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Alexis Adams Cums


Alexis Adams Cums

Click to watch this Alexis Adams video!

This slutty babe was showing her body in a hot swimsuit by the pool while her man was watching her and taping all of the action for the Cum 4K. Her name is…READ MORE

Romi Never Tired


Romi Never Tired

Romi Rain is never too tired to fuck. She just got done with a run and is really hot and is trying to cool off. The problem is running that ice cube all over…(Offsite Gallery)

Bella & Kelsi


Bella & Kelsi

Click to watch this Bella Danger & Kelsi Monroe video!

I am a little late in getting this up but you guys are going to like it. I got Kelsi Monroe and Abella Danger (AKA Bella Danger) in a Bang Bros scene. It’s for…READ MORE

Bella POV Fuck


Bella POV Fuck

This is a older scene that I don’t think I posted that you guys need to see. It’s from Bang Bros with Bella Danger AKA Abella Danger. She is a gorgeous…(Offsite Gallery)

Madison Ivy Crave


Madison Ivy Crave

This is really an older video from Digital Playground but you rarely see long videos like this of their latest stuff. They keep it all hidden away in their…(Offsite Gallery)

Audrey Bitoni Experience


Audrey Bitoni Experience

Click to watch this Audrey Bitoni video!

Audrey Bitoni is no rookie when it comes to fucking a guy for money! In fact she has done a lot of Tonights Girlfriend scenes. She might have the most if I…READ MORE

Alina Hooking Out


Alina Hooking Out

Alina West is being recorder for a hot little fuck session that she is being paid for. She doesn’t know that she is being filmed because this guy is wearing those glasses camera. The whole site is really just based around the glasses, it’s called Fucking Glasses if you’re wondering. Alina is hooking on the side and one of this guys buddies told him about Alina. So he called her up and had a pretty incredible sex session with her and you get to see it all. At one point during the sex she is completely naked on her knees sucking his dick. When she wraps this guys belt around her neck and give it to him. She loves to be choked during sex I guess so much so that she has her John’s do it for her.

Rachel Rules Breaker


Rachel Rules Breaker

It’s been a while since I posted a good MILF gallery for you guys so here is Rachel Starr fucking in public for Bang Bros. It’s funny because anytime I post Rachel Starr she is always a “MILF” but I remember back in the day when she was just a babe, I guess I am getting old. This scene Rachel tells Bang Bros she is looking to do some break the rules type of shit and you know what that means, some public bang! That’s right they went and found a nice little spot inbetween some cars and these two just went after. Rachel still has that killer body we all fell in love with so many years ago, and that Ass of hers! It just puts a tear in my eye every time I look at it. It’s just a work of art isn’t it?

Miranda Miller Fucking Glasses


Miranda Miller Fucking Glasses

I don’t really get this Fucking Glasses site, I don’t know like the “theme” of it. It’s like the guy is “picking” these girls up or something, but I am not sure. It’s definitely fake though because well Miranda Miller here is totally recongizable. Maybe he is like calling up pornstars to fuck as house calls and is filming them with those google glasses or something. That could be a good site. Anyways Miranda here shows up and really doesn’t waste anytime with the small talk, she just asks to go to the bathroom and then comes out and is completely naked. She has just shaven her vagina and man that 18 year old pussy looks good, not a bump on it just smooth as silk. He starts feeling all over her from that nice ass to those hips that make her so good for doggystyle fucking. The throws her on the bed and mounts her from behind like you see in this image, a really good video I think you guys will like!

New Rachel Starr


New Rachel Starr

It’s been a while since you have seen a Rachel Starr scene on our site. It’s not because I haven’t been posting her I mean she has a freaking section on our site. There are not many pornstars that have a section on our site. I had to make one back in the day because people just loved seeing Rachel. Well it looks like she is back from her hiatus or whatever took her away from porn. She is back and riding dick like she never stopped. She comes back in this new Bang Bros scene and she is being quite bossy with this new guy. She has him eating her pussy from ass to crack over and over again making him stick his nose so far in her ass that it’s hurting by the time he is done. According to Rachel if your nose doesn’t hurt after licking pussy you’re terrible at it, a little food for thought.

Ava Addams Fan Submit


Ava Addams Dirty Talking on Brazzers

I never know what to believe from porn companies because well they can really just say whatever the fuck they want.  Brazzers though is so big I don’t even think they need to lie so I will say this new update that they just put up on their site with Ava Addams was actually a fan request.  It’s a piss poor fan request if I must say.  It could have been great because they picked one of the best MILFs in porn Ava Addams to show up and get fucked but the “theme” they though of was just kind of wack.  I guess the fan likes it when girls talk dirty so that’s what they wanted but Ava didn’t even go above and beyond what she normally does.  Alright now that I have got that off my chest I just want you guys to enjoy this beautiful big titty MILF getting straight up pounded.  She gets fucked in a lot of positions and this guy that is banging her isn’t going easy on her.  I am pretty sure it’s a guy that has fucked Ava a lot because he seems to know just what she likes.

August Ames ATK


August Ames ATK Girlfriends

So at ATK Girlfriends they have different themes for their videos most of the time it’s a “virtual vacation” but in this instances it’s a “virtual date”.  You’re on a date with August Ames and you don’t need to worry this girls puts out on the first date.  The video is super long but that’s because it’s taking like an hour worth of video and narrowing it down to just 16 minutes for you guys.  I imagine that’s way to long for most of you so I will save you the time you can skip right to the hardcore if you go to the 10 minute 8 second mark of the video.  It’s all shot in POV so that’s kind of shitty but it has a real homemade feel to it which I like.  You’re used to seeing August Ames in some glamed up porn and what not but I think this is closer to what it is like when she fucks in real life.  She gives this guy some really good head but she isn’t just looking to please him she wants some action too.  She she pushes him back and then jumps on top his dick and rides him really good.  Then for the cum shot he fucks her missionary and then jumps up and straddles her and August gives him free reign to do whatever he wants, cum in her mouth or on her face she doesn’t care.  So he just does it all LOL!

Taylor Whyte Vacation


Taylor Whyte Vacation

I have to say this new ATK Girlfriends site is pretty good.  They take a different approach to shooting amateur porn then most people.  They do what everone else does in that they get pornstars but ATK makes it so they go on like a vacation with the guy behind the camera.  So the guy literally like hangs out with them for days on end and they really create some chemistry in the bedroom.  I mean you have to imagine these two hang out and do stuff all day and then they go home and fuck every single day, they’re going to figure out what the other one likes.  So in this one Taylor gets fucked 8 different times, and this video kind of gives you a taste of a couple of them.  By no means do you get to see everything but you get to see her like giving him a footjob and other stuff, he finds that she likes her clit rubbed while she is riding because it makes her cum, so he does that over and over again and you really get to see Taylor Whye here having some pretty crazy orgasms on his dick.

Rachel Threesome


Rachel Starr Threesome

I can never get a feeling on Rachel Starr here, I don’t know if she is retired or she is still doing this porn thing.  I was for sure she was retired but here she is doing a porn scene from Bang Bros.  Not just any porn scene though she is fucking two guys in this video.  I looked through out site and this is the first time I have seen her take on two guys before!  I even went and looked at and he doesn’t have any either.  Anyways back to this video, the start of it is a trailer for the whole video and then you get different segments over the next 7 minutes.  There really isn’t a favorite part for me because she always has a lot going on with these two cocks LOL.  Rachel has done this before because unlike girls who haven’t done this before she doesn’t just make a guy sit there and watch she is always sucking on his cock, using her hand to jerk him off something like that, he is never just standing out in the cold.  That big ass of Rachel is looking as good as ever, I hope it will never go away because if it doesn’t she is going to be one of the most popular pornstar of all time with that big booty of hers.

Rachel Teaches Dillion


Rachel Starr Teaches Dillion Carter

That beautiful round ass belong to Rachel Starr one of our all time favorite pornstars here on ImagePost.  The other girl has a nice set of big natural tits her name is Dillion Carter someone who has definitely been on our site before.  This scene is from Bang Bros and is part of their Stepmom Videos site.  This is all about Stepmom’s having sex with their step daughters.  In this episode Rachel catches her step daughters boyfriend sneaking out back of her home.  So she teases him by putting on those black stockings and stripping down.  Then she goes outside and brings him indoors.  He thinks he is about to get it from his girlfriend stepmom but instead he gets head from her.  Rachel Starr kind of hates her step daughter she is a total bitch so it’s good to kind of stick one to her.  The problem is she walks in on Rachel fucking her boyfriend and has to come up with something quick.  She tells Dillion that maybe if she knew how to fuck better her boyfriend wouldn’t cheat on her.  Dillion bites and joins in on a threesome with her stepmom so she can learn from a pro.

Jayden Gets Her


Jayden Gets Hers

I don’t really know what’s happening this Brazzers scene but the video starts off great!  You get to see Jayden pulling out panties from her pussy!  What the fuck she is just walking around work with panties inside of her pussy this MILF be crazy.  The guy she is about to fuck is her employee she is tired of him fucking everything up so she is going to have him fuck something else up.  She was very surprised when she saw how big his dick was and loves it every more when its inside of her.  That pussy is wrapped around that dick nice and tight and Jayden is in pure ecstasy in this video being banged on her employees desk.  In the end her nice full titties get covered in cum and Jayden goes back to work with a smile in her face.

Jada Stevens Showing Off


Jada Showing Off

I do believe Jada Stevens is just rubbing it in now.  She knows she has the best ass in the world and she is just letting us know in this new Bang Bros scene.  It’s from Ass Parade and you know what I am not even going to take the time to figure out how many times she has been on that site.  It’s just too many and I don’t want to.  If you want a lot of porn of Jada Stevens then Bang Bros is definitely a site I would consider.  I would almost bet they have the most of any of the big sites out there.  This video isn’t anal or anything but its still really good, and if you guys haven’t seen Jada’s new look you might want to watch this video as well.  She has moved to long hair, probably extensions but she looks sexy as always.  The best part of this video is where she is riding him reverse cowgirl and the video camera is setup as if you’re the guy she is riding.  It’s always hot seeing a big round ass bobbing up and down on your cock isn’t it?

Niki Skyler


Niki Skyler

Check out this girl Niki Skyler in her little checkered bra…in some of these shots she looks like she’d be right at home on the wall of a hot rod garage on calendar page or something, she’s got that sexy sultry look and knows how to give good face along with that tight sexy body of hers! She pulls off her panties and her top to show off those nic round breasts and her firm little ass before slipping her fingers in her pussy, masturbating and fingering herself and spreading her long legs wide open so we get a perfect view of the proceedings. Niki loves how her body looks and she damn well knows we all love it too, and she doesn’t mind being watched while she plays with herself so hey it looks like it’s a win all around!

Dani and James


Dani Daniels and James Deen

Dani Daniels is looking pretty fuckable in this picture isn’t she?  She is actually done fucking at this point James Deen has already beat that perfect tight pussy of hers up threeways from Sunday.  Whatever that saying means… The two of them apparently are friends or something because this has a feel of like a fuck buddy situation.  They’re in some random hotel room and the video has a lot of talking about the bible of all things.  James starts off by eating out her pussy and fingering her and then when he fucks her he gives it to her very rough.  I imagine it’s the type of sex that Dani likes in her personal life and that’s why he is giving it to her like this.  She liked it though because after she had swallowed his load James asked if she wanted to do like a “real” video next time and she said no way she likes this way better.  This is the type if porn you will see on James’ site it’s way different then anything else.

Jodie Piper


Jodie Piper

Blonde hottie Jodie Piper looks a little uncertain about where she is in this Twistys photoshoot as she strips out of her swimsuit or whatever the hell that is, to show off her big natural tits and her shaved pussy! Her nipples are a little bit of a mess but not too bad, I guess that’s an easy way to tell that her breasts are all natural…I suppose that’s a matter of personal preference though, I’m sure there are guys out there who go crazy for big areola or however it’s spelled, I just wouldn’t count myself among their number! Jodie’s pussy looks great though…I suspect her ass is mighty fine too from the looks of things but it’s hard to say because we don’t get any peeks at it in this photoshoot. Maybe next time.

Summer Brielle PAWG


Summer Brielle PAWG

The voluptuous Summer Brielle isn’t just being loved for her tits in this gallery from Bang Bros she is also being loved for that nice round ass of hers.  This scene was shot for PAWG one of their ass sites.  She is a girl that I really like and I know that some of you just had this plastic look but there is something about a girl that just looks like a pornstar that does it for me.  You see Summer Brielle and you know this girl is going to be a freak in the bedroom and sure enough she is.  This guy thinks he is about to 69 with Summer but she just takes control and straight up sits on his face and gets her meaty pussy licked on.  The video last a long time because this guy is just having to much fun with Summer.  There are so many good parts of this video I would just suggest not even watching the one I have and going straight to Bang Bros to join.  I mean they’re constantly running awesome deals so I would just see what it’s going to cost and buy a membership for a little bit.  All of their videos are downloadable and who wouldn’t want to keep this video for life?  The video ends with Summer sucking him off and taking his load in her mouth.  She swallows to fast for the camera but the guy is able to drip out a couple more drops of cum on her tongue for the ending pictures.  I also like a girl who’s first instinct when cum is in her mouth is just to swallow, that’s my type of chick!

Anal With Ava Addams


Anal With Ava Addams

I don’t really know about joining a male pornstars site but James Deen may have just changed my mind with his.  It has like a real edge to everything.  He has a couple of different section on his site this one is the behind the scenes section with pornstars.  The pornstar I chose was Ava Addams he has a bunch but I want you to see this one because Ava ia doing anal in it.  The other sections are like polished porn video and then you have like featured content which since his site just started he has one and it’s called 7 Deadly Sins.  The videos give you an idea of what the sex is like behind the camera.  He will just set up the camera in his bedroom and have hot sex with pornstars, and I think it’s really hot tell me this isn’t one of the better Ava Addams videos you have ever watch, I dare you!

Lauren Clare


Lauren Clare

Twistys presents this photoshoot of beautiful Lauren Clare, a sexy tight blonde with perky boobies and if you ask me an uncanny resemblance at times to mid-90’s era Jennifer Aniston! If that’s not already enough to make you want to check these pics out, let me just mention the fact that she’s stripping down completely naked and is running her hands all over her body, grabbing that tight butt and masturbating her sweet pink little pussy! A beautiful girl doing incredibly sexual things, what’s not to like about that am I right?

Sex Factor


Sex Factor

Hopefully you’re not already burned out on reality contest shows, because I’ve got some big news…soon there will be a reality competition show called The Sex Factor! Girls are going to compete and show they’ve got what it takes to make it big in the business and they can win a cool million bucks if they cum in first place, but first they’ve gotta impress the judges which consist of Remy Lacroix, Tori Black, Lexi Belle and Keiran Lee! That’s right, some of the hottest girls in the industry today are going to oversee what is surely going to be truly fucking epic adventures. Lexi Belle used to be my favorite by the way but I just found out from this article that she says Attack of the Clones is her favorite movie and I cannot condone that.

Madison Ivy


Madison Ivy

Join stunning glamourous pornstar babe Madison Ivy sliding off her pink lingerie and spreading her long tanned legs to play with her pussy in this Twistys photoshoot! This hottie looks great no matter what but especially when she gets naked, fingering her pussy and letting those huge fake tits of hers out to play. Some girls have a sort of natural beauty and others get a little helping hand, I guess Madison fits into the latter category! She’s got great boobs and a great ass and a nice fuckable pussy so who cares if those boobs are fake or not, am I right?

Alexis Texas Stair Ride


Alexis Texas Digital Playground

This beautiful round ass I expect you guys will never forget!  It’s attached to one of the most famous pornstars of all time I am going to say the gorgeous Alexis Texas.  She is in a Digital Playground scene for a DVD I am sorry to say I have no clue what the name is.  She is on a road trip or something and she was bitching the whole ride down and now that her and her man are at their destiniation they want a little alone time so Alexis can get her spanking for being a bad girl.  He spanks that perfect plump ass of hers and they don’t even make it up the stairs they just fuck right on them.  It’s a good place to fuck because it gives Alexis some leverage to really ride a dick as you can see in this image I posted.  Digital Playground has some really awesome videos and if you want to see a bunch of them of course check out our category but there is some more over at if you want to go there I will not be jealous.

Ava Addams Blowjob


Ava Addams Blowjob

If you’ve been around in the adult world for a bit you’ve most likely seen Ava Addams before, she’s gorgeous and fucks like a demon and has been on a bunch of different sites, you’d recognize her pretty face in an instant. What would improve those already stunning good looks? How about if she had a big hard cock shoved into her mouth! That’s just what you get in this photoshoot from her own website as she sucks this guy’s dick just to relax during an evening at home…it’s shot in POV style so you can make like it’s your cock if you want and enjoy the sight of this beautiful pornstar licking and stroking and sucking your cock with those big tits of hers bouncing right out of her top!

Cassie Laine


Cassie Laine

There are plenty of girls who look great naked or look great in lingerie but I would say the ones who look great either way are a bit fewer in number! Cassie Laine here happens to be among their number and in this Twistys photoshoot she shows her stuff, peeling out of those skimpy little panties and showing off that nice firm ass before laying back on the bed, spreading her legs to finger her pussy for us! Cassie loves showing off her body but she loves masturbating more, so when she gets to do both at once like this you can tell she really gets into it, finger-fucking her pussy and spreading those soft pink lips as she gives us that look she does so well.

Karlie Montana


Karlie Montana

Unlike the girl in that coffee and nudity update I posted above, this girl Karlie Montana is all business and intensity as she strips down and gets naked for us! She’s posing for Twistys in this shoot, letting that long red hair flow over her shoulders as she spreads her legs and fingers her bright pink pussy, tossing her head back and moaning with pleasure! A hot masturbating redhead is always on the menu if you ask me…I would kind of prefer if Karlie gave a smile once in awhile but on the other hand, when she does grin like she does in exactly 1 of these pictures it’s such a change it really brightens things up!

Vine Porn


Vine Porn

I’m not even sure if this petition is still going since it’s been a couple months now but hey, I figured it was important enough to pass the information along! Have you ever used Vine, which is basically the video version of Twitter with 6-second clips? Well there used to be a good amount of porn and nudity but now the terms of service have been changed and it’s no longer allowed…this petition is to fight for the personal freedom where folks can be nude if they want and post naked videos if they damn well want to! If they had forbidden nudity from the beginning I guess it would be a bit different but to allow it for awhile and then all of a sudden say NOPE is a bit of a slap in the face. Who doesn’t like 6-second naked clips of a hot horny babe?

Lorena Morena


Lorena Morena

Twistys is who to send letters of thanks to after you check out this update featuring Lorena Morena…it’s a bit of an unfortunate name to choose but hey, she’s beautiful so who what’s in a name? A pair of tits by any other name would look as hot, to paraphase ol’ Billy Shakespeare. In this photoshoot she starts out in a red top with a skirt and some sexy red heels and ends up still in the heels but minus everything else! She’s a little on the skinny side if you ask me, I like a little more curve in the hip but Lorena is still gorgeous and hey maybe thin chicks are your thing…if so you’ll be an extra big fan of these pictures.

Layla Summers


Layla Summers

Hot big breasted pornstar Layla Summers absolutely loves Springtime…the sun comes out and the clothes come off and this time the Twistys cameras were there to capture the moments! Layla is relaxing in the midmorning sun outdoors in her lingerie, including a very hot pink and black corset that shows off those big bouncy titties to a T, and sexy thigh high stockings that make her legs look fantastic. She grabs her tits and rubs her pussy, masturbating out in the open air for us and celebrating the end of a very long winter!

Dani Daniels Bond Up


Dani Daniels Sex and Submission

Dani Daniels is all tied up in this hot video from Sex and Submission a site that is part of the Kink network.  I am pretty that you don’t get access to a bunch of different sites when you join this one.  So if you’re in to fetish type stuff you might look around.  This one is really hot because you get to see Dani just hanging there and this guy gets to do whatever he wants with her.  He likes to get her from behind and fuck her nice and good I mean it’s the perfect angle and everything for him.  Dani does have quite a nice ass too so it’s a great view.  She has those feet up there too all done sexy so if you’re a foot fetish guy you might like this as well.   Dani isn’t just getting fucked in this scene you also get some some spanking happening as.  There is a point where she isn’t opening her mouth so he can fuck it and he just wails on the ass until she finally opens up so he fuck that pretty little face of hers.  These scenes from Kink a really hardcore I mean it’s as hardcore as it gets so if you’re not into this type of stuff move it along.

Top 20 Richest Pornstars


Jesse jane

Ever wonder just who the richest pornstars in the industry are? Some of the names on the list you’d probably recognize but there might be a surprise or two. Note that unlike most industries, the majority of big-money ballers in the porn industry are women…how’s that for a progressive scene! I’ve got the whole list and have found galleries so you can see just why these ladies (and gents) are at the top of the game.
#1 Jenna Jameson ($30m)
#2 Tera Patrick ($15m)
#3 Peter North ($10m)
#4 Jesse Jane ($8m)
#5 Traci Lords ($7m)
#6 Maria Takagi ($6m)
#7 Ron Jeremy ($5.5m)
#8 Bree Olson ($5m)
#9 Katie Morgan ($4.5m)
#10 Lexington Steele ($4m)
#11 Jenna Haze ($3.5m)
#12 Evan Seinfeld ($3m)
#13 Sasha Grey ($2.5m)
#14 Gianna Michaels ($2m)
#15 Evan Stone ($2m)
#16 Belladonna ($1.8m)
#17 Jayden Jaymes ($1.7m)
#18 Audrey Bitoni ($1.6m)
#19 Sunny Leone ($1.5m)
#20 Tori Black ($1m)

Presley Hart Bangs James


Presley Hart Bangs James Deen

This is a new site that James Deen has come out with it and I actually think it’s really cool.  I mean it’s basically him just having sex with all his pornstar friends.  It has a sex tape vibe that I like that most real porn sites don’t have.  These girls who are on this site actually want to be fucking James Deen and you can just see that in the videos.  In this scene you will see a short little video of Presley Hart talking it up with James and then of course them having sex on her couch.  James gives her a really hard orgasm and this screenshot I have right here is that exact moment her mind is about to be blown.  So go on check out this little clip and then enjoy the tour, he has a bunch of free videos on there for you to check out to see if you want to join his site or not.

Spencer Scott


Spencer Scott Twistys

There’s never a shortage of beautiful busty blondes in lingerie on the internet but then again the demand never goes down either so it’s a good thing there’s such a steady stream of hotties like Spencer Scott here showing off their big fake tits and nice round asses as they prance around in skimpy lingerie with thigh high stockings, garter belts and lacy bras. Spencer looks a little like the dragon chick in Game of Thrones doesn’t she? Daenerys or something like that right? Maybe it’s just me but she looks like a dead ringer to me and that makes this Twistys photoshoot even hotter.

Natasha White


Natasha White on Twistys

Cute petite and perky, Natasha White has a lot to smile about and smile she does in this Twistys update! This chick is just awesome all over…I kind of wish she had just a little bit more hip action but hey that’s not her fault, know what I mean? She does have great boobs and a smokin hot booty though and in this photoshoot she and her lucky guy are spending a little time in bed together…Natasha has stripped down and is ready for a nice meaty treat so she takes his big hard cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then going for a ride with that tight pussy of hers!

Natasha White Twistys Hard


Natasha White Banged Hard

This right here is one of those amazing Twistys hardcore galleries that I always post for you guys. In fact I would say I have a lot of hardcore Twistys scenes in our category for them. Like most sites I post that are not mine this is only pictures so if you want some videos then you’re going to have to go find it somewhere else. Or just stick around for some of my personal galleries cause you know I always hook you guys up with some videos!

Anissa Both Holes


Anissa Kate Takes It In Both Holes

Well I just caught with their pants down LOL!  They have Anissa Kate on their site and she is definitely not black.  It’s a hot video though so I can’t blame them for posting it.  It’s a scene from WCP Club one of the premier black sites on the Internet.  In this video you get to see Anissa doing a little anal play and then as you see her straight up masturbation.  That huge black dildo that she has in her pussy, yea she ends up putting that in her ass.  She is about to fuck a huge black cock for real so she has to loosen herself up.  Doesn’t seem to take much but Anissa Kate is pretty legendary with how much she likes anal.  Probably one of my favorite anal scenes ever is the one she did for Pure Mature, it even ends in a anal creampie!  Anyways back to this video, it’s long it’s over at a black porn site so if you like black chicks you can surf around there or just check out our ebony category.

Dillion Masturbates


Dillion Harper Twistys

I just cannot get enough Dillion Harper…I don’t know if it’s her enthusiasm or her beautiful face or just those perfect tits or what but this girl is just magnetic! In this Twistys photoshoot she’s got a sexy burgundy thong and a garter belt with thigh high black stockings, looking of course hot as hell. Dillion doesn’t waste any time on smalltalk, she just grabs those boobs and starts playing with her pussy, grinning away and knowing that she’s looking like a fucking dream come true! I always look forward to seeing more updates featuring this stunner and so should you…let’s start a Dillion Harper fan club, you and I. It’ll be fun, we can build a clubhouse and have potato chips and talk to each other with tin cans on strings and everything!

Presley Dawson


Presley Dawson Twistys

Alright now I know you know who Presley Dawson is…if not, go ahead and do a search on the searchbar above, I’ll wait. Actually fuck it no I won’t, you’ll be spending hours going through her photoshoots drooling over this gorgeous perky petite babe! This is a photoshoot from Twistys featuring Presley with her hair all puffed out getting naked and masturbating with one of her favorite toys, showing off those perky little boobies before bending over to fuck herself!

Tasha Reign


Tasha Reign AVN

Well if you’re a big fan of porn you very well might be heading to Las Vegas this weekend for the AVN Awards to see your favorite pornstars and maybe shake a few hands and get your picture taken with the stars..well if that’s the case you’re in for a hell of a weekend because it turns out is sending Tasha Reign to go meet the fans! This gorgeous blonde with the incredible ass has her own site but really this is all about getting to meet the girl herself…do yourself a favor and pick up that plane ticket, head out to the desert and see some fucking tits!

Satin Bloom Fireplace


Satin Bloom in Fireplace

Satin Bloom has always been one of my favorite European pornstars you like how specific that is?  I would absolutely love her if I could understand her language but I can’t.  For all those who can you’re some lucky bitches.  In this new video from 21 Naturals you get to see her and some lucky ass guy fucking near the fireplace.  The guy at first looks like a girl just because of his totally awesome long hair.  I bed he loves to smoke the weed, all people with long hair do.  Satin Bloom gets him hard buy sucking his dick and once he is ready to go she makes him wait a little longer instead she swings her hips over his head and sits on his face.  Takes it for a little bit of a ride before she gives up that tight pussy of hers.  He fucks her really good and the video ends with her just as you see in this image, jerking him off until he cums.

Spencer Scott


Spencer scott twistys

I’ve seen Spencer Scott before but not as a platinum blonde like this…I think it suits her well! With that long blonde hair and those big round tits she makes a mighty fine addition to Twistys as she shows off her sexy white lingerie. She’s got the whole set going with the bra, panties, thigh high stockings and garter  belt and looks just as good taking it off as she does parading around in it. What an ass on this chick…luckily for us she has the mercy to take off her thong panties and show it off in the nude so we get a nice look at her butt and pussy, and of course those big boobs!

Lauren Clare


January treat

Apparently somebody messaged this hot chick Lauren Clare just after she turned 18 on a social network site that rhymes with Bacefook and somehow convinced her to give nude modeling a try…well I want to shake that guy’s hand because now we get to see this girl’s perfect body stripping down and masturbating like in this photoshoot from Twistys! She’s got those perfect perky tits and a nice firm little butt, not to mention a pussy that looks tight enough to twist the top off a pickle jar. This is a whole bunch of photos with different outfits (including completely nude of course) so if ther’s a kind of lingerie you’d like to see Lauren wear, chances are she already hit it up.

Jamie Lynn


Jamie Lynn on Twistys

Jamie Lynn is ready to make all your morning fantasies come true in this Twistys photoshoot…she lounges on the comfy fur bedcovers, stripping off her white panties and then moving onto the nightstand, spreading her legs wide to give us a nice look at her very fuckable pussy! She’s seductive, horny and downright smokin hot so take a look at every inch of that sweet and sexy body of hers. Can you imagine walking into the bedroom and seeing this gorgeous creature spreading naked on the sheets?

Amber Rouge


Amber Rouge for Twistys

Got a hankering for a sexy stunning redhead? Try these shots of Amber Rouge for Twistys on for size! She’s absolutely gorgeous and has no qualms about whipping off her bra to show off her perky pierced tits or lifting her legs to spread her pussy and give you a nice look at her pretty pink privates. Sexy from head to toe with that seductive little half-smile and a horny wet pussy to boot? Sounds like heaven to me…but then again maybe I just have a weakness for smokin hot redheads who love to get fucked.

Logan Drae


Logan Drae Twistys

Have you ever been to a circus or seen one of those contortionists on a TV talent show and seen them bending around like pretzels, and wondered what it would be like to see a chick like that get naked? Well wonder no more because Logan Drae is flexible as all hell and she’s bending around to make for a better and hotter masturbation scene in this photoshoot from Twistys! Watch this lovely brunette spread her legs and bend her head all the way the fuck under her ankles as she rubs that sweet pussy…it’s weird and oddly sexy.

Sergeant Mia


Mia malkova soldier

If there’s one thing we all know about Mia Malkova, it’s that she loves a good drilling! So, it’s only fitting that in this Twistys photoshoot she’s a sexy drill sergeant in her camo skirt and, well, tiny necktie. Not sure what’s up with the tie but once she starts stripping down I don’t think there’s a soldier in the land who wouldn’t stand at attention if you catch my meaning! Mia shows those round perky titties and spreads her legs to touch her pussy, fingering herself as she watches the cadets do jumping jacks for her pleasure. If she asks you to help dig a foxhole you’d better believe you should volunteer!

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