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India Summer Sibling Reverie


India Summer Sibling Reverie

Click to watch this India Summer video!

Gorgeous horny blonde MILF India Summer has had a tough marriage and is ready to kick it to the curb, and she keeps finding herself thinking back to her…READ MORE

India Summer


India Summer

Click to watch this India Summer video!

Sexy babe India Summer is in her 40s but keeps that body of hers tight and fit and trim and hot as hell by doing yoga and eating right and exercising! She was…READ MORE

India Summer and Bella Skye


India Summer and Bella Skye

Click to watch this India Summer & Bella Skye video!

Sexy Bella Skye was working out with her boyfriend when her stepmom India Summer came in, looking to use the gym as well…the guy knew already that Mrs Summer…READ MORE

Hope Howell and India Summer


Hope Howell and India Summer

Click to see Hope Howell & India Summer on Moms Bang Teens!

Sexy little Hope Howell had the naughty idea of getting freaky with her boyfriend in her stepmom India Summer‘s shower, so when they got to the house and India was gone they figured it was the perfect time! Hope whipped off her dress and her boyfriend just couldn’t say no to that perfect bubble butt of hers so they got naked and hopped in the shower, with Hope getting that teen pussy fucked from behind…it was right then that India got back and headed into the bathroom, seeing what those two were up to! She started yelling at Hope but then noticed the guy’s still-raging boner and decided to get in on the fun for this Moms Bang Teens update called Hot For Hope, taking off her own clothes and telling Hope that she wouldn’t get her in trouble with her dad if they all got down to some serious threeway fucking…Hope was more than happy and soon all three of them were getting into some ht hardcore action until the two ladies were sharing a nice double facial!

Eva & India


Eva Lovia and India Summer Moms Bang Teens

Usually guys I make a gallery when it comes to Moms Bang Teens just because it’s such a great site I couldn’t endorse it anymore.  Well today I am still in the Holiday mood so that means i am doing the bare minimum.  Another reason is this video is really long and I know how much you guys love the long videos.  So this video is about Eva Lovia and her step mother India Summer.  They think they have the whole day together after Eva’s tutor has left.  They get comfortable in Eva’s bedroom and India begins to eat her out something the two of them do quite often.  The thing is though is that Eva’s tutor has forgot his keys at the house so when he walks back in to get them he sees these two going at it.  It’s so kinky he just has to take some video of it so he can jerk off to it later.  The problem is he is quite stupid and ends up getting caught but it’s the best thing to ever happen to him.  That’s because Eva and India think the only way to keep their sorted affair secret is to bring this guy in on the secret.  So the two of them give him a blowjob and then let him take turns fucking their pussy.  You can tell India is trying to teach Eva how to have good a threesome throughout the video.  When Eva is getting fucked India is almost always licking her asshole or sucking on the guys balls.  You can’t say the same for Eva when India is getting fucked though.  As you guys know Eva has just started doing hardcore porn and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite pornstars ever!  I think pretty soon though she is going to become the Digital Playground contract girl, she seems like the clear favorite to me.



Shyla & India


Shyla Jenning and India Summer Mommys Way

Let’s be honest have the time you guys come to this site it’s just to find out what is new so I always try to deliver.  This is a brand new site and they have a lot of content.  It’s a scene from Mommy’s Girl but you can get a mega site deal if you join Girls Way.  That’s why I am sending you guys there just because a deal is a deal right?  Mommy’s Girl is all about step daughters hooking up with their stepmoms.  So Shyla Jennings here is the step daughter as you can image and India Summer is the step mom.  She feels like a bad mother because she is always doing work.  Part of the reason she never had kids right.  Well Shyla is experimenting and she wanted to talk to India about maybe being a lesbian.  When India hears this she decides to see if her step daughter is a lesbian right then and there by having lesbian sex with her.  This MILF has been missing a tongue licking up and down her ass and pussy so what better then a hot 20 something doing it for her.

Bribe The Ref


Diamond and India Bribe The Ref

India Summer and Diamond Jackson are taking the term “Soccer Mom” pretty serious I think.  These two have kids who are about to play in the big game and they want to make sure they win.  So India invites over Diamond because she knows she is as passionate about this as her.  She tells her the plan, she has invited over the ref and they’re going to do whatever it takes to him to help their team win.  So when he comes over and he isn’t to keen on the idea India pulls out the last resort.  She lets him know load and clear that they’re both willing to fuck him if he agrees to rig the game.  He can’t believe his luck and agrees right away the two MILFs get on the ground and one starts sucking his dick while the other one sucks on his balls.  This Ref can’t believe that the job he makes $7 dollars an hour doing is enabling him to fuck these two hot MILFs.  Diamond is the first one who is tired of sucking dick so she pushes him on the ground and squats on his dick riding him up and down while India sits on his face and gets her pussy eaten out.  The guy then switches over to India pounding her pussy while Diamond licks her clit (what you see in this image).  The video ends with him pounding away and India and pulling out when he is about to cum to drop a load in both of these girls mouth.

India Summer Anal


India Summer Mr. Anal

Any of you guys want to get after this MILF butt right here?  It belongs to a pretty famous woman and personally one of my favorites her name is India Summer.  She has always seemed like a really cool chick to me and man is she good at talking dirty and just making a good sex scene in general.  She is one of those MILFs that is down for just about everything and in this gallery she is doing damn near everything.  It’s a video for Mr. Anal a site she has never been on before for Bang Bros and she has been on damn near every one!  In this video she starts off by masturbating … Is it considered masturbating if a girl is fucking her ass?  I am not really sure but I am going to say that is considered masturbating.  Alright so like I said she starts off that way and she moves up to bigger and bigger toys and then once she is all stretched out the guy puts his dick in between those tanline cheeks of hers and starts fucking away.  They bang in a office chair which has always been one of my favorite places to see a woman fucked.

Bailey & India Summer


India Summer and Bailey Bradshaw

Moms Teach Sex has a new scene that came out with the gorgeous India Summer teaching her step daughter Bailey Bradshaw how to fuck.  The video starts off with them talking about the guy that is coming over to study.  Bailey tells her step mom how much she wants this guys dick so India helps her get ready.  She gets her nipples hard, makes sure she is wearing some sexy undies and all.  When the guy finally gets there Bailey just straight up clams up!  India steps in to get things moving so she goes under the table and starts to suck this guys big cock, once he is ready to fuck she stops and then tells her step daughter to take off those panties and get fingered by her.  Once everyone is ready for sex they make it happen on the little island in the middle of the kitchen.  The Mom takes the reigns during the sex session of course because she has to teach them what to do.  India Summer loved getting her pussy eaten out by these two there is nothing a MILF likes more then getting her pussy licked by somewhere younger and that’s just a fact.

All In India


Hd love all in india

Early one morning India Summer was feeling a little thirsty so she wandered into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Her boyfriend got a glimpse of her wearing her robe and he couldn’t stop staring at the way the thin fabric clung to those sweet curves, not that I blame him! If I had a horny MILF girlfriend like India I’d be staring at that ass too…she doesn’t seem to mind the attention though; she drops her robe and turns to face him, showing off those perky titties and then grabbing his stiffening cock to give a nice blowjob! I don’t usually go for the mature types of girls but man, India is definitely an exception…she’s got a smokin hot body and the experience to know what to do with it, and in this HD Love update called All In India she gets to show her stuff!

India Anal


India Summer Big Mouthfuls

Talk about big mouthfuls…India Summer can barely fit her lips around this huge meatbat! She doesn’t seem to have much trouble taking it deep in her pussy and her ass though, so what does that tell you. This update from the Bang Bros network of sites has it all…a gorgeous pornstar with nice tits and a round juicy booty getting a faceful of dick and then getting fucked in the ass while still wearing her panties, sounds like a hell of a Wednesday morning to me! That ass of hers is just amazing by the way…it’s no wonder this guy went straight for the anal action, with a beautiful rump like that it’s hard to concentrate on anything else.



India Summer


India Summer Naughty America

If I had a chemistry professor as hot as India Summer in this video clip from Naughty America I’d stay after class too and hope to have exactly this happen! Watch this horny MILF teacher bend over her desk and whip her dress off to get her pussy and ass licked by her favorite student before taking his hard cock deep in her hole. Looks like somebody’s earning his A+ for the semester! I like the study notes on the blackboard by the way…MICROSCOPE! Looks like India is giving her students all the fundamentals as well as orgasms.

Tropical Heat


Tropical heat on babes network india summer

Gorgeous brunette India Summer and her husband have taken a second honeymoon to rekindle their passion and from the looks of this update from the Babes network it is working like gangbusters! The tropical heat comes second to the heat of their lust (damn I should be a romance novel writer, no shit) as they let nature take over and explore each others bodies with their hands and lips…what I like is that before Summer gets her pussy penetrated she draws the curtains wide open just in case anybody else at the hotel is curious about what’s going on and wants a better view! Summer knows she’s hot as hell and loves when people watch her get fucked, I guess that’s why we’re watching this hardcore scene unfold in front of us right now. Who knows what she gets up to when the cameras are off!

Lusty Exchange


Moms bang teens lusty exchange

You hear about wicked stepmothers all the time in fairy tales but it’s pretty rare that you hear about a girl’s horny stepmother! I think Lola Foxx is pretty happy she has the latter in this update from the Reality Kings site Moms Bang Teens, though…her stepmother India Summer has taken quite a shine to her and is prepared to teach her the ins and outs of love by the poolside! She starts off by showing her what it feels like to have her tight teen pussy eaten out as she licks her like a lesbian, then gives Lola’s eager boyfriend a little instruction on how to give (and receive) oral. The two ladies lick and suck the guy’s big thick dick and I think Lola is getting the hang of things as she works the shaft and sucks his balls like a pro. Soon it was time for the main event and Lola bent over to take that cock deep in her hole while India kept a close eye on things, guiding them as need be and licking Lola’s cunt and ass to drive her crazy. She wasn’t about to do all this instruction for free though, she had to get her own needs taken care of so India gets her end of the lusty exchange by going for a ride of her own on that younger guy’s dick!

Indian Summer


Indian Summer Babes Network

I am usually a big fan of trailers but sometimes Babes Network trailers are just wack because they pick the worse music or there is just too much cutting around.  This is one of those and I am sorry about that but if you’re a member you don’t have to deal with any of that you just get to see India Summer doing what she does best and that’s fucking.  The couple makes love on the couch and it is making love not having sex trust me!  There is nothing India loves more then being taken from behind while having her clit played with and this guy knows just that and gives her all she can handle in more, such a hot scene!

India Summer


India Summer Pure Mature

This gallery is from Pure Mature and features a pornstar named India Summer they call this scene Candlelight Romance.

India Summer


India Summer MILF Sugar Babes

This hot MILF is stressing out because her husband just can’t get a job so she takes matters into her own hands.  What is her solution, it’s going to fuck a random guy for some cash that she desperately needs.  I think she doesn’t get it that much at home or something because there was sure a lot of passion while she was fucking this guys cock.  When a married woman fucks another guy for cash like India Summer here they call those woman MILF Sugar Babes, you can check out a bunch of them today just follow the links in the gallery.



India Summer


India Summer Tonights Girlfriend

We have India Summer on Tonights Girlfriend pleasing a guy who has been having a rough time at work so he wanted to take some of that out on his favorite pornstar which is India.  If you want to be on Tonights Girlfriend just get in contact with them tell them which pornstar you want to fuck, what you want to do to her and buy a plane ticket to LA and I think your set.

Molly & India


Molly and India Summer

I have missed quite a few Mollys Life updates so I am going to update you to the newest one today.  With that being said this is the oldest gallery and its with India Summers and the name of the episode is called “A Time To Remember”.  The two girls are dressed up in sexy clothing and then kiss each other until they are having hot passionate lesbian sex.

Indian Summer


Indian Summer

Looking for a delicious set of tanlines on a beautiful body? Well, here’s Indian Summer for you. This cute petite blonde has so many interesting tan lines that one of them may even leave you wondering just how she manged it. I won’t reveal which one though, you’re going to have to check this hot babe out yourself.

India Summers


India SUmmer's Love for her Dildo

India Summers in an incredibly thin and sexy brunette that looks like MILK material. Seen first in sexy royal blue lingerie, she quickly strips down and whips out her silver dildo. Wow does this babe love her toy! She poses in her chair and sucks on it a little before pushing it into her tight pussy.

India Summer


Penthouse India Summer

With a name like India Summer, this Penthouse girl is surprisingly white! I guess I was expecting a more exotic girl when I clicked this one. Oh well, I’m not going to complain, anybody that has an ass shaped like this babe’s that’s willing to bend over and wiggle it is A-OK in my book.

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