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Lilys First Lesbian Loving


Lilys First Lesbian Loving

Click to watch this Lily Ivy & Caprice video!

This is a bit of a blast from the past but I don’t think you guys have seen this one yet…it’s Lily Ivy getting her first time lesbian loving by none other than…READ MORE

My First Time


My First Time

Watch This Dare Dorm Video!

It’s always fun to watch a hot college girl try something for the first time so get ready to have your mind blown because in this Dare Dorm submission this study session turned into a game of Never Have I Ever and of course that turned into an all out fuckfest orgy! There was a hot lesbian who had never had a cock inside her before, there was a couple of horny coed chicks who had never had any bisexual experiences, all kinds of firsts and these college girls (and lucky-ass college guys) were turning them into a party for the ages! With more perfect butts and perky nubile titties bouncing around than you can shake your dick at, this Dare Dorm video is going to blow you away or at least blow your load.

Her First Taste


Her first taste passion hd

Ready for some seriously sexy blonde on blonde lesbian action? Well in this Passion HD update we’ve got beautiful golden-haired hotties Addison Avery and Samantha Rone getting naked and getting it on! Beautiful bespectacled Samantha had invited Addison up to her bedroom for a little one on one time but as it turned out her boyfriend was there and he was planning on making it a two on one situation! First though the girls got a shot at each other, making out and stripping each other down to get a mouthful of pussy…Samantha lapped up that sweet pink gash with gusto, you can tell it wasn’t exactly her first taste of pussy so I’m not sure where the name of the update came from (they called it Her First Taste if you hadn’t noticed). After a little lesbian licking and kissing the guy joined the fray, sliding his cock into one mouth after the other, then fucking each girl in turn as they kept eating each other out! This is a smokin hot threeway on a site KNOWN for smokin hot threeway action so you know you’re in for a treat. The girls suck and fuck that big dick together until the guy rewards them both with a nice load of cum to share!

Briana Lesbian


Briana Lee Extreme Lesbian Sex

This is the first time that Briana Lee Extreme has ever tasted pussy and from what I see in the pictures she really loves it!  This is one hot ass babe to make your first partner so big ups to Briana for selecting such a hottie.  That alone should make this gallery awesome but I have something better and that’s Briana using a toy to do a little anal masturbation.

Lesbian Pleasure


Lesbian Pleasure

There’s nothing hotter than starting off your day by seeing two hot blonde lesbians going after each other, wearing lingerie at first. At first being the key operator there, because they definitely can’t keep their clothes on for very long, and once those come off, it’s just a short time before mouths and fingers start exploring. Mouths and fingers aren’t the only things that these girls use on each other, either!



Alaina Dawson and Christiana Cinn


Alaina Dawson and Christiana Cinn

Click to watch this Alaina Dawson & Christiana Cinn video!

For beautiful Alaina Dawson and Christiana Cinn it’s been a long time coming but they’ve never had a lesbian scene before, and this seemed like the perfect…READ MORE

Melissa and Jenna


Melissa and Jenna

Click to see Jenna Sativa on FTV Girls!

Look at those big tits that FTV Melissa has! They’re huge because they’re full of milk and she is doing some crazy things with those in this new update LOL. I mean at one point she literally fills Jenna Sativa‘s butthole up with her milk, I don’t even know what to say about that LOL. I didn’t include that in my video instead I showed the lesbian sex these two had and then one scene where Jenna has a pretty incredible orgasm with a Hitachi toy and Melissa fingering her pussy at the same time. There is some really crazy stuff in these videos, and there is like 15 videos for this update! Each girl takes a fist in her pussy and they both eat each other out. I couldn’t really decide which pictures to keep and which not so I included a bunch of them in this gallery so make sure to check that out as well. If you missed Jenna Sativa’s first time on FTV then you’re going to want to see that. Then you have Melissa who has been on FTV a bunch!

Aspen Reign and Naomi Woods


Aspen Reign and Naomi Woods

Click to see Aspen Reign,Naomi Woods on My Very First Time!

Gorgeous brunette Aspen Reign has never gotten into a sexy scene with another girl before but this is about to be crossed off her bucket list as she pairs up with stunning blonde Naomi Woods! I mean if you’re about to get into your first lesbian experience it might as well be with one of the hottest tightest little blonde spinners around am I right? This update is for My Very First Time and I think originally it was going to be a strictly girl-girl type of thing but this dude couldn’t resist the sight of those two horny hotties going at it so he joined in, providing them with a big hard cock to play with! Both Aspen and Naomi loved what they saw and went ape on it, putting this bed to work as Aspen licked pussy for the first time and got her own snatch licked and then fucked, turning this sapphic scenario into a hot hardcore threeway!




Click to see Isla on Net Video Girls!

I just can’t get enough of the Attack series of updates that Net Video Girls has been doing lately and I guess they can’t either because they keep bringing Lane here back to be the ‘ice breaker’ so to speak! This update features Isla, a gorgeous exotic babe who was over two hours late to her appointment but she just played it off saying she was late all the time…not exactly professional but I get the feeling this girl is cute enough that she’s been able to charm her way out of caring about appointment times! The Maestro here lets her know in no uncertain terms that she is extremely late and that he’s not thrilled but she seems to be pretty water-off-a-ducks-back about it…she really does have a face like an angel, it’s no wonder she’s so relaxed about any situation she gets herself in! She’s 18 years old and makes a little money on the side as a babysitter, so she’s excited about getting into a calendar girl type of gig, since that’s what Net Video Girls advertised to get her to come to the studio in the first place! Too bad for her there IS no calendar shoot, and she’s about to get sweet talked out of her clothes by Lane who wastes no time before getting her lips and hands all over that tight teen body of Isla’s. She was taken aback at first but soon they were making out like lesbians and then were joined by a third girl whose name I don’t recall, and soon all three of them were naked and eating each other out and fucking each other with toys! Isla is one of the hotter girls I’ve seen on NVG in a long time, take a look and see for yourself.

Threeway Surprise


Threeway Surprise

Click to see Alli Rae & Naveen Ora on Passion HD!

Beautiful brunette newcomer Naveen Ora started out in bed on her own, rubbing her pussy and letting those perky petite little titties out to rub and play with…her gorgeous blonde girlfriend Alli Rae joined her, kissing her and lending a hand in this hot Passion HD lesbian update! Or is it? Looks like Naveen’s boyfriend came home from work early and turned this sapphic twosome into a threeway surprise as he licked and fucked both of those gorgeous tight little cunts…these sexy spinners are both absolutely hot, Alli’s got the tits and Naveen has the ass if you ask me but they both have beautiful faces and are sexy as hell as they suck and lick and ride this guy’s cock all afternoon long! Imagine seeing both of those cute pert butts in the air as these two hotties waited on their hands and knees to get fucked doggystyle…which one would you tag first? These girls aren’t competing, they both know they’re hot and are just enjoying this hardcore threeway sex session before sharing a nice double facial to wind things down. I believe it’s the first time on Passion HD for both of these girls but I have the feeling we’ll see plenty more!

Zoey Monroe and Cherie Deville


Zoey Monroe and Cherie Deville

Click to see Zoey Monroe on Moms Bang Teens!

Gorgeous blonde duo Zoey Monroe and her stepmom, MILF hottie Cherie Deville, have what you might call a very special relationship. Any time Cherie’s husband is out of the house she and Zoey are face-first in each other’s pussy, eating each other out like a couple of sexy horny lesbians! One day that’s just what they were up to when Zoey’s boyfriend called her on the phone…Zoey decided to put it on speakerphone so he could her his girlfriend getting her box munched and he figured hey, might as well swing by for a few minutes! He showed up and got naked with these two, slipping his cock into their mouths while they licked twat and then fucked both of them…this boring afternoon turned into a hot hardcore threesome lickety split in this Moms Bang Teens video, or should I say lickety slit! The ladies got their pussies pounded and licked until they were both in a moaning gasping orgasmic heap, which is when the guy pulled the trigger and shot his load of cum all over both of them for a big double facial to finish off this update…they called it So Naughty, and I can’t imagine why!





Roxy on net video girls

Meet Roxy, a gorgeous tattooed babe with amazing eyes, fantastic tits and a mighty fine ass, not to mention a sexual libido a mile long! She showed up at the Net Video Girls studio for a calendar girl shoot audition and before you know it she was getting naked and making out with the camera girl, showing that she was comfortable being nude with another woman…comfortable my ass, she was outright going lesbian on it as these two rolled around in each others’ arms, kissing and caressing and grabbing tits and eating each other out like crazy! Something tells me this wasn’t Roxy’s first time going south of the border with another girl, she licked twat like she was a champ, looking sexy as hell…the next day she came back to continue the ‘audition’, sucking and fucking the casting director’s big hard cock! She gave a nice sucking on that dick but kept gagging when she deepthroated him and seemed like she was in a bit of pain when he was pounding that sweet wet pussy, I guess maybe licking another chick’s pussy was more her thing. Oh well, she looked hot getting fucked and hey maybe she’ll even pass the audition process! Oh wait, the whole thing was a setup just to get another gorgeous amateur naked and fucked on camera for Net Video Girls…those rascals!

B Attacks Pen


B attacks pen on casting couch hd

Man, this sexy redhead Penelope aka Pen just can’t get enough on Casting Couch HD! She’s back for her third “audition”, you might remember her first two hot scenes…if you missed out somehow here’s scene1 where Pen got pounded by Chris’s big hard cock, and here’s scene2 where Pen got doubled up taking two huge black cocks at the same time! For her third time around, this chick B turns it into an Attack video as she turns the ‘audition’ into a full-on lesbian fuck scene. Pen knows pretty much how things go by now so it didn’t take B much time to talk her out of her clothes and onto her tits! B is a gorgeous ebony hottie with a blonde wig, perfect tits and a mighty sweet ass and pussy if you ask me…I guess Pen agreed because she had no problem getting naked and showing she knew how to take care of a wet cunt as well as a big hard cock. Casting Couch HD wouldn’t be the same without the girls both betting pounded though so don’t worry, they both get busy sucking and fucking that huge black dick of his! Pen has incredible big tits and a perfect ass, her bangs are pretty crazy when she gets fucked and look like they’re about to explode off her head! Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing this sexy busty redhead again for round four, you never know.

Nicole And Veronica In Hawaii II


Nicole veronica part ii in hawaii

The girls are back in town! Beautiful bisexuals Veronica and Nicole are here in Part II of their Hawaii adventure on FTV Girls and are looking incredible…if you missed out on their first update together I’ve got you covered, check out Hawaii Part I right there! This time they’re taking Waikiki by storm as they hang out in their skimpy bikinis making out on the beach, go for a nice long hike into the jungle getting back to nature as they relax in the nude, and of course spend plenty of sexy time together in private kissing and caressing and fucking each other with their fingers and tongues and vibrator toys! These girls hadn’t really met before this Hawaii trip but it sure looks like they hit it off in a big way if you ask me…they’re both gorgeous, Veronica is a busty blonde babe with sexy hips and big juicy titties and of course Nicole is a stunning brunette with soft pouty lips, perfect breasts and an ass you’ll be dropping your jaw over. They’ve become a hell of a lesbian team and have chemistry for days…I’d be hard pressed to pick the hottest scene with these girls but I’d have to say when they’re in the middle of the forest in the nude with those perfect butts in the air would probably get my vote. I always love when FTV Girls takes the models on a trip to some exotic locale like this, it’s a nice fresh change of pace but the girls still get to masturbate to orgasm and show off their sexy bodies in public in that inimitable FTV style!

Stocking Stuffers


Passion hd stocking stuffers rone ryan

I hope you guys had a good time over the holidays…although from the looks of things nobody had more fun that beautiful blondes Samantha Rone and Cassidy Ryan if this Passion HD update called Stocking Stuffers is any indication! One tip though, you might want to have your finger ready by the mute button because that jingly little tune they have in this video clip isn’t exactly the best thing ever. These chicks getting together and getting naked IS basically the best thing ever though, they go full-on lesbian at first scissoring and making out and even getting a double-ended dildo into the mix before their guy friend showed up and took turns fucking both of those hotties one after the other! I’m not sure which girl ended up with the lucky pussy but one of them got a nice deep creampie that the other chick scooped out with a finger, letting that cum ooze on out as the girls moaned. I know what (or, more accurately, who) I’m asking for in next year’s letter to Santa!

Too Hot To Handle


Too hot to handle riley reid

It’s hard to pick one photo as a thumbnail to use when the model is as incredibly gorgeous as Riley Reid here in this X Art update called Too Hot To Handle! On the other hand, it’s pretty much impossible to pick a bad shot, so it’s basically a win already. She spends a little me-time in this update, showing off that perfect tight little body of hers and fucking herself with her favorite rabbit vibrator, sliding that toy in and out of her tight wet pussy! Look at that smile of hers…this girl is one of the hottest out there, even on a site as well known for hot chicks as X Art is. Did you happen to catch Riley’s first update on the site, called Sapphically Sexy? It was hot as hell, make sure you catch that one…I linked it right there for you. So she went from doing a lesbian scene to doing a solo scene and I would imagine that next up for this red hot honey is going to be a nice hardcore pussy pounding, so keep your fingers crossed! Riley is definitely too hot to handle…that sweet round firm ass of hers is just plain not even fair!

Sapphically Sexy


Sapphically sexy on x art

These lovely lesbians Riley and Anikka are looking Saphically Sexy in this X Art update as they meet up for the first time and immediately click…the sexual chemistry is off the charts as these two hotties start making out as they admire themselves (and each other) in the mirror. Riley X is her name on X Art but I think we all know her better as Riley Reid…for that matter, I do believe Anikka here is none other than blonde beauty Anikka Albrite! They certainly fit right in at X Art as Riley and Anikka kiss and lick and caress each other…they both are insanely gorgeous pornstars and they both have a mighty strong need to cum so they take turns licking and fucking each other with toys in this hot lesbian scene, bringing each other to shuddering orgasmic peaks of pleasure! Two beautiful perfect asses, four perfect perky titties, two insanely hot women getting together and intertwining for this hot and steamingly sensual scene.



Lisa Ann and Co


Lisa Ann and Co

When you are in a scene and one of the other co-stars is Lisa Ann it’s always going to be Lisa Ann and Co.  Here she is teaching these two girls how to have proper lesbian sex.  Keisha Grey and Allie Haze wanted to try things out before they actually got with other people.  So the two friends undress each other and are just kind of fumbling around when Lisa Ann comes into the room and asks them what in the hell is going on.  She takes her tone down however and instead asks them if they would like some help figure it out.  So then Lisa goes ahead and teaches these two girls the ends and outs of lesbian sex.  The reason I am posted this site for you guys is because it’s a brand new website that just came out and well everyone likes new porn.  This is the first time I have seen a all lesbian site like this so it’s really unique.  Watch the video and see if it’s up your alley and if it is then join up!

Double Your Pleasure


Double your pleasure on passion hd

Get ready to double your pleasure and double your fun thanks to Stella Ann and Marina Angel in this Passion HD episode! These two lovely lesbians get together and turn on the heat, kissing passionately and stripping each other down to the bare essentials, licking and fingering each other before their guy friend shows up and turns this Sapphic twosome into a hot hardcore threeway fuck session! Stella and Marina both look incredible with their tight nubile bodies and this guy gives them both a nice deep dicking, fucking the girls one after the other before unloading a big double facial all over them! I think this is Stella Ann’s first time with another woman on Passion HD, she definitely has a taste for it though so I’m pretty much certain she’s sampled pussy plenty of times before. These girls both seem equally happy with a mouthful of pussy or a mouthful of cock and they definitely get satisfied on both counts in this hot scene.

One Show For Each


X art one show for each

Gorgeous bisexual beauties Anjelica and Katherine were spending a little time together in their sexiest lingerie with black heels, thigh high stockings, the whole nine yards…when they saw each other they just couldn’t tear their eyes away and were immediately kissing passionately like lesbians, grabbing each others’ ass and caressing their perfect breasts in this hot X Art scene! They noticed this fella Ben hanging out and watching them and getting of course a raging hardon so they decided to take turns with him…first Anjelica got her perfect tight pussy licked and fucked until she came all over him, then dark-haired hottie Katherine got her chance and rode him until she came as well! The girls can’t have ALL the fun here though so they both joined forces to work Ben’s cock until he shot a huge load like a shotgun before they all basically collapsed in a big happy heap at the end of this X Art scene called One Show For Each.

Dani Daniels and Anikka Albrite


Dani and anikka share a cock

Man oh man…once Dani Daniels got a taste of big black dick for the first time she dove right in, didn’t she! She’s done a couple of updates for Blacked now and is having a blast giving these huge dark dicks a roll in the hay…but she’s not greedy about it, there’s more than enough dick to go around and she’s definitely willing to share this guy with her sexy blonde girlfriend Anikka Albrite in this hot threesome hardcore scene! Anikka and Dani both help undress the guy and then take turns licking and sucking that massive man-meat, and when Anikka bends over to eat pussy like a lesbian the guy takes the opportunity to slide that big cock deep in her pussy and make her moan right into Dani’s cunt! Both of these ladies look amazing with perfect tits, perfect asses and raging libidos that demand the full attention of this guy’s prong…but it’s nice that they’re willing to share.

Xyla Attacks


Nvg xyla attacks orgy

Alright boys buckle up your seatbelt because this is quite possibly the hottest video Net Video Girls has ever released! I always dig the Attack series where they get a girl who’s been on the site before to come back and help ‘break in’ a new girl (or in this case, two girls). The idea of the site is that the girls are auditioning for a calendar photoshoot modeling job but first they’ve gotta prove they have what it takes, and of course that involves getting naked, showing off their bodies and sucking and fucking this dude’s big hard cock! There’s no actual modeling job but they don’t learn that til much later…Xyla here has been on the site before already so she knows the deal, but she and her two gorgeous girlfriends are ready to give the audition of a lifetime! Donna and Luna both look amazing…Luna has eyes that will be in your dreams tonight I guarantee and all three of these girls have incredible bodies. Donna has a perfect pussy, Luna loves to show her perky boobies and all three of them love to get pounded, so once the clothes come off it’s pretty much an instant orgy! These two newbies don’t take much convincing before they’re both naked and making out and licking pussy like lesbians while the other girl licks and sucks and gets pounded by that big dick. Then they all trade positions and the fun keeps on going! The fact that Donna is a dead ringer for Megan Fox doesn’t hurt matters either…

Cat Fight


X art cat fight jenna

When was the last time you saw a couple of gorgeous girls fighting over a guy and his cock? Well get ready for one of the hottest cat fights you’ll ever see in this hot X Art update starring Jenna Ross and her beautiful blonde rival Aliyah! This is Aliyah’s first X Art scene and from the looks of things she’s bound and determined to take her place in the hierarchy of hotness so to speak, vying with the gorgeous Jenna to see who gets the privilege of sucking and fucking this lucky dude’s big hard dick. He’s more than happy to let these two hotties duke it out, he just takes turns sliding his cock into one mouth after the other until the girls learn to share, making out and licking pussy like lesbians while the guy fucked both of them in turn! This rivalry turned into a very hot hardcore threesome here which serves to illustrate an important life lesson…that lesson of course being that if you have two beautiful women who both want to suck and fuck you, if you use a little patience they’ll both get naked and take turns. Not exactly something you’ll learn on Sesame Street, is it?



Camile Attacks


Nvg camile attacks

You guys remember Camile from Net Video Girls, right? Well as soon as she opens her mouth you will, she sounds a bit like Fran Drescher or something with that nasally voice…apart from that she’s sexy as hell so here she is giving things a whirl for an Attack type video! Usually it’s a girl who was on the site before who is ‘introducing’ a new girl who might otherwise not be down to get naked and fuck on camera. This time though it’s beautiful and sexy Lori who is also back for a repeat visit, and she’s prepared for the experience by shaving her pussy and not wearing any panties! Lori is gonna try her best to prove she’s got what it takes to get the ‘calendar girl’ gig, which doesn’t actually exist, and after a performance like this I’m pretty sure she would have gotten the job if it was real! Lori has no qualms about getting tongue-deep in Camile’s pussy like a lesbian and then gets joined by this lucky cameraman who slides his hard cock into the girls’ mouths and then fucks them both before shooting a nice double facial to finish off this hot threeway hardcore scene. If you missed Camile’s first scene it’s here, and likewise if you missed out on Lori’s first Net Video Girls scene I’ve got that for you too right here!

Eva Karera & Shae Summers


Shae Summers and Eva Karera

Eva Karera is back on Moms Bang Teens this time with Shae Summers one of my personal favorites I might add.  Shae has an amazing set of natural tits and you can just look at her and tell me she isn’t drop dead gorgeous.  Eva has been on Moms Bang Teens before in a episode with Heather Night.  This is Shae’s first time though and as always she does a bang up job.  She has her boyfriend over and is hanging out with her around her house with her step mom Eva.  Eva is doting on them and he remarks how nice of a step mom she has.  Shae agrees but little does he know that’s because Shae has been having lesbian sex with her stepmom for some time now behind his back.  Today though she is going to do something else with her step mom and that’s fuck him.  Shae just needs to get him in the mood though so she goes to shower up after hanging out by the pool and her boyfriend joins her.  In the shower Shae starts to rub his cock and he is getting hard and kind of freaking out because her stepmom is around.  Shae ignores him because she knows any moment her stepmom is going to come through those doors.  She does and Eva tells them not to stop but she needs to shower too.  While in the shower Shae asks Eva for a little help washing her man so Eva does help by washing the shaft of his cock.  The two of them then take the guy to the bedroom while they both take turns fucking his big cock.  Eva does a lot of ass licking on Shae but Shae doesn’t return the favor she just isn’t experienced enough I guess.

Stylish Merkin


Dare Dorm Stylish Merkin

I have really gotten away from posting these crazy college videos but I will try to get them back in the mix.  Let’s start with this new scene from Dare Dorm called “Stylish Merkin”.  I went ahead and figure out what a Merkin is but you can read the Wiki if you want.  They’re basically “Merkins were originally worn by prostitutes after shaving their genitalia, and are now used as decorative items” that.  So these girls make these sexy little Merkins and then things lead into them all having lesbian sex together.  This isn’t a hardcore video at all but every once in a while Dare Dorm doesn’t get the kind of submissions they’re looking for some they give $10,000 to the best lesbian gallery.  Let me tell you I bet they have so many lesbian submissions just because it seems like all the girls that end up going to college want to try to eat pussy at least once in their life.  Why not get paid for it I guess and plus it gives you a reason for doing it with you friends.  The video isn’t the best quality but what do you expect from broke college students.  They probably filmed all this on their phones or something, it the end though you get to see what we all want to see real amateur coeds trying something for the first time.

Stretching Chloe and Nickey


Phd stretching chloe and nickey

It’s always nice to have a friend when it’s time to work out, and that goes double for yoga, at least when you’re a horny hottie like Chloe Amour or Nickey Huntsman! These two love to work out together because when their heartrates go up they cool down by making out and licking pussy like lesbians, and that’s just what happens in this Passion HD update called Stretching Chloe and Nicky! Their guy pal shows up to give them a little yoga instruction but ends up fucking both of them since they had already stripped each other nude and were passionately kissing when he showed up. This is Nickey’s first showing on Passion HD but she looks fucking amazing so I’m sure it won’t be her last…Chloe of course basically has her own apartment set up next to the PassionHD headquarters, she’s done a ton of updates for them but it’s always great to see that exotic sweetheart showing off and getting pounded again.

Dancing Romance


Dancing romance on x art

The last time or two that we’ve seen beautiful Kaylee on X Art it has been for a lesbian scene, like this one for example, so it’s nice to see her getting her perfect pussy taken care of by a cock as well like this update called Dancing Romance! Her guy pal isn’t going to win any male beauty pageants (if that is a thing that exists, I’ve never heard of it but hey I’m just saying the guy is no Brad Pitt) but he sure as shit gives hope to the rest of us, if this guy can land a chick as fucking stunning as Kaylee then it means we all have a chance! She kicks things off on a high note already at the beginning of this update, seeing as she’s wearing some skimpy black lingerie with thigh high stockings and no panties, and it only gets better from there…this guy is thanking his lucky stars as he watches her hike up the hem of her top, showing that perfect tight little ass and pussy that he dives into tongue-first before fucking her nice and hard and shooting his load into her hole for a creampie! She doesn’t even bother taking off her nylons or her high heels as he pins her down, fucking her from above before busting nut.

Lily and Teal


Lily Love and Teal Conrad First Threesome

Teal Conrad and Lily Love here are playing the part of a couple of string breakers who just had the best time of their lives.  One thing they want to do before they leave however is to pop their threesome cherry and what better place to do it at the bar where all their other fun memories where made.  So the two of them ask the bar tender if he would be interested in getting laid by two girls and being a man he is so down it’s not even funny.  As bad as this acting is the sex is hot enough to off set all of that.  It did get me thinking though that you totally know each some college sluts do this.  They go on a spring break and want to be very slutty what better way to have lesbian sex and get fucked then having a threesome, that’s just my opinion though.



Isis Love and Cherie Deville


Isis and cherie fucking machines

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a pussy take a pounding like this, much less two pussies! I guess it does stand to reason though, these Fucking Machines are tireless and merciless, they’ll just keep on slamming into those holes as long as the power stays on. Exotic brunette Isis Love and sexy blonde Cherie Deville are the guests of honor i nthis update and not only do they have to contend with those inhuman cocks, they’re also driving each other crazy as they lick pussy like lesbians and buzz each others clit with vibrating magic wands! This isn’t Isis’s first rodeo on Fucking Machines mind you, she’s been on a few times so she knows exactly what she’s in for…however, as far as I know Cherie has never been on the site so she’s getting ‘broken in’ as she takes a hell of a pounding! I don’t know if regular human dicks will be enough for either of these fucksluts after a treatment like this, we’ll just have to see.

Brazilian Love Affair


Brazilian Love Affair With Sammy

This gallery from X Art is kind of two galleries in one.  First you get a lesbian sex scene with Kaylee and Jenna J. Ross and then you get a hardcore scene with Sammy here.  The story with these gallery is that Sammy was about to go home but she decided to stay with X-Art for one more day in Brazil and they made the most of it.  She was waiting with the guy she was going to fuck in a hotel room when they got a knock at the door and it was Jenna and Kaylee.  The two of there were dressed in sexy lingerie and they were there purely for these two enjoyment.  Kaylee sat on the edge of a little table and Jenna got under her and started eating her pussy out while Sammy and Jake just watched and got hornier and hornier.  Once they got to the point where they just couldn’t take it anymore they sent Jenna and Kaylee packing and got to work fucking each other.  The sex was very intense or Sammy is a really good actor because she looked to be having the time of her life while she was being fucked by Jake.  He gave it to her soft and hard and as you can see from this picture here Sammy enjoys getting choked while she is fucked, that is always hot.  I love the pale skin the Sammy has and the fact that she is wearing those red high heels she looks like a old school pinup model doesn’t she?

Chelsey Anal


Anal Sex With Chelsey by Nutabu

It’s about time that Nutabu stopped fucking around with just masturbation and lesbian sex porn and went hardcore.  They had like one video when they first opened the doors but I just checked in on them today and it looks like they’re moving ahead with a bunch more.  They went real hardcore too as you can see from this guys dick in this blondes ass.  Her name is Chelsey and she is a slender girl with a nice set of small titties and sexy long legs.  The name of the video is pretty weird I think they’re going real artsy with the titles they are giving some of the videos.  For example this one is called “Budapest / UCTA Erotika”  I know these guys probably are English speaking but come on at least spell Erotica right!  Maybe they’re some crazy Canucks I mean those guys spell Check wrong so I could see them spelling erotica and erotika LOL.  Anyways enjoy this super erotic video from these guys, it’s a new site to us so I will keep my eye on it and see if it’s worthy of a regular spot on this little site we called Imagepost.



Aj We Live Together

I don’t know if there was a letter shortage when this chick was born but her name is just Aj…at first I thought those were her initials like A.J. but I’m pretty sure it’s just Aj. Anyway, she and her two hot housemates are in this photoshoot for We Live Together as they talk and then kiss and then just rip each others clothes off and show us what goes on behind closed doors as they lick pussy and fuck each other with dildos and just have a great lesbian time!

Show and Tell


Moms bang teens episode show and tell

I know you guys have been looking forward to another hot gallery of Heather Night content, and now your time has cum! Get it, what I did there? Anyway, Heather and her boyfriend started out naked in bed after a long night of hot steamy sex…she got up to take a shower and while she was gone her stepmom Eva Karera came into the bedroom and found her boyfriend naked on the bed! He was a little taken aback at first as was she, but she recovered quickly and told him he had a nice body before she left. Pretty ballin move if you ask me. She headed into the bathroom and found Heather there and couldn’t resist grabbing that sweet ass of hers and making out! They were busy eating out each others’ pussies when Heather’s boy came into the bathroom looking for his shoes or something and found them both half naked and licking twat like lesbians! They begged him not to tell Eva’s husband and invited him to join them and you don’t say no to that shit when the girls are as hot as these two…they all end up naked and fucking with the girls sharing his love juices at the end of this Moms Bang Teens update called Show and Tell!

Blindfold Me Pt 2


Blindfold me part 2 x art

I know you guys have probably been on the edge of your seats waiting for the next installment of this little series or whatever you want to call it from X-art, and here it is! Blindfold Me Part 2 stars Scarlet and the new girl Jayden again as they continue their light bondage and lesbian romp (here’s a link to Part 1 if you somehow missed it before) but this time they’re joined by James who turns things into a hot hardcore threeway as he takes turns fucking both of these sexy ladies! Scarlet and Jayden might be lesbians when they’re together alone but once a hard cock comes into play they both basically dive face–  and pussy-first onto it one after the other for this steamy scene. It makes me wish there was a part 3 upcoming but hey I’m sure the site has plenty of other hotness up their sleeves!



Lacy Attacks


Net video girls lacy attacks carrie

It seems like the girls that show up for modeling casting calls at the Net Video Girls studio are always a little taken aback and nervous at first when confronted with a camera pointed at them right off the bat as they come through the door, and it usually takes a little while for them to chill out and relax. However, in some of the updates, the ones known as the ‘attack’ episodes, a girl who has done her time in the past comes back and acts as a sort of liaison. Lacy takes the reins in this update as Carrie shows up for her ‘modeling shoot’, instantly putting the girl a little more at ease than normal as she gives her a big hug and explains the basics of what they’re doing. Of course the ‘casting call’ is bullshit and it’s all just a sort of scam to get the chick naked fucking on camera for us, but in this case it doesn’t end up with the girl getting a pussy full of dick. Instead, it ends up with Lacy convincing Carrie to lick her pussy and go lesbian on each other before both of these horny curvy blondes suck the cameraman’s cock while we watch!

Dani In The VIP


Dani Daniels In The VIP

I highly doubt that this is the first time that Dani Daniels has been on a In The VIP update.  I do however thing this is the first time that she has ever taken the dick.  You guys have to remember that Dani Daniels for the longest time only did lesbian sex stuff.  She did a ton of scenes for We Live Together and had a close relationship with Reality Kings hence why I think she was in some In The VIP scenes before.  Now that she is doing hardcore though Reality Kings has had her on every one of their sites you can think of except for this one!  Dani looked stunning in this little dressed that showed off that big white ass of hers.  She shook it ont he dance floor, seduced a couple of chicks and then was finally ready to get fucked by Jmac.  He fuck that PAWG really good I mean just look at the smile on her face in this screenshot!

Last Day of School


Passion hd last day of school

It’s the last day of school and these two horny schoolgirls are ready to play! Ariana Marie and Keisha Grey have been waiting for this moment all week but have had finals and everything to keep them busy. Now the school year is over and it’s time to get down to business…as soon as they get home their backpacks get emptied, their clothes come off and their inhibitions are left at the door as these two lesbians start making out, grabbing each others’ perfect tits and licking pussy until they’re both so turned on they can hardly stand it! Luckily at that moment their guy friend came by and was happy to join in for a nice Passion HD threesome, fucking both of those holes and letting everyone start their summer break on a high note. Who cares about finding a summer job when you’ve got a hot horny friend or two like Ariana and Keisha? I love seeing these girls get those tight twats hammered, don’t you? Ariana always looks spectacular, I’m not as familiar with Keisha but man she is making a great first impression if you ask me.

Sara Jay & Charlee Chase


Charlee Chase and Sara Jay Naughty America

Sara Jay and Charlee Chase end up fucking their best friends son in this video from Naughty America.  At first they were just reminiscing about the times when they were in college together and they used to break out the double sided dildo and have lesbian sex.  I don’t blame them they never had to worry about getting laid when they could just go home and fuck each other.  Well Sara shows Charlee that double sided dildo a blast from the past if you will.  That gets the wheels turning and these two start to eat each other out and then Sara says she is going to go get the guy to join in.  Charlee is a little hesitant but once this MILFs pussy gets wet her judgment is clouded.  The guy has no problem fucking these hot MILFs and they tell him exactly what to do.  The girls are constantly eating each other out and sharing this guys cock, I am sure they did this is college, isn’t that when everyone tries a threesome?

Introducing Mila K.


Mila K X Art

This gallery is nothing more then Mila K getting naked but I have a feeling it’s going to be enough for most of you!  She is just so damn hot and exotic looking I can’t wait to see what X Art does with her next.  This is the very first time she has been on their site and we can only hope that she does a boy / girl for them or I would even settle for a lesbian scene!  In this gallery you just get to see her strip down from these see thru white cotton panties and a white top to absolutely nothing… She is petite and has everything going for her so check this out already!

Only Girls


Capri Anderson X Art Only Girls

It’s so weird that pornstars like hold off on doing interracial scenes but Capri Anderson is one of those girls.  She has finally starred in her first one and it’s a lesbian sex scene for X Art called Only Girls.  The girl she is eating out in this picture is Ana and this is actually her very first time being on the site!  So everyone is having first in this erotic gallery!  Hurry up and click on this already because I know you are going to enjoy it, unless of course you don’t like hot girls making love to each other!



College House Fuck Fest


College House Fuck Fest

Alright I want you guys to not get scared by this total freak you see in the first part of the video.  She is just way to horny for her own good and is doing some like animalistic shit to this guys cock.  Once you get pass her it’s smooth sailing don’t worry.  I watch pretty much this whole update and the sex is very good especially with that hot Asian girl in this update damn I would fuck her.  The other really good part is one of the girls after she is done making her guy cum goes over and has lesbian sex with this super cute girl.  She has pale white skin and is just too nice to be a part of this college house fuck fest.  Any time I see like a large group like this who took part in a College Rules video I always wonder how the split the money.  I know that College Rules pays the person who submits the tape $10,000 bucks so I wonder if that person just keeps the money or spreads the love.  I need someone who has has sold their college sex tape to these guys to contact me and let me know, it’s been one of those things I always wonder about.

Remy and Nadine


Remy LaCroix and Nadine Sage

Nadine Sage and Remy LaCroix have each been on Amateur Allure, check out Remy’s scene here and Nadine has two (1, 2).  They are no where near as good as this one though because these two together I don’t think can be beat.  I don’t know if it’s just a lesbian thing or that guys just want to see girls licking each others ass but there is a whole lot of that going on in this video.  They don’t just lick each others pussy and ass though there is a guy involved.  This lucky asshole gets to fuck both of these girls making sure to split time fuck each.  He has his choice of a hairy pussy in Nadine or a nice bald pussy in Remy.  I will say that Remy’s pussy looks a little more fuckable just because of how perfect it is!  The girls are good at having a threesome, this isn’t their first rodeo or they have watch a lot of threesome porn either way they know whats up.  The one who is not being fucked keeps busy doing other things and that’s what makes a threesome so great. What would a Amateur Allure video be without a lot of the girls giving head!  This one is no different but instead of the guy only getting his balls sucked on every once in a while there is a girl always on his balls while the other one bobs on his cock.  Anyways, stop messing around and check out this AMAZING video already!

Play With Me


Kiera Winters Play With Me

Kiera Winters is being quite spunky in this new Passion HD video.  It’s entitled “Play With Me” and she wants this guy to have fun with her so bad!  He however just wants to get his balls suck and his dick wet.  Kiera tries to get him to play hula hooping naked, wearing these funky earphones anything and everything she tires.  She finally just gives in and gets between his legs to start to get him hard.  I don’t think she regrets her decision to just go ahead and have a fuck session because she does orgasm.  Anytime a girl orgasms its like the best day ever I think.  Kiera is super cute and this is the third time that she has been on the site I think.  The first one was with Chloe Foster and the second was a lesbian scene with Cassie Laine!  These guys at Passion HD really just do make the best porn but I think the key to it being such a good site is they pick hot girls like Kiera, simple as that.

Lexi’s Ready For Bed


Lexi Ready For Bed

Looks like Lexi Belle is ready for a dicking and not bed!  She has some very sensual sex with one of her favorite male talents his name is Tyler.  The scene is from X Art which is cool because they don’t film high profile pornstars like Lexi Belle here.  It is nice to see a girl like this in a different kind of porn scene that is more erotic.  You usually see those pornstars in the straight up gonzo type of scenes but X Art makes everything so sexual and well just better in my opinion.  This isn’t the first time that Lexi has been on X Art however the other times though she just did lesbian stuff and nudes this one is her first hardcore scene which is all we really care about right?

Best Friends Forever


Dare Dorm Best Friends Forever

I want to know the percentage of girls who have their first lesbian experience in college…  It has to be staggeringly high I would think.  Here is a video of a best of girl friends who are not just friends but best friends.  They are crossing the line in this Dare Dorm video though because they are eating each other out.  It could work out though because they could be fuck buddies and just friends too.  So those times that they are horny and are probably going to fuck a guy they usually wouldn’t but just cause they want some dick they do. They could just call up each other and be like “Yo bitch, I want you to come over and eat me out” and bam you’re not the school slut!  Back to this scene though!  The girls in it are super hot none hotter then the girl pictured here…  These lesbians were not very prepared because they didn’t even have a toy.  One of the girls sacrificed her electric tooth brush though and they used that.  It had me thinking, this girl did she ever use it on herself and then still brush her teeth with it?  That would be fucking gross if she did.



Heather Starlet Babes Network

I am catching up on my hardcore scenes from Babes Network because well those are my favorites.  I don’t really waste my time with the lesbian galleries, or the solo stuff just because well usually the models in those have hardcore scenes and I think you guys would just rather see those.  This one is called Temptation and it stars Heather Starlet, this is her first scene with Babes Network.  If you have never watched one of these videos I would say check it out so you can get an idea of the style that Babes Network has.  They almost tell a story in every single scene they do and it’s so romantic / erotic I mean this is the type of porn you watch with a girlfriend / wife /a girl for sure.



Baby & Anneli


Xart loving angels

Two stunningly gorgeous nude blonde lesbians making out and licking each others nipples and pussies? Yes please, sign me right the hell up! Join sexy Anneli and Baby as they spend some intimate time together in this hot update from X-art entitled Loving Angels. They do look rather angelic as they’re bathed in sunlight…I thought they were in a boxing ring or something at first but I guess it’s an upper-floor landing that they’ve chosen to strip down and pleasure each other in this horny lesbian scene.

Jayde Is Back


Jayde FTV Girls

I have for you a drop dead gorgeous teen model and you guys might be thinking to yourself “I have seen this girl before”.  Well you are probably right because she has been on FTV Girls once before and she was so popular that they had her back for a second visit!  This time you get to Jayde her doing a little anal play and of course tons of masturbation videos.  If you guys are not a fan of solo masturbation scenes or lesbian sex you should just move on.  If however you like seeing beautiful girls orgasm then please check out FTV Girls they’re simply amazing!

Jayde’s First Time on FTV Girls

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