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Sabrina Maree


Sabrina Maree

This chick Sabrina Maree has a gorgeous body but man oh man it’s those eyes that are really doing me in, how about you guys? Sabrina is stripping by the window in this photoshoot, flashing those big titties for all the world to see…just imagine working on your year-end expense reports or whatever and glancing out your window, looking up and seeing this gorgeous redhead getting naked and playing with her pussy in front of her own window! Sabrina has nice big titties, a sweet round ass and a tight fuckable shaved pussy that she slides her fingers into, caressing her body and grinning away while flashing those smoky seductive eyes around…hot as hell.




Now that is what a nice, natural, full pair of tits looks like…meet Amanda, an adorable amateur with a cute smile and magnificent breasts as she shows off in the buff for this photoshoot! You might want to take the opportunity to wave to her eyebrows since they seem to be on their way out of existence, making Amanda look pretty much permanently surprised. She’s hanging out at the house here, relaxing in the kitchen on a chair with those mile-long legs stretched out in front of her or lounging on the couch in the living room, or just standing out in the yard feeling the cool breeze across her skin making her nipples stand out like eraser heads! This woman is cute as hell although I can’t deny that if she didn’t have those big sweet boobs her hotness factor would be significantly decreased.

Karmen Bella


Karmen bella for porn pros slippery when wet

They say she’s got dangerous curves but I say Karmen Bella is slippery when wet! In this Porn Pros update we get to see that sweet sexy body of hers as she masturbates, then is joined by her man who provides a big hard dick for her to play with! She isn’t exactly bouncing off the walls with excitement at getting fucked but hey she looks great doing it, with those perfect boobs bouncing in front of her while the guy slides in and out…maybe it’s his technique but she seems a little, I dunno, bored with him? Just goes to show, it’s not the size of the ship it’s the motion of the ocean and when you’re dealing with a beautiful exotic honey like Karmen Bella you can’t just make do with a calm sea, you’ve gotta mix that pot my brother! She seriously has some of the nicest tits I’ve seen in q good while…an absolute beauty with those perfect breasts swinging and a nice fuckable pussy with lips like flower petals, not to mention a sweet round tight firm ass…Porn Pros doesn’t mess around when it comes to getting the hottest girls in the adult industry on board!

Kacey Jordan


Blacked with kacey jordan

Sexy platinum blonde hottie Kacey Jordan loves sex of all kinds, but especially when she’s riding the huge black dick of a well hung hunk like she’s doing in this update from BLACKED! Kacy slips out of her sheer white top to give this guy access to her itty bitty titties, taking his huge thick dick in her hands and then doing her very best to fit it in her mouth and that tight little cunt of hers! It’s quite the tight fit but Kacey loves a challenge, especially when it feels as good as this big black cock does when the guy buries it in her hole…eventually she fits the whole thing inside her (somehow) and goes for a nice hard ride, her lily white tight spinner body looking amazing as she rides this big beefy ebony fella. Before he has a chance to split this hottie in half with his massive cock she uses her pussy magic to drive him wild and make him come, taking a big creamy load all over her mouth for a nice facial finish…Kacey might not be walking quite right for a few days after a pounding like this, though!

Abby Cross


Abby cross on in the crack

Some girls like a nice gentle caress and some like a good hard deep dicking, but for Abby Cross nothing compares to her magic wand vibrator! In this photoshoot for In The Crack she shows us just how much she enjoys that buzzing sensation as she strips down nude, pulling her little panties off those sexy smooth legs, then takes her clit on a Magic voyage so to speak, buzzing her pussy and moaning until she reaches the pinnacles of pleasure and has a huge shuddering orgasm! And since it’s being shot for In The Crack you know you’ll be brought right up face-to-snatch with the action as she bucks her hips, spreading her thighs and playing with that toy with her head thrown back in ecstasy. Abby has a fantastic body and it’s great to have a guided tour like this, watching as she gets that sweet round ass in the air and then lays on her back with her legs spread wide open while she masturbates. I only wish there was a video of this scene so we could see those juicy titties of hers bouncing and jiggling while she came, but oh well…that’s what dreams are for I suppose!



Phylicia Net Video Girls

This video actually might make you sad.  This girl Phylicia has to be the most least interested model in sex pretty much ever.  She comes into this calendar shoot and she already has a bad additude and you think like something is wrong with her but that’s just how she is!  She is one cantankerous biotch LOL.  You I even left in a part of this video where she tells the camera she just wants him to “hurry up”.  Then there is another part where she has been getting pounded doggystyle for a couple minutes now, she hasn’t made a sound throughout it.  He asks her if she likes it and she will give him the occasional “sure” or something like that.  This is by no means what usually happens on Net Video Girls but it gives you a good idea of just how real it is.  I am surprised they were even able to get a cumshot out of her but the video cuts and cums back with him pounder her missionary she has her death stare going on.  He cums and she is like up and ready to get the fuck out of there, pretty fucking funny.

Silvia Sage


Silvia Sage Sweet and Sexy Ice tea

It’s not every day that you get a first time girl on your site and then on top of that she is doing anal.  That’s what I have for you here today though.  The MILFs name is Silvia Sage and she is doing a shoot for Pure Mature that is called Sweet and Sexy Ice Tea.  Who knows what these titles mean anymore really but what I do know is that this MILF can take one hell of a pounding.  The video is your typical MILF watching the pool boy invites him in and the next thing you know she is getting fucked in the ass.  Silvia here has a boob job and a very petite body.  She keeps her pussy nice and shaven which make it look so fuckable but this pool boy has no problem passing it up because he fucks her in the ass the entire time.  I don’t really see one part of the video where she isn’t getting the butt sex.  The video isn’t super long but if you guy don’t know me by now you know that I will eventually go ahead and put a longer one in there once I have time.

Ayn Marie


Ayn Marie Casting Couch X

As I mentioned in the gallery it’s been a long time coming that I caught up with Casting Couch X.  This Ayn Marie scene doesn’t even mean that I am caught up but I am close and how do I know I am close?  Because this is the first time that Ayn here has been in a porn, at least that I have posted.  That’s the whole reason I am wanting to get caught up.  I have been posting these Casting Couch X scene and they usually are not the first time the girl has been on our site.  That just isn’t true Casting Couch X.  These guy are the ones that go out and find these girls jobs but before they do they make their first sex tape and it’s always a treat.  The girls usually just get facials and Ayn here definitely gets one but every once in a while when the talent manager is feeling frisky he goes ahead and gives a girl a surprise creampie.  I feel like he usuall does it with the girls that are more “innocent” to the porn scene and Ayn here definitely doesn’t fit that profile.

Kate England


Kate england teens love huge cocks

This blonde hottie Kate England is one of the cutest girls I think I’ve seen on Teens Love Huge Cocks in quite awhile…maybe I just have a thing for that haircut or something, or maybe it’s that sweet tight nubile little body of hers! She loves to get fucked but more often than not her guy friends that she takes to bed are a little lacking in a certain stat, if you follow me. Well this guy isn’t going to disappoint her that’s for sure, he’s got a huge thick dick and gives that sweet tight little pussy of hers a massive pounding! Those titties of hers go for a bouncy ride as she hooks her arms under her knees to hold her legs open and get penetrated as deep as possible…fans of puffy nipples pay close attention, this girl’s got a puffy pair for you and they look mighty sexy on her! Honestly I usually think puffy nipples look a little weird but Kate’s got a great pair of boobs, not to mention a smokin hot face and a great ass too…Teens Love Huge Cocks is part of the Reality Kings network which makes it a cinch to see how they manage to get such horny hot teen babes, they’ve got the cream of the crop so to speak. And speaking of cream, Kate pumps out a nice big facial from that big dong that drips down her chin and onto her boobies!

Bree Daniels


Bree daniels cupity

This red haired hottie Bree Daniels looks absolutely fucking incredible in this Zishy update but hey you don’t need me to tell you that, just look up at that thumbnail! She’s got a stunning face, piercing beautiful eyes, perfect firm perky breasts and a spectacular ass…she’s been on a few different sites in the adult industry but this Zishy shoot is possibly the hottest one I’ve seen of her. She’s basically putting her lacy sheer pink stockings through a stress test, bending over in public with that cute ass in the air and then heading inside to slowly peel them down her thighs to reveal that round butt and flash a tantalizing glimpse or two of her sweet tight pussy as well! She ends up in the corner next to a mirror and when she catches a glimpse of herself in the reflection she can’t help but start making out with her own lips…can’t say I blame her for THAT reaction, can you? This girl could easily be a fashion model walking the runway at a show in some ridiculous and overpriced gown but instead she decided to explore her own fantasies, dabbling in some red hot adult shoots so Zishy was the perfect choice for her!

Julia Ann and Carter Cruise


Cruise control on moms bang teens

When you’ve got a stepmom as hot and horny as Julia Ann you’ve gotta be a little careful about the guys you bring home! Blonde hottie Carter Cruise had taken this guy to the house once or twice and I guess Julia had taken a shine to him, because one day when Carter wasn’t around she invited him over and took his big fat cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob! Carter came home from her errands a little earlier than expected and found her stepmom Julia throat-deep on her would-be boyfriend’s cock but instead of getting mad about it she just gave in and joined in on the fun in this Moms Bang Teens update called Cruise Control! This guy was more than willing to pull a little double duty here, fucking both gorgeous teen Carter and sexy MILF stepmom Julia with his big hard dick, fucking one after the other while they ate each others pussy out at the same time. Looks like this household is going to be one happy hornfest, it’s nice that Carter doesn’t mind sharing her guy pal and you damn well know he’s up for it!

Home From Shopping


Chloe amour home from shopping phd

Beautiful exotic babe Chloe Amour loves buying new sexy little underwear at the mall and definitely loves trying them on when she gets back to the house, so in this Passion HD scene when she gets home from shopping she puts on a little impromptu show as she slips on her new pink thong panties and admires herself in the mirror! She put them to the ultimate test, which is straddling her man’s face and getting his ‘honest opinion’…apparently the panties passed the test because his cock was instantly hard and she took him in her mouth for a nice deep blowjob! I always love seeing this horny hottie on Passion HD, she’s done a ton of scenes for those guys and just never ceases being hot as blazes. They’ve done a scene called Home From Shopping before, I remembered the title from this scene, but hey it’s not like Chloe’s the only chick in the world who likes to buy clothes! Chloe puts those sweet round ass of hers to work here, bouncing her pink wet pussy up and down on the guy’s cock and moaning as he slid his meat deep inside before putting Chloe on her knees and blasting a nice big facial on her!

Kendra Sunderland


Kendra sunderland on ftv girls

I’m sure by now you guys have seen the news reports and articles and stuff about beautiful Kendra Sunderland, she got in hot water for doing a cam show in her University’s library and was I think arrested and then banned from campus because of it! She caused quite a stir and has gotten a lot of attention because of the ruckus, but also because of those perfect big double D natural breasts she’s packin! Now you get a chance to see every inch of that incredible body of hers on FTV Girls…as you know they love to get girls naked in public and Kendra does plenty of that, flashing those huge tits out on the street and even doing some more library play, I guess she just didn’t learn her lesson the first time! Although come to think of it, all the media attention has probably done her a whole lot more good than it has harm; her viral video made her almost a household name among porn fans and when you look at these shots of Kendra nude it’s easy to see why! She plays around in public, grabs her tits and masturbates in private, even does some fun dressup in a football helmet and pads just for giggles. This girl is a stunner and is making the most of her fifteen minutes of fame, make sure you check her out here!

Gabriella Ford


Gabriella ford on exotic4k

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen hardcore Latina hottie Grabriella Ford before, and with a name like that I think I’d probably remember! Grabriella sounds like some kind of supervillain with octopus tentacles or lobster claws or something like that, but in this Exotic4k update she’s just dancing around and being cute as hell and shaking that big round juicy ass of hers. Starting things off with a rump rumbling dance Grabriella (hee hee) soon graduates to taking her man’s big thick dick in her mouth and then going for a ride on top of it! She’s got cute petite boobies and a sweet perfect round ass, along with an adorable smile that she flashes at the end of this hot hardcore fuck scene after receiving a big creamy facial. Honestly I’m pretty sure her name is Gabriella Ford and the extra R was a typo, just sayin. Anyway, this Latina hottie looks great here spreading that nice pink pussy to get fucked hard and deep, moaning her way to orgasm for a very nice Exotic4k debut!

Rose Petals


Harley dean rose petals phd

More likely than not, if you’d like to melt a woman’s heart and make her panties fall right off there are few ways more effective than by giving her flowers! Especially if you do it on a day that’s not her birthday or anniversary or anything like that, and are giving flowers just because…Harley Dean here certainly seems to appreciate the blossoms she receives, sliding the petals of her flower up over that sweet tight pussy! Her pussy lips already look like the petals of a beautiful flower so it’s pretty fitting to put the two together! She’s got a magnificent body here in her Passion HD debut called Rose Petals (even though the flower she rubs her pussy with isn’t a rose, I’m pretty sure), flashing that sexy round ass and her long silky smooth legs, not to mention her sweet perky breasts as she takes this guy’s big hard cock in her hands to suck him off before spreading those legs and getting her pussy rocked. Harley goes to town on this man meat, riding the guy and flipping over to get that perfect butt in the air as she gets fucked doggystyle until finally taking a big cream facial and licking the rest off her fingers!



Bella for exploited college girls

There’s no way this is the first chick on Exploited College Girls to go by the name Bella, I think it’s at least the third. Anyway she’s a cute Latina with a girl-next-door type of look to her, not incredible in any one particular area but a thumbs-up all around if you understand what I’m saying. Cute face, cute butt, cute tits, Bella isn’t going to blow your mind but she does get into some fun sexy action in this hot scene! One of her best features if you ask me is that mouth of hers, she’s got dick-sucking lips for sure and puts them to work here as she licks and sucks this guy’s cock…it must feel like having a couple of pillows wrapped around your dong to have this girl suck you off. She gets her amateur pussy tickled and penetrated by toys and fingers and then takes on Jay’s dick, getting fucked good and hard before having a fantastic very natural orgasm while he was pounding her doggystyle! She cums all over the guy’s cock and then gets a nice juicy load of cum shot into her hole for a creampie…if she wants to make it as a pornstar instead of just doing a one off she’ll need to get used to that!

Renee Roulette


Renee roulette on casting couch x

I love seeing a fresh new face show up on Casting Couch X, ready and enthusiastic about breaking into the adult industry! Meet Renee Roulette, an 18 year old from Florida who’s got perky little pierced titties, a sweet tight ass and a case of the ol’ razorburn and thong-rash…when a chick wears a thong all the time she tends to get a bit of a butt-rash. Besides those last couple of things though this chick is cute with a nice tight little body, she’s a bit of a spinner and apparently doesn’t mind a little pain because she has her ribs tattooed, and trust me that does not feel like a party. Renee brags about her blowjob skills and puts them to the test here, sucking this guy’s hard cock before getting that tight teen pussy rocked…she loves to get fucked and knows what she’s doing, I’ve seen her on a few sites since this CCX debut so she’s starting to make a name for herself in the industry! Renee ends up on her knees getting frosted with a big cum facial, giving a double thumbs up to show what her feels about jizz are. That 18 year old pussy of hers is tight and so pink it looks like a slice of watermelon when she spreads it open with her fingers in this hardcore fuck scene, a nice juicy ripe watermelon slice that looks just delicious!

Sara Luvv Tight Teal


Tight teal sara luvv itc

The beautiful little spinner Sara Luvv is back on In The Crack doing another hot photoshoot, trying her darndest to penetrate that tight little pussy with her big teal vibrator! She loves to masturbate and is always on the hunt for a new toy, and from the looks of things this one is passing muster. She’s lounging on a wicker chair out on the deck on a cloudy chilly day, but it doesn’t look like the cold is bothering her at all as she strips down naked and shows off that tight little butt and pussy and her perky titties before sliding that big toy in and out of her hole! Since this is In The Crack you know we’ll be taken right up close and personal to that sweet tight wet little pussy of hers, pretty much within licking distance as she spreads her pink snatch apart with her fingers…this girl is hot as hell and looks equally great from a distance or inches away, there aren’t a whole lot of pornstars who could say the same!

Brook Ultra


Brook ultra on tonights girlfriend

When most guys get horny while out of town on a business trip they just rent a porn on the hotel TV or if it’s a super dire situation maybe go find a cheap hooker on the street…but this guy goes above and beyond, pulling out a fat wad of cash and calling up Tonights Girlfriend to have them send over beautiful busty babe Brook Ultra to rock his world! Not exactly cheap but this guy’s getting his moneys worth if you ask me…Brook has those magnificent huge tits, stripping down to just her garter belt and going for a ride on this guy’s big hard cock! Between her gorgeous face and those huge boobs and sweet sexy ass it’s not long before this dude is ready to pop, sliding his cock between her breasts and then shooting a big facial of cum all over her! Tonights Girlfriend always has red hot horny pornstars doing outcalls to hotel rooms and Brook is amazing…I keep wanting to write it as Brooke, though, maybe that’s just me. If you’ve got a crush on a particular pornstar actress and have a huge wad of cash to blow maybe you too can have them come by and be Tonight’s Girlfriend!

Mariah and Vanessa


Vanessa and mariah on brcc

These two amateur cuties are both horny as hell and are ready to doubleteam this guy’s cock on Backroom Casting Couch! They’re real-life friends and are down for having fun on camera here…Vanessa wants to make her way into the porn industry to make a career and get some big money, but her friend Mariah is just in the mood to fuck and have some fun! Backroom Casting Couch is down to clown either way and soon these girls are making out and undressing each other to unleash those big juicy titties before both getting down and sucking that dick at the same time! Sexy Vanessa has tattoos and big tits and a gorgeous smile, and her friend Mariah is a hot ebony babe with, well, big tits and a gorgeous smile! Apparently the BRCC guy had just fucked Vanessa a few days prior and actually taken her virginity, hard as that might be to believe…I guess she liked his style because here she is on his site trying to get into the porn industry! I don’t know if she realizes he isn’t really a casting director, just a horny bastard with a hardcore site where he shows amateur hotties getting fucked…if she’s expecting a callback from some porno companies she’s going to have a long wait ahead! Vanessa even tries anal for the first time here, from the look on her face she wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of it but we’ll see, maybe she’ll grow to love it!

Alli Rae Upskirt Heaven


Allie rae on povd

Welcome back blonde spinner hottie Alli Rae to POVD in this update called Upskirt Heaven…she finds her man lying on the bed and stands over him, letting him look up her little skirt to see her lack of panties! Soon they’re both naked and she’s riding his big hard cock with her perfect jiggly titties bouncing around, and since this is POVD it’s all in first person perspective! See for yourself what it’s like to have this gorgeous horny blonde pornstar bent over in front of you, taking every inch of your big dick in her wet little snatch and moaning like there’s no tomorrow. We haven’t seen this hottie since Halloween of last year and I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been checking my watch and tapping my foot, so to speak…she’s got an incredible body with a beautiful face to go along with it, and she loves getting that wet little pussy pounded hard and deep so she’s a natural for POVD! In the members area in particular you get to see the video as it was intended to be seen, in full ultra high resolution so it’s like a crystal clear window onto the action…you’ve gotta see it yourself to really feel what I’m talkin about there but trust me it’s amazing. Especially when you’ve got a pair of perky titties like Alli’s here bouncing around in your face!



Anny Tuk Tuk Patrol

I really like this Tuk Tuk Patrol but I am not going to lie some of these Asian girls they pick up are not all that pretty.  That’s what happens when you’re dealing with amateurs.  The good thing for these guys though is they have a lot of money to spend so they can get some hot ones like Anny here.  They picked her up and convinced her to make an American porn.  She has a super tight pussy she keeps it nice and trimmed there is a little hair there but nothing that would get in the away.  She is a true amateur just like any other girl that shows up on this site.  She is doing a lot of doggystyle in this video and the great thing about this site is you never know what the ending is going to be.  Sometimes they just drop a load inside these chicks!  I mean it’s seems crazy but I have a feeling if these guys had a pocket full of fucks that wouldn’t give you or me one.

Mutual Touching


Sabrina banks mutual touching on passion hd

It’s been like six months since we last saw beautiful Sabrina Banks doing a Passion HD scene but happily she’s back and is sexier than ever! She came in for a nice massage, getting her tight slender body oiled up and rubbed down by her horny masseuse…when he slides his fingers between her thighs and touches that sweet pussy of hers she gasps and moans, making that big dick of his stir! She takes his cock in her throat, letting it slide deep inside as she sucks him to rock hardness and then getting her tight little cunt penetrated, riding that dick with her skin glistening in the light. It might be a bit of a weird thing to notice or bring to attention but have you ever in your life seen a more perfect butthole than Sabrina’s? I don’t even understand how it’s possible but that balloon knot of hers is a thing of beauty. Anyway, Sabrina gets her tight little pussy drilled in this Passion HD scene called Mutual Touching, looking incredible wiht that long dark hair swinging and her perfect tight ass bouncing up and down until the guy blasts a load of cum all over her pussy for a nice frosting finish! I don’t know what Sabrina had been up to before her massage, I would guess working out or going for a run or something but you can see right through her stretchy yoga pants so man whoever was standing behind her in the gym was in for quite the show. Maybe it was this guy who offered her his services as a masseuse, that would be pretty clever thinking on his part!

Brittany Bliss and Brooke Myers


Brittany and brooke on porn pros

Welcome to Porn Pros, where gorgeous dark haired beauties Brittany Bliss and Brooke Myers are going face to face over this guy’s big hard cock! They’re having a friendly little competition but eventually they both give up and call it a tie, doubleteaming this guy and taking turns licking his cock up and down and riding it to orgasm! Brittany and Brooke both have amazing bodies with perfect tight bouncy asses and sweet breasts, moaning in the echo chamber that Porn Pros likes to have their sets shot in. The girls both love to eat pussy and get plenty of that in this hardcore fuck session, licking each others sweet wet slit while they get their own snatch pounded by this rock hard dick! It would be a tough call to have to pick one girl over the other but if I had to choose I’d select the hot brunette chick with the nice tits, and leave it at that. Lucky for this guy he doesn’t have to pick, he just goes from one perfect pussy to the other fucking Brittany and Brooke until all three of them are in a quivering orgasmic heap of happy!

Will It Fit


Alexa nova on tiny4k

Sometimes on this site Tiny4k the question that comes to mind is Will It Fit? It just doesn’t seem possible at times for these cute little spinners to take on these huge thick hard dicks and survive to fuck another day, but never underestimate the power of a horny little chick! For instance tiny little Alexa Nova here makes a hell of a site debut in this update as she pulls off her lacy stockings and lifts up her shirt to show off those petite boobies, letting her hands slide all over her tight nubile body before sliding some anal beads in her tight pucker and playing with her pussy at the same time! Her man loves that idea and soon he’s got his cock jammed in her tight ass, giving Alexa a nice hard anal pounding as she played with her clit…she moaned and gasped as he pounded her backdoor, barely fitting into her tight little hole and then shooting a load of cum inside her for a nice anal creampie to finish off the day! I get the feeling Alexa won’t be walking any straight lines anytime soon after getting her butt pounded like this, but she sure seems to have loved the experience.

Josie Jagger


Josie jagger on casting couch x

Check this update out from Casting Couch X, it was the first steps beautiful exotic 19 year old Josie Jagger was taking into the porn industry! If you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably seen Josie on a few site since this shoot but this was some of her first experience in the adult industry…she strips down after her little introductor interview (did you know this girl was a bit of a bookworm? me either) and shows off her gorgeous tight ass and nice perky titties, then takes the guy’s cock in her mouth for a nice deepthroat blowjob. She’s got a great butt, nice smooth sexy legs, beautiful titties that bounce just right when she gets fucked and a gorgeous face and she gets that teen pussy of hers pushed to its limit in this hot hardcore fuck scene! Josie takes everything the guy can throw at her though and looks like she’s ready for more, this hottie is a trooper…she fucks the hell out of the guy, riding him and spreading her legs and getting rabbit-pounded before dropping to her knees for a nice cream facial that she greets with a double thumbs-up.

Risky Motorhead


Risky motorhead brookesp layhouse

Did you guys know brunette Brooke here is a bit of a motorhead? She loves motorcycles and loves to get naked in public so it’s no wonder she came out with this shoot called Risky Motorhead getting naked on her bf’s bike! She strips down and tugs off her little panties, showing off that incredible nude body as she mounts up on the seat…there are plenty of girls out there with their own solo sites but usually the girl is either weird looking or boring or both but man, Brooke is a fucking stunner! This scene is from her site Brookes Playhouse and it’s definitely worth checking out, because she not only gets naked in public and shows off her big perfect tits and that sweet round ass, she also gets so turned on by the excitement that she gets her boyfriend to drop trow and gives him a blowjob right there in the parking lot! Apparently she got in trouble for this scene, almost getting arrested even…if you were a member on her site you’d already know, she tells her members all these juicy little tidbits!

Jade Jantzen


Jade jantzen on mr anal for bang bros

Apparently this horny hottie Jade Jantzen was in the mood for a little extra naughtiness because she showed up at the Bang Bros network ready to do a shoot for their site Mr Anal! Jade’s got a smaller, tighter ass than most of the girls that do a scene for Mr Anal but this chick is so horny that she’s able to take on this big thick dick with her mouth and pussy and ass without much trouble! She did have to warm up her asshole with a little dildo play, stretching out that ass and then taking her guy pal’s big thick man meat deep in her hole! Jade looks incredible with those nice bouncy titties and a cute little beanie…she’s got a great tight ass and gets it fucked nice and hard in this scene, as far as I can remember it’s her first anal sex scene so it was a fine choice for Bang Bros to make, getting Jade on board! Between her cocksucking skills and that tight wet pussy and even tighter ass of hers, this girl would be a blast to spend a little nakedtime with, no doubt about it.



Backroom casting couch brooklyn

This amateur chick Brooklyn is 18 years young and just out of High School and has the idea in her head that she’s a ‘bad girl’…she probably got fingered once after a track meet and now she thinks she’s ready for the big time, heading to Backroom Casting Couch as a gateway to the riches and fame of the adult industry! Well too bad for her BRCC isn’t a real casting company, but hey at least she learned real fast that she wasn’t exactly as experienced as she thought! As soon as she gets naked on camera she gets a sort of deer in the headlights look, trying to give a blowjob which sort of succeeds and getting kind of awkward about it. Hey at least she has that tight teen pussy, grabbing this guy’s cock like a tight glove to save what could have been a disappointing update! As it turned out, Brooklyn’s pussy was a winner and she got it pounded nice and hard as she bent over the desk. This guy usually rams that cock in a girl’s ass for some anal fun but not this time, I guess he knew she’d be out the door in two seconds if he tried it. He did, however, blast a load of cum in her teen pussy for a little ambush creampie, she wasn’t exactly expecting that!

Immersion Protection



Did you know that hair dryers are by law required to have a device incorporated into them that basically flips a breaker if it gets dunked in water, preventing deaths by electrocution? It’s called an immersion protection device and that’s one of the things I learned from this update on Ernie’s House of Whoopass, better known as EHOWA! You never know what your brain is in for when Ernie’s in the house, he talks about just whatever and I can guarantee you’ll be paying attention because he illustrates his little explanation paragraph things with pictures like the above featuring amateur hotties flashing their titties and whatnot! This girl’s got a hairdryer next to her, which is what prompted the paragraph about them I guess…it’s a great excuse to stare at huge amateur titties, don’t you think? Ernie updates just about every single day, too, so make sure you keep checking back for more ‘learning’ opportunities!

Concrete Jungle


Concrete ass

They call the city the Concrete Jungle and there’s plenty of concrete in this picture. There’s also two other things of importance…one, of course, is the chick lying on the concrete wall with the incredible body. We can’t see her face but she’s got tiny little cutoff daisy duke shorts on that show off a perfect ass and nice long legs and the feeling is that of a nice warm lazy summer’s day…I don’t know what this girl is doing lying there hanging out with a leg dangling over the water, which brings us to our second thing in the picture. The water the chick is hanging out next to is a sort of sickly green and if you ask me it is the absolute perfect type of water to find a crododile in! Can’t you just imagine a big croc popping out of the water, jaws snapping? This girl better be careful or she’ll lose one of those long sexy smooth legs of hers which would be a damn shame. This pic is from Double Viking which is a site featuring all kinds of hotties as well as articles about interesting stuff and games, check it out!

Jordan Carver


Jordan carver

From the looks of things Jordan Carver here is training for a fight, doing a little shadow boxing and working up a sweat before her big bout tonight! I would imagine the crowd for her fight is going to be pretty huge, not necessarily because she’s the best fighter of all time but holy smokes those tits of hers are just off the hook! Huge bouncy full breasts that are barely being held in check by her stretchy little tank top that shows off some nice underboob, you can pretty much guarantee that about five seconds into the first round those boobs are going to bounce right out and be on full display. This photoshoot gives a nice preview, though…I don’t know about you guys but I’d take a shot to the chin from this chick if it meant I got a nice look at those tits! It would be more fun to be in a wrestling match with Jordan, especially if there was oil or jello involved, but I guess a boxing match will just have to do.

Lane Returns


Lane on net video girls

We’ve seen this chick Lane once before on Net Video Girls in this update when sexy Paris jumped her into the gang, so to speak…now she’s back and is doing her own solo shoot, looking hot as hell! She pretty much knows the score by now, giving up on promises of a calendar girl photoshoot and stuff like that and just enjoying a nice hard deep pounding that’ll go up on NVG! Lane goes the extra mile in this hardcore fuck scene, too, taking that dick in her ass for a nice anal pounding…anal isn’t super common on Net Video Girls so it’s like a treat every time a girl takes it in the pucker, especially if she’s as cute as Lane here! She’s got nice perky tits, a talent for cocksucking and an amazing ass…it’s no wonder the guy wanted to fuck her from behind, that butt is round and smooth and gorgeous! Lane loves getting fucked too, she seems pretty into the action here and isn’t just going through the motions like some women in the porn industry tend to do…I guess she loved getting pounded so much last time that she just had to come back for round two!



Ecgirls anastasia

This chick Anastasia starts out her Exploited College Girls update on a mighty fine note if you ask me…she was putting on makeup and doing her hair and stuff and the guy lifted up her skirt to reveal that cute perfect little butt of hers! I’m a sucker for a sexy ass and I bet you are too…and I damn well know the ECG guy is too, that’s for sure. I never really understood why these girls spend so much time getting all gussied up and doing their hair when they’re just going to get their faces pushed into the sheets and their hair grabbed as they suck cock, but hey who’s gonna argue? This cute blonde teen spinner has sweet perky titties, she’s a little shy to start off with (and maybe doesn’t have a ton of experience sucking cock, from the look of things) but soon warms up and makes for a very hot update…that sexy little butt of hers is like a secret weapon, just wait til she gets her ass in the air and takes this guy’s dick doggystyle! She gets that tight little teen cunt rocked by Jay, he’s probably the first guy to fuck that hole who knew what he was doing, and then drops to her knees to get a massive creamy facial finish! This cute freckled amateur is adorable, and from the sounds she’s making as she orgasms she had a blast in her ECG debut.

Brookes Intense Orgasm


Brookes Intense Orgasm

This is a pretty crazy scene for the only fact that Brooke is really really hot and you just don’t see hot girls like her doing stuff like this!  Her new site Brookes Playhouse is really just no holds barred kind of thing.  She knows how to have an intense orgasm she just needs something in her butt and a strong vibrator.  Well the problem today is she doesn’t have a butt plug but does have a vibrator.  So she makes due by breaking out her hair brush and putting that in her butt!  The video doesn’t really do this justice just because the video inside the members area is really where it is at guys.  This girl is just incredible with her gorgeous face to those big natural tits we are lucky to be seeing her fucked and I think we need to support that by joining this girls site!  Check out the tour she offers a lot and does some really hardcore thing, you will see with the video I post later on or the ones I have already posted.

Sexy MILF Swinger


MILF sexy swinger

This mature honey is in the prime of her life and is loving the swinger lifestyle she’s been living lately! She must be a sensation at the swinger parties she hits up, with that beautiful MILF face and her perky titties, not to mention that big round juicy ass she’s rocking in this Mom POV update! She’s 49 years old and single but has multiple boy-toys…she likes to keep her options open so to speak, is the way she puts it! She’s also down to clown, she doesn’t mind getting naughty as you can see in this hot Mom POV scene, taking this guy’s big thick dick in her throat and then getting her pink shaved pussy penetrated! A nice wet doggystyle cunt pounding later and this horny hottie is ready to take a nice load of cum…it’s not too common to have a MILF come back for round two on Mom POV but hey it’s been known to happen from time to time and I’d say this sexy swinger is a mighty fine candidate to bring back in the future for some more fun!

Ashley Adams


Ashley adams on casting couch x

Teen Ohio chick Ashley Adams is hot as hell and holy smokes let’s not beat around the bush shall we, this girl has a fucking amazing pair of tits! Beautiful big boobs, cute face, nice round ass and oh hey did I mention she’s got a great rack? I probably did but I keep getting distracted by those breasts every time I try to read back through what I wrote. Anyway, Ashley is a gorgeous teen and by now she’s been on a few different sites for hardcore fuck scenes but this Casting Couch X scene was I think her very first step into the adult industry! She strips down and gets that pink tight pussy drilled, holding on to those big boobs to keep them from jiggling too hard as she gets fucked, moaning her way to orgasm and then taking a big cream facial that drapes ropes of cum across that beautiful face with her big brown eyes staring up at us! She gives two thumbs up but really it’s us that should be giving HER a thumbs-up…she makes for a red hot update here, one of the finest teen bodies I’ve seen in quite awhile.

Coco Rose Blue Dress


Coco rose weird blue dress

What a weird dress…apparently the Zishy photographer found this little number at a thrift store (just imagine, some poor fool donated this treasure if you can believe it) and figured that his friend Coco Rose would be just the girl to model it for a photoshoot at Venice Beach. Coco Rose has been on the site before a couple of times, the most recent one beingthis little homemade bikini that showed off those sweet titties of hers! Now she’s got another weird outfit on, this time the blue dress with sections that are basically see-through so you can get a glimpse of her nipples peeking through the fabric. She also never wears panties apparently so while Coco was walking around in public she would lift up the hem to show that sweet round ass of hers, flashing anyone who happened to be looking in the right direction! She’s a sweet beautiful girl with a great body and a fun sense of adventure who always seems to be up for a little naughty action on Zishy.

Amy Anderssen


Amy anderssen for pawg

Good gravy…this chick Amy Anderssen has a body that looks like the wet dream of a plastic surgeon, she’s got enormous titties and a big round juicy ass which I guess is why Bang Bros brought her on for their network site PAWG, meaning Phat Ass White Girl! Amy unleashes her huge round booty as she gives a nice wet blowjob, then bends over to get her ass rimmed and then gets her pussy fucked from behind doggystyle and in reverse cowgirl with those huge fake tits bouncing all over the place like beach balls! She makes for a hell of a fine PAWG update, asses don’t get much phatter than the badonkadonk this girl is packing. If you’re a fan of an all-natural type of girl this is most definitely not the update for you but if you’ve got a fantasy about basically diving into a couple of huge soft boobs or a big round ass you’re gonna be having dreams about this chick for weeks! This chick needs never fear drowning, that’s for damn sure.

Phone Fucker


Today is a big day fella’s because our favorite site here at Imagepost just came out with their brand new members area!  It’s awesome for a couple of reason… The new members area will work on every single device you own now, including phones of course.  The other reason it’s cool is because they now have behind the scenes stuff!  The behind the scenes videos are not just outtakes and stuff like that, nope there is some crazy stuff going on take for example this girl the who was on our site once before as the plastic wrap Princess.  She did her scene right it was great but what you didn’t see was her fucking the HOTEL PHONE!  I shit you not, she gets it in there and doesn’t just leave it she literally fucks herself with it.  You also get some behind the scenes questions which is always fun and you get to see her shaking that lovely ass of hers in the shower after she has already had cum dropped all over her.  Now I am pretty sure I am not suppose to be hooking you guys up with this video and I might get in trouble but hey that’s just how a roll.  So if you joined Girls Do Porn in the past you might want to join up again and check out all the new videos, and of course that new members area it’s top notch shit.  Of course check out the video too I suspect this is going to be the only place you will beable to see it and it might not be up for long!  One more thing there are two different version of this video one is really high quality the defualt one isn’t.  So if you want to up your game then just click the HD button in the lower right of the player.

Hot Lingerie Clerk


Hot lingerie clerk on girls do porn

A little anxious, a little nervous, a lot gorgeous! That’s what this girl’s got going on when she showed up at the hotel room to do her very first adult video on Girls Do Porn! She’s smokin hot so it’s no wonder she’s done some photoshoots before as a model…she works in a lingerie store, can you imagine how many guys go in there to buy a gift for their girlfriends or whatever and end up fantasizing about this girl wearing those lacy little things? Well those guys no longer need to just imagine it, they (and us) will get to see every inch of this girl’s incredible sexy body in this hot hardcore scene. She says what she loves most about sex is the power of a body and a body together, which is a pretty eloquent way of saying things if you ask me. This girl loves sex, there’s no doubt about it…she gives a nice deepthroat blowjob here to start things off after her interview, taking this guy’s big dick in her mouth and sucking every inch before laying back on the bed for the main event. Now, I know you guys probably have a dictionary lying around somewhere or have access to one online, right? Do me a favor, go look up the word ‘perky’ and see if this chick’s boobs are pictured there as the definition because if that’s not the case somebody is missing out…perky is almost an understatement and those nipples of hers could drill through a bank vault! This girl also has an ass that is just mind-blowing, round and perfect and she has two little dermal implant piercings on her lower back that twinkle as she gets fucked doggystyle. She looks amazing having passionate deep hard sex here on Girls Do Porn, has a fantastic body and lots of enthusiasm and the fact that her boyfriend doesn’t realize she’s there today doing this scene is maybe even turning her on more than she already was! From her opening interview to the closing facial cumshot this chick is gorgeous, I hope she’s back for round two but we’ll just have to see.

August Ames Rough Enough


August ames rough enough porn fidelity

So when most people talk about a moneyshot this isn’t exactly what they had in mind…or at least not at first! Gorgeous Latina babe August Ames had the wrong idea in mind about the term and brought a suitcase full of cash along with her to the Porn Fidelity house getting ready for her third hardcore shoot on the site, dumping it all over the bed before taking on Ryan’s big hard cock. Pretty ballin move if you ask me, although it would have been better if she had gone for the $100 bills instead of $1’s…it’s definitely not all about the Washingtons. It is, however, all about August here because man this chick has those huge tits and a gorgeous ass and those big plump dick sucking lips which is why she keeps getting invited back…if you missed out on her first couple of shoots I’ve got you covered, here’s her first scene and here’s the second scene so you can get your August fix for the afternoon if this one just somehow isn’t enough! The name of the update is Rough Enough and it seems like August likes getting that pussy of hers absolutely slammed…most guys don’t do it rough enough for her tastes but Ryan is most definitely up to the challenge and gives her a nice hard fucking before shooting a load of cum in her hole for a creampie finish!

Sasha Nexx


Sasha Nexx teen fidelity make em sweat 7

Sexy schoolgirl Sasha Nexx needed a little help with her golf game and luckily for her Ryan Madison was there to lend his expertise to make sure she had the smoothest stroke possible! She would head from school to the links to be under his tutelage and he insisted she not pay him any cash, he had a better idea for how to be compensated for his time…after she spent a little while driving balls he got to do some driving of his own, shooting a hole in one so to speak as he fucked the hell out of Sasha’s tight teen pussy in this Teen Fidelity update, part 7 of the Make Em Sweat series! Sasha still had on her little checkered skirt from playing golf and soon she was on her hands and knees with that sweet round ass in the air, her panties yanked aside and Ryan’s big hard cock buried to the hilt in her creamy wet cunt. She took him in her mouth and showed how much she had learned in terms of ball control, working his putter with a nice deep wet blowjob before wrapping those sexy legs around him to pull his cock back inside her hole as deep as she could get him! I could make some more golf puns but I think you get the gist of what I’m trying to say…Ryan gives that naughty pussy of hers a Teen Fidelity style drilling here in a red hot hardcore fuck scene until finally unleashing a load of cum deep in her snatch for a creampie finish that drips out all over the floor. I don’t know if Ryan even knows how to play golf, really, but don’t tell that to Sasha or the gig is up! By the way, she’s also going by the name Aria Alexander but your boy knew Sasha Nexx right off the bat, there’s no mistaking that face.

Defining Slut


Morgan lee defining slut fantasy hd

If you’ve got a thing about exotic schoolgirls in little plaid skirts this Fantasy HD update called Defining Slut is going to jingle your bells! Gorgeous horny babe Morgan Lee was just whiling away an afternoon reading her dictionary to learn some new fun words when her man walked into the room, giving her that look she knew so well…soon she was sliding under the table, taking his big cock in her mouth for a blowjob! I don’t know about her reading preferences but Morgan Lee definitely has a bang body with nice perky titties and a sweet round ass, not to mention a wet fuckable pussy that she gets filled up with dick in this hot scene! It’s her first time on Fantasy HD but I would imagine she’s making a lot of guys’ dreams cum true in this hardcore fuck scene so we’ll probably be seeing more of her in the future. Morgan’s got a perfect shaved pussy and a stunning face, she keeps her glasses on throughout the scene and then pops them up on top of her head when she takes a facial which seems like a pretty weird decision if you ask me. I mean she already had her glasses on while she got fucked, why not keep them on to avoid getting a shot of man cream in her peepers?

Naughty Schoolgirl


Naughty schoolgirl on brookes playhouse

So of COURSE gorgeous Brooke from Brookes Playhouse looks incredible in a naughty schoolgirl outfit, but did you guys know she actually IS a schoolgirl? She’s going to classes studying Health Sciences…she talks about it in her members area on Brookes Playhouse so if you want to get an inside look into what this hottie has going on you know where to head my friend. She may have gone a little overboard with the red plaid though, I know the red plaid skirt is pretty much ubiquitous, it would be unusual to have a sexy schoolgirl shoot without a red plaid skirt, know what I mean? Well anyway besides the skirt Brooke here has a red plaid bra and a red plaid tie on…but hey I’m not about to complain about it and I bet you aren’t either because Brooke is here getting naked and showing off those big perfect tits and sweet round juicy ass in this hot shoot! She goes from studying to stripping to masturbating with her vibrator, raising up her leg with those sexy white thigh high stockings…this girl is amazing and loves to show off, she has sexy adventures all the time and with that butt it’s easy to see why!

Alexis Adams


Alexis adams porn pros long slow strokes

The always-amazing Alexis Adams is back on Porn Pros, getting her pussy tickled and fingered by her man and her big perfect tits sucked and licked…she returned the favor, giving his big hard dick long, slow strokes with her hands while sucking him off at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough to make a mortal man explode she gave up the pussy, getting that tight sweet snatch penetrated deep and hard! Porn Pros loves ALexis and so do we, she’s got ap erfect body and is great in bed with those big juicy titties jiggling and her fingers flying across her clit as she gets fucked in this hot hardcore scene before taking a nice big facial all over her lips as she savored every drop. Alexis always looks amazing with her sexy breasts and legs and of course those big pretty eyes that stare up at you while she sucks a big hard dick…she just can’t get enough from the looks and sounds of things! Luckily we just can’t enough of Alexis, either, so everyone makes out alright. I was gonna end this little writeup there but man oh man those boobs of hers are just mesmerizing, I just can’t stop staring at them…anybody else in the same boat?

Lucky In Luvv


Lucky in luvv on gf revenge

It’s always fun to see these hot girls get talked into doing a hardcore fuck scene with their boyfriends on video which the guys end up sending in to GF Revenge for a nice fat chunk of change…this time we get to see the now-famous and always gorgeous Sara Luvv in a scene called Lucky In Luvv! Sara was getting ready to head out on the town with some girlfriends and her boyfriend loved watching her hang out half-dressed so he grabbed his video camera. She didn’t want to make the sextape he was begging for but compromised by taking some sexy selfies, flashing those perky titties and then grabbing the camera to show off her tight little pussy and ass! She was playing with her snatch a little and I guess her man loved what he saw because he took the opportunity to lend a hand and a tongue, getting Sara so turned on she just had to have his big thick dick in her hole! That was his plan all along and soon he was fucking the hell out of this horny little spinner hottie…he pounded her pussy nice and hard and then pulled out to hose her down with a big creamy cumshot, so it looks like Sara’s gotta hit the showers again before heading out to the clubs!

The Boss


Mia Ryder The Boss

That is one beautiful MILF isn’t it guys?  Her name is Mia Ryder and you guys should know her she is a pretty famous pornstar.  You know how you get famous as a pornstar?  Being hot and being able to fuck good and Mia is both of those things.  In this episode from Reality Kings they “big tit boss site” Mia looks out at her yard and see’s that her worker is just taking a nap out in her gazebo.  That shit just isn’t going to fly with this MILF so she goes out there to confront him.  She finds out that he is hung over but more importantly she finds out he is built!  This MILF can’t help but look at his body and she decides to not get him in trouble but instead seduce him right there.  It’s pretty easy for Mia to get some dick as you can image she just has to show those titties or pretty much show any interest at all and guys are down to fuck her.



Ftv girls kenna

This sexy beautiful teen blondie is Kenna, and she’s made the fantastic decision to start off her adult career here on FTV Girls! She’s got a spectacular figure and isn’t exactly shy about showing it off in private as well as in public, making her a natural for FTV…they always love having their models flash and play in public and that’s right up Kenna’s alley! She starts running around on the street totally nude, giggling as people drive by and honk or slow down to get a good eyeful of that sweet pert ass and those long sexy legs of hers…she made the day of so many bored commuters a whole lot more interesting, that’s for sure! From fingering her tight little teen pussy in public and fisting herself and using some of the big toys like the FTV Blue Monster Toy, Kenna gets into plenty of kinky fun in this smokin hot update…if you’re into foot fetish she does some of that too and has some damn cute feet! Kenna is an absolute dream in these photos and videos, dancing and playing and masturbating to orgasm and just looking incredible which is what FTV Girls does better than just about anyone.

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