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Jessa Rhodes


Jessa rhodes povd

Talk about flying high! Jessa Rhodes got her hands on a sex swing in this POVD update and she’s putting it through its paces, hovering above the ground while her guy pal licks her pussy and her ass and fingers her before sliding his big dick inside her hole. The swing makes it easy for him to send her rocking through the air, sliding back onto his prong and fucking her while she flies and moans in a hot scene called POV Sex Swing! POVD has incredible quality videos, the framerate and resolution are amazing and it really makes you feel like you’re right there in the room with the women as they get fucked…and speaking of women, they have some of the hottest models in the industry. Like Jessa Rhodes! I don’t know if she’s used a sex swing before but she took right to it like a duck to water, swinging around and rolling upside down as she got her snatch and her face filled up with cock before dropping to her knees for a nice big facial to finish it off.

Alina Li


Alina li on amateur allure

It’s a special day on Amateur Allure because they’ve got gorgeous Asian hottie Alina Li in the house doing what she does best: sucking, fucking, and swallowing cum! She is absolutely stunning and sucks cock like a goddess, and you get to see her putting on a clinic in this hot update. It’s not all about the mouth though and this girl has the goods all around, lifting up her little skirt to show a perfect tight little ass and a sexy pussy that’s already wet from the excitemenht of giving an incredible blowjob! Alina gets her hole pounded, riding this lucky guy’s big dick until they’re both moaning with pleasure and of course she takes another creamy load down her throat. She’s beautiful, exotic, horny as hell and has the body to back it up, make sure you don’t miss this one you guys, seriously.

Let The Chips Fall


Fhd let the chips fall

Luck, be a lady tonight! Especially if that lady is none other than gorgeous Whitney Westgate, like in this Fantasy HD episode called Let The Chips Fall. This guy has had a hell of a night at the casino, his luck just never seemed to run short and he had a string of big-money wins, ending up with a big bucket of chips and a beautiful woman on his arm! They headed upstairs to celebrate and the guy got to fuck that chick like only a high-roller can. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless the Fantasy HD cameras are rolling, and this guy seems to be just fine with that. Whitney loves a good hard fuck anytime, but especially when her guy pal is newly loaded and free with the cash! She rides him and bends over to show off that perfect ass, getting pounded until he finally shoots a nice big load all over her face.

Jodie Gasson


Jodie gasson black lingerie

Who doesn’t love a hot blonde in black lingerie, especially when it’s voluptuous hottie Jodie Gasson! In this photoshoot for her own website she’s rocking a plain wooden door, bending over to grab her ankles and showing off that gorgeous ass as she looks over her shoulder with a cheeky grin. Cheeky, get it? Anyways, Jodie is stunning and has big boobs and a nice round butt so I think she’ll be a hit even if you’re not into lingerie. If you are, fasten your seatbelt and unbuckle your actual belt because those sheer black stockings and panties are hot as blazes!

Kendra’s Second Job


Kendra Lust Second Job

Usually porn plots are pretty shitty but this one is actually a really good idea.  So to my huge female audience who just so happen to be stewardess I have the second job for you!  Be a escort AKA a whore on the side it would work out perfectly.  That’s what Kendra Lust is pretending to do in this new Brazzers video called A Labor of Lust.  It’s a good idea because you get to travel for free, you don’t have to shit where you eat.  That meaning you don’t have to bone any John’s in your local state you can do it all out of state so the odds of getting caught are slim to none.  The airlines put you up in a hotel for free, there goes some of your overhead.  I mean just seems like a great business decision.  So back to this gallery here is Kendra Lust doing exactly that and she talks about how boring it is fucking these loser John’s.  They’re usually not very good in bed but when Kendra finds one that is good in the sack she gives him the extra special treatment.  If you were to actually buy a membership you could see a example of both but since you are just getting a clip here you are only going to see Kendra fucking the guy that is “good” in bed.

Siri and Brooke


Siri and Brooke Share Cock

After the last Brooke Wylde scene she did with Porn Fidelity I thought she was the next big tit pornstar.  I will admit that I did forget about one girl and that girl is Siri.  I have Reality Kings to thank for refreshing my memory of this beautiful babe.  They didn’t just do that but they gave me a side by side comparison in this Big Naturals scene called Cleavage Cam.  Siri is a little more “thick” then Brooke is but her tits are damn year perfect are they not?  I choose Siri’s tits with Brookes body can I do that?  Alright enough of Siri vs Brooke lets just enjoy watching these two busty babes sharing a cock together.  Each one is quite generious with the oral sex and they have to problem giving each other a helping hand.  That always makes for a really good threesome I think.  If you’re a tit man this gallery has you covered, not the longest video in the world but seeing this guy titty fuck these girls I think it will get the job done.

Lilith Lust & Sienna Day


Lilith Lust and Sienna Day

I am going to start called Rainia Belle “Lilith Lust” now because she changed her Twitter name to LilithLustXXX so that would mean that’s the porn name she is going with now.  I don’t know why she started off as Rainia Belle it was all quite confusing.  Now that it’s settle though we can move on and enjoy her amazing porn videos.  This one is a play on Game of Thrones I do believe.  Little Finger in that show owns some brothels right well here is Little Finger for Brazzers teaching his new whore Lilith Lust and Sienna Day how to be good little sluts.  It’s a whore instructional video if you will.  He tells the girls what the should be doing throughout the videos to please their clients the best.  The clothing and hair in this is a little weird but with a body like Lilith and Sienna has it’s really easily overlooked.  Both of these girls have awesome chest and you can tell they spend quite a bit of time in the gym with tight asses and stomach’s.

Plumber Pounds Dillion Harper


Passion hd plumber

I know, I know, it’s pretty much the oldest trope in the porn world…a plumber comes by to ‘fix a lady’s pipes’ and ends up fucking the housewife left right and center. It’s been done a million times but hey, if it’s still hot as hell why not do it again? Dillion Harper is the damsel in distress in question in this Passion HD update and this plumber is pretty much the luckiest plumber who ever plumbed. She strolls into the kitchen while he works and she’s wearing just a skimpy little pair of panties that show off that perfect ass and soon they’re in the bedroom together, fucking like crazy on the bed! Dillion always looks smokin hot with those perfect big tits and gorgeous face of hers and this update is no exception…she really gets into the sex as she rides that cock, closing her eyes in pleasure as she cums on him before taking a nice big facial. The scene is called Plumber Pounds Dillion and take a guess how it got that title…if you’ve got a hankering for some more of her, take a look at scene1 and scene2

Natalie Moore


Natalie moore zishy

Natalie Moore loves relaxing at home after a long hard night of dancing and partying, and what better way to do that than by taking a few puffs from the peace pipe? She strips down to her bra and panties in this Zishy photoshoot to smoke her pipe a little before getting completely nude…you know she’s relaxed when she’s completely naked and waltzing around the house, puttering in the kitchen for a little refreshment or some snacks. Zishy is great at the art of the tease, showing us that beautiful round ass and her big tits with a little sideboob action but never full-on nakedness like we obviously want. I guess that’s how they keep us on the hook, we have to use our imagination a little! And if anyone is able to inspire some might fine daydreams and fantasies, it’s big breasted beauty Natalie Moore.

Phoenix Marie


Phoenix marie on pawg

Sexy stunning blonde bombshell Phoenix Marie was a natural choice for her own PAWG update so it’s no surprise this is her second time on the site…what gets me is that I totally missed it the first time! Well, didn’t make that mistake twice…watch Phoenix as she rips a couple cheek-holes in her yoga pants and oils up that big bodacious booty to get ready for a nice deep dicking courtesy of her horny man-pal! She slips a finger in her pussy and another in her ass to let him know what she wants and of course he’s more than willing, her being so smokin hot. Soon she gets her wish and his huge thick cock is sliding in and out of that wet hole from behind in this hot update from the Bang Bros network…she’s a phat ass white girl if ever there was one!

Lexi Davis


Lexi davis on amateur creampies

Gorgeous 18 year old Atlanta chick Lexi Davis is just out visiting California for a bit and figured she might as well earn a little extra cash by doing some hardcore business for Amateur Creampies, which works out great all around! She’s got a fantastic body, especially that tight teen bouncy butt…the cameraman for the site agrees, he keeps grabbing it and getting some nice closeups which is just fine by me. Perfect tits, perfect ass, sucks cock well, this chick is a natural for the porn industry! We get to watch her do her stuff here, giving a nice blowjob and then getting her tight little pussy rammed until the guy shoots a gooey load inside her hole for the creampie finish we’ve all been waiting for! Can’t wait for her next visit, or just for Lexi to move out to Cali permanently to further her porn career!

Janice Griffith


Janice griffith povd

Are you ready to get your mind blown, not to mention your load? Janice Griffith is the featured model in this update from the new site POVD, where some of the hottest pornstars in the world get fucked in ultra high definition so you get to see every bit of the action and experience it like you’re right there buried balls-deep in that sweet pussy! Janice starts out doing some hula hooping but soon she’s got your cock in her mouth and is getting that bikini ripped off, showing that tight toned body of hers as she gets pounded before getting a nice facial. The quality of the videos on this site is seriously fucking awesome, you’ve gotta see it and hear it for yourself…I don’t know how it could be any closer to having you in the room with this girl. Get ready to get hula hooped into submission with this hot horny exotic honey! The only thing that gets me is that she had her gums pierced, that’s just nucking futs and can’t possibly have felt any kind of good.



Rose on fh18

Meet Rose…she’s beautiful, with long dark hair and a slightly exotic look to her features, and a body that looks like it was poured into that sexy tight little dress she has on! She’s at the Fucked Hard 18 studios for a free rubdown and she’s come in on just the right day because she gets not one but two eager masseuses ready to rub her cares away with hot oil and strong hands. She gets a double rubdown and gets so turned on by all the attention she starts sucking their cocks and getting fucked and it’s all downhill from there! This hottie loves getting her pussy pounded by a big hard slab of meat so she rides cock hard and fast in this hot scene until she gets showered with a load of creamy cum.

August Ames


August ames massage girls 18

I don’t know about you guys but I just cannot get over those tits that August Ames is packing! They’re just about damn perfect, especially if they’re natural but it’s hard for me to tell nowadays sometimes unless it’s just blatant. If they are fake, I’d like to shake that surgeon’s hand because they did it up right this time…August looks fucking phenomenal and she’s a masseuse for a day, if you can believe it! Can you imagine walking into the massage parlor and getting a rubdown from a drop dead gorgeous girl like this, especially if she starts stroking and suckiing your cock like in this shoot from Massage Girls 18? She’s not only supermodel-beautiful and has an incredible body but she also knows what to do with it, as you can see from the way she rides and fucks this guy in a very hot hardcore scene. He gets about the happiest ending any guy on earth could wish for, fucking this goddess until he shoots his load all over her…hopefully he’s got a punchcard because I think he’s gonna be a repeat customer if she’s around!

Keisha Grey


Keisha on Brazzers

If you’re a fan of gorgeous Latina babes with big tits and even bigger libidos, this Brazzers update featuring the lovely Keisha Grey will be your bread and butter for the day probably! She looks great in her little pink panties as she poses in the kitchen, squeezing those huge soft titties together before she strips down and masturbates a little. Alone time isn’t really on the menu for Keisha today though so she calls up a fella who comes over lickity split to lick that slit and give her a nice hard deep dicking in this hot hardcore fuck scene!




Kimber here is a pretty blonde wtih big tits posing for Glamour Show but she looks like she’s always about a centimeter away from doing that annoying duck-face lip thing…maybe it’s like her automatic response when there’s a camera pointing at her face or something but she should just trust in her already good looks and not bother with trying to pull a certain expression, it just looks awkward and detracts from how big and juicy those tits are.

Lilith Lust Taped


Lilith Lust Brazzers

Lilith Lust (aka Rainia Belle) is making this a party to remember on Brazzers as she shows up and changes into her party outfit which consists of some black tape and that’s about it! Those huge tits and that gorgeous ass of hers are barely covered as the guests show up and soon nature takes its course as Lilith starts sucking and fucking one of her favorite fellas, getting her pussy drilled hard and deep in a hot group sex scene.

Allie Haze


Allie Haze Erotic X

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but closeness makes the hardon longer in this Erotica X update featuring the lovely Allie Haze! She and her guy pal are in bed together spending a little quality time in the nude, with Allie getting her pussy licked and fingered and fucked and the guy getting his big thick dick licked and sucked. Maybe he’s been out of town for awhile and her lust has just built and built and now they both finally get some sweet release for their passions!

Remy Blaze


Remy Blaze creampie ebony

Creampie Ebony presents this video clip of sexy chocolate mama Remy Blaze bouncing up and down on her boyfriend’s dick, working that thick juicy booty and nice bouncy tits to drive the guy crazy until he shoots his load deep in her hole for the creampie ending you’re expecting! This guy hit the lottery when he started dating Remy…this chick is hot and horny as hell and loves getting a creamy load in her hole.

Presley Hart Bangs James


Presley Hart Bangs James Deen

This is a new site that James Deen has come out with it and I actually think it’s really cool.  I mean it’s basically him just having sex with all his pornstar friends.  It has a sex tape vibe that I like that most real porn sites don’t have.  These girls who are on this site actually want to be fucking James Deen and you can just see that in the videos.  In this scene you will see a short little video of Presley Hart talking it up with James and then of course them having sex on her couch.  James gives her a really hard orgasm and this screenshot I have right here is that exact moment her mind is about to be blown.  So go on check out this little clip and then enjoy the tour, he has a bunch of free videos on there for you to check out to see if you want to join his site or not.

Alison Tyler Happy Ending


Alison Tyler Gets Happy Ending

This this make believe scene from Brazzers you get to see the voluptuous Alison Tyler playing the part of  a traveling business woman.  When she gets back to her room she strips down to her panties and bra and those black stockings to get ready to masturbate and wake up and go to work the next day.  She decides that she would rather get a massage then masturbate so she calls up the hotel and they send someone to her room.  When the guys gets there Alison is quite pleased so she tries her best to get a happy ending from him.  It’s not really hard for a down right gorgeous woman like her.  She just has to ask to get naked and the next thing you know the masseuse is all up in her private parts.  Alison gets her pussy eaten and then when she see’s how big her masseuse cock is she turns it from oral sex to real sex.  They bang and then she lets him cum on her face, because she misses the feeling of feeling like a dirty little slut.

Alexis Crystal All Yours


Nubile films all yours

Alexis Crystal makes that sweet body of hers work in this Nubile Films update as she steps out of the hot tub and drops her towel, joining her man on the bed by a crackling fireplace and sliding that tight wet pussy onto his cock! She gets fucked from behind and from on top in this sexy steamy scene called All Yours, grabbing her own perky boobies as she bounces her shaved hole up and down on that man-meat! She spreads her legs and gets fucked deep and fast until the guy shoots his load onto her stomach…this girl is stunning and has great legs and even greater boobs and looks like a ton of fun to fuck, but then again I guess that describes most of the girls on Nubile Films already!

Aletta Ocean


Aletta ocean for mr anal

This is the first time on the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal for big breasted brunette hottie Aletta Ocean but after a performance like this I doubt it’ll be the last! She’s got that big round juicy booty and knows how to work it, shaking those cheeks for us and stretching out her pucker a little with some big toys before meeting up with the huge chunk of man meat that is her co-star’s cock for this shoot! By then she’s primed and ready to get her balloon knot pounded but she gives up the pussy first as a sort of introduction so she can get a feel for that big dick…she looks stunning and sexy as hell with those big fake tits swinging and her mouth open in pleasure as she gets slammed from behind before working a load of cream out of that cock and licking it up!

Cindy Starfall Bartop Dildo


Cindy starfall in the crack legs in the air

We’ve seen every inch of beautiful Asian babe Cindy Starfall‘s gorgeous body a few times on In The Crack already but hey, who’s arguing if they want to bring her back? They can feature this horny honey as often as they want, she just keeps gettting hotter! In this photoshoot she’s getting naked by the bar, perching on top of the bar and on some of the barstools as she lifts her feet up in the air and shows us that tight wet pussy before fucking herself with a big dildo! This girl loves to masturbate and always looks stunning doing it, and since this is In The Crack get ready for some nice up close and personal views of her sexy private parts. If you missed the first couple times she’s been on the site, you’re in luck because I’ve got them here and here, enjoy!

Blonde Loves Video Games


Dixie belle on my gf

This hot blonde is a big fan of sex and video games and in this submission from My GF she gets to have fun with both of those things! She’s in her boyfriend’s dorm room riding his cock with that sweet pussy, pounding a downright gorgeous ass up and down as she pumps his meat with her hole in reverse cowgirl position…you don’t get to see it in this little clip but I took a look at the full video and she starts playing around with various gaming controllers, sticking them on top of her butt and whatnot. We get all kinds of views of this hottie and I don’t know if it’s what made her get into porn or not but she’s done a handful of other hardcore stuff since this was shot, her name is Dixie Belle so if you can’t get enough of that tight wet pussy of hers you’re in luck!

Kennedy Leigh Returns


Kennedy leigh returns on amateur allure

This is a bit of a departure from the norm for Amateur Allure and feels more like a cinematic experience or something…if you like a little higher production value this will be right up your alley, especially so because it features gorgeous pornstar Kennedy Leigh! We’ve seen Kennedy a few times before on Amateur Allure including the smokin hot Christmas Special a little while back, and in this new update she’s wearing like a spiderweb kind of a chain top that lets those big tits show right through as she saunters up to her man in front of the fire and sucks his cock, then sits on his lap to go for a nice hard ride before taking his loads in her mouth and swallowing them down! Kennedy has just an incredible look to her, I’m not sure if it’s the beautiful curves of her body or those lips that look perfect for a nice blowjob but man this girl is always smokin hot.

FTV Jeri Lynn


Jeri for ftv girls

Meet sweet, sexy South Carolina babe Jeri Lynn in her online adult debut courtesy of FTV Girls! Hold on to your hats and glasses fellas because not only is this girl hot and horny and real, she’s also a genuine gamer girl…apparently she met the FTV Girls photographer through the game Heroes of Might & Magic and she plays some other RPGs as well, so keep the faith because there are definitely beautiful women out there who love gaming maybe as much as you do. Anyway we get to see every inch of this babe and as it turns out she’s into some pretty kinky stuff for a first-timer! She fists herself, does some panty-stuffing and ball-stuffing and even sticks a garden hose in her cooch and squirts the water out. Couple that with the ubiquitous FTV public nudity and toe-curling masturbation and squirting orgasms and you’ve got a recipe for total fucking hotness. Hopefully she’ll be back for round 2 at some point but for now let’s just enjoy this gamer chick and all her sexy tricks!



Laetittia Art Lingerie

I don’t know if it’s a typo or not but apparently this chick’s name is Laetittia…I hope that’s actually it, and it’s not a misspelling of Laetitia or something because she’s got some pretty nice tits in this photoshoot for Art Lingerie! Her boobs aren’t really the stars of the show though here, it’s more her nice round spankable ass and sweet bald pussy as she strips out of her sexy silky blue lingerie…for those of you who might be fans of high heels and nylons she keeps her shoes and thigh high stockings on as she gets otherwise naked, which is nice of her!

Kaley Cuoco


Kaley Cuoco

Alright let me just say right off the bat that I think the show Big Bang Theory is fucking garbage…it’s a stereotyping monstrosity of geeky nerdy culture at best and seems like some kind of freakshow where the norms can laugh at how quirky and off-beat those darn nerds are. It’s infuriating that it has caught on so much. Anyway, this chick Kaley Cuoco is the hot girl on the show and she’s giving herself a hand bra at the Golden Globes, and hey I’m not one to ever fault a girl for grabbing her big tits in public so I’ll give her a thumbs-up. Am I hypocritical? Sure, deal with it.

Silvie Delux


Silvie Delux

This of course is the well-known Euro model SIlvie Delux, doing a photoshoot for Wow Girls in her neon green bra and panties that she thankfully strips out of right off the bat to just hang around by the pool naked except for her sheer white thigh-high stockings. She’s got some kind of waterproof outdoor lounge chair that she’s all over in this hot set, grabbing those perky titties and masturbating as she stretches across both arms! Wouldn’t it be a shame if that chair toppled over and dunked Silvie into the water, getting every inch of that gorgeous body all sleek and dripping wet?



Tara on MPL Studios

I don’t recall offhand seeing this girl Tara before but man oh man consider me a fan right off the bat! She’s gorgeous for one thing and has a fantastic body for another…in this photoshoot from MPL Studios she peels out of her little green tubetop and shows some nice perky little boobies before tugging off her panties (it’s been a day for neon green underwear, hasn’t it) and hanging out in the nude! Often a girl this hot with nice boobs has a horrible ass or some other physical thing going on but not this girl…Tara is fit as a fiddle and hot as blazes from head to toe.

Jayden Taylores


ALS Scan Jayden

Jayden Taylores (or Tayloress or Taylor if you will) looks great in a pair of those cute thigh-high tube socks that are pretty popular nowadays in this photoshoot for ALS Scan, but she’s not content just spreading those long legs and showing off her pussy…she’s just gotta play and she has two vibrators ready to go! She doublefists it, buzzing her clit and spreading her pussy open with both toys at the same time as she masturbates in this hot photoshoot. From the look on her face she’s ready for more too, maybe she needs a third hand or something!

Callie Calypso


Callie Calypso on Teens Love Huge Cocks

The dramatic angles that Teens Love Huge Cocks are able to get is pretty amazing don’t you think?  I mean there is no way this guys dick is actually as big as it looks.  If it is he couldn’t fucking wear underwear.  That ass that Callie Calypso has is definitely nice and round but man that thing looks huge in this picture doesn’t it?  Teens Love Huge Cocks is a really awesome site with some of the newest pornstars that come into porn valley.  Callie Calypso isn’t a novice by any means I mean she has had anal sex already, that’s when you know a girl is pro.  She had no urge to put this one in her dick though she just wanted to have him stay in that nice meaty pussy of hers and pound away.  You can just tell when a girl is being given the dicking that she wants and Callie here enjoyed every moment of this sex scene.  I bet she was quite disappointed that he didn’t last another hour.  If you like girls getting a real hard pounding then this site is definitely one you need to check out!

Keisha Nailin The Part


Keisha Grey Nailing The Part

I don’t really understand what is going on in this Brazzers scene, what I hope is going on is that Veronica Avluv is teaching the hotness that is Keisha Grey a couple of tips.  As good as Keisha is at having sex I am sure Veronica has to be better.  She is a MILF who has been in the business for a very long time and she is just a straight up freak once you get her turned on.  This video is from Brazzers and the episode is entitled “Nailing The Part”.  I am sure it has something to do with them fucking the producer to get the part, but are they going after the same part or what?  I don’t care enough to find out I just visit this gallery to enjoy the long video that they have.  Plus if you like the gorgeous Keish Grey these guys have a ton of her galleries that you can check out too.  I realize our site doesn’t have everything that’s why I always post other peoples galleries so you can see more.  You must always come back and visit though, that’s the rules!

Megan Maze WCP Club


Megan Maze on WCP Club

Here is another video from Real Black Housewives of LA 2 a DVD you get access to when you join the premium black porn site WCP Club.  In this scene a guy is going over to visit his girlfriend when her hot best friend catches him as he walks in.  She was told by his girlfriend to try and seduce him and if she succeeds she doesn’t care if she actually fucks him.  She knows that her man can fuck good so her best friend may as well enjoy it before they break it off.  So sure enough this guy just couldn’t turn down that banging ass that Megan Maze has and he pounds her home to a orgasm.  His girlfriend comes downstairs to see what is happening and is shocked but not surprised to see her man cheated, well time to move on to the next guy I guess!



Krissy Lynn, Nikki Delano Rose Monroe

When I first was making this gallery I thought that Krissy Lynn wont that Triassathlon just because in the pictures for this update from Brazzers in the end when all the girls are covered in cum only Krissy has a metal on.  Then I looked a little harder and they all look like they have one, oops.  Well everyone is a winner in this scene I should have known that but the real winner is the guy that got to fuck these perfect bubble butts.  Yep, that’s right he doesn’t touch their perfect pussies instead he gets in those butts and gives them the anal sex they want.  Each girl is representing a country in this episode and I actually don’t know which flag is which so I will let you figure that out.  I do know the girls names so that’s something, you have Nikki Delano over there to the right the flag might be Puerto Rico.  Then you have Krissy Lynn in the middle who is wearing the flag of England, maybe?  Then you have Rose Monroe who is wearing the Colombian flag that one I got right for sure!

Im In The Mood


Xart im in the mood

When a woman like Caprice (aka Little Caprice of course) tells you “I’m In The Mood” you damn well better listen! Her real-life boyfriend knows that well and in this X-art photoshoot we get to see what happens next. We’ve watched this girl blossom over the years from a beautiful teen cutie to a full-fledged woman and she has only grown hotter, not to mention more experienced in the sack! With that in mind, she’s pulling out some winners from her bag of tricks for this update, riding her man and spreading her ass to take his big cock as deep in her pussy as she can as she bucks her hips, moaning as he brushes against her g-spot until they both cum together, the guy shooting his load in her hole for a nice wet creampie finish.

Summer Brielle Gets Revenge


Summer Brielle Gets Revenge

You have to think that Brazzers has to have a room full of writers to think of some of these crazy sex scenes that they make.  I rarely give them any mind at all but for a woman like Summer Brielle here I made sure to study every angle of this video.  Summer is a gorgeous busty blonde bombshell MILF who is going to get revenge on her husband one way or another for cheating on her.  You have to be a special kind of douchebag to cheat on a babe like this girl right here.  The thing is that her husband is now dead and she is just now figuring out that he cheated on her.  So how are you to get back at a dead man?  Well Summer Brielle found the #1 medium in the world and invited him over.  She answers the door in her bra and panties and at this point the guy knows he is in for a special session. So once he summons her ex husband into the room that’s when Summer puts on the moves and by puts on the moves I mean she got on her knees and started to blow the physic.  The sex continues from there he forgets the poltergyst is even ther banging away at the hottest MILF he has ever seen, can’t blame him there.

A Little Time For Myself


Kenzie a little time on x art

Beautiful blonde Kenzie takes a little time out from getting fucked to spend some quality alone time in this X-art update called A Little Time For Myself…it’s important to know when you should be alone and Kenzie certainly seems to enjoy it. She spreads those long legs and runs her hands over her perfect body, cupping her breasts and sliding down between her thighs to masturbate, her fair skin flushing as she gets closer and closer to orgasm before finally reaching that pinnacle of pleasure, and man it’s a site to behold. This girl looks just fucking amazing just lying around naked in bed, so imagine what she must look like bringing herself to a huge shuddering climax! Actually fuck it, don’t even bother imagining it because we’ve got the video of exactly that right here…just saving you a little time and brainpower, that’s what I’m doin.

Sabrina Banks


Sabrina banks for ccx

18 year old Sabrina Banks is excited to get into the adult industry and what better place to make her debut than by getting on Casting Couch X and getting fucked on camera! This teen hottie knows what she wants and with this tight body of hers she knows how to get it…you can tell she won’t mind getting some extra cash but I have the feeling that this girl is a fame-seeker, she wants her name out there and wants guys everywhere to drool when they hear the words Sabrina Banks. After watching her strip down, suck cock and get fucked in this hardcore casting video I’m gonna have to say that she’s got a damn fine chance of making that dream cum true! She has a great ass and a beautiful face, perfect tits and one thing I really appreciate is that she doesn’t sound like she’s trying to make porn noises she’s just reacting very naturally to the deep-dicking she’s getting! She takes a huge creamy facial to wind things down and I’ll bet dollars to donuts she’s gonna be on more than a few sites real soon.

Pretty Pink


Gf revenge pretty pink

When this guy tried to talk his girlfriend Chrystal into getting naked and having a little fun while he filmed it on his camera she demurred, turning him down again and again…that is, until he mentioned maybe getting her roommate Molly into the equation! Molly is a gorgeous blonde with a great body and obviously Chrystal had been thinking about getting her in bed because she was immediately down for a threesome. Soon both of these chicks were naked and kissing and eating each others pussy before the guy took turns fucking them one after the other! Maybe he started getting together with the sexy blonde afterwards because the footage ended up at GF Revenge for us to enjoy in this update called Pretty Pink…can’t say I’d blame him to be honest, the brunette is pretty cute but man that blonde is a hottie.

Touchy Feely Mia


Mia touchy feely on black gfs

Some girls are just able to pop right out of bed and immediately look fucking gorgeous, and horny ebony babe Mia is definitely one of em…she tosses off the covers and starts talking to the camera that she had set up for her boyfriend while he was out of town. Wearing just her panties and a goony happyface cut-off shirt she told him how much she missed him, then gets all touchy feely running her hands over her perky tight body with a beautiful smile and pulling out some of her favorite toys to show her guy just what she was thinking about while he was on the road for work! She spread those long legs and tossed her bouncy shoulder-length hair around as she buzzed her clit, bringing herself to a knee-shaking orgasm in a very hot solo shoot for Black GFs. Great perky little boobies, perfect shaved pussy and a fantastic ass, not to mention a beautiful face and of course the libido to want to masturbate on camera, this girl Mia is hot as hell!

Natasha White POVD


Natasha White POVD

Well my new favorite site has a new episode and if you guys don’t check this out I hate you.  POVD is making the coolest porn right now and that’s a down right fact.  This camera Angle they have is so fucking cool, you guys just need to check it out.  This video I have for you is super small in length but it’s like really high quality.  I think it’s only 1 minute long but almost 60mb, that’s huge.  That’s something you guys should know if you join POVD you will be downloading 4GB files from the members area, that’s no joke.  Of course they have a bunch of lower resolution videos but who wants to see those when you can get the seriously high definition one.  The girl you see in this episode is Natasha White.  She has a super nice round ass and just a pretty face too I think.  I like the curly hair and I like those kind of small boobies she has.  So I guess I like everything about her, that’s pretty much par for the course though because I personally can appreciate every girls body type.  The video is like nothing you have ever seen and it really allows you to pretend like you’re actually fucking these girls.

Mia Lelani Anal Sex


Mia Lelani Anal Sex Pure mature

The MILF superstar Mia Lelani is getting her butt filled with a dick in this new anal sex scene from Pure Mature.  It’s a episode called Breaking In The New Place.  I think all guys would be moving as often as they could if they got to have anal sex in the new place.  It’s a great tradition that all woman should probably start.  This is her very first time on Pure Mature and it’s quite a way to start you have to admit.  They start off on the couch with Mia between his legs sucking on his balls and then deep throating that cock.  I wanted to see her take his whole dick in her mouth and then go after the balls.  That’s something that would blow my mind.  I haven’t seen it often but from how easily Mia was able to deep throat this guy I think she could have done it.

Carmen Caliente


Carmen Caliente POV Life

You have to give it to this model she gave herself a really good porn name!  Her name is Carmen Caliente and she is getting banged in first person on a great site from Team Skeet called POV Life.  If you guys haven’t checked out Team Skeet in a whilte I suggest you guys do that because they are making some really hot porn on their sites.  I think they’re up to 18 different sites that you get access to when you join their network.  Some of the other once you might know are like Innocent High, or maybe Teen Pies.  This girl Carmen Caliente has really only been in a few sites and that big ass of hers always looks good but let me tell you it looks really good in first person and that’s what POV Life is giving you.  The wonderful experience of pretending like YOU are having sex with this gorgeous Latin pornstar.

Dawn Likes Doggystyle


Dawn Avril Fucked Doggystyle

Dawn Avril is used to this position because after all it is her favorite sex position.  She is used to getting fucked by this guy too, it’ s her ex-boyfriend but when you need dick that’s the best place to go right!  He doesn’t have to treat her so nice that they are not together he gets after that pussy however he wants.  he does give her something she likes too, I must say I have never seen this before.  It’s like some kind of spine stimulation thing.  It’s like a spur from a cowboy and he just runs it up and down her spine as he bangs her.  It probably gives her chills or something and that feels good with something in your pussy I guess.  I won’t know until I google it, but just not feeling up to it.

Geri Burgess Working Out


Geri Burgess Working out on Zishy

Zishy has another gallery of the beautiful Geri Burgess for us.  I will not like the first two galleries of her are hotter in my opinion (1,2).  I think that’s just because she is kind of just all natural in this gallery.  The other two scenes are more refined, this is more of a behind the scenes type of gallery.  She is wearing white yoga pants and I have to say I am a sucker for some white yoga pants!  She is literally working out in this gallery but as you can see she teases the camera any chance she gets.  There were other people in the workout room so she has to be really really low key about it.  Zishy is just all about finding cute spunky girls and getting them in sexy poses and outfits.  If the girl wants to she can get naked too but that doesn’t happen most of the time to be honest.  The great thing about this is Zishy is able to get stunning models that nobody else can becaue the girls don’t have to get naked!  I think Geri Burgess here is one of those girls for sure!

Bryci Blowjob


Bryci Giving Valentines Head

Bryci is letting her man enjoy a Valentines Day blowjob.  I am a little late posting this but to be honest Bryci was late posting it for us too so it’s not just my fault!  She is dressed up in some sexy lingerie and it looks like they were just doing a photoshoot for Valentines day for her site.  One thing leads to another and Bryci is on her knees giving a grade A blowjob.  The two of them probably end up boning a lot like this.  I mean how can you take pictures of a hot ass girl like Bryci and not pop a boner, especially when she is already your girlfriend!  I am really high on Bryci’s site right now ever since she started doing hardcore basically.  It just makes it so that you can join her site and get everything you want.  Before you could only join if you like naked babes, and girls masturbating but now you get it all.  So if you didn’t think about joining Bryci’s site in the past you might want to take the tour and make that descision again.



Zoi Net Video Girls

This is a very hot Italian girl named Zoi, that you guys are going to want to see.  Warning though, if you don’t like awkward conversations you shouldn’t be watching Net Video Girls because some of this stuff just gets weird not going to fib.  This girl doesn’t just look Italian she has the look and the cute little accent as well.  She comes over to some random guys apartment to be part of a calendar.  Well one thing leads to another and these two guys talk her into taking off her clothes.  Then they talk her into just talking dirty to the video camera for these guys who subscribe to this “online” calendar.  Anyways as you can see she ends up getting real naughty and fucking the producer of the calendar.  She has a pretty cute face, a nice thick body and that pussy she has is beautiful.  Shaved perfectly, really smooth and I bet it rides like a Cadillac.

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