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Bridgette B & Belle Knox


Bridgette B and Belle Knox Stepmom Videos

I can personally say I saw this coming and if you look at some of my posts in my Bang Bros category you can see I called it!  I knew they were coming out with a MILF teaching teen type of site and it has finally been revealed!  It’s called Stepmom Videos and it was released with 19 videos most of which have been released on other Bang Bros site just to build up the archive.  This one right here is the very first to be released under the mini site Stepmom Videos though and it starts that Duke college student Belle Knox and those big breasts belong to a hot Latina I love to post Bridgette B.  Bridgette B is Belle’s step mom is quite crazy she just walks around the house naked all the time but that’s just how she likes to roll.  Belle has her boyfriend over and isn’t too happy with the fact that her stepmom is walking around nude.  Bridgette comes into the room to let Belle know that her boyfriend has been staring at her and wants to fuck her.  Belle is like no way he is already fucking me he doesn’t want you but her boyfriend just stays silent.  That’s when Belle knows that she needs some tips on how to please him and what better way to get tips then to have a threesome with her stepmom!

Faye Tinto


Faye tinto on zishy

This girl has the unusual and kind of mysterious name Faye Tinto and she’s posing for this Zishy photoshoot called Runaway Love! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this chick before but that’s not too surprising, a lot of the girls on Zishy are one-offs so to speak and are just doing it for fun or for artistic expression I guess. Zishy lets the girls basically show their personality as well as their hotness, never really giving up the goods or getting gratutious so expect a lot of flashing and teasing but no like cock-sucking or anything like that. Faye did this shoot a few years back so the guy didn’t really remember too much about her but she wanted to be an actress and was playing the part of a runaway as the photographer snapped some shots of her on a park bench dancing around and then at a house flashing her gorgeous ass and teasing a bit as she got ready for a long restful nights’ sleep. I guess the idea is that she was pretending to be a runaway that was invited back to a stranger’s house to spend the night, with the naturally naughty results…

Miss B Tease


Bryci cat of nine

Just look how excited Bryci is about wielding that cat o’ nine tails in this photoshoot from her own site! You better not slip up and call her Bryci though, she’s Mistress B or Miss B Tease to you! It would be hard to resist this horny hottie though with those big perfect tits hanging out of her corset like this…that’s how she snares the guys (and girls!) that she seduces, she ensnares them with those wicked good looks and her killer body and then has free rein to have her way with them! Just watch how she slides that flog up between her big tits and then through her sweet round perfect ass and I think you’ll see what I mean. When I first saw that picture of her with the whip between her ass cheeks I thought she had a horse tail or something like that…pretty crazy.

Twins Romi and Raylene


Ftv girls twins

I didn’t think this kind of thing even happened in real life, I thought it was just a story people told about some site they heard of once or something. Ladies and gentlemen (probably more of the latter but hey who knows in this day and age) what we have here is a genuine 100% real set of identical twins getting naked and showing off! Their names are Romi and Raylene, and before you ask no I don’t fucking know which one is which…I do know that one of them has a shaved pussy and one has pubic hair but beyond that I can’t really tell them apart too well. Anyway they’re the latest update on FTV Girls and are ready to blow your mind out your ears when you see them getting naked in public, masturbating, shooting cucumbers out of their asses like torpedos, the list goes on and yes I was serious about the cucumber cannon thing. Either one of these chicks would be a fantastic update, they’re both like 6 feet tall and look like supermodels so having them both in the same update helping each other fuck themselves with toys is pretty much literally a dream come true. Or if it’s not, it will be because you damn sure will be dreaming about Romi and/or Raylene tonight I can just about guarantee that! Add to all that the fact that it’s FTV Girls which means you’ll be getting top shelf quality photos and videos and you can pretty much kiss the rest of your afternoon goodbye because it’s all about these twins from now on.

Alaina Kristar


Povd alaina kristar fun sun

Even if it’s not in the full swing of Spring where you are, get ready for some fun in the sun with Alaina Kristar in this update from POVD! She’s hanging out in her bikini outside lounging by the pool when her boyfriend (played by you!) shows up, running his hands all over her sweet tight body before pulling off her bikini and gently pushing her down to her knees for a nice first person blowjob. This is Alaina’s first update on POVD but it’s a site that suits her, since it’s in such high quality video you get to see every detail of her beautiful nude body as she spreads her legs to get fucked, enjoying the hell out of a sunny afternoon! She rides that big hard cock, moaning so loud the neighbors will probably complain, until she takes a big facial to finish things off. Have you ever been to the site and seen the full footage of the updates? The quality is amazing, the trailers really don’t do it justice…the girls are crystal clear and the audio is 3d so it sounds like you’re right there in the room with the pornstar giving her a deep dicking she’ll never forget.

Missing Whale Sex Tape


Misty gates whale tape

I hope you’re ready for this because your socks are about to get blown off…Misty Gates always has the best fucking updates in the world. Misty gets a call from an inflatable killer whale and invites him into her apartment, much to the chagrin of her stuffed sea lion…he wanted a word or two with her about a sex tape they had made in the past, begging her to take it offline. That’s right, you just read that correctly. They decide to make a new, even better sex-tape for whatever reason…and the rest is history! This chick is crazy, endlessly entertaining and seriously fucking hot as hell, just look at the screenshots and stuff from this video! In a time when all these celebrities are making ‘leaked’ sex tapes and reaping the profits chicks like Misty are just having a damn good time and looking sexy as hell doing it, so join in the fun! Incidentally if you ever wondered what the world’s most perfect ass looks like you might just have found it, Misty’s butt is the thing of legends (if you’re into tight firm asses…if you’re a fan of big chubby booty you’ll probably disagree) and she puts it to work in this ‘missing whale sex tape’ update, oiling up and shaking her perfect body and masturbating and who knows what else.

Epic Love


X art epic love with lisa

If you’re a fan of Lisa here and are hoping to see her doing a hardcore scene on some of your other favorite sites I’ve got some terrible news for you…on the other hand if you’re a fan of the ol’ X Art I’ve got some fantastic news for you! This brunette beauty is doing her first (and to date, only) hardcore boy-girl scene for X-Art in this episode called Epic Love as she joins up with her real-life boyfriend Max in bed! He slips his hand into those tight little panties to play with her pussy and tickle her clit, fingering her hole to drive her nuts as she gets those big beautiful breasts out…she looks like a celebrity but I can’t quite place which one, if you know who I’m thinking of let me know or something. Anyway Lisa licks and sucks his cock until he’s rock hard and then goes for a ride, taking him deep inside her sweet shaved hole until he creampies her, shooting his load of cum inside!



April Net Video Girls

April here is a MILF straight up.  She has spent the last few years staying at home being Susie homemaker but now it’s time to go get a job again.  Guess what job she decided to get?  Nope she didn’t want to be a pornstar she actually wanted to be cast in a rap video.  This is part of Net Video Girls and for those of you who watch these episode alot this is the schtick where the guy is casting girls for music videos.  Anyways, she wants to be in a rap video, she thinks she can because she has a giant ass.  I mean this girl is a PAWG for sure, but she just doesn’t have a ass she also knows how to work it.  That almost always translates over to sex guys if you didn’t know.  If a girl can shake her ass really good then you’re in for a treat when she is on top riding your dick.  The guy ends up talking to her for like a half of an hour the whole time she is telling him she needs to leave soon.  Once he pulls out that big cock though she takes her time with him having him fuck her hard from behind making her hard orgasm multiple times.  The video ends with her giving him a blowjob with two hands and she makes him cum pretty fast.  The really funny part is before the guy can even talk after he cums April here has already swallowed his load!

Sex at Sunrise


Passion hd sex at sunrise

For some people the morning is the most sensual, energetic part of the day. For me of course morning is for coffee and trying to remember to open doors before going through them. For Addison Avery and her boyfriend in this Passion HD update called Sex At Sunrise it’s waking up to greet the dawn, kissing passionately and then making sweet love while the first birds chirp their annoying-ass songs and the dogs demand to eat their breakfast even though they know perfectly well you were up til 3am eating chips and playing video games. Sorry, got a little sidetracked…well even though I’m not a morning person I’m glad Addison is because that means we get to see those sweet titties of hers as she gets fucked here, riding her man and moaning with her full breasts in his face until he shot his load right into her mouth! I guess it does seem like a hell of a nice way to start a day on the right foot but man, sometimes the morning is just for sleeping through.

Eden Young


Eden young zishy

This Zishy update was for Mother’s Day so I’m a little slow on the draw in getting it up for you guys, sorry about that. I don’t think you would have known if I hadn’t just mentioned it though so hey I guess it doesn’t really make much difference does it…there’s not really anything having to do with mothers in this photoshoot, just gorgeous freckled hottie Eden Young hanging out in the kitchen in her sheer white bra and panties and a hippy headband…I get the feeling this chick wishes she was in the 1960s, not just because of her hippie accessories but also that her idea of relaxation is to kick back basically naked in the yard smoking a bowl and petting her dog! This chick looks like she’d be fun and relaxing to hang out with, I dig her….plus of course the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous with an incredible ass and a great pair of tits, that definitely doesn’t hurt matters! Zishy is the perfect site for a girl like Eden, she gets to show off her hot nude body but also gets to show her personality a little for us.



Cora on nvg

Ready for another hot chick showing up to the Net Video Girls hotel room hoping to make it into a hiphop video or a calendar shoot? Cora here is a brunette who would, let’s be honest, probably never make it into an actual hiphop video but she gets her chance thanks to NVG, shaking her booty and even stripping down on camera for us! She’s got a mighty fine body and took a little convincing but soon she was down to just her high heels and a thong! The fake casting director convinced her that she needed to show she had what it took to make her mark if she was selected for the part, so she took his big thick black cock and gave him a nice blowjob…once that cock was in her mouth Cora opened up, bending over to get pounded doggystyle and enjoying every inch of that big chocolate stick in her wet hole until he shot his load into her mouth! What cracked me up was that at the end the guy asked her ‘whats your name again?’ while his cream was dripping from her lips. Poor Cora!

Docs Oral Exam


Wifeys world docs oral exam

If only my doctor was anywhere near this hot and horny…Wifey from the site Wifeys World is the gorgeous MILF doctor ready to give this guy an oral exam, and a very thorough oral exam at that! She let those huge tits out to play, flashing some cleavage at us before dropping to her knees and sucking his cock like a champ…I guess he passed the exam because soon he was shooting his load all over her face and into her mouth! Docs oral exam is an unproven medical technique but I’m pretty sure this guy will testify as to its benefits, he probably feels more relaxed and much happier after every ‘treatment’. Next time you need a little pick-me-up just think of this mature hottie sucking your cock! I guess an update like this will help out because part of it is in first person POV perspective, so you can easily imagine that it’s your cock sliding into that mouth.

Deja Vu with Jynx Maze


Jynx maze deja vu on povd

Gorgeous Jynx Maze was just hanging out watching some porn on her tablet enjoying the sight of her man’s cock on her screen when she realized that he was right upstairs on the very bed she had been watching in her video! It was a bit of Deja Vu when she found him there but it didn’t seem to throw her off her game, she immediately stripped down nude and started sucking his cock in this POVD update. Speaking of which, since this POVD you get to watch the whole thing go down (go down, get it?) in first person perspective with high quality video and 3d audio…if you know Jynx Maze you know she won’t be satisfied with just a blowjob though and it would be a damn shame not to get a good look at that sweet round ass of hers so of course she flips over to get pounded doggystyle! The guy licks and fingers her ass while he fucks her but doesn’t get into any anal this time, he ends up flipping her over and holding her legs in the air while he pounds that meaty pussy until shooting his load onto her face and perky titties.



Cindy for brcc

I’ve heard that some girls get super horny when they get pregnant but I don’t think I ever quite believed it…well consider me a true believer now because this blonde chick Cindy is like 8 months pregnant in her Backroom Casting Couch update and she’s horny as hell! She is in fact so horny that a single cock isn’t going to satisfy her so the casting director calls in his buddy so they can tag team this horny hottie. She sucks both their cocks and goes fingercuffing, taking one in the mouth and one in her pussy for this hot threeway. She’s not going to stop there though, she also gives anal a whirl and gets DP (that stands for Double Penetration if you’re brand spankin’ new), and she seems to love having these guys fuck her ass and pussy at the same time. They both end up busting their nuts on her face, giving her a double facial finish…some girls just sort of go through the motions but not Cindy, she fucks these guys with gusto that’s for damn sure! I don’t know how much of her enthusiasm is from the pregnancy and how much is just her natural libido, I guess we’ll find out in a month or two. 

Anya Ahoy


Foxy Anya

Join Foxy Anya in this video from her own site as she goes out on the high seas, floating around on a boat and relaxing on the waves! I guess she doesn’t have to worry about sinking anytime soon because with those big tits of hers she’ll just float around if the boat goes down. Speaking of going down, she gives her man a nice blowjob in this video as he whips his cock out…she takes him in her mouth, licking and sucking him and then bending over to get fucked from behind until he shoots his load all over those huge boobs of hers! If you’ve got a hankering to see a beautiful busty brunette get pounded basically in public, at least in view of anyone who happened to drive their boat by or sail or whatever you want to call it, then this is for you!

Kristine Crystalis


Kristine Crystalis

This is Kristine Crystalis who has a name that sounds like a caterpillar or something, but don’t be afraid because she is gorgeous with a great body. This little video clip is from Reality Kings and features this brunette babe showing up and showing off her sweet round ass as she touches herself, then has some guy come up and start making out with her in this update called European Flavor. The video is really meant for mobile devices so if it looks a little on the itty bitty titty side that’s probably why…I highly recommend checking it out on your phone or something instead, it should look dandy if you do that.

Arousing Memories


Josephine Arousing Memories

Joymii presents this update featuring the lovely and evidently ten foot tall beauty Josephine as she licks and sucks and fucks her man, riding his cock and making those big breasts of hers bounce around…at first she didn’t even bother to remove her panties, just tugging them aside to take her man’s cock in her hole, but then when she bends over to get fucked doggystyle he does it for her as he pulls them down and rams that pussy. Josephine looks like a supermodel and fucks like a champ in this hot update, I have the feeling you’ll be creating some arousing memories as well!

Spying on the Sorority


Spying on the Sorority

Ever wonder what happens behind the walls of a sorority house? Well now’s your chance to see, thanks to Brazzers as Remy Lacroix and her sorority sisters join forces and give this lucky fratboy freshman the night of his life as Remy sits on his face, grinding her pussy on his lips and then fucks his brains out while all the other girls watch and giggle in this update called Spying on the Sorority! Remy looks incredible of course and I guess the guy doesn’t mind too much that all the other chicks are watching and making fun of him, he gets to fuck that sweet pussy of Remy’s and that’s all he’s thinking about, not that I blame him.

African Shower Fuck


African shower fuck

Have you ever heard of this jam called African Fuck Tour? This guy went through Africa hiring all kinds of whores and getting them to suck his cock and fuck him on camera, he filmed the whole thing and made a website out of it. In this video clip from that site he’s in the tub with some ebony babe and has her bent over, fucking her from behind while she tries not to slip all over the place. The title is saying he’s fucking her in the shower or something but it looks more like a bath to me, there’s no shower curtain or anything…maybe they just don’t have shower curtains in Africa, I’ve never been there so I have no idea.

Dani Mathers


Dani Mathers For Playboy

Playboy just finds the best pair of tits don’t they?  Best tits, best pussy, best babes I mean they literally have it all.  This is a older scene but I figured you guys wouldn’t mind seeing Dani Mathers naked, even if you have already seen this scene before you probably still want to look at it.  It’s not just a picture gallery either you’re getting a video here too so make sure to check it out.  The gallery starts off with her in this one piece bathing suit which I normally don’t find very sexy but Dani is just one of those girls that makes everything sexy.  She unzips the top to give us a look at her perfect tits, I have no idea if they’re real or not from this angle though you have to say they’re all natural.  They seem just too damn perfect though, I must investigate and so should you.

Ariella Ferrera Seduced


Ariella Ferrera Dirty Wives Club

Ariella Ferrera tries to hold out strong for her husband who has been out of town months on business.  She used every toy she had and even tries kinkier stuff.  She just go news this day that her husband is going to be out of town 6 more weeks and doesn’t take it too well.  She had a special little surprise for him planned too.  She hired a professional photographer to come over to their house and she was going to take some sexy nude pictures for him.  She tells herself she is going to hold strong though and goes through with the sexy photo session.  The one problem though is that the guy taking her pictures is someone she is extremely attracted to.  She ends up joining the Dirty Wives Club when she has her panties pulled to the side and the guy takes a picture of it for her husband but he then puts the camera down and puts his face right between her legs and starts eating her out.  Ariella can’t stop him because it just feels too good and she succumbs to her lust and fucks the photographer right there in her marital bathroom.  That’s the story hope you guys like it I know I did anytime Ariella is getting banged I love it.  I just wanted to mention that Dirty Wives Club is now a part of the Naughty America network, so you don’t even have to join a sperate site now to get these amazing videos you can just join Naughty America.  If you guys didn’t already know my buddy at has a discount for them.

Hot Anniversary


Passion hd hot anniversary

Lovely brunette Chase Ryder was doing a little work in the kitchen when her man came up behind her and surprised her, kissing her neck and whispering ‘happy anniversary’ in her ear! She probably thought he had forgotten or something and maybe he had, who knows…but he pulled this one out by giving her flowers and a hot anniversary fuck in this Passion HD update! Chase has a mighty fine pair of tits, that’s for damn sure…they might very well be the spotlight of her entire body and the rest of her is no slouch either! After getting her big boobs out and making out in the kitchen she headed to the bedroom with her man where he proceeded to rock her body just right…licking her pussy, running his hands over her tits, grabbing that nice round ass of hers, he pulled out all the stops and then pushed in all the cock as he fucked her hard and deep for this sexy scene! He might not have gotten her any diamond earrings but he did give her some flowers and a nice hot anniversary orgasm…I thought for sure he was going to throw in a pearl necklace but she took his load all over her face instead of onto her chest!



Jasmine on ecg

Have you ever seen a girl with all kinds of attitude taking a selfie and doing a duckface and wanted to just fuck her brains out and shoot a load of cum onto her face? Well you’re in luck because you can make that fantasy come true here on Exploited College Girls with Jasmine here. She’s got attitude that’s for sure, but at least she is still willing to get naked and get the cameraman’s cock into her mouth and once she does she gets a little more warmed up and willing to have fun! She’s got a great ass and perky little boobies, the guy tries to get her to do some anal and he almost talks her into it but it doesn’t work out, fail anal is the worst anal. She does get her shaved pussy pounded nice and hard though, spreading her legs to get drilled until the guy gives her a nice facial to remember the day by!

Danica Dillon


Danica dillon mr anal

Some girls tend to come back to the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal over and over, so it’s actually a nice change to get a new girl on the site once in awhile…for instance this update featuring the lovely Danica Dillon! She loves big cocks and loves getting her ass pounded so I’m sure this won’t be the last time…watch Danica peel out of her baby blue dress with the polka dots, spreading her legs and fingering her pussy before stretching out her backdoor with a big black toy…she loves getting her backdoor filled up but after awhile a toy isn’t enough, she needs the real thing! Luckily Mr Anal provides the guy, who proceeds to slip his huge thick cock into Danica’s mouth and into her ass, holding her legs in the air as she gets her butt pounded. She takes that cock like a champ, riding the guy and then going ass to mouth to take his big creamy load on her tongue, letting it drip down onto her big tits! Always nice to see a huge pair of sweet boobs bouncing around when a girl is getting anally drilled…

Horny Harley


Blackgfs horny harley

This vision in teal is Horny Harley, a beautiful ebony babe in glasses doing a little studying at the beginning of this Black GFs update! She’s cute as hell and has an ass you will not soon forget…her boyfriend sure doesn’t want to forget it and he wants us all to get a nice look at it so he pulls her dress up a bit to show off that bouncy juicy booty! Soon she gives up on her bookworming and drops to her knees to take care of her man for awhile, taking her glasses off to give him a nice blowjob…she sucks him for a bit, licking and slurping her way down his big hard meat, but that’s only the intro to the main event! After a bit she lays on her back, spreading her legs to get that sweet pussy pounded and making her perky round titties bounce with the rhythm. She’s apparently having a blast, giggling her head off as she gets fucked, but what her guy really wants is to pound her doggystyle, not that I can blame him. Soon she’s on her hands and knees, getting drilled from behind until the guy shoots his load all over her butt!

Teeny Toes With Anita


Anita Bellini in Teeny Toes

I still don’t really get this combo that is 21 Naturals and 21 Footart but man they have some hot models and hot videos for that matter.  You can check out a bunch of them here, if you were so inclined or you of course could just search our site, I prefer that later but it’s up to you.  This is a really nice video, I like it the only problem though is that it starts off at the very beginning of the video and for those of you who have never watched a story line type of porn, or a erotic site like 21 naturals here you won’t understand that these intro are sometimes a little long.  They take a while to get to what we want and that’s seeing Anita Bellini here fucking!  This picture I have taken is directly from this video so you know you’re going to get to see her riding this guys cock.  The great thing about is that they cut their own video and for example this one gives you the beginning all the way to the end.  I will spoil it for you guys just in case it keeps you on our site.  The scene ends with the two of them 69ing and then he cums in her mouth and she doesn’t swallow instead just letting it come out of mouth and onto his stomach. 

Tag Team


Gf revenge tag team

So the sort of main girl in this GF Revenge update called Tag Team is blonde hottie Tucker but man just look at the tits on her friend Jazzmine there…holy shit. I just had to pick a thumb that featured how gorgeous those big breasts of hers are, even if it doesn’t show both Jazzmine and Tucker getting fucked by this lucky camera-wielding dude which is exactly what happens! The girls are getting ready to go tanning together but before they leave they decide to get naked and play with each other, making out and grabbing each others tits and eating pussy like lesbians while the guy films the whole thing! He wasn’t down to just spectate with these two hotties though, he joined in and they took turns sucking him off and then fucking him for this hot hardcore threesome. I don’t know how GF Revenge got the footage, Tucker doesn’t seem like the jealous type of girlfriend but who knows what happened, maybe the guy and Jazzmine decided to get together without inviting her along to the party!



Caroline on ftv girls

The videographer/photographer at FTV Girls must have been high fiving himself when this girl Caroline showed up on his doorstep for her photoshoot…she’s basically the personification of what they like on the site! Beautiful face, big natural breasts, great ass, plenty of enthusiasm and a passion for having a damn good time…she fits their bill to a T. She even has some pubic hair which is a downright rarity in the adult industry nowadays…add to that those long adorable braids and you’ve got a winner! Watch Caroline playing in bed, squeezing her big breasts before getting dressed and flashing in public, masturbating out in the open until she orgasms right in front of our eyes…obviously this hottie doesn’t mind getting nude in public and that’s an FTV speciality so expect plenty of tit flashing and ass jiggling as she walks around town and goes for a jog before heading back inside and pleasuring her tight pussy with a banana and some other toys. Caroline is hot as hell, don’t be surprised if she starts doing updates for other sites but just remember this FTV update to see what she’s really like!

Horny Polish MILF


Horny polish milf on mom pov

I hope you’re in the mood for a hot and horny European babe because this chick on Mom POV is a horny Polish MILF ready to get her huge tits out and get fucked on camera! She’s doing her very first adult film in this update and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not the last, she seems to love showing off her gorgeous nude body and definitely loves getting her meaty pussy filled up with cock! This guy gives her hole a nice thorough pounding after she drops to her knees to give him a blowjob, sucking him good and hard…her sucking skills are pretty decent but really it’s the pussy pounding we’re all here to see! She spreads those long legs and moans as she gets her shaved pussy penetrated, bouncing her huge tits up and down as the guy gives her a ramming she’ll never forget. I don’t know if they frown on adult video in Poland but this hottie seems to have some pent up sexual energy she was just dying to let loose!

Preauditions 39


Amateur allure preauditions 39

I’ve got a special treat for you today…I don’t always post the Amateur Allure preauditions here but this one is extra hot so I figured it would be a winner! We’ve got three hotties in this one update, so don’t say I never did anything for you…starting out we’ve got gorgeous brunette punk Nikki with her beautiful eyes, sexy mouth and perfect ass! She shows off her nude body, sucks cock and gets fucked in that tight little pussy before swallowing a load…Amateur Allure usually has girls a little more on the glamour side of things so it’s super hot to see a more edgy tattooed hottie on there, maybe it’s just my opinion. The next girl you probably recognize, it’s Riley Reid and she’s been on the site a handful of times already, she just can’t get enough of the cameraman’s cum though so she just keeps coming back for another mouthful! Here are Riley’s previous scenes on the site if you missed ’em: scene1 scene2 scene3. Last but not least as they say, we have an Italian hottie named Valentina who is short and stacked and gorgeous, sucking cock and getting her pussy filled up with cock before swallowing down the guy’s creamy load! Can’t wait to see these new girls (and maybe Riley too!) on the site for their full updates.



Chikita Domai

When you hear the words ‘Sweet Chikita’ I would guess you probably think about bananas or something, right? Well, after you take a look at this Domai photoshoot featuring sweet beautiful busty blonde Chikita you’ll be singing a different tune, although your banana will probably still be involved! She’s not in any kind of fancy photo location or anything like that for these, she’s just looking stunning as she gets completely naked and shows off that body of hers…it’s amazing how big of a difference a little artistic lighting can make for photos, I’m sure that if Chikita was outdoors or something she’d still look spectacular but I’d imagine not quite as sculpted and dynamic as she is in these pictures.

Cassidy Cole


Cassidy Cole

Cassidy Cole here doesn’t need a man (or a woman) around to make her feel good and to feel sexy, she’s a lone wolf which explains her goofy ass wolf shirt in this photoshoot from her own website. It’s scrambling my brain a bit to see a hot chick wearing a wolf shirt, usually those tend to go to, let’s just say not the cream of humanity, if you catch my drift. If you happen to own a wolf shirt yourself, ha ha I was just kidding, you’re rugged and fierce and are in touch with your wild side! If you don’t own a wolf shirt, I totally meant it. Anyways, Cassidy looks pretty sexy in her jeans but even more so when she strips completely naked and hangs out on her bed…maybe the wolf shirt just means she likes to be fucked doggystyle, who knows!




I don’t know what happened to the Old Nude City but this photoshoot featuring Amanda is from the new jam, the New Nude City! She might have a bit of an innocent look to her if you just look at her face but in these photos she’s completely nude and is fucking herself with a big white dildo so you can just put those thoughts of innocence right out the window, this girl has great tits and a nice pussy and is ready to fuck! She even gives the dildo a little blowjob, I don’t think the blowjob cares about it but it’s nice to watch and I guess it gets Amanda all turned on by thinking about it as if it’s a real dick she’s sliding into her mouth.

Public Nudity


Busty chick in public

The weather is finally nicer and warmer and it’s time to start keeping an eye out for chicks sunbathing in the parks! This blonde with glasses loves to get a little sun on her skin (not much sun though from the looks of things, she looks like she just crawled out of a cave after a few years in the darkness) and she loves to get naked in public so she pops her huge tits out of her top and then takes off her shorts and panties, laying on a towel in a field with her ass out for anyone to see who happens to walk by! I don’t know what’s with the hourglass though, maybe she’s daring herself to stay naked in public until the sand runs out or something, as a sort of exhibitionist game.

Marina Visconti


Marina Visconti

This busty naughty nurse is Marina Visconti and she’s taking really good care of her favorite patient in this photoshoot from DDF Busty, stripping down to show off those huge perfect tits and then taking the guy’s blood pressure readings by sliding his big cock into her mouth! She gives him a nice blowjob and then slides his dick between her huge boobs before mounting him and riding her way to orgasm, letting her breasts bounce all over the place as he plunges his meat into her sweet wet hole! This big breasted honey loves a nice hardcore fuck and that’s just what she’s getting here, I’m starting to think maybe she doesn’t really take her job as a nurse very seriously, call it a hunch.

August Ames & Vanessa Cage


Vanessa Cage and August Ames

If you guys don’t know who this woman in front is you guys have been seriously slacking!  Her name is August Ames and she is probably one of the hottest pornstars out there right now.  With perfect natural tits like that how can she not be right?  I mean they’re so big and her nipples are pointed to the sky right now you just don’t see that.  She is starring in a very good new video from Dirty Masseur a site you get access to through Brazzers.  She is starring in the video with a girl I have almost forgotten all about her name is Vanessa Cage!  She hasn’t been a new scene on this site in a super long time and man have I missed her.  Just check out some of these pictures of her to see her pussy, it’s a thing of beauty.  This girls pussy is so tight I don’t even know how this guy was able to get his dick inside of her.  The video is about two lesbian who are getting a in room massage.  When they get jealous of the other during the massage they decide to just screw the massage and fuck the masseuse together.  After all they are lesbian so they could use a good fucking every now and then from a real dick.

Sexy en Noire


X art sexy en noire

Blonde stunner Susie had been hankering after a rendezvous with Jake ever since the incredible Group Sex episode from X Art, but she wanted him all to herself for once! It’s fitting that I used a French word like rendezvous because the name of this photoshoot is Sexy en Noire, which just means that Susie is sexy in black…she’s got a very hot lingerie set on, and you know as well as I do that sexy black lingerie never goes out of style. Garter belt, lacy panties, thigh high sheer black stockings, the whole nine yards! Jake was in his suit when Susie dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth, but soon the suit melted to the floor and he joined her nude on the couch as he plunged his dick into that shaved wet hole of hers, kissing her passionately as they fucked. Jake made her fantasies cum true in this hot scene as they made love, culminating in a fantastic creampie as he shot his load into her pussy!

Breakfast In Bed


Nubile films breakfast in bed

By this point I would imagine you’ve seen Emily Grey on plenty of sites so you already know how mind-bendingly gorgeous she is…if somehow you’ve missed out on this stunning brunette vixen fret not, I’ve got a whole archive of her stuff right here for your perusal! Once you’re done with that, check out this hot Nubile Films update as she serves herself up as breakfast in bed for her man, peeling out of her little panties as she gives him a nice blowjob with that perfect round ass wiggling in the air! No man on earth (well very few) could resist that stunning booty so of course she turns around to get fucked doggystyle by her lucky guy friend…he does it up proper, giving her pussy a nice drilling before she sinks to her knees to suck his creamy load out all over her perky boobies!

Kelly Madison Hermosa Noche


Kelly madison hermosa noche

If you remember a little while ago I posted an update from Kelly Madison‘s own website called Hermosa Tarde which means Beautiful Morning (it’s right here if you missed it before), well now I’ve got one from later that same day called Hermosa Noche which of course means Beautiful Night! Kelly and Ryan Madison were tearing it up in Cabo, having a fucking ball going out to clubs and drinking and hanging out in the hot tub and seeing the sights…all that activity got Kelly all hot and bothered so it’s a good thing Ryan’s cock is always ready to stiffen up and give that pussy of hers a good hard pounding, making her huge tits bounce up and down like carousel horses! Watch this busty blonde MILF ride his cock, bouncing her pussy around on his crank until he shot his load right into her mouth and onto her face, with some I’m sure dripping down to get on her big titties.

Three’s Company


Joymii threes company

Three’s company and four would be even nicer in this Joymii update but for now it’s just Ivy and Victoria and Tyler getting naked and fucking in bed! I think Ivy is the brunette and Victoria is the blonde but I’m not like 100% sure so don’t quote me on that. Ivy and Tyler were hanging out in bed together just having a ball when Victoria came strolling through the door in her thong panties and bra, standing over them and looking like she was about ready to dive right on top! Soon all three of them were naked and the girls were alternating between eating each other out and sucking cock and getting fucked by lucky-ass Tyler, who must have been handing out high-fives like candy afterwards as he walked home. This Joymii update will rekindle your desire for a threeway, that’s for damn sure…

No Turning Back Part 2


No turning back 2 on x art

I don’t know if you remember awhile back when Teal and her boyfriend were in this episode called No Turning Back…well, I’ve got the second part of the update for you now finally, sorry for the delay! Teal ties up her guy and blindfolds him, then invites her girlfriend Addison in to have her way with him while Teal watches over the proceedings, playing with herself as she sees her boyfriend teased and licked and touched and fucked! This guy Jake didn’t know what he was in for, and it’s hard to tell if he knew there was a girl touching his body other than his girlfriend but once the blindfold came off it didn’t seem like he minded too much! No Turning Back Part 2 is if anything even hotter than the first but they should really be checked out one after the other for the full experience. And if there’s anything X Art is about, it’s providing people with the full experience!

Kacy Lane


Kacy lane for povd

This is the first time perky beauty Kacy Lane has been on POVD but I highly doubt it’ll be the last! After getting a taste of that sweet wet pussy and seeing that gorgeous face looking up as Kacy gets her legs spread and her pussy pounded I wouldn’t be surprised if she was back on a weekly basis or something. Wouldn’t want to wear her out, though! Anyway she and her guy pal (you, since you’re watching this go down in first-person perspective) were going to go out and about and explore the city but when you got a look at that sweet nude body of hers you convinced her that it would be a good idea to just stay in bed all day and fuck! Sounds like a hell of a weekend to me…especially when Kacy rolls over and gets on her hands and knees, shaking that perfect round ass to tantalize you and basically begging to get fucked doggystyle! Wouldn’t want to disappoint her, now would we? She gets her hole filled up with cock deep and hard until finally dropping to her knees on the floor to take a nice big facial…all this is happening in incredible high resolution so it’s the next best thing to actually being there and fucking a gorgeous pornstar!

Kiara Mia Creampie


Kiara Mia Rides To A Creampie

That big giant ass of Kiara Mia is back on Bang Bros this time she is getting a creampie for their well creampie site called Big Tit Cream Pie.  She probably felt she was already getting fucked by this mechanic just by the prices she was charging so she figured she may as well get some pleasure out of hit.  She gets the guy ready by laying him down on the hard concrete floor and giving him a blowjob that would make any normal guy cum.  Kiara Mia however would have bene pissed if that happened because she needs to get that Latin pussy of hers fucked.  Once he is hard and ready to penetrate her she goes right for her favorite position being on top, using all that big butt weight of hers to grind on this guys big cock.  This is actually how she ends up making him cum by being on top.  He tells her he is about to cum but Kiara just loves the feeling of cum being shot in her pussy so she doesn’t move and just keeps on riding.  Once she stands up off his dick the cum starts dripping out and this guy dropped a fucking epic load up inside of Kiara let me tell you!

Anya Ivy Boat Sex


Anya Ivy Fucking On A Boat

Anya Ivy is banging one out on a mother fucking boat in this scene from Bang Bros.  She hasn’t ever had sex on a boat before and nympho like this are always looking to do new and exciting things.  She first gets naked in the boat and has fun as they drive out into the middle of the water to get some privacy of course.  You get to see those big firm tits of hers bouncing all around as the boat goes crazy.  The video is of course a super long one because this is over at my friends black tube site.  Anya Ivy has been doing a bunch of scenes recently for all the popular black sites and can you blame them?  This girl is smoking hot with just the perfect little body on her.  She looks like she has implants those tits are so firm but I swear to you she is all natural and just simply a ebony goddess.  That black pussy of hers is to die for and this white boy is pretty stoked to be all up in it.

Superhero Lingerie


Sexy pattycake superhero lingerie

This girl Sexy Pattycake always cracks me up, she just seems like she has a fucking blast every day of her life and looks hot as hell doing it! In this photoshoot from her own site she’s wearing what can only be described as superhero lingerie…it’s like a tank top and panties but with a print on it that looks like a superhero costume or something! I don’t know what Pattycake’s superpower would be, maybe she can mesmerize anybody with her big tits and good looks or something…that would make having a secret identity a pain in the ass though because she always looks hot. Seriously this blonde beauty just keeps getting hotter and I love how creative she gets with her photo and video shoots, it’s not like a lot of the girls out there who just get naked and shake their tits and call it good, Patty goes the extra mile to have a damn good time.

Titanic Tits


Pure mature titanic tits

So obviously we all know Ava Addams is a beautiful MILF with a great ass and a pussy that can never be satisfied but did you realize she also has a great pair of titanic tits? Oh you already knew that, huh? Yeah me too…but, it’s great to have a reminder like this Pure Mature update as she strips down to get her fill of this dude’s massive dick, taking him down her throat and then sliding his cock between her big breasts before going for a ride. I don’t even know how she can fuck this guy without his crank like impaling up through her entire body or something, but Ava definitely knows how to take a big dick! If you’re already on the Ava Addams bandwagon this episode will be a little reinforcement for your fandom, and if you aren’t already in her corner I would think this will go a long way in changing your mind. Can you imagine having those huge boobs bouncing up and down in your face as she rides your cock? Well stop imagining it and just watch exactly that happen! I’m not sure what’s up with the tattoo just above her twat though, I think it’s a clover or something but partially covered with pubic hair like this it just looks bizarre like a big mole or something. Oh well.

Sexy Beauty


Ccgfs sexy beauty

Some people can handle separation for a bit from their significant other and some can’t…Nysha here gets so pent up from being away from her boyfriend for extended periods of time that she just can’t stand it and has to make a little video to send him and let him know she was horny as hell and thinking of him! I guess that’s preferable to going out and fucking some other guy I guess…especially since this way we get to see the footage that got sent in to Crazy College GFs! This girl is sexy as hell to begin with but add to that her accent and she’s just unstoppable…watch Nysha strip out of her big tshirt-slash-dress and hang out naked in the shallow end of the pool, splashing water all over her perfect breasts and that sweet fuckable ass! I guess she set up the camera on a tripod, otherwise she had some friend of hers hold it or something. This girl is hot as hell, her boyfriend is nuts if he spends a single minute more than necessary away from home if she’s waiting there naked and horny like this.

Jada Stevens Returns


Mr anal jada stevens returns

You knew she couldn’t stay away for long…the lovely Jada Stevens is back and is looking hotter than ever in her triumphant return to the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal! She’s on the outdoor couch tugging down her stretchy pants to show off that perfect round bouncy bodacious booty…if you missed her first offering on the site do yourself a favor and take a look at the link right here and then come on back if you’ve still got your eyesight, so to speak, and watch Jada get naked and fuck herself in the ass with a huge toy to stretch out her back door before the guy shows up to use his cock for much the same purpose! Jada gets oiled up and takes that big thick dick deep in her ass, riding it and moaning her way to ecstasy until the guy finally lays her back and shoots a load all over her for a facial finish as Jada sticks her tongue out and tries to catch the drops! I’m sure she’ll be back soon enough for round 3 so just hold tight til then…

Black Girl Loves Doggy


Slutty Black Girl Loves Doggystyle

I noticed throughout watching all these porn videos that I have for this site is that girls always say doggystyle is their favorite position.  So if you’re too scared to ask your girl or something just know the odds are she likes it from behind.  This cute black girl has found a real comfortable position for herself in this Bang Bros video.  She is face down ass up with a pillow underneath her and from the smile on her face here you can tell she is enjoying this fucking she is getting.  Too bad this is the only video I could find of her… on this site that is!  I found this Reality Kings video she did.  She looks totally different though with that crazy hair she has.

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