing more beautiful in this world that a stunning redhead with a tight perfect body and a pair of sheer black thigh high stockings, if you ask me! Ashley S is amazingly beautiful and that’s saying something, particularly because she’s on a site like X Art that’s already well known for having gorgeous models. She’s rolling around on the bed pulling up her sweater to run her hands over her perky little boobies, then rubs her pussy before buzzing her clit and fucking herself with her favorite vibrator! Not only does she play with her clit but she loves penetrating herself with the tip of it, moaning as she cums all over herself…I guess she got a little intense with her masturbation because soon she has a lamp on the bed that illuminates her tight little cunt. She keeps her thigh highs on the whole time and looks like a dream come true, especially with her tight beautiful ass in the air while she fingers her hole! The update is called Luminated Emotions, I guess the lamp is what’s doing the illumination and she’s certainly rousing up some emotions.

For Your Eyes Only


X art for your eyes only

When you’re checking out a site like X Art you’ll notice right away that the models they have are utterly fucking gorgeous, and none of them more so (in my opinion) than Tiffany Thompson here! Her real-life boyfriend was a photographer so it worked out well to just put a camera on both of them as he took some shots of her showing off those perfect perky breasts! I’m not sure what’s up with that black lanyard that’s hanging around her neck but hey it doesn’t get in the way of those titties so who cares. They start out just doing a normal photoshoot but soon she’s got his cock out and giving him a blowjob, licking his dick up and down and gazing up at him with her beautiful seductive eyes. She spreads her legs and gets her perfect ass in the air, taking his cock deep in her tight wet pussy and getting fucked until the guy shot his load all over her tight tummy! The name of the shoot is For Your Eyes Only but I guess Tiffany’s OK with sharing all of this hardcore hotness with us.

Black On White


Black on white for xart

Give a nice warm welcome to the newest insanely smokin hot model to walk through the doors at X Art, beautiful brunette Nikki here! She’s doing a little solo shoot here to show she’s got the stuff to hang with the big dogs on a site known for having some of the hottest girls in the universe, and I think you’ll agree with me that she’s got what it takes and more! Absolutely beautiful face, incredible titties, hips like a dream and an ass you’ll go ape for as she strips out of her sexy black lingerie on the white couch (hence the name of the update being Black On White) and sliding her hands down over those juicy bouncy titties, spreading her legs to play with her flower-petal labia, clicking her high heeled shoes together. This girl is a stunner and I think X Art is the perfect site for her, hopefully she gets into some hot hardcore scenes soon so we can see what it’s like to fuck that perfect body of hers! It’s always exciting to see a new hottie show up on a site like this, I think it’s important to keep bringing fresh blood into the mix…seeing your favorite models come back time and time again is great but hey, there’s a reason they say variety is the spice of life! Nikki here is definitely bringing some spice to the stew, that’s for damn sure.

Breakfast At Eve’s


X art breakfast at eves

If you ever get invited to Breakfast At Eve’s house I highly recommend you accept the invitation! This guy did and he’s thanking his lucky stars as he finds the gorgeous blonde getting some coffee ready in her white tank top and skimpy little panties. She gets her perky petite boobies out and hops up on the kitchen counter to get her pussy licked and fingered, then props up one leg to get penetrated from behind by her man’s hard cock! Eve A has only been in one other X Art scene so far and it was a group scene so this new one is her first solo hardcore action, and I think it’s a winner…if you missed out on her previous scene it’s called Thunderstorm Love, make sure you check that out too because it’s hot as hell! So yeah she’s pretty new on the X Art scene still but if Eve keeps up with scenes like this one I think she’s got a mighty bright future ahead of her.

Nice & Slow


X Art Nice and Slow With Lily

X Art has brought back a girl which they always do her name is Lily.  You guys will remember her from Summertime Lunch a hot creampie scene that takes place in the kitchen.  She is a petite girl with a banging body.  The tits are the best part to me I love how puffy they are, I have no other way to explain it.  I think this guy likes her pussy the best and I can’t blame him for that.  Nothing better then a shaven pussy really.  She is asleep in her sheer panties when she is woken up by her man.  He doesn’t waste much time and is eating her pussy to get her in the mood.  Once she can no longer take his licking because her clit is too sensitive she goes and returns the favor giving him a sensual blowjob.  She isn’t very experienced at it you can just tell but nevertheless we would all like to have our dick in this girls mouth.  She gets him hard and then as you can see from this picture here she takes it for a ride.  You don’t see many girls who will start off in reverse cowgirl but that’s how she likes to ride maybe it hits her g-spot better or something.

Thunderstorm Love


X art thunderstorm love

When you’ve got two horny beautiful lesbians like Ivy and newcomer Eve A, it’s like a force of nature! I guess that’s why they called this hot X Art update Thunderstorm Love…Ivy and Eve spent the afternoon on the couch together kissing and making out, slipping their hands into each others shorts, and Eve just couldn’t seem to keep from kissing and licking and biting those perky little nipples on Ivy’s boobies! Soon they had moved to fingering and licking and eating out each others pussies and I guess all the moaning drew the attention of Jake, who showed up and proceeded to rock both of those gorgeous chicks with his big hard cock. It takes a certain kind of man to be able to satisfy two horny hotties like Ivy and Eve but I guess Jake was up to the challenge because he brought both of them to orgasm as they took turns riding his dick until he shot his load of cum all over Eve’s pussy tight stomach!

In The Blind


X art in the blind with caprice

Man oh man…when I took a look at this gallery and saw just a handful of the photos I was blown away and figured this was some new X Art model who was about to light the world on fire, but then I realized it was gorgeous little Caprice! Just stands to reason, though; she’s one of the hottest girls in the world if you ask me and consistently busts out the sexiest hardcore scenes on a site known for having smokin hot girls. This time she’s joined by not one but two lucky dudes in a scene called In The Blind, having been blindfolded and tied up first by her boyfriend…she thought it was just his talented fingers and tongue sliding up and down and tickling her perfect tight pussy, but soon there were four hands at once and she knew something was up! The blindfold came off and she saw lucky Jake there with his big hard cock out smiling at her, and she about came right then and there…soon she had one big dick in her mouth and one in her pussy at the same time, moaning her head off! She fucked both of the guys one after the other, until her boyfriend shot a load into her pussy for a creampie and Jake gave her a nice facial to remember this hot hardcore threesome with.

Carry Me Home


X art carry me home

Gina and her man had been out on the town for a nice romantic dinner and I guess they had some oysters or other aphrodisiac type foods because as soon as they got back to the house they were ripping each others’ clothes off and fucking like crazy! I don’t know if he literally scooped her up and ran back to the house but this X Art update is called Carry Me Home and Gina doesn’t look like she weighs much so it’s entirely possible. Did you know that oysters were an aphrodisiac by the way? I think maybe mangos are too but I forget…just a little handy tip from me to you. Anyway, Gina looks amazing with her perky titties  as she gets her pussy licked, then gives the guy a little oral pleasure of his own as she sucks his big thick dick before getting her hole filled up with cock! He gives her a nice deep pounding in their first-ever time in bed together, but from the looks of things this will definitely not be the last we hear of these two. It’s always exciting to see new lovers exploring each other for the first time, especially when the chick is as gorgeous as Gina!

Emilie Is All Alone


X art emilie all alone

Most of the time when you see the gorgeous Emily Grey on X Art she’s got a big hard cock sliding into her mouth or her pussy or both, but this time Emilie Is All Alone! I’m not sure why they spelled her name like that when it’s just Emily Grey, that’s easy enough to type isn’t it? Anyway she’s on her own in this update, I guess it’s after a photoshoot because she’s paging through some pictures of herself on her laptop…I guess even Emily is unable to resist pictures of herself because she gets all turned on, sliding her hand down between her thighs and playing with her pussy before she pulls out one of her favorite toys and starts masturbating in earnest right there on the living room floor! Her nipples look like they could cut glass as she buzzes her clit, eyes closed in ecstasy and her toes curling as she brings herself to the peaks of pleasure for this sexy solo X Art shoot!

Be With Me


X art be with me

You can’t have too many gorgeous horny brunettes with perfect bodies if you ask me, and nobody knows that better than X Art! They’ve brought yet another beautiful model onto the site, her name is Carrol and this is her debut set…this Czech beauty meets up with her man in the bedroom before they head out on the town for dinner or whatever, but first they’ve got to work up an appetite by making sweet passionate love! She peels her panties off, sliding them down her legs while her man helps her out of her dress to show off those perfect perky boobies…Carrol gives a great blowjob and has great tits but what she’s really proud of is her ass! She has every reason to be, too; that butt is fantastic and looks great as she gets pinned to the bed and fucked from above, spreading her legs to let that cock slide deep into her wet hole before going for a ride on top…I guess her man couldn’t keep up with that level of sexiness for long because soon he blasts a load that goes halfway up her back! He’s a gentleman though so instead of just leaving her to it and bailing, he slides down to tongue her pussy and bring Carrol to her own orgasm…everyone cums out a winner in this hot scene called Be With Me! Welcome aboard Carrol, can’t wait to see more.

Highrise Rendezvous


Highrise rendezvous x art

They call this blonde babe Sammy on X Art but they have a funny way of calling their models whatever they want…they can’t slip the wool over my eyes though, I know Samantha Rone when I see her! And man oh man do we get to see her in this hot photoshoot called Highrise Rendezvous! She was in her apartment getting a little work done on her laptop when her man Jake swung by, grabbing her big tits as they embraced and dropping to his knees to pull her panties down and lick that sweet tight pussy until it was dripping wet! Samantha is pretty much perpetually horny and doesn’t even bother taking her glasses off before she licks and sucks Jake’s cock hard, then hops up on the chair to get her pussy fucked from behind. Sammy loves to fuck and she does it up right in this update, riding Jake’s big stick and hooking a leg over his shoulder to take him nice and deep…hopefully her work wasn’t on a tight deadline or something because it looks like her afternoon is pretty much filled up now, and so is her pussy!

Yours Forever


Xart yours forever with lisa

This girl Lisa just radiates pure sexual energy…they describe her on the X Art site as a ‘rare, wild flower’ and I’m not really sure what they mean by that, maybe she smells good? Maybe they want to press her between the pages of a book? I don’t really know but what I do know is that Lisa is fucking stunning and has an incredible body with nice perky breasts, a sweet perfect ass and a nice tight pussy! She not only looks incredible, she also just plain loves sex so she really gets into it in this X Art update called Yours Forever, riding her man’s dick and getting pounded doggystyle after pulling off her little white thong. She gives a nice blowjob too by the way, this girl is just well rounded in terms of rocking cock! Sometimes on a hardcore adult site when people fuck it’s like they are just going through the motions or something, but not Lisa…it feels real, it feels passionate, she loves to fuck and her man obviously loves to fuck her! She ends up pounding this guy until he can’t take the perfection of her sweet pussy anymore and shoots a big load of cum all over himself.

Angelica Means Angel


X-art angelica means angel

Prepare yoruself for one of the most beautiful women in the world…I’ve seen an awful lot of women in this industry and Angelica here is seriously one of the most smokin hot girls either in or out of the adult industry, and happily for all involved she’s showing off in the buff for X Art! It’s entitled Angelica Means Angel and in it she’s all by her lonesome, only she doesn’t exactly seem lonesome, it seems like she is all the company she needs as she shimmies out of her white top and gray panties and masturbates with one of her favorite dildos! I guess if you’re a fan of huge tits or curvy girls you might not agree with my estimation of her hotness but if you are down with thin girls with perky boobies and nice tight asses Angelica here is basically perfect from head to toe. She fucks herself with that toy until she cums, orgasming with a hip-bucking ferocity that lets you know just how fun she is to fuck!

Rock Me Baby


Rock me baby on x art

The music was pumping in sexy Russian newcomer Gina‘s headphones when her guy started putting on the moves…Gina loves anything that gets her hips a-shakin and her horny boyfriend’s tongue was definitely getting her hips moving as he licked and tickled her pussy! After sucking his big cock they started fucking in the bedroom when their mutual pal Keira showed up, hearing all the commotion! They both gave Keira a very welcoming look and a smile and she immediately dropped her shorts, showing off that perfect tight ass before hopping into bed with these two lovebirds to turn this passionate fuck session into a steamy hardcore threeway in this X Art update called Rock Me Baby! This lucky guy gets to fuck both of these horny hotties…Gina makes a hell of an entrance in her first scene on the site, showing her perky little boobies and rocking the hell out of this guy’s dick, as well as making out with Keira and licking her pussy like a lesbian. Can’t wait to see more!

Summertime Lunch


X art summertime lunch with lily

It was a beautiful day outside so sexy blonde spinner Lily and her man were busy cooking up a summertime lunch for a little picnic later on, but when he saw this gorgeous girl in her panties and tshirt he couldn’t help but slide his hands around and grab those perky boobies, kissing her neck and popping her up on the counter to lick that sweet tight pussy in a hot X Art scene! She moaned and smiled as his tongue slipped into her slit, licking her clit and making her pussy dripping wet before giving her a nice hard pounding right there on the kitchen counter. This hardcore fun didn’t end until the guy did, shooting his load of cum deep inside her hole for a creampie finish that drips out of her hole while she fingers herself! This girl Lily might look innocent and angelic but she sure does love to get fucked and take a load in her hole, it’s always the quiet ones that end up being the sex fiends!

Chloe Loves Carl Part 2


Xart chloe loves carl part 2

I guess if you wanted to see Part 1 of this episode you’re out of luck because I never got around to posting it but now you get the good stuff which is Chloe Loves Carl Part 2! I mean part1 wasn’t as cool anyway, you don’t get to see Chloe sucking and fucking her man like this, so really I was just doing you a favor, you’re welcome. Anyway this is an X Art scene featuring Chloe, a sexy Czech hottie with a gorgeous face, perfect tits and an even more perfect ass if that makes any kind of logical sense at all…I mean perfect means perfect, right? Her butt is beyond all sense of logic though, it just blows the mind clean out so the laws of physics no longer apply. Chloe finds her man Carl snoozing in bed with his big cock already stirring so she wakes him up with a blowjob before crawling into his lap and going for a ride, fucking him until he shot his load inside her tight sweet hole for a nice creampie! This real-life couple loves a nice passionate lovemaking session and loves being watched, so having the X Art cameras clicking away while they fucked was pretty much the ideal situation for them. I hope you enjoy this scene because Chloe and Carl sure as hell did!

Any And All For You


X art any and all for you

If you’re a fan of sexy little Caprice you’re going to love this X Art update as she and her man Marcello get into a hot and slightly kinky situation! She starts out blindfolded and bound with a buttplug in her ass, which would be enough to drive pretty much any guy in the world insane with desire…sure enough when Marcello saw her perfect ass in the air he couldn’t help but slip his tongue into her pussy, licking her clit and then replacing the buttplug with his big hard cock and giving her a little anal action, fucking her from behind while she buzzed her clit with a big magic wand, masturbating herself to orgasm while he fucked her back door until he shot his load into her hole and onto her pussy! Caprice never fails to amaze with her gorgeous perky breasts and that incredible butt…she doesn’t do anal all too often but it’s always a treat when she does, so enjoy this hot hardcore scene!

Cut Once More Please


X art cut once more pleaesw

Sometimes when you see a video like this X Art update you wish you were the director and could basically rewind the girls as often as you want…and these girls are incredible! This is basically the Three Musketeers of sexiness as Caprice and Kaylee hop into bed together to make out and get naked and then are joined by mysterious Ukrainian goddess The Red Fox to complete the little triumvirate! These girls love to play together almost as much as they love getting fucked by a big cock…they’re not 100% lesbian but you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell that after checking out this scene as they kiss passionately and fuck each other with a big thick pink vibrator, all three of them getting pleasured one after the other and coming to huge orgasms until all three of them are weak in the knees, and yet the fucking and licking and kissing still continues. And then of course once it cums to an end, you can put on your director’s hat and yell Cut! Once More, Please!

Au Paradis


X art au paradis

What’s your idea of paradise? Well if it’s hanging out on a comfy bed with one of the most beautiful women in the world as she gets naked and rolls around smiling and laughing and showing off an incredible nude body, this X Art update featuring the gorgeous Mila K will be like a dream cum true for you! I guess no matter what your idea of paradise is, this is a hell of a beautiful girl and she’s incredibly sexy so really the question was pretty irrelevant. Mila looks amazing in her sheer white panties and knee high stockings, looking up at you with those beautiful eyes of hers and biting her finger as she thinks about whatever it is beautiful women think about when they pull off their panties and play with themselves. Basically what it comes down to is that Mila is smokin hot and this update is called Au Paradis, so I hope you enjoy it.

Sweet Before Awakening


X art sweet before awakening

If you don’t recognize this blonde cutie named Kim it’s because she’s only been in a couple of X Art updates so far including the one I’m linking right here which was her introductory shoot. This girl’s got those incredible eyes and a fantastic body that any boy (or girl) would dream about, so it’s only fitting she’s on this site which has some of the hottest women in the world! In this update called Sweet Before Awakening she and Jake are just hanging out in bed talking about the girl they both have a crush on, gorgeous Keira who we’ve seen before on the site. They both want to get into bed with that hottie and just talking about it turns them on so much they just have to start fucking each others’ brains out right then and there! Hopefully soon Keira herself will show up and make this dream threesome cum true, but for now enjoy this beautiful girl taking care of Jake’s big hard cock.

Sexy In The City


Xart sexy in the city

The one and only Caprice would be a head-turner anywhere in the world, so it’s only natural that she would head to a city filled to the brim with beautiful women…namely, Sao Paulo, Brazil! She and her man are out there for some relaxing and vacation-time but the X Art cameras came along to capture some of the action as they got Sexy In The City! In this hot hardcore scene Caprice was lounging on the bed stark naked playing on her phone when her man walked into the bedroom, and seeing that perfect ass in the air who wouldn’t get instantly turned on? Soon they were both in bed nude and Caprice was giving him a helkl of a blowjob, this girl really knows how to work a dick…she sucked and licked him up and down before sliding his cock into her pussy, riding him and throwing her head back in ecstasy as she got fucked to orgasm! This girl has basically a perfect tight body and she definitely puts it to good use in this hot scene as she gets her pussy pounded until the guy pulls his cock out and cums all over her.

Tie Her Up For Me


Xart tie her up for me

If you’ve been to X Art or at least seen some of their galleries here on Imagepost you know they have some of the most gorgeous girls in the world, right? Well buckle up because two of their hottest, raven-haired Keira and redhead The Red Fox, are teaming up in this hot update called Tie Her Up For Me! They start out tamely enough with a little lesbian topless makeout session just to get things moving on the right foot, but then Red pulls out a rope and offers to tie up Keira for a special surprise! Keira is down of course so soon she’s bound at the wrists and ankles and helpless on the bed, which is when their friend Jake just so happened to stop by (what a coincidence!) and join them to make it a steamy menage-a-trois! This is one of the sexiest threeways the site has ever had if you ask me, with The Red Fox grinding her pussy on helpless Keira’s lips and tongue while Jake spreads her legs and fucks her at the same time. Red gets her turn to get pounded too, don’t you worry! Jake gives her perfect pussy all the pleasure she can handle and then some, only stopping when he shoots his load all over both of the girls’ faces.

Give Me More


X art give me more part 2

So there’s a bit of a mix in this X Art update…the video clip is basically Lisa on her own masturbating and running her hands all over her spectacular nude body, and the photos are what happens next when her real-life boyfriend Max strolls into the room! We’ve seen this couple one other time already in a scene called Epic Love which I just linked there for you in case you missed it, and I’m certainly glad they decided to do another one because Lisa is a stunner and a half! She’s got nice bouncy boobies and a fantastic ass, and a kind of indefinable sensuality about her that a lot of girls are lacking if you ask me. The name of the update is Give Me More and that’s basically what you’ll be saying after you watch Lisa masturbating and then getting fucked in that sweet wet pussy of hers! This gorgeous dark haired Czech beauty is a fan of big muscles and big dick and her man Max fits the bill as she rides his meat until he shoots his load all over her pussy and stomach for a very hot finish to this sexy hardcore scene!

Lovers Way with Julie


Xart lovers way julie

With her wide-eyed innocence and incredible body this girl Julie from X Art is a vision to behold and a pleasure to befuck! I don’t know if that was a word before or not but I claim ownership…anyway yeah this chick Julie has nice big soft natural breasts and a fantastic ass, and pretty much a permanent expression of absolute joy on her face! She’s one of those girls that just has a great time 24-7 from the looks of things…it’s a good thing she’s permanently happy because the dude in this update called Lovers Way is looking a little rough, he’s trying for that Blade Runner bad guy’s haircut but it’s just not workin. Oh well, at least his dick still works and Julie gets a nice deep fucking after sucking him hard, so I guess he’s not exactly complaining about his current life status. Julie goes for a ride in his lap, taking him nice and deep while those breasts bounce around in his face until he shoots his load inside her pussy for a creampie finish! This is the first scene on X Art for this Czech teen beauty but I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more from her, she’s too gorgeous to ignore.

It Has Always Been You


Xart it has always been you

Sometimes a girl likes to head out on the town and get wined and dined by some lucky fella or just go to the club with her girlfriends and see what the meatmarket has in store, but sometimes a girl just needs a little alone time! In this X Art update inexplicably titled It Has Always Been You, beautiful Allie Haze does just that, lighting some candles before climbing into the big luxurious bed for a little quality me-time. She strips out of her clothing and enjoys the sensation of her hands sliding all over her gorgeous nude body, sliding between her thighs to gently part her pussy lips and tickle her clit until she’s softly moaning and is getting more and more wet…then it’s time to bring out her favorite vibrator and fuck herself to orgasm! Allie has only been on X Art for one other scene so far but she’s smokin hot so I’m sure there’s plenty more in store from this horny babe. If you missed her first scene by the way I’ll link it for you right here, so you can get your fill of Allie if this one doesn’t quite scratch that itch!

Enjoy My Backdoor


Misty Enjoy My Backdoor

This nice tight pussy belongs to a girl you guys should know by now her name is Paula Shy or if you’re familiar with her name on X-Art it’s Misty.  In this scene called “Enjoy My Backdoor” you’re going to see her having anal sex like she has many other times before.  You can see this Wow Porn scene with Paula if you want to see her taking it up the butt another time.  This update doesn’t just have anal though the video starts off with Misty taking control and sitting on her boyfriends face so he will eat her pussy.  She stays on top of him for sometime before she moves down and starts to give him a blowjob.  Then they have regular sex for a bit and you can’t blame him because look at that tight shaved pussy I think any man would want to fuck that.  Then Paula asks him to enter her backdoor and he of course gives her what he wants slipping it in slowly but working up to pounding her asshole just like it’s her pussy.

Introducing Kim


Xart introducing kim

I think X Art should really hand out welder helmets or at least put up some kind of health & safety warning or something on updates like this, because if you happen to glance into Kim‘s eyes you’ll probably never look away ever again, you’ll need someone with a blindfold on to grab you and wrench you away from your screen! That’s my way of saying this blonde 20 year old Czech hottie has some amazing eyes, by the way, if that wasn’t clear. This update is called Introducing Kim and is her first solo update for the site, and it’s a nice leisurely walk through the park of beauty that is her nude nubile body! She strips out of her top and panties on the bed, showing off her incredible ass in the process by the way, arching her back and stretching out before sliding her fingers down between her thighs to masturbate and the whole time she keeps throwing these glances over that are like uppercuts with those sexy eyes of hers.

Dancing Romance


Dancing romance on x art

The last time or two that we’ve seen beautiful Kaylee on X Art it has been for a lesbian scene, like this one for example, so it’s nice to see her getting her perfect pussy taken care of by a cock as well like this update called Dancing Romance! Her guy pal isn’t going to win any male beauty pageants (if that is a thing that exists, I’ve never heard of it but hey I’m just saying the guy is no Brad Pitt) but he sure as shit gives hope to the rest of us, if this guy can land a chick as fucking stunning as Kaylee then it means we all have a chance! She kicks things off on a high note already at the beginning of this update, seeing as she’s wearing some skimpy black lingerie with thigh high stockings and no panties, and it only gets better from there…this guy is thanking his lucky stars as he watches her hike up the hem of her top, showing that perfect tight little ass and pussy that he dives into tongue-first before fucking her nice and hard and shooting his load into her hole for a creampie! She doesn’t even bother taking off her nylons or her high heels as he pins her down, fucking her from above before busting nut.

Go Down On Me


Xart go down on me

When a gorgeous ginger like The Red Fox whispers to you ‘go down on me’ you don’t argue, you just hit your knees on the floor! She starts the party off right in this X Art update as she takes her man Jake’s cock in her hands, bending over to suck him as he pulls her skirt up to reveal that perfect ass, then trades positions with him so he can get nice thorough tongue access to that perfect pussy as she rides his face and moans. If that’s somehow not quite hot enough for you I’ve got good news, the update doesn’t end there…Red hops up into his lap and stares into his eyes with a smoldering glance as she slides his hard cock into her hole, lowering herself onto his manhood with a sigh of pleasure and riding him with those big beautiful breasts bouncing right in his face. This girl is seriously smokin hot.

Girls Love Pink and Diamonds


Xart girls love pink and diamonds

So I found this X Art update for you guys called Girls Love Pink (And Diamonds) and it’s pretty easy to see where the diamonds part came into play because the walls are fucking studded with sparkly jewels, but the headboard of the bed is red so I was a little puzzled where they got the ‘girls love pink’ part of things. That didn’t last long though because Jenna and Catie started kissing and then licking pussy and it’s pretty obvious these two hotties love getting into each others’ pink bits! X Art always has the hottest lesbian galleries and this one is no exception…Jenna is one of the sexiest girls on the site in my opinion and blonde Catie is no slouch either! They both have nice perky boobies and fantastic tight butts and they love to explore each others’ body while the cameras clicked away…they’re really putting this big comfy bed through its paces for this scene. Also there are a bunch of bubbles for some weird reason, I don’t know who thought the idea of a bubble machine in the bedroom would be a good one but hey I guess it works, the girls seem to like it at least! Girls Love Pink and Diamonds and Bubbles, apparently.

From 3 to 4 Part II


From 3 To 4 Party II

As I mention in the gallery I don’t have Part I of this series you’re just going to have to join X Art if you want to see that.  I don’t really see why you wouldn’t join though especially since I have such a good deal for you.  Most people are paying $39.95 a month but you can get it just for $9.95!  So that’s like 70% off and you get access to the best porn site in the planet.  This guys have more paying members then any other site and there is a reason for that they make the best porn.  The girl they have on their site are usually pretty exclusive to them.  If they’re not exclusive they’re really hot because they pay models more then any other site.  X Art is very erotic and you will see that when you watch this scene called From 3 to 4 Part II.  It stars 3 girls named Teal, Keria and Kate.  Teal is the busty girl you see here getting fucked, she is pretty thick but the guy who is having this foursome seems to perfer her pussy to the other girls so it must feel realy good.  The other girls have lesbian sex while they wait for their turn for the dick, it’s a great scene and part one is much the same but you don’t get a ending like you do in this video!

Knock On My Door


Knock on my door x art

Hold onto your butts because I’ve got a pair of perfect tens for you in this X Art update called Knock On My Door for one of the hottest lesbian updates I’ve seen in a good long while! Sexy horny Clover wandered into the bedroom in her g-string to do a little self-love exercise with her fingers and a toy! She gets a little noisy sometimes when she masturbates and her girlfriend Suzie overheard, cracking open the door and smiling to herself as she let herself in. Soon Suzie was helping slide that toy into Clover’s tight pussy and perfect ass as the girls kissed, then graduated to pussy eating to bring each other to orgasm! These girls are both absolutely spectacular…if you’re into tight perky blondes, Suzie will blow your mind, and if you’re into gorgeous horny brunettes you might find your little itch scratched by lovely Clover! Two great tastes that go great together, that’s how I see it…and you just know each of their pussies tastes like strawberries and unicorn giggles.

Just Watch Part 2


Just watch part 2 on x art

I can’t believe I didn’t even post part 1 of this series but hey, consider it a public safety move because if anyone watches both parts of this update back to back I have a suspicion their head would explode. That’s how hot this girl Kate is…this Russian teen (I think she’s a teen still, she might be 20 by now) has a body that is just tight and firm and fucking incredible as she strips down in Just Watch Part 2 on X Art, pulling off her sweater to play with her perky tits as her boyfriend Jake goes to town on her perfect pussy, fingering her and licking her clit to drive her nuts before she climbs onto his lap and takes his cock deep inside! That would be absolutely incredible to have this hottie riding you, I guess that’s why Jake had to close his eyes so he wouldn’t shoot his load in two seconds flat. As it is he had a hard time controlling his cum, fucking her in a few different positions…I guess having her bend over and take him from behind doggystyle was the last straw because he shot his load deep inside her cunt for a sweaty, passionate creampie finish to a very hot hardcore scene!

Two by Two


Xart two by two

Spring is warming up nicely and that means it’s time to hang out by the pool…at least that’s what it means for two horny babes like Carrie and the always-incredible Caprice! They’re splashing around in their bikinis at the beginning of this X Art update called Two by Two (or 2 by 2 I guess) making out and teasing each other, biting nipples and caressing breasts and whatever else, when their two guy pals show up together. The guys come walking up completely nude with their cocks already well on their way to hard, which is a little curious, but hey who knows in this day and age am I right? Soon Carrie and Caprice are both naked as well, getting their pussies licked and fingered and fucked by these two lucky dudes! It’s not exactly a foursome since both couples are doing their fucking a little ways apart but there’s still definitely a connection between all four of them here. It’s a very hot scene and ends up with both girls getting showered with cum, I’d hate to be the pool cleaner after this!

Epic Love


X art epic love with lisa

If you’re a fan of Lisa here and are hoping to see her doing a hardcore scene on some of your other favorite sites I’ve got some terrible news for you…on the other hand if you’re a fan of the ol’ X Art I’ve got some fantastic news for you! This brunette beauty is doing her first (and to date, only) hardcore boy-girl scene for X-Art in this episode called Epic Love as she joins up with her real-life boyfriend Max in bed! He slips his hand into those tight little panties to play with her pussy and tickle her clit, fingering her hole to drive her nuts as she gets those big beautiful breasts out…she looks like a celebrity but I can’t quite place which one, if you know who I’m thinking of let me know or something. Anyway Lisa licks and sucks his cock until he’s rock hard and then goes for a ride, taking him deep inside her sweet shaved hole until he creampies her, shooting his load of cum inside!

Sexy en Noire


X art sexy en noire

Blonde stunner Susie had been hankering after a rendezvous with Jake ever since the incredible Group Sex episode from X Art, but she wanted him all to herself for once! It’s fitting that I used a French word like rendezvous because the name of this photoshoot is Sexy en Noire, which just means that Susie is sexy in black…she’s got a very hot lingerie set on, and you know as well as I do that sexy black lingerie never goes out of style. Garter belt, lacy panties, thigh high sheer black stockings, the whole nine yards! Jake was in his suit when Susie dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth, but soon the suit melted to the floor and he joined her nude on the couch as he plunged his dick into that shaved wet hole of hers, kissing her passionately as they fucked. Jake made her fantasies cum true in this hot scene as they made love, culminating in a fantastic creampie as he shot his load into her pussy!

No Turning Back Part 2


No turning back 2 on x art

I don’t know if you remember awhile back when Teal and her boyfriend were in this episode called No Turning Back…well, I’ve got the second part of the update for you now finally, sorry for the delay! Teal ties up her guy and blindfolds him, then invites her girlfriend Addison in to have her way with him while Teal watches over the proceedings, playing with herself as she sees her boyfriend teased and licked and touched and fucked! This guy Jake didn’t know what he was in for, and it’s hard to tell if he knew there was a girl touching his body other than his girlfriend but once the blindfold came off it didn’t seem like he minded too much! No Turning Back Part 2 is if anything even hotter than the first but they should really be checked out one after the other for the full experience. And if there’s anything X Art is about, it’s providing people with the full experience!

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