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Double Daydream


Xart double daydream jenan

Sexy Jenna has some pretty interesting daydreams…for instance, this one that comes to life on X-art features Jenna getting fucked by two guys at the same time! She loves nothing more than having a hard cock in each hand, unless maybe you count having one in her pussy and one in her ass for a hot double penetration scene! Jenna is gorgeous to begin with, with her beautiful face, perky breasts and that sexy tight ass of hers and she looks double hot in this double daydream with two dicks plumbing her holes simultaneously until all three of them have had intense explosive orgasms one after the other.



X art awakening ashley

Apparently this is Ashley‘s first time having sex with a guy on camera but man oh man I hope it’s not the last…she lights the camera on fire in this X-art update entitled Awakening! She’s got an appetite for sex that will blow you away, and of course has an incredible body…tall, long legs, gorgeous ass, perky breasts, and she’s only 19! Watch this hot redhead rock this guy’s world with a fierceness that will leave you breathless as she straddles the guy and rides his cock, sucks him off, and bends over to get penetrated doggystyle, driving the guy so nuts he just has to shoot his load onto her face! Ashley isn’t done yet though, she wants an orgasm and knows just how to get it…she pulls the guy’s head into her pussy, grinding that twat on his lips and as he tongues and fingers her clit she has a huge explosive orgasm that has got to be seen to be believed!

So Beautiful


Xart so beautiful with clover

If you’re tired of seeing girls all gussied up to look like clowns as they get a traffic cone rammed into their nostrils or whatever and are in the mood to see a truly hot woman this X-art update entitled So Beautiful is for you. It features Clover all by herself but hey that’s more than enough hotness for a single gallery if you ask me! She’s looking incredible in her skimpy little bikini, throwing those devastating glances with her lovely eyes and teasing us with a spin or two to show off that nice round ass before stripping down completely nude and masturbating for us! She plays with her wet tight pussy, sliding her hands down over her perfect breasts and closing her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation of exploring her own body, not self-conscious about being filmed at all as she gives in to the pleasure that her fingertips are providing. Clover has done a few other sets for X-art before, including this amazing lesbian sex scene with Anneli called Clean and Wet if you’d care to take a peek!

Arrest Me


Xart caprice arrest me

Her man is an off-duty cop who has been on the other side of handcuffs for quite a while but now thanks to Caprice it’s time to turn the tables! She strolls in wearing just a pair of sexy little panties while he’s asleep and slips the cuffs on his wrists, binding him to the bed and letting him know in no uncertain terms that he is fucking HERS to do with as she will! He doesn’t seem too disappointed by this turn of events either as she rubs her perky perfect tits in his face and turns around to grind her pussy on his lips as she sucks his cock…as you no doubt know, Caprice is one of the hottest girls in the world and has a body that would make any guy’s head blow off, and she loves using it to her advantage in her X-art shoots! This one is called Arrest Me anad it is just smoking hot from beginning to end…eventually she relents and releases him from the cuffs so he can give her a good hard proper fuck, shooting his load into her mouth to finish things off!

No Hurry


Xart no hurry with misty

When Misty and her guy pal get into an intimate lovemaking session they’re in no hurry to end it; they take their time and fully enjoy each others’ company! In this X-art update she and her fella get into the groove, slowly and happily exploring each others bodies with their hands, lips and tongues. Misty is a gorgeous Czech with a thin lean physique but large perky breasts and she loves using her body to pleasure and tantalize her man as she climbs on top of him and licks his cock, gazing up at him with those pretty eyes and a wide happy smile. He just lays back and enjoys the sensation as she gives him this leisurely blowjob, getting his cock nice and hard before climbing on top and riding him with gasps and moans of pleasure! After fucking him for a bit she switches things up a little, spinning around to put her pussy in his face to lick as she worked his cock again in a 69, pumping out a nice facial as he shoots his load at long last.

Lovers at Home


X art lovers at home angelica

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen an X-art gallery featuring the incredibly beautiful Angelica, but the wait is over! She’s hanging out with her boyfriend and we’re all invited to come watch these lovers at home as they get naked and make passionate love. Angelica has such an incredible body it’s hard to believe she’s real and not some kind of CGI elf! Watch her get that tight pussy and lovely little butt eaten out before her lucky guy pal slips his hard cock into her wetness and fucks her deep and slow. Angelica loves lifting her legs in the air and getting her pussy filled as deep as that cock can go, moaning with delight and enjoying every second of this hardcore scene…all good things must cum to and end sometime though and this guy makes the best of it, pinning her to the bed and fucking her from above before shooting his load all over that perfect pert ass!

Blindfold Me Pt 2


Blindfold me part 2 x art

I know you guys have probably been on the edge of your seats waiting for the next installment of this little series or whatever you want to call it from X-art, and here it is! Blindfold Me Part 2 stars Scarlet and the new girl Jayden again as they continue their light bondage and lesbian romp (here’s a link to Part 1 if you somehow missed it before) but this time they’re joined by James who turns things into a hot hardcore threeway as he takes turns fucking both of these sexy ladies! Scarlet and Jayden might be lesbians when they’re together alone but once a hard cock comes into play they both basically dive face–  and pussy-first onto it one after the other for this steamy scene. It makes me wish there was a part 3 upcoming but hey I’m sure the site has plenty of other hotness up their sleeves!

Blindfold Me Pt One


X art blindfold me part 1 jayden scarlet

Newcomer Jayden gets a hell of a welcome to X-art as she’s paired up with lovely Scarlet and they have a sexy lesbian encounter as she gets blindfolded and tied up and tantalized all up and down that gorgeous body! The update is called Blindfold Me Part 1 and by that you can be damn sure there will be a part 2 coming up soon and in that one a guy gets in on the fun as well, should be pretty hot. For now though enjoy these two beautiful girls getting a little kinky as they tie each other up and lick pussy, tickling each others clit with their tongues to drive them crazy! They also take turns with a little silver bullet vibrator and get into some ice play to make those nipples get nice and perky and bite-sized. Two incredible girls getting naked and bringing each other to orgasm again and again, and this is only part 1 of this scene? The future is looking pretty bright right about now.

Body Language


Body Language With Susie

I have for you guys today a hot threesome gallery with this gorgeous teen startlet from X Art named Susie.  She has been in two other threesomes for X Art body invovled other girls but they were called “Beautiful World” and “and Then They Were Three” each really good if you like girl on girl action.  Susie took on the challenege here but I think one of the guys wasn’t quite up for it.  He didn’t even get to stick his dick inside that perfect tight pussy that she has!  Why you ask?  Because he blew his load way to early just from Susie giving him a handjob and sucking it a little too!  Shame for him but his loss is the other guys win because he then gets her all to his self only problem being that she has another dudes come on her.  That’s fine though because he just takes that pussy for a spin doggystyle until he cums all over that shaven vagina.

My Naughty Girl


Xart my naughty girl with caprice

Mark here calls Caprice ‘my naughty little girl’ and if you take a look at this latest episode from X-art you’ll see why! She loves sex of all kinds whether it’s with a guy or another girl or a mix of both or a couple of each…she just loves getting fucked and what’s more, she loves getting fucked in the ass! That’s right, Caprice is getting some hot anal action in this sexy update, mounting up and riding the guy in reverse cowgirl as his big cock slides into her tight back door. She’s a naughty girl and has one of the hottest bodies in the business, not to mention a beautiful face, and in this update we see why she’s become such a legend! Perky tits, perfect ass, horny pussy, naughty temperament…that about sums up Caprice. With a beautiful butt like that can you blame Mark for wanting to lick, finger and fuck it?

All Tied Up


X art all tied up caprice eufrat lisa

I know it’s been awhile since we’ve seen an update with the beautiful Eufrat on X-art but I get the feeling they’ve been saving this one up for a special occasion…she’s joined by two of the hottest models (besides her of course) on the site in my opinion, Lisa and the inimitable Caprice! Eufrat gets all tied up and helpless on the bed as the other two take turns kissing her and grabbing her breasts and licking her pussy, not to mention fucking her with a vibrator…all three of these beautiful lesbians get their pussies worked over in this sexy sapphic threesome! The combined power of these three is just off the charts, I can’t believe they didn’t just break the world in half when they got together in the same room.

Bohemian Rhapsody


X art bohemian rhapsody jessica

They called his update Bohemian Rhapsody but don’t expect to hear Freddie Mercury singing…instead, get ready for quite possibly the hottest hippy on Earth as Jessica from X-art gets back to nature with her handsome fella! They’re relaxing at a resort on Ibiza, enjoying the beauty of nature and of course each others’ company in this hot update…I’m not sure how bohemian they are (apart from Jessica’s hippy headband) but hey with a girl this hot with perfect tits and a great ass who’s going to argue with something like the set title! Watch this beauty get fucked in her tight shaved pussy before he pulls out and shoots his load all over her cute tummy.



Dillion harper luminescence x art

X-art has a lot of incredibly beautiful models on the site but Dillion Harper is one of the hottest if you ask me. She has a stunning face with big brown eyes, absolutely perfect breasts and an ass that could make a dead man turn his head if she walked past! In this solo update entitled Luminescence she’s spending a little quality time on her own, enjoying and exploring her nude body in the bright afternoon sunshine. Like a cat, she rolls around with her eyes closed but instead of just purring and napping this kitty is masturbating, grabbing her boobs as she fingers her tight wet hole until she has a nice strong orgasm! Maybe she takes a catnap afterwards in the sunlight, it wouldn’t surprise me…it looks like a perfect relaxing afternoon for it. Dillion is always stunning in her upates on the site, take a look at her A Perfect Match update if you missed it, you can see her getting that sweet hole of hers pounded nice and hard instead of just fingered!

Alone is a Dream Left Behind


Xart alone is a dream left behind

I’ve gotta say, this X-art update has maybe the most pretentious name for a hardcore porn set I’ve seen in a long time…what the hell does Alone is a Dream Left Behind even mean? It sounds like a high school goth kid’s diary entry or something. If you can get past the title though the set itself is pretty hot with raven-haired Natalie taking charge of Johnny and riding him rough and hard! He’s usually the guy who takes control of a situation but Natalie was just so horny she basically threw him down on the couch and hopped onto his hard cock to go for a ride, with her perky beautiful boobs bouncing up and down in his face. He fucked her on the outdoor couch, sliding his crank into her wet hole until finally shooting his load all over her stomach.

Much Needed Vacation


X art kristen much needed vacation

Join Kristen and her real-life boyfriend as they take a much needed vacation from the hustle and bustle of life for this X-art update, relaxing at their tropical paradise getaway! Kristen looks great in her bikini but as always even better out of it as they start making out on the front veranda of their opulent rental house, feeling the wind blow past them and rustling the palm trees as they explore each others bodies for this sexy hardcore update. Kristen is a blonde cutie with nice perky breasts, a great ass and a sexy shaved pussy that was just waiting for her guy to fill it up with his big cock…she bends over to get fucked doggystyle on the porch in this scene, moaning as he penetrated deeper and harder until finally shooting his load inside her hole for a nice creampie finish! Looks like this little getaway was just what these two needed to make sure the fires of their lust didn’t start burning down to embers.

Grow Up With Me


Caprice baby x art grow up with me

Blonde Baby was very inexperienced when she first started at X-art, and it’s been great watching her blossom and explore her sexuality…she always thought of Caprice as her big sister on the site so it made things even more special when the two girls decided to have a group session with their boyfriends! All four of them loved the idea and once the clothes came off the passion turned on and they were all off to the races…watch both of these lovely ladies have multiple orgasms, getting fucked and making out and eating each others pussies while sharing the fun with their guy pals (who must have been high fiving in the hall afterwards). It’s a sexy group session called Grow Up With Me featuring two of the hottest women on a site known for having hot women, so you know you’re in for a treat.

18 and Innocent


Chelsea 18 and innocent x art

It just doesn’t seem fair that a girl could have such incredible breasts naturally…at least she’s down to share them with all of us! This beautiful creature is Chelsea, a teen goddess with perfect natural big boobs and a gorgeous face with eyes that make you just want to curl up and take a nap in them. She just started working with X-art fairly recently in a hardcore update called First Loves and then again here, and is showing that amazing body in this photoshoot entitled 18 and Innocent! By the way, just in case you think those tits are a fluke she happens to have a fantastic ass and a nice tight little pussy as well. She must have had some kind of cheatcode for life. If there was any kind of criticism I’d make it would be for her to close her mouth more often to look less like a zombie…but hey, if most people closed their mouths more often we’d all be better off am I right.

They Meet Again


X art they meet again silvie jake

They meet again…and this time they’re not gonna beat around the bush, they know what they want and they’re gonna get it right fucking now! Silvie and Jake are back for another round, and X-art couldn’t be happier about it. Apparently these two were married and then divorced and now are back together or at least are down to fuck occasionally, not really sure about the details but hey they’re here and they’re naked and Silvie is getting that perfect body worked so let’s just enjoy the show. If you’re into stunning girls getting a good deep dicking in the ass, Silvie’s got a little something for you with this update! She loves anal sex and Jake is down for giving her a backdoor pounding, so keep an eye out for that perfect butt of hers getting penetrated. It’s hard not to love Silvie though no matter what she’s up to, she’s just incredibly gorgeous and bisexual and looks phenomenal getting fucked. And Jake, he no longer has to deal with any of her baggage with being married to her but still gets to fuck her, talk about a win-win situation!

The Journey


X art the journey

With any couple, the journey of a relationship is a complicated thing…there are peaks and valleys, good times and bad. In this X-art update we get to see some of the peaks for stunning dancer Jessica and her boyfriend as they share some intimate moments on camera together! Jessica’s flexibility makes coming up with new and fun positions a snap and she looks incredible with her perfect tight body as she gets penetrated, making passionate love and forgetting the cameras are even there as her hunky guy leads her on the dance of sex. Fancy words for a couple of hot people fucking I know but there’s something about these kinds of updates that X-art does that makes you want to get a little more elegant…so unbutton your pants, put on a tophat and check out this sexy girl! I know we’ve all seen beautiful dancers doing ballet or jumping around in a music video or whatever and wondered just what it would be like to fuck someone that flexible…well, now’s your chance to take a look and see for yourself!

Come from Behind


X art come from behind leony

Blonde vixen Leony was feeling particularly frisky apparently so at the beginning of this X-art update entitled Come From Behind she was on the floor in the nude masturbating to beat the devil! She was rubbing her pussy like crazy but what she really wanted was a good hard cock…luckily her boyfriend was there to fill the void, so to speak, so she grabbed his dick from his pants and gave him a nice passionate blowjob! When he was rock hard he pinned her to the wall, grabbing her hips and sliding into her tight wet pussy from behind, making her moan with pleasure. This lusty couple decided to push their physical relationship to the next level and Leony took him in her tight back door, gasping in ecstasy as he pushed into her ass to fuck her hard, slow and deep…just how she likes it! This guy couldn’t handle the sensations of this anal action for long though, so soon (probably a little too soon for his liking) he had to pull out and shot his load all over her pussy and onto her stomach while she rode him. Leony has such a tight little package, she looks like a joy to fuck and from the looks of things she’s pretty much eternally horny!

In Charge


X art carrie in charge

Do you guys remember the old TV show Charles In Charge? Well this X-art update is like that, except it’s Carrie In Charge and, well, it’s completely different except for part of the name. Carrie decided that today she got to call the shots so she put her boyfriend right where she wanted him; namely, on his back on the floor so she could ride his face! After teasing him a bit with her perky titties and that sexy pussy on his mouth she took his clothes off and grabbed his cock, sucking him and then going for another ride…except this time, it was his dick in her pussy instead of her pussy on his face! With all that teasing her boyfriend was ready to burst so after grabbing her to fuck that hole from behind he shot a big creamy load all over her beautiful round ass to finish off this hot hardcore fuck scene.

The Best Blondes


X art best blondes charlotte catie

If you’re challenged to find the best blondes in the business it would probably be a great bet to head straight for X-art! They’re chock full of stunning models and the blonde girls on the site are second to none. I’m honestly not 100% sure which girl is Charlotte and which is Catie but I didn’t really bother to find out because hey it doesn’t matter! They’re both incredibly beautiful and it would be impossible to decide which one is sexier so as far as I’m concerned they’re just The Best Blondes. Watch these beach beauties strip each other out of their colorful bikinis and kiss passionately by the seaside, licking each others’ nipples and hopping on the nearby couch to give their pussies some much-needed attention with fingers and tongues until they’ve both brought each other to orgasm multiple times and are ready for a nap on the sand before they do it all over again.

Je Taime Chelsea


X art je taime chelsea

If you don’t aren’t French or maybe just weren’t paying attention in high school French class, let me just inform you that the title of this X-art gallery, Je T’aime Chelsea, means “I love you Chelsea”. You maybe already guessed when you took a good look at this newcomer though, she has a face and especially a body that is easy to fall in love with. Huge perfect breasts, tight little spinner body, gorgeous ass, stunning face with a nice smile and eyes that are pretty and relaxing at the same time, what’s not to love? We already saw a nice hardcore scene with her IRL boyfriend in the update called First Loves, and now we get to see her actual first time in front of the camera in this solo masturbation photoshoot! She seems confident and relaxed and why shouldn’t she be, she’s got every guy who meets her in the palm of her hand!



X art unveiling featuring kiki kaylee

Join two of the hottest models on X-art as they get together for a scorching hot lesbian sex scene in bed! Kiki and Kaylee are both stunning but when they get together it’s like a dream come true…they wake up in bed together and immediately start making out, kissing each other and running their hands and lips over each others’ bodies in this update entitled Unveiling. Unlike a lot of lesbian scenes these girls seem completely comfortable not only with each other but with the cameras rolling; it’s as if nobody exists but each other as they make love and bring each other to orgasm again and again with their tongues, fingers and a big vibrating toy. It’s like watching your dreams come true on the screen and it’s straight from the folks at X-art!

Hot Orgasm


Scarlet hot orgasm on x art

Some women on porn sites masturbate and moan and scream but you can tell they’re just faking it…Scarlet from X-art, on the other hand, never fakes it! When she has a hot orgasm you know it’s real and man does she loves to cum. Check out this photoshoot by the oceanside as this beautiful long-haired brunette pulls off her sheer negligee and spreads her long smooth legs to masturbate on the couch under the open air. It’s a beautiful sexy photoshoot with a stunning model getting her fingers and toy wet with that tight pussy, so if your’e in the mood for sexy you’re in for a treat! That’s one thing Iv’e noticed about these X-art updates; it doesn’t matter if there’s one girl or three or five in a set, it’s always beautiful and it’s always sexy and never really seems forced like a lot of sites nowadays. Always worth a look.

Almost Famous


X art angelica almost famous

It’s easy to see why some people make the mistake of thinking Angelica is a celebrity when she’s out on the town…she’s so stunningly beautiful it’s hard to imagine her not being famous! Well she’s famous to us (or at least almost famous), and this update from X-art demonstrates why. She and her man Ben are traveling and are staying at a hotel…when Ben sees Angelica in her panties and loose top putting on a touch of makeup he just can’t help but come up behind her and kiss her neck, sliding his hands down to that perfect ass. She melts against him, passionately kissing him back and he drops to his knees to give her pussy a little tongue worship before dropping his pants and sliding his hard cock into that perfect slit! He fucks her right on the table, pushing deeper and deeper inside her until he finally shots his load on that tight firm ass.

First Loves


X art first loves featuring chelsea

I just checked out this X Art update entitled First Loves featuring new model Chelsea and the first thing that came out of my mouth was ‘holy shit those fucking tits’. This girl is 18 years old, 4’11” tall and has natural D-cup tits that look absolutely astounding! She and her boyfriend decided to do a shoot for X-art and man I’m glad they did because she looks amazing, it’s great to see her get nude and get fucked in that tight teen pussy of hers! I don’t know if one of her eyes is lazy or if she’s just kinda always sleepy-looking even when she gets a facial but either way when you get a look at her breasts you won’t worry about that either…I can’t wait for the video of this hardcore fuck session to come out! The fact that this is her actual boyfriend fucking her works in the set’s favor, too…you can feel the passion they have for each other, it doesn’t feel fake or forced in the least.

Love with a View


X art love with a view featuring vicky

She had already been having a great vacation by the sea but when Vicky met this guy Dylan things really heated up! They shared a few drinks and talked and hit it off hard and fast so soon they were hunting around for a secluded spot to get to know each other a little better! In this X-Art update entitled Love with a View they’re getting naked and getting freaky on a couch out in the open by the beach, kissing and touching each other before Vicky takes his cock in her mouth and then wraps her legs around him to take his manhood deep inside her wet pussy. They fucked with the lust that only a new relationship can bring, with Vicky riding him from on top until finally he shot his load all over her mouth and face…and what a load it was! Vicky looks like she’s been eating glazed donuts by the end of this hot hardcore photoshoot, and looks like she’s ready for more!

Party Boat


X art party boat with gianna

Gianna decided to go for a ride on the party boat and she’s ready to get things started as she and her two guy friends relax on the deck of their sailboat! She has had enough drifting and sunshine for the day and is ready to get her pussy filled by two big thick dicks on the high seas…she starts out making out with one of them, getting him hard and sucking his cock on deck while the other one snoozes. Soon though as she’s getting her pussy licked, Gianna reaches for that second cock and he wakes up, sliding his meat into her mouth while the first guy fucks her hole. They do the old switcheroo once or twice with Gianna being the meat in the manwich until finally everyone cums to a climax…one guy shoots his load on her sexy ass while the other busts nut into her mouth for a hot finish to this X-art threesome.

A Perfect Match


X art perfect match dillion harper

Sometimes things just click into place, like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle…that’s basically what happens when Dillion Harper and her guy pal Jay got together in this X-art update, they were a perfect match! Two happy, attractive young brunettes with great bodies deserve to get together for a little fun and that’s what happened with Dillion stripping nude to show those round beautiful boobs and her cute firm ass as she dropped to her knees and sucked Jay’s cock, getting her pussy licked in return. She straddled him and took that big dick inside her hole, bouncing up and down with a huge happy grin on her face…I suspect she enjoyed herself just a little in this hot hardcore episode! Call it a hunch.

Erotic Stretching and Sex


X art erotic stretching and sex

When you think of the perfect female, I’d be willing to bet that Caprice comes to mind pretty near the top of the list if you’ve been around X-art for awhile. She’s got an incredible body, an angelic beautiful face, and from all accounts is just cool as hell personality-wise which is always nice to hear having never met someone. In this update, aptly entitled Erotic Stretching & Sex, she and her guy pal Markus are doing a little erotic stretching before they have sex! Caprice looks incredible as she gets her pussy eaten out and fucked in a stunning hardcore photoset and video clip that will get your heart racing. What is it about that cute little butt, sweet perky titties and perfect tight pussy that drives a fella crazy? I can’t say for sure but man it has worked for Caprice in a few updates for X-art already, like Newlyweds and Wonder Waltz…always worth a look!

Come Inside From The Cold


Xart come inside from the cold

It might still be basically summer out but if the heat is getting to you, get cool with this wintery scene from X-Art as Leila and James play in the snow near Prague, heading inside to warm the chill from their bones…and as soon as their clothes come off they could melt an iceberg with their heat! Leila continues her trend of always having her eyes closed, I guess that’s just how she fucks. It does make it a little harder to connect with her when you can’t see those peepers but her body is more than enough to make up for that if you ask me. She sits on that lucky dude’s face, grinding her pussy on his mouth before taking his cock in her own and giving him a mind-melting blowjob, and if that’s not enough to heat things up she mounts his cock from above and rides him until he shoots his load all over her back and gorgeous smooth creamy ass. Come inside from the cold and get hot with one of the sexiest models around as Leila shows what she’s got!

I Love James Deen


X art tina i love james deen

It’s a story that has happened countless times over the years…a girl with a crush on a guy, lying in bed and thinking about him. Maybe they’re dating, maybe he already has a girlfriend, maybe she’s just seen him and thought he was hot but whatever the case, Tina just couldn’t get James Deen out of her head! She couldn’t sleep for thinking of him and soon she found her hands wandering down to her pussy, touching herself as she fantasized about feeling his strong arms around her and his hard cock pressing against her thighs as they kissed! That’s how this X-art update starts and soon we get to see her fantasies come to life as Tina took his cock in her mouth and spread her beautiful legs to get fucked by that big dick. I’m pretty sure that tomorrow she’ll be writing ‘I love James Deen’ in her college textbooks!

Digital Love


X art digital love bree

This girl Bree Daniels has shot for X-art before but you might not recognize her right away…you might remember her as a blonde a while back like in this gallery on her own, but I think being a redhead like in this latest update suits her pretty well. She’s hot as hell though, she could probably dye her hair any damn color and she’d look amazing with it. This update is called Digital Love and it sure does look like Bree is falling in love (or at least lust) with her vibrator as she licks and caresses it before sliding that lucky toy deep inside her wet pussy to shake rattle and roll! She’s got a fantastic pair of tits, a nice pink pussy and of course her pretty face and smooth round ass…all in all, the perfect package as she masturbates, rolling around in the white bed as she imagines a real guy fucking her pussy instead of her toy. Actually since this is Digital Love maybe she’s fantasizing about a robot or something, who knows!

We Love Ourselves


Xart we love ourselves

Prepare your eyes for Jenna‘s first on-camera anal sex scene as she and her costar James passionately kiss and touch in this X-art update entitled We Love Ourselves. She’s got a fantastic body with perky little petite boobies, a great (and very fuckable) ass, even a cute gap between her front teeth to give her a little personal touch as she moans in ecstasy with a cock deep in her pussy. Then as promised she lets him slip that big dick in her back door, and she takes it like a champ…I think she might have been practicing off-camera for her big anal debut, but maybe she’s just a natural! It looks like she and James both had a hell of a good time. Jenna and James have gotten together before in a hot hardcore threesome with Scarlet entitled This Really Happened, and I guess they liked each other enough to want to do another hardcore update for just the two of them.



Xart spontaneous with carrie

There’s nothing sexier than spontaneous lovemaking, and that’s just what happens in this X-art update with Carrie and Jake! They’re just hanging out in the kitchen one morning as friends, talking and laughing while Jake mixed her up a fresh smoothie cocktail to wet her whistle. It looks like she had other ideas for what her lips were going to wrap around besides a straw though and soon they had swept the fruits and veggies aside and were passionately kissing in the kitchen! Jake licked her tight pussy and turned Carrie on even more than she already was, and soon his cock was slipping in where his tongue had paved the way as they fucked on the kitchen counter. It’s a beautiful scene of young lust as these lovers entwined, with Jake finally coming to orgasm in her mouth as she pumped his cock with one hand and sucked him.

Raw Passion


Veronica Radke Raw Passion X Art

I used have a favorite X Art video of Veronica Radke is was the one she did with Jenna you can see that here.  I have a new one after today though and it’s this one called Raw Passion.  She gets to have sex with Mr. X probably her biggest porn crush I would say.  She has fucked him before on X Art but in this video you get to see a passion from his cock that she just hasn’t shown in other scenes.  Maybe it was because she was getting a creampie or they have a behind the scenes romance happening.  I don’t really care what it is I just love seeing this petite teen getting fucked!  If you want to see all the video we have posted of her on our site then make sure to check out her section.  I went ahead and figured out how many videos X Art has of Veronica or as they call her Scarlet and they have 7 different videos all of which except for 1 is of her having sex with a guy!  So with that being said if you like Veronica this is definitely a site you can find a lot of her amazing work.

Malibu Moments Part II


Xart malibu moments 2 jericha

If you havent checked out the X-art model Jericha, you’ve done yourself a disservice…luckily I’ve got your back and this is the perfect time to make up for your mistake by checking out this new update called Malibu Moments II. The first Malibu Moment was with Chloe Amour and was quite the scorcher but this one might just be even hotter, let me know what you think! Jericha is absolutely gorgeous in it as she and her man spend an afternoon in the hotel room by the sea at Malibu. They look like they just got back from a wedding or something and are all dressed up, maybe they spent the whole time at the ceremony flirting and just waiting to get back to their room and get each other naked! That’s just what they do after kissing for awhile, their clothes just seem to melt off and soon Jericha is getting her sexy pussy tongued before spreading her legs and getting fucked on the soft bed. They try out a few different positions and Jericha seems to float from orgasm to orgasm before finally laying back and taking a big facial cumshot from the guy!

Sugar and Spice


Sweetie in x art sugar and spice

I don’t know about sugar and spice but Jake certainly does have his hands on everything nice in this hot update from X-art! He and blonde stunner Sweetie (a brand new model to the site and a welcome addition) were napping in bed when he awoke and found out that his reality was even better than his dreams! He started kissing her hips and back as she slept and moved down to her ass, kissing those pert cheeks and letting his tongue drift lazily around her pussy lips, licking her clit and rousing her from slumber in basically the sexiest possible way. She was more than happy to let him continue licking her but once he saw she was awake he came up for a kiss, touching her hole with his fingers before easing his big cock slowly inside. They kissed passionately as they fucked there in the bed, with Jake finally finishing on her cute tummy before they went right back to sleep. What a day!

Triple Threat


Triple threat on x art

Talk about a triple threat! You’ve got three of the most gorgeous girls in the world getting together for a hot passionate lesbian threesome in this X-art update, so batten down your hatches and get ready for something special. Charlotte, Amelie and Chloelynn are hanging out in bed and Amelie, better known as Chloe Amour, is the meat in the middle of a gorgeous blonde sandwich as the other two girls lick her titties, flicking her nipples with their tongues and making her giggle before sliding underneath to lap at her tight pink pussy and make her moan. Any of these three girls are hot enough to melt a bank vault so you can only imagine how sexy they are when they’re all together in a sexy sapphic scene…actually you don’t even have to imagine it, just watch this video and see for yourself! Pussies are licked, breasts are grabbed, asses are tongued and orgasms are moaned in this X-art update, so grab a box of tissues and join in on the fun.

Single Shade of Grey


X art single shade of grey

I guess it’s going for more of an artistic feel to it but with the stark lighting, industrial steel walls and the almost monochrome gray cast to these photos from X-art it feels like Angelica is trapped inside a meat freezer or something and has decided to get completely naked! I gotta say, I’m not really feeling the style they put into these photos…its a good thing the model is so mind-meltingly gorgeous or it would have been a wash, but that pert ass and her perky titties (not to mention her beautiful face with those elf-like eyes) save the day for X-art. The name of the update is Single Shade of Grey, which I guess is a play off that shades of grey book that was so popular a year or two ago. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would love to see Angelica star in a feature length movie based on that book! We’ve seen some hot scenes from her before, like this lesbian episode called So Close Together, so we know she can more than hold her own with a guy or girl as the scene might call for it…anyone listening, Hollywood?

Malibu Moments


X art chloe amour malibu moments

Beautiful and exotic babe Amelie, or should I say Chloe Amour, shares a rug with her guy friend and creates some Malibu moments for them to remember fondly down the road, embracing and passionately kissing him before unzipping his pants and pulling out his thick rock-hard cock to suck in this X-art update. With her huge tits, sexy ass and beautiful features (especially those big gorgeous eyes), Chloe drives this guy wild with desire as she gives him a nice slow blowjob before lying on her side to take his cock deep in her wet pussy! Her big boobies bounced and swung as she got fucked doggystyle, which I suspect is probably her favorite sexual position from the way she’s reacting. Soon the guy just couldn’t take staring at that ass while he fucked her and just had to bust his nut, shooting a big load of cream all over her butt to finish things off! Hopefully there’s a towel somewhere in this bungalow of theirs or she’s in for a sticky situation.

New Romance


New romance x art

Welcome to X-art where we’re privy to a new romance, between gorgeous blonde Baby and her new boyfriend Jake…it’s a sexy, seductive photoshoot featuring one of the most beautiful women on the planet and she’s in a hot hardcore intimate scene with her guy pal. They basically forget the cameras are even there as they embrace, his hard cock sliding deep inside her tight wet pussy, even taking his load deep inside for a nice creampie!

This Really Happened


This really happened x art

According to the fine folks at X-art, this hot threeway featuring Scarlet and Jenna you’re about to see really happened! Uhh yeah guys, that’s what the damn cameras are for, so we can see that it really happened. Anyway, now’s your opportunity to see two of the hottest women on one of the hottest sites in the world getting naked and getting into some hot hardcore threesome escapades! Scarlet and Jenna are both stunners with amazing bodies and they love eating out each others pussies while this lucky dude gets to fuck both of them one after the other.

Silvie in Burning


Xart silvie in burning

Strap some seatbelts onto your eyeballs because they’re about to blast out of your head from this blockbuster…actually it’s just an update from X-art but it’s more of a feature film than a hardcore porn scene. I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s sex in it and it’s hot as hell but there’s an actual plot involved! Gorgeous Silvie is trapped in a car about to explode in a burning wreck and her man is racing against the clock to save her, thinking back to all the hot times they’ve had in the past sucking and fucking and licking and sticking each other (which we of course get to watch). Anyway the acting is a little on the silly side but Silvie is hot enough that I’m willing to forgive it, and of course her ass is going to steal any scene it’s in anyway.

Girl in a Room


Mila k girl in a room x art

I guess when they got a look at Mila K doing this photoshoot for X-art she because the only thing they could think of so any clever ideas for titles went out the window and they decided to call it ‘Girl in a Room’! Mila looks incredible with those long smooth legs and her great ass…I think her best feature though is her eyes. They’re at the same time innocent and slightly naughty, bright and piercing and the perfect color to set off her features just right and make her look absolutely gorgeous.

Sneaking In


Angelica xart sneaking in

Angelica and Ben are checking into an old hotel together but I get the feeling they are probably sneaking in unbeknownst to, well to certain other parties involved. Maybe that’s just my mind conjuring up forbidden fantasies, but there’s definitely something a little furtive about the way they’re behaving as they get into their room and immediately start ripping off each others clothes and kissing passsionately! Angelica can’t even wait for his pants to come off before his cock is in her mouth, and when he gets a look at her ass as she takes her jeans off he can’t help but lick that tight asshole, then bend her over to hold onto the mantle as he penetrated her quickly from behind. A great scene of young lovers in lust letting their passions take over on X-art!

So Close Together


So close together on x art

When girls spend a lot of time together, especially when they live together, it’s altogether natural for them to become more intimate…for some women they become more sisterly, but in the case of Kaylee and Angelica from X-Art they get so close together that sometimes they just have to fuck! These are two of the most beautiful lesbians you’ll ever slap eyes on, so kick back and take a seat as they get together for a little playtime. They start out playfully kissing a little and rolling around but after touching lips it seems like a bubble bursts and the sexual tension drains away, leaving two stunning women free to explore each other however they want! Soon they’re passionately making out and the clothes are hitting the floor, with Angelica gently licking Kaylee’s tight pussy and fingering her hole at the same time. I’m a particular fan of Angelica and I bet you are too, so if you wanted to take a look at some of her other scenes on X-art we have a bunch, like here and here!

Make Me Feel Beautiful


X art make me feel beautiful

Guys pay close attention…you might think women just want presents and whatnot but the single most important thing to remember is, a woman loves to feel beautiful and if you’re in a relationship with a woman that is your number one job! Chocolates and whatnot are great but if you look a girl in the eye and let her know that she is absolutely gorgeous, chances are things are going to be just fine. Look what happens with this guy when he makes Jessica feel pretty in this X-art update, if you have any doubts! She was relaxing in the nude on the bed and when he came into the bedroom he just couldn’t take his eyes off her…she loved the attention he was giving to her neck and legs as well as her perky breasts and of course her perfect pussy, getting more and more turned on as he visited every inch of that body with his fingers and tongue. Soon she was sucking his cock to get him good and hard before mounting him, riding his dick with passion in this update entitled Make Me Feel Beautiful!

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