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Anna Lynn


Annalynn for amateur allure

Anna Lynn here is, as she says, brand new right out of the box! She’s an 18 year old cutie from Minnesota who hasn’t even gone through her senior year of high school but is giving porn a try, and we’re all happy that she made that decision. She’s got a cute smile, pretty eyes, a great rack of perky 32C titties and a nice ass, and best of all she loves to suck cock (and we know how much Amateur Allure loves girls who give a good blowjob)! Watch this teen hottie get naked and have fun with the cameraman, licking and sucking that big dick of his and going for a ride with that tight twat until he shoots a couple of loads down her throat. I get the feeling she might be a little nervous, at least from the look in her eyes when things start getting hot and heavy, but she soon overcomes it and ends up having a damn good time.

Reluctant MILF


Mom pov reluctant milf

This amateur MILF really bummed me out at first…she just seemed kind of sad and depressed and not really into being there. When most of the women on Mom POV are asked why they’re doing their first adult film they usually say something about wanting a good hard fuck, but this mature babe is like “just to experience life a little” or something like that. I figure she’s been kind of cloistered and needs a kick in the pants, so to speak, and that’s just what she gets here! After the initial interview, blowjob and fuck session she loosens up and cheers up so the next time they get it on she’s much more into it and seems to have a good time. I’m glad this reluctant MILF finally came out of her shell, it just took a good pussy pounding to do it! With those big natural titties and a bouncy, juicy booty it would have been a shame for her to be a stick in the mud.

Amanda Seyfried


Amanda seyfried

I’m not exactly a huge fan of celebrities, like fawning after any starlet just because she’s been on the big screen…she’s like any woman, she has to be hot to be hot if that makes sense. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that Amanda Seyfried is fucking hot and she’s wearing some bikini bottoms in these paparazzi type photos, on set for some movie she’s shooting I guess. She’s been in some pretty good stuff and she always looks stunning…I think it’s something with her eyes, or else those amazing titties and ass she’s packing. Hard to say.

Busty Saffron


Saffron for busty brits

This photoshoot from Busty Brits might be pretty old but huge titties like these are timeless if you ask me! This sexy curvy redhead is Saffron and she was brand new to the adult world at the time…in this photo set she’s getting into the shower to hose off those big full boobs, spraying herself down and getting nice and wet while we watch. If you like girls with some meat on their bones, with huge breasts and a big bouncy booty, takes a look at this voluptuous hotty! Maybe next time she hops in the shower she’ll invite you along for the adventure. Hey, you never know!

Veranda Wei


Asian veranda wei guitar

Sexy Asian babe Veranda Wei figured it was time for guitar practice but she just has the hardest time playing with clothes on…she tugged off her crazy jean shorts overalls outfit and got completely nude to give that tiny little guitar a few strums! I don’t think its a ukulele, it’s an actual itty bitty guitar but who cares, we’ve got a gorgeous Asian babe with great perky titties and a spectacular ass getting totally naked and hanging around outside in this photoshoot from The Black Alley, so let’s get our priorities straight shall we? Man, look at that tight little pussy of hers peeking out…wouldn’t you love to pound that hole from behind so you could watch her tight ass as she moaned?

Noelle Big Naturals


Noelle Easton Big Naturals

Noelle Easton knows that she has a leg up on most girls she has that cocky attitude you know?  I don’t blame her because those are some grade A tits I mean they’re perfect.  She isn’t stingy with them either in all her porn movies as soon as someone starts complimenting her on those big naturals she just whips them out and lets them cop a feel.  I have no doubt that she does that in real life too, she gots it and she flaunts it.  This is her second Reality Kings scene and this time it’s for Big Naturals a site that we all knew she was going to be on sooner or later, pretty much all the “big tit” sites are going to have this model on at some point, you heard it here first.

Amber Cox Vampire Sex


Amber Cox I Vant To Suck Your Tits

This is like a featured film right here ladies and gentlmen from Brazzers to be exact.  There is just some horrible horrible acting but come on these people fuck for a living they act out orgasm.  I think in this case though Amber Cox didn’t really need to act this out.  It’s been a long time since Amber came out with a new scene and she is coming back with a BANG!  This is some hot shit she is being held by a bunch of vampires and they’re all woman except for this guy here.  He is kind of protecting her from the pack and the reason he likes how his dick feels in fresh living pussy.  Amber keeps telling him that if he turns her he will never get to see her amazing tits and fuck that pussy he loves so much again. So he keeps her around and they have their late night romps.  The scene is really sensual something you don’t get much from Brazzers but these guys are just the jacks of all trades, they have all types of porn in their site.

Jayden back for more


Jayden lee for mr anal

Some girls hate anal, some will reluctantly try it, some enjoy it, but it’s a special kind of girl who is invited onto the set of the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal! Jayden Lee made the cut on account of she’s hot as hell and has an ass that just begs to be fucked, stretched and pounded all day long. Take one look at that balloon knot and you can tell she loves taking it up the keister, and sure enough as soon as the cameras start clicking she’s off to the races with whatever toys she can find lying around! She slides some truly huge dildos up that back door before the resident dino-dick shows up and gives her pussy a good pounding. She’s not here for a normal fuck though so she takes it out of her twat and slides that big meat into her ass for some hot anal action! She loves it so much she squirts while he fucks her…there’s just something about butt sex for Jayden that gets her motor roaring, you could tell in her previous Mr Anal scene and you can definitely tell here!

Breanne up close


Breanne benson in the crack

Buckle up good and tight because we’re heading in for an up close and personal tour of Breanne Benson‘s incredible body, courtesy of In The Crack! She’s relaxing in the living room on a big seat (almost a couch really) in front of the fireplace for these photos, taking off her dress and stretching those long luxurious legs in the air as we zoom in on that tight wet pink pussy of hers. Breanne Benson is fantastic from head to toe with her beautiful good looks, sexy round breasts, and of course her tight round ass and she knows how to work every inch of her body as she masturbates for us! She penetrates that slit with the luckiest vibrator in the world, getting on her hands and knees to fuck herself doggystyle just how she likes it.

Client List


Jewels jade on porn goes pro

I love these Porn Goes Pro episodes, hopefully you do too. Here’s the scenario, just to get things in the right mood: You’re a discerning businessman with a taste for the finger things in life, and today your tastes run to the busty and beautiful! Jewels Jade shows up at the door from the Porn Goes Pro agency (you’re part of her exclusive client list) and in her fitness gear she’s just what you had in mind. This big tittied pornstar strips out of her top and yoga pants and puts on a sexy bikini before getting those huge breasts out and sucking your cock in a hot POV scene, then spreads her legs to get fucked in that wet MILF pussy of hers! She’s ready to take care of any need that might arise, so to speak, and she rides that cock until it’s time to shoot a huge creamy load all over her melons.

Asian Girlfriend


Mygf asian broad

I don’t know what kind of life lottery this asshole won but he’s got a huge cock and a sexy Asian girlfriend who is horny as hell and doesn’t mind the fact that he’s recording them having sex! She starts out by popping his dino-dick into her mouth for a nice blowjob before turning around and riding him good and hard, bouncing her hot round ass up and down as she slammed herself onto his cock! I don’t know what this hottie did to piss the guy off, maybe she cheated on him or something because she seems super horny all the time, but he sent this footage in to My GF as an exclusive so we all get to see this amateur chick get her hole nailed.

Trainer Seduction


Pure mature trainer seduction brandi love

There’s often a kind of sexual tension between a physical trainer and their student, whether it’s the endorphins and adrenaline putting the body and libido into overtime or what I’m not sure, but this Pure Mature update entitled Trainer Seduction pretty much seals it. I mean Brandi Love has a bit of an unfair advantage when she decides to seduce somebody, with those huge tits and horny pussy, so she made quick work of this guy’s resolve after their workout one day. She took him down to the mat and soon he had his huge dino-cock buried deep in her wet MILF pussy as she rode him right there in the exercise room! Looks like it was a private session so they don’t have to worry about any nosy nancies watching…just us and the rest of the internet, that’s all. Brandi spreads her long tanned legs to get her hole pounded before pumping out a nice creamy facial to wind things down…what a workout!

Submissive Slave


Fantasy hd submissive slave

Redheaded sub Dani Jensen was waiting very patiently in her dungeon cage for her Master to come home and let her out to play, and she has been such a good submissive slave he does just that in this Fantasy HD update! Have you ever fantasized about having a beautiful woman just waiting to serve your every need like Dani does in this update? Well now’s your chance to explore it as this horny slut crawls out on her hands and knees in her stockings, garter belt, corset and thong panties to pleasure her Master’s huge cock. She had better do a good job with her hands, lips, tongue and pussy or she’s getting thrown right back into the box with no supper! Well, luckily for Dani she has some pretty good skills as she gives a nice blowjob and gets fucked in her ass and pussy, because after the anal sex he gives her a nice protein shake as a special treat, shooting his load all over that gorgeous face of hers. It’s a hot fetishy BDSM update featuring a sexy stunning ginger, how can you go wrong? If you’d like to see this redhead in something a little more vanilla, check out this hot threesome update she did a few months back on the same site.

Crawl to Me


Porn fidelity crawl to me jessica ryan

They’ve been giving each other the eye for weeks but it wasn’t until they headed to Ryan Madison’s house that he and hot babe Jessica Ryan finally got down to the hot hardcore fuckfest they’d both been dying for! She had heard tales about that magical cock of his and his multiple cumshots in a single session and just had to try things out for herself. Well, Ryan didn’t disappoint in this update from Porn Fidelity entitled Crawl To Me as they barely made it in the front door before Jessica’s clothes were off and Ryan was pounding her hole. They fucked their way to the bedroom where she took that cock like a champ, riding him to orgasm again and again before she sunk his meat into her mouth and took a nice wet facial.

Karen McDougal


Karen McDougal on Playboy

Prepare your eyes for another blast of absolute hotness from the fine folks at Playboy, as they bring you these stunning photos of Karen McDougal showing that amazing body of hers in the nude in public and in private! She’s got those huge round squeezable tits, a nice trimmed pussy and a face that could launch 1,000 ships…sorry, Helen of Troy, it’s time to stand aside! She’s an utter hottie and is posing in the nude and near-nude for these photos. Hey it’s Playboy, would you expect anything less than gorgeous? I particularly like the shot where she looks like she’s dressed up in an airline captain’s uniform. Mile high club, anybody?

Only Tease Lesbos


Jodie and Stacey Only Tease

Join these two horny lesbians on the site Only Tease and see what kind of hijinx they get up to in the bedroom! Is it just me or is that bed like half the length of a normal human bed? These girls might not win any beauty contests anytime soon but the one on the right (I think it’s Stacey Poole) has great legs and the one on the left (Jodie Gasson, I believe) has a fairly cute face and a nice juicy ass. Put them together and they make one megahot babe! What’s wrong with Stacey’s face, you ask? Well, I think she already nose…get it? She has got those huge soft titties though, and looks great in stockings and a garter belt.



Natalie Heart hearbreaker

I could have sworn Natalie Heart has her own website but this photoshoot called Heartbreaker appears to be on Kelly Randall’s site. Oh well, it’s hard to care about that kind of thing when you’ve got a gorgeous girl like Natalie stripping out of her skimpy bikini and showing off her tight pussy, perky titties and sexy firm little butt like in these photos! She’s making summer last just a little bit longer with her hotness and that little swimsuit as she poses by the pool, soaking up the last of the sun before it’s time for the long Autumn and Winter wetness.

Austin Morgan Bra


Austin Morgan new bra

Good gravy…I’m not sure how Austin Morgan got a website of her own, but I can only hope it’s to raise money for a cure for her obvious zombie affliction. She does have some nice big titties though, so if you have a copy of Photoshop handy you could probably crop out from the shoulders up and presto, you’ve cooked yourself up a winner! Well Austin has a brand new bra in this photoshoot and decided to try it out, but I’m not sure if it was doing the job because soon she pulled it back off again and grabbed those huge round breasts, playing with her pierced nipples in these photos. This is what paper bags were invented for, fellas.

Afternoon Walk


Afternoon Walk on Erotic Beauty

I’m not sure what this chick’s name is, but she’s on an afternoon walk through the woods in this photoshoot from Erotic Beauty and she’s entirely nude! Maybe she just likes to commune with nature while in the buff, I’m not one to judge…it’s just a good thing she’s so damn hot! This girl has a great ass, a great rack and a pretty face, and she knows how to use them all to her best advantage. She does a couple of poses where her head looks like it’s about to fall off to one side, so hopefully she didn’t pull a neck muscle or anything…if she did though I’d be more than happy to give her a neckrub, just send me the time and place!



X art unveiling featuring kiki kaylee

Join two of the hottest models on X-art as they get together for a scorching hot lesbian sex scene in bed! Kiki and Kaylee are both stunning but when they get together it’s like a dream come true…they wake up in bed together and immediately start making out, kissing each other and running their hands and lips over each others’ bodies in this update entitled Unveiling. Unlike a lot of lesbian scenes these girls seem completely comfortable not only with each other but with the cameras rolling; it’s as if nobody exists but each other as they make love and bring each other to orgasm again and again with their tongues, fingers and a big vibrating toy. It’s like watching your dreams come true on the screen and it’s straight from the folks at X-art!

Riley Reid Clears Mind


Riley Ried Study Break

Riley Reid is taking a little study break with her tutor.  College is the best isn’t it because this is like real life.  You can study with some guy and then fuck him when you’re tired.  Riley Reid has something a little more taboo going on in this video from Naughty America.  She isn’t just fucking a fuck buddy from college she is fucking her best friends brother!  He is really smart and has been helping her throughout her time in college and she has always had a thing for him.  This study session she just had to stop working and take a break for a bit and she could think of no better break then riding this guys dick right there in her friends kitchen.  This wasn’t a short break either this was very very long and Riley loved every minute of it!

Bathtub Booty


Bathtub booty jillian brookes teen fidelity

It’s a little bathtub booty featuring a horny teen cutie! That was a little rhyme on my part, you’re welcome. So what we’ve got here is a hot update from Teen Fidelity featuring Ryan Madison and sexy 18 year old Jillian Brookes as she heads out from her high school over to the Fidelity house for a nice warm bath. Once Ryan gets a look at those perky bouncy breasts of hers, not to mention that sexy juicy booty, he figures it would probably be a good idea to join her in the tub for a soak! One thing of course leads to another and soon he’s got that huge cock of his buried deep in her teen twat, fucking her as she leans over the lip of the tub and then taking her into the bedroom to really give her pussy a going-over. She might be just 18 but she knows how to work a big cock, so it’s a pleasure to see Jillian riding that dick and bouncing her hole up and down on Ryan’s shaft until he shoots his load deep inside for a nice creampie finish!

Misty Loves Football


Misty gates football season

We’re all excited for the return of football season here but so is Misty Gates! She’s not just a pretty face and a sexy ass, she loves a good game and is showing her spirit in this sexy photoshoot from her own website. Watch this babe lift up her jersey and show her sweet titties, then lift it up to reveal that incredible thong-clad ass before slipping a hand down those panties to masturbate for us! She’s probably thinking about Manning or something…most of these girls are. At least we get to enjoy these photos of a sexy girl with a gorgeous body getting naked and getting frisky with herself! Hopefully she’s doing this at halftime or something, it would be a shame to miss any of the action either on the field or off by getting distracted either way. She loves a good touchdown so she’s touching herself down there…any guesses as to what a two-point conversion might be for her?

FTV Jody Returns


Ftv girls jody returns

She’s baaaack! FTV Jody, better known to us as Presley Dawson, is making her triumphant return after her initial feature shoot a month or so ago. She’s had a little more experience in the adult porn world now under her belt and is feeling a little more confident all in all, and you can certainly tell from her attitude. She loves getting naked in public and gets plenty of that in, flashing that gorgeous little ass and those perky boobies of hers in all kinds of places. FTV Girls loves a hot horny model with an adventurous spirit and Presley here certainly qualifies for that…it’s not all just flashing and such though, once she gets into the privacy of the house she’s all about fucking herself with whatever dildos and toys she can find, masturbating and orgasming right in our faces for a very hot return update. Let’s hope she rolls back in for a third shoot!

House Full of Cock


Dancing bear house full of cock

It’s good to be the bear! These amateur hotties have gone from a boring bachelorette party to a house full of cock as the Dancing Bear crew shows up and turns the party meter up to 11. These ladies are hungry for a facial meat injection so when the dudes started dancing around in the nude these girls were falling all over each other to give a blowjob. If you’re a fan of CFNM (clothed female nude male) photoshoots you’ve gotta check out Dancing Bear, they always make it a party! Check out the brunette in the picture right up above this blog, she’s clapping her hands but you can tell she’s getting pretty jealous that the hot chick in the blue skirt is getting all the attention and not her. Well not to worry, she gets a big hard dick in the mouth too so everyone around is all smiles by the end, a few facials later!

Anna M


Anna m for fucked hard 18

You see a lot of hot horny teens on Fucked Hard 18 but man, Anna M here is one of the hottest if you ask me! She looks like that cheerleader you always had a crush on but never got the gumption to ask out on a date, with her long slender legs and perky little boobies, not to mention a perfect ass. She is all sore from head to toe and is ready for a rubdown but I don’t think she knew it would go quite like this! We start out with Anna stripping nude and prancing around the room a little before hopping onto the massage table and pulling up the sheet, before the masseuse tugs it right back off again to give her whole body a nice going-over. She enjoys the massage quite a bit but especially when his hands dip down to cup her ass or slide a finger between her pussy lips! Seeing this the guy gets bolder, pulling his cock out of his pants and giving her the full treatment as he slips it inside. She was taken by surprise for a second but with that horny teen pussy of hers getting filled with a big hard cock she didn’t exactly object! Soon she was riding him on the table, bouncing that pert firm ass up and down as she took him deep inside her wet hole until finally he shot a creamy load all over her face and mouth.



Fucked hard 18 kimber

I never understand why girls try to push their tits together for a little extra cleavage…for example see Kimber in this Massage Girls 18 update. She’s cute as hell with wavy hair, a great butt and a sexy pussy and her tits are perfect as they are, so why bother trying to make them look bigger or closer together? Anyways, in this update Kimber shows her massage skills as she gives this guy a rubdown with her hands, lips and of course that tight fuckhole! It’s the full service and she looks more than happy to provide it as she climbs up on the massage table and fucks this guy’s brains out. The ol’ blue room has seen a lot of girls get naked and fuck but Kimber brings her own special blend of magic and orgasms as she rides that cock and fucks until the guy has to pull out and shoot his big load right into her mouth. She’s a smokin hot teen with a wet horny pussy and incredible tits who gives a good rubdown and an even better fuck, so give Kimber a try for your own happy ending!

Marry Fucks Huge Cock


Marry Lynn on Monsters Of COck

I can’t lie that Marry Lynn doesn’t look as hot as she did in her Amateur Allure video but I am going to continue to post her stuff just because of that scene.  In this new one she did for Bang Bros she fucks a dick so big it looks like the guys before her were a bunch of pencil dicks.  It doesn’t look that enjoyable for Marry here because this black guy just keeps trying to stuff his huge horse cock in her tight little pussy and I mean it’s just not possible that pussy is too damn tight and that dick is too damn big.  There was so straight up shit that went down on this porn set though because Marry was outside of this house legs spread as far as they can and this guy is dicking her down when some cops came in the back.  Apparently you can’t scream like crazy while your being fucked with a huge cock in L.A because neighbors are going to call the five O on your ass!

Milf Rides Big Dildo


Milf Rides Big Dildo

This is what I call getting after it.  This MILF has a hairy pussy and a nice little body on her, she has to be in her 40’s or something so a little too old for most of us I would imagine.  I however will give it to you because it has that nice homemade look and there are a lot of MILF lovers out there for sure.  This scene is really long but it’s just all this woman riding her big dildo.  She greases it up nice and good and this just rides it like a champ in a bunch of different positions.  I can tell you one thing that no guy could last that long with this girl riding your dick because she is just too good.  So It’s good that she has a dildo she likes to ride because that’s the only thing that’s going to last for 20 minutes haha!

Aj Applegate Anal


AJ Applegate Anal

You know a girl is going to have one fat ass when she names her self AJ Applegate, I mean that boot does look like a big apple i fyou ask me.  She is doing her very first anal sex scene right here and of course she is doing it for Bang Bros.  You would think they would put her in Mr. Anal or something like that for it but nope… With a ass like this there is only one site she could be on for Bang Bros and that’s their Ass Parade site.

Best of Both Worlds


Passion hd best of both worlds

We might call it cheating but Holly Michaels calls it getting the best of both worlds! Her main boyfriend has a fat bankroll but her guy on the side has a huge cock, so who is she to choose? Well spoiler alert, she goes for both…her boyfriend pops the question with a huge diamond ring and of course she says yes and fucks his brains out, and then her side dude calls her up for a bootycall and she says yes and fucks his brains out too! It’s all on camera for us to enjoy from Passion HD…Holly has one of the hottest bodies in the adult business if you ask me, I just can’t get enough of those huge soft full breasts and her sexy round ass and hopefully that goes double for you guys. She’s gorgeous, horny and apparently doesn’t give two shits about being monogamous so hey who knows, maybe you’ve got a shot too! If you end up banging this babe though don’t let me know, I’ll be jealous as hell.

Hot Orgasm


Scarlet hot orgasm on x art

Some women on porn sites masturbate and moan and scream but you can tell they’re just faking it…Scarlet from X-art, on the other hand, never fakes it! When she has a hot orgasm you know it’s real and man does she loves to cum. Check out this photoshoot by the oceanside as this beautiful long-haired brunette pulls off her sheer negligee and spreads her long smooth legs to masturbate on the couch under the open air. It’s a beautiful sexy photoshoot with a stunning model getting her fingers and toy wet with that tight pussy, so if your’e in the mood for sexy you’re in for a treat! That’s one thing Iv’e noticed about these X-art updates; it doesn’t matter if there’s one girl or three or five in a set, it’s always beautiful and it’s always sexy and never really seems forced like a lot of sites nowadays. Always worth a look.

Milk and Chocolate


Pawg anikka albrite milk chocolate

We all know the hot horny blonde known as Anikka Albrite but have we ever paid close attention to that juicy round ass of hers? Well PAWG does, because this is one Phat Ass White Girl and she is loving the spotlight! This site is part of the Bang Bros network so you know there will be plenty of hot closeups and even hotter hardcore action, and that’s just what’s coming down the street in this update. If you’re a fan of food play this gallery might just make your pants explode, just a bit of warning for you…Anikka starts out pouring milk over her gorgeous nude body, and when her costar shows up the dude pours chocolate syrup all over that round pair of peaches and licks it up before cramming her wet pussy full of cock. He’s got a huge dick and Anikka is a bit of a size-queen so it works out pretty well as she gets that sexy slit pounded to submission here! I’d like to call this update Milk Chocolate, not only because of the stuff that gets dumped onto her butt but also because that ass looks sweet enough to eat. This is Anikka’s fourth time on PAWG and she just seems to keep getting hotter and hornier each time she’s on…take a look if you’d like to see, here’s her 1st scene, 2nd scene and 3rd scene. You’ll see what I mean.

Petite 18 Year Old


18 Year Old Petite Girls Do Porn

You guys have probably been waiting on this Girls Do Porn update and I apologize for taking so long!  Here it is it’s a really hot 18 year old.  Girls Do Porn never bullshits with the age because they don’t really care so I can say for a face that this is 18 years old.  She has a fresh face and only fucked 7 guys in her entire life.  After watching her get fucked for over an hour I can tell you that those 7 guys didn’t hold a candle to this fuck session.  She just got warn out I bet she slept really good after this shit!  She can’t weigh more then 100lbs and that pussy of hers was so tight I thought for sure she wouldn’t beable to handle this big dick but she takes it like a champ.  She wasn’t bluffing when she said she loved sex during her interview but I think one thing she doesn’t like is a face full of cum, I could just tell LOL!

Sweet and Juicy


Sweet and Juicy

This ex girlfriend has some amazing big natural tits and she knows it!  She is totally nervous making this video you can tell she is like doing that nervous giggle and what not but who cares she is looking smoking from those tits to her ass.  She lets her boyfriend pretty much do whatever he wants because well he is hung like a god damn horse and she doesn’t want to loose this dick.  She ended up loosing him or she wouldn’t be on this Black GFs site but still you can tell she put in a good effort.  She gags on his cock and then he puts in it her pussy and it’s almost too much for her to handle.  When she is being fucked doggystyle she has to spread her ass apart just so her pussy can take his dick and then that’s not even enough.  The do the usual baby oil all over his dick and her pussy and that makes everything better, baby oil is love.

Having Fun


College rules college girls wanna have fun

These hot college girls wanna have fun and nobody’s gonna stop em! At least not when they’re this hot, this drunk and this naked…check out this hot video submission from College Rules as these girls get totally naked and turn a normal Friday night kegger into an all-out hardcore orgy as they kiss each other, lick each others’ pussies and of course fuck the lucky fratboys in attendance at this crazy sex party! The girls strip down nude and make a human chain of lesbians while the guys watch and finally join in, becoming the caboose and engine of the train as they get their cocks sucked before fucking these horny sorority babes. It looks like a fun party all around and is the kind of thing you’ll only find at College Rules so put down your textbooks and exam notes, it’s time for biology class with some of the hottest chicks on campus! Keep an eye out in particular for the tanned cutie with the pierced nipples…hot as a firecracker and looks like a great fuck!

Mandy anal


Mandy for backroom casting couch

Most girls hate anal or are scared to try it and sometimes even when they do give it a whirl it hurts so much they just tolerate it as best they can. Once in awhile though you’ll run across a girl who is a true anal slut, who just loves having a cock in her ass…that seems to be the case with this latest girl on the Backroom Casting Couch by the name of Mandy! She had taken it in the butt before but only once and briefly…this time when the casting director slides his cock into her ass she goes “is it in?” and I laughed my ass off. The guy wasn’t put off by it though, and I mean hell he’s the one with his dick in a hot girl’s ass, what would he have to be embarassed about? Anyway he pounds her from behind and she loves it, rubbing her clit while he fucks her ass, then moves to her pussy to finish off with a nice creampie as he shoots his load deep inside her pink twat. She could use a razor for her ass though, it’s a little on the hairy side back there…I guess she doesn’t notice or care but if she wants to actually make it in this business (as opposed to fucking and sucking a fake casting director) she might want to take that tail for a trim or else focus just on hairy sites!

Butt love


Leilani Leeane Round and Brown

I went out and tried to find this scene for you guys and found it over at my buddies site.  It’s a scene from Reality Kings Round and Brown site with one of my favorite black pornstar Leilani Leeane.  She has just the perfect ass doesn’t she?  On top of that she is fucking pretty especially when she is in stockings and a little black thong like in this scene.  The reason I was hunting this shit down is I thought it was going to be a anal sex scene with Leilani, I mean it is called Butt Love after all.  Well I watch the video and it isn’t kind of disappointing but really Leilani never disappoints.

Almost Famous


X art angelica almost famous

It’s easy to see why some people make the mistake of thinking Angelica is a celebrity when she’s out on the town…she’s so stunningly beautiful it’s hard to imagine her not being famous! Well she’s famous to us (or at least almost famous), and this update from X-art demonstrates why. She and her man Ben are traveling and are staying at a hotel…when Ben sees Angelica in her panties and loose top putting on a touch of makeup he just can’t help but come up behind her and kiss her neck, sliding his hands down to that perfect ass. She melts against him, passionately kissing him back and he drops to his knees to give her pussy a little tongue worship before dropping his pants and sliding his hard cock into that perfect slit! He fucks her right on the table, pushing deeper and deeper inside her until he finally shots his load on that tight firm ass.

Ava Sex For Chair


Ava Addams I Have A Wife

Ava Addams is cleaning house now that she got a divorce and the first thing to go is her ex husbands favorite chair, she always hated that thing.  A guy came over to pick it up and he was right up Ava’s alley.  She is looking to upgrade to a younger man after this latest divorce but when she finds out he is married it really doesn’t matter.  In fact it makes it that much hotter in her mind.  So he starts to haggle with Ava and she basically tells him that if he fucks her he can have the chair for free.  It’s a one time thing no strings attached and this married man couldn’t turn it down.  If a MILF as perfect as Ava made you the offer I doubt you could turn it down either!  Anyways check out this amazing video it was shot for Naughty America part of their “I Have A Wife” series.

Olga Snow


Olga snow on casting couch x

Olga isn’t usually a name you associate with a young hottie, more like an old Russian lady stirring a pot of stew or something…maybe it’s just me. Well now I’ve gotta change my opinion a little because Olga Snow here is hot as hell in this Casting Couch X update! She wants to get into the porn business because she loves sex, which is about the best reason a girl could give…I’m sure the money is a plus, let’s be honest, but man when a girl actually just loves getting fucked it makes a hardcore scene way more fun to watch. That’s how it is with Olga in her casting video here, she really gets into it as she gets that Russki pussy pounded! She’s beautiful, has great tits, a fantastic ass and man that accent is sexy as hell, she sounds like a chick in a Bond movie or something. You can’t hear it too well once she has a dick in her mouth though, so enjoy it while you can because soon she’s just moaning which is like an international language! Make sure you check out the video all the way to the end, by the way…I laughed my ass off after she got a facial. You’ll see what I mean.

Remy Beach Yoga


Remy lacroix beach yoga in the crack

Join lovely brunette Remy LaCroix as she greets the day by doing a little seaside yoga in this In The Crack photoshoot! She stretches and flexes, arching her back and sticking that gorgeous ass of hers out as she gets ready for a busy day of relaxing and fun. She even gets into some hula hooping, shaking that booty and keeping her blood pumping (she’s already got all of our blood pumping pretty well I’d say), and since this is an In The Crack jam you know you’re going to be right up close to the goods. All that working out can heat a girl up though, so to cool down she pours a bottle of water all over her nude body, letting it run down through her crack over her pussy and getting all kinds of wet! It’s a hot shoot featuring a beautiful woman staying fit and getting naked in the great outdoors, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we did.

Sara in Pink


Sara luvv for zishy

Join the beautiful and adorable Sara Luvv as she poses in a pink top, black thong and white high heels for this Zishy photoshoot! Zishy, if you haven’t checked it out already, is a pretty new website that concentrates less on slamming you with all kinds of huge fake nude tits and people fucking each other with their feet or whatever, and just shows stunning women being sexy. They usually don’t even get naked (which is kind of a shame but I get it), like Sara in these pictures just teasing us with that spectacular ass and her perky boobies…it’s just a beautiful woman showing her personality and teasing with her body and just being sexy as hell while having a good time! Can’t go wrong with that, you can always tell when a girl is just going through the motions for a paycheck or if she’s actually enjoying herself and feeling sexy. This is a good example of the latter, I’d say.

First Loves


X art first loves featuring chelsea

I just checked out this X Art update entitled First Loves featuring new model Chelsea and the first thing that came out of my mouth was ‘holy shit those fucking tits’. This girl is 18 years old, 4’11” tall and has natural D-cup tits that look absolutely astounding! She and her boyfriend decided to do a shoot for X-art and man I’m glad they did because she looks amazing, it’s great to see her get nude and get fucked in that tight teen pussy of hers! I don’t know if one of her eyes is lazy or if she’s just kinda always sleepy-looking even when she gets a facial but either way when you get a look at her breasts you won’t worry about that either…I can’t wait for the video of this hardcore fuck session to come out! The fact that this is her actual boyfriend fucking her works in the set’s favor, too…you can feel the passion they have for each other, it doesn’t feel fake or forced in the least.

In Your Eyes


Fantasy hd in your eyes whitney westgate

See what it’s like to fuck a gorgeous pornstar in this POV update from Fantasy HD entitled In Your Eyes! Beautiful brunette Whitney Westgate loses her bikini while you rub her feet, working your way up her thighs to caress that sexy round ass as your cock gets harder and harder. Soon she’s giving a blowjob and getting tittyfucked by that thick meat before she straddles you and rides her way to orgasm for this hot scene! Watch her grab those big breasts while she gets her pussy pounded…they bounce quite a bit and she doesn’t want to get slapped in the face, plus she just loves grabbing her own tits. I can’t say I blame her, can you? It’s great seeing this site explore and play with all kinds of different sexual fantasies, they’ve got a great thing going not to mention some stunning pornstars.

Miley Cyrus and pal


Miley licking guy

The media just can’t get enough of Miley Cyrus lately…and people wonder how she made all her damn money. First she does some terrible twerking with her little white girl butt, then she gets completely nude in her music video for some shitty song and the blogs just ate it up like applesauce! Here she’s posing with her producer, a big black dude by the name of Mike Will Made It, using that amazing tongue of hers to nearly lick him like a popsicle. She’s in a tiny top and white panties and I’ve gotta admit, looks sexy as hell for a celebrity cashing in on her fifteen minutes of fame. I’m not entirely sure but I think these photos are by Terry Richardson, and if you’ve got an afternoon to kill man you gotta look that guy up. He’s done some crazy shit and has shot a billion photos of sexy celebrities and models too.

Danielle Trixie


Danielle trixie on playboy

Stunning blonde Danielle Trixie is wearing a crazy fishnet swimsuit or something while she takes a shower in this Playboy photoshoot, but it makes me wonder why she even bothers since you can see basically right through! She’s showering with makeup on which is a little odd but man she is so stunningly gorgeous that I don’t think anyone had the heart to tell her. Playboy outdid themselves with this chick…an incredibly hot blonde with a great pair of tits and a great ass getting all wet and slicked up in the shower? Sign me the hell up!

Jessica Roberts


Big tits round asses jessica roberts

Jessica Roberts is one of those girls that looks like she was just destined for porn…she has fantasic huge soft bouncy titties, a beautiful face, and a libido that is second to none! In this hardcore scene from Big Tits Round Asses she’s riding some lucky guy’s cock with those huge melons bouncing up and down like, well, I was trying to come up with something to compare them to but man they are just great breasts is all. I got totally distracted by the bouncing and couldn’t come up with a good metaphor…it happens. This site is part of the Bang Bros network so you know you’re in for a treat!

Ava Fucks Professor


Ava Sparxxx Naughty Bookworm

Well I think the title says it all here Ava Sparxxx is fucking her professor in this video from Naughty America.  He caught her on the football field giving the school mascot a blowjob of all people and he brought her into his office to let him know he can’t just stand by at see her doing this kind of stuff.  He thought he was going to save her but instead he got seduced by this bubble butt teen redhead.  Ava went in for the kiss and that got the ball rolling and once he got that plump booty of hers out of her little shorts he couldn’t do anything else beside bend her over his desk and fuck her doggystyle.  The do it in pretty much all the standard positions and then Ava gets on her knees and takes a shot of cum to her face like the submissive girl she is. I decieded to go out and find you guys another gallery of Ava since the last one she did for Bang Bro’s PAWG site was such a hit. If you guys like this one I will definitely go find more of her.

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