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Book Worm


Passion hd book worm

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen brunette knockout Emily Grey in a Passion HD scene but she’s back and is somehow even hotter than ever! This girl is in my opinion at the top of the heap in terms of hotness in the adult industry…an absolute hottie with a perfect sweet smooth round ass and nice perky petite boobies, she’s a vision to behold! In this scene called Book Worm she’s showing her nerdier side, sporting a big thick pair of glasses as she strips out of her striped onesie, tugging on her pigtails and showing off that incredible butt. Emily keeps her legwarmers on (I assume that’s what those are) and looks sexy as hell as she takes the guy’s big dick in her mouth, licking him until he’s rock-hard, then climbing into his lap to ride that cock to orgasm! I can’t imagine the guy would have much trouble getting boned up with that beautiful face staring up at him as he fucked Emily’s face, and sure enough he popped wood instantly to give that tight wet perfect pussy of hers a nice hard pounding! Since she started the scene with glasses on I assumed she’d put them back on before taking a facial to keep from getting cum in those pretty eyes but nope, she rolled the dice and came up a winner here!

The Secretary


The secretary on x art

Have you ever imagined having a gorgeous secretary who would not only take down letters and handle phone calls and appointments but would also stay after work sometimes to get naked and fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before? That’s exactly what’s going on in this X Art update called The Secretary as Jenna Ross gives her boss the ride of his life. She’s an absolute stunner every time she’s on the site, especially getting in a red hot hardcore scenario like this one! She takes the guy’s big thick dick in her mouth, licking him up and down and sucking him hard before stripping naked and getting that perfect round ass in the air for the guy to lick and then slap his balls against as he fucked her sweet pussy from behind! Watch Jenna’s sweet perky breasts get bounced around as she takes the guy’s cock in and out of her hole, moaning and sticking her foot on the guy’s face so he could lick her toes…I guess he’s a bit of a foot fella in addition to having fine taste in secretaries! I don’t know what her WPM score is for typing but she’s scoring a perfect 10 in terms of sexiness and fuck skills. Jenna gets drilled here good and hard before dropping to her knees and getting a big facial on her cheeks and into her mouth!

Business Trip


Pure mature business trip bianca

This guy told his wife he was heading out on an important business trip, and told his job that he was heading out on vacation with his wife…obviously he was up to some sneaky business and in this Pure Mature update we get to see just what he had in mind! He met up with beautiful Latina babe Bianca in his hotel room and had her put on some sexy lingerie he bought for her, and she was more than happy to show off that sweet sexy MILF body for him! She rubbed his feet on her big titties, shook that sweet juicy ass, then got naked and got busy taking care of his big thick dick! Bianca loves getting her pussy drilled and was dripping wet when she slid his meat into her hole, moaning and riding the guy like a carousel horse. I don’t know about this being a legitimate Business Trip but he sure gave her the business in this Pure Mature scene, pounding that sweet wet hole and making those big tits of hers bounce with every deep hard thrust until finally shooting a load all over her beautiful face! Bianca loves a nice facial and lets that cum of his drip down her chin onto her big soft breasts to finish off this hot and sexy scene.

Blonde Beautiful MILF


Blonde beautiful milf for mom pov

Some women you can tell have always been sexy since they were like 18 and always will be sexy! That’s the case with this 39 year old MILF on Mom POV…she’s a stunning blonde with an incredible body and she’s ready to do her very first adult video! Her tits might not be real but she is real sexy and is horny as hell…she says she masturbates at least on the daily, often times even using a toy on her sweet pussy in her car when she’s stuck in traffic! I’m sure nobody driving next to her is complaining, it would make a traffic jam a whole lot more tolerable if this hottie was diddling her skittle in the next car over. She also doesn’t mind exploring her ass so after stripping down and sucking the guy’s hard cock she lifted up her legs to get fucked in her balloon knot for a good hard anal pounding! This guy wanted to explore that whole body of hers so he fucked her pussy and mouth as well as her ass and even slid his cock up between those big fake boobs for a little tittyfucking! When she’s on her back with her legs in the air getting fucked that big rack of hers goes for a nice bouncy ride, and we get to stare into those beautiful blue eyes before she took a big load of cum in her mouth to swallow down!



Katie for brcc

Meet Katie, a bubbly fun eager amateur who just turned 18 a few weeks ago and is rarin to get into her first adult shoot in this Backroom Casting Couch update! I’ve been digging the curvy chicks they’ve been putting up lately, it’s a nice change of pace to have some amateur hotties on the site that have some sexy curves and big juicy booties…and Katie here is stacked in both departments! She’s also cute as hell with long wavy hair and an adorable smile as she strips down and shows off those big titties. This redhead is a little nervous but excited to have some fun and rebel against her strict dad…he’d probably pop his top if he knew his daughter was on the internet getting naked and getting her pussy and ass drilled! That’s just what she does here, she even has her first anal experience and gets creampied, which she doesn’t even let her boyfriend do when they fuck…this girl’s got a sexy sweet tight shaved teen pussy though, it’s no wonder the casting director wanted to fill it up with his cum! I’m not sure which part Katie liked the best but man, the sight of her on her hands and knees getting her snatch fucked doggystyle with those big full firm breasts swinging with the rhythm of the thrusts is red-hot, keep an eye out for that.



Penny on exploited college girls

This tall busty blonde hottie is Penny and she’s ready to do her first scene here on Exploited College Girls! She pulls off her top to show off those beautiful perfect firm D-cup breasts and can hardly wait to get her pants off before sliding her hands down between her thighs to play with her pussy! This amateur bombshell nympho loves having fun with a hard cock and definitely gets her fill in this update, giving the guy a nice blowjob and then taking the cock between her boobs for a little tittyfucking action. Some girls you can just tell they absolutely live for sucking dick and Penny here licks that fuckstick like there are diamonds in the middle of it! Somehow the guy holds in his load through this amazing oral action and is able to give her the hard pussy pounding she was begging for, spreading those long smooth legs to penetrate her shaved hole as deep as he could…Penny moaned her way to orgasm and then drops to her knees to pump out a load of cum onto her face for a little self-inflicted facial to finish off this hot ECG update!

Deep Inside Anissa Kate


Passion hd deep inside anissa

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen Anissa Kate showing her stuff on Passion HD and she’s definitely been missed! It’s always a treat to see this sultry seductive and gorgeous brunette doing her thing and she makes a roaring comeback in this update called Deep Inside Anissa! She starts out on her own, undressing and luxuriating in the feeling of just hanging out naked and rubbing those big perfect breasts…her man looked down over the balcony and saw Anissa down there squeezing and playing with her titties and of course wanted to join in the fun, so he joined her and soon the two had less clothes on than a couple of hippies at Woodstock! Anissa got that perfect ass in the air and the guy gave that wet pussy a nice hard pounding with his big thick dick, making her sweet round breasts bounce with the thrusts…Anissa is just amazing, she looks like she could be Cleopatra or something, I don’t know what it is. Just a sort of mystique or an aura of sexuality around her or something I guess, a woman either has it or she doesn’t and Anissa definitely has it!

Camile Attacks Again


Camile attacks latina on nvg

We’ve seen stunning Latina babe Camile before in her own solo hardcore update on Net Video Girls as well as doing an entry in their Attack series (if you missed the latter it’s right here), and I guess she liked showing the ropes to a newcomer to the site because she’s back again introducing a new hottie! We don’t get to see the introduction in this update so we’re not really sure what the new girl’s name is but she got talked into getting a mouthful of Camile’s pussy pretty easily so I guess this amateur hottie was horny already! The girls make out like lesbians for a bit, stripping each other down and kissing and licking snatch before being joined by the casting director who proceeds to whip out his big hard cock and get a double blowjob. Nobody could pass up those two perfect wet pussies though so he gets the girls to put those sweet asses in the air and fucks them both one after the other! Camile and the new chick both love getting a nice deep dicking and they moan their heads off, going back and forth between making out and getting pounded before working a big load of cum out of that cock! The girls share the facial, letting the guy’s load drip down their cheeks and off their chins. Welcome aboard, new chick!

Spinnin Bills


Mom pov spinnin bills

This 42 year old brunette MILF is a single mom with sweet big titties who has a special trick up her sleeve…she pops a hole in George Washington’s head and impales a dollar bill on her nipple, flicking the edge of the bill to spin it around! Those nipples must be like gumdrops, perky and sticking straight out when she gets horny. She definitely gets horny too, stripping nude and showing off that sweet shaved pussy that she starts stroking and fingering before taking this guy’s big hard dick in her mouth! Mom POV loves getting a horny mature honey on the screen and this mama can’t get enough cock. Blowjob, tittyfucking, riding like a cowgirl, this hottie does it all and she’s got the experience to do it all right! The guy is able to keep a rein on his lust until she bends over with that big round juicy ass in the air…he pounds her nice and deep before unleashing a load of cum, filling up her pussy for a big creampie finish! This babe loves cum and gets her fill of it so to speak, massaging it into her cunt as it leaked out to finish up this hot fuck scene.

Alli Rae


Alli rae for amateur creampies

We’ve seen beautiful blonde Alli Rae in a few things since this Amateur Creampies scene was shot and she looks incredible every time, so it’s no surprise that even one of her early shoots has her looking sexy as hell! She slips out of her little dress and slides those panties down her smooth lovely legs before getting her tight perfect pussy pounded…Alli’s tits are incredible by the way, they’re not huge but they bounce perfectly and are nice and perky, and you get to see them in all their glory here as she rides the guy. Of course since this is Amateur Creampies you know she’s going to end up with a snatch full of cum and that’s exactly what happens…I’m only surprised the guy was able to hold out as long as he did! She’s got that perfect tight ass too and we get a very nice view of that as she bounces up and down on the guy’s cock moaning and squeaking and gasping with pleasure. This is one hottie who loves getting filled up with man cream, from the looks and sounds of things!

Sexual Vanity


Aaliyah love sxual vanity x art

I think when you’re as gorgeous as blonde stunner Aaliyah Love you can be permitted a certain amount of sexual vanity…a little confused? Well just hold tight, dear viewer, and check out this X Art scene as Aaliyah (or Aliyah as they call her for some reason) hangs out in the bedroom alone stripping out of her bra and panties and staring in the mirror! She just can’t resist her own reflection and really can you blame her? She’s absolutely perfect from head to toe, from that beautiful face to her sweet perky breasts to that incredible round firm tight ass…Aaliyah takes her time, spreading those long legs and spreading her sweet pink pussy with her fingers before grabbing a pink acrylic toy and sliding it in and out of her tight hole! Some girls look incredible whether they’re getting fucked or just masturbating and Aaliyah Love certainly ranks among em…she’s just a vision of hotness every time she’s on the site, if you don’t believe me check out this previous scene and you’ll see what I mean! She might be a little full of herself, I mean she’s fucking her pussy while staring at herself in the mirror, but she doesn’t seem arrogant she just loves a hot naked body even if it’s her own, can’t fault her for that.

Giselle Locke


Giselle locke on zishy

Did you ever see that scene in American Beauty where the cheerleader chick does a dance and strips down nude? Keep that in mind when you check out this Zishy photoshoot, it features gorgeous cheerleader Giselle Locke as she invites us into her boudoire as she stretches out after practice, brushing her hair and flashing her little gray panties before stripping down, showing an absolutely perfect tight firm ass and teasing with her teen titties…all that kicking and jumping does wonders for a butt apparently! Zishy always shows a girl’s personality in their photoshoots and we get to experience a glimpse into Giselle’s everyday life here…her messy bedroom, her after-school cheerleader experience and that adorable sexy shyness as she gets naked and relaxes on her bed! It’s a little voyeuristic but Giselle obviously doesn’t mind, she seems to downright enjoy the attention as she shakes that sweet tight ass for us!

Nicole and Veronica in Hawaii


Veronica nicole hawaii part i

Your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s time once again to pack up your bags and head out to paradise with FTV Girls in a hot Hawaii shoot! This time it’s beautiful babes Nicole (also known as Teddi Rae if you keep track of that or want to see her getting into some hardcore action) and Veronica and these two are some of the hottest girls around no doubt about it. I mean personally I prefer Nicole but hey that’s just my opinion even if it happens to be a scientific fact that she is smokin-ass hot. The girls show up and immediately hit it off, wandering the beach hand-in-hand in their black bikinis before getting a little more daring and stripping down nude in public! The girls aren’t bashful or ashamed, they know they look incredible naked and nobody seems to mind too much if you know what I mean. Would you complain if two gorgeous girls got naked on the sand and walked around having fun and kissing and doing cartwheels? Me either. Back in private the girls get a lot more intimate, making out and licking pussy like lesbians and fucking each other with toys until they’ve both had an orgasmic good time! FTV Girls always brings the best video and photography around when they do shoots and this one is no exception, you’re gonna love it.

Doe Eyed Teen


Doe eyed teen girls do porn

Oh man would you just look at that face! This 19 year old amateur is so adorable it almost hurts…this teen hottie is in school to become a physical therapist and in this Girls Do Porn update she’s about to give a little physical therapy to this dude if you follow me. She’s cute as hell with big beautiful eyes and from the sound of things she’s got a good head on her shoulders which is always nice…she’s not just doing things on a whim, she’s given it careful consideration and decided to head to Girls Do Porn and make her very first adult video! Usually when she watches porn it’s a girl-girl scene (and she seems VERY interested in doing a lesbian scene so keep an eye out for that!) so she wasn’t too clear on how a hardcore guy-girl shoot ends, and when the guy tells her about a facial her expression is priceless. She might be a little innocent and inexperienced but she gives a mighty fine blowjob and man oh man when she strips down that body is going to blow you away! Lean and gorgeous and tight as a drum with nice perky breasts, a sexy tight perfect little ass and a pussy like a vice-grip…this cutie gets that hole slammed in probably more positions than she’s even heard of and it is seriously hot as hell. Keep an eye out for when she’s on her back by the way, she arches her back as she gets fucked and moans and it just about lights the camera on fire! This sexy doe-eyed teen takes that big hard cock like a champ, then takes a HUGE facial that frosts her up from chin to hairline…and she loved it, grinning up at the guy as he dropped that load on her face! Afterwards she says that the reverse-cowgirl and the facial were her two favorite parts of the experience, so I guess we’ve got a convert here ladies and gentlemen.



Rita on backroom casting couch

This curvy bubbly Latina babe is Rita and she’s got no notions about being a pornstar as a career, she just thought it looked like fun and she knew she’d be able to get a fistful of cash as well as a good hard deep dicking so she headed in to Backroom Casting Couch for the hell of it! There’s nothing on a cold winter’s day like snuggling up with a curvy babe with a big juicy round ass, am I right? This guy sure seems to agree with me, he bends Rita over the desk and pounds away at that sweet meaty pussy…if you like girls with some padding, a little cushion for the pushin so to speak, this chick’s gonna be up your alley. Beautiful long dark hair, adorable smile, pretty big boobs, and of course that glorious Latina booty that she gets up in the air! When she saw pornstars getting fucked and thought it looked fun she didn’t take into account the acting part of things…Rita took the guy’s dick in her ass but it hurt like hell apparently, any thoughts about making it in the industry went out of her head right then and there with that brief anal pounding she took! She’s had facials before but isn’t a fan of taking a load in the mouth but hey that’s too damn bad because that was what was in the cards…the guy blasted a wad between her lips and she couldn’t spit it out fast enough.

Ava Dalush Public


Ava Dalush Banging In Public

This little gem came out today and I just knew that you guys were going to click on the thumb and I am a whore for clicks.  This girl has been on before her name is Ava Dalush and some people call her a MILF but I definitely thing she is far from that.  She has a awesome big ass and in this video from Bang Bros she is fucking in public.  They first start at a gas station where she gets out and starts to suck this guy off but then the guy who runs it comes out with a fucking AXE and tells them to beat it.  Not before he kicks the door never the less.  That didn’t stop this crew from filming a fuck scene though they went to a local park or whatever and got to banging.  They had one car go by but other then that it was pretty secluded.  I just want to know what happened after Ava got her face covered in cum like how did she clean that shit up.

Latina Threeway


Passion hd latina threeway

Have you ever fantasized about getting in bed with a gorgeous Latina babe with a nice round ass and great tits? Well double that up my friend because Passion HD is here with a sexy group scene called Latina Threeway featuring Eva Saldana and Lorraine Mack and they’re ready to blow your mind as well as your load! These chicks are muy caliente and they’re starting things off here having fun in the bedroom, trying on different panties and trading them back and forth before they started making out. Their mutual guy pal saw what was happening and rushed into the bedroom to join in, and can you blame him? These girls are sexy as hell individually so the hotness factor goes through the roof when they start kissing and licking each others slit and ass and nipples as the guy takes turns fucking one hot Latina pussy after the other! This dude doesn’t exactly look like the kind of guy who would be banging two gorgeous pornstars at once, but hey I guess looks can be deceiving, he’s got game of some sort that’s for sure. Eva and Lorraine get their sweet pussies pounded and moan their way to orgasm before the guy hoses them both down with a big cream facial!

Never Better


X art never better caprice

There is probably no hotter couple in the adult industry than beautiful little Caprice and her lucky-ass boyfriend, whatever his name is! Caprice was just lounging in bed in her panties and bra as her man woke up from a nap and she started teasing him, slipping her hand under the covers to grab his stiffening cock and licking him to hardness! This X Art update is called Never Better and Caprice certainly has never looked better, she just keeps getting hotter and sexier every time we see her! She gets those perky petite boobies out and slips her panties off with her perfect butt in the air, getting her pussy pounded by her man’s big dick until he shot a load inside for a creampie finish. There is just nothing about this girl that is anything less than glorious…watch her get those lean beautiful smooth legs in the air, dangling her cute feet as she got her snatch licked and fingered and fucked! I’m certainly happy Caprice decided to start doing hardcore sex scenes, she cranked up the hotness factor by about fifty with scenes like this one.

Just The Four Of Us


Colette just the four of us

When beautiful babes Jenna Ross and Kacey Jordan decided to spend the afternoon fucking a couple of guys they just couldn’t decide what combination of couples to do so they ended up just getting everybody in bed at the same time for a red-hot foursome on Colette! Group sex is the best sex as far as Jenna and Kacey are concerned and these two look hot as hell as they suck and fuck the big thick dicks their guy pals are packing. Colette is a pretty new site but I like the cut of their jib so far, they’ve been putting up some red hot updates with tons of hardcore action just like this! Whether you’re into a beautiful brunette with perfect tits and ass (Jenna) or a lovely horny blonde with seductive eyes, perky little boobies and a sweet tight wet pussy (Kacey) this update’s got you covered. As for the girls, since they’ve got both of these guys in bed they get their choice of a big hard black cock or a white one and they take turns on both of them until they end up sharing a double facial. The scene is called Just The Four Of Us and it goes from a sexy little photoshoot to an all out orgy in two shakes of Jenna Ross’s sweet round smooth ass!

Misty Meets Janessa Brazil


Misty gates janessa brazil

Now this is what I call a dream come true…two absolute hotties here, Misty Gates and Janessa Brazil, taking turns tying each other up and stuffing panties in each others’ mouth! I don’t know if they’re just practicing or if they’re living out a lesbian fantasy they each had but man this is red hot…it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Janessa Brazil but those big tits of hers are still utter perfection if you ask me! Both of these girls are gorgeous and having them tied up and gagged like this is lookiing just incredible…especially when they lay down on the fur rug with those perfect asses pointing up at us! It’s hard to pick one girl over the other, so it’s a good thing we don’t have to since they’re both naked and horny and exploring their kinky desires in this sexy photoset. Misty looks like she’s loving every second of the fun as she licks and sucks Janessa’s nipples, slipping her hand between her thighs to make her moan right through the panties in her mouth!

Paula Shy


Paula shy in the crack

I don’t think gorgeous Paula Shy has been on In The Crack before but man oh man did they hit a homerun when they signed her up! She’s got straight up perfect tits if you ask me…I know that’s a pretty subjective thing but damn just look at those boobs and tell me they’re not smokin hot! Speaking of smokin hot, Paula isn’t just a pair of tits and an ass (her ass is also fine as hell by the way), she’s also a total knockout in the face! Like, if you were walking on the sidewalk and saw this girl passing the other way you’d probably konk into a lamppost or wander out into traffic or something. The fact that she’s getting totally naked and spreading those long legs to fuck herself with a big vibrator is just icing on the cake! Paula is just top notch from top to toes, and we’re getting the grand tour of that beautiful nude body of hers here. Hopefully she comes back for more fun on In The Crack, it’s great to see another perfect pussy nice up close up and personal!

A Gift For You


Nubile films a gift for you

The holidays have come and gone but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at some of the hotness, tis the season for pleasin’! This update called A Gift For You is from Nubile Films and features gorgeous babes Marry Lynn and Alli Rae as they treat Alli’s man to the best Christmas present of the year…beautiful blonde Alli blindfolds him after teasing him with those big tits and sweet perfect ass, then they’re joined by Marry Lynn and the two proceed to tease and lick and suck his cock to drive the guy crazy! When he took the blindfold off and saw his girlfriend’s best pal Marry standing there with her sweet tits out he about high fived himself, whipping out that big thick dick to fuck both of these girls one after the other in a red hot threesome…he rails Marry Lynn doggystyle, then sits back as Alli went for a nice ride on his cock. I don’t know if the dude got on the Nice or Naughty list to deserve this threesome, it’s hard to say because it’s got a bit of both going on am I right? Alli’s perfect titties bouncing around were just too much for the guy to withstand and he ended up busting a load all over Marry’s stomach to finish things off.



Cali on ftv girls

Raven-haired Cali here is a bit of a different type of girl than FTV Girls normally features…they tend to go for a more natural non-enhanced look but Cali has lips that I am pretty damn sure are store-bought. She’s got a bit of an Angelina Jolie look to her if you ask me…at least she’s all natural in the chest area with those perky little boobies of hers! Cali loves spreading her long smooth legs to play with her pussy, fucking herself in the pussy and also in the ass with a few fun toys! She goes from an elegant vibrant blue dress to a vampire red dress in a heartbeat and looks hot as hell in each of them, hiking her hem up to spread that tight firm ass and flash her balloon knot and pussy! A personal favorite of mine on FTV Girls is when they have a girl hop into the pool in the nude and Cali does that here, getting dripping wet and walking around in the buff…check out that tight little booty of hers working as she walks! Of course you get that FTV favorite of the chick being nude in public, too…Cali goes for a jog and has those perky boobies out for other runners and passers-by to enjoy! Sexy, elegant and horny as hell, Cali makes for quite an update here in all kinds of different outfits and settings, and of course it’s all shot in the inimitable FTV style with top-shelf video quality and photography!



Jacqueline on net video girls

This girl Jacqueline is just plain adorable…she’s a tiny brunette spinner with a sweet ass, a lovely face and nice perky breasts as she shows up at Net Video Girls ready to do a calendar girl shoot! She’s gotta prove she has what it takes though and soon she’s stripping off her shirt and those little shorts to hang out in the nude and giving this guy a fantastic blowjob! She’s gotta use both hands to work that cock as she sucks the guy, taking his dick in her mouth and working it with her lips and tongue until he was rock-hard and her pussy was dripping wet! She laid down on her stomach and got that sweet tight hole drilled from behind, the guy pinning her to the couch as he fucked that wet pussy and made her moan. Jacqueline was figuring out that the whole calendar shoot thing was just a red herring to get her naked on camera but she didn’t exactly seem too upset by that revelation, she was getting the deep dicking she’d been craving and the fact that it was all caught on film and put online for all of us to enjoy just seemed to turn her on more! This girl’s got a different look than most of the chicks they get on Net Video Girls, and I definitely approve…hopefully they get more sweet cute amateur spinners in the future!




Utterly stunning blonde babe Gabi here had a habit of hanging out naked in her backyard sitting in the jacuzzi and just relaxing in and out of her bathrobe and apparently her neighbor knew about it! He had a habit of his own, his was to watch Gabi stripping down and hanging out in the buff and whacking his mole…well I guess he was making a little too much noise because Gabi found out about his little voyeur action and decided to drive him crazy, stretching out naked and running her hands over those perky sweet titties and that perfect butt of hers. In this photoshoot you take the role of the voyeur and she’s the exhibitionist, flashing those breasts and just looking like a goddess as she lets her silken bathrobe drop to the ground, stepping into the hot bubbling water and looking you right in the eye.

Penny Mathis


Penny Mathis

Man, check out blonde sexpot Penny Mathis here! In this photoshoot she’s putting her best assets out on the line, unbuttoning her top to let those big round juicy titties out to play and drive all the fellas crazy. I get the feeling that Penny is used to getting pretty much whatever she wants, she just flashes her sweet ass and those big boobs and guys flock around to offer her drinks, buy her dinner, get her jewelry and whatever else her horny heart desires! She’s just got that aura about her, I this photoshoot she’s in the kitchen but doesn’t look like she’ll be baking any cakes or whipping up any souffles anytime soon, she’s just getting naked and hopping on the countertop looking sexy as hell!




It’s a sad fact that often times women get taken advantage of when it comes to things like auto repair and home remodeling…this chick Bianka wanted her house painted but the contractor guy was quoting her some kind of ridiculous price that she’d never be able to swing. She did have a trick of her own up her sleeve though, she worked out a deal with the guy where he’d get to fuck her for an hour or two and they’d call things even! She got those big round titties out and gives up the pussy to this dude, he’s more than happy to do a little painting in exchange for banging that sweet Latina pussy of hers and he gets his money’s worth so to speak, slamming that hole in every position he can think of! I love the barter system, don’t you?

Kelsi Monroe


Kelsi Monroe

I’m so glad legwarmers are coming back into style…I don’t know what it is about em, they’re just hot as hell especially when the chick is as gorgeous as Kelsi Monroe and is wearing just a skimpy little bikini like in this photoshoot from Hard X! Kelsi shows off that sexy body as she stretches out on the rooftop, doing the splits and flashing that perfect butt before heading inside to meet up with her guy pal who wastes no time before jamming his big hard cock in her pussy, then bending Kelsi over to give her a nice deep anal pounding! Kelsi loves getting that ass of hers worked over, and she takes every inch of this guy’s tool in her rear entrance before he shoots a nice load of cum in her mouth.




Got a hankering for a redhead amateur with big juicy titties and a nice round ass? Look no further than Titania here as she relaxes on the beach in her black bikini, popping it off one piece at a time until she’s completely naked! Redheads aren’t exactly known for their tanning prowess so hopefully Titania keeps an eye on the clock so to speak, it would be a shame to see this chick roll back home looking like a lobster or something. Her hair is like blazingly red, though, could be a little store-bought ginger action here it’s hard to say. What is easy to say is that her titties are fucking glorious and that badonkadonk is in full effect as she shakes that booty on her beachtowel! From the trees and stuff behind her it doesn’t look like this was a summer shoot, she must be freezing-ass cold…but I’m glad she went through with the shoot, that’s for sure!

Shae & Sovereign


Sovereign Syre and Shae Summers

Alright I just have to give you guys a MILF gallery today because this one is really good.  It stars Shae Summers you see her sitting on the MILFs face who is played by Sovereign Syre.  Shae and the MILF Hunter are hanging out at the park working out.  Well in the Hunters case he is just laying around waiting to find a chick to pick up.  He is so lazy today though he isn’t going to be picking up the MILF he sends out Shae Summers to do it for him.  Shae has no problem doing it, flashing those perfect big natural tits of hers.  They go back to the house where Shae gets this MILF naked and gets to licking on her pussy and then quickly gets naked so she can get hers.  Shae here is a little freak because she gets on her knees and wants to get her ass licked and Sovereign here goes right for it.  Then she gets the dick while Shae here just enjoys some oral until she needs that dick and then she gets that as well.

Double Trouble


Double trouble on colette

Sometimes you just want to go the extra mile…beautiful blonde horny pornstar Tasha Reign was having one of those days in this Colette hardcore scene! She was meeting up with one of her regular guys-on-the-side but felt like spicing things up even more so she invited another dude along…she just had to have two hard cocks at once! The guys got on either side of her and dropped trow and she got to work sucking them off one after the other…funny that one of the dudes is circumcized and one is uncut, so Tasha got to sample each and see which one she preferred! Turns out the answer is both, or neither; she just loves dick and doesn’t care if it’s cut or not! After sucking and licking both guys to rock hardness she went for the ride of her life, taking one dick in her pussy and one in her mouth at the same time while the guys presumably high-fived over her back. Even that wasn’t quite scratching her itch though, so to speak, and soon Tasha was guiding one of the dudes into her tight back door and keeping one in her pussy for some double penetration! She loves a nice anal pounding and getting one while having her pussy fucked at the same time was like a wet dream cum true for her. Speaking of wetness, Tasha ended up this scene called Double Trouble by pumping out a double facial that dripped off her chin onto those big beautiful titties of hers!

Back For More


X art back for more

Apparently Aubrey and her man had a pretty good first date because they’re Back For More in their second X-Art scene! This girl is an absolute stunner…she’s only done a few scenes for X Art so far but already I’ve gotta say she’s proven herself to be one of the hottest chicks on the site. She and her guy pal got back to the house after a date and started making out, with the guy sliding his hand up that smooth thigh of hers and teasing her pussy right through her panties to make her moan! Once her pussy is dripping wet the panties come off and Aubrey takes a dive onto that big dick of his, sucking him off and looking up at him with those beautiful eyes…she wasn’t about to be satisfied with just a little blowjob so she lowered herself onto his cock, getting that tight teen pussy filled up with cock! This spinner has a spectacular body from head to toe, there’s just no such thing as a bad angle with Aubrey here. I’ve gotta say, the scenes where she still has her dress on and pulled up over her cute butt as she rides the guy are some of the hottest I’ve seen in a long time, take a look and see if you agree. In case you missed out on the first time with Aubrey getting fucked, check the action right there with that link!

Sexy New Years Resolution


Natasha white new years phd

New Years has come and gone and hopefully if you made a new year’s resolution you’re sticking to it…beautiful Natasha White resolved to have at least one orgasm each and every day and so far she’s keeping on top of it (and also on top of her man’s cock)! In this Passion HD scene called Sexy New Year’s Resolution she rings in the new year with a bang, so to speak…after the ball drops (actually from the light outside I’m guessing it’s the next day…they must have partied all night long) Natasah tugs off those skimpy little white panties of hers and spreads her legs, fucking herself with a big dildo before her man helps her out with his cock! She licks and sucks that big dick, getting her ass in the air to take a nice hard pounding doggystyle…that big birthmark on her butt used to freak me out a little bit but now it’s grown on me, maybe just because if we can see the birthmark it means we can also see that tight fuckable ass of hers! Natasha gets the first fucking of the new year here before sucking a big facial load of cum out of that cock, popping her party hat back on with jizz dripping down her cheeks!

Yoga Ball Sex


Busty buffy yoga ball

A gorgeous lean teen body doesn’t just happen and stay that way on its own, you’ve gotta work at it! Busty Buffy here likes to do yoga to keep slim and trim (well slim apart from those huge natural tits of hers of course) and in this update from her own site we get to see how her workouts go! I’m not sure those little tiny cut-off shorts quite count as workout clothing but they look sexy as hell on her, kinda like Daisy Dukes on steroids! She gets her man to help her stretch out but when he gets a look at those big boobs of hers he can’t help but slide his hands up and over them, squeezing and grabbing her breasts as his cock got harder in his pants! Buffy couldn’t help but notice his boner and she was more than happy to take his cock in her mouth, sucking him off before propping herself up against her yoga ball with her ass in the air to get that teen pussy pounded from behind! Man, that yoga ball isn’t even all that much bigger than her tits, that’s just plain amazing. I don’t envy her back troubles when she gets a little older but for now we can all enjoy those spectacular boobies, not to mention her sweet ass and nice shaved teen pussy that she gets fucked hard and deep here! The guy of course chooses to shoot his load all over those tits, I mean how could you not?

Barely Fits


X art barely fits veronica rodriguez

This girl Veronica Rodriguez is a red hot Latina who’s pretty new to X Art but man she brings it with a fury every time she’s on the site! She may have met her match in this new update though, she’s got her man here on the bed and is ready to take his cock in her mouth and pussy but when she pulls off his boxers he finds that he’s packing a massive cock that will barely fit! Veronica’s always up for a challenge though so she gets right to work, licking and sucking that dick and then taking him in her sweet tight pussy…it’s hard work but she manages to take him to the hilt and once she gets used to the size she has a blast! This beautiful lean Latina goes for a nice hard ride on that guy’s lovestick, grinning and running her hands over those perky little titties as she lowers herself onto the guy’s dong. Veronica has a perfect firm ass and she gets it in the air, getting her pussy pounded doggystyle but apparently that position drives the guy nuts because he grabs her tight and busts a load deep in her hole for a nice creampie finish!

Cassidy Banks


Exotic4k cassidy banks

Take a look at this beautiful babe Cassidy Banks and you’ll be hooked for life! She starts out this Exotic4k update in her skimpy little bikini that barely covers those huge soft bouncy titties of hers…the update is called Busty Brown Beauty and Cassidy definitely earned the title! She rolls around nude on the bed showing off that sweet voluptuous body before getting joined by her man, taking his big dick deep in that wet pussy and fucking him until he shoots a huge load of cum all over those big breasts! This girl is a stunner with those big beautiful eyes looking up at you as she sucks that thick hard dick…Cassidy loves a nice hard pounding and she gets what she was craving with this scene, moaning as the guy pounds away at that tight wet pussy of hers! The guy held out as long as he could but man when she got that sweet round juicy ass of hers in the air he just couldn’t help himself anymore and before he knew it he was drenching her boobs in man-cream. This is the first time on the site for Cassidy but man I hope she comes back for round 2, I don’t think any of us have gotten enough of those huge tits!

A Good Rub Down


Passion hd a good rub down

When beautiful busty brunette babe Honey Demon showed up at the Passion HD massage parlor she was expecting a good rub down but she got that and more as you can see! The guy takes his time oiling up and squeezing those big full breasts of hers, sliding his hands over her hips and ass and legs and up between her thighs to tickle her pussy…soon she had his cock in her mouth, the table was the perfect height for him to slide deep in her throat as he grabbed those titties! Between those big bouncy breasts and her perfect round smooth ass, not to mention her gorgeous face, Honey is a vision to behold and I’d imagine this masseuse was thanking his lucky stars when she came strolling into the massage parlor and started stripping down. Watch the way those huge breasts get bouncing all over the place as Honey gets pounded and you’ll see why Passion HD loves having her on…if this update got your appetite whetted for more of Honey’s sweetness take a look at this link I’ve got for you, it’s one of her other scenes for the site and is almost as hot as this one!

Acrobatic Love


Julia roca fantasy hd

I mean who doesn’t like seeing a fantasy brought to life? That’s what Fantasy HD is all about and if you’ve got a thing for yoga or flexible acrobatic chicks this one is for you…it’s called Acrobatic Love and stars newcummer Julia Roca, an absolutely gorgeous babe wtih sweet perky titties and an ass you’ll be dropping your jaw over! She and her boyfriend were looking at some acrobatic exercise poses on a chart and found one they wanted to try…she did a handstand and basically did the splits in the air, and since the guy was holding her up she basically had her pussy in his face just behind a thin layer of stretchy workout pants! He wasn’t about to let that opportunity go by with this knockout and soon he had his face in her pussy and hers on his cock, then fucking her brains out on the yoga mat on the floor! She gets that perfect tight butt in the air to get her wet pussy pounded doggystyle, moaning as the guy fucked her and then shot his load into her mouth for this hot Fantasy HD scene called Acrobatic Love.

Chanell & Monique


Chanell Heart and Monique Symone

You got some really hot black woman in this new Round and Brown scene from Reality Kings.  That round ass on your left here in the red hoodie is Chanell Heart and then on the right you have Monique Symone.  You know me I didn’t make a video of this I am sending you over the my buddies site but you’re going to like what you see.  I wish these two girls worked a little better together, they really just took turns fucking this guys big dick instead of having a threesome.  That’s okay though because there asses are just too damn perfect not to love in this video.  The scene ends with Monique on top riding this guys dick and he is about to cum and is trying to get Monique off of him so he doesn’t cum in her pussy and lucky for him Chanell was there and she wanted that cum.  She takes his dick out of Monique pussy and then sucks his balls dry, I love a hot black slut like Chanell here!

Token Of Love


Token of love on pure mature

This Pure Mature update called Token Of Love starts out on the right note if you ask me, with beautiful newcomer Sasha Sean naked in bed rubbing her big bouncy full titties! She got out of bed and put on a bra and some panties which seems like a bit of a waste of time because her man showed up and ripped em right back off, taking her back into the bed and fucking that sweet wet shaved pussy for this hot hardcore scene! Sasha is a hot and horny MILF with huge tits, a nice juicy spankable ass and a pussy that demands attention and in this Pure Mature scene she gets it fucked hard and deep by that guy’s rock-hard cock! From the looks of things she had been having a sex dream because her pussy was basically instantly wet when the guy showed up and whipped his cock out, dropping his pants and diving into bed with this hot horny mama…I don’t think Sasha has been on Pure Mature before but with an ass like that you can bet she’ll be comin back around for more hardcore fuck scenes like this one! She ends up getting a cumshot that gets all over those big boobs, holding her hair up and out of the way which is just adorable.

Cassidy Ryan


Cassidy ryan on povd

Adorable blonde newcomer Cassidy Ryan makes her POVD debut in this hot scene called Freshly Creamed Cutie, hopping into the shower to wash that beautiful body…her boyfriend walked in and found her rubbing her pussy and soon he had her back in the bedroom to give that hole a nice hard pounding! The perspective changes, at the beginning of this scene we get to see first-hand what it’s like to be Cassidy in the shower rubbing her clit but then we switch over to her man to see what it’s like to pound Cassidy’s tight perfect cunt! She’s got that adorable smile that just lights up the room as she grabs those perky breasts and wraps her legs around her man, pulling you in and getting her pussy penetrated as deep as possible. Cassidy gets a nice deep dicking before the guy shoots his load of cum inside her hole for a creampie finish…she loves taking a load in the hole and I have the feeling that she came right as he did, must have been all the excitement that drove her right over the edge to pleasuretown!

Taylor Whyte


Taylor whyte on teens love huge cocks

Swim class was over but Taylor Whyte wasn’t done getting wet quiet yet! She’s such a tease…she had gone over to her boyfriend’s house and when she took her coat off he saw she was still wearing her swimsuit with the thong back to show off that perfect tight teen ass of hers! Of course he couldn’t resist a come-on like that, unzipping his pants and unleashing his huge long thick dick…that was just what Taylor was waiting for apparently because she dove face-first onto that meat-bat, sucking him as best as she could manage and then slipping her swimsuit off to lower her quivering and dripping-wet pussy onto him with a moan of pleasure! This hardcore fuck scene is from the Reality Kings network site Teens Love Huge Cocks and Taylor is perfect for the site! She loves getting a nice deep thorough pounding and this guy had the equipment for the job, working that sweet tight shaved hole of hers until she was cumming on his dick and moaning her head off…he got her on her knees and did a little moaning of his own, blasting her with a nice big facial that dripped right down her chin!

Cum Fest


Colette jenna ross cum fest

I love the slightly surprised look on the face of beautiful Jenna Ross in that thumbnail…it looks like she was fucking the one guy and looked over and was like ‘WHOAH another cock! better suck it!’. This is another hot update from the new site Colette, Jenna’s done a few updates for them already and they’re all hot as hell…she’s got those perfect perky breasts, round firm ass and tight shaved pussy and she gets every inch of that beautiful body worked in this hardcore threesome! Jenna gets a little fingercuff action in this update, taking one of the guys deep in her sweet tight shaved pussy while simultaneously licking and deepthroating the other guy…all they need to do is high-five to complete the Eiffel Tower move but from what I saw they never pull the trigger on that one for some reason. I don’t know about you guys but I just can’t get enough of Jenna Ross so if you agree take a look at that link, it’s a little collection of her hotness. Colette has tons of gorgeous women getting into some red-hot hardcore fucking…do yourself a favor and check out the site, it’s a nice time to get in on the ground floor so to speak! They have some neat membership perks too, like being able to private-message the models and let them know how hot you think they are.

Kimberly Kendall TripleD


Kimberly Kendall Exotic4K Triple-D

I got you guys a nice long video for New Years guys, hopefully most of you guys will be out getting drunk tonight but if you’re coming back early bookmark this video.  It’s of a gorgeous curvy black woman named Kimberly Kendall who you guys have seen on Porn Fidelity (here).  I think she looks sexier in that Porn Fidelity scene but that’s kind of expected because it is one of the best porn sites out.  Exotic4K is for those of you who like high quality porn but don’t really care about story lines and stuff like that.  I mean the video you basically get to see her dressed up in a sexy little gold bathing suit and she is shaking that ass to some music and then next thing you know she is giving a sloppy blowjob.  They fuck like rabbits and this guy and keep up with how good Kimberly here can fuck.  I bet she got on top and thought that she was about to crack that nut but he holds on to his liquid and waits until she is in missionary to cum.  He doesn’t cum inside of her wouldn’t want her to get pregnant now would he?  He pulls out and does what we all want to do and that’s nut on a girls face, that’s when you know you can do just about anything with a chick.

East Meets West


X art east meets west

What guy around college age hasn’t dreamed about trekking across Europe, seeing the sights and staying in hostels and maybe meeting up with beautiful local girls along the way? That’s what’s happening in this X Art update called East Meets West as gorgeous brunette Maria joins this dude in a bright white hotel room, showing her sweet perky breasts and that perfect tight ass as she takes his cock in her mouth. From the way she’s dropping her towel at the beginning of this update it seems like they just got back to the room from the spa, kind of like that movie Hostel but with 100% less horror and a ton more hardcore penetration! Maria is a drop dead beautiful Czech babe who always loves a nice hard pounding so when she met up with this handsome hunky horny dude on his European trip she was more than happy to show him a few of the lesser-known sights of the area, such as between her thighs. She gets a nice deep dicking as she rides that cock, bouncing up and down on his meat until he blasted a load up her back!

Smell The Rose


Smell the rose on gfr

Beautiful babe Rose was lazing around in bed, relaxing and trying to snooze the day away but her boyfriend knew she had an interview she had to get ready for! He also knew there was only one way to get her to wake up and hit the world and that was to pester her mercilessly…he came into the bedroom with his video camera and kept bugging her til she got up to take a shower, so I guess that worked out pretty well. Once she got up though and he caught a glimpse of that sweet booty he changed his tune, he wanted to make a sex video with her and the interview went out the window as he helped Rose out of her clothes and onto his cock! This girl is fucking gorgeous, lean and tall with nice tits and a sweet perfect ass, and she loves sucking cock too! We get a great view of the blowjob in this GF Revenge update called Smell The Rose, not to mention a perfect viewpoint for watching her get that tight wet pussy drilled. I don’t know what she did later on to make him send the footage in to GF Revenge, maybe her ‘interview’ was actually code for her going off to fuck his best friend!

Bella Danger and Keisha Grey


Bella danger and keisha grey on blacked

We’ve seen Bella Danger on Blacked before right here getting that sweet pussy rocked and she had a taste for dark meat so she headed back over to the guy’s house, this time bringing her girlfriend Keisah Grey along for the fun! Bella knew that there was no way this guy could resist a couple of big round juicy asses like she and Keisha were packing so they just snuck in and hung out on his couch, and sure enough when he got home and found them there he immediately dropped trow and whipped out that massive black cock of his! The girls jumped right on his meat, licking and sucking him before peeling off their red and blue tights, unleashing those perfect round butts on this dude. Keisha had never experienced anything like it and she just couldn’t keep from cumming all over the guy’s cock as she rode him, her big soft titties bouncing and jiggling as Bella kissed her…these girls are hot as hell and this guy has a blast taking turns fucking each of them in turn, letting the other ride his face at the same time. All good things must cum to an end though and soon the dude’s balls were ready to pop, and the lucky recipient of his big load of cum was Bella! She took it in her sweet wet pussy for a nice creampie finish…I’d imagine both of these girls will be back for more soon enough!

Horny Nursing Student


Girls do porn horny nursing student

I hope you guys have had a great holiday season so far and have room for at least one more present because this new chick on Girls Do Porn is a gift to the entire world! She’s doing her very first adult video here and is pretty much doing it for the adventure, although I’m sure the money helps too. From the sound of things it’s a new guy doing the camerawork, sounds like an Australian accent behind the lens as the dude interviews this girl, getting to know her before she strips down…he does a fine job though and this girl seems comfortable around him which is always important and it’s always way hotter to see a chick who’s relaxed and having fun am I right? This girl is a 20 year old student who’s looking at becoming a nurse…but I have the feeling she’d be causing more heart attacks than treating them, she’s hot as hell! We get up close and personal with every inch of that perfect body of hers too in this update, and she definitely loves a nice hard deep dicking! Watch her eyes roll back into her head as she takes this guy’s big cock, her perky sweet breasts bouncing as he pounds her! Always nice to see a chick who really loves sex and gets way into it, moaning and gasping and loving every second of the action as she gets fucked forwards, backwards and side to side. I don’t know how many times this girl came during the whole shoot but it’s gotta be in the double digits from the way she’s moaning…hot as hell, especially when she gets that sweet tight little ass in the air! Finally dropping to her knees for a facial, this horny nursing student apparently had been starving for a nice hard fuck and got her holiday wishes granted in this sexy hardcore Girls Do Porn update.

Nadia Jay


Porn fidelity night in the dark

After a nice romantic dinner and night out on the town, beautiful ebony babe Nadia Jay and Ryan Madison were enjoying the cool evening as they kissed playfully on the street…they had been getting more and more antsy in the restaurant as the night went on, and when they started making out the temperature rose even more! Soon Nadia had her huge round breasts out and Ryan about lost his mind…they rushed to the house and ripped each others clothes off, kissing passionately before Nadia dropped to her knees to take that big hard cock in her mouth! This girl is finer than a frog’s hair split four ways as she gives Ryan this blowjob, her big tits bouncing as she bobbed her head up and down on his meat. Check out those pierced nipples, they give a nice contrast to her dark smooth skin and from the looks of things Nadia is down for a little kinky fun! In this Porn Fidelity update called A Night In The Dark though she rocks Ryan’s cock straight up, riding him and getting that sweet wet pussy pounded hard and deep before taking his cum in her hole for a nice creampie finish.

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