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Aubrey on ftv girls

In my humble opinion this girl Aubrey is one of the hottest girls they’ve had on FTV Girls in quite and awhile and trust me, that’s saying something…this girl’s body is like a fucking dream with perfect tits, a perfect ass, long legs, sweet hips and of course that beautiful face! Add to that the fact that this is her adult industry debut and you can see why she’s quickly becoming a member favorite already…at 23 she’s not exactly a teen anymore but she’s still young and enthusiastic after she gets over her initial shyness, giving in to the allure of being nude in public as she starts masturbating in public, playing with that perfect shaved pussy right out in the open. Since this is FTV Girls you know you’ll be getting all the action in excellent quality photos and videos, along with the signature FTV style that includes nice closeup views of Aubrey’s strong vaginal contractions as she masturbates to what she described as one of the strongest orgasms of her life! By the time they’ve finished shooting this girl is totally open and comfortable, even running around naked next to some lucky-ass construction workers…I guess they didn’t get a whole lot of work done on their street repairs that day, maybe that’s why that stuff takes so long, there are just too many incredibly gorgeous young women running around naked in public.



Serena on brcc

This Latina honey named Serena has a bit of a case of bitchy resting face but she seems sweet enough personality-wise and man oh man that ass is just phenomenal! She’s only 18 but is already wicked fun in the sack…she tells the guy as much in her little introduction interview and I’m sure he was just nodding his head going ‘uh huh’ and not believing a word of it but she definitely rocked his world in this Backroom Casting Couch update. He strips her down and then buzzes her pussy until she cums and in exchange she gives him a fantastic blowjob before spreading those thick thighs for him…this girl isn’t fat or even pudgy really, she just has some sexy curves to her. He gives her pussy a nice pounding and then talks her into some anal, she was definitely not thrilled about the prospect but finally gave in and got her butt poked, I guess the guy loved it because as I said that ass is a perfect 10. She moans and gasps and shakes as he pounds her from behind until shooting his load into her mouth, I’m not sure where Serena learned so much about sex at only 18 but she was a hell of a lay from the looks and sounds of things.

The Art of Pleasure


Passion hd art of pleasure

It’s been a dog’s age since we saw Whitney Westgate show up on Passion HD! I think the last time was this update, so you might want to take a peek there to get your appetite whetted before diving into this new scene called The Art of Pleasure. She starts out giving this guy probably the hottest striptease he has ever seen or ever will see, sliding her panties down over that perfect ass and unleashing her big titties as she shakes her moneymaker in front of his face. No man can withstand that for long so he starts poking a boner, and Whitney loves what she sees…she slides her hands up his legs and grabs his tool through his underwear, tugging them down to give herself full access as she starts to lick and suck this lucky dude! Soon she’s on his lap riding him to beat the devil, moaning with her head thrown back as she takes his hard crank as deep as she can manage in that sweet tight pussy of hers. Whitney always looks gorgeous and this is no exception!

Luna Sauvage


Luna Sauvage on Playboy

Brunette stunner Luna Sauvage turns up the heat in this Playboy photoshoot as she tugs off her white top and slides those skimpy white panties down over her long legs to show off a nude body that is just fucking incredible! Perfect perky titties, sweet fuckable pussy, beautiful face, this girl has got it all. She probably sounds like Gilbert Gottfried though right? There’s just gotta be something…maybe she always smells vaguely like catfood or something like that, or moans like Chewbacca when she sleeps. Ha ha ha actually that would be pretty dope, a sweet sexy beauty like this just growling and moaning away…I like it.

Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson

Actress Kate Hudson here might be a little older than most celebrities who get pictures taken in a, you know, sexual sort of a light, but she’s still looking might hot if you ask me. She was just strolling down the street when the paparazzi snapped these shots showing those nipples of hers poking right through her bikini and her shirt to still stand out loud and proud! Either that or someone just turned on a very powerful AC unit that was aimed right at her perky little titties.




Imagine going on a blind date with a girl as fucking stunning as Dominno here in this Evil Angel photoshoot…back at the house after dinner she pulls off her top to show her sexy black lingerie barely holding in those enormous perfect titties! The party doesn’t stop there though, this girl is hot and horny as hell so she strips down completely nude and fucks her lucky douchebag-looking dude with his ridiculous collar, grabbing her own big boobs while the guy slides his little cock inside her hole. He might be the one fucking her but man just look at those eyes, you can tell she’s thinking about me the whole time. Right?

Schoolgirl Sex


Brooke Wylde Schoolgirl

The boobs on the bus go round and round…wait, no…Brooke’s ass on the bus goes up and down…no, that’s not it either! Just can’t seem to remember the lyrics of that song while Brooke Wylde here is fucking her horny classmates on the bus in this Brazzers episode…she gets on board wearing her tiny little schoolgirl skirt that only partly covers that round ass of hers and wastes no time before making a few new friends on the first day of school, sucking and fucking all the horny guys that crowded around her! By the time she got to school Brooke had already aced her first biology exam, from the looks of things.

Amateur Ass


Sweet amateur ass

Brace yourself for another sweet amateur booty…when a lot of girls send in photos (or more likely their horny boyfriends send them in) you’ll notice the butt is more often than not left unphotographed. It’s a whole lot more common I think for a girl to have a nice or at least decent pair of tits than it is for her to have a great ass! This girl though has a booty that is just plain stupendous…nice and tight and looks great in panties, and has them pulled aside just enough to give a little peek at that sweet pink pussy in a few of the shots. Let’s give a warm round of applause to this girl’s ass, and also one for her boyfriend (or girlfriend) who was nice enough to shoot some sexy pictures of it for us!

Brandi Love & Ava Taylor


Brandi Love and Ava Taylor Moms Teach Sex

Ava Taylor and Brandi Love are in a scene together and it’s for Moms Teach Sex.  It’s not the first time that Brandi Love has taught sex on this site in fact she did it last week with Aidra Fox.  This weeks episode she is out on her deck doing a little yoga in some skimpy little shorts and a workout bra.  She catches her step son in the upstairs peaking through the blinds and taking pictures of her in different poses.  She isn’t happy with him at all and storms inside to give him a piece of her mind.  She is so mad she pulls down his pants and starts to spank his bare ass.  Ava Taylor his girlfriend walks in at that point an dis quite confused as you can imagine.  She asks what’s going on and Brandi tells her.  She however drops something on this couple that I don’t think either of them were suspecting.  She tells them since they’re all here she think it would be best if she teaches them how to have good sex.  Once the get the look of shock off of their faces they both say yes and the lesson begins with Brandi showing the guy how to eat pussy properly.



Meg on net video girls

Long legs and a short skirt go a long way in increasing the hotness level of a girl…even when she’s already hot as hell like this girl Meg on Net Video Girls, the aforementioned factors definitely help things out. Like most of the girls that show up at the NVG studio she was a little taken aback when they opened the door and already had cameras rolling on her, but I guess she really needed this ‘calendar shoot’ to work out so she headed in. It’s always educational to see how masterfully the cameraman calmed and disarmed her, assuring Meg that if things didn’t work out they’d just call the shoot to a halt so if she was uncomfortable with anything she was free to bail at any time. I guess that put Meg at her ease because she was pretty willing to show off her skimpy little panties, even flashing her tits a bit! When the guy came up next to her with his pants bulging she barely hesitated before diving tongue-first onto his cock, giving him a nice blowjob before shrugging out of her little sun-dress and getting fucked from behind. This girl has an amazing ass, there is no doubt about it…I guess the Net Video Girls guys thought so too because she got fucked doggystyle until he shot his cum into her pussy for a nice creampie finish! Too bad the whole premise of a calendar shoot was bullshit, she was killing the audition but looks like there’s no actual gig to go along with it, just her getting fucked on camera for us!

Seductive Eyes MILF


Mom pov seductive eyes milf

When most people think about hardcore porn they think about 18 to 19 year old girls getting plowed, or at least 30 year olds who claim they’re 18 to 19, am I right? Well sites like Mom POV are changing the way we think about things, showing how hot mature women can be! This 48 year olf MILF for instance is sexy as hell, knows what she likes and knows how to make other people happy while getting it…this makes for a hell of a hot update on Mom POV as she pops off her dress and unleashes her still-perky tits on the world. She’s got gorgeous eyes, and seeing those peepers looking up at you as she gives a fantastic blowjob must have been a hell of a sensation! Since this is a first-person scene you get to experience it yourself, is the nice thing. This hottie pulls off her sheer panties and gets her dripping wet pussy plundered by this guy’s hard cock, riding him and sending that big juicy booty for a nice bouncy ride until he shoots his load all over that pretty face!

Make It Last Forever


Babes make it last forever

When this guy got overwhelmed with work one lonely evening (hey it happens to the best of us) he started letting his mind drift, fantasizing that a beautiful woman would come and sweep all his troubles and stresses away with a twirl of her lingerie…well, since this is the Babes Network those fantasies are about to cum true! Beautiful young Taissia Shanti came strolling into his office wearing her thigh high stockings and lacy corset and panties, climbing over his desk and pushing his papers out of the way to kiss and tantalize him. Soon she had his cock out of his pants and into her mouth, sucking him and then fucking him right there on the desk! He wanted to make it last forever but no man can withstand this kind of sensation for long with that perfect ass and those perky titties that Taissia is packing, so before you know it he had her on her knees and was shooting a big creamy facial all over her lips and cheeks.

Dani Daniels


Dani daniels tonights girlfriend

Being a rockstar this guy could probably have his pick of the litter so to speak when it comes to groupies and the like…well I guess he has more discriminating tastes than that because he knows what he wants, and what he wants is Dani Daniels! He was a big fan of the gorgeous pornstar so he called her up via Tonights Girlfriend and had her come by his hotel room, and after she got her fat wad of cold hard cash she changed into her sexy skimpy lingerie and proceeded to rock this guy’s world all night long! After sampling those beautiful round titties and her perfect bubble butt I’m sure he was begging for an encore performance…Dani looks fantastic in this update (well she always looks fantastic so that’s no surprise) and pulls out all the stops when it comes to riding and sucking and licking this guy’s big hard rockstar cock.

Anya Ivy


Anya ivy on mofos

Holy fucking shit I don’t know that I’ve seen a nicer pair of tits and ass on one girl in a really long time…Anya Ivy stars in this Pervs On Patrol update from the Mofos network, taking her buddy into her bedroom with his camera rolling to get her big perfect boobs out and pop off her panties to get the bajeezus fucked out of her, and we get to watch every hot minute of it! If you haven’t seen Anya in action before make sure you check out this scene and enjoy every second of it…this black beauty is incredible with her smooth chocolate skin and that dream of a body. She also seems like a blast to fuck, moaning her head off and grinding her tight wet ebony pussy on this dude’s big hard meat! Anya gets tittyfucked, pounded doggystyle, goes for a reverse cowgirl bronco ride and just has a ball from beginning to end! Looks like Pervs on Patrol picked out a winner this time, that’s for sure.

Real Life Part 10


Teen fidelity real life part 10

It’s always fun to go on a fantasy journey courtesy of Teen Fidelity but sometimes it’s nice to keep it real, so to speak…this is Real Life 10 so if you’ve missed out on the previous ones don’t fret, I’ve got some here and here for you to enjoy. This latest update in the series features gorgeous Carmen Caliente who I always think looks like a lioness or something with her flowing blonde hair…she shows up at the Teen Fidelity house and is ready to have a little fun, which in this case means sneaking over to the neighbor’s house and fucking Ryan Madison in their bed while they’re away, not to mention swimming in their pool after getting a creampie so those neighbors will be in for a not-very-fun surprise next time they decide to hop in the water! This girl is having a blast though and looks incredible as she gets those perky teen titties out and gets her pussy filled up with Ryan’s fuckhammer.

Girls Love Pink and Diamonds


Xart girls love pink and diamonds

So I found this X Art update for you guys called Girls Love Pink (And Diamonds) and it’s pretty easy to see where the diamonds part came into play because the walls are fucking studded with sparkly jewels, but the headboard of the bed is red so I was a little puzzled where they got the ‘girls love pink’ part of things. That didn’t last long though because Jenna and Catie started kissing and then licking pussy and it’s pretty obvious these two hotties love getting into each others’ pink bits! X Art always has the hottest lesbian galleries and this one is no exception…Jenna is one of the sexiest girls on the site in my opinion and blonde Catie is no slouch either! They both have nice perky boobies and fantastic tight butts and they love to explore each others’ body while the cameras clicked away…they’re really putting this big comfy bed through its paces for this scene. Also there are a bunch of bubbles for some weird reason, I don’t know who thought the idea of a bubble machine in the bedroom would be a good one but hey I guess it works, the girls seem to like it at least! Girls Love Pink and Diamonds and Bubbles, apparently.

Vivica Johnson


Casting couch x vivica johnson

This 18 year old hottie is Vivica Johnson from LA and she’s just trying to figure out her way, and she figured trying out the adult industry would be a good way to make some easy money and have a good time to boot! You don’t see a whole lot of black women making their way to Casting Couch X but man it’s a treat when it does happen…this hottie has lovely chocolate skin, nice big tits with pierced nipples, and of course a fantastic ass. The CCX guy seems more than impressed too as he fucks her left right and center…this girl is still fairly amateur in the way she gets fucked, she’s very quiet and doesn’t let out too many moans, which one the one hand is nice because you know it’s natural and not forced but on the other hand it’s nice when you know a girl is really enjoying herself and letting you know! It can go either way I guess…hopefully Vivica gets her chance to explore some other sites too and progress in her adult video career because she’s hot as hell and I want to see more, I bet you do too!




Her name on Met Art might be Semmi but she’ll be giving you a whole lot more than a semi-boner in this photoshoot as this cute brunette shows her stuff! She’s hanging out near a mirrored door giving us a little guided tour of that sweet naked body of hers from her beautiful face to her big full breasts to that gorgoeus round ass and nice tight hips of hers! Her pussy might be a little worse for wear (or else it’s just naturally kind of puffy) but man this girl is a goddess. My favorite photo from this set might be when Semmi is sliding her hands between her thighs to touch her pussy and throwing her head back with her long dark hair flowing down behind her, that sweet ass pressed against her own reflection in the mirror behind her. The nice thing about this chick is that she doesn’t look unreal, if that makes sense…she looks like someone you could meet at a party or out at a bar having fun, totally approachable and yet incredibly hot.

Kate Upton


Kate Upton

You haven’t forgotten about Kate Upton, have you? That incredibly gorgeous blonde from the SI Swimsuit Issue and whatnot? Well she’s still looking fucking incredible as these paparazzi photos show, relaxing in the surf in her red bikini with her nipples poking into the fabric…can you imagine standing there and trying not to stare at her tits with those pokies going on? Impossible. It looks like Kate’s been hitting the cheeseburger stand a little lately, it could be my imagination but her hips look a bit bigger than before…not that that’s a bad thing, she looks absolutely stunning, just making an observation! Also, it looks like she’s sipping from a cup with dirty dishwater in it but that’s neither here nor there.

Emma Glover


Emma Glover Playboy

Playboy brings you these photos of gorgeous Emma Glover as she relaxes in a dingy, nasty, dirty room with a huge American flag on the wall…in other words, probably any room in the White House. Anyway, this chick has huge tits and a fantastic round ass and isn’t afraid to show them off in these shots as she pulls off her top and tugs down her panties! The look on her face is a little terrifying at times but just keep your eyes looking southward at those big boobs and you’ll be just fine.

Ava Taylor


Ava Taylor RK

This photoshoot is from the Reality Kings network site called First Time Auditions and features the gorgeous Ava Taylor! This cutie starts things off in a short denim skirt and little reddish top and a pair of glasses, and when she starts losing those items one by one you know you’re in for something special. Ava’s got a sweet tight spinner body from head to toe and puts it to work here as she sucks this guy’s cock and then goes for a ride, hopping up onto his lap and impaling her tight hole on that man meat with her perky titties bouncing up and down…the ass on this girl is spectacular, make sure you keep an eye out for that. She puts her glasses back on to take a facial, I guess that’s a trick she already knew, so she doesn’t get cum in her eyes it just drips down her lenses and off her cheeks!

Lickable Slit


Perfect amateur pussy

Now that is one nice looking pussy…nice and tight and pink and not all sloppy, with nicely trimmed pubic hair above and a nice ass behind, even a nice pair of tits! This amateur doesn’t show her face in these photos so hopefully she’s not a complete butterface but man oh man that sweet pink fuckhole is spectacular…I don’t think I’ve ever really said that about a vagina before, usually they’re just, you know, pussies, but this one is something special. It looks like a painting or something and I’ve never wanted to lick a painting as much as I do right now…

Teanna Trump RGP


Teanna Trump Real Girls Play

I found a new site, it isn’t exactly new at all it looks like it opened in September of 2013 but I am just now finding it.  It’s called Real Girls Play and it looks a lot like FTV Girls to me.  They have those like outdoor nudes and the photography looks kind of similar.  I would say the biggest difference is these guys are much more focused on just seeing these girls masturbating.  There isn’t any vegetables or panty stuff (from what I could see) they just give them a strong vibrator and let them go to work.  This long video is of a sexy black girl named Teanna Trump.  You guys have obviously seen her in hardcore scenes before if you visit this site enough if you don’t just click on her name to see those.  This is a nice change of pace I like seeing a hardcore model masturbating because it gives you an idea of what goes on behind close doors.  I can tell you any girl that does porn is masturbating like crazy in her free time.

Drunken Love


Cherie deville drunken love pf

From the looks of things Cherie Deville is training for a role as a dental patient in her next film as Ryan Madison slips his fingers into her mouth as he grinds his crotch against her pussy in the hallway in this update from Porn Fidelity called Drunken Love! I guess Cherie and Ryan Madison headed out on the town for a few drinks (well ok, maybe a bunch of drinks) and ended up doing shots at pretty much every bar they could find. Once they got back to the Porn Fidelity house they were already making out and fucking in the hallway before they even got to the bedroom! Once in there though, that’s when Cherie really got her pussy pounded…you might remember seeing her on the site before in Real Life Part 9 so there’s some more fun content for you to enjoy after you check out this one! That’s just how we roll, always ready to help you out with stuff like that.

Digital Diaries


Digital diaries on playboy tv

When you’ve got a video from Playboy TV you’ve got pretty high expectations and this one (it’s part of the Digital Diaries series) definitely doesn’t disappoint! This gorgeous blonde is making out with her boyfriend on the couch, sliding her hand down his pants to grab his cock before stripping down to show him her incredibly sexy body. You don’t expect to find a girl with floppy nasty titties and a cheesy ass on Playboy of course but even among the hotties on the site this girl is something special. I guess her man thinks so too because he gives her pussy a nice tongue bath, licking her as she spreads her thighs and closes her eyes in ecstasy, still wearing her high heel shoes! She mounts on top, riding his cock and taking him deep inside her dripping wet hole…it’s a sensual, sexy hardcore scene and I wish I knew what this blonde beauty’s name is but oh well, I guess some things are just destined to remain a mystery.

Mystery Bag


Life selector found bag

Get ready to take control of your porn experience thanks to Life Selector! Check out this trailer and see what the hell I’m talking about, the idea is that you make choices over the course of a storyline and the action unfolds thanks to your input. It’s sort of like a choose your own adventure fuck film…obviously you aren’t making the selections in this trailer but it’ll show you how it works. Want to watch this hottie getting fucked in the ass reverse cowgirl style? Want to see this other chick getting her face stuffed with your dick, or would you rather send her on her way? You get tons of choices which make each scene pretty much a new experience each and every time you dive in. Life Selector puts you right in the driver’s seat, it’ll bring your appreciation of porn to the next level. By the way in this trailer the storyline is that you found a mysterious bag on the street and when you try to find the owner, hilarity and sexiness ensues!

Niki Lee Young


Niki lee young on in the crack

Sexy blonde Niki Lee Young was ready to play in this In The Crack photoshoot, spreading her legs open to give us a nice look at that pretty pink pussy…I guess just spreading her hole like that wasn’t quite sufficient though because she busted out the speculum to really get us up in her lady business! This girl loves to masturbate, fucking herself with a big vibrator before bringing us all the way cervix-deep into her pink fuckhole…there aren’t a whole lot of pornstars out there who love playing with a speculum but I guess Niki Lee Young is one of them! Luckily she has the kind of pussy that is nice to look at up close, some girls could use an intimate view of their snatch as a terrorist threat or something. I don’t think you’ll find any of that type of puss on In The Crack though, I’d imagine their photographers are pretty discerning in the type of girls they shoot for the site.

Blushing Tanned Teen


Blushing tanned teen on gdp

I mean let’s be honest every time Girls Do Porn comes out with a model my mind is blown and once again they’ve done it. This girl is that cute and shy type that you just won’t see on any other site because well, no other site has real amateurs like Girls Do Porn. These guys are the real deal and that’s why if you’re to join a porn site this is #1 by far you should join. This girl’s a blonde 19 year old who looks like she has spent more than a little time on the beach, or else she’s nervous and blushes a bit which is kinda hot if you ask me. She mentions she likes sex to be a little bit on the painful side so you can be pretty sure she’s gonna get that ass spanked while she gets fucked! This blushing tanned teen says doggystyle is her favorite position of course (I guess that’s most peoples favorite position to be honest) but from the way she moans and gasps I think she really liked riding on the guy’s big cock too. We might have gotten a little spoiled by the incredibly gorgeous and sexy girls they’ve had on Girls Do Porn lately but this girl holds her own, so to speak… She seems like that innocent girl next door, instead of the I am a slut and want to get paid to fuck. I think that sweet ass of hers just sealed the deal for me, that helped me turn the corner on her.



Ariana on exploited college girls

You know how they say it’s always the quiet ones who turn out to be the freakiest? Well this girl Ariana pretty much personifies that theory…she’s shy and quiet and seems all innocent but she loves eating cum and loves getting fucked, even if she doesn’t exactly let the world know when she’s having an orgasm. She strips down after her introduction interview on Exploited College Girls to show that tight teen body of hers, laying back to get her pussy tickled and teased with a vibrator…being an amateur to the core she doesn’t try to fake anything or moan extra loud or anything, she just quietly enjoys herself and has a nice little orgasm before Jay slides his cock into her throat. She goes for it with gusto as soon as her lips touch that dick, with her pussy getting nice and wet as she gets into the action and gets her body rocked. The guy shoots a HUGE load all over her face and not only does she not get all grossed out, she starts gobbling it down like a true cumslut! Looks like this chick has a secret wild side, no doubt about that.

Room With A View


Passion hd room with a view

Blonde hottie Addison Avery and her girlfriend Natasha White wanted a room with a view so they rented this beautiful penthouse loft, but from the looks of things they only had eyes for each other so the view was sort of wasted…either that or they wanted people outside to be able to watch them getting naked and making out and eating pussy like lesbians! Their guy pal sure seemed to enjoy the view as he walked in on them fucking, and dropped his pants to join in on the fun! The girls took turns licking and sucking his cock in this Passion HD hardcore scene, turning it into a red-hot threesome as these two horny hotties pulled out all their tricks. Even while they got fucked by his big hard cock they couldn’t stop licking slit, making each other moan until the guy shot his creamy load all over both of their faces to finish off this steamy threesome!

Not So Heavy Lifting


Fhd not so heavy lifting

I just don’t know what it is about this girl Samantha Rone…I mean she’s hot and has a nice body but she’s nowhere near the hottest girl on Fantasy HD and yet there’s just something about her that you can’t really put your finger on, she’s just fucking sexy as hell! Maybe it’s that look in her eyes when she looks up from sucking cock or maybe it’s the way she gasps and moans as she rides this guy’s dick, I just don’t know but I love it and I hope you do too. The update is called Not So Heavy Lifting, which I guess refers to the itty bitty weights she’s pumping at the beginning of this scene before helping her man work out…he does some crunches but once her top comes off he’s all about those perky tits, grabbing Samantha and laying her down on the yoga mat to fuck her sweet pussy from behind and lifting her up to impale her on his hard cock. She finishes things off by pumping his load out into her mouth and swallowing every drop, and I have the feeling she’s going to be your new favorite chick after an update like this.

In Her Rear


Pure mature in her rear

If you’re a fan of the back door you’re going to go crazy over this Pure Mature update featuring Alana Luv! She strips out of her cute little dress and puts on just a pair of thong panties to drive her man crazy, and I guess it works…soon he’s sliding a toy into her tight ass to get her all worked up and then replaces the dildo with his own hard cock, giving her a nice anal pounding and making those titties jiggle with every thrust! He takes care of her butt and then goes ass to mouth when he’s ready to burst, shooting his load onto her face and onto her tongue to swallow down. This update called In Her Rear is Alana Luv’s first scene for Pure Mature and actually now that I think about it I don’t think I’ve seen her anywhere else either! She’s got a nice big round juicy booty though and loves to get poked in her pussy and in her ass so I’m sure we’ll be seeing her around and about, keep your eyes peeled and your belt undone. I mean let’s be straight up here, she’s not exactly the hottest girl on the site but sometimes when you want a chick who will take it up the ass you have to lower them standards a little.

Daisy Summers Orgasm


Daisy Summers Eyes Roll

At this point you just have to ask yourself do you want to see the orgasm that caused Daisy Summers to have her eyes roll in the back of her head or do you just want to keep on looking at other porn…  I know what I thought and that’s why I already watched this video over at my buddies site.  It’s such a good video I am not even going to try to make my own I will send you to the source of where I found it.  This was a scene that was shot for Big Mouthfuls a site that always ends in the girl getting a big mouthful of cum.  The great thing about joining this site is you’re actually joining Bang Bros and you guys should all know the deal by now.  When you join Bang Bros you get access to all of their sites so if you want to see girls swallowing you just watching videos from Big Mouthfuls.  Or hey you like creampies well then you should head over to their site Big Tit Cream Pie don’t you think… The list goes on and on but the first stop you should make when you’re in their awesome members area is this scene called “Sexy Brunette Pounded Hard, Then Swallows Cum” starring a Asian beauty we know very well by now.

Cherie DeVille Blacked


Cherie DeVille Blacked

I was about not to post this gallery because my boys over at iMILFs usually have really long videos and this one is short as fuck!  I mean what’s the deal guys?!?  Then I got it though because you just can’t find this scene anywhere else so it’s probably one of those sites that is very protective about it’s content.  I don’t blame them either because this Blacked site is really high quality.  As you can probably figure out by the site being named blacked and the fact that there is a black dick here yes, it is a interracial site.  It really has nothing to do with MILFs but I think the reason iMILFs is on it is because of Cherie DeVille who is one of the top MILFs in porn.  She is getting a massage in this video when the masseuse just can’t handle her perfect little plump ass so he pulls her close to him and starts to lick that pussy and ass.  Cherie doesn’t stop him and at that point he knows he is in.  She eventually gets his dick out and you can see the joy in her eyes when she see’s how big it is.  Cherie want’s that dick in her pussy more then he does I think.  Really good scene, but as I said short video so beware.

Lily and Teal


Lily Love and Teal Conrad First Threesome

Teal Conrad and Lily Love here are playing the part of a couple of string breakers who just had the best time of their lives.  One thing they want to do before they leave however is to pop their threesome cherry and what better place to do it at the bar where all their other fun memories where made.  So the two of them ask the bar tender if he would be interested in getting laid by two girls and being a man he is so down it’s not even funny.  As bad as this acting is the sex is hot enough to off set all of that.  It did get me thinking though that you totally know each some college sluts do this.  They go on a spring break and want to be very slutty what better way to have lesbian sex and get fucked then having a threesome, that’s just my opinion though.

Riley Reynolds Creampie


Riley Reynolds Teen Pies

It’s been a while since the last time I posted a Teen Pies scene so I thought I would bring it back with a nice long gallery for you guys.  This one is of a model named Riley Reynolds she has a nice fat ass and she just got in a fight with her husband.  She doesn’t know what she is going to do until another guy walks along and then she forgot all about him.  She takes this guys big dick in her pussy and as if that’s not bad enough she lets this guy cum inside of her!  I have never seen the story line side of Teen Pies before and the acting is bad as you can think but the great thing about it is you can just fast forward on this gallery to about the 1:50 mark and you will get Riley sucking on some dick.  If you want to just see the creampie finish well go to the end and check that out.  I hate those creampie sites that fake the them and this is not one of them once again you just have to watch the video to see that.

New Wife Gives Anal


Honeymoon Anal Sex Tape

This wife took a different route then all the other conservative wives out there that saves themselves for marriage.  This woman did save herself but she saved her butt for man for their honeymoon.  She didn’t want him to forget it so she let him film it.  The thing is it looks like she likes it so he is probably still banging away at that ass even after all this time.  This is the original moment though that she had anal sex and her husband was quite please, surprised and all that.  He gives it to her nice and soft and the video ends with them standing up and he is fucking her in the ass against the wall.  Once he is about to cum like a good wife she gets on the floor and gets ready to take the facial.  The scene as I mentioned was a personal sex tape but this couple is part of a community called Wife Bucket where they share all their sex tapes.  You can be a member too and you don’t have to share your sex tapes if you don’t want to.  You will just be one of the thousands of “voyeur” members.

Katerina Kay PAWG


Katerina kay PAWG Teen Fidelity

I am trying to catch up on all the Teen Fidelity video and I really just want to post them all at once but they’re so good I am going to spread them out a little bit.  Check out Katerina Kay here looking sexy as fuck in this episode called “PAWG”.  I swear you guys better know what that means by now if you don’t I just can’t help you’re going to have to figure it out on your own.  So Katerina has on a sexy little bikini I guess, or maybe it’s just underwear.  It’s probably underwear because this sexy bright yellow g-string she is wearing is not only a well g-string but it also crotch-less.  It has a little zipper on the front she can unzip so Ryan can get access to her pussy whenever he wants.  He spreads a good amount of time eating Katerina out. I  suspect he spent so much time because he saw how much she enjoyed it.  If you have seen any Teen Fidelity scenes before you can tell that all the girls always have a great time on this site because it’s all about pleasure.  Ryan takes his liberties with Katerina giving her a hard fuck and spending a lot of time on that perfect fat ass of hers.  He ends up not pulling out of her pussy and just cumming right inside of her for a creampie.  Something you haven’t seen from Katerina Kay before but there is a first for everything right?

Ember Stone


Ember stone amateur allure

It always cracks me up when a girl (usually a redhead) is so pale and fair-skinned that the camera has a hard time differentiating between her skin and the backdrop! This new girl Ember Stone on Amateur Allure is an example, some of her pictures she pretty much blends right into the background. She’d better be careful in the sun, I have the feeling she’d turn into an instant lobster if she hung out on the beach! She is cute as hell though and seems very enthusiastic about making her way into the porn world as she sucks cock to completion and gets fucked in that tight little pussy, taking a couple of loads in the mouth to swallow down. Keep an eye out for Ember on some other sites in the very near future, I’m sure she’ll be around making her mark! And if you hear on the news about someone mysteriously turning into charcoal on a beach in five seconds flat you’ll know who it was. I guess that’s why she got the name Ember! She’s definitely not a natural redhead though, if that big hairy bush is any indication.

Dianne Dee


Dianne Dee porn goes pro

Exotic brunette hottie Dianne Dee looks like the cat who got into the cream in this update from Porn Goes Pro as she shows up at this guy’s apartment in her sexy slinky rubber catsuit, sliding her hands up his legs and taking his cock in her mouth between those ruby red lips of hers! This guy didn’t pay good money for just a blowjob though, he wanted the full service so he spread her legs and gave that pussy a nice thorough pounding and was nice enough to have a camera duct-taped to his hand or strapped to his head or something so we get to share in the fun with a nice first person slightly fish-eye perspective on the proceedings. Dianne might not have the biggest titties the world has ever seen but man she does have a big juicy round booty, the guy can’t even wait to take off her catsuit before sliding his cock into her wet hole from behind! The name of this scene is New York Time, by the way, not sure where that comes from.

From 3 to 4 Part II


From 3 To 4 Party II

As I mention in the gallery I don’t have Part I of this series you’re just going to have to join X Art if you want to see that.  I don’t really see why you wouldn’t join though especially since I have such a good deal for you.  Most people are paying $39.95 a month but you can get it just for $9.95!  So that’s like 70% off and you get access to the best porn site in the planet.  This guys have more paying members then any other site and there is a reason for that they make the best porn.  The girl they have on their site are usually pretty exclusive to them.  If they’re not exclusive they’re really hot because they pay models more then any other site.  X Art is very erotic and you will see that when you watch this scene called From 3 to 4 Part II.  It stars 3 girls named Teal, Keria and Kate.  Teal is the busty girl you see here getting fucked, she is pretty thick but the guy who is having this foursome seems to perfer her pussy to the other girls so it must feel realy good.  The other girls have lesbian sex while they wait for their turn for the dick, it’s a great scene and part one is much the same but you don’t get a ending like you do in this video!

Jeanie Marie


Jeanie Marie Porn Fidelity

Let me tell you guys about the process I though when I make this site.  First I make the gallery and then I talk about that gallery within the gallery.  So at times like this one I am ill informed and I later figure it all out.  So as you will see when you read this gallery that I thought Porn Fidelity had a amateur here because well I have never seen her before.  Now I am writing this and I realize that she has been on other sites before… Here is a gallery Jeanie Marie did for I Have A Wife.  So the whole her being a amateur is well bullshit.  She is just a porn actress that hasn’t got much work I guess.  That being said after this Porn Fidelity scene she has to get more work because she is really really sexy in it.  I love the black and white sex scenes that Porn Fidelity put out in this trailer.  I am sure the full video isn’t like this but man I have to say their trailers are so well done that I watch them before the full videos almost every time.  I am a member of their site and their members area doesn’t disappoint.  The scene here is a facial / swallowing video but it’s more sensual then the recent videos that have come out from Porn Fidelity.  If you guys haven’t noticed right every once in a while likes to have really dominate sex where the girl is doing whatever it takes to please him.  In this scene it’s a lot of kissing and slow sex.  Of course Ryan can help but pound away at a pussy but it’s a lot “tamer” then some of the other videos.

Kiara Mia Creampie


Kiara Mia Creampie and Anal

Kiara Mia is doing it all in this new Ass Parade scene from Bang Bros.  She is not only getting cum inside of her pussy (creampie) but she also does anal sex during this scene!  These Bang Bros guys are so impressed with this MILF they can’t believe she has such a fat ass and you have to think these guys see a lot of butts.  So if they see a ton of asses and they’re still impressed with Kiara here you know she is special.  She keeps that fat ass of hers she says by doing squats.  I think the only squats she does is on a cock.  It looks like quite a work out because she isn’t lazy during sex Kiara is getting after it.  All MILFs though have a little extra spunk when they have a dick in them.  It has something to do with the fact that a older a girl gets hornier they get.  It’s just a fact of life and right now Kiara is living the high life fucking these huge cocks during the week as her fucking job.

Lacey Johnson


Fh18 lacey johnson

When it comes to picking girls to get a free naked rubdown you couldn’t do much better than blonde goddess Lacey Johnson here! She alreayd looked like a dream in her white top and red skirt and of course things only got better when she stripped down naked for this Fucked Hard 18 update, hopping up on the table to get oiled up and rubbed down. I don’t know if she was expecting to come out of this massage session relaxed and calm but she definitely got full release as the guy slipped his hands between her thighs to play with her pussy and up over those big breasts to tweak and tease her nipples! Soon she was on her stomach sucking his cock and then on her hands and knees getting her sweet tight wet hole railed from behind. This girl Lacey has a stunning face and a body that could stop traffic, and we get to watch her getting pounded for this hot hardcore fuck scene!

Kelly Diamond


Mg18 kelly diamond

I’ve gotta say, I’m a fan of the way Kelly Diamond treats her clients as a massage therapist…most masseuses do the old style rubdown using the hands and walking around their clients as they lay there but not Kelly! She’s from the new school and isn’t afraid to push the envelope, taking a unique stance by climbing on top of her client as she rubs his sore muscles…the drawback is that a massage is rarely finished, the guy just gets too turned on! Sure enough, Kelly’s hand-work does just that and get the guy all bonered up, and if you know Kelly Diamond you know she can’t resist a hard dick so she takes the guy in her mouth for a nice blowjob before joining him on the massage table for a good hard fuck in this Massage Girls 18 update, fucking him with that sweet pussy and bouncing her perfect round juicy ass in his face until he shoots his load onto it.

Adriana Returns


Itc adriana sephora

If you didn’t get enough of the incredibly gorgeous Adriana Sephora in her first appearance on In The Crack, I’ve got some fantastic news for you…this blonde beauty is back for some more up close and personal shots of her lady business! She’s sporting a sexy short animal print dress in this new photoshoot and wastes no time before sitting back on a big comfy chair and lifting up her legs, spreading them and pulling her panties aside to bring you right up close to that nice pink pussy as she masturbates…from the looks of things Adriana would like nothing more than to get her sweet slit licked and fingered and fucked, but for now I guess she’ll have to make do with fingering herself and tickling her clit with her finger in these closeup photos.



Nvg alecia

Lovely redhead Alecia looks like she stepped right out of the 1960’s with her cute flowery dress and quiet, easygoing demeanor…she showed up at the Net Video Girls studio ready to audition for a role as a backup dancer in a hiphop video but we know better, or at least we do if we’ve seen the NVG site before! She strips down to prove she’s got the ‘stuff’ and reveals she’s got a sexy neon bikini underneath…a bikini is a little too much fabric though so the guy convinces her to strip down further, showing off her perky breasts and that sweet tight butt. By now she’s pretty much game for anything so when he whips his huge black dick out she takes it in her mouth without much demurral, giving him a fantastic blowjob and looking up with those lovely innocent eyes of hers. Soon she was getting her pussy filled up with cock and moaning her head off, looking incredible as she got pounded in this hot hardcore scene!

Courtney Cummz


Courtney cummz mr anal

According to the guys at the Bang Bros network this is the second time Courtney Cummz has been on the site Mr Anal but I can’t seem to find it here on Imagepost. Either I just plain missed it or the scene was terrible or I’ve been burglarized, and I would assume that last one is the correct explanation because the other two are just insanity. So while I call the police, enjoy this return visit by the lovely horny pornstar as she stretches out her tight back door with a toy and some fingers before taking her guy pal’s huge cock deep in her ass, spreading her cheeks wide open as he slides inside! This mature hottie loves anal so you can be sure she’ll be back for round 3 sometime soon I’m sure…in the meantime just enjoy those big titties and her sweet round ass in this scene as she gets drilled!

Blissful Morning


Blissful morning on joymii

Stunning blonde Lara was ready to make her man’s morning a blissful morning so while he was snoozing away in his underwear she crept into the bedroom and awoke him with a gentle kiss. Seeing this gorgeous woman when you first open your eyes in the morning would already set the day on a fine note but this girl went the extra distance, sliding her hand into his tightie-whities and grabbing his cock while she kissed him before making her way down his body and giving him a blowjob! She licked and sucked his cock until it was nice and hard and ready to fuck…I have yet to see a girl who looked bad getting her leg lifted up to get pounded in her pussy, and there is definitely nothing bad-looking about Lara in this hardcore Joymii scene.

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