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Kylie Kalvetti


Kylie kalvetti on tlhc

There’s no two ways about it, Teens Love Huge Cocks! That’s the name of the site and is a mighty fine description of what you’ll find inside…this time up it’s Kylie Kalvetti, a gorgeous sweet young thing with a craving for big dick that her boyfriends just couldn’t seem to satisfy…she had heard about TLHC on the Reality Kings network and knew she just had to go get her some! Kylie has those sexy thick thighs, she’s no rail-thin waif of a girl where you feel like you’re banging a skeleton when you stick your cock in her, this girl is the real thing…and man is she hot as hell. Just imagine that beautiful smile of hers looking up at you as she grabs your big dick, getting ready to suck it down and then stop imagining it and get in here to check it out for yourself! Kylie flashes her sweet round juicy booty and gets her pink teen pussy played with before the guy unzips and just about puts her eye out with that huge dong of his, letting it swing in her face to let her know what she’s in for! Soon he’s balls deep in that sweet little pussy, making Kylia moan and squeak as he stretched her to her limits with a nice hard fuck before knocking out a nice big load all over her chin that dripped down onto her boobies.

AC my DC


Katie banks ac dc

There might be some construction trucks and cranes and diggers and whatnot going on behind Katie Banks in this photoshoot but I’d have to say she’s the one doing the most erecting, wouldn’t you? She’s slipping off her little plaid shorts and flashing those sexy pink thong panties before dropping those too and flashing her ass and tight pussy, not to mention pulling her top down to reveal those huge round titties of hers! She’s got this AC/DC shirt on and if I was in their management crew or whatever I would jump on this opportunity, I mean this is like a perfect album cover if you ask me or at the very least a sweet promo photo! I can’t imagine the construction workers at this jobsite will be getting much work done anytime soon as long as Katie is hanging out by their bulldozers, flashing those boobs and fingering her wet pussy like this…they better just pull up some chairs and enjoy the show!

Ashley Adams Public Sex


Ashley Adams Bang Bros 18

You have to give it to Bang Bros they find some pretty unique places to fuck girls.  Ashley Adams here is fucking in what looks like a mini mart or something.  Ashley has been on a couple times on our site and I think I am really starting to like her.  She has a great body in my opinion those big natural breasts of hers are a real win.  She isn’t just all boobie though she has a nice ass too and as you can see from this image right here she knows how to use it.  The scene is from the site Bang Bros 18 and was just released today.  Ashley is supposedly a “shopper” in this scene and the guy approaches her with a bunch of cash to see if she would fuck for money.  Well she does right in the halls and then she takes a nice cumshot on her face and those big titties.  You have to have noticed by now anytime there is a woman with large breasts she also always get them came on, it’s like our male instinct or something.

Red White and Sex


Brooke red white sexy on bp

Get ready to stand up and salute the flag so to speak, as beautiful Brooke shows off her skimpy little one-piece lingerie number in this update from her own site called Red White and Sex! Her website is called Brookes Playhouse by the way, if you’ve never checked it out make sure you take a peek because it’s got tons of fun features and holy smokes this girl is a knockout. Beautiful face, long dark glossy hair, huge perfect tits, sweet round firm ass, toned legs, she’s just got it all and she’s got a fun personality to boot! She was relaxing on the couch playing with herself through that thin lacy fabric when her boyfriend joined her, kissing her all over and grabbing those big juicy boobs just like we all want to do! Soon he’s got Brooke on her hands and knees with that sweet sexy ass in the air, jamming his cock into her wet pussy and fucking her from behinhd….again, just like we all want to do! Those big breasts of hers look magnificent bouncing and dancing as this lucky dude pounds that pussy…Brooke is somethin special alright.

Isabella De Santos


Isabella de santos on hard x

Just at a glance you can tell this update is from Hard X! Right off the bat the glamour shots at the beginning of this set as gorgeous Isabella De Santos starts dancing and clapping that juicy round ass…it must sound like a rousing round of applause as this sexy babe shakes that booty! She’s out under the sun on the patio doing that but when she heads inside, that’s when the real fun starts…she immediately gets filled up with this guy’s big hard cock, taking every inch of it in her sweet sexy round Latina ass as she gets the anal pounding of her lifetime! I was a little worried about that butt of hers to tell the truth, I thought there was no way she’d be able to withstand a pounding like this but man this chick is one hot anal Latina, she absolutely loves getting that backdoor of hers worked hard and deep and loud! Isabella gets fucked and has her pussy fingered and tickled at the same time, moaning as the guy pounded away at her tight little hole until he pushed her onto her knees and blasted a big cum facial to finish things off for Hard X.



Valerie From Backroom Casting Couch

Well guys we might be seeing a end of a era in this new Backroom Casting Couch update.  Rick the guy who started this whole is trying to find his replacement I think.  The guy didn’t do any of the talking or anything like that he was just the one that got to fuck this girl Valerie but still in the members area he says he is looking for someone to take over.  So if you don’t like this guy you’re going to have to join up just so you can vote in the members area.  Anyways this girls name is Valerie I mentioned that and she is from Georgia and I think she is a natural redhead.  So she has that super cute girl next door accent that I think all of you are going to like.  She is a ticker girl with a nice round ass that you do get to see fucked in this update.  She doesn’t let him fuck it long but at the end she did say she enjoyed it once she listened to Ricks tips.  The girl has some nice puffy tits, they’re not big they’re not small they are nice though.  She usually just sucks a guy off a swallows his cum during sex but today she is getting a facial something she wasn’t too stoked about but she did it anyways for a chance to get some jobs that pay her $1000 to $5000 dollars a day.  The sad thing though Valerie if you’re reading this.  There is no job sorry.

Angel Of The Morning


Sammie daniels passion hd angel of the morning

Just call her Angel of the Morning! Beautiful sexy blonde spinner Sammie Daniels is back on Passion HD and is showing her stuff here, relaxing in bed with her man and feeling his hands all over that tight little body…she sat in front of him grinding her hips and moving that sweet little ass against his cock to feel it growing and stiffening behind her, enjoying the sensation and knowing that she was driving her man crazy! Sammie had already warmed herself up so to speak, grabbing her big purple rabbit vibrator and sliding it in and out of that tight pink little pussy so she was already wet in the panties and turned on when she took her man’s cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then going for a nice deep hard ride in his lap! She had those skinny legs in the air getting her cunt rocked, grabbing onto the sheets for support so he wouldn’t fuck her right off the bed…I mean can you blame him for trying? This girl is smokin hot and has an incredible tight little body, getting her in bed would be fantastic…this dude certainly thinks so, pounding that pussy before getting Sammie on her knees, blasting a nice big facial on her that she got into her mouth and swallowed down!

Valentina Nappi Anal


Valentina Nappi Anal Hard X

That big perfect ass right there is getting fucked and it’s a scene you’re only going to see at Hard X.  The models name is Valentina Nappi a girl known for her ass and how well she can take it in that big ass of hers.  She is like Spanish or something she is pretty exotic looking to me and not only does she have a great butt but man she has big natural tits too.  The video is kind of shitty I am not going to lie but that’s because Hard X just doesn’t give out their stuff for free.  They win so many awards and what not that you know it costs them a shit ton of money to make these so it’s just a trailer guys.  I encourage you to join their site though it’s totally worth it and they have a lot of the harder sex that you guys seem to like.  So with that being said in the video you don’t get much anal action you do get to see Valentina showing off her body and ass in this sexy sling bathing suit.  Then towards the end you get to see some of the hardcore action.  It’s quick though and there is a lot of cuts but still something I think you guys should look at. At least look at the pictures if you don’t want to watch a trailer they’re good as well.

Moving Day


Ashley Adams Moving Day

This Ashley Adams girl is pretty wonderful isn’t she?  Those big natural tits of hers are seriously to die for.  I have no idea why Porn Pros called this episode Moving Day because Ashley here isn’t moving shit she is actually using ice to make her nipples super hard.  Her boyfriend just kind of watches and then after a bitch they start to make out and that’s where the action happens.  I got you guys a nice long video to enjoy so either bookmark this video or make some time!  The video is cut perfectly as you get a little of everything from doggystyle sex to the crazy facial ending.  I think my favorite part would be from the picture you see above.  There is just something magical about a big breasted woman bouncing up and down on your cock isn’t there?  This guy is a big fan too he squeezes them and grabs hold of them as he pounds her from behind.  Porn Pros I thought for a while just had videos that you get on like Passion HD and some of their other sites but it’s definitely all new videos so this is just another one of those sites that you need to join because their porn is crazy good.

MILF Anal Orgasms


MILF Having Anal Orgasms

Here is a good gallery for those of you who like anal sex it’s from Mom POV.  They have a lot of good anal sex scenes come to think about it.  There is something about MILFs and anal they just love it more then any other type of woman.  So in this update this girl is 44 years old and she has a great looking pussy as you can kind of see from this update but in her interview she lets Nick from Mom POV know that she likes anal.  So when he is pile driving her on the hotel couch he finds that the best time to ask her if she would like to try it.  She does so he oils it all up and slips his dick in that tight ass of hers.  She is loving it so much that the rest of the video is pretty much him just plugging up her but.  There are two times in the video where you can see that she is actually having an anal orgasm.  I mean her whole body is shaking and stuff like that so it’s not being faked or anything.  I thought this was a myth but I guess girls can orgasm from anal so here you go proof.

Easy Entrance


Easy Entrance GF Revenge

This girlfriend went on a little showing trip and when she came home her boyfriend was home and wanted to see what she got.  It was suppose to be a surprised but he was persistant so she said to grab the video camera and go outside.  She put on these leather pants and then told him to open his eyes.  At first she had it hidden and then she opened up her legs and showed him the easy entrance point for his dick.  She has quite a nice pussy though doesn’t she?  The pants of course get him in the mood so they go inside where she sucks his dick and gets him hard and then he fucks her while he record the whole thing.  You can totally tell this is a amateur couple just because of how shitty the camera work is.  This guy can’t keep it still to save his life!  He is banging her and the camera is going every which way but whatever that’s what you get with amatuer porn but sometimes GF Revenge gets those videos where they just put down the camera and fuck those are nice.  The scene ends with him banging her hard doggystyle and he pulls out and nuts on her nice round ass.

After Shower Sex


After Shower Sex on BlackGFs

I think all girls know what is up when they’re boyfriend or husband breaks out a camera while they are in the shower.  Yea, they want to film you naked but they want way more then that and this girl from Black GFs pretends not to know what is up at first but as you see from this picture she gets it eventually.  She takes the shower that her boyfriend gave her and then he tells her he wants to fuck.  She is kind of mad you can see because she JUST took a shower and she knows how he likes to finish all over her face.  So she isn’t too into it but a little fingering and then she is sitting on her knees sucking his dick so she can take that little white dick of his for a ride.  She does a lot of the fucking being on top, it’s where black girls feel most comfortable I find it.  That’s why they’re so good at riding dick they have bene on top for most of their sexual lives LOL.  Anyways the video ends just how I said with him cover that pretty face of hers in cum.

Alexa Tomas


Porn fidelity Alexa Tomas

After ‘meeting up’ with Nikki Daniels in her house in Come And Get Me Part 2 on Porn Fidelity and shooting a load in her pussy, Ryan heard her door open and her housemate Alexa Tomas come home! Alexa is a gorgeous latina with an amazing body and Ryan had been lusting after her for months…he heard her go to her bedroom and start getting undressed, thinking she was home all alone! He asked Nikki to keep hush-hush and snuck over, surprising Alexa as she was in her room playing with her pussy but her surprise over being interrupted in her masturbation turned into lust as he whipped out that big hard cock and started fucking her dripping wet hole on the bed! Looks like Alexa had been doing some spying of her own, she had seen the bulge in Ryan’s pants and wanted a little taste of that action for herself and that turned into Part 3 of the Come and Get Me series here! Ryan gives that sweet cunt of hers a nice hard pounding, holding Alexa down on the bed as he pinned her from above and then took her on top so she could ride his cock to a moaning screaming orgasm! He ended up shooting his load of cum deep in her hole, giving this sexy exotic busty babe a nice creampie to remember him by. Looks like those two housemates Nikki and Alexa will have plenty to talk about, they both got their pussies filled up with Ryan’s jizz!

Hollie Mack


Hollie mack for teen fidelity

If you’ve got a thing for hot teen chicks with freckles make sure you check out this Teen Fidelity update featuring the lovely Hollie Mack! They had sat down for a meal together but while Ryan was trying to munch his food Hollie had different ideas, namely about him munching her box! Soon she hopped up on the table and shoved her pussy in his face, and he was more than happy to push his plate aside to give that sweet teen pussy of hers a nice tonguebath…talk about having your dessert first! Ryan licked her tight cunt before burying his cock in it, fucking her right there on the kitchen table in this Teen Fidelity scene…this girl is hot as hell, too, with great perky titties and long lean legs that she wraps around Ryan’s neck and then his waist to pull him even closer to her, closing her eyes and throwing her head back in pleasure as he worked that sweet tight little pussy of hers! Hollie keeps her sexy leather boots on as she gets pounded here, talk about knockin them boots…this girl’s got a great body and a cute face and of course those sexy freckles round things out mighty fine as she gets fucked and creampied here!

Nikki Nine


Nikki Nine Gets Her Man Back

I do believe this beautiful MILF is new to the porn industry.  Her name is Nikki Nine and when I google her there is a whole other person that shows up.  I mean it could be she just changed a whole bunch but I just am not buying that.  This Nikki girl has an amazing body I especially like her ass.  It nice and round and big, what more can you ask for really.  Her tits are nice too but those are fake and you know I love some fake titties but anyone can get those.  I guess you can get fake asses nowadays but most girls don’t do that.  Only porn chick I can think of is Lela Star.  Anyways this scene is from Brazzers and she is showing up at an engagement party.  Her ex boyfriend is getting married and it somehow has made her want to get him back so she goes there with that intent.  The guy freaks out when he see’s her and brings her inside.  She tells him that she wants him back and that he is making a big mistake.  He isn’t buying what she is saying so she goes with her trump card.  She lifts up her skirt and shows that perfect bald pussy that she knows he is missing, turns around and shows her perfect ass and then flashes her titties.  This guy is in love once again and his lust takes over and he fucks her in the room he was suppose to share with his soon to be wife.

Kyra Hot Creampied


Kyra Hot Gets A Creampie From Nacho

Alright so I am going to let you guys in on a little secret.  If you want to see like long up to date video from Bang Bros you can always visit our site we will have some of them.  But this site has them all pretty much the same day they come out.  I go ahead and post a lot of them but sometimes they just don’t fit the theme of our site, or simply I don’t like the update. What you guys should really do is just join Bang Bros that would solve a lot of your issues.  But you know sometimes you just can’t afford the $20 bucks so for those people check out that section.  Anyways this is the brand new video that came out today and it’s with a white girl that I am a big fan of because of just how beautiful and thick she is.  Her name is Kyra Hot and she is fucking the man the myth the legend Nacho.  He is a guy that is pretty unique it almost seems crazy at times but man he can plow these bitches.  He fucks Kyra really good and then he surprises her but not getting out of his pussy instead just staying in and giving her a awesome creampie.

Kimmy Granger


Kimmy granger on tiny4k

I don’t believe I’ve seen this chick Kimmy Granger before but man with that tight sexy spinner body of hers I’d be surprised if she doesn’t start popping up all over the place! Kimmy starts off this Tiny4k update dancing on the bed and flashing and teasing with that sexy firm little butt and her sweet lickable pussy and nice perky titties, playing with herself and then spreading her pussy lips wide open to show off her pink! This guy couldn’t take anymore and just had to get his lips on that twat, licking her cunt up and down and flicking her bean with this tongue to drive her crazy before pounding that sweet tight little hole of hers! There are plenty of nice pairs of tits in the adult industry but sometimes you never know if they’ve gone under the knife…it’s a whole lot harder to fake a great ass so it’s a little more rare to find a chick with a truly nice butt, but this girl Kimmy Granger definitely has a fantastic ass back there! This guy agrees I guess because he gets her on her hands and knees with that booty in the air, so he can stare at it while he fucks her doggystyle in this sexy hardcore scene. Tiny4k matches up the sweetest cutest little sexy spinners they can find with the biggest swinginest dicks around and the results are pretty top shelf if you ask me!

Karla Kush Returns


Karla kush squirting on blacked

Beautiful blonde babe Karla Kush just can’t get enough big thick black dick, she’s headed back to the site BLACKED and is taking on this guy’s huge dark dick, licking him up and down and fitting as much into her mouth as she could manage before going for a nice hard ride, squirting all over the guy as she was fucked to a squeaking shaking orgasm! The guy kept on pounding that sweet little hole of hers, making her go absolutely nuts…this guy is a singer and Karla was trying to convince him that she would be just the right agent to represent him, and from the looks of things she really knows how take care of the talent if you follow my drift! If you missed out on the first couple of times Karla was on Blacked worry not my friend, I’ve got you covered…here are scene 1 and scene 2 for your enjoyment, watch this blonde horndog go crazy over big black cock again and again! She gets that sweet ass in the air, keeping on her thigh high stockings and garter belt as she gets fucked, making things nice and wet and wild with her squirting until the guy does some squirting of his own drenching Karla with a big creamy facial.

KT So Lacey Lingerie


KT So Lacey Sexy Lingerie

You know if it was easier to get promo content of this girl KT So I would totally post her more because she is just that hot.  But that is just not how it is so you guys will just have to deal with the not so often updates of her.  If you really like her though you can always just join her site to get to know her better that is always an option.  In this update she is in some super sexy lingerie.  This guy who made this gallery seems to think it’s for St Patricks Day because of the grey bra I guess but I suspect its just a normal lingerie piece that KT has.  She is a chick who doesn’t show much nudity at all but with a body like this and the poses she does I think that should just be enough for anybody.

Zoe Wood


Casting couch x zoe wood

The first stop for a model in the adult industry pretty often takes place at Casting Couch X and this 18 year old Seattle chick Zoe Wood is following in those footsteps! Zoe seems like a cool chick, she’s into art and used to be a tattoo artist (although she doesn’t have any tattoos of her own) and has a fantastic tight little teen body too! She strips down out of her little shorts, showing off those perky titties and nice tight little butt, sucking this guy’s cock and then going for a nice hard ride! I don’t know that I’d want to get a tattoo from someone who doesn’t have any of their own, but maybe she flashed that cute smile at guys and bounced her boobies around a little and they sat right down in her chair, not to mention giving her a nice tip at the end! She gets way more than just the tip here on CCX though, taking every inch of this guy’s cock as she leaned over on the desk and held on, biting her lip and moaning through her teeth as she got fucked from behind and then got on her knees to get hosed down with a nice big facial.

Luna Star and Kalina Ryu


Luna and kalina on in the crack

I don’t actually recall ever seeing a girl-girl shoot on In The Crack before, usually they just feature a single model and give you a nice up close personal tour of her body from head to toe at a distance of about an inch! This time though they’ve got double trouble with exotic hotties Kalina Ryu and Luna Star getting naked and getting lesbian, making out and exploring each others body and licking each other through their nylon stockings and of course eating pussy and even busting out a double sided dildo they shared, both getting fucked at the same time and slapping their asses together…can you imagine the sound those butts must be making as they clap cheeks together, it would sound like applause or something. I know I want to applaud just from watching these horny cuties licking puss and slurping ass, I don’t know about you guys! Lovely licking lesbians are always high up on the appreciation list, especially when we get a nice up close look as is the In The Crack style.

Fantasy Is My Reality


Wow porn fantasy is my reality

Some people just live in a whole different world of pleasure than the rest of us and that includes beautiful blonde Violette from Wow Porn! She says Fantasy Is My Reality and after checking out this update I’m inclined to believe her. She had her eyes on another guy and asked him along the next time she met up with her boyfriend, taking on both of those big hard dicks at once with one in her mouth and one in her pussy at the same time! These guys were more than willing to join forces and give this hottie the double dicking she was craving, fucking that tight perfect little cunt of hers and feeding her their dick too…Violette was in heaven, getting her holes pleasured simultaneously like that was something she’d been dreaming about and now she was bringing her dreams to life! This blonde cutie has an amazing body too, she even kept her knee high socks on while she got fucked which is just plain sexy if you ask me, it’s a red hot hardcore scene with some great action and I’m sure Violette would agree…in fact she’s probably invited these two guys pretty much everywhere she went from this point on!

Candice Dare


Candice dare on pawg

When you’ve got a site with a title like PAWG that specializes in Phat Ass White Girls you have a good idea of what you’ll be getting served up and this chick Candice Dare is a perfect example of that! She’s a busty blonde with a big juicy booty and has a blast here in her first update on PAWG for the Bang Bros network, shaking that booty and stripping down and grabbing her big round juicy ass before taking on this guy’s big fat hard cock. Candice loves getting a good hard deep dicking, spreading her cheeks apart as she lowered her butt onto that cock to get her ass fucked too! A little anal pounding goes a long way for Candice, she cums quicker getting fucked in the ass than in the pussy and soon she’s moaning and quivering on the end of this guy’s rod and grabbing mouthfuls of pillow as she buried her face down before the dude pulled out and busted his nut all over that sexy round ass. Phat ass white girl indeed, she’s got a badonkadonk she should be proud of and she definitely put it to work for PAWG here in this hardcore fuck scene!

Gorgeous Local Girl BTS


Gorgeous local girl bts gdp

It was a little less than a year ago that we posted about this gorgeous local girl for the first time (she also came back for round two) but with a face and body like she’s got I wouldn’t be surprised if she stuck in your memory. Girls Do Porn has hands-down the hottest amateur chicks I’ve seen on the net getting naked and getting fucked, they knock it out of the park each and every week…sometimes they have to go a little far afield flying a girl in from across the country but sometimes there’s a horny hottie right in their hometown who wants to make her very first adult video on GDP! This girl was a bit nervous at first but the combination of money and adventure and the promise of a nice hard fuck tickled her curiosity and man oh man I’m glad she decided to take the plunge. If you haven’t hopped onto the brand new members’ area yet make sure you check it out, they’ve got all kinds of fun new features…my favorite new feature is probably the BTS (behind-the-scenes) footage they have available, you get to see a little glimpse behind the scenes getting to know the girls a little better, hearing how they feel about their shoot during breaks partway through, and of course getting a little post-game interview so to speak. For instance this gorgeous local girl talks about how much she likes this guy’s cock and we get some extra footage of her sucking him off, then rinsing off that beautiful tight body in the shower afterwards. It’s a nice little supplement to a red hot hardcore shoot, and a mighty nice feature that Girls Do Porn provides to their members!

Sabrina Banks


Sabrina banks on blacked

You knew it was bound to happen at some point…the beautiful and perpetually horny Sabrina Banks is doing an update for Blacked! She was happily married here but had heard her girlfriends talking about this guy and his huge black cock and Sabrina just had to get a look (and a taste) for herself so she put on her sexiest purple lingerie with thigh high black stockings and headed to the guy’s house…he found her there half-naked looking incredibly sexy and wasted no time before bending this hottie over the kitchen counter and introducing her tight wet little pussy to his long thick dark dick! Sabrina gets a fantastic pounding in this BLACKED update, apparently the stories her girlfriends told her were all true and she had a great time getting her pussy stretched out by that cock…she kept her lingerie on for a bit but then got it ripped off as they headed to the bedroom and really got into the fucking, with her wrapping those lean sexy legs around his waist and pulling that big meat inside her hole as deep as she could manage. Sabrina ended up on her knees taking a big creamy facial, hopefully her little ‘indiscretion’ never makes it back to her husband!



Layla for net video girls

Looks like the fellas at Net Video Girls are up to their old tricks again…they’ve brought in a brand new hottie named Layla to ostensibly audition for a calendar photoshoot, but of course once she starts taking off her clothes and getting more comfortable we know there’s no calendar, she’s just getting naked and then getting fucked on camera for Net Video Girls! These amateurs they bring in get a camera on them and figure they’d better bring their A-game, masterfully manipulated by the Maestro (as he is known) from being nervous to being determined to do whatever it takes to get the part. This girl is hot as hell, too, with nice tits and an amazing ass…and apparently she’s not afraid of a little edginess, she’s got a couple of angel wings tattooed on her chest (with pierced nipples) and another tattoo on her hip…once she starts stripping down she doesn’t hesitate too much before taking this guy’s big hard dick in her mouth, sucking him off and then getting that perfect butt in the air to get her tight little pussy pounded doggystyle! She may have forgotten all about the calendar shoot but man this Net Video Girls chick is a stunner…hopefully Layla comes back for the next round of ‘auditions’!

Kate England


Kate england white dress

This girl Kate England is just plain stunning…cute blonde with perky tits and a sweet tight pussy and a great ass who loves to suck cock and loves to get fucked on camera? Sounds like a dream cum true to meshe gives her man a little tease with some upskirt looks to show her complete lack of panties, letting the top of her dress slip down to flash those sweet boobs, before taking his cock in her mouth to suck him off. He wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a blowjob from this hottie though and soon he had Kate on her knees, fucking that wet pussy from behind and then laying her back on the couch to slide as deep as she could take him in her hole! Absolute knockout from head to toe and pretty much perpetually horny, this girl is somethin special every time she’s on the camera and in this hardcore fuck scene ends up taking the guy’s load of cum all over her nice soft firm breasts. Kate doesn’t even bother taking her white dress off the whole time she’s getting fucked!

Sweet Dreams


Passion hd alexis adams sweet dreams

This guy was having some sweet dreams but there’s no way they could compare to the reality of having beautiful pornstar Alexis Adams lying in bed nude next to him! She woke up and started rubbing his legs, sliding her hands over his body and slipping off her panties…when he awoke and found her hands on him he must have thought he was still dreaming, this girl is incredible! She’s been on Passion HD a ton of times but just keeps getting hotter, putting those big perfect tits and her nice soft round ass to work as she sucks this guy’s cock and gets her wet pussy fucked. Alexis isn’t one of those rail-thin waifs of a model, she’s got some womanly curves and is just sexy as hell from her head to the tips of her toes! Alexis gets her sweet snatch pounded here, taking this guy’s big dick deep inside as she wiggled her cute sexy butt in the air…there’s not much in this world she loves more than getting fucked doggystyle and this guy loves seeing that ass in front of him, holding Alexis’s arms behind her back as he pinned her down and slid in and out of that glorious hole. She ends up on her back on the bed deepthroating the guy’s cock, sucking him off until he busted a load that got all over her face and all over those big bouncy jiggly boobs too!

Brooke Myers


Brooke myers on casting couch x

With her pierced nipples and tight teen body I’m pretty sure this casting director was already stoked to see Brooke Myers getting naked, but this girl is way more than just a pair of tits! She’s a fucking stunner and absolutely loves sex, especially sucking dick…she says she’s given more blowjobs than she can count and from the way she’s slurping on this dude’s pants-goblin I am inclined to believe her. This is Casting Couch X by the way if you hadn’t already guessed…we’ve seen tons of famous pornstars make their start at CCX and I would bet that Brooke Myers is going to be among that number! She’s definitely no one-off, she loves to fuck and has an incredible body and that is one hell of a combination in this industry. What happens is a girl shows up at Casting Couch X, does a hardcore session on camera with them and then other porn sites see how she looks and how comfortable she is on camera and then get in contact and then you start seeing these girls all over the place. It’s great to have a front row seat to the ‘initiation’ though, especially with a horny hot teen sexpot like Brooke Myers! She gets pounded nice and hard here, taking that guy’s cock deep in her dripping wet hole and then pumping and sucking out a huge cream facial…from the sounds of things the casting director was more than impressed with her skills!

Harmony Gaston


Harmony gaston on zishy

Meet beautiful Harmony Gaston, she’s a Wisconsin chick who loves to get out into nature and isn’t afraid to flash a little skin when she’s feelin frisky! She’s the perfect girl to find on Zishy, she’s got plenty of personality and a beautiful body and in this photoshoot called Prime Real Estate she’s walking the streets in her cute little teal skirt that she tugs up to flash her skimpy purple lacy panties, giving any passersby a nice upskirt surprise that will I’m sure make their day. Plenty of sites out there show sexy amateur girls getting naked and taking you basically inside their pussies but Zishy goes a different route, leaving a little to the imagination while showing the sexiness of these girls inside and out. We get a look their personality as well as their tits, and sometimes what isn’t shown is the sexiest part of the photoshoot! Harmony spends a nice sunny afternoon teasing with that sweet round ass of hers as she lets her skirt hike up, then gets so turned on by the fun that she starts slipping her hands into her panties to play with that tight little pussy of hers…prime real estate indeed!

Frozen Princess


Sexy pattycake frozen princess

I mean I’ll be honest here I’ve never seen the movie Frozen so I don’t know if this costume that Sexy Pattycake is wearing is a cosplay sort of thing from that or not, but man there’s a whole lot of pink going on and a winter wonderland all around her so hey that’s my best guess. You never really know with Pattycake, sometimes she doesn’t really have someone in mind that she’s trying to look like she just figured hey why not put on some crazy neon pink and blue outfit and masturbate out in the snow! That’s just what she’s doing here, sliding her vibrating toy in and out of that pussy after tugging down her skimpy little panties. I’m fairly sure that never happened in Frozen, but hey I guess it’s open to interpretation…Patty seems to be having a whole lot of fun, she’s got that incredible body and loves playing with herself on camera for her lucky members! This photoshoot is from her own website, just in case you somehow didn’t know…the full shoot is available there, this is obviously only a little smattering, so if Patty has whetted your appetite you know where to head from here.

Gabriella Ford Teen Pussy


Tiny4k teen pussy gabriella ford

If you’ve seen the site Tiny4k before you know they love to match up a cute petite little spinner with a big fat cock and see what happens, and in this update we get to see gorgeous Latina babe Gabriella Ford jumping around in the bed stripping down and then getting her sweet teen pussy licked and fingered and pounded! Gabriella’s cute little boobies are perky as hell and her nipples look like they could carve her name into a slab of granite as she gets her tight little snatch worked, taking this guy’s big hard dick deep inside again and again. Gabriella is fairly new on the scene, she hasn’t done much stuff for adult sites yet and is still a fresh-faced teen with tons of energy and a hell of a libido…this is her first time on Tiny4k and I definitely hope they bring her back for more because this girl is red hot! Those skinny legs wrapped around this guy’s waist, pulling him in so he can pound that sweet teen pussy of hers as deep as possible, can’t get much better than that my friends. Gabriella keeps her knee-high socks on for quite a bit of this update too which is sexy as hell, there’s somethin about a girl in socks getting fucked that just pushes all the right buttons. It’s just one of those mysteries in life that I hope never gets solved, know what I mean?

Sophia Grace


Povd sophia grace in sunday tease

You’ve seen tons of pornstars get pounded but haven’t you wondered or imagined what it’s like to be the one fucking those sweet horny pussies in all these fun situations? Well my friend that’s where this site POVD comes into play! They’ve got some of the sexiest babes in the industry getting naked and getting fucked, and it’s all in first person perspective…take beautiful Sophia Grace her for instance, she heads into the bathroom while you’re taking a shower and starts putting on a show, stripping down naked and rubbing her pussy until she’s dripping wet and begging for a nice hard pounding! Of course that’s just what she gets here, popping that beautiful smooth round sexy ass of hers in the air to get her snatch pounded doggystyle…it’s pretty amazing to be in the drivers seat taking this pornstar’s horny pussy deep and hard, especially in super high resolution video! Sophia does a little tease in her bright-ass teal nightie at the beginning of this shoot, which is why they call it Sunday Tease, showing off that sexy round ass and dropping her top to grab those perky round titties wiht a grin before getting naked and getting down on this big dick. Sophia takes that cock in all kinds of fun positions here but all good things must cum to and end and finally she pumps out a nice big loda that gets all over her sweet breasts!

Best Friends With Benefits


X art best friends with benefits

This guy Jake wasn’t dating beautiful brunette Kaylee per se but they were best friends and from the looks of things the ‘no-dating’ was more a formality because they spent a ton of time together and as you can see they’re not exactly shy about getting into some naughty situations at any time! In this X Art update for instance, they were just hanging out in the kitchen together making a little food when they started kissing and giggling and fooling around and before you know it Kaylee is naked on the counter and Jake is on his knees licking that sweet tight pussy of hers! This girl is drop dead fucking gorgeous by the way, this dude is a lucky son of a gun being in a situation like this…the name of the shoot is Best Friends With Benefits and they’re both benefitting from this little arrangement they have as they fuck right there in the kitchen, with Kaylee’s top slipping down to show those perfect perky titties and her leg cocked up on the counter to take his hard cock as deep in her tight wet hole as possible! This girl is an absolute dream come true and she gets fucked nice and hard here, she’s a joy to watch whether she’s clothed or naked and I don’t know about you guys but I hope these two stay friends for a long, long time…as long as we’re invited along for the fun!

Her First Big Cock


Julia Ann Helps Out With Anxiety

Check out this new scene from Moms Teach Sex, I usually like to make my own galleries for this kind of stuff but I just couldn’t find any content for this new scene except for here.  So head over to this MILF Porn site and you will find what I am talking about.  Julia Ann went lingerie shopping with her younger friend Natasha White.  Natasha is looking to get banged by a guy but she is nervous because the guy is rumored to have a large dick.  Julia Ann doesn’t want her to be nervous so she offers up her step son as some practice.  She knows he is hung and that way Natasha will know if she can handle this guys big dick, plus Julia offers to teach her through the whole thing.  Natasha doesn’t think Julia is going to join in but when Julia starts to eat on her pussy it feels so good she doesn’t tell her to stop and lets her join in on the sex and it turns out to be a really hot threesome that I think helped Natasha out with her sex game immensely.

Bar Flashing


Bar flashing

Check out these three cute amateurs flashing tits in some dirty grungy bar somewhere…one of the girls is smoking which means it’s not where I live, but hey maybe you know her! The girl with the cigarette is the cutest one if you ask me and she’s got really nice tits but in my opinion the most entertaining part of this picture is the chick just barely visible on the left looking on and looking sour as hell, wishing she had the body to show off like these cuties are doing! Actually I take it back, my favorite part is the boobs after all. There’s something magical about amateur girls showing tits, especially nice ones, out in public like this! This picture comes courtesy of Ernie’s House of Whoopass by the way or EHOWA if you’re in the know, he posts like every day about whatever he feels like talking about. This picture for instance he posted midway through a paragraph about light beers, because theres a bottle of Corona Light off to one side and that’s what he fixated on…the dude is always entertaining and interesting and as you can see he loves showing amateur girls flashing and who doesn’t like that!

Behati Prinsloo



This gorgeous blonde honey is Behati Prinsloo, and apparently she’s married to rockstar Adam Levine. He’s the Maroon 5 guy right, am I thinking of the right dude? I guess I could just look him up and check but I’m too busy staring at his wife’s hot face and sexy nipples in these photos from a Victorias Secret shoot. I think they used to photoshop out the nips in pictures like this where the lingerie is all see-through but either they forgot this time or they just don’t bother anymore because hey what’s one more nipple in this crazy world? Either way I approve, and I bet you guys do too because this chick is insanely smokin hot and has great tits, and from the look on her face she doesn’t exactly mind us all staring at them! She’s got a nice tight athletic body from head to toe and looks great in lingerie, from the looks of things she’d be even hotter with it on floor instead but hey we gotta deal with what we’re given am I right? I’m not sure where she’s from exactly, with a name like Behati Prinsloo I would guess India if I had to take a stab at it but I’m really not sure, she’s got a little bit of an exotic look to her I suppose and oh man I just realized she probably has an amazing accent too. Looks like I’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon looking up videos of her talking and modeling or something!

Mia Lelani


Mia lelani on pure mature

How about a little Eye Candy? Beautiful MILF Mia Lelani looks like a Latina dream cum true as she shows off her big perfect tits and that sexy tight round ass in the morning sunlight as her man relaxed in bed, watching her do a reverse striptease pulling on some lingerie and then grabbing his big hard dick! He slid his cock between her big boobs for some tittyfucking and then gave her sweet pussy a tongue-fucking before giving her the real deal, sliding that cock inside her hole in this red hot Pure Mature update! He fucked her pussy forwards and back and man this chick is hot and horny as hell with those big fake round breasts…she’s a stunner from head to toe and she has that sort of soft seductive aura that is undefinable but undeniable and she’s putting all her assets on the table her as she takes on this guy’s cock! Big tits, a beautiful smile and a nice tight horny pussy go a long way in this industry and this guy is lucky enough to be reaping the benefits in this sexy hardcore scene. Mia ends up firing a load out of that dick all over her face and into her mouth, letting some of it drip down onto her boobs…a fitting finish to a hot update!

Fiery Latina Veronica Rodriguez


Veronica rodriguez fiery latina pp

I hope you love a fiery Latina with a pussy that squirts when it gets brought to the peaks of pleasure because gorgeous Veronica Rodriguez is here on Porn Pros in this red hot hardcore fuck scene! Things get messy when she starts playing with her pussy, squirting all over the damn place before her man tonguefucks her and then slides his big hard dick in her hole. She’s literally dripping wet as she gets fucked, taking every inch of his cock in her sexy hole and then sucking a load of cum out and onto her face to finish off this Porn Pros scene! Veronica’s a fucking knockout in this update, I mean obviously she’s always smokin hot but she’s looking extra sexy in this scene in my opinion. Nice tight little ass, sweet perky petite boobies, absolutely stunning face, this girl is just plain beautiful! This guy’s lucky she didn’t squirt all over his face, she seems like that pussy is on a bit of a hair trigger as she gets her clit tickled and pleasured! I’m sure you guys will find your own favorites in the set of photos but my vote is for when she’s lying on her side wearing just a pair of high heels and her ass facing us, showing off that cute butt and tight fuckable pussy! All in all, a red hot Porn Pros scene that’s definitely worth checking out.

Veronica Weston


Veronica weston on zishy breakfast

Some girls have to get dressed up and get in the right frame of mind and in the right setting to be sexy as hell, and then there are girls like Veronica Weston! She’s just naturally gorgeous 24 hours a day and from the moment she wakes up and rolls out of bed (eventually…she tends to roll around IN bed for a bit!) she’s got a smile on her face and is ready to meet the day. In this Zishy photoshoot called Blonde For Breakfast we get to see just that, spending the morning with Veronica as she gets out of bed wearing just her little sheer white panties flashing her sexy perky breasts, and if you’re wondering what those little flashes of color on her ear are it turns out she was wearing little plastic giraffe earrings, it’s just how this chick rolls. She’s got a perfect ass and great tits and flashes both of those as she brushes her teeth and takes a shower and starts getting dressed, with the Zishy guy taking pictures the whole time. It must be a blast to spend a day with this chick but man I bet it would be exhausting to be this bubbly and happy and energetic all the damn time! Once in awhile it’s nice to hide out in a closet and frown at the darkness but hey I guess we can’t all be Veronica Weston.

Kendra Teaches Alex


Kendra James Teaches Alex Tanner

This gallery is going to be a big hit for those of you who love redheads.  It actually looks like both of these girls are natural redheads, Kendra James might dye her a little extra red from the looks of her roots.  Anyways this scene is from Mommy’s Girl and it’s one of those step mother sites that are pretty much everywhere nowadays.  Kendra here caught Alex Tanner in the laundry room fingering herself and noticed that she was doing it all wrong.  So she sat down to have a chat with her and told her that pleasuring one’s self is very important.  She was more then happy to show Alex how to do it but she would need to keep this secret from her father.  So Alex agrees and at first Kendra just helps finger her clit and pussy but eventually as you can see her she finds a way to get Alex to lick on her pussy and that’s when she mounts her face and takes it for a hot ride.  The two of them have an awesome lesbian sex scene that you just don’t want to miss.

Red Lingerie Dance


Sexy pattycake red lingerie chick

We saw Sexy Pattycake showing off her gorgeous body in this red lingerie in a photoshoot not long ago but now I’ve got some screencaps for you from the video, so you can tell just what this girl gets up to when she starts getting into the fun! Patty looks great in her little red dress but it’s when she lifts it up that the real show starts…she had gotten this lingerie type thing in the mail from one of her members and as a thank you did this little striptease with it, flashing those big perfect tits and her gorgeous curvy ass as she danced around in her closet! This girl loves dressing up and if you’ve never seen her before she loves having a good time and being watched as she flahes her sexy body and gets into all kinds of fun hotventures! Those are adventures but ones that are hot and naughty, in case you were wondering. It’s a word of my own devising but I think it’s pretty applicable when it comes to Sexy Pattycake.

Sexy Teen Asian


Gdp sexy teen asian

As I’m sure you guys already know, Girls Do Porn has easily the hottest amateur girls on the internet, that’s just science right there. The girls on the site are always ridiculously sexy and if you ask me it’s even hotter when they bring in an exotic cutie like this sexy teen Asian from this latest update! By the way if you haven’t checked out their new members’ area already it’s definitely worth a look, they’ve taken what was already the hottest material on the net and made it even better with new features like behind the scenes shoots and deleted scenes and more download options, all sorts of stuff. Anyway, back to this hottie…she shows up in her little pink dress looking sexy as hell and that’s for good reason; she works as a model doing promo shoots for companies and things like that and as far as her boyfriend knows, this shoot is no different! She didn’t tell him she was going to be getting a mouthful of cock and getting that tight little teen pussy pounded, he’s sitting down there in his car just twiddling his thumbs waiting for this ‘modeling’ gig to be over with so he can go back to watching TV or whatever. Meanwhile this Asian hottie is upstairs showing off those sweet perky titties and her tight perfect butt as she gets naked, showing off her blowjob skills and then getting laid down on the bed to take an incredible pounding, moaning her head off as she gets that tight little teen cunt fucked! She was of course a little nervous at first but she was excited too for the adventure of it, and that makes for one red hot hardcore shoot if you ask me. Apparently it’s been awhile since this hottie has been fucked this hard and this deep, after getting a big cream facial she’s in the bathroom washing up and the guy asks her what her favorite part of the experience was, and I think her answer goes for pretty much all of us as she says “Everything!!”.

Rayna Marie


Ftvgirls rayna marie

This beautiful auburn-haired teen is Rayna Marie, making her first steps into the world of porn as she made her debut on FTV Girls! As you’d probably expect the quality is second to none with beautiful photography and high resolution videos so you get a crystal clear peek into the fun this girl had…she had never really done any nude modeling before and was understandably a bit shy about getting naked in public but like so many girls before her once she started flashing those nice C-cup breasts of hers and flipping up her dress to show off her sweet pink pussy and nice round ass she started having a ton of fun! Soon she was completely naked going for a hike, giving a nice eyeful to all the other hikers walking around on the mountainside, and then showing off her cheerleader flexibility kicking up her legs and doing the splits! Not all the fun is out in the public eye though, Rayna headed back indoors to get into some nova-hot masturbation scenes as she spread her long labia and gaped and then buzzed her clit with a vibrator until she had a huge squirting orgasm….the video is clear enough that you can easily see her strong orgasmic contractions, this is the real deal you guys! Rayna had some kinky fun doing foot fetish and pouring water into her snatch to squirt it out, even fucking hersel with some of the biggest toys FTV Girls has to offer…and loving every moment of it.

Boob Tube


Passion hd jade jantzen boob tube

I’m not sure if Boob Tube was the official name of this Passion HD scene starring the lovely Jade Jantzen but that’s what it says at the beginning of the video so that’s what I’m going with! Jade is looking gorgeous as she relaxes on the bed watching a little TV, her cleavage looking sexy as hell…when her man walked in and saw her with those perky titties peeking out of her shirt he about lost his mind, kissing her all over and working his way down between her thighs! Soon he was licking and tickling and tongueing that tight pussy of hers, making Jade moan and gasp and grab for his cock! She sucked him off nice and hard and then spread those sexy legs of hers to get pounded. This is Jade’s first time on the site, I’ve seen her on some other websites getting fucked and she always looks smokin hot, especially that sweet round ass of hers. She’s definitely brought her A-game to Passion HD, can’t wait to see what else this exotic beauty gets up to because this is pretty much the perfect site for her to show her stuff! I love that they keep bringing in new women onto the site so it’s not like you see the same chick every single update (although they always have hot women so a repeat visit isn’t exactly a drag), they keep raising the bar and that’s how a site stays exciting and interesting if you ask me.

Delilah Blue Car Sex


Delilah Blue Fucking In A Car

This is a new site that I think might already be released but I am not sure it’s called Driver XXX.  It’s a new site from Nubiles Porn so I would just go there and buy a membership there if you like this type of stuff.  It’s basically a site that you’re going to see girls showing their body off while the car is going, giving road head.  Then they eventually pull over and fuck in the car.  The girl who is in this scene is Delilah Blue at first I thought she was going to be a European pornstar but she isn’t.  She has a nice set of tits of her, they’re full and perky.  It’s one of those sites that they guy filming it doesn’t want to be seen on the Internet so he blurs out his face.  They bang in the back of the car and the end of the video has Delilah getting her face covered in cum.

Virgo Peridot


Virgo Peridot PAWG

Bang Bros has their hands full with this update.  I mean of their sites you could put Virgo Peridot’s scene on like 10 of their sites.  They went with the one that probably fits her best and it’s PAWG which for those of you guys who are sleeping under a rock means “Phat Ass White Girl”.  This is the first time for this girl doing any porn and with a big ass like this you’re going to see her on a lot of other sites.  She doesn’t just show this big black cock her ass she even asks him to fuck her in the butt!  She takes it like a champ but seems to only really like anal when she is on all fours.  The scene goes on for a while this black guy is taking his time with this thick piece of what ass.  I will keep my eye out for more videos of this girl for you guys, and if you find some make sure to send them my way!

Ava Addams Fan Submit


Ava Addams Dirty Talking on Brazzers

I never know what to believe from porn companies because well they can really just say whatever the fuck they want.  Brazzers though is so big I don’t even think they need to lie so I will say this new update that they just put up on their site with Ava Addams was actually a fan request.  It’s a piss poor fan request if I must say.  It could have been great because they picked one of the best MILFs in porn Ava Addams to show up and get fucked but the “theme” they though of was just kind of wack.  I guess the fan likes it when girls talk dirty so that’s what they wanted but Ava didn’t even go above and beyond what she normally does.  Alright now that I have got that off my chest I just want you guys to enjoy this beautiful big titty MILF getting straight up pounded.  She gets fucked in a lot of positions and this guy that is banging her isn’t going easy on her.  I am pretty sure it’s a guy that has fucked Ava a lot because he seems to know just what she likes.

Big Boob Romp


Ashley adams big boob romp fantasy hd

Man I love when Fantasy HD brings another gorgeous girl into the fold, so to speak…especially when she’s a sexy busty babe like Ashley Adams! She starts out in bed giving herself a hard breast massage, squeezing those big titties together and losing her shirt and panties to hang out in the nude…her guy pal showed up and helped her out with a little warm oil, pouring it onto those sexy juicy perfect tits and then going to town on her pussy with his fingers and tongue! Ashley takes this guy for a Big Boob Romp here, letting him tittyfuck her and getting her sweet horny pussy pounded by that big hard cock of his…those breasts look incredible swinging and bouncing as she got her pussy drilled, and Ashley had to hold onto them for dear life to keep em from smacking her in the face (well either that or she just loves playing and holding and touching and caressing her tits, which is pretty likely as well)! If you’ve got a fantasy about playing with a pair of big soft perfect boobs this update is going to bring it right to life for you…Ashley loves a nice hard pounding and ends up taking a load of cum right into her mouth to swallow down and finish off her Fantasy HD debut!

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