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Daisy Summers Orgasm


Daisy Summers Eyes Roll

At this point you just have to ask yourself do you want to see the orgasm that caused Daisy Summers to have her eyes roll in the back of her head or do you just want to keep on looking at other porn…  I know what I thought and that’s why I already watched this video over at my buddies site.  It’s such a good video I am not even going to try to make my own I will send you to the source of where I found it.  This was a scene that was shot for Big Mouthfuls a site that always ends in the girl getting a big mouthful of cum.  The great thing about joining this site is you’re actually joining Bang Bros and you guys should all know the deal by now.  When you join Bang Bros you get access to all of their sites so if you want to see girls swallowing you just watching videos from Big Mouthfuls.  Or hey you like creampies well then you should head over to their site Big Tit Cream Pie don’t you think… The list goes on and on but the first stop you should make when you’re in their awesome members area is this scene called “Sexy Brunette Pounded Hard, Then Swallows Cum” starring a Asian beauty we know very well by now.

Cherie DeVille Blacked


Cherie DeVille Blacked

I was about not to post this gallery because my boys over at iMILFs usually have really long videos and this one is short as fuck!  I mean what’s the deal guys?!?  Then I got it though because you just can’t find this scene anywhere else so it’s probably one of those sites that is very protective about it’s content.  I don’t blame them either because this Blacked site is really high quality.  As you can probably figure out by the site being named blacked and the fact that there is a black dick here yes, it is a interracial site.  It really has nothing to do with MILFs but I think the reason iMILFs is on it is because of Cherie DeVille who is one of the top MILFs in porn.  She is getting a massage in this video when the masseuse just can’t handle her perfect little plump ass so he pulls her close to him and starts to lick that pussy and ass.  Cherie doesn’t stop him and at that point he knows he is in.  She eventually gets his dick out and you can see the joy in her eyes when she see’s how big it is.  Cherie want’s that dick in her pussy more then he does I think.  Really good scene, but as I said short video so beware.

Lily and Teal


Lily Love and Teal Conrad First Threesome

Teal Conrad and Lily Love here are playing the part of a couple of string breakers who just had the best time of their lives.  One thing they want to do before they leave however is to pop their threesome cherry and what better place to do it at the bar where all their other fun memories where made.  So the two of them ask the bar tender if he would be interested in getting laid by two girls and being a man he is so down it’s not even funny.  As bad as this acting is the sex is hot enough to off set all of that.  It did get me thinking though that you totally know each some college sluts do this.  They go on a spring break and want to be very slutty what better way to have lesbian sex and get fucked then having a threesome, that’s just my opinion though.

Riley Reynolds Creampie


Riley Reynolds Teen Pies

It’s been a while since the last time I posted a Teen Pies scene so I thought I would bring it back with a nice long gallery for you guys.  This one is of a model named Riley Reynolds she has a nice fat ass and she just got in a fight with her husband.  She doesn’t know what she is going to do until another guy walks along and then she forgot all about him.  She takes this guys big dick in her pussy and as if that’s not bad enough she lets this guy cum inside of her!  I have never seen the story line side of Teen Pies before and the acting is bad as you can think but the great thing about it is you can just fast forward on this gallery to about the 1:50 mark and you will get Riley sucking on some dick.  If you want to just see the creampie finish well go to the end and check that out.  I hate those creampie sites that fake the them and this is not one of them once again you just have to watch the video to see that.

New Wife Gives Anal


Honeymoon Anal Sex Tape

This wife took a different route then all the other conservative wives out there that saves themselves for marriage.  This woman did save herself but she saved her butt for man for their honeymoon.  She didn’t want him to forget it so she let him film it.  The thing is it looks like she likes it so he is probably still banging away at that ass even after all this time.  This is the original moment though that she had anal sex and her husband was quite please, surprised and all that.  He gives it to her nice and soft and the video ends with them standing up and he is fucking her in the ass against the wall.  Once he is about to cum like a good wife she gets on the floor and gets ready to take the facial.  The scene as I mentioned was a personal sex tape but this couple is part of a community called Wife Bucket where they share all their sex tapes.  You can be a member too and you don’t have to share your sex tapes if you don’t want to.  You will just be one of the thousands of “voyeur” members.

Katerina Kay PAWG


Katerina kay PAWG Teen Fidelity

I am trying to catch up on all the Teen Fidelity video and I really just want to post them all at once but they’re so good I am going to spread them out a little bit.  Check out Katerina Kay here looking sexy as fuck in this episode called “PAWG”.  I swear you guys better know what that means by now if you don’t I just can’t help you’re going to have to figure it out on your own.  So Katerina has on a sexy little bikini I guess, or maybe it’s just underwear.  It’s probably underwear because this sexy bright yellow g-string she is wearing is not only a well g-string but it also crotch-less.  It has a little zipper on the front she can unzip so Ryan can get access to her pussy whenever he wants.  He spreads a good amount of time eating Katerina out. I  suspect he spent so much time because he saw how much she enjoyed it.  If you have seen any Teen Fidelity scenes before you can tell that all the girls always have a great time on this site because it’s all about pleasure.  Ryan takes his liberties with Katerina giving her a hard fuck and spending a lot of time on that perfect fat ass of hers.  He ends up not pulling out of her pussy and just cumming right inside of her for a creampie.  Something you haven’t seen from Katerina Kay before but there is a first for everything right?

Ember Stone


Ember stone amateur allure

It always cracks me up when a girl (usually a redhead) is so pale and fair-skinned that the camera has a hard time differentiating between her skin and the backdrop! This new girl Ember Stone on Amateur Allure is an example, some of her pictures she pretty much blends right into the background. She’d better be careful in the sun, I have the feeling she’d turn into an instant lobster if she hung out on the beach! She is cute as hell though and seems very enthusiastic about making her way into the porn world as she sucks cock to completion and gets fucked in that tight little pussy, taking a couple of loads in the mouth to swallow down. Keep an eye out for Ember on some other sites in the very near future, I’m sure she’ll be around making her mark! And if you hear on the news about someone mysteriously turning into charcoal on a beach in five seconds flat you’ll know who it was. I guess that’s why she got the name Ember! She’s definitely not a natural redhead though, if that big hairy bush is any indication.

Dianne Dee


Dianne Dee porn goes pro

Exotic brunette hottie Dianne Dee looks like the cat who got into the cream in this update from Porn Goes Pro as she shows up at this guy’s apartment in her sexy slinky rubber catsuit, sliding her hands up his legs and taking his cock in her mouth between those ruby red lips of hers! This guy didn’t pay good money for just a blowjob though, he wanted the full service so he spread her legs and gave that pussy a nice thorough pounding and was nice enough to have a camera duct-taped to his hand or strapped to his head or something so we get to share in the fun with a nice first person slightly fish-eye perspective on the proceedings. Dianne might not have the biggest titties the world has ever seen but man she does have a big juicy round booty, the guy can’t even wait to take off her catsuit before sliding his cock into her wet hole from behind! The name of this scene is New York Time, by the way, not sure where that comes from.

From 3 to 4 Part II


From 3 To 4 Party II

As I mention in the gallery I don’t have Part I of this series you’re just going to have to join X Art if you want to see that.  I don’t really see why you wouldn’t join though especially since I have such a good deal for you.  Most people are paying $39.95 a month but you can get it just for $9.95!  So that’s like 70% off and you get access to the best porn site in the planet.  This guys have more paying members then any other site and there is a reason for that they make the best porn.  The girl they have on their site are usually pretty exclusive to them.  If they’re not exclusive they’re really hot because they pay models more then any other site.  X Art is very erotic and you will see that when you watch this scene called From 3 to 4 Part II.  It stars 3 girls named Teal, Keria and Kate.  Teal is the busty girl you see here getting fucked, she is pretty thick but the guy who is having this foursome seems to perfer her pussy to the other girls so it must feel realy good.  The other girls have lesbian sex while they wait for their turn for the dick, it’s a great scene and part one is much the same but you don’t get a ending like you do in this video!

Jeanie Marie


Jeanie Marie Porn Fidelity

Let me tell you guys about the process I though when I make this site.  First I make the gallery and then I talk about that gallery within the gallery.  So at times like this one I am ill informed and I later figure it all out.  So as you will see when you read this gallery that I thought Porn Fidelity had a amateur here because well I have never seen her before.  Now I am writing this and I realize that she has been on other sites before… Here is a gallery Jeanie Marie did for I Have A Wife.  So the whole her being a amateur is well bullshit.  She is just a porn actress that hasn’t got much work I guess.  That being said after this Porn Fidelity scene she has to get more work because she is really really sexy in it.  I love the black and white sex scenes that Porn Fidelity put out in this trailer.  I am sure the full video isn’t like this but man I have to say their trailers are so well done that I watch them before the full videos almost every time.  I am a member of their site and their members area doesn’t disappoint.  The scene here is a facial / swallowing video but it’s more sensual then the recent videos that have come out from Porn Fidelity.  If you guys haven’t noticed right every once in a while likes to have really dominate sex where the girl is doing whatever it takes to please him.  In this scene it’s a lot of kissing and slow sex.  Of course Ryan can help but pound away at a pussy but it’s a lot “tamer” then some of the other videos.

Kiara Mia Creampie


Kiara Mia Creampie and Anal

Kiara Mia is doing it all in this new Ass Parade scene from Bang Bros.  She is not only getting cum inside of her pussy (creampie) but she also does anal sex during this scene!  These Bang Bros guys are so impressed with this MILF they can’t believe she has such a fat ass and you have to think these guys see a lot of butts.  So if they see a ton of asses and they’re still impressed with Kiara here you know she is special.  She keeps that fat ass of hers she says by doing squats.  I think the only squats she does is on a cock.  It looks like quite a work out because she isn’t lazy during sex Kiara is getting after it.  All MILFs though have a little extra spunk when they have a dick in them.  It has something to do with the fact that a older a girl gets hornier they get.  It’s just a fact of life and right now Kiara is living the high life fucking these huge cocks during the week as her fucking job.

Lacey Johnson


Fh18 lacey johnson

When it comes to picking girls to get a free naked rubdown you couldn’t do much better than blonde goddess Lacey Johnson here! She alreayd looked like a dream in her white top and red skirt and of course things only got better when she stripped down naked for this Fucked Hard 18 update, hopping up on the table to get oiled up and rubbed down. I don’t know if she was expecting to come out of this massage session relaxed and calm but she definitely got full release as the guy slipped his hands between her thighs to play with her pussy and up over those big breasts to tweak and tease her nipples! Soon she was on her stomach sucking his cock and then on her hands and knees getting her sweet tight wet hole railed from behind. This girl Lacey has a stunning face and a body that could stop traffic, and we get to watch her getting pounded for this hot hardcore fuck scene!

Kelly Diamond


Mg18 kelly diamond

I’ve gotta say, I’m a fan of the way Kelly Diamond treats her clients as a massage therapist…most masseuses do the old style rubdown using the hands and walking around their clients as they lay there but not Kelly! She’s from the new school and isn’t afraid to push the envelope, taking a unique stance by climbing on top of her client as she rubs his sore muscles…the drawback is that a massage is rarely finished, the guy just gets too turned on! Sure enough, Kelly’s hand-work does just that and get the guy all bonered up, and if you know Kelly Diamond you know she can’t resist a hard dick so she takes the guy in her mouth for a nice blowjob before joining him on the massage table for a good hard fuck in this Massage Girls 18 update, fucking him with that sweet pussy and bouncing her perfect round juicy ass in his face until he shoots his load onto it.

Adriana Returns


Itc adriana sephora

If you didn’t get enough of the incredibly gorgeous Adriana Sephora in her first appearance on In The Crack, I’ve got some fantastic news for you…this blonde beauty is back for some more up close and personal shots of her lady business! She’s sporting a sexy short animal print dress in this new photoshoot and wastes no time before sitting back on a big comfy chair and lifting up her legs, spreading them and pulling her panties aside to bring you right up close to that nice pink pussy as she masturbates…from the looks of things Adriana would like nothing more than to get her sweet slit licked and fingered and fucked, but for now I guess she’ll have to make do with fingering herself and tickling her clit with her finger in these closeup photos.



Nvg alecia

Lovely redhead Alecia looks like she stepped right out of the 1960’s with her cute flowery dress and quiet, easygoing demeanor…she showed up at the Net Video Girls studio ready to audition for a role as a backup dancer in a hiphop video but we know better, or at least we do if we’ve seen the NVG site before! She strips down to prove she’s got the ‘stuff’ and reveals she’s got a sexy neon bikini underneath…a bikini is a little too much fabric though so the guy convinces her to strip down further, showing off her perky breasts and that sweet tight butt. By now she’s pretty much game for anything so when he whips his huge black dick out she takes it in her mouth without much demurral, giving him a fantastic blowjob and looking up with those lovely innocent eyes of hers. Soon she was getting her pussy filled up with cock and moaning her head off, looking incredible as she got pounded in this hot hardcore scene!

Courtney Cummz


Courtney cummz mr anal

According to the guys at the Bang Bros network this is the second time Courtney Cummz has been on the site Mr Anal but I can’t seem to find it here on Imagepost. Either I just plain missed it or the scene was terrible or I’ve been burglarized, and I would assume that last one is the correct explanation because the other two are just insanity. So while I call the police, enjoy this return visit by the lovely horny pornstar as she stretches out her tight back door with a toy and some fingers before taking her guy pal’s huge cock deep in her ass, spreading her cheeks wide open as he slides inside! This mature hottie loves anal so you can be sure she’ll be back for round 3 sometime soon I’m sure…in the meantime just enjoy those big titties and her sweet round ass in this scene as she gets drilled!

Blissful Morning


Blissful morning on joymii

Stunning blonde Lara was ready to make her man’s morning a blissful morning so while he was snoozing away in his underwear she crept into the bedroom and awoke him with a gentle kiss. Seeing this gorgeous woman when you first open your eyes in the morning would already set the day on a fine note but this girl went the extra distance, sliding her hand into his tightie-whities and grabbing his cock while she kissed him before making her way down his body and giving him a blowjob! She licked and sucked his cock until it was nice and hard and ready to fuck…I have yet to see a girl who looked bad getting her leg lifted up to get pounded in her pussy, and there is definitely nothing bad-looking about Lara in this hardcore Joymii scene.

Angel Snow


In the crack angel snow

When I saw the name Angel Snow I thought for sure this pornstar would be a platinum blonde or something but nope, this girl is a cute brunette with natural perky titties…it’s nice to see a girl in this industry who doesn’t fall into the pit of getting all kinds of surgery to augment shit that really looks A-OK as it is! I’ve been doing this kind of thing for quite a while and I’ve seen thousands of pornstars come and go, and the number of chicks who look amazing and then get boobjobs and then look just meh is pretty high. Anyway Angel Snow is doing her (as far as I know) first photoshoot here for In The Crack, stripping out of her dress and pulling off her panties to show off that tight sexy body and inviting us to get up close and personal as she masturbates with one of her favorite toys!

Isabella Taylor Chongas


Isabella Taylor Bang Bros Chongas

You can’t tell me this girl isn’t smoking hot!  She is a amateur I want to say except that Bang Bros has done one other scene with her and it was released a while ago.  If you want to see it there is a link in the gallery for it.  This one is for Chongas and she just looks so much hotter in it and you get to see her fucked.  I can’t believe this girl hasn’t been on other peoples sites by now if she is doing porn.  I mean she has a perfect little round ass and cute small tits as well.  She isn’t a busty chick but I like small tits on chicks too.  Watching her get fucked by this big dick was really fun, she has a jiggling ass that looks great in the video especially in reverse cowgirl and doggystyle.  Then when you get her up top and you see that nicely trimmed hairy pussy bouncing up and down on this guys thick dick and you just see on her face that she is really love this sex session.

Wet and Wild with Lily Love


Lily love on phd

Sexy stunner Lily Love was relaxing outside in her bikini taking a nap when her tricksy boyfriend showed up and gave her a rude awakening, spraying her with water from the hose…luckily she didn’t get too mad, and she also didn’t seem to mind too much when he scooped her up and tossed her right into the pool! I guess it was a mighty hot day and she could use a little refreshment, because she got all wet and wild and ready for fun, especially when she saw her man was naked and his cock was stiffening as he looked at her in her swimsuit. Soon she was sitting on the side of the pool with his dick in her mouth, giving him a nice blowjob before sitting on his lap and taking it slowly into her wet pussy! Lily is a legend for good reason, her body is like a dream and she knows how to please a big hard cock, and in this Passion HD update she pulls out all the stops to blow this guy’s mind as well as his load! Speaking of blowing his load, he shoots his cum all over that gorgeous face, dripping down onto her lovely titties. Looks like she’s been spending some time in the sun, she’s got a nice set of tan lines going already and it’s not even summer yet! Can’t wait to see what this beauty has in store for us.

Samantha Rone


Samantha rone ccx

20 year old blondie Samantha Rone from Las Vegas was pretty excited to bust her way into the adult industry…she seems young and tight and fairly innocent and is a little nervous that people might find out about her hardcore porn aspirations. Well if she makes it big I suspect this might be a valid concern because that body of hers is fucking amazing! There’s just something about her when the guy is railing that pussy, she’s just incredible to watch and it feels like you’re right there doing the fucking as she rides your cock and begs you to fuck her deeper and harder. I guess the Casting Couch X director thought so too because after he frosted Samantha with a big creamy facial he told her she was probably in like the top 3 scenes he’s ever done! Maybe that’s just the afterglow talking or something but man that pussy looks like no joke, maybe the guy totally meant what he said.

Madison Ivy First Anal


Madison Ivy First Anal Sex Scene

Not sure if this is going to be a big deal to you guys or not but Brazzers has been advertising this scene for some time now and it’s finally out.  The girl you see there is Madison Ivy and this is her first anal sex scene!  I thought Brazzers was probably just bullshitting by saying it was her first but I googled around and I couldn’t find anything so I am just going to take their word for it.  She is dressed up like a Egyptian goddess or something in this video, I really didn’t try to figure out what is going on because let’s be honest Madison is having anal sex that’s the only thing that does matter.  The video isn’t exactly super long and it doesn’t have much anal sex but you do get to enjoy her naked body a lot so that’s a plus.  I just think Brazzers probably paid Madison a shitload (pun intended) of money to have butt sex so they want you to join their site instead of just watching it for free.  Good thing for you guys that I know how you can watch it and only pay a buck.  Just when you are checking out make sure to select their 2 day trial for $1, and uncheck all the boxes.  Just like that you’re viewing this video and life is just that much better.

Holly Halston Let’s One Go


Holly Halston Fucks The Robber

Holly Halston is doing a little bit of role playing with her husband.  When she gets home she see’s a man dressed up like a robber so she thinks it’s him.  She plays her cop role good telling him to freeze where he is and drop his pants.  When this guy drops his pants Holly knows it’s not her husband because this guy is hung.  She pulls off the mask trying to figure out what the hell is going on and finds out that this guy is just a random robber.  She can’t get his dick off her mind though and she was planning on getting laid today by her husband anyways, but this is so much more exciting.  So she takes control of the situation and gets this big dick to fuck her in her pussy and in her ass.  You guys probably know by know just how much this thick MILF loves to take it up the ass and that’s why you see it in almost every scene that she does.  The name of the episode is “Freeze, Fucker!” and you can download the whole thing if you’re a member of Brazzers.

Sucking Cock


Bryci jewel belt

Get ready to see Bryci like you’ve probably never seen her before…I’ve got a nice sexy photoshoot for you as she hikes up her tight yellow dress to play with her big perfect tits and finger her hole before setting up a dildo on the wall and on the floor to lick and suck and masturbate with, but the real fun is what happened after the photoshoot was over! I guess the sight of that gorgeous busty brunette turned the cameraman on so much he couldn’t resist whipping his dick out and Bryci took the opportunity to take it in her mouth and give the guy a fantastic blowjob! That’s right, we’ve got video of Bryci sucking cock and then getting fucked just like you’ve always wanted to see…I don’t know how long we can keep the video up before we get in trouble with her site but I’ll do my best.

Sexy Nurse Pattycake


Nurse sexy pattycake

Paging Nurse Sexy Pattycake, paging Nurse Sexy Pattycake…the patient in room 69 needs another sponge-bath! That’s like the tenth time that guy has rung for this gorgeous nurse today, but Patty doesn’t seem to mind too much! This gorgeous blonde sexpot would make a terrible nurse actually, I’m sure she would cause more heart attacks with those huge perfect tits than she would help treat. It’s fun to pretend though with pictures like these as she slowly strips down and gets naked, popping off her sexy red lacy bra and modestly covering up her boobs as she gives that mischievous little glance she’s so well known for. This cutie has a hell of a bedside manner and I do believe she makes housecalls, so if you need your blood pressure checked just let her know!

Pool Table Pounding


Povd anissa kate

Gorgeous exotic Anissa Kate challenged her man to a game of high stakes pool but right off the bat he sunk the 8 ball on the break so she had to pay up! The wager wasn’t for cash though…Anissa dropped to her knees to take his big cock (or your big cock, since this is a first person perspective!) in her mouth for a nice blowjob, pulling off her top and panties to get fucked bent over the table. It wasn’t the most comfortable position to be in, as hot as it was, so they headed to the bedroom for a little more cushion for their pushin’! Anissa took that big hard meat between her big tits, sliding it up and down and then spreading her legs to get her pussy filled up. First person scenes are fairly common nowadays but what makes the POVD updates unusual is the incredibly high resolution video and 3d audio, making it feel like you’re there in the room fucking this horny beautiful pornstar and shooting your load all over her freshly-pounded pussy! The name of the update is Pool Table Pounding, usually girls on POVD don’t do a second shoot but Anissa is just so fucking stunning I’d be surprised if she didn’t come back for a round 2 at some point.

Ariana Marie Tied Up


Ariana marie tied up fhd

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a beautiful hottie like Ariana Marie all tied up and ‘helpless’ as you pleasure her body, bringing her to the brink of ecstasy again and again until she’s begging you to slide your big cock into that perfect pussy? Well wonder no more, because Ariana is exploring her kinky side in this Fantasy HD update as her man leads her blindfolded into the bedroom, tying her up with wrist and ankle restraints and then dripping some hot wax on her perfect tits to make her gasp and moan with rising desire! I didn’t realize Ariana was into some fetish fun but I guess it stands to reason, I mean she does have some surface piercings on her back so I guess she’s into some pretty non-standard experiences! After getting teased and played with a bit with the guy fingering her wet hole he slid his huge meat into her mouth and then proceeded to fuck the hell out of her. I never get tired of those amazing titties of hers, I’m pretty sure you don’t either! She’s done like four other scenes on Fantasy HD, here’s just a couple but part of the fun is searching for them yourself…scene1 and scene2!

No More Nice Brandi


No More Nice Brandi Love

Brandi Love has been playing the good wife for all her life while her husband does whatever he wants.  She wants to have sex more but he never asks and today she is at the end of her rope.  She calls up her husband and hears that he is with another woman.  She is giggling it up and Brandi pretends like she doesn’t hear it.  When she hangs up though she tells herself no more Mrs. Nice Love she is going to be the woman she wants to be.  So she dresses up in her sexiest lingerie and when her cheating husband gets home she puts him in his place.  She tells him how much she wants to be fucked and he is going to fuck her until she is done and then he can come.  He isn’t going to get his dick wet right away though because Brandi mounts his face and has him eat out her pussy for as long as she needs.

Anya Ivy Nice Curves


Anya Ivy on Bang Bros Big Tits Round Asses

I know that I have posted a lot of these Anya Ivy scenes already but this one just came out today from Bang Bros and is part of their Big Tits, Round Asses series.  From the sounds of the video this was actually the very first video that Anya did.  I mean the camera guy thought she wasn’t going to show up and he even mentions that this is the first porn she has shot.  Anya is an amazing ebony beautiful who has one of those bodies you’re just not going to find anywhere else.  Her tits are nice and big and completely naturals.  They’re so perfect that you would think she had a boob job or someting.  Then she turns around and shows that black ass of hers which is perfect as all hell, what do you expect though black girls have junk in their trunk on the reg.  She is outside for a lot of the video actually just showing off her body so I am well versed in it.  Then she goes back to the house and shows she puts that body to good use.  She knows how to ride a mean dick and being as fit as she is she can really get after a guy when she is on top riding. I just can’t get enough of her as I have already impressed upon you and because of that I went ahead and found another gallery for you guys. This is one of those special ones because most people won’t read all of this LOL. The scene is that I am hooking you up with is Anya on I Know That Girl. It’s a cool amateur type video, not super long but long enough if you know what I’m saying.

Keisha Grey Boarding


Keisha Grey Skate Boarding Brazzers

Those big natural tits we love so much are back on Brazzers for another episode they call Boardwalk Boarding Boobies.  I don’t think there is a story to go along with this from what I watched it’s just basically Keisha Grey hanging out with some skaters who probably thought this was the coolest day of their lives. Then one of the Brazzers stunt cocks meets up with them at a house that has a empty pool and he bangs Keisha in front of all these skaters.  Thoes big round tits sure do bounce a lot during this episode Keisha knows how to work the camera after all the porn scenes she has been in.  My favorite part is seeing that bubble butt of hers riding up and down on this guys cock in the bowl of the pool while all these guys skate around her.  That right there is living on the edge!

Ashley Fires


Ashley fires on tonights girlfriend

This guy called up beautiful blonde Ashley Fires to come by his hotel room for a nice long romp in exchange for a big fistful of cash in this Tonights Girlfriend episode, so she showed up in a sexy slinky red dress but the guy just shook his head. He had something special in mind so she went into the bathroom and found the clothes he had picked out, apparently he’s got a thing for chicks in midriff shirts and itty bitty booty shorts and thigh high striped tube socks! I mean who doesn’t, but this guy went above and beyond by hiring this horny pornstar to come act out his spring break fantasies. Soon she was on her knees sucking his cock and getting her panties tugged down, bending over to get fucked from behind and I guess the guy paid extra for the platinum package because he got to fuck that sweet ass too! That’s right, Ashley Fires anal pounding is a go and she looks like she was enjoying every damn second of it.

Wanting For More


Wanting for more on nubile films

I’m not so sure about the grammar of this Nubile Films episode entitled Wanting For More, because you won’t be left wanting for more after seeing Ebbi (better known as Angelica) do her thing on the couch with her boyfriend! You might want more, but that’s not the same thing…anyways, it’s just the title, who gives a rat’s ass. Speaking of asses, can we talk a little about Ebbi’s butt for a second? It’s fucking perfect. OK, that was easy! So in this Nubile Films scene she is licking and sucking her boyfriend’s big cock, moving her way up his body until she’s riding on his dick and bouncing up and down with his meat buried in her tight wet pussy! She fucks him in a few different positions, looking of course incredible in each one, then pumps his meat with her hands until he erupts in a big wet cumshot that gets all over her face. She looks a little surprised by the blast but loves it!

Double Pleasure


Briana lee extreme double pleasure

If you’ve seen this girl Briana Lee before in her Briana Lee Extreme updates you know she’s not afraid of having a little fun with her ass, she knows how good she can make herself feel with a nice buttplug! Well couple that with a huge dildo that she fucks her pussy with and she’s getting double pleasure in this hot photoshoot…starting out slow she strips out of her pink hoodie and her bra and panties to let those huge round soft breasts out before lifting up her legs and penetrating her tight back door with a pink toy! I thought at first it was a dildo but I think it’s a buttplug, whatever it is Briana seems to love it. Soon she’s fingering her pussy with that thing still in her ass, then out comes the huge black dildo to seal the deal! At first glance I don’t think you’d expect this chick to be into any kinky or extreme play like this but man oh man you’d be dead fucking wrong.

Cuban Fuck


Xxx pawn cuban fuck

This Latina honey didn’t speak a damn bit of English but figured she’d try to swindle the XXX Pawn guys for $300 for a shitty TV with, hold onto your britches, a built-in VCR! I mean maybe if it had $290 tucked into the cassette slot it would be worth three hundred but man this chick’s out of her mind. She was hot as hell though so the guy concocted a cunning plan where he ‘accidentally’ pushed the tv off the counter so it smashed on the ground, sparing anyone from having to deal with it, and offered to repay the chick if she came to the backroom. Once they were back there of course he offered to up the payout if she got naked and got fucked, and since this girl was obviously straight off the boat and needed some funds she agreed. She got those big bouncy titties out, gave the guy a great blowjob, then bent over the desk to get her pussy pounded before snatching up the payout! This amateur Cuban gets a nice deep dicking and I think by the time she left she figured she made a pretty good decision…I guess if the guy had a tiny cock or was a two pump chump she woulda been pissed. This is part of the Bang Bros network of sites by the way, XXX Pawn is pretty new but I’m definitely liking it so far!

Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage


Hegre art ejaculation

It always amazes me that there are people out there who still believe that female ejaculation is a myth…well for those poor sad individuals I present this Hegre Art update entitled Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage! If the name didn’t already describe things pretty fucking well I guess I’ll just explain that this teen hottie gets a massage and ends up squirting all over the place. She’s 18 years old and is a virgin who has never had an orgasm in her life, much less squirted…but thanks to the skillful hands and magic vibrating wand of the Hegre masseuse she cums all over the massage table! It’s incredible to watch a beautiful woman orgasming like this but even hotter when it’s an innocent teen who has never cummed before, feeling the sensations run through her perfect tight body for the first time. Absolutely hot as hell.

Natalie Monroe


Natalie monroe for amateur creampies

Adorable teen Natalie Monroe explains why she’s into the idea of a creampie, she loves feeling a guy cum inside her wet pussy…she tries to explain how it feels but can’t quite put it to words, she just thinks it’s exciting to feel a guy shooting his load in her hole! Well, she’s at the right place for that…Amateur Creampies presents this video of Natalie pulling off her jean shorts (jorts?) and bending over to get pounded doggystyle, moaning as the guy slammed her hole until he granted her wish and spurted a load of cum inside her snatch! Natalie has done a few different shoots for different sites since this one but man it’s hot as hell to see her get fucked and take a load in her hole.

Jodi Taylor Double Penetration


Jodi taylor dp na

When you’re invited to a pool party with Jodi Taylor you better be ready for anything…maybe it’ll just be swimming around and relaxing in the sun but maybe it’ll be more like this Naughty America update where she fucks both her guy pals at the same time! Usually with a threesome like this the girl just fucks one guy and sucks the other guy’s cock and then spins around to trade off, but not Jodi. She does some of that for sure, but that’s just her warmup…soon she’s got both cocks in her at once, and I’m talking double penetration with one pumping her pussy and the other guy deep in her tight ass for some anal action! Jodi looks great in her bikini but even better after it gets ripped off and she’s getting her holes plugged up with man-meat…I don’t remember seeing her do a DP scene before but maybe she’s got a taste for it now, so to speak. Also hahah check out the face the dude makes as he fucks her in the ass, it’s hilarious!

Scarlet Red


Teen fidelity scarlet red

Scarlet Red headed to the Teen Fidelity house to do a little glamour modeling…she had heard some crazy things about doing photos at that house but for awhile it seemed perfectly normal, maybe even a little bit boring. She showed off that sexy body for some glamour type photos but when Ryan Madison showed up the heat got kicked up about fifty notches! Incidentally I’m not really sure how she got the name Scarlet Red, seeing as how she’s a blonde…at least her lingerie was red while she was getting her pussy absolutely wrecked by Ryan’s big hard cock, holding on to her own throat as she got her hole mortar-and-pestled! Ryan’s never exactly one to take it easy on a girl’s cooch as he fucks her and this is no exception…the update is called Scarlet Fever and I guess that’s just what Ryan got when he got a look at this girl’s big tits and that sweet ass of hers.

Bibi Noel Real Life 12


Bibi noel for porn fidelity

Welcome to Real Life Part 12, this time featuring the lovely and slightly alien-looking blonde Bibi Noel…she set up some cameras in Ryan Madison’s office at the Porn Fidelity house, waiting patiently (or maybe not so patiently) for him to return and find her with her round bubble butt and big tits out, ready for a nice hard fuck. Soon enough Ryan did indeed show up and without a word he grabbed Bibi, sliding his cock into her mouth and then giving her a nice pounding. She looks like she may have had a little too much work done if you ask me but hey I bet those plump lips feel pretty amazing when she gives a blowjob, I guess Ryan would be the one to ask about that. If you missed out on the previous Real Life episodes here’s a bunch of them…honestly I can’t remember what the deal is with Real Life updates, I’m not really sure why they’re different than a normal Porn Fidelity scene but oh well, they’re all definitely worth checking out so now’s your chance.

Swing Swing


Lexi davis povd

Gorgeous horny blonde Lexi Davis was ready to play so she came over to the POVD house, not even making it upstairs before she loses all her clothing and bends over to get her pussy fingered and bouncing her big titties around. She licks and sucks her man’s cock and gets her pussy licked in return, before hopping onto the POVD sex swing and getting fucked as she drifts to and fro! We saw the swing in action at least one time before in this scene, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that a sex swing is extra awesome when the girl has a huge perfect pair of tits like Lexi Davis does! Lexi has a ball getting drilled as she sways around, getting her pussy filled up with dick before she gets down on her knees and takes a facial. This POVD update is called Swing Swing, by the way, not so sure about that name but hey whatever works.

Knock On My Door


Knock on my door x art

Hold onto your butts because I’ve got a pair of perfect tens for you in this X Art update called Knock On My Door for one of the hottest lesbian updates I’ve seen in a good long while! Sexy horny Clover wandered into the bedroom in her g-string to do a little self-love exercise with her fingers and a toy! She gets a little noisy sometimes when she masturbates and her girlfriend Suzie overheard, cracking open the door and smiling to herself as she let herself in. Soon Suzie was helping slide that toy into Clover’s tight pussy and perfect ass as the girls kissed, then graduated to pussy eating to bring each other to orgasm! These girls are both absolutely spectacular…if you’re into tight perky blondes, Suzie will blow your mind, and if you’re into gorgeous horny brunettes you might find your little itch scratched by lovely Clover! Two great tastes that go great together, that’s how I see it…and you just know each of their pussies tastes like strawberries and unicorn giggles.

Rise and Shine 2


Rise and shine 2 on passion hd

One of the finest things about this time of year is that the sun is warm but not too hot, just perfect for taking a mid-afternoon nap without feeling like you’re about to broil and ending up red as a lobster. Veronica Radke is snoozing in the sunlight and looks absolutely angelic and I guess her man figured it was time for her to rise and shine because he headed over and ran his hands over her beautiful body. This could have gone either way, some girls are furious when they get woken up but Veronica looks like she was having a great dream and was ready to make it a reality! He slipped some fruit into her mouth and she followed it up with some sausage as she tugged down his shorts and sucked his cock! Passion HD has some of the hottest girls around and Veronica is a perfect example…she licks his huge dick until he’s rock hard and then goes for a wild ride, getting pounded deep in her wet pussy for this sexy hardcore scene!

Schoolgirl Val


Val midwest schoolgirl

Usually when you think of a sexy schoolgirl you think of the traditional porn-style itty bitty plaid skirt and whatnot but cmon, how often do you see schoolgirls that actually wear that in this day and age? More often they’re sexy college girls relaxing in sweatpants and whatnot, just like Val Midwest is doing in this photoshoot from her own website. She’s been doing some homework but I guess she got distracted by the camera because she wrote HI BOYS or something on her notebook and stripped off her top and pants, showing those absolutely perfect boobies and her sweet sexy tight pussy as she spreads her labia and fingers herself with that amazing little grin of hers! I don’t know that I’d want to have Val as my study partner if this is normal study behavior for her…the grades would be in the toilet but man oh man maybe it would be worth it for a shot at that incredible snatch!

Bail Money Blowjob


Xxx pawn bail money blowjob

Some women are willing to do pretty much anything for their man…this chick for instance, her husband went to prison and she brought his baseball card collection into the XXX Pawn shop to try and sell it off but it turned out not to be worth anything. Luckily for her (well for her husband) she’s got great tits so the guy swung her the ol’ deal, where if she headed to the back room and gave the shop owner a blowjob he would sweeten the pot a little by increasing the payout she got. She was pretty much at her wits’ end so she agreed to his terms, getting her knees dirty as she dropped down and sucked his cock, taking her huge tits out of her top to grease the wheels, so to speak. I guess she was getting pretty antsy while her man was in the pokey because as soon as she got her hands and lips on that huge cock she demanded he fuck her brains out as well…well you know what happens next, seeing as how this site is on the Bang Bros network!

Casey Calvert Is Back


Casey calvert third time mr anal

I guess two times on the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal just wasn’t enough, because Casey Calvert came back and is ready to get that sweet round ass fucked once again! This time she’s met up with this guy who has a huge black cock and she couldn’t be more excited…she stretches out her ass a bit with a toy first but still from the looks of things that ebony fuckstick is still kind of too big to handle because she only manages to get it about halfway into her pucker before she calls it quits…or maybe it just feels better to her to get fucked by a little bit of cock rather than taking every inch of that dark meat. She bends over and gets railed from behind until the guy finally shoots his load onto her face and into her mouth, leaving her with a dripping load of cum! If you missed out on her first episode on Mr Anal I can’t help you out but if you want to see her second one I’ve got it right here, enjoy.

White Pantsuit


Kelly madison white pantsuit

Sometimes the simplest things are the hottest things, as demonstrated in this scene from Kelly Madison‘s own website! She’s wearing just a simple white pantsuit that shows off those huge breasts of hers, looking almost angelic as she sits on a little box in front of some sheer white curtains. This horny busty MILF doesn’t need a crazy exotic set to be sexy as hell, all she needs is herself and maybe a little fabric! Soon she’s stripped down, showing off her magnificent boobs and masturbating with one of her favorite toys…that pussy is getting taken care of in just the right way, you’d almost think Kelly has done this before! That was just a little joke on my part of course, this hottie has gotten fucked more times than you or I have dreamt of most likely. It’s just nice of her to share her experiences with us!

Just Watch Part 2


Just watch part 2 on x art

I can’t believe I didn’t even post part 1 of this series but hey, consider it a public safety move because if anyone watches both parts of this update back to back I have a suspicion their head would explode. That’s how hot this girl Kate is…this Russian teen (I think she’s a teen still, she might be 20 by now) has a body that is just tight and firm and fucking incredible as she strips down in Just Watch Part 2 on X Art, pulling off her sweater to play with her perky tits as her boyfriend Jake goes to town on her perfect pussy, fingering her and licking her clit to drive her nuts before she climbs onto his lap and takes his cock deep inside! That would be absolutely incredible to have this hottie riding you, I guess that’s why Jake had to close his eyes so he wouldn’t shoot his load in two seconds flat. As it is he had a hard time controlling his cum, fucking her in a few different positions…I guess having her bend over and take him from behind doggystyle was the last straw because he shot his load deep inside her cunt for a sweaty, passionate creampie finish to a very hot hardcore scene!

Sexy Roller Derby MILF


Roller derby milf on mompov

This MILF is hot but if she’s 45 years old I’ll eat my hat…well maybe she’s just had a tough life, she was in roller derby for awhile so she’s not afraid to knock a few heads together! She’s pretty though and has a lovely smile, not to mention a set of huge full titties that will make your mouth water. Mom POV always gets the sexiest MILFs on there, I don’t know where they keep finding all these mature beauties ready willing and able to make their very first adult video but I like it! To be honest I was never a huge MILF fan but this site is singlehandedly doing a good job of making me turn the corner on that…a little variety, spice of life and all that. She gets to work after the interview is up, stripping down and showing those big titties and her bouncy badonkadonk before dropping to her knees and sucking the cameraman’s dick. He gives her meaty mature pussy a nice drilling, making her moan and sending those titties to bouncing as he spreads her legs, has her mount up and go for a ride, and bends her over doggystyle to fuck her from behind before shooting his load on her face.

One Last Time


One last time remy lacroix

Their little mini vacation was over but Remy Lacroix wanted to hit the ocean one last time, so she put on her bikini and took a run down to the beach with her shawl, scampering through the waves and having a blast while her boyfriend watched from the window. Afterwards she was ready to clean up so she took a shower using the outdoor nozzle, pulling off her bikini and letting the water sluice away the sand from her perky titties ande that spectacular round ass…heading inside her man was ready to have one last time of his own in this update from the Babes network, pulling off her swimsuit and kissing Remy passionately, dropping down to tease and tongue her clit before she sucked his cock and hopped onto his lap for a nice leisurely ride! Things started off slow and sensual and gradually built up to a hard and fast fuck-fest with Remy on her hands and knees getting drilled doggystyle before the guy shot his load onto her face. I guess I don’t blame him for wanting to fuck her in that position; even though she’s pretty her face is just plain no match for that incredible juicy booty, I’d imagine seeing that butt while you fucked her would be sexy as hell! I was watching this scene and was remembering another video that had this “one last time” type of feel and I remember it was this Twistys hardcore scene. I am not saying it’s anywhere near as erotic but Remy is having sex with her boyfriend on last time in that scene as well.

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