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Lily Ocean


Lily ocean for bang bus

Let me paint you a picture of the mind, if I may…say you’re walking along the sidewalk and a minivan pulls up, the door slides open and when you peek inside you see a gorgeous amateur asian like Lily Ocean sitting there swinging her panties on her finger! Do you A. Jump your ass inside and fuck her brains out, or B. trick question, there is no other option than A. This is the Bang Bus and she’s on the roll to see what lucky dudes she can get to fuck her! With her pretty face, sexy titties and that big juicy round ass it’s not like she has a hard time finding willing hard cocks to fill that sweet pussy.

Sex Addict Anonymous


Fantasy hd sex addict anonymous tucker star

I’m not so sure this sex addict therapist is doing the trick for horn yblonde Tucker Star…or maybe it’s just his fantasy to have a girl come into his office and be unable to keep her hands off her pussy and her mouth off his cock! Tucker starts out lounging on his huge comfy looking leather chair, sliding her hands into her skirt and playing with her pussy as she talks about her nymphomaniac tendencies…after masturbating for a bit she notices her therapist is getting hard in his pants so she grabs his cock and goes to town! A nice sexy blowjob gets her even more wet in the panties, which the guy takes advantage of by turning her around and fucking her hard from behind in this Fantasy HD update called Sex Addict Anonymous. Her perfect pussy gets a nice workout and so does the chair as he pounds her hole and then shoots a big creamy load all over her for a nice messy facial finish!

So Right Its Wrong


X art so right its wrong scarlet kendall

Sometimes it’s obvious where the names come from for X-art episodes and sometimes they’re less so…the latter is the case for this one entitled So Right It’s Wrong, featuring the lovely duo of Scarlet and Kendall as they do a sexy striptease outside of their friend James’ window. He of course invites them in to continue and they get naked while he watches, kissing and caressing each other to drive him wild! I guess it works because soon he’s lost his underwear and is taking turns licking and fingering each of the girls before fucking them both in this hot hardcore threesome. The title might be a little puzzling but the scene itself is crystal clear…who doesn’t love a nice threeway, especially one that ends with two beautiful girls getting showered in cum?

Alina Li


Bang bros 18 alina li

In this update from Bang Bros 18 we’ve got our favorite tight little Asian hottie Alina Li getting ready for a hot night out in front of a big mirror, putting on makeup and making sure her perky boobies look just right…soon her guy pal shows up and when he gets a look at her he just can’t help but grab her and slide his dick down her throat! Alina is more than happy to take some time out for a good hard fuck, getting her tight pussy pounded right there in the dressing room. When she’s up next to her reflection it’s like she has an identical twin sister getting fucked right next to her but man that would just be an overload of sexy, I don’t think the human brain could handle two Alina Li’s getting pussy-pounded at once!

Jennica Lynn


Jennica Lynn XL Girls

Man oh man that is a lot of woman right there…if you’ve got a hunger for a girl with plenty of meat on her bones, Jennica Lynn might just blow your mind! This curvy BBW sexpot is hanging out in her favorite place, the kitchen, pulling the top of her dress aside to play with those enormous natural boobs for XL Girls! She rubs herself with fruit, showing how her titties absolutely dwarf a couple of apples, then squeezes a little juice on her titties for a refreshing morning beverage. There’s no better way to get your vitamin c than by drinking fresh juice off a pair of huge breasts, I always say! Well, that’s what I always say from now on, at least.

Ocean Front


Als Scan Ocean Front

These two hotties are hanging out on the beach together in their bikinis and I guess rubbing suntan lotion on each other just turned them on like crazy because soon they were both naked and making out and licking each other up and down! Hopefully they were careful about the sand because man that would be a nuisance but I don’t think these sexy lesbians were too concerned about something like that…they were too busy fisting and eating pussy and licking each others ass to worry about sand getting in their slits!

Amber Rouge


Amber Rouge for Twistys

Got a hankering for a sexy stunning redhead? Try these shots of Amber Rouge for Twistys on for size! She’s absolutely gorgeous and has no qualms about whipping off her bra to show off her perky pierced tits or lifting her legs to spread her pussy and give you a nice look at her pretty pink privates. Sexy from head to toe with that seductive little half-smile and a horny wet pussy to boot? Sounds like heaven to me…but then again maybe I just have a weakness for smokin hot redheads who love to get fucked.

Vanessa Jay


Vanessa Jay Playboy

Who else but Playboy would bring you a photoshoot of a hot and sexy blonde like Vanessa Jay stripping out of her lingerie and looking amazing doing it? Well actually I’m sure a billion sites probably would, but Playboy actually knows how to do it up right…Vanessa looks seductive and smokin hot as she lounges on a big plush bed slowly stripping down nude and giving that little come-hither look as she wiggled her sexy ass at us. I noticed she kept her tits hidden beneath her after her bra came off though, maybe she was getting a little lifting help from it?

Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus Rolling Stone

When I caught a glimpse of this Rolling Stone issue featuring Miley Cyrus my initial instinct was ‘oh god here we go, more of this attention-whore’ but then I remembered she’s fucking smokin hot and loves teasing her body around so hey, go ahead and take a look. There’s no real nudity mind you, just some hand bras and the like but she is cute as hell, attention-whore or no. One question though, did she really tattoo the words ‘rolling $tone’ on her feet? What a terrible idea.

Missy and Ava


Ava Addams and Missy Martinez

This is a really hot video from Brazzers with Ava Addams and Missy Martinez.  The two of them are being some private eye’s following Ava’s husband to this random house because they suspect he is cheating.  Sure enough he is and he is doing it at a interesting place, it’s a swingers home.  They’re all about pleasing each other and the guy who runs the house let Missy and Ava know that he could blow their minds if they were open to it.  Since Ava found out her husband was cheating she wanted to get revenge and she has always wanted to lick that perfect pussy that she knows her friend Missy has.  The share this guys cock Missy only takes his big dick in her pussy Ava however put it in her ass and then had her friend eating her pussy and he pounded away at it.  That right there is a pro move I bet Ava ended up teaching this guy a thing or two.

Layla Monroe 2 Cocks


Layla Monroe Takes Two Cocks

I mean that ass is so damn big I might actually think it was photoshopped but I got this picture and didn’t touch it, so it is what it is.  Her name is Layla Monroe and she has a couple other scenes over at Blackz that you can check out to see proof of her big ass.  This one is from Reality Kings once again and she also has a Bang Bros video you guys will like.  Back this the video that most of you will probably be clicking on it’s a threesome with two guys.  Layla never takes it in her ass so that mean there is no DP but who cares she works those dicks really well with one in her mouth and the other giving that nice pussy of hers a pounding.  What is it about bigger girls always having such great pussies?  It’s a trend I see they almost always have a “innie” pussy.  That’s the technical term for it guys, trust me I am a professional HAHA!

Rilynn Rae


Rilynn rae on tonights girlfriend

This guy has had his eye on gorgeous pornstar Rilynn Rae for awhile and after his big yearly bonus he’s finally got the fat wad of cash necessary to call her up and get her to be Tonights Girlfriend! She shows up at his hotel room in a sexy loose shirt but what he wnats is a little polka dot lingerie action..Rilynn looks amazing in anything but with those perfect tits of hers popping out of her lingerie as she sucks the guy’s cock, then spreads her long legs to impale herself on his meat! I don’t know if it’s hotter when she rides him or when she bends over and gets fucked from behind, you’ll have to decide for yourself…she even sucks a big load out of his cock and takes it in her mouth to finish off a night full of passion!

Stay Home Instead


Passion hd taylor whyte stay home instead

Gorgeous blonde Taylor Whyte was planning to head out on the town with her man but when he found her in the tub taking a soak they changed their minds and decided to stay home instead! She took his cock in her mouth, sucking him until his meat was rock hard and ready to fuck! Watch those perfect boobies of hers bounce as she goes for a ride, taking him deep in her wet pussy and bouncing her tight cunt on his meat…Taylor looks amazing in this hot Passion HD update, and it’s always fantastic to see her sexy nude body! A beautiful blonde with a smokin hot body getting naked and getting fucked just never seems to get old.

Serina Cardoni


Serina cardoni zishy

If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out the site Zishy before, their jam is to take absolutely stunning girls and photograph them doing what makes them happy so their personality shines through rather than trying to make her fake it for the sake of what other people might think is sexy. This time we’ve got Serina Cardoni, a girl who looks like she could either fuck your brains out or beat the crap out of you! She’s got legs like a stallion and personality that heats up the room as she hangs out in a thin top and little booty shorts, showing off a spectacular ass and shaking her long wavy hair around. If that wasn’t already sexy enough, get this…she gets so hot and bothered from shaking her ass that she heads out to the balcony and pours water all over herself, making that thin flimsy top cling to her perfect tits and making her shorts basically see-through! Serina Cardoni goes drip drop and your jaw will do some dropping too with these sexy shots…if this photoshoot whets your appetite, check out this other one she did for Zishy as well!

Bouncy and Busty


Bryci blonde titties

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about a blonde Bryci…I mean she’s still incredibly hot but I guess I had gotten used to her as a brunette, you know? In this photoshoot from her own website she’s doing her best though to win us back over, and I’ve gotta admit it’s sure as hell working as she peels out of her little shorts and takes off her bra to let those big perfect boobs out to play. We get to see every inch of that gorgeous nude body of hers, and as you can see in the video the photographer got pretty turned on by it too so she gave him a fantastic blowjob in the elevator after the shoot was over! Man…just imagine seeing that gorgeous face of hers looking up at you as she sucks your cock, it’s a hell of a thing. And who knows, maybe it’s a wig.

Workout Fuck Buddies


Keisha Grey Workout Fuck Buddies

Keisha Grey is making her 4th  appearance on Passion HD in a scene they call Workout Fuck Buddies.  If you want to see the other three scenes she did with them because they’re all great you can check them out here: [1], [2], [3].  I couldn’t really choose my favorite scene if I had to because Keisha is just so damn hot I like everything she has been in.  This one is kind of special because she is getting a creampie and I am not sure but I think it’s the first time she has ever done that.  The video starts off with Keisha actually wearing the same little workout thing she wore in Brazzers Scene called Getting That Yoga Booty.  She looks really really good in yoga pants but I think these are just more stockings then anything.  Then she strips down and starts getting a massage, it shows off her plump round ass and then those amazing big natural tits of hers.  There are a couple shots too that show just that perfect hour glass figure that Keisha has, she is a gorgeous woman so go on in and enjoy thise amazing gallery she did!

Many Shades Of Grey


Many Shades Of Grey

I have for you the always beautiful Ivy in a scene from X Art called “Many Shades Of Grey”.  It’s a little bondage type scene based off the book 50 Shades Of Grey.  If you haven’t heard of the book you are living under a rock so I suggest you crawl out from under it.  You can buy the book at Amazon I am probably getting you a killer deal because it is Cyber Monday after all!  Back to the sex scene we have here.  You can buy a memberhsip to X-Art for the same price so I would suggest you get the hardcore porn verse the book who likes to read anyways!  Ivy is all tied up with her hands over her head and the two of them fuck standing up.  The position you see here is the position in which the video ends as he pounds away at Ivy’s small pussy he doesn’t pull out instead just drops a crazy big load in her pussy and then they sit there and make out afterwards.  X Art is erotica at it’s best so if you like the way this scene is shot you’re in luck because X Art updates like 6 days a week all with this amazing type of content.

Domestic DP


Holly Michaels Domestic DP

Holly Michaels is once again doing a DP for Passion HD.  This time it’s called Domestic DP and it’s really fucking hot.  The first time Holly tried a DP the guy came to fast and she never actually got to do it.  The second time she had a for real DP which was good but not quite like this one.  I think practice makes perfect everyone agrees with that so I will say this one is probably the best.  She takes a really hard pounding with one guy in her ass and the other in that tight pussy of hers.  I don’t know how these guys keep a hard on with their dicks bumping into each other maybe just a shit load of viagra or something LOL!  Anyways the scene ends with Holly getting fucked in her ass super hard while she is blowing this other guy, her suck job makes him cum and he busts all over that pretty face and the other guy just fucks her ass until he cums.  The amount of scenes with Holly are going to take a steep decline now that she isn’t exclusive to Passion HD so enjoy these amazing videos of her while you can fella’s!

Kimber Day Porn Goes Pro


Kimber Day Porn Goes Pro

Kimber Day is showing off that big ass on this new episode from Porn Goes Pro.  You’re pretty much virtually fucking her in this video because of the camera angle that they use.  Well it’s not really a angle but they make it so the guy can have both hands while fucking the girl unlike a lot of other POV sites where it’s just some smuck holding the camera.  This one is strap to his head so he can really pound that pussy how me and you would if given the chance.  Kimber is known for her round ass I mean she was on PAWG that in itself means it’s perfect because those guys are down right picky!  If you’re having a little trouble with the condom sex I know some of you hate it then you can check out her Teen Fidelity video where there is no condom and she gets it really hard.  The video I have for you guys right now is pretty short but hopefully in the near future here I will get up a longer one for you guys.  The name of the scene is “Playdate” and there is a whole story line that goes along with it but I really don’t have time to figure it out and all you guys want to see her is riding dick reverse cowgirl.  That’s what I have for you guys, I aim to please!

Jenna Ross


Jenna ross on amateur allure

Some girls try their hand at the porn industry and never really go anywhere, and some make it big…Jenna Ross is among the latter, or at least she looks to be on the path of making it big! She’s already done some very hot shoots for some very hot sites, but here we get to see her auditioning early in her porn career for the chance to get her name in lights, so to speak! She’s on the site Amateur Allure and is showing off that gorgeous tight nude body of hers, stripping out of her baby blue dress and matching panties to spread her pussy and get pounded on camera for us, as well as sucking cock…she deepthroats well and takes a load of cum or two in the mouth to swallow and prove she’s got what it takes!

Lola and Aaliyah


Lola Foxx and Aaliyah Love

I have a hot lesbian sex gallery for you guys from In The Crack.  If you pay any attention at all you will know by now that they have some of the best girl on girl porn on the internet.  These guys take what they do very seriously and if you are a member of their site you know just how good they really are.  The stuff you see around the Internet is only pictures because they don’t allow video to be used for their site, it’s for members only.  I assure you though that in the members area you can see these two licking each others pussy and asses in high definition!  The girls if you don’t recongize them are Aaliyah Love she is the one getting her ass licked in this picture and the girl doing the licking is none other then Lola Foxx.  Both girls are known for their perfect round asses but I wanted to show the oral sex they do in the gallery more then their butts.  They both have cute perky tits, I think they’re a really good match for each other.

Sexy Ivy


Black gfs sexy ivy

If you’ve got a hankering for a sexy ebony princess with amazing tits and an even better ass, look no further than sexy Ivy on the site Black GFs! She loves pleasing her man and if that means doing a little dance in the bathroom and shaking her big full boobs while he films it, so be it. After teasing him a little with those nice bouncy boobies and a sexy grin, Ivy gives him a little oral action, bobbing her head up and down on his cock for a nice blowjob while she looks up at him (and us, since it’s POV with his camcorder) with those pretty eyes. She mounts up and goes for a ride, moaning as he slides his cock into that shaved chocolate pussy, making her breasts bounce as she got pounded. She even took her ankles up to her ears to get fucked as deep in her wet hole as possible in this hot scene…if you weren’t already wanting a black gf of your own this video submission might just make you turn the corner on it because this girl is smokin hot and sexy as all hell!

Keeping Score


Pure mature keeping score

This guy was working on some plays for his team to try out at the next practice but his lady had her own game plan in this Pure Mature update! It features sexy MILF Janet Mason, a horny redheaded babe with huge tits and a libido to match who wastes no time before getting her man’s cock in her mouth, then going for a nice hard ride right there on the couch! Her big juicy titties bounce and swing as she impales herself on his thick meat, bouncing up and down and then dropping to her hands and knees to put her face in the pillow and get pounded from behind. Practice is coming up soon so they had to finish things off in kind of a hurry as Janet shook a nice big facial out of his cock…she had three or four orgasms to his one, but hey who’s keeping score at a time like this am I right?

Hotties Party Hardcore


College rules hotties party hardcore

Most of the time it seems like being a gas station clerk would suck balls but hear me out…what if the gas station is right near a college so all the hot college chicks who aren’t quite 21 come in and would do basically anything to get their hands on some beers? I’m not advocating the sale of alcohol to underage people by any means but man just imagine those girls coming in and strutting their stuff…well actually don’t bother imagining, because College Rules has done the legwork for you! These chicks want to have a crazy dorm party but need some alcohol and this clerk happened to have his camera on him as the girls started making out and flashing ass at him, then took him to a side aisle to suck his cock! He wasn’t satisfied with just some blowjob action though so he took them to the back room to fuck the hell out of these hot horny coeds before sliding some sixpacks their way to let these college hotties party hardcore. Just keep it hush-hush.

Trick or Trap


Teen fidelity tysen rich

Tysen Rich figured she was still a teen so she decided to give trick or treating a whirl this year and dressed up as a sexy Minnie Mouse, but the houses on her block were having none of it…before she gave up though she headed to the Madison house and knocked on the door, and before you know it she had a nice big mouthful of treat, aka Ryan Madison’s big hard cock! This Teen Fidelity update is called Trick or Trap and it looks like Tysen is trapped in a web of sexy, having orgasm after orgasm as Ryan rearranges her insides with his meat-prong…Halloween might only come once a year but that certainly does not go for Tysen or Ryan!

Hello Again


Carisha Femjoy Hello Again

Yea you’re going to click on this I know.  Great tits, pretty face how can you not!  Femjoy has a bunch of galleries of Carisha actually and they’re the only ones who have this girl as far as I know.  She really has it all not just those tits and face I mean her pussy is perfect and she has a round ass too.  I love how hairless that pussy is of hers, perfect shave job!  It has been quite some time since Carisha has been on Femjoy hence the reason why the name of the episode is called “Hello Again”.

Emma Heart


Bang bros mr anal emma heart

It seems like when certain girls start taking it up the ass that’s all they can think about from then on! For instance take this hot scene because Emma is addicted to anal! This is the latest update from the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal and lets Emma Heart explore all her back door fantasies, stretching her ass with a few toys to warm up for the main event…no toy can compare to getting a big hard dick in the ass apparently, at least from the expression on Emma’s face! She spreads her leg and gets her ass mortar and pestled by that big hard crank, letting her big tits bounce with the rhythm as she gets drilled in her back door and making that asshole gape.

Lisa Ann PV Locker


Lisa Ann PV Locker

I wanted to post this gallery for you guys not because those are some fine looking big titties that Lisa Ann has but because the site this is promoting is actually pretty cool.  It’s called PV Locker and what it is is a cloud based storage for all your porn!  You just simply buy clips on their webpage and they stay on their server never ever touching yours so it stays clear and your girlfriend / wife doesn’t have to find out about it.  Pretty cool idea I must say.  This video is rather long and it starts off with Lisa Ann showing off everything that makes her so special.  The stunt cock at one time just can’t take it when Lisa bends over to show him her ass and pussy and he just sticks his face right in those big fat ass cheeks and starts licking her pussy.  Lisa likes it so much she pushes him on the ground and then sits on his face and rides it until she cums, it’s very hot.  If you can make Lisa cum you’re in good shape because she is going to blow your mind with the sex afterwards.  She loves to come and when you do it to her she wants nothing more then to give you the bliss that she just felt, that’s what makes her so damn special.



Natasha on massage girls 18

Gorgeous Natasha doesn’t have a whole lot of experience as a masseuse but she always make huge tips, and we’ll see why real soon in this update from Massage Girls 18! She strips down to her panties and shows off an ass that is just fucking perfect, then slides her hands up and down over the guy’s body…when she brushes past his crotch she can feel his cock getting harder through the towel (probably because she let him grab her ass and tits while she rubbed him) and takes him in her mouth, sucking him nice and hard before climbing up and going for a ride on his magic carpet! She throws her head back and moans with pleasure as his cock slides into her hole, fucking that sweet teen pussy nice and hard before giving her a big creamy facial finish.



Secretary bryci

Imagine you’re hard at work and your new secretary shows up and she is this absolutely gorgeous girl we all know and love as Bryci! Talk about working hard, I bet you’d be working a few inches harder after SHE shows up. Beautiful face, sexy legs and of course those perfect big boobs that are already busting out of her shirt even before she unbuttons and unleashes them completely! She might not be the best secretary in the world at taking dictation but she sure does love to take some dick…watch her suck cock in the video clip for this photoshoot, dropping to her knees and using both hands to give this guy the POV blowjob of his life. She’s on track to get the Employee of the Month award, that’s for damn sure!



Taylor fucked hard 18

Check out sexy Taylor getting her nice tight body oiled up and rubbed down by the horny masseuse in this Fucked Hard 18 update…she’s got fantastic titties and an ass that would make a dead man dance, and this lucky dude gets to run his hands down every inch! She loves having those big boobs squeezed and massaged and gets so turned on she grabs the guy’s cock and gives him a blowjob, cupping his balls as she takes his meat in her mouth and he slips his finger into her tight cunt! He proceeds to fuck her on the massage table, lifting her legs up to slide in to the hilt as she moans and gasps. I know there are a million chicks in this industry named Taylor and half of them are hot blondes like this but hey, she’s hot as hell.



Backroom casting couch wtih canyon

When I hear a girl’s porn name is Canyon it makes me think she’s got a lot of room between her thighs and honestly probably a lot of room between her ears too, know what I’m sayin? This girl just turned 18 and is ready to show she’s got what it takes to make it in the adult industry as she heads to Backroom Casting Couch. Well right off the bat I can tell you she probably won’t be a superstar in this industry as she says she doesn’t want to give a blowjob, she’d rather get right to the fucking! Well there’s no point in saying no to that so the ‘casting director’ proceeds to slam that sweet teen pussy, fucking her forwards and backwards for this casting call before shooting a big load all over her face. She seems pretty nervous about the whole thing, which is another strike against her I think…most of the girls that really make it in this industry tend to be not only willing to suck cock, but have more confidence and poise in general. Maybe she was just so horny she had to get that cock in her cunt right away though, who knows?

Anal Avenue


Fantasy hd anal avenue adrianna chechik

Beautiful Russian babe Adriana Chechik is playing a sexy boardgame with her boyfriend in this Fantasy HD update…now I know what you’re saying, how sexy could a boardgame be, right? Well in this case, a roll of the dice determined that Adriana was going to get fucked in the ass! I guess that’s why they called this update Anal Avenue…she started out getting her ass licked and fingered just to warm her up a bit, then proceeded to play with some anal beads! She wanted the real thing but you can’t just rush in when you’re dealing with a big thick dick like this guy’s I guess. Adriana is incredibly sexy from head to toe with a stunning face, great perky tits and of course a nice wet pussy and tight ass! She gets fucked forwards and backwards in this hot scene, moaning as the guy slid his big meatrod into her tight pucker…she finishes with a little ass to mouth, taking his creamy load in her mouth. That must have been one hell of a dice roll!

Wedding Night


Passion hd wedding night

Plenty of girls look forward to their wedding but for Roxxi Silver, the big draw was the wedding night when she finally got her hands (and mouth and pussy) on her new hubby’s big hard cock! Actually in this day and age it’s almost certain they’ve been fucking like bunnies for a long time already but who knows. All I know is that in this Passion HD update Roxxi doesn’t even bother taking off her veil before she’s got her man’s cock in her mouth, sucking him hard and then going for a nice deep ride! The stresses and troubles of planning a wedding need to be exorcised and the best way to do that in Roxxi’s opinion is to fuck them away…sounds good to me as long as she lets us watch like this!



Met art viola

This chick Viola is pretty cute in the face I guess, I mean she’s not exactly mind-bogglingly hot but then once you add those big full titties into the mix she jumps way the hell up the scale! This is her debut set on Met Art and with breasts like those I’m sure she’ll be back for some repeat performances. In this photoshoot she’s hanging out naked on a sandy beach, spreading her long legs and bouncing her melons around…she looks a little chilly from the way her nipples are all perked out but man oh man she’s looking nice.

Kate Upton


Kate upton

Oh Kate Upton…just ridiculously hot from head to toe, even when she’s just goofing around on the beach and kicking her legs around. Luckily for us there was a horny paparazzi snapping shots so we get to see some nice peeks at her panties or bikini bottoms or whatever you want to call them as she lifts her legs…tell me you wouldn’t drink her bathwater if she asked you to. In a world full of stunning blondes Kate is one of the stunningest of them all, and she’s nice enough to give us these sexy sneak peeks once in awhile!

Parker Mixon


Mixon on zishy

If you’re a fan of cute hipster chicks with huge bouncy titties you’re going to go bananas for Parker Mixon in this Zishy photoshoot! Zishy does photography of beautiful girls who are just naturally gorgeous, doing things they love to do and having fun the whole time…it’s a great site if you dig girls with personality as well as looks, and in this case girls with huge boobs. Watch Parker hang out and eat ice cream in a sexy red dress, then put on a tight blue top with no bra and go outside to play at a park! She’s jumping around in a field to make those huge breasts bounce up and down and whipping off her shorts to play with her little panties. Hot!

Jean Swing Anal Creampie


Jean Swing Anal Creampie

I found a new “homemade” site for you guys it’s called Jean Swing.  It’s this chick who has been a swing for a long long time and likes all things sex.  Just check out this little picture here of her getting fucked in the ass her husbands small little cock and using the vibrator so she can at least get some pleasure LOL!  From the looks of her site it looks straight out of the 1990’s or whenever the Internet was first born but I assure you she is still going strong and making new porn videos with her husband and of course all the other guys she fucks, she is a swinger after all.  If you didn’t get that from the Jean Swing thing then I don’t know what I can do for you.  This isn’t just a anal sex scene in fact once she orgasms from her little toy their she gets on top of her man with his dick in her butthole and she rides him until he cums inside of her.  Anal Creampie, regular creampie, facials Jean really just does it all from the looks of her site.

Liza’s Perfect Ass


Liza Del Sierra Bang Bros Ass Parade

Liza Del Sierra has one giant fat ass and Bang Bros agrees with me!  They have her in a brand new scene for Ass Parade where she is just killing it.  She dresses up super sexy in a outfit that really highlights that booty of hers.  The guy fucking her basically spends the ole time fucking her trying not to cum.  He is able to get her to orgasm though while she is riding his dick.  So if you have a membership make sure to check that out.  Once she cums she can’t get fuck any longer because it’s too sensitive so she lays back spreads her legs and tells him to eat her out.  Liza doesn’t speak much english but what she has mastered is telling guys what she wants.  She is pretty much just teaching this guy how to fuck her.  She puts his hand around her throat and keeps telling him to fuck her harder and harder.  I think he is about to break her at one part during the video because he is pounding that pussy so hard!

Maserati XXX


Maserati XXX Brazzers

Brazzers brought on this black pornstar Maserati XXX that has just some of the biggest natural tits I have ever seen.  She is thick as hell or a BBW however you want to put it.  Brazzers doesn’t have many BBW’s on their site but when a girl has tits this big how can you not show her getting fucked!  The video I have for you is over a a tube site so it’s nice and long so sit back and enjoy.  Brazzers has some of the most diverse porn of any site, so it’s kind of like a catch all for porn lovers.  Ever single day you get something new and they spare no expense on their porn as you will see.  Maserati is quite the hottie and Blackz has a couple more videos of her that you can check out if you would like.

Just Jennifer


Just jennifer on x art

As you may already know, Jennifer absolutely loves group scenes…threesomes, foursomes, orgies, what have you, the more the merrier! This X-art update though is a bit of a changeup as it’s just Jennifer, exploring her body and enjoying herself in a sexy solo scene. She’s got her knee-high socks on and that’s about it as she takes a nice long look at her pussy in the mirror and fingers herself, masturbating until she cums all over the place. She’s all by herself in this hot photoshoot but you just know that when she reaches orgasm she’s probably thinking about having a cock in her pussy and another girl’s cunt on her mouth! Gorgeous, horny and sexually adventurous, Jennifer is just right for a site like X-art…enjoy this stunning solo set and brace yourself for the next group session she gets into!

Cabana Sex Romp


Pure mature cabana sex

Stunning blonde MILF Summer Brielle was taking in a little sun by the pool when she saw a hunky guy splashing around in the water and throwing glances her way…I mean can you blame him, she’s gorgeous and has huge full breasts that she loves to show off in public, not to mention the fact that she had a hand sliding down into her bikini bottoms! She stood up and beckoned him over, then proceeded to rock his fucking world for this Pure Mature update called Cabana Sex Romp. She sucked him off, then stripped nude and rode his cock, spreading her long legs to take his meat deep in her hot wet pussy while she grabbed her boobs and moaned!



Mofos my best friends girl jasmine

This guy has always had the eyes for his buddy’s girlfriend, and can you blame him? I mean this is Jasmine we’re talking about here, an incredibly gorgeous Latina babe with big perfect tits and an ass to die for, not to mention a sexy accent. Now that she and his friend are broken up he figures it’s high time he got his dick wet with that sweet pussy so he seduces her for this mostly POV submission to the Mofos site Latina Sex Tape! This is seriously probably the hottest girl they’ve ever had on the site, she’s a stunner and a half and looks like a hell of a good time in bed. This guy’s buddy must have been a real idiot or else she’s super high maintenance or something because who would give up access to that pussy willingly?

Earth Tones


Sexy pattycake brown dress

I was going to say Sexy Pattycake looks good in brown but since she seems kind of like a mystical hippy chick I’ll go with the term ‘earth tones’. She’s always just heart-meltingly cute though isn’t she? With that little smirk she has and of course her big boobs and gorgeous round ass she’s a sight to behold, especially when she’s giving some upskirt peeks and pulling her panties down while on her hands and knees like she’s doing in this photoshoot. A gorgeous blonde with big tits, a great ass, and tons of personality, you know you want to take a peek…go on, I don’t blame you.

August Fantasy


August fantasy hd love

This guy was getting a little work done from home on the weekend but his woman August wasn’t having any of that! She wanted him all to herself for awhile so she came up behind him wearing just panties and a little top and started rubbing his shoulders, and he got the picture pretty quick…soon she was entirely nude (did I mention she has perfect tits? She does.) and was getting her tight shaved pussy licked and tickled before giving him a nice deep wet blowjob. She sat on his lap and let his big hard cock slide deep into her hole with a sexy little smile, fucking him nice and slow in this HD Love update called August Fantasy!

LA Plans


X art izzy la plans

As you may already know, Izzy and her boyfriend are European but have dreams of heading to America…they’re planning to take a trip to LA to see the sights and just the thought of it gets them both all hot and bothered so they just have to fuck in this hot X-art update called LA Plans! It’ll be interesting to see what happens on the flight overseas; they might just join the mile-high club five or six times on the flight if this behavior is any indication of their horniness! Izzy has a tight little body and loves getting her wet pussy filled to the brim with her boyfriend’s hard meat…especially when he grabs her hair and pins her to the bed from behind!

Marilyn on Femjoy


Marilyn for Femjoy

A pretty platinum blonde with huge tits hanging out naked in the great outdoors, letting the sun shine down on her sexy nude body? Sounds like a winner to me and it sounds like a Femjoy gallery to boot…well, you’d be right on both counts. Say hello to Marilyn as she poses nude on a pile of rocks (careful of your ass, Marilyn!), pulling her long blonde hair back and letting those huge round titties out to play. She even does a backbend, which is just crazytalk on those sharp rocks.

Sandee Westgate


Sandee Westgate nurse

I know we’ve all heard of naughty nurse fantasies before but man this one is pretty close to the top of the heap for those if you ask me…join up with Sandee Westgate in this photoshoot from her own site Sexy Sandee as she gives this guy a thorough physical exam, dropping ot her knees and getting her big tits out as she sucks his cock, then straddling him on a chair to go for a nice hard ride! She’s doing all this in her nurse’s outfit with thigh high stockings and the works, somehow keeping her hat on as she gets her tight wet pussy pounded.

Alternative Selfies


Amateur babe selfie

I wish I knew the name of this sweet and sexy amateur babe…she loves to show off in the nude, or at least teasing us with her big boobs and tight round ass, taking hot selfies with her phone and her laptop…you know you’d love to join her as she goofs around on her computer while lying nude on her stomach on the bed, kicking her pretty legs and feet around as she talks to friends or whatever she’s doing. As long as she’s doing it naked and looking this good I don’t think anyone will care what she does online!

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