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Marilyn on Femjoy


Marilyn for Femjoy

A pretty platinum blonde with huge tits hanging out naked in the great outdoors, letting the sun shine down on her sexy nude body? Sounds like a winner to me and it sounds like a Femjoy gallery to boot…well, you’d be right on both counts. Say hello to Marilyn as she poses nude on a pile of rocks (careful of your ass, Marilyn!), pulling her long blonde hair back and letting those huge round titties out to play. She even does a backbend, which is just crazytalk on those sharp rocks.

Sandee Westgate


Sandee Westgate nurse

I know we’ve all heard of naughty nurse fantasies before but man this one is pretty close to the top of the heap for those if you ask me…join up with Sandee Westgate in this photoshoot from her own site Sexy Sandee as she gives this guy a thorough physical exam, dropping ot her knees and getting her big tits out as she sucks his cock, then straddling him on a chair to go for a nice hard ride! She’s doing all this in her nurse’s outfit with thigh high stockings and the works, somehow keeping her hat on as she gets her tight wet pussy pounded.

Alternative Selfies


Amateur babe selfie

I wish I knew the name of this sweet and sexy amateur babe…she loves to show off in the nude, or at least teasing us with her big boobs and tight round ass, taking hot selfies with her phone and her laptop…you know you’d love to join her as she goofs around on her computer while lying nude on her stomach on the bed, kicking her pretty legs and feet around as she talks to friends or whatever she’s doing. As long as she’s doing it naked and looking this good I don’t think anyone will care what she does online!

Busty Amateurs


Busty amateurs

If there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s a gorgeous girl-next-door type amateur with big breasts showing off what she’s packing. She doesn’t even need to flash her tits completely, just a little glimpse of cleavage and a sexy smile and she’s got all of us wrapped around her finger! Well get ready to be wrapped up because I’ve got a whole gaggle of gorgeous girls here with big boobs and lovely faces and they’re ready to get their tease on!

Laying in the Surf


laying in the surf

They entitled this photoshoot from Glamour Models Gone Bad “Lying in the Surf” but it looks more like Lei-ing in the surf to me! Alright, bad jokes aside what we’ve got here is a gorgeous brunette wearing nothing but a lei as she sits at the edge of the sea, letting the waves wash over and around her with a beautiful smile. The water might be a little chilly if her perky nipples are any indication but she looks like she’s having a great time showing off those big breasts and getting nice and wet!

Kelly Cheats on BF


Kelly Divine My Friends Hot Girl

I never actually thought that Kelly Divine had a fake ass but this picture sure looks to perfect to me!  I guess she has always been known for that big ass of hers but damn you could have a dinner on that butt self.  She is doing some jump rope kind of waiting out her boyfriend.  She wants him to leave so she can go over to his friend and make her move.  He is over at their house taking advantage of their pool and probably the good views, YOU KNOW what I’m sayin.  Kelly Divine walks out there in nothing at all and that’s all the message this guy needs before he betrays his friends trust and fucks his girl.  There is some pretty damn good pictures in this gallery too so don’t waste all your time watching this long as video, I mean this picture is like wallpaper material.



Fucked hard 18 liilly

Lilly is cute already when she’s sitting on the massage table talking about where she’s sore and where she’d like to get rubbed down but just you wait til she unbuttons and drops those jean shorts to show a downright fantastic body! She’s got a nice tight package and looks great in the nude as she gets oiled up and rubbed down for Fucked Hard 18, sighing with pleasure and moaning a little as the guy’s hands drift down to slip between her thighs and tickle that tight pussy…once she’s nice and relaxed, the masseuse replaces his fingers with his hard cock and fucks her right there on the table! Lilly takes his cock deep and hard, fucking him and getting pinned facefirst onto the table as she cums in this hot update! Always nice to see a nice cute blonde with a great body getting naked and getting fucked…it’s like it makes everything right in the universe.



Jayden for massage girls 18

With her perfect ass, gorgeous face and perky titties, Jayden might just be the masseuse you’ve been dreaming of…and if that description wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, what if I mention that she likes to give full-body rubdowns in the nude! That’s what she’s up to in this update from Massage Girls 18, rubbing this guy through his towel as he feels up that tight ass and fingers her pussy…she returns the favor by giving him a nice blowjob, sucking his cock until he’s hard as rock and ready to fuck! I’ve never had a massage where the masseuse jumps up on the table and fucks the client’s brains out but I guess that’s just how they roll at Massage Girls 18 if this hot hardcore update is any indication.

Cindy Starfall Returns


Cindy starfall peacock in the crack

You asked for it, and you get it! After her last hot photoshoot for In The Crack, exotic cutie Cindy Starfall made a nice buzz and decided to come back for round 2 and we couldn’t be happier about it! She’s in a lavishly furnished bedroom in her neon pink panties and bra, grinning and grabbing her perky round titties before kneeling down and spreading her cheeks to give us a close up view of her ass and privates, even tickling her asshole with just the tip of a peacock feather! I get the feeling that’s not the only kind of cock she’d like to feel brushing up against her from behind, if you catch my drift…and I think you do.

Cutie in Wedges


Girls do porn cutie in wedges

Check out this cutie in wedges on Girls Do Porn! She’s got that kind of girl-next-door look that drives a guy wild, and seems very down to earth. Also she’s got a sexy tight little body and that never hurts…I guess she’s been in touch with the guys from the site for months but is just now finally showing up to make her debut and to film her very first adult video! Watch her take that cock in her mouth, sucking and licking until he’s hard as a rock and ready to take her sweet little pussy for a spin. She gets fucked forwards and backwards, slamming that firm little butt up and down on his rod as she moaned and gasped her way to orgasm in this hot amateur update! I’m hoping we get a round 2 with this chick…she says hardcore orgy scenes are usually her favorites when she watches porn so maybe sometime we’ll be treated to a nice group scene with this girl as the center of the action.

Busty Blonde


LSG Models blonde

I’m not sure about the name of this busty blonde shooting for LSG Models but oh man, look at those titties! She peels out of her top to reveal those big perfect breasts but she doesn’t stop there, kneeling down and pulling her daisy dukes down her legs and tugging off her little panties to show us that sexy round ass. Big tits, great ass, nice hips, pretty face, she looks like a ton of fun to spend a few hours in bed with and what more can you ask for? She seems to love masturbating too as she slips a finger or two down to tease and tickle her clit.

Maitland Ward


Maitland Ward

I guess this chick was in the re-release of Wizard of Oz, her name is Maitland Ward and man oh man has she got some wicked nice cleavage going on! She must have been the hit of the red carpet that night in her sexy red dress…each tit is so big it needs multiple straps to hold it in so she ends up looking like she’s got suspenders on or something but it’s still pretty sexy. Did any of you guys see the new version of that movie? I assumed it would be a Tim Burton thing with Johnny Depp in it, hopefully that’s just in my head and not really what it is.

Hot Amateur


Hot amateur

This amateur chick might have some pretty bad fake tits (they look like somebody whacked a cantaloupe in half and glued the two parts on her chest) but man she is smokin hot and obviously loves sucking cock so pretty much all is forgiven at that point. She also has a great smile and very pretty eyes, not to mention an ass you could bounce pocket change off of…watch as we get a nice grand tour of her body before she spreads her legs to get her pink MILF pussy fucked!

Patty Michova


Patty Michova for Scoreland

Scoreland presents these photos of Patty Michova and the title of the shoot is ‘pink pussy’ but for me the obvious stars of the show are those two big round full titties of hers! This busty babe is obviously proud of her boobage too as she grabs and squeezes them, giving us that confident ‘I know you want to fuck me’ look. Too bad about her nose and lips but hey who really cares all that much am I right? She’s sexy as hell and looks ready to spread her legs at a moment’s notice so she gets two thumbs up in my book.

Alanah Rae Lingerie


Alanah Rae lingerie

Sometimes it’s all in the eyes…and sometimes, like in the case of this photoshoot from Alanah Rae, it starts out in the eyes and then works its way down over those huge tits to finish up between her legs as she masturbates her clit and slides another toy into her ass at the same time! Alanah is showing off her sexy lingerie in this shoot, squeezing her big tits together and bucking her hips as she slides her panties down to masturbate, staring at us with those gorgeous peepers of hers.

Blonde Assault


Blonde Assault FSU

Here is a super hot college girl that you guys are definitely going to want to see naked.  Her name is I have no idea but she has a big bubble butt nice full titties.  She is blonde and this video is fucking amazing!  The great thing about it is if you want to see her naked you don’t even have to join a recurring site or anything like that because this is a zip set.  If you don’t know a zip set means you are strictly buying just this video and pictures of this hot blonde getting naked and that’s it.   I have seen the whole video and I will say this girl doesn’t just have a great body she actually has a really good personality too.  In this video you get to see a little nipple and a lot of ass in a g-string, if you want the uncensored shit just pay for it, it’s cheap and easy and you will not regret seeing the whole thing that you can count on!



Backroom casting couch with emjay

Meet Emjay, a bubbly blonde who loves to work out and loves to get fucked in that sweet tight round ass! She’s like a dream come true for the ‘casting director’ at Backroom Casting Couch, and ends up being one of the hottest scenes they’ve had on there in awhile. She starts out on a bad foot actually, breaking the ‘what happens in Vegas’ rule during her interview but since she’s talking about a threesome fuck she had there, I guess we can forgive her this time. Emjay (whose name keeps making me think of either Michael Jordan or a pig latin version of Jem) starts out giving a nice blowjob, then bends over the table to get fucked from behind…she loves anal so she gets that hard cock in her ass as well but the guy finishes off back in her pink pussy to give her a nice creampie. Overall she’s a hot, sexy, personable blonde with a bangin body and a thirst for great sex so this update is a winner in my book!

High School Dropouts


X art high school dropouts jayden

I can imagine it would be pretty hard to go to high school with Jayden, because anytime she was like “hey lets skip class and go fuck” it would be game over. In this X-art update called High School Dropouts we see Jayden up to her tricks, shaking that perfect ass and wearing just a pair of thigh high tube socks that look incredible on her legs, teasing and tantalizing her ‘classmate’ as he does a little studying in bed! She has no interest in the midterms, all she wants is to get that cock in her mouth and she won’t stop til she gets it…not that it’s much of a challenge with a body like that! Watch Jayden give a nice blowjob and get her sweet tight shaved pussy fucked in this hot scene and see if you’d be able to turn down an offer like that to go back to calculus.



Exploited college girls kelsey

The guys at Exploited College Girls must have known that my secret weakness is a hot redhead with big natural tits, because this update features Kelsey who fits that description to a T! She’s a former camgirl so she knows how to talk dirty and knows how to work that amazing body of hers, starting with a deepthroat blowjob in the car as they drive to the studio and continuing right into one of the hottest hardcore scenes they’ve done in a long time. She’s gorgeous, enthusiastic and has a libido that will blow you away…and holy shit those boobs of hers. Watch for the scene where she’s on her back with her legs spread getting her hole pounded and making her big breasts bounce and jiggle like ocean waves!

Martha Hunt


Martha hunt

Classy blonde Martha Hunt is a Victoria’s Secret model but there’s no lingerie in this photoshoot from Santa Lolla, she’s just posing in a pair of shoes and is holding a purse. I mean it’s not like I’ll ever buy any of the products she’s shilling for but cmon, she is fucking hot as hell so why not take a few minutes and let your eyes peruse that  body of hers! She’s got legs for days that look like they could wrap around your neck four or five times while you dive facefirst into that assuredly perfect tight pussy of hers! She’s got about as tight a package as you can get…just look at that ass, you’d hurt your hand if you gave her a spanking.



Candace alluring vixens

Alright so I seriously thought this was a photoshoot of Sandra Bullock back in the day when she was smokin hot…apparently this is Candace but I mean cmon look at that face, maybe Sandra has a naughty streak in her and was doing some modeling for Alluring Vixens on the side! Whoever it is, she’s got some pretty amazing tits though, don’t you think? All she has to do is lose those little yellow panties and brush her long hair aside so we can see em!



Simon scans ursula

Join beautiful amateur Ursula in this photoshoot from Simon Scans as she pops off the top of her pretty dress and lets those huge tits out to play! If that wasn’t already enough to bust your belt she lifts up the bottom of the dress as well to reveal her tight shaved pussy, ready for you to lick suck and fuck to your heart’s content. She’s even got a nice smile, which is always a good thing when you glance up while you’re motorboating a pair of big soft boobs.



Savanah for net video girls

This is another update from Net Video Girls that was sent to them by one of their satellite offices, so to speak…by that I mean it’s not the usual Maestro or any of the usual NVG guys, it’s this dude James who (and lets be honest here) has a pretty small dick and not much stamina. I mean this chick Savanah is pretty cute I guess but not so hot that it warrants him busting his nut in like 2 minutes or whatever, but hey maybe she was doing some magic fingers shit with her pussy while he did her doggystyle. Anyway it’s a cute midwest girl with some womanly curves and a nice round ass getting fucked by this hairy troll but he’s no Ron Jeremy that’s for damn sure. This chick deserves a better bang for the buck so to speak if you ask me.

Julez Ventura


Julez ventura for porn goes pro sexy thing

So you’ve been lusting after hot pornstar Juelz Ventura for years…can’t say I blame you, that’s for sure. Pop quiz hotshot, if you had the phone number for Porn Goes Pro and a big fat wad of cash how quickly do you think you could dial them up and request this sexy vixen to come by and put on something slutty? If you said instantly, congratulations you’re alive. She’s the guest of honor in this latest update and looks fierce as hell with her crazy makeup and that sexy outfit she changes into before getting her big tits out and sucking cock! Your cock, to be precise, since this is a POV scene…watch and see what it’s like to fuck a famous and incredibly hot pornstar like Juelz, sliding your big crank into her wet hole and then shooting your load all over her face and boobs!



Amateur allure rahyndee

It’s nice when a site has been around for awhile and the fans actually become part of the action…for instance, meet 22 year old Florida babe Rahyndee! She’s been a fan of the site Amateur Allure for years and has finally gotten the gumption to jump in and have some fun of her own and I think we’re all glad she did, because this girl is hot as hell. She also just so happens to be a magnificent cocksucker, deepthroating the guy’s big cock to the hilt before bending over and working that sexy tight butt as she slides his meat into her wet pussy. She’s a smokin hot babe with dark hair, great personality and a killer body and she looks great as she gulps down two loads of cream for this hot update!

Bubble Babes


Passion hd bubble babes giselle sara

Giselle Mari and Sara Luvv are two beautiful lesbians just hanging out by the pool kissing each other but when their guy friend shows up they decide that a nice big hard cock was just what the doctor ordered so they go into a hot hardcore threesome for this Passion HD update! I’m not sure where exactly all the damn bubbles are coming from but the girls seem to really like them so who are we to argue…they give the whole scene a bit of a dreamlike quality and I’m sure it got to be pretty fun slipping and sliding around as they popped on the skin of these beautiful girls as this guy fucks both of those perfect pussies one after the other. The update is called Bubble Babes and features two of the sexiest girls that Passion HD has to offer which is saying quite a bit!

Lesbian Roommates


Lesbian roommates on haze her

These two college chicks were roommates but they’re about to become closer than ever, thanks to the sadistic sisters of the Haze Her sorority! As part of their rushing initiation the roommates are stripped naked and are forced to turn lesbian as the sisters order them to eat out each others’ pussies. The girls are hesitant and nervous which gets them into deeper trouble than they already were…the sisters point out the ‘problem areas’ on their bodies (which look pretty fucking hot if you ask me) and force the girls to kiss and lick each other where they’ve marked them with sharpies, then lick ass and finally eat out the head sister’s cunt while she filmed it like a POV scene! Soon the girls were naked and getting fucked with a dildo…and now the blonde sorority sister has blackmail video for these two lesbian roommates!

Biker Clover


Clover Harley on Watch 4 Beauty

I’m glad to see that Clover is putting safety first by wearing a huge clunky helmet when she rides this Harley but I am not so sure about the rest of her protective gear…usually motorcyclists recommend gloves and clothes with padding or armor in case of falls, but Clover here has chosen thigh high leather boots and tiny black thong panties. Hopefully she doesn’t fall but I’m pretty sure we’ve all fallen for her in this Watch 4 Beauty photoshoot! OK that was a fucking terrible pun I’m sorry.



Taini for Met Art

Her name is Taini and I hope that’s pronounced the same as ‘tiny’ because this chick is petite and cute as hell…she’s posing here for Met Art, rolling around in bed and slowly peeling out of her blue thong panties to show off her tight little pussy! She’s exotic looking, has long dark hair and of course has a smokin hot body…just plain sexy from head to toe! She also loves being watched as she plays with her perky titties and slides her hands down her ass and over her thighs…just loves the attention I guess.



Sirale No2Silicone

With her piercing eyes she already has us wrapped around her finger but when you get a good look at Sirale’s huge natural breasts you’ll be on your knees begging to be her servant! This busty MILF is posing for No2Silicone so you know those giant tits are all natural, as difficult as it might be to believe…perfect huge tits, perfect nipples, pretty face, what’s not to like? OK maybe it would be better if this photoshoot came with a coupon good for one free motorboat, delivered to your front door by Sirale herself but cmon, think of how much her plane tickets would cost. Then again, that’s a lot of frequent-flier miles…

Kia Chanel


Kia Chanel Show Girlz Exclusive

Meet absolutely stunning mocha-skinned beauty Kia Chanel as she poses for Show Girlz Eclusive! Besides her beautiful face she has a totally bangin body, it’s a shame we don’t get to see her entirely naked because she has panties on and a hand-bra going on in these shots, but maybe that’s part of her allure…there’s a certain mystique about her that maybe wouldn’t be there if she was just completely nude, hard to say. That doesn’t make me want to see those amazing titties any less though, I tell you what.

Holly Gibbons


Holly Gibbons Playboy

One look at the setting for this photoshoot with the black and white checkers and huge light domes or whatever and you can pretty much already know that it’s from Playboy! They know what they’re doing, that’s for sure…I guess that’s why they brought in sexy glamor model Holly Gibbons to strip down nude and show off those big beautiful breasts of hers for this photoshoot. She doesn’t stop there, and it’s a hard call to decide if her big tits or those sexy hips are sexier…either way it’s a win-win!

Dancing With Myself


Pure mature nikki daniels

In this update from Pure Mature, Nikki Daniels is doing a little housework with her headphones on…I guess she’s listening to the song Dancing With Myself because for one thing that’s what she’s doing, and for another thing that’s the name of this update! Her guy finds her in the kitchen and she’s just so fucking cute that he can’t help but grab those big titties and slide his hand into her panties…they head to the bedroom where he proceeds to fuck that wet pussy of hers until he shoots his load inside for a nice creampie! Nikki looks fantastic as she gets her hole worked, with those big perfect tits bouncing as she moans and cums…a hot update with a hot chick, can’t go wrong with that!

All Clean


Taylor white all clean fantasy hd

I’m not sure why this guy came waltzing into Taylor Whyte‘s apartment but I guess that’s why it’s a fantasy…she was taking a shower, soaping up her perky titties and getting all clean, when this guy came in to ask for directions to the bank or something. He seemed a little surprised to see Taylor in the shower, maybe it’s actually his apartment and she just showed up, who knows? With Fantasy HD you never know what you’re going to get but you can bet your ass it’ll always be hot…this sexy blonde proves that when she fucks this guy right there on the floor, taking his big cock in her hole to the hilt from behind before he shoots his load all over her pretty face.

Amy Brooke Returns


Mr anal with amy brooke

Next up, Amy Brooke…she’s been on the Bang Bros site Mr Anal before and I think it’s pretty safe at this point to say that Amy loves it in the ass! She’s basically the anal equivalent of a Pokemon master…watch this horny blonde take everything the Mr Anal guys throw at her (well, throw at her butt) with a smile and beg for more! She takes some truly enormous toys in her back door without breaking a sweat and when the dino-dicked guy shoves his huge meat-bat into her ass and fucks her she asks him if it’s in yet. Amy has truly ascended to the next plane of buttsex…it’s a point few pornstars can aspire to and even fewer can ever reach.

Geri Burgess


Geri burgess for zishy

You know damn well that if you saw a girl as smokin hot as Geri Burgess walking down the street in her little polka dot skirt your jaw would hit the ground so hard your teeth would shoot out. She’s absolutely fucking foxy and is being a goddamn cocktease in this Zishy photoshoot, teasing us with some tantalizing flashes of her panties and flipping up her skirt to let us get a glimpse at her nice tight firm ass! Heartless as she is, it’s hard to stay mad at her because she’s just so damn fine…just look at those perky titties poking out under her little half-sweater top and you’ll see what I mean. Zishy always has hot sexy amateur girls but this one basically takes the cake. Supermodel face, perfect tits, great ass, nice legs, incredible smile, man oh man.

Natasha White


Natasha for exploited college girls

Meet Natasha White, a 19 year old hottie with a supermodel face and a raging libido! She introduces herself and happens to mention during the interview that she likes getting fucked hard, likes being slapped around and loves getting dickslapped. Interview over, boom. They basically jump onto the bed together and the guy proceeds to rock her fucking world…or is it vice versa? She gives him a fantastic two-handed blowjob (taking breaks with one hand to rub her clit through her panties) and soon she’s cumming all over the place as he fucks her and tickles her pussy with toys. She loves to orgasm and has about a billion from the looks of things…this girl is definitely something special. Plus the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous doesn’t hurt either, know what I’m sayin? Exploited College Girls is putting on a clinic with this hot hardcore fuckscene featuring (in my opinion) one of the hottest girls they’ve had on there in months. Enjoy.

Champagne Tease


Brooke wylde passion hd champagne tease

I’m not really sure why this Passion HD update is entitled Champagne Tease, maybe there’s something going on offscreen that we can’t really see but I didn’t notice anything that has to do with champagne in this hardcore scene. It’s more of a massage tease as Brooke Wylde and her guy start making out in this apartment…after she loses her clothes the guy scoops her up in his arms and puts her on the massage table, then starts to give her a nice oil rubdown! As he leans over her and runs his hands down her back his cock brushes against her face and she can’t help but take him in her mouth as he reaches down and teases her clit, spreading her pussy lips and slipping a finger into her ass. She gets turned on but it’s not until he whips out the hitachi magic wand that she really starts getting into the groove! She moans and bucks her hips as he brings her to orgasm before he even penetrates her with that big dick of his…Brooke looks amazing in this hot update with her huge round tits and sweet firm ass, and from the looks of things she’ll be back for plenty more action on Passion HD.

Hello Nurse


Nurse bryci

Helloooo Nurse Bryci! Your favorite big breasted horny vixen is ready to show her bedside manner as she shows up in your ‘hospital’ room in her sexy slutty nurse outfit, complete with a cute little hat and thigh high shiny red boots. She might not have the best medical training in the world but man this girl will make you feel amazing, and you won’t have to sign up for a new plan on a broken website to take advantage of it! I even found a video of Bryci giving her man a blowjob while wearing the nurse outfit, I’m not sure if we’re supposed to have it up so check it out while you can…with big tits like those and a sexy tight wet pussy like hers you don’t get a chance to see Bryci in a hardcore scene all too often!

Magdalena Frackowiak


Bikini gorgeous girl

So I saw this chick’s name was Magdalena Frackowiak and was like ‘that sounds like bullshit and would take too long to type if I write about her’ but holy shit once I took a look at her photos and saw her face and that incredible body I just couldn’t say no. She’s apparently a Victorias Secret model so of course she has perfect legs and perfect tits and a perfect ass but man, that face of hers would stop you in your tracks if you saw her out in public…enjoy these shots of her doing a bikini shoot and taking selfies with her phone in between shoots…OK so she’s a little self-absorbed but hey wouldn’t you be if you were her?

Big Breast Tourist


Real girls gone bad big tits

I for sure need to figure out where the hell this club is because it has a ton of tourist chicks flashing their tits and getting freaky up in it…I guess that’s the kind of secret that Real Girls Gone Bad holds pretty close, can’t say I blame them. It would proably get pretty crowded. Anyway among the girls showing tits was this beauty, a brunette with huge perfect breasts who loved the attention she was getting…she even did the Miley Cyrus wink and tongue thing, but we’ll forgive her for that. This time.

Carlotta and Kimberly


Carlotta champagne lesbian

It’s not too often that you’ll see a hot lesbian scene like this from the folks at Playboy, they tend to stick to solo updates in general…but when one does come down the pipe it’s always something special! This photoshoot features Carlotta Champagne and Kimberly Kisselovich as they strip out of their elegant evening wear and get naked, kissing and caressing each other…they both have incredible bodies, especially Carlotta with those big perfect breasts and sexy round ass! Kimberly is no slouch either, that’s for damn sure, so the combination of these two sexy sapphic lovers is quite a thing to behold.

Taylor Whyte


Casting couch x with taylor whyte

Sexy blonde 20 year old Taylor Whyte comes from Florida and is ready to make her splash in the adult world! She’s at the studios of Casting Couch X for her introduction casting video, stripping down to show off her tight little butt and perky titties…she’s tired of being a waitress and is ready to enter the adult world, and from the nice hard fucking she got in this casting session she might just make it! Watch her work that tight hole on the director’s cock, sliding up and down and taking him to the hilt in her pink wet fuckhole before kneeling down to catch a facial. I mean she’s not going to blow the world away or anything but she’s cute as hell and seems pretty determined to make it so I wouldn’t want to bet against her…plus she’s got a nice body and that always helps out. Maybe some of her regular customers back home will see this hardcore update, if she goes back home and works as a server again maybe she’ll make some massive tips! I think the problem is how quiet she is, if she wants to hit it big in this business she might need to learn to be a little more vocal when it comes to her pussy getting pounded.

Aimee Black


Pawg aimee black

This little tattooed slice of sexiness is Aimee Black and she’s showing what she’s packing in this update from the Bang Bros network site PAWG! She’s just a little thing, clocking in at 5’2”, but with that big juicy booty and her huge personality she seems larger than life. This phat ass white girl will knock your socks off and get your hand in your pants before you know what’s going as she peels out of her bikini and jiggles that firm round butt of hers with a grin and a wink! I guess her costar couldn’t stand it for long either because soon he had his huge cock in her mouth and then fucked her pussy and her ass in quick succession! If you’re in the mood for a hot girl who loves anal sex, loves to show off her big butt and loves having a good time well then you lucky son of a gun this update is for you.



Melody on net video girls

It’s always interesting to see the different methods put forward by the guys at Net Video Girls…unlike the usual guys like the Maestro convince girls that they’re showing up for a calendar shoot or some such and then talk them into stripping down and getting fucked, some of the ‘contributors’ like James here don’t quite have the moxie and have to basically just offer girls a wad of cash to fuck him. He does have good taste in women though apparently, he’s got sexy Latina babe Melody in the room and from the sound of things she’s ready to do whatever it takes to earn that cash! Melody starts out playing with a huge pink vibrator, buzzing her clit and fucking herself. After that big toy his fairly small cock must have been like a hot dog in a hallway but she seemed to enjoy it when he fucked her, making those big sexy tits of hers bounce before shooting a huge load all over them!

FTV Summer


Ftv girls with summer

Say hello to another new first-timer showing off her sexuality and beauty in this week’s FTV Girls update! Meet Summer, a beautiful blonde with a personality as warm as her name implies as she gets into some FTV style fun, getting naked in public and fisting herself and masturbating with some huge toys…she even gets into a little anal experimentation, fingering her tight ass as she rubs her pussy to orgasm. Long blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, sweet round boobies and a fantastic round sexy ass, not to mention a great personality and an enthusiasm for playing in public and pushing her own limits…sounds like a winner to me and I think you’ll love Summer too, even while Winter is almost here!

Too Hot to Handle


Keisha grey passion hd too hot to handle

With those huge boobs of hers Keisha Grey is definitely too hot to handle, but that’s not going to stop her guy pal from trying! The heat of the day is getting to her but when he pours some cool water on those sexy titties she feels much better, so much so that she rewards him for his good deed by grabbing his cock and sucking him hard, then bending over to get fucked from behind while still wearing her tall tube socks. Her breasts bounce and jiggle perfectly as she gets her pussy filled from behind by that big hard dick. Some girls have to try hard to be sexy but some just radiate hotness, and Keisha definitely falls into the second category with those seductive eyes and soft, pouty lips as she gets fucked for Passion HD.



Feeona Met Art

Join kinky-haired and oddly-named Feeona as she hangs out on a huge old wooden fence for Met Art, wearing only her sexy white thigh-high stockings as she tries not to get splinters in her perfect ass. It would be a damn shame for her to ruin a butt that cute and tight, which I guess is why she eventually moved from the fence to a huge red deck chair. Actually now that I think about it maybe the chair and the fence are normal sized and Feeona is itty bitty like a pixie or something!

Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba

She might not be riding the spotlight quite as hard as she was a few years ago but Jessica Alba is still gorgeous as hell, as you can see from these paparazzi photos of her in a bikini. She’s got a little bit of a cameltoe and there must be a cool breeze going on because her nipples are poking…those eraserheads must be able to cut through bank vaults when she gets chilly or horny! This makes me want to go back and watch Fantastic Four or something, or at least it would if the movie wasn’t so awful.

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