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Lacy Channing Returns


Lacy Channing Returns

Click to see Lacy Channing on Amateur Allure!

It’s been two and a half years but beautiful Lacy Channing is finally back on Amateur Allure and is looking even sexier now than she did in her first scene! Lacy looks ravishing in black with sheer nude nylon stockings that get tugged down her legs as she takes this guy’s big hard cock in her mouth, sucking and licking him up and down before bending over with that cute butt in the air to get her tight wet pussy fucked from behind. She spreads those sexy legs to get penetrated deep and hard, taking that dick in and out of her hole and holding on for dear life before sucking out a load of cum to swallow down…welcome back, Lacy!

Lacy Channing FTV


Lacy Channing FTV Girls

How can you not click on this to see what in the hell is going on!  This fat pussy belongs to a super petite girl that you guys all know and love her name is Lacy Channing.  The whole pussy incident happened while she was filming for FTV Girls and they didn’t stop once this medical mystery happened instead they just kept on filming!  The reason it happened according to Lacy is that she is allergic to a certain kind of soap, and well she used that to clean that nice little pussy of hers and this is what happened.  Not all the videos and pictures have this in it so if it freaks you out I understand and you won’t have to look at it don’t worry.  FTV Girls has her doing a lot of masturbation scene and other stuff before the whole soap incident happened.

Lacy Channing Massages


Lacy Channing Massage Girls 18

Lacy Channing brought her sexy little panties to her Massage Girls 18 interview and I think it helped her get the job.  She is such a hot little thing and you are going to see that during this massage she gives.  One of the best parts of the video is when she is completely naked and getting ready to ride his cock.  She stands on the massage table and bends down to suck his cock.  She gets it nice and wet before she puts it inside of her and gives it a hell of a ride.  Lacy has that petite gorgeous body with just some amazing small perky tits.  She likes it slow but the guy can only take so much of her taking it slow so he takes over and tights to pound that pussy how he likes.  He ends the video with him on top giving it to her doggystyle.  Lacy has her legs spread out as far as she can so he can get the best penetration.  She cums while he is on top and then as soon as she is done cumming he takes his turn… Pretty good timing I must say.

Passion Play


Passion Play

This is another Lacy Channing scene from Passion HD.  This is the third time she has been on Passion HD the first two scenes where Secret Valentine and Young and Restless.  This episode is called Passion Play and it starts off with Lacy taking off her pants and panties and walking up stairs to go get some dick.  It’s crazy how sexy Lacy looking walking up those stairs with nothing on so you get a really good view of that firm teen butt of hers.  She finds her man upstairs and goes on the couch lays down pretty much naked now that she has unbotton her shirt so you can see her nice firm perky tits.  The sex begins right there on the couch with her getting her pussy eaten out.  The scene ends with the guy pulling out his cock from her pussy and then giving her some cum on her face and in her mouth too, she needs to get some protein you know!

Lacy Channing


Lacy Channing Amateur Allure

That is one pretty face is it not?  Her name is Lacy Channing and you are about to be a very happy camper after you watch this little video I made for you.  It’s from Amateur Allure and you just know it’s good if it’s coming from them!  Lacy here is dressed up in a very sexy dress, her make-up is done perfectly I think she couldn’t look any hotter and I have seen quite a few scenes with this young starlet.  She sucks and fucks this guy really good swallowing two of his loads like a good girl always does.  There was just so many good pictures from this update I had a hard time whittling it done.  That’s good for you guys though because that means this gallery is really big from the video to the pictures it’s your guys’ lucky day!

Casting Lacy Channing


Lacy Channing Casting Couch X

Lacy Channing just got her audition sex tape release over at Casting Couch X.  The guy who is her agent always takes his models for a test run before he gets them jobs.  I think once Lacy put her legs behind her head like this while he was fucking her he knew that she was going to be getting a lot of work!  It’s pretty smart doing what he does because not only does he get to bang a lot of hot girls but he also gets to remain anonymous.  Plus he gets a really nice tape to send to other porn producers so they can see just what kind of work these models put out.  If I had to great Lacy I would say she is a perfect 10 and I mean that!

Lacy Teen Fidelity


Lacy Channing Teen Fidelity

It’s been a while since my last Teen Fidelity gallery so I thought I would hook you up with a awesome video of Lacy Channing getting fucked.  This is her first time on Teen Fidelity but with the way Ryan fucked her I wouldn’t be surprised if she begged him to cum back.  Lacy is new to porn and has that fresh look that I am always looking for.  Nice “teen” body with firm tits and a tight ass a lot of people would just die to fuck her.  Well this is probably as close as you are going to get some close your eyes and pretend that your Ryan here.



Lexi Exloited College Girls

This is Lexi from Exploited College Girls.  Or was until people found out she did this video and she just said fuck it and became a full fledge pornstar.  Her name now is Lacy Channing.  She is a pretty smart girl because while she was getting fucked doggystyle she mentioned to the camera how much she hated her tattoos.  The reason she doesn’t like that because she can’t tell everyone “fuck no that’s not me” when they see her porno’s!  She just owns up to it now and why not with a perfect petite body like she has.  She has this super perky tits that are just out of this world.  I almost thought they were fake at first but they’re not she is all natural.  Lexi or Lacy, whatever you want to call her is very orgasmic when having sex!  You can make her cum by hitting the g-spot of hers or just rubbing her clit.  I bet you could just look at her the right way and she will start cumming that’s how this girl is!

Lacy Channing


Lacy Channing Fucked Hard 18

I predicted that Lacy Channing was going to make a name for herself in porn and it looks like I am right.  She has been on a couple of my favorite sites now but just today she came out with a new scene on my absolute favorite porn site Fucked Hard 18.  She is getting a “free” massage to with this guy because he needs a girl to make a instructional video on how to give a massage.  Lacy however isn’t just getting a rub down she is getting fucked and fucked HARD!  The sex is hot and that meay little pussy of Lacy’s is just quivering after this guy gets through with her, I bet she will be coming back for seconds.

Secret Valentine


Lacy Channing Secret Valentine

I have a beautiful woman for you guys to check out her name is Lacy Channing.  I posted her first Passion HD scene a while back and this is the second one.  It’s called Secret Valentine and her boyfriend comes home with a box of chocolates hoping to surprise her with them.  Little does he know that she has a way better surprise then a stupid box of chocolates!  She comes out wearing a bright red bra and panties set and is looking to amazing if you ask me.  She then gives him a really good fucking just letting him lay back and enjoy his self.

Lacy Channing


Lacey Channing Passion HD

I think this new girl that Passion HD found is a real winner!  Her name is Lacy Channing and she has that youthful 18 year old body most people love to look at.  Lacy has those perfect firm perky tits with a great ass.  The only thing that is probably wrong with her is those two tattoos on her lower back, you either need to commit fully to the tattoos or don’t get them at all that’s what I think.  The scene is called Young and Restless and it’s from Passion HD.  A Extremely erotic scene with amazing sex between two people that have obvious chemistry.

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