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Cheeky Schoolgirl


Pookie schoolgirl

It seems like only yesterday (because it was) when we were checking out sexy exotic honey Pookie in her bikini showing off her gorgeous body and I was lamenting that we didn’t get to see this hottie in the buff, and I guess she heard my wails! I’ve got another red hot photoshoot for you guys from Party Allstars featuring Pookie as a cheeky schoolgirl in her little skirt and bra, and lo and behold she eventually strips down naked and shows us that sweet round ass which is every bit as fucking incredible as I thought it would be from those bikini photos! She also teases us with those nice big full breasts, grabbing her chest and giving some tantalizing peeks at the goods…and let me remind you, at the beginning of the shoot she’s dressed in a schoolgirl skirt so if that’s your thing, Pookie’s got it covered. Man, if only we could see this girl getting that sweet tight pussy of hers fucked…OK let’s see if that works, when I complained yesterday my wishes were granted overnight so I’m hoping it will happen again! Fingers crossed, everybody.

Keisha Grey Third Time


Keisha grey on pawg for bang bros

I am pretty sure this is the third time for lovely Keisha Grey to be on the Bang Bros network site PAWG…I would go and double check but to be honest that big round juicy incredible butt of hers has me under its spell and I’m having a really hard time concentrating or looking at anything else, it’s a good thing I’m a touch-typist or you guys would be reading a bunch of gibberish right now. Keisha is apparently on a farm or something, she’s hanging around on a huge wooden fence at the beginning of this scene…it looks like she could be hanging out in an elephant enclosure at a zoo or something, those are some mighty big fences! Anyway she heads inside and meets up with her horny co-star, taking his big thick dick in her mouth and then bending over with that beautiful round spankable ass in the air to get her sweet cunt fucked from behind! Keisha loves her some doggystyle and this guy loves watching that sexy butt of hers as he fucks her so it’s a win-win apparently…and the guy gets so turned on fucking her like that that he blasts a big cum facial all over her grin as well as getting it all over those big sweet boobs!

Cum In Her Pussy with Josie Jagger


Nubile films josie jagger cum in her pussy

After pulling off beautiful exotic model Josie Jagger‘s little checkered thong panties and licking her crack from ass to slit, this guy started fucking that sweet tight little hole of hers in this Nubile Films update! With that incredible body of hers of course he was having a blast taking Josie from behind, but when she whispered to him that she wanted him to cum in her pussy she about blew the top of his head off! He quickened his pace and Josie climbed on top, riding his cock until he exploded with orgasm deep in her hole, shooting a big load of cum inside her that she squeezed out for a creampie. Nubile Films always has hot and sexy models on the site but man, this update with Josie Jagger really hit it out of the park if you ask me! It’s not every day you get to see a beautiful exotic girl like Josie getting naked and even fewer of a day (does that make sense? you know what I mean) to see her spreading her long sexy legs wide open and her tight horny pussy drilled. Every inch of this girl’s body is hot as hell, from her long dark hair to those perky titties, to that round sexy ass all the way down her legs to her cute feet!

Hot Asian Bombshell


Hot asian bombshell girls do porn

Very nervous, and very VERY excited…that’s how this beautiful Asian describes her feelings at the beginning of her very first adult video! She’s a full-time student and has done a little modeling here and there but nothing like this, mostly just promotional photos so I would guess bikini and whatnot…basically, nothing near the level of Girls Do Porn! They’ve got hands-down the hottest amateurs on the net and this gorgeous exotic 20 year old is a perfect example. She’s got a little black dress on to show off those mile-long legs of hers, and her eyes are just incredible…a very beautiful girl and even just relaxing on the bed with her clothes on doing her interview you can tell she’s got a great body and plenty of enthusiasm so you know you’re in for a hell of a treat! After talking a little about her experiences and fantasies, just sort of getting to know this girl a little, she gets up close and personal with this guy’s cock and gives him a very nice blowjob, accentuated by the fact that she’s looking up at him with those beautiful almond eyes! When her dress finally hits the floor you can see this girl has bigger breasts than you might think for such a tight lean frame, they look mighty mighty fine on her too! This girl is seriously smokin hot…from the way she arches her back and neck as she gasps and moans while the guy slides his cock in her pussy she’s just emanating sexuality! If you’ve got a thing for Asian women this Girls Do Porn scene is going to be an absolute dream cum true but it’s not just about her being Asian if you follow me; she’s just utterly beautiful and has a body that looks like it was transferred to Earth directly from a dream! This girl holds on for dear life as she gets her wet tight little pussy drilled, going from a slow deep penetration to an all-out rabbit fucking and everything in between…I don’t know how this guy kept it together, in any position this girl was in he had either those big perfect boobs or that sweet tight ass or her beautiful exotic face to contend with and any one of those would have done in a normal man in twenty seconds flat! This guy’s a pro though, he gave this chick a nice thorough pounding before she dropped to her knees, sucking his cock one last time and then getting a big creamy facial that just about glued one eye shut before scampering off to the shower.

Megan Rain and Sophia


Megan and sophia on ftv girls

Welcome back to two of the cutest spinners ever to be on FTV Girls, Megan Rain and Sophia! You might remember Megan Rain as Meagan and Sophia has also been on the site before but hey, things change. What doesn’t change is the fact that two sexy girls getting together to get into some naughty fun is fucking hot as hell am I right? Usually when FTV Girls does a girl-girl scene like this the two models are already lovers or at least friends, but this time around the girls didn’t really know each other at all beforehand. You can see that there were definitely sparks flying between these two…Megan and Sophia jumped right into things, making out and stripping each other down and exploring each others body with their hands and lips and tongues and even deploying some fun toys like strap-on dildos and magic wand vibrators! These two have sexy tight little bodies and are cute as hell…if I might present my opinion here I would have to say that Megan Rain is hands down hotter but Sophia and her braces are certainly cute and both of them are obviously horny as hell! Usually on FTV Girls you can expect a good bit of public nudity and flashing and stuff but this time the girls mostly stay indoors, they’re just too busy fucking each other like lesbians to venture outside!

Three Hotties


Three girls on net video girls

This, I am pretty sure, is a first for Net Video Girls…they’ve got not one, not two, but three beautiful amateurs Madison, Amirah and Rachel all showing up at the studio for an ‘audition’! I think Madison and Amirah were the only ones who were originally supposed to be showing up but she figured hey the more the merrier and the Net Video Girls maestro was more than happy to accomodate. Rachel is a cousin to one of the other girls, I forget who, and she was along for moral support or protection I guess but when this guy saw how smokin hot all three of these amateur girls were together he knew what he had to do…that’s right ladies and gents, time for a Net Video Girls foursome! They start out doing some poses and Rachel is off to one side but she gets talked into joining in, and soon the girls are starting to lose clothing left right and center! Once one girl takes off her top the others follow suit and man these chicks have some mighty fine titties…they’ve gotten into the swing of things and speaking of swinging, one of the cameramen whips his big cock out and swings it around and the girls take the invitation as they start licking and sucking that dick, crowding around his cock and giving him a nice triple blowjob! The girls are sexy as hell and now they’re horny as hell and one by one they get those dripping wet pussies pounded, eating each other out in between! All three of them are hot as hell but I would have to say that Rachel takes the prize in terms of hotness as well as just plain sex appeal…what do you guys think?

Bianca Breeze and Kimberly Gates


Cumming in the breeze mbt

Some women are just horny, like all the time, and give very little of a second thought to who the guy is they’re after! They figure hey if he’s with some other chick but he’s down to play that’s on him…that’s why when sexy mature Bianca Breeze came home and found her stepdaughter Kimberly Gates studying for an exam with her boyfriend she didn’t really hesitate before getting a little fresh with him, giving him a glimpse of those sweet titties…the guy wasn’t exactly annoyed at her flirtation if you know what I mean. He headed upstairs at one point and found Bianca up in the bathroom naked in the shower and he ended up just hanging out and watching the show! He started rubbing one out and can you blame him, that MILF is hot as hell…too bad for him that Kimberly came upstairs and caught him in the act! Bianca felt a little bad and wanted to make sure everyone stayed happy and soon they were all naked and the girls were taking turns sucking and fucking this dude’s already-hard cock for this Moms Bang Teens update called Cumming In The Breeze, and if you didn’t know already it’s part of the Reality Kings network of sites.

Cassidy Klein


Cassidy klein on teens love huge cocks

Beautiful Cali girl Cassidy Klein might live in a drought-ridden state but hey at least her tight little teen pussy is dripping wet! She’s here on the Reality Kings network site Teens Love Huge Cocks to put that site title to the test…turns out it’s accurate, spoiler alert! Cassidy used to be a ballerina and the flexibility from that training is coming in handy here as she strips down nude and stretches her long legs behind her head as she masturbates…this dude Chris was nearby and when he got an eyeful of that he just had to run over and join in on the fun, grabbing her sweet boobies and sliding his hand down to finger her wet pussy before unleashing that big thick dick of his! Cassidy got to show off her deepthroating blowjob skills as she shoved that big dick in her mouth, fitting as much of it into her throat as she could manage before spreading her legs and guiding that big fat meat into her tight little cunt…I don’t know how she managed to get even just the head in but somehow she was able to take him to the hilt, riding that cock and moaning her way to orgasm befor ethe guy pulled out and blasted a nice big facial load of cum to finish off this update they call Kissing Cassidy!

Pussy Eating 101


Pussy eating 101 with alexis adams

I guess Passion HD must have taken these shots of beautiful Alexis Adams because she’s only 18 years old in them…a fresh faced teen with an absolutely incredible body, they must have known she was going to be huge in the adult industry and tucked this sexy shoot away for the right time! That time is now and we get to see this hottie with the body teaching this guy how to bring her to the peaks of pleasure, supervising his technique in this update called Pussy Eating 101. He is definitely enthusiastic, diving right in and licking that sweet wet hole as well as her ass as Alexis gets those long sexy legs in the air…I guess she gave him the stamp of approval and he graduated the pussy eating class because she rewarded him with a nice hard fuck, taking that big dick of his deep in her snatch! Those big perfect boobs of hers went for a wild bouncy ride as she got fucked, rubbing her clit while he slid his dick in and out of her wetness…this girl is fucking magnificent, it’s no wonder she’s gotten so popular in the industry over the last few years when she was already this talented at only 18 years young! From teen to dream, that’s for sure…enjoy this Passion HD update, it’s a doozie! By the way just to let you guys in on a bit of a secret, the same guys who do Passion HD are coming out with a new site that I think you guys will love, it’s called My Very First Time so keep an eye on that!

Alexa Tomas


Alexa tomas on pure mature

Get ready for one of the hottest MILFs to hit your eyeballs in quite awhile…her name is Alexa Tomas, she’s a Spanish firebrand with a spectacular body…her titties are perky as hell and in the cool morning breeze blowing across her body in this Pure Mature update her nipples are hard enough to crack brick! The update is called Natural Pleasure and Alexa is certainly a naturally pleasurable woman. She doesn’t have big fake tits or huge botox lips or anything like that, she’s just a gorgeous mature exotic beauty with a fucking amazing body and she’s putting it to work here as she takes her man’s cock in her mouth, sucking him off until he was rock hard and sliding into her sweet wet pink pussy! Alexa kept her sexy thigh high black sheer nylon stockings on as she spread her legs open, as well as her garter belt…with a body like this it’s surprising the guy was able to hold out as long as he could but soon the pleasure of that pussy overwhelmed him and he just had to bust his load, giving Alexa a nice cream facial that she took into her mouth with her fingers to swallow down.

Evelyn Bishop


Evelyn bishop on zishy

Sexy amateur Evelyn Bishop here is from the Bay Area which will probably not surprise you when you get a look at those underarms of hers…she doesn’t shave her pits so she’s got a good bit of a forest under there but hey, if that’s what she wants to do, more power to her. I’m just glad she keeps her pubes trimmed, she’s still got some hair down there but it’s nice and neat and actually sexy as hell in this era of clean-shaven pussies galore…Evelyn dances to the beat of her own drum and in this Zishy photoshoot she shows it! From her bright-ass red dress to her apple lunch to her mason-jar drinking glass this girl is saying screw protocol, I live life how I want and I think if more people did that this world would be a way more fun place. Evelyn flashes her sexy tight body here, giving some glimpses of that sweet pussy as her dress flips and rides up, and she also shows off a mighty fine looking ass as she giggles over her shoulder! This photoset will make you want to go antique-shopping with this quirky, sexy girl before heading back with Evelyn to the house and letting nature take its course.

Wherever I May Roam


Nikki sims wherever i may roam

So hey what’s your favorite Metallica song? If it’s Wherever I May Roam you’re in luck because that’s the song that Nikki Sims here is dancing to in this photo and videoshoot from her own site, flashing those big full juicy titties as she plays with her neon green mesh dress…I guess if you hate Metallica you can just turn the volume down or something and still enjoy the video so hey it’s got a little something for everyone (or more like a lot something). As she dances around her mesh dress thing rides up, letting that firm tight toned ass of hers peek out of the bottom, showing that sexy little black thong show! Nikki slowly gets more and more naked as she strips to the song, eventually just wearing a pair of high heel shoes and a smile as she rolls around in the nude on the couch. This chick is sexy as hell and she really knows how to drive a guy wild, I doin’t know if it’s her big tits or those dance moves or what but she just has a bit of magic about her if you ask me!

Pookies Favorite Bikini


Pookie party allstars

Is this chick’s name really Pookie? I guess it’s no worse than Snooki, and it’s undeniably adorable which works well for this chick because she’s cute as hell! In this photoshoot from Party Allstar she’s showing off her favorite bikini, and I’ve gotta say she’s got some pretty good taste…she’s got nice big tits that look great in the tight little white top, and that fantastic ass of hers is put on a pedestal with those cute white bottoms she’s got on. I don’t know if she’s Latina or just has a sort of sexy exotic look with that long flowing dark hair, all I know is that this girl is seriously smokin hot and looks amazing in a little string bikini! It serves as a nice reminder that summer is just around the corner…Pookie can’t wait until the temperatures start to climb and the sun peeks out so she can show this bikini off ‘in the wild’ so to speak, strutting her stuff on a crowded beach and turning every head as she passes by! Hopefully next time this girl is around she’ll let that bikini hit the floor, I know everybody out there on the net would love to see those big breasts and that nice sexy ass of hers out in the open instead of hidden away behind a thin layer of stretchy tight fabric.

Blushing Tanned Teen BTS


Gdp blushing teen behind the scenes

Remember a few months ago when this cute shy blonde amateur got naked and did her thing on Girls Do Porn? Of course you do but in case you’d like a little refresher I’ve got her main shoot for you right here to enjoy. Once you’ve checked that out again (or more likely for about the 50th time) take a look at this, it’s a little snippet of the BTS (behind the scenes) action from her shoot! This is one of the features of the brand new Girls Do Porn members’ area; because they love their members they’re bringing out and making available the footage from before and after the shoot and some stuff shot during breaks in the action…it’s a great way to get to know these gorgeous horny real amateurs, to get a feel for their personality and of course to check out those sexy nubile bodies again! This girl starts out in her tiny little cutoff daisy dukes, doing her hair and giggling a bit nervously…she was excited and kind of anxious to start things off, had a few butterflies in the stomach sort of thing but of course once she got her hands and mouth wrapped around this guy’s big hard dick she was instantly into the action and her nervousness went right out the window…or more accurately, dropped to the floor along with her little panties! It’s pretty cool to see clips from before her shoot and then during a break in the action, her comfort level is like 500x higher and you can just instantly see that.

Cosima Knight


Cosima knight aa

It’s been a little while since beautiful blonde Cosima Knight made this Amateur Allure update so you’ve probably seen her here and there if you’ve kept your eyes open…it’s no wonder that she’s been getting pretty popular, she’s fucking gorgeous and has an amazing body! If you’re the kind of fella (or lady) who likes seeing a chick when she’s brand spankin new in the industry trying to make a name for herself and showing her enthusiasm as well as her sexy tight body, Amateur Allure is your new best friend. In this update Cosima satisfies her oral fixation, taking this guy’s big dick in her mouth as she lifts up her dress to show off those long bare sexy smooth legs and her incredible butt…this guy loves getting his dick sucked of course but it just served to drive him crazy with desire to get his hands on that pussy of hers! Cosima bent over with that tight butt in the air, getting her dripping wet pussy fucked from behind and moaning with those ringlets of blonde in her face before getting her hands back on that dick and sucking out a couple of loads to swallow down. Cosima lives for blowing cock and thrives on taking a load in the mouth and this site is ideal for giving her the liquid protein breakfast she was craving!

Scarlett Rose


Scarlett rose between the sheets

Who wouldn’t want to take a trip between the sheets with a gorgeous babe like Scarlett Rose here? This POVD scene starts with Scarlett in bed taking a nap but when her boyfriend wakes her up she’s immediately wet in the pussy, she sees his cock getting harder and knows what he’s got in mind…soon she’s on top and going for a nice deep ride, taking that big hard dick to the hilt in her tight little cunt! It’s all in first person perspective so you get a driver’s seat view of the action as this beautiful tight spinner pornstar gets fucked, and it’s all in incredibly high resolution video so it’s like a crystal clear window into the room. It would be harder to be more immersive without actually being balls-deep in Scarlett Rose’s sweet snatch! Scarlett has an amazingly sexy body with those nice perky little boobies and cute butt, and of course that nice tight pink pussy that we get to watch getting eaten out and fingered and fucked before Scarlett drops to her knees to suck a big load of cum out that gets onto her face and also onto those perky breasts. The name of the POVD update is Between The Sheets but it sure looks like most of the fun is happening on top of them if you ask me!

Lacey Banghard


Lacey banghard

Alright so right off the bat I’d like to say that this chick’s porn name, Lacey Banghard, is fucking awesome. It sounds like a Bond girl’s name or something…she’s a cute-as-hell Latina chick with nice soft dark hair, a cute little smile, and oh yeah big perfect soft full titties! She’s going on a little bedroom romp here in this photoshoot, taking off her lingerie to unleash those breasts on the world and looking red hot…I’d also like to point out that the sheets and covers and stuff on the bed she’s bouncing around on look comfy as hell, it makes me want to go to the store and replace my old crappy sheets just in case Lacey stops by for a little bouncy bouncy. Just imagine hanging out naked in bed with this chick, rolling around and making out and feeling those huge boobs all over your face and sliding your hands down over those sexy curvy hips of hers!

Carmen Gemini


Carmen gemini

Sultry seductive redhead Carmen Gemini here is dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl in this hot photoshoot but to be honest, from the look she’s giving and the way she’s showing off that sexy body of hers I’d have to say it seems like she’s more used to being the disciplinarian if you know what I mean! Carmen has her little red plaid necktie and tiny skirt and red bra and panties, the whole nine yards…and she’s stripping out of basically all of it here! She’s got those big sexy titties and a great ass with a nice pair of legs under it, she’s sexy as hell to begin with but throw in a little naughty schoolgirl outfit into the mix and she cranks up the steam even more! It’s like she’s a strict sexy teacher who hangs out with the schoolgirls all day and has a fantasy of going back to class, so when she got home she puts on her little outfit and roleplays with her husband and has him ‘keep her after class’ if you catch my drift…and I think you do.

Amber Rose


Amber rose bikini

DAYUM. That’s what I said when I saw these huge full titties bouncing around in front of this chick Amber Rose and I would guess it’s the same damn thing you’ll say too…this fuzzy headed hottie is stacked to the nines with those huge boobs and curvy thick thighs and hips, not to mention a big round juicy ass. I didn’t really know much about Amber but I took the opportunity to look up her story and she’s had an interesting life, no doubt about it. From being a teen stripper to being married to Wiz Khalifa to having paparazzi take her picture while she’s hanging out on the beach in her bikini, this chick has got it goin on and isn’t afraid to let people know about it! Watch Amber shake those big jugs and then drop her towel, walking around in a skimpy little string bikini that looks like it could give up the ghost at any moment. That bikini top of hers is sort of semi transparent, too; at least you can see her nipples pretty clearly through it when she gets out of the surf all dripping wet!

Birthday Pussy


Birthday pussy on passion hd

Talk about an awesome birthday present…this guy was getting quite the surprise when his girlfriend Macie Winslett invited over her sexy blonde friend Sammie Daniels and they both led this guy to the bedroom for a little threeway birthday pussy action here on Passion HD! These girls are both sexy as hell, Sammie has that tight little spinner body and this guy has been lusting after her every time she came over to visit. I guess Macie knew about it and wanted to make his dreams cum true and in this red hot group sex scene both of these tight sexy babes got a nice deep dicking! The guy gave Macie’s pussy a nice hard pounding before moving his attentions to Sammie’s cute little cunt, taking her for a hard deep ride and making her moan like crazy! It’s nice that Macie isn’t the jealous type, she knows how horny her boyfriend is and just wanted him to be happy so she got her cute friend Sammie into the mix like this…I suspect that maybe these two girls have spent a little time together in the past too without the guy around; they definitely love licking each others wet and tight pussy, that’s for sure. This is Macie’s first time on Passion HD if I remember right, I hope she comes back for plenty more fun because she’s got one hell of a sexy body!

Dillion Harper Helping Hand


Helping hand on povd with dillion harper

This is nowhere near the first time beautiful brunette Dillion Harper has been on the site POVD but man oh man this girl just gets sexier every time, it’s always exciting just like the first encounter with this girl! Knockout gorgeous face, nice big juicy perfect breasts and one of the finests asses in the adult industry if you ask me. Add to all that the fact that Dillion always seems to be in a great mood and has a fantastic time no matter what she’s doing (but especially when she’s having sex) and you’ve got one of the hottest women on the net! In this update she wanted to get naked and masturbate but wasn’t in the mood for alone time, she wanted a helping hand and that’s just what this guy provided…and since it’s all in crystal clear super high resolution first person perspective video it’s like you’re right there in the room looking down as your cock slides in and out of this beautiful horny pornstar’s dripping wet pussy, fucking her doggystyle like this! Dillion had started out getting her cunt worked with a rotating futuristic vibrating toy but once she got all turned on the only thing that would satisfy her pussy was a big hard thick dick! She gets fucked nice and hard, moaning and lifting up her legs to take every inch until finally working a big load out all over that beautiful smiling face.

Renee Roulette


Renee roulette on porn pros

Beautiful Renee Roulette and her man had just enjoyed a nice light supper and she was in the mood for something sweet afterwards…he was trying to think of what they had in the freezer but she whipped off her shirt to show off those perky little boobies and let him know that she wanted Dick For Dessert! This Porn Pros update will satisfy your sweet tooth as this sexy cute little spinner gets naked and has her tight little pussy licked and pounded, taking every inch of her man’s big thick hard cock as they put the living room couch through its paces. When the guy finally shot his load onto her face Renee took the opportunity to scoop as much into her mouth and lick it off her fingers as she could and then swallowing it all down with a smile as she looked up at the guy with those pretty eyes of hers! This girl’s got quite the tight little body on her, she could use a little anti-acne cream here and there but hey if thats the worst that someone’s got going on you’re in pretty good shape if you ask me. Renee is cute as hell with a nice smile, sexy ass and perky little boobies, time to roll the dice with a little Roulette on Porn Pros!

Ellena Woods Returns


Ellena woods returns to zishy

Remember this cute fair skinned girl Ellena Woods from her previous shoot on Zishy? Well she’s back for more and if you ask me she’s looking even hotter here, maybe she’s a bit more comfortable at her second photoshoot here…it would make sense, she trusts the Zishy photographer a bit more and knows that he’s gonna come out with some awesome pictures so maybe she felt a little more free to let her personality shine. She’s hanging out at a small airport or something here, letting her flowing sheer white skirt fly up and give a tantalizing glimpse of that sweet round ass of hers! She loves getting that sun on her skin but she’s so fair that she can only handle it for a few minutes before she’s at risk of burning to a crisp…it’s a good thing she lives in the Pacific NW, if she was in Florida or something she’d be a crispy critter! Anyway after hanging out on the landing strip for a bit she gets in the back seat of the car and does some stripping of her own, peeling off her panties to show off that butt and flashing her nice perky breasts too as she looks at us with those big beautiful brown eyes of hers.

Sun Kissed Beauty


Sun kissed beauty on nubile fimls

Some women seem to go into a kind of hibernation through the winter, showing up in the spring with skin so fair that just a few minutes in the sun turns them into a walking burn, and then there are women like Eva Lovia here! She is a sun kissed beauty throughout the year, somehow, always looking just incredible with a healthy tan even in the dead of winter. I don’t know how she does it but hey let’s just enjoy it as she shows up for this Nubile Films update, getting ready for a night out on the town with her man Van. He was working on tying his tie and behind him Eva was lounging on the bed wiht no panties on, rubbing her pussy slowly and getting more and more turned on…this freckled stunner spread her legs open and then came up behind Van, kissing him and guiding his hands down between her thighs! Looks like their plan of a night out on the town is out the window, they’re not gonna be leaving the bedroom anytime soon…they stripped down and hopped on the bed, Eva lifting her leg in the air to get that sweet dripping wet pussy of hers penetrated nice and hard and deep! She loves riding a hard cock and had a great time on this one, taking it deep in her hole before pumping out a huge load of cum right into her mouth to swallow down and finish up this red hot Nubile Films scene.



Exploited college girls melony

This red hot babe Melony seriously looks like a chewing gum commercial…absolutely perfect smile, bright piercing blue eyes and of course a tight sexy little body! Melony has only had sex with a handful of guys (pretty much literally; this is only her fifth dude in bed) so she’s still tight as a drum. She’s skinny and athletic but man oh man does she have a sweet butt on her! Right off the bat once Melony gets naked and starts getting her little pussy fingered and played with by this cameraman she’s squirming and squeaking and getting dripping wet…while she can still see straight though she gets down on her knees, sucking Jay’s cock in her own style that’s a little slower and more intense than most women on Exploited College Girls. Jay just had to get his hands and cock on that tight creamy pussy of hers though and soon she was on her back, legs in the air, getting pounded so hard and moaning so loud they got a call from the front desk asking them to keep it down! Melony tried to keep a hand over her mouth and keep the screaming and moaning to a bare minimum but it was hard while she was getting fucked this deep and hard…finally she gets on her knees, taking a massive facial that pretty much glues one of her eyes shut!

Marley Brinx


Marley brinx on tiny 4k

Meet beautiful newcomer Marley Brinx as she rocks out by herself with a pair of headphones on at the beginning of this Tiny4k update, showing her fresh young face and rolling around sliding her hands over that cute tight body! Marley’s sweet butt looks mighty fine in that pair of little denim panties but even better ronce she strips down naked, unleashing her tight sexy pussy too. Her boyfriend joins her, sliding his huge thick dick into her mouth and then taking that tight little pussy for a ride! That’s how Tiny4k rolls, they match up the cutest tight little spinners with the biggest swinging dicks they’ve got around and Marley looks like she’s having a field day with this one. If you’re in the mood for a cute brunette spinner this chick will have your eyes rolling around like a slot machine, she’s seriously smokin hot and jumps on this guy’s big hard cock with no hesitation whatsoever, no concern over life and limb and even I was a little worried on her behalf, I didn’t want to see that cute tight little cunt of hers get split in half but somehow she was able to manage fucking this dude’s big dick and took a big cum facial to finish things off, scooping off as much as she could and licking it off her fingers and the head of that cock to swallow down!

Maddy Rose Hard Sweaty Run


Maddy rose hard sweaty run on fantasy hd

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to keep a tight firm little figure like these spinners have…little blonde Maddy Rose here loves to jog and looks sexy as hell in her stretchy workout gear! If you know Maddy though you know she’s not gonna keep that sports bra on for long and sure enough, as soon as she gets back home with her boyfriend and/or training partner she strips down nude, hopping on the bed for a nice oil rubdown! This guy gives that pale tight little spinner body of hers a nice rubdown, sliding his hands over her skin and rubbing her tight little cunt to turn her on…she took his big thick dick in her mouth for a great blowjob, actually maybe his cock isn’t that huge but man next to this tight little spinner it’s a matter of perspective! She hops up on top of that big dick and goes for a ride, barely fitting that cock in her tight little hole and bouncing her tight little butt up and down, moaning like crazy as she got railed. Maddy ended up on her knees getting a huge facial that also got all over her perky little titties, I’d have to say a fuck session like this is a hell of a workout after her hard sweaty run for this Fantasy HD update.

Rose Red Tyrell


Rose red tyrell on pawg

Over the last few years it’s become pretty clear that the freakiest girls on Earth, the ones who are down to clown in pretty much every way there is, tend to be the quiet shy geeky chicks am I right? Well this newbie on the Bang Bros site PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl, if you’re brand new to the scene) is Rose Red Tyrell who is a self-admitted nerd and bookworm and man oh man this girl loves to get fucked! She’s got a sexy body with a fucking awesome ass, nice and round and juicy and spankable and fuckable and what’s more she’s down to get pounded anally so guess what, that’s what this update is all about! Rose might be a new girl in the industry but she fucks like a champ, taking this guy’s big thick dick deep in her ass like it wasn’t nothin and going for a nice hard bouncy ride, grinning away like someone just gave her a free cotton candy at the circus. I think she’s been on a few sites since this PAWG scene was shot and that’s no surprise; any girl who can a dick up the ass like this is gonna do just fine in the adult industry, is how I see it!

Sloppy Resort


Resort blonde

Usually when you go to a vacation at a resort you can be pretty sure the maintenance crew is going to take care of basically every single little detail you can possibly think of, so when you go somewhere and there are weeds growing and the grass in the planter boxes is badly trimmed and dying from the heat like what’s portrayed in this photo, it’s probably somewhere to avoid. It does, however, have one pretty redeeming feature which is of course the blonde amateur chick showing her big juicy firm titties as she gets a little sun on her skin! Maybe this is just her backyard or something, I’m not really sure. In any case, the man you can thank for this pair of mighty fine boobs is Ernie from Ernie’s House of Whoopass, he posted em and he updates pretty much every day with not only pictures of cute amateurs flashing and streaking and whatnot, but also little mini-writeups about whatever the hell he feels like talking about. Careful of this particular update though because there’s a picture of some dude with a busted eye and man it’s nasty. I recommend just not looking over to the right-hand side of EHOWA for today.

Bailey Rayne Returns


Bailey rayne new lingerie on zishy

As we all know from Kindergarten (or maybe TV shows), sharing is caring…that’s an important life lesson that should hopefully stay with us for the duration, and it’s nice to see a girl like Bailey Rayne who still loves to share! In this Zishy update for instance she has bought some sexy new lingerie and wants to share it with all of us, which I think is a mighty kind gesture. Particularly because this girl is smokin hot! Bailey has a very cute face, some nice perky breasts and a tight shaved pussy but if you ask me the real star of the show so to speak is that perfect smooth sexy ass of hers. Her new lingerie includes a pair of thong panties and they set off that butt just right, clinging to every curve and making things even hotter than they already were as the Zishy guy keeps busy snapping away with his camera! You might remember seeing Bailey on the site before showing off her cute little soccer uniform, but if you missed it somehow do yourself a favor because this girl is looking amazing…I’ve got it right here for you so check it out when you’re done staring open-mouthed at that red hot body of hers in this shoot!



Nicole on brcc

This 23 year old amateur college babe is Nicole and she’s not about to fall for the usual ‘demo tape’ song and dance that Backroom Casting Couch usually slings to their victims…errr…models. However, she does have a bit of a dirty side behind those glasses and brains so when the fake casting director told her about the adventure and excitement and of course possible cash that the adult industry held she was swayed over to the dark side, so to speak! Usually it’s just the one guy on BRCC but this time he has his sidekick TC in the house to handle some of the camera duties and of course to fuck this horny redhead amateur! Nicole has a nice body despite a few questionable tattoos, and she gets fucked nice and hard on the couch in this scene. TC slides his cock into her tight ass for a nice anal pounding, giving it to her hard and deep until she pretty much screamed for him to stop, she couldn’t handle any more! TC obliged, fucking her in the pussy and face instead until busting a load all over that cute face of hers…Nicole took the facial and then licked it up to finish things off, it’s a mighty hot scene and I think you guys will like it!

Kennedy Kressler


Kennedy kressler for blacked

Revenge is a dish best served wet…that’s not really how that saying goes but hey in this case it definitely works! Beautiful blonde Kennedy Kressler found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her and her condition for not breaking up is that she would be allowed to do a little cheating of her own as payback! She knew just the guy to do it, too; her guy pal with the enormous bulge in his pants, he was more than happy to come by and whip out that massive black cock to slide it down Kennedy’s throat and then fuck her tight wet little cunt! Kennedy’s pussy could barely manage that big fat cock but once she got ‘warmed up’ so to speak she was off to the races, bouncing up and down on that cock and holding her legs up to get penetrated nice and deep! After a nice hard pounding like this I’m not sure she’ll even be satisfied with her cheating boyfriend’s dick, she might just laugh him out of the bedroom next time…and what sweet payback THAT would be! This hardcore fuck shoot is from BLACKED of course, and if I had to give it a title I’d call it Payblack because I’m a fucking creative genius.

Andi Jay


Andi jay on playboy

See the facial expression this sexy blonde has? That’s a look that says ‘I’m on fucking Playboy’ if you ask me. This is Andi Jay and man she is just sexy all over, even if her tits are a little cross-eyed…or maybe her surgeon sneezed or something. She’s relaxing in the kitchen in some cute sheer lingerie, relaxing on the counter with her boobs out and then dropping her panties to the floor to hang out in the nude on the cold tile floor! Andi doesn’t look like she’s doing much cooking but man she loves hanging out in the kitchen! Alright I can’t stop staring at those boobs, it’s like if you cover either one she’s got great boobs but having them both visible is just kinda weird. Don’t get me wrong though this chick is still drop dead gorgeous…maybe it’s just this one picture that is accentuating the effect or something, better go through them all a few times to make sure!

Latina Titties


Big latina tits

Got a thing for gorgeous Latina babes with big perfect tits? Well my friend have I got a photoshoot for you! Check out these shots and get your Latin flavor on…I particularly like the ones of the chick out in the woods pulling down her top to show off her huge perfect breasts, she not only is busty and enjoys nature, she’s also fucking gorgeous with a supermodel face and long cascading dark hair and a mighty seductive look in her eyes! The pictures of the girl indoors in the blue shirt are cute too but she’s all happy and excited and carefree, while the girl in the woods pictures are dead serious, she’s got some hot steamy thoughts in mind and nobody is gonna get in her way! Not that anyone would want to stop this chick from doing anything she wanted to them, not with those big tits bouncing around in your face like this…these Spanish babes are beautiful and sexy as hell and are definitely spicy!



Alyssa in thigh highs

There’s something magical about a beautiful woman in a pair of thigh high stockings and a garter belt…it’s a timeless look and is just plain sexy as hell! If you don’t believe me, check out these shots of beautiful Alyssa wearing her nylons and a polka dot bra and thong panties…even if you DO believe me you should check out this photoshoot because man oh man this girl is a win! Spectacular butt, nice perky titties, sexy legs, beautiful face, this girl just has it going on all up and down that body of hers. She’s hanging around in a sparsely furnished living room, relaxing on a little ottoman with her legs in the air to give us a look at her ass and pussy, just having fun goofing around on the floor and on the cushions and even doing handstands just for the hell of it! This chick looks like a lot of fun to just hang out with, and the fact that she’s getting naked is just icing on the cake. Enjoy!

Leanne and Venera


Leanna and venera

If you dig poledancing do yourself a favor and check out these pictures of busty cuties Leanne Crow and Sexy Venera! They both have fucking enormous natural tits and are showing them off as they fool around at this outdoor stripper pole, squeezing their boobs around the thing and sliding up and down…imagine burying your face between any of those four tits or any combination of them, talk about having a bucket-list! It’s gotta be kind of hard to really do a lot of poledancing with those big bouncy heavy breasts swinging all over the damn place but these two hotties gave it the ol’ college try, sliding around and posing with each other as they held on to that big soft cleavage. I wonder how many times a day they just give in to temptation and grab their own boobs, I mean it’s gotta be pretty irresistable! I think size wise Leanne has the advantage, but hey just to make sure we should probably have a tit-off where they stand in a line and get motorboated…for science.

Take My Panties


Take my panties on passion hd

This guy has a big collection of panties and had his eyes on the ones that Brooke Wylde was wearing, but there’s only one way to get your hands on Brooke’s panties and that’s to give her a proper pussy pounding! This horny blonde sexpot stars in this red hot Passion HD scene called Take My Panties as she gets stripped down, grabbing the guy’s big hard thick dick and going for a nice ride on it! It’s always hot to see a chick riding a cock but doubly so when she’s got big bouncy titties like Brooke does, it takes things to a whole other level if you ask me. Brooke’s got those big juicy titties we all love and a nice round curvy ass, and she knows how to work her pussy to drive this guy crazy from the looks of things! She rides in his lap, bends over to get fucked doggystyle, all kinds of fun stuff before getting on her knees and working a nice big load of cum out that she got all over her hands, licking off her fingers as she looked up at the guy. A load of cum to swallow in exchange for a pair of panties, not a bad trade if you ask me!



Roxy on net video girls

Meet Roxy, a gorgeous tattooed babe with amazing eyes, fantastic tits and a mighty fine ass, not to mention a sexual libido a mile long! She showed up at the Net Video Girls studio for a calendar girl shoot audition and before you know it she was getting naked and making out with the camera girl, showing that she was comfortable being nude with another woman…comfortable my ass, she was outright going lesbian on it as these two rolled around in each others’ arms, kissing and caressing and grabbing tits and eating each other out like crazy! Something tells me this wasn’t Roxy’s first time going south of the border with another girl, she licked twat like she was a champ, looking sexy as hell…the next day she came back to continue the ‘audition’, sucking and fucking the casting director’s big hard cock! She gave a nice sucking on that dick but kept gagging when she deepthroated him and seemed like she was in a bit of pain when he was pounding that sweet wet pussy, I guess maybe licking another chick’s pussy was more her thing. Oh well, she looked hot getting fucked and hey maybe she’ll even pass the audition process! Oh wait, the whole thing was a setup just to get another gorgeous amateur naked and fucked on camera for Net Video Girls…those rascals!



Alicia for ecg

Whoah there monobrow, pump the brakes…well, you guys, I hope you don’t mind a pretty weird lookin set of eyebrows because this chick Alicia has quite the pair! The guy from Exploited College Girls said she looked like a comic book supervillain and I about lost my shit laughing…it’s pretty accurate. Anyway apart from her Frida Kahlo impression this Latina is pretty sexy with a nice big round juicy booty for you guys to enjoy, and she definitely loves riding cock so buckle up and get ready to roll! Alicia gives Jay a fantastic fucking blowjob, she about sucks his soul out through his cock, then goes for a ride on his dick in reverse cowgirl so he can watch that badonkadonk butt bounce with every thrust! Of course he gets her on her hands and knees too for some doggystyle, that’s pretty much a given when a girl has an ass like this. Alicia gets fucked left right and center, her legs in the air like antenna waving as she moans her way to orgasm after orgasm and then gets her face frosted with a huge cum facial!

Snowy Sexy


Sexy in the snow

It’s officially spring but word on the street is that there are plenty of places around the country that are still blanketed in a cold-ass layer of snow and ice! Sorry ladies and gents, them’s the breaks I guess, it’s 70 and sunny here. Anyway as a gesture of solidarity with my frozen brethren I’ve got a photoshoot here featuring Nikki Sims from Nikkis Playmates in a sexy snowy sceen, wrapped in a white fur that barely holds those big beautiful titties in check as the wind whips through the trees, brushing her locks of hair around as she poses, stomping around in her huge-ass yeti boots! This girl is sexy as hell, I’m surprised there’s even any snow left around her feet after this shoot; I would have thought her hotness would have melted it pretty much instantly. Nikki loves to tease and gives us some tantalizing glimpses of those big boobs and her sweet sexy juicy ass, she knows just how sexy she is and knows how to drive a guy wild there’s no doubt about it! She certainly looks like she’s in the mood to wax a few skis, if you catch my drift…my snow drift! Ha ha ha! Sorry.

Potent POV Massage


Potent pov massage hegre

Who in this world wouldn’t want to get a massage from the gorgeous girls of Hegre Art! They’re sexy as hell and they really do know what they’re doing with specialized masseuse training and plenty of enthusiasm…in this update called Potent POV Massage we get a drivers-seat look at the proceedings as this guy gets his huge dark dick oiled up and stroked and caressed, the girl using her talented hands to bring him to the edge of ecstasy again and again, never quite taking him over the brink…it’s a technique guaranteed to blow any guy’s mind (not to mention load) and it’s quite the experience to see it from a first-person perspective! Hegre Art has cemented their position as having the hottest massage videos on the net if you ask me, and this is a good example of why that is. They call it a lingam massage which I guess is fancy talk for a handjob, but this is certainly so much more than just your average handy! I think this masseuse’s name is Bara by the way, I did a little digging around because I was curious about the girl behind the hands…and man oh man you should see the fireworks when she finally brings him to orgasm!

Taste Of Her Lips


Taste of her lips foxy fdi

When you’re in bed with a girl like Foxy Di here it’s not just a matter of sticking your cock in the nearest hole and fucking…it’s the sensation of her skin as you slide your hands down over those perky firm breasts and her smooth sexy thighs, it’s the taste of her lips as you kiss her passionately, it’s the wetness of her pussy as you slowly penetrate and take her to the peaks of pleasure! In this red hot hardcore fuck scene from the Babes network you get a front row seat to Foxy as she makes sweet love with her man, taking his cock in her mouth and riding him deep and hard…this girl is truly stunning, she’s beautiful and sexy as hell and tight as a drum from head to toe! This feels more like a window into an actual couple’s steamy passionate sex life than a porn shoot, there’s definitely a lot of sparks of chemistry between these two and man it is red hot. Foxy Di just plain loves to make love and it shows in every moment of this hot scene!

Bree Daniels


Bree daniels for porn fidelity

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous redhead with a nice sexy butt? I know I do and I bet you do but I’m damn well sure that Ryan Madison does! This is part one of a new series on Porn Fidelity called Panty Fucking so if you’re into panties and into sexy tight beautiful women hop on board because it’s going to be a wild ride! Stunning Bree Daniels starts out on her own outside, relaxing on a deckchair and trying on a few different pairs of panties, slipping them on and off and just looking amazing…I guess Ryan liked the sheer black panties the best because when Bree had those on he came a-runnin with his dick out basically, pulling her panties aside to fuck that sweet pussy while she was still wearing them! I guess he loved the sensation of the fabric against his dick while he fucked this gorgeous redhead, taking her on his lap for a nice hard deep ride and getting Bree on her back to spread her legs open and pound that dripping wet hole of hers. She gave him a nice deep blowjob, sucking his big dick and taking a load in her mouth to swallow down but Ryan wasn’t done yet, he still had another shell in the ol’ rifle if you know what I mean so he grabbed that tight ass of hers, fucking her pussy doggystyle and shooting another load of cum deep inside her hole for a creampie finish to this hot Porn Fidelity action!

Odette Delacroix


Odette delacroix on teen fidelity

I don’t even know where to start with this Teen Fidelity update so let’s just dive in shall we? These guys are on a whole other level entirely…this latest scene features sweet sexy newcomer spinner Odette Delacroix, she starts out caged like some kind of kinky animal in a little wire kennel wearing a furry hat and little panties, waiting for her Master to come home. Her Master, of course, is the one and only Ryan Madison and when he shows up Odette demonstrates what a good little doggy she is as she gets on her hands and knees in the kennel, sucking Ryan’s big dick as he sticks it between the bars and then turning around and dropping her little panties to get that tight teen pussy of hers fucked! Ryan patted her on the head and rewarded her good behavior by letting her out of her cage, propping her up against a wall and pounding that sweet little hole of hers, stretching her petite pussy with his big dick! This girl is seriously itty bitty, she looks pocket sized but loves taking a huge thick cock and she goes to town on Ryan’s, riding him until he shot a load of cum inside her hole for a creampie that she let drip out onto a silver platter! Weird, no doubt about it, but undeniably sexy as hell…that’s what Teen Fidelity is all about.

Hayley Atwell


Hayley atwell pokies

I had to look up who Hayley Atwell was and of course it turns out she’s a British actress (pretty much if I find a red carpet shot and have no idea who the chick is, she’s probably a UK actress)…whether you recognize her or not, once you get a look at those pokies of hers you’ll be an instant fan of her work! She’s a knockout from head to toe, no doubt about it…beautiful face with those almond shaped eyes, a great smile, cascading chestnut hair, but of course our gaze goes instantly to those huge tits of hers and her nipples straining against the fabric of her dress. I don’t know if it was just chilly out there on the red carpet or if she was daydreaming about me, but if I had to guess it would probably be the latter. You guys are all welcome. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve gotta go take a look and see if she’s done any nude scenes. If you guys know of any feel free to shoot me a note because man oh man I would love to see those big boobs of hers in the buff, wouldn’t you?

Tommie Jo


Tommie jo lingerie

This curvy blonde hottie Tommie Jo loves hanging out in her bra and panties but sometimes that’s just a little bit too much clothing for a girl to handle…in this photoshoot she gives a little impromptu striptease in the bedroom with the bright sunlight filtering through the curtains, turning everything around her incandescent white! Tommie takes off her bra, unleashing those big beautiful titties before following suit with her panties, showing off an incredibly sexy body…she’s not chubby in any way but is also not a rail-thin wisp of a girl, she’s got sexy big tits and a nice round juicy ass and just looks amazing with her flowing blonde hair and smoky seductive gaze! When you think of a blonde bombshell pornstar Tommie Jo is probably right around what you’ve got floating in your mind’s eye, and here she is getting naked and showing off for you! She loves grabbing her own titties, too…can’t say I blame her for that.

Valory Irene


Valory irene

Let’s not kid ourselves here, this chick Valory Irene isn’t going to be winning any beauty pageants anytime soon…not that she’s ugly, she’s just not drop dead smokin hot gorgeous like some other adult stars are. However, Valory has a not-so-secret weapon in her arsenal (or maybe two weapons), namely those huge soft beautiful titties of hers! In this photoshoot she’s pulling off her sheer bodystocking, letting those big bouncy boobies dance around as she strips and hops onto the bed wiht her ass in the air…Valory knows how irresistable those breasts are first-hand, she’s not even immune herself to their charms and just has to grab a few handfuls of tit and jiggle them around, it just had to be done! She might not have a face that launched a thousand ships but she’s got tits that would jiggle a thousand motorboats, that’s for damn sure. Can you imagine just burying your face between those boobs, feeling them warm against your cheeks and fucking that wet hairy pussy of hers at the same time? Yep, me too.

Summer Getting Hers


Summer Brielle Getting Hers

I meant to post this scene yesterday but kind of got carried away with other stuff.  In fact Summer Brielle here not only had this gallery come out but she also had an anal sex scene with Bonnie Rotten if you guys wanted to check that out.  This one is better though just because I think Reality Kings did a better job showing off those amazing curves that Summer Brielle has.  I know Summer here has fake titties but man is that ass fake too?  It almost seems to perfect and she looks like the type of pornstar that might actually get her bun done.  You can’t tell though there is no scars or anything.  Anyways who really cares if it looks good it is good.  Summer here shows off her curves to these guys at Reality Kings because she is being shot for their site Monster Curves a place for all you guys who like thick woman to check out.  Summer is kind of in charge during this sex scene as you can see from her sitting on this guys face.  She doesn’t just stay there a little bit either she kind of rides his face for a while.  I mean he had to be the one to call it quits because Summer was just having too much fun grinding on his face.  The two of them fuck and Mick here is able to give Summer one hell of an orgasm you you will see if you watch the VERY VERY end of the video.

Soapy Shower


Sexy pattycake in the shower

Gorgeous blonde Sexy Pattycake certainly has an interesting technique when it comes to taking a shower…most people tend to take their clothes off and then soap up and wash, but not Patty! She’s still got her shirt and panties on as she hops under the water and starts lathering up, getting all soapy and then spraying herself and bending over with that big round juicy ass in the air, rinsing off the soap and taking the opportunity to spend a little time ‘cleaning’ her pussy with her hand! I call it masturbation but hey, if this is how Patty likes to shower who’s gonna tell her otherwise. She slips those panties up and down, on and off enjoying the feeling of the dripping wet fabric against that sweet booty, getting all dripping wet in pretty much every possible definition of that term! This has the look of a video clip from her own website, she’s always up to some kind of naughty fun and is always down to get an audience as she plays with herself and flashes those big tits and ass.

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