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This Really Happened


This really happened x art

According to the fine folks at X-art, this hot threeway featuring Scarlet and Jenna you’re about to see really happened! Uhh yeah guys, that’s what the damn cameras are for, so we can see that it really happened. Anyway, now’s your opportunity to see two of the hottest women on one of the hottest sites in the world getting naked and getting into some hot hardcore threesome escapades! Scarlet and Jenna are both stunners with amazing bodies and they love eating out each others pussies while this lucky dude gets to fuck both of them one after the other.

Silvie in Burning


Xart silvie in burning

Strap some seatbelts onto your eyeballs because they’re about to blast out of your head from this blockbuster…actually it’s just an update from X-art but it’s more of a feature film than a hardcore porn scene. I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s sex in it and it’s hot as hell but there’s an actual plot involved! Gorgeous Silvie is trapped in a car about to explode in a burning wreck and her man is racing against the clock to save her, thinking back to all the hot times they’ve had in the past sucking and fucking and licking and sticking each other (which we of course get to watch). Anyway the acting is a little on the silly side but Silvie is hot enough that I’m willing to forgive it, and of course her ass is going to steal any scene it’s in anyway.

Girl in a Room


Mila k girl in a room x art

I guess when they got a look at Mila K doing this photoshoot for X-art she because the only thing they could think of so any clever ideas for titles went out the window and they decided to call it ‘Girl in a Room’! Mila looks incredible with those long smooth legs and her great ass…I think her best feature though is her eyes. They’re at the same time innocent and slightly naughty, bright and piercing and the perfect color to set off her features just right and make her look absolutely gorgeous.

Sneaking In


Angelica xart sneaking in

Angelica and Ben are checking into an old hotel together but I get the feeling they are probably sneaking in unbeknownst to, well to certain other parties involved. Maybe that’s just my mind conjuring up forbidden fantasies, but there’s definitely something a little furtive about the way they’re behaving as they get into their room and immediately start ripping off each others clothes and kissing passsionately! Angelica can’t even wait for his pants to come off before his cock is in her mouth, and when he gets a look at her ass as she takes her jeans off he can’t help but lick that tight asshole, then bend her over to hold onto the mantle as he penetrated her quickly from behind. A great scene of young lovers in lust letting their passions take over on X-art!

So Close Together


So close together on x art

When girls spend a lot of time together, especially when they live together, it’s altogether natural for them to become more intimate…for some women they become more sisterly, but in the case of Kaylee and Angelica from X-Art they get so close together that sometimes they just have to fuck! These are two of the most beautiful lesbians you’ll ever slap eyes on, so kick back and take a seat as they get together for a little playtime. They start out playfully kissing a little and rolling around but after touching lips it seems like a bubble bursts and the sexual tension drains away, leaving two stunning women free to explore each other however they want! Soon they’re passionately making out and the clothes are hitting the floor, with Angelica gently licking Kaylee’s tight pussy and fingering her hole at the same time. I’m a particular fan of Angelica and I bet you are too, so if you wanted to take a look at some of her other scenes on X-art we have a bunch, like here and here!

Make Me Feel Beautiful


X art make me feel beautiful

Guys pay close attention…you might think women just want presents and whatnot but the single most important thing to remember is, a woman loves to feel beautiful and if you’re in a relationship with a woman that is your number one job! Chocolates and whatnot are great but if you look a girl in the eye and let her know that she is absolutely gorgeous, chances are things are going to be just fine. Look what happens with this guy when he makes Jessica feel pretty in this X-art update, if you have any doubts! She was relaxing in the nude on the bed and when he came into the bedroom he just couldn’t take his eyes off her…she loved the attention he was giving to her neck and legs as well as her perky breasts and of course her perfect pussy, getting more and more turned on as he visited every inch of that body with his fingers and tongue. Soon she was sucking his cock to get him good and hard before mounting him, riding his dick with passion in this update entitled Make Me Feel Beautiful!

Sapphic Waltz


Sapphic Waltz X Art

Lesbian sex isn’t just some wham bam thank you ma’am, it can be a veritable Sapphic Waltz as shown in this X-art photoshoot featuring Kaylee and Clover! These two girls are both stunningly hot and look great in their lingerie as they passinoately make out on the bed, kissing and undressing each other, letting their fingers and lips wander all over each other until they’re both gasping and moaning and reaching the peaks of ecstasy. With talented lips and tongues and fingers like these who needs a dick to have fun? Not these girls, at least not ALL the time.

Made For Each Other


Xart made for each other kaylee

There’s no doubt that Kaylee and Kyle were basically made for each other…they almost share names even! In this X-Art update he gives her pussy the attention it deserves, dropping to his knees to worship at her shaved temple with his lips, fingers and tongue. I guess he does a good job teasing and licking that clit because she trades him places, giving him a very nice blowjob before spreading her long smooth legs to take his cock to the hilt! I don’t think this outdoor kitchen has ever seen hardcore action on the tables like this…it’s gotta be nice to fuck in the open air like that though!

Clean and Wet


Clean and wet x art

When they hop into the shower together, stunners Clover and Anneli love to get nice and clean and wet, but they’re not talking about just getting wet from water spraying on them! These beautiful lesbians know how to please each other up and down, running their hands over each others body as they kiss in this hot X-art scene, working up a lather as those hands drift down for a little mutual masturbation and fingering followed up by a nice relaxing water jet massage. I don’t know if they were dirtier going in or cumming out of this photoshoot but I think we all might need a cold shower ourselves after this steamy scene!

Pool Party for Three


X art pool party for three

This guy’s dreams are coming true even as we watch…he’s at a pool party for three with two of X-art‘s hottest models, namely Baby and Gianna and he gets to fuck both of them! They make out passionately while he watches, getting harder and harder as they strip out of their bikinis and lick each others pussy before taking turns sucking his cock and fucking him by the pool in this sexy threesome update.

Up Close and Personal


X art up close and personal

I don’t know if this counts as voyeurism or just hot sex or what but Jake and Leony let you get up close and personal with the action as they fuck on top of the aquarium table, which acts as a sort of glass bottom boat! We get to watch from below as gorgeous Leony gets penetrated from behind, Jake’s hard cock sliding into her wet pussy as they almost float above us. It seems almost unearthly but is undeniably hot as hell…leave it to X-art to come up with a creative, artistic and downright sexy hardcore scene like this!

Yeah Baby


Yeah baby on x-art

Apparently in the X-art vision of the future, all furniture is made out of curved pieces of glass and everything is well lit, and all women are as hot as sexy blonde Baby. I for one am ready as hell for this future to hurry up and get here, even if that glass chair doesn’t look all that comfortable. Baby is lounging in her sexy dark bra and panties, letting her hands behave with a mind of their own as they run down her beautiful body, over her perky titties and down those long legs to masturbate…in the future though who knows how many people are watching? Yeah, Baby!

Introducing Mila K.


Mila K X Art

This gallery is nothing more then Mila K getting naked but I have a feeling it’s going to be enough for most of you!  She is just so damn hot and exotic looking I can’t wait to see what X Art does with her next.  This is the very first time she has been on their site and we can only hope that she does a boy / girl for them or I would even settle for a lesbian scene!  In this gallery you just get to see her strip down from these see thru white cotton panties and a white top to absolutely nothing… She is petite and has everything going for her so check this out already!

Wonder Waltz


Caprice wonder waltz x art

Can you even comprehend how hot Caprice is? She’s been around for a little while but doesn’t look used up or all cosmetic surgeried up like some girls in this industry…she still looks like some kind of dream figment with those perky tits and what must be the most perfect pussy anyone has ever seen. In this X-Art update entitled Wonder Waltz she’s in her lacy white lingerie and is exploring her body all by herself, running her hands up and down those long silky thighs and masturbating in the early morning light.

Without Words


Xart without words janie

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a nice long lovemaking session with candles and soft music and oils and massages, but sometimes you just want a nice quick fuck! Without words, horny redhead Janie‘s body language told her guy friend that she was in the mood for a little quick sex and he was more than amicable to the idea! They started kissing and he ripped her panties off, tongueing her clit and making her cum before he even slid his hard dick inside that sweet hole of hers for this X-art update! He hammered at her pussy until the heat of the moment caught up with him and he shot his load all over her cute tummy…maybe now they can concentrate on the rest of their day.

Hot Chololate


Ana Foxxx Hot Chocolate

I have yet another interracial scene for you guys from X Art.  Like last time (it’s here: Only Girls) this one is with Ana but this time she is not fucking a white girl but a white guy!  It’s a really hot sex scene called Hot Chocolate.  There is only pictures on it right now but you know me as soon as the video comes out I will whip something up for you guys.  The two of them have sex on the couch in a bunch of different positions and it looks like it ends with a doggystyle creampie, but you never know until you see the video!

Girls Who Like Girls


Girls Who Like Girls

Caprice is sure all about getting her pussy eaten in this new X Art scene called Girls Who Like Girls.  Caprice see’s her friend Izzy in the bedroom rubbing her pussy so she just walks over pulls down her panties and lets her friend take out her horniness on her pussy.  In this picture gallery it doesn’t show much of Caprice returning the favor except when they’re in the tradional 69 position then Caprice gets a couple of licks in.  X Art has a ton of different kinds of porn that was the point of showing you this lesbian gallery just so you know it’s just not all hardcore erotica they have some softer stuff too.

Oh Mia!


Mia Malkova X Art

This is going to be a really good video from X Art!  It stars James Deen the guy who did the Farrah Abraham sex tape and he is fucking Mia Malkova.  Like most of the scenes he has done for X Art so far he too drops a load in Mia as well.  Mia is normally just a horny girl but when X Art told her that she would be having sex with James Deen you couldn’t have made her day!   For these pornstars name fucking James Deen is like fucking a movie star.  I think I should start a site someday asking pornstars the most famous person they have ever fucked, that would be a very interesting site!  Mia’s might just be James Deen but I have a feeling at some point she will score someone bigger I mean she has the best ass I have ever seen, someone else famous has to agree with me.  In this picture gallery you will see one picture it’s number 14 with cum dripping out of her pussy just look at her face and that looks like a girl who has had her fill of sex for the day LOL!

Updated: Just added a video to this gallery, enjoy!

Anjelica Dreams Come True


Xart anjelica dreams come true

Every time I think I’ve seen the hottest girls X-Art has to offer they throw me a curveball and knock me off my feet again…that’s how I felt when they introduced Anjelica. She’s been on the site for just a little while but already has rocketed up to become of the most popular models with their members, and it’s easy to see why! She has that incredible elf-like face, sweet perky boobs and an ass that has to be seen to be believed. She also loves hardcore, so she’s down for doing hot intimate episodes like this one entitled Dreams Come True…after seeing her get naked and get fucked in that tight hole of hers I can say that they’re right about that title!



Xart newlyweds caprice

Caprice and her man are newlyweds waking up and each morning feels like the first time they met for these two! X-art has captured the intimacy and beauty of young love as they wake up in the nude and immediately can’t keep their hands off each other, with Caprice getting her tight perfect pussy fingered and licked before they get into a little 69 action, with Caprice coming to a shuddering orgasm right on the guy’s face before mounting his cock and riding him to satisfaction. He shoots his load right into her mouth and then gets a nice wet kiss from her, which is a little funny if you ask me but hey who am I to judge.

Model Couple


X art model couple

With a body this amazing you know Jessica’s been doing some sculpting and sure enough she’s not only a fashion model, she’s also a classically trained dancer…and lo and behold, her boyfriend is also a model and a dancer! Probably some kind of weird coincidence that two beautiful people at the peak of physical perfection got together huh…man I hate that guy right in his toned pecs. That aside, these two were dancing together and decided it was time to drop the clothes and get to some passionate sex so they did just that in this X-art update entitled Model Couple, getting down and dirty right on the studio floor as Jessica sucked his dick and sat on his face before stretching her leg up impossibly high while he pounded that tight shaved pussy!

UPDATED: Video has been added to the gallery.

Ready or Not


Xart izzy ready or not

Ready or not, here she cums! Angelic blonde Izzy stars in this X-art update, and it’s her first one on the site. I’m pretty sure that with her beautiful face and sexy smooth creamy body she’ll be getting a lot of fans, and it’s nice to see a fresh-faced girl just enjoying her own body all by herself…in this update Izzy sits up in the bed, tugging off her white panties and sliding her hands down over her perky little boobies and down between her thighs to masturbate, spreading her pink pussy lips apart and enjoying the sensations as she sends a few tingles up her spine (and up ours as well, while she’s at it)! It’s a hot solo update featuring a gorgeous new girl who’s already making a nice place for herself…can’t wait to see more of Izzy, and apparently she’ll be doing a lesbian set with Caprice soon so stay tuned for that!

Only Girls


Capri Anderson X Art Only Girls

It’s so weird that pornstars like hold off on doing interracial scenes but Capri Anderson is one of those girls.  She has finally starred in her first one and it’s a lesbian sex scene for X Art called Only Girls.  The girl she is eating out in this picture is Ana and this is actually her very first time being on the site!  So everyone is having first in this erotic gallery!  Hurry up and click on this already because I know you are going to enjoy it, unless of course you don’t like hot girls making love to each other!

Kaylee & Clover Sapphic Waltz


Sapphic Waltz Kaylee and Clover

You guys get to start off the day with a awesome lesbian sex scene from X Art.  This scene is called Sapphic Waltz and it stars Kaylee who you see here licking a pussy.  The pussy that belongs to though is what makes this gallery great.  It belongs to Clover!  This girl has been teasing me with that perfect body of hers for a very long time and now I finally get to see her in somewhat of some hardcore action.  Sure some of you might not consider lesbian porn hardcore but it’s way better then just seeing her naked.  The girls take turns giving each other orgasms and that’s when you know it’s a real deal lesbian scenes.  Lesbians just don’t eat each other out for no purpose, they’re trying to cum!  The also have the help of a hitachi vibrator, one of the strongest vibrators known to man, that must help too.

Connie Fucked Poolside


Play Me X Art

I can’t wait for this video to come out!  It’s a new creampie scene from X Art it’s called “Play Me”.  For right now though you’re going to have to get by just on the pictures of the gorgeous Connie getting fucked poolside.  Once the video is life on X Art I will make sure to post it on this gallery so just bookmark it and come back later.  I can never get enough of a girl with a body as great as Connie and I suspect I am not alone in this.  She has those natural tits that are just so damn firm they look amazing.  Then you move down to her perfect landscaped pussy that is tighter then all hell, you just have to think of all the lucky guys that got in between those legs.  I think the guy she is fucking here is actually her boyfriend because I went and looked at all her past scenes and the guy is the same in all of them, at least from what I could see.  So you get that extra level of passion just because they’re actually together I do like that in my porn.

Bad Girls


Bad Girls X Art

Nice gallery with two really petite models I want you guys to see.  It’s from X Art and is called “Bad Girls”.  The girls are are performing in this gallery are Alice March the one you see riding this guys cock and then Chloe Foster is licking her nipple.  For some reason X Art always calls Chloe Foster Bunny in all of the updates she is in so that’s a little heads up if you wanted to find more X Art scenes of her.  The two of them make for a really good threesome and I really can’t wait for the video to be released from this, I will post it as soon as it goes live on their site!

Intimate Experience


Clover Intimate Experience

Clover seems to be one of those girls that I consistently post even though she pretty much just gets naked.  Every once in a while you will get a Clover masturbation scene but that’s far and few between…  The reason I post her and she is so softcore is because of her amazing body.  I love this ass on her it’s not super big or round here it’s just fit.  That might not even be it but there is something about her butt that is great.  Of course she has cute small perky tits that I am a fan of as well there isn’t anything I don’t like about her to be honest.  Anyways enjoy this latest X Art gallery of her called Intimate Experience.

Skinny Love


Chloe Foster Skinny Love X Art

This is just a simple gallery from X Art called Skinny Love.  The model you see here is Chloe Foster and she is posing completely naked from the very start.  She touches herself in different pictures and what not.  If you want to see her fucking then check out Fashion Models also by X Art where she is having a threesome with Veronica Radke.

Rolling In The Sheets


Rolling In The Sheets X Art

X Art took James Deen on a little European vacation and his first stop was this tight little pussy that belongs to Barbie.  I love I mean I love this little arrow she has shaved into her pussy.  It sexy is it not?  I like a girl who knows what she likes and Barbie here likes for her tight little pussy to be pleasured.  I mean she even has the pussy piercing so everything is just a little more sensitive down there.  James is able to make her cum multiple times while he is eating out her pussy.  He is even able to make her cum while licking her ass hole and rubbing her pussy at the same time, that takes some talent.  James is a super star on this side of the pond and Barbie is pretty stoked to be fucked him.  The passion is there the sex is like normal sex and not the camera sex if you will.  X Art seems to do a great job when it comes to that all their sex scenes are very real.  Anyways enough of me blabbing go on and check this out already!

Meet Me In Madrid


Meet Me In Madrid

This was never actually suppose to be a update from X Art it was just a sex scene between Mr. X and Silvie that they did during some down time.  The reason they had sex is because Mr. X has been crushing on Silvie for quite some time but she has always been with her boyfriend.  Well they finally broke up and that meant that Silvie could fuck whoever she wanted and she definitely wanted a piece of Mr. X.  The sex has that passion that you just can’t fake because it only happens when a couple actually likes each other.  The name of this scene is called “Meet Me In Madrid” and make sure to thank X Art for putting out such amazing porn by visiting their site!

Only Lorena


Lorena X Art

A brand new model is coming to X Art and I think you’re going to like what you see!  Her name is Lorena and I have seen her a couple of times on Femjoy but other then that I can’t think of anywhere else.  I am excited to see what type of porn she does for X Art but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!  This gallery is of her just being naked.  She spreads her legs a lot to let us look at that amazing pussy of hers.  I also want you guys to think to yourselves just how old this chick is.  She is 24, can you believe that shit?  I thought for sure she was 18 or 19 years old…  She has a youthful look at is just cute as a damn button enjoy!

Beautiful World


Beautiful World X Art

It’s a beautiful world when you’re the guy fucking these two hotties.  This is the new X Art scene and it’s starring Ivy and Susie.  It starts off with the guy eating out Susie and then Ivy walks down in her bathing suit and just starts dropping her clothes on the ground and she makes her way over.  The guy probably thought he was going to get his fuck on but instead Ivy wants her pussy licked on too.  So the guy spends the next minute or so pleasing both of these girls with his tongue and then it’s his turn.  The threesome is awesome and it ends with susie riding his cock reverse cowgirl and when he is about to cum she pulls him out of her pussy and has him cum on her nice flat stomach.

Marry Me


Caprice Marry Me X Art

This new X Art scene called Marry Me is just simply amazing!  They have Caprice dressed up like it’s her wedding day (don’t wedding dresses cost a shit ton?) and they’re giving her some wedding night sex.  These two played the part really good because their sex definitely had passion!  The video ends in a creampie of course I mean it is their wedding night after all they have to start working on getting pregnant, what better time then now!  I seem to remember that Caprice always fucked the same guy in all of her videos this is the first time it’s not that guy.  I wonder if she broke up with that guy and is now back to doing hardcore, I hope that’s the case!  Caprice pulls off that wedding dress well because she is by far the most beautiful girl I will see for the rest of the day and probably the week, simply stunning gallery well done X Art!

Together At Last


Together At Last

These two girls have been popular on X Art for sometime now and they’re finally Together At Last (the name of this scene).  The girl you see pictured here getting her pussy eaten out is Kaylee and the girl giving her the oral pleasure is Baby.  They’re both very popular girls with X Art and for one reason or another have never done a scene together but they finally have and what chemistry they have!  Kaylee and Baby were both able to give each other orgasms just from their tongue licking each others clit.  My favorite part of the video is when Kaylee gets on all fours and Baby eats her out in like a doggystyle position.  The last thing that I liked about this video is when Kaylee puts her hand on top of Baby’s head and she is eating her out and kind of pushing her into her pussy almost telling her “don’t stop” I love that too!

Happy Birthday Capri


Happy Birthday Capri

I would have liked to be invited to Capri Anderson’s birthday party!  On her birthday she has group sex on mine I get cake, life just isn’t fair.  She is have a group sex session with two lucky guys first and foremost but the other girls are Veronica Radke (far right) and Kiera Winters (far left).  I think this was a surprise for Capri because it sure looks like it was.  Each of the girls take a turn fucking the guys and being the birthday girl Capri gets to do whatever she wants and she seems to like getting her pussy eaten out.



X Art Names

This is a pretty clever gallery for you guys to check out it’s from X Art and stars Baby you guys should know her by now they have had so many videos with her.  The video is clever because it starts out at first with this couple making some dinner / breakfast whatever it is and they decide to have so spontaneous sex in their apartment.  They have sex right there on the little center island and Tyler gives Baby a creampie right.  Well then it cuts to another scene of Baby riding Tyler in thier living room and they are arguing about names.  I will give you 2 guesses what they are naming but you should only need one.

Truth Or Dare


Turth Or Dare X Art

I can’t wait for the video to come out of this scene called Truth Or Dare from X Art.  The reason is as simple as who is in this scene, Mia Malkova and Lexi Belle!  I mean any video that has a scene like you see pictured here must be watched.  I for some reason really love seeing girls in weird positions like this even though pretty much every hardcore Mia Malkova scene has her doing this.  It’s like her signature move or something.  The whole premise of this episode is the two couples here playing a game of truth or dare in which they switch partners and have wild uninhibited sex.  X Art got a lot of brownie points with me by having these two girls in a scene together.  It is well documented how much I like me some Mia Malkova but less known probably is how much I love Lexi Belle.  Lexi and Mia are probably equal in popularity Lexi having that innocent petite look and Mia Malkova and that perfect round ass so they’re kind of known for different things.  With their powers combined though they make one hell of a porn video!

Island Passion


Clover Island X Art

You guys know I don’t just post nude girls unless it’s really really hot.  I will say that every time that X Art has came out with a Clover gallery I have posted it because well look at this body!  She is a super cute teen with a body / face/ ass / tits to die for!  Her boobies might not be big enough for some of you but you have to love how damn perky they are?  Her ass everyone is going to like and especially when you see this episode called Island Passion.  I have seen a lot of these exotic location galleries with Clover and I always think when I see her body all sandy like this that it must hurt when she gets sand in her vagina, I mean it’s a saying unto itself, there is a reason for that I would think.

Young and Restless


Young and Restless X Art

This is a creampie video from X Art.  It stars James Deen the same guy that fucked Farrah Abraham in her sex tape.  He is like a big deal now I mean when X Art updated with this update James Deen had a full name while the models name is just Scarlet.  I bet she was pretty stoked to be fucking a “famous” guy.  I mean he is famous he did star in a movie with Lindsay Lohan.  He is more well known for his skin flicks though and this is just another good one to add to his reputation.  I would say the two of them had some really passioniate sex both really were into the scene, I like to see that in my porn.  That’s part of the reason I always post X Art videos because I am pretty sure they won’t even post a update that has a girl not enjoying herself.  You know those scenes where a girl just lays back and gets fucked, I hate those.

Simply Stunning


Sandra Simply Stunning

This gallery is Simply Stunning for many reason but the most important one is how beautiful Sandra here is.  She is a total amateur and the guy she is fucking in this video is her real life boyfriend.  X Art does a really good job of finding girls who will have sex on camera but only with their boyfriend.  It works out well because they’re well known for their really erotic videos and what not.  What’s more erotic then seeing a real couple making love?  This video is a creampie scene and she gets that creampie by riding his dick like you see in this picture.  I hope that X Art films more of this girl because there is just something about her that is really sexy.  I think it’s her milk white skin that really just does it for me.  I like a girl who doesn’t give a hit about getting a tan I guess… It makes her just look pure, doesn’t it?

UPDATED: Now has video

Elle and Mia


Mia Malkova and Elle Alexandra

It’s funny because the name of this new video from X Art is called “Elle Hearts Girls” and that’s actually her Twitter name!  I mean Elle Alexandra (the redhead) must really love herself some pussy.  She sure acts like it in this scene.  I am a big fan of Mia Malkova so if I was elle and got to eat that beautiful pussy out I wouldn’t be to mad either.  X Art has a ton of lesbian sex scenes so if you don’t like their hardcore stuff or even their masturbation updates don’t worry there is enough in that members area to keep you busy for a month.  Even if you only like to see girls having lesbian sex.  I like this little combo they have a girl with a nice round ass and blonde vs a redhead that is slender with that milk white skin.  They’re a lot different and I like that when see a lesbian scene.

Green Eyes


Green Eyes X Art

I think I am going to go ahead and believe X Art about Capri Anderson actually dating this guy that she is fucking.  The guys name is Tyler and you guys have probably seen him in other X Art scenes, he’s a common stunt cock for them.  I believe them with hesitation because let’s be honest if I believed porn sites 99% of all of them would be “real”.  It would be a world where a bus literally rolled around and picked up chicks and banged them in that bus.  I am going to go ahead and believe X Art though because let’s be honest these guys are some classy guys.   There one of the few porn sites you can join and not have to worry about anything.  They got the discrete billing, no hidden charges it’s just a clean site.  Their site replicates their porn, it’s just simple and flawless.  Tyler and Capri have a lot of chemistry too, when you see this video of the two of the having sex, you will see that it’s a couple fucking and not two people that just met.

Getting Down


Angelica X Art

I have a beautiful babe that you probably know very well by now because I post her so much.  Her name is Angelica here on X Art by you may also know her as Anjelica on sites like Wow Girls, or Wow Porn.  In this gallery she gets a creampie from her boyfriend after they get down and dirty on the couch.  She kind of starts off this sex session by sitting on his face having him eat out her pussy, once she gets her orgasm she turns her attention on getting him to cum.  She ends up getting him to cum by letting him do the fucking doggystyle while she kind gets in this tiny little ball, it’s very cute.  You don’t see Angelica taking too many creampies but sometimes she is just in the mood to have a guy cum inside of her.

Secret Weapon


Secret Weapon X Art

X Art has another Scarlet scene that went up on their site this time it’s just a gallery of her masturbating.  Most of you are going to like the hardcore scene she did with Chloe Foster entitled Fashion Models better but for those of you who don’t like dick in your porn this is right up your alley.  Scarlet starts off by just trying to get herself to orgasm with her fingers, she seems right at the edge of a orgasm for quite some time.  She just can’t seem to get over the hump if you will.  So the guy who was filming her scene with her brought out the “Secret Weapon” it’s this long vibrator with like a egg type shape at the end.  It’s mostly meant for a g-spot orgasm but Scarlet uses it on her clit and makes herself cum.  Once she makes her self cum from her clit she stands to use the toy on her g-spot and that’s when she has a really intense orgasm.

Fashion Models


Chloe Foster and Scarlett

Tyler is one lucky ass guy!  He gets to fuck two girls that could be fashion models with just how tall and petite they are.  The girl on the bottom in this picture the blonde, is Chloe Foster.  The girl getting it from behind is a chick named Scarlett.  This is the debut for her and what a debut it is!  Her and Chloe are suppose to be pretending not to like this photographer who is doing their photoshoot.  It didn’t work that well because both of these girls wanted to fuck Tyler before they even knew that he was going to be their male talent on their shoot for X Art.  So as you can see they were quite stoked to have him and you can tell just from the pleasure they get by being fucked by this stud.

The Siren


Silvie The Siren

The gorgeous Silvie is in a new scene from X Art called “The Siren”.  In this update they mention that she has a new hardcore scene coming out with Mr. X.  You know me, as soon as it is out I will have a video and gallery made up and most it!  Silvie is definitely one of my favorite models, I love her super long hair and that slender body of hers.  She has some nice natural tits too!  I mean for as skinny as she is they’re actually quite big.  The gallery I am sending you to is just a nude gallery of her no video or anything but I figure most people like to see a beautiful naked lady, so here you are.

Rose Petal Sex


Presley Hart Rose Petals

This is like a Valentines day sex session but it’s like 2 month late coming out from X Art LOL!  The gallery starts Presley Hart and she is looking super sexy in this all white bed with the splash of red color from the rose petals.  She and her boyfriend make love, it’s one of those movies that you could watch with your woman friend.  I do have to admit though I think that most girls like to see like really kinky stuff, or girl girl porn.  I have heard a lot of interviews with girls who do porn and it’s mostly always one of the two.  Never something classy like this.  Maybe it’s just because the girls who want to be in porn are not that type of girls who like to see erotica.

Everlasting Friendship


Everlasting Friendship X Art

Everlasting Friendship is the name of this new X Art gallery I would call it failing out of college though.  Baby here is trying to study the books when her boyfriend comes home from class and well it turns into this.  They are either going to get pregnant and then have to drop out because of that, or they’ll get bad grades.  This guy needs to be hitting the books instead of this perfect little bald pussy.  What am I saying, I would be doing the same thing!  Baby is such a hottie and once you get a dick in her she just wants to keep fucking until the sun goes down.  A girl like this is just insatiable I bet you anything she had probably cheated on every boyfriend she has had.

Apartment #4


Apartment #4 X Art

I figured I should probably post a James Deen gallery today since he was all in the news when I woke up.  Apparently he shot a sex tape with some “Teen Mom” star named Farrah Abraham, I have never heard of her before but she is supposedly a big deal.  I must say she is pretty hot.    I hope that Vivid or somebody like that buys it and puts it out right away.  I don’t really care if it’s real or not, seeing a hot girl bang that’s all I need.  You are getting that in this James Deen scene it’s with a model we all know and love from X Art her name is Gianna.  James and Gianna make sweet love fireside is “Apartment #4” as they call it on X art.  This is the first time James Deen has been on the site but I think they should keep him around because it’s always fun to see the girls fucking a guy they like.  They probably only like him because he is in the news so god damn much nowadays but a lot of girls love a “famous” guy.

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