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Ftv girls amber

This is what FTV Girls is all about…a young, fun, enthusiastic girl with a beautiful look and a smokin hot body! Amber is doing her very first adult video, not sure if she’s done any photoshoots before but she can definitely model so who knows. I know it’s just a matter of taste but in my opinion this is one of the hottest new girls they’ve had on the site in quite awhile, take a look for yourself and see what you think but those perky little boobies and her tight shapely ass coupled with a heartstopper of a face (with dimples even) are just a winning combination for me. Watch Amber flash in public, masturbate to orgasm with her fingers and with toys (and a few other things!) and even experiment with a little anal fun. She’s just a stunning young lady with a lot of sex appeal and a lot of energy about her as she explores herself and shares what she’s got with all of us, and of course it’s all done with top-shelf photography and video quality, so enjoy!



X art awakening ashley

Apparently this is Ashley‘s first time having sex with a guy on camera but man oh man I hope it’s not the last…she lights the camera on fire in this X-art update entitled Awakening! She’s got an appetite for sex that will blow you away, and of course has an incredible body…tall, long legs, gorgeous ass, perky breasts, and she’s only 19! Watch this hot redhead rock this guy’s world with a fierceness that will leave you breathless as she straddles the guy and rides his cock, sucks him off, and bends over to get penetrated doggystyle, driving the guy so nuts he just has to shoot his load onto her face! Ashley isn’t done yet though, she wants an orgasm and knows just how to get it…she pulls the guy’s head into her pussy, grinding that twat on his lips and as he tongues and fingers her clit she has a huge explosive orgasm that has got to be seen to be believed!

Hana Yoshida


Hana Yoshida AV

Plenty of people have a thing for Japanese women and after looking at someone like AV model Hana Yoshida it’s easy to see why. She’s just stunning with those big innocent yet seductive eyes, lovely hair and of course her perky breasts with those nipples standing out like eraser heads. She’s gorgeous and has a kind of mystique about her that is just irresistable as she strips out of her lingerie, pulling her skirt up to let that sexy butt peek out for just a brief glimpse.



We Live Together Sienna

Sienna and her two girlfriends are all housemates star in this We Live Together update, showing what kind of hijinx they like to get up to when nobody’s looking. They certainly don’t seem to mind an audience though as they strip each other nude and start kissing, licking and fucking in this hot photoshoot! Three beautiful lesbians doing what comes naturally and exploring each others bodies, what could be hotter than that. Well I guess you could have four naked lesbians but hey let’s not greedy here, three is plenty for now!

Maria Venus



I’m pretty sure there isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t look sexier in red than not…Maria Venus from Alluring Vixens certainly does as she shows off her sexy red lingerie, the bra of which is barely holding in those huge round titties of hers! She loves to show off and loves being watched but we only get just a few glimpses of those boobs in this gallery…what we can see though is pretty fucking hot!

WTF Russia


Crazy Russians

OK I’m not all that sure what’s going on with these but it’s a few videos of crazy Russians and that’s like worth ten of any other country’s crazies if you ask me. We’ve got a first-person video of some lunatic riding his dirtbike through a subway, a guy pepperspraying some other dude who got pissed off at him in traffic (oh man how many times have I wanted to do that) and some other wacky shit. No tits or asses here but if you want to just kick back and see some weird video action from our brothers in the Motherland this one’s for you.

Fat Ass Lesbians Strap On


Fat Ass Lesbians Use Strapon

Two fat ass black girls are using a strap on in this hot little scene.  I think the girl with the red hair is Pinky.  She is a pretty famous pornstar the only black girl I know of with red hair.  She and some unknown girl with a equally as big ass as pinky are getting after it in this video.  They are fucking with a double sided dildo.  This screenshot is pretty bad from me, my bad dogs but it’s the best I could do.  You might able to see it but one end is in Pinky the other is in her friend and she is riding it up and down slamming their big asses together.  If you like ebony girls or just big ghettto booties check this video out, it’s nice and long and it’s exactly what you will want to see!

Ava Sparxxx HD POV


Ava Sparxxx HD POV

Ava Sparxxx is looking pretty damn hot in this new scene from HD POV.  You probably haven’t heard of them yet as they’re brand spanking new but you will sooner or later.  Ava Sparxxx makes this guy cum a little to fast so fast in fact that he cums right in her pussy.  They later on get back to fucking as it would be a very short scene if that’s all he did.  He kind of just gets to sit back while Ava does a lot of riding and then he bends her over and fucks her real good doggystyle.  That perfect round ass of hers with the milk white skin look so good.  I am usually not big on POV sites but this one I am giving a passing grade.  Especially once you actually visit their site and see all the girls that they have.  It’s some of the hottest pornstars that are just coming out into porn right now, see for yourself!

Kelly Car Masturbation


Kelly Madison Car Masturbation

Kelly Madison is riding dirty in this hot little video from her personal site.  By riding dirty I don’t mean she is carrying drugs with her in the car she is just in the back seat with no seatbelt on (what a badass) rubbing that vagina of hers.  She also takes off her top so her big natural can just sit there and swing around.  I post so many galleries from her Teen Fidelity and Porn Fidelity sites she does with her husband but I always forget to just posts videos from her site.  There is so many videos of her having sex I thought you guys might just want to see a simple masturbation video with her.  She is just using her fingers and it looks like she likes to rub her pussy as well as do a little penetration.

AJ The Housewife


AJ Applegate Housewife 1on1

AJ Applegate is playing the housewife in this awesome video from Naughty America.  She went shopping yea that’s shitty when you’re wife does that but AJ here didn’t just buy any old clothes she bought some sexy ass clothing to turn on her husband.  She comes home and tries it on for him and then does a little strip tease just to get him ready for for what is about to go down.  She lets her big ass peak out from under her little black skirt and then she bends over and slowly takes her panties down.  He wants to get in that pussy of hers right away but she makes him wait, but not a real wait because she doesn’t leave him hanging instead she just wants to suck on his dick for a little bit.  Once he is harder then a man should be able to get he bends her over to get a great view of that booty and goes to work banging her.

So Beautiful


Xart so beautiful with clover

If you’re tired of seeing girls all gussied up to look like clowns as they get a traffic cone rammed into their nostrils or whatever and are in the mood to see a truly hot woman this X-art update entitled So Beautiful is for you. It features Clover all by herself but hey that’s more than enough hotness for a single gallery if you ask me! She’s looking incredible in her skimpy little bikini, throwing those devastating glances with her lovely eyes and teasing us with a spin or two to show off that nice round ass before stripping down completely nude and masturbating for us! She plays with her wet tight pussy, sliding her hands down over her perfect breasts and closing her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation of exploring her own body, not self-conscious about being filmed at all as she gives in to the pleasure that her fingertips are providing. Clover has done a few other sets for X-art before, including this amazing lesbian sex scene with Anneli called Clean and Wet if you’d care to take a peek!

How Many Licks


Passion hd how many licks chloe foster

I guess petite blonde Chloe Foster might not ever know just how many licks it takes to get her guy pal to shoot his load, because if this Passion HD update is any indication she just can’t help but jump up into his lap and impale her tight wet pussy on that big thick cock! She was going to conduct a scientific experiment and had a clicker to count the licks and everything (she calls it her licker clicker) but once she got her hands and mouth and tongue on that dick and started giving him a blowjob she couldn’t resist a nice hard fuck. Looks like we’re the big winners though, we get a nice front row seat to all the hot hardcore action as she does her pogo stick routine on his meatbat!

Clean Start


Pure mature clean start puma swede

Big breasted blonde MILF Puma Swede and her younger guy pal have had their differences and last night they had a full-on yelling match but Puma woke up and wanted to make a clean start so she put on some sexy lingerie and went into his bedroom to see if she could convince him to make up with her! Since her technique involved pulling off his boxers and giving him a blowjob he seemed pretty agreeable to her terms, and soon these two were closer than ever as he grabbed those huge breasts of hers and licked her pussy before sliding his rock-hard cock deep inside and making her gasp. This hot Pure Mature update shows a sexy mature blonde doing what she does best, and this guy seems to be loving every minute of it as those big fake tits bounce up and down in front of his face while he slides her up and down on his cock!

Fun and Sex Games


Fun and sex games ariana dixie real slut party

There’s always room for a good time when it comes to sex…join beautiful Ariana Marie and her blonde hottie girlfriend Dixie Belle as they goof around in a hotel for the Mofos network site Real Slut Party! Ariana puts on a bikini that looks like a couple of hands grabbing her perfect tits (hey Ariana I know a couple hands who would volunteer for that position if you’re looking…just sayin) and the girls are joined by a dude in a candy mankini. It’s all fun and sex games in this hot scene…the goofing quickly turns into some very hot fucking as the girls get on their hands and knees next to each other and make out while two lucky guys pound those tight wet pussies of theirs! This video shows the lighter side of things while still staying hot as hell…it’s a nice balance if you ask me. The girls of course have a great time no matter what, they love to play around and naturally they both love a nice hard fuck by a big thick dick!

Porn Goes Pro Summer Brielle


Summer brielle porn goes pro

So you’ve been following Summer Brielle‘s porn career but up until very recently she’s only done girl-girl shoots…well now Summer finally does it all and what’s more, you’ve got her agency’s phone number! After working out a mutually benefical deal for a hefty chunk of change they send her over and you can hardly contain yourself. Watch what happens in this Porn Goes Pro update as this sexy busty blonde comes over and rocks your world in a hardcore POV fuck scene, riding your dick and getting those huge breasts bouncing as she moans and gasps with pleasure. Your huge cock slides deep in that glorious hole and you fuck this beautiful pornstar slow, fast, hard, soft, however the hell you want! Finally though she looks up at you with those pretty eyes of hers and it sends you over the edge, making you pull out and shoot your load all over her face, breasts and tummy for a nice ending to a fantastic fuck session.

Coffee and Cream


Passion hd coffee and cream alexis adams

Looks like Alexis Adams loves a good energizing cup of coffee in the morning but she doesn’t like it black, it needs a little sugar and a nice shot of cream to make it perfect! So, she gets her guy friend to provide the cream and gives him a little sugar of her own, sucking his huge thick (and slightly weird looking and multicolored) cock for this Passion HD update! She’s got some of the most seductive eyes in the business, not to mention a pair of incredible tits, and she sure as hell knows how to use em as she gets her pussy filled to the brim with that big piece of man-meat. She wraps her legs around his neck and gets her hole plowed with her butt on the counter, holding on for dear life until the guy shoots his huge load onto her face to finish off this episode…now Alexis has her coffee and cream too!

Fucking Their Boyfriends


Haze her fucking their boyfriends

We’re pretty used to seeing some hardcore hazing of the sorority rushes by the sisters from Haze Her but this one might take the cake! These two hot blondes are hoping to join the sorority and say they’re ready to endure whatever they have to in order to get in, so the sisters rose to the challenge…they found the girls’ boyfriends and ex boyfriends and brought them to the house to see how well these new girls can fuck! It’s not something they were expecting, especially when the sisters make them watch while they take their own turns, sucking the guys’ dicks and fucking them right there in front of their girlfriends who just have to watch and cry and endure it. I guess they really do want to get into this sorority because tehy put up with everything! Looks like the real winners here are the guys though, they get to fuck all of these hot college girls without worrying about whether they were cheating or not.

Clover in white


W4B Clover white chair

When a girl is as hot as Clover it’s not really necessary to have any kinds of fancy settings or outfit changes or explosions happening behind her, she can basically wear whatever and look amazing. That’s the case in this photoshoot for Watch 4 Beauty as Clover just hangs out in a sheer white nightie or whatever, letting it fall down to reveal her perfect perky breasts and sliding it up to show that incredible ass of hers. She is just unfairly gorgeous and looks phenomenal in anything, so enjoy this sexy girl showing off her tanned nude body!



Ashlie at the beach

Stunning babe Ashlie is at the beach and is showing why the members of her site I Luv Ashlie are so gaga over her! This blonde vixen has a beautiful face and a great body…if you’re into golden-haired temptresses with seductive eyes, incredible butts and nice perky little petite boobies Ashlie will be right up your alley. Check out that crazy swimsuit she has on, it looks like something Spider-man shot onto her with his webslinger! A string bikini that barely covers her small breasts and hugs the curves of her sexy tight ass, I think it’s gotta be a hit on the beach.

Mina Stefan


Mina Stefan sexy selfies

I guess these shots of Mina Stefan don’t really count as selfies since she’s not like holding a phone out and taking her own picture, but she is doing basically the same thing with her webcam so just relax. Plus she’s gorgeous with huge round titties and a great ass so if you’re going to complain over a word you might want to rethink your priorities in life my man. These pictures are from Mina’s own website and give just a taste of what goes on with her cam shows as she dresses up in sexy outfits, plays with those big boobs and shows off her nice round butt…hot hot hot!

FTV Alexis


FTV Alexis tits

If you missed out on Alexis’ solo update on FTV Girls now’s your chance to get a good long look at those incredible tits of hers. This blondie looks like she couldn’t spell her way out of a paper bag (maybe it’s just the expression on her face, who knows) but she is definitely gorgeous and I guess that’s working out pretty well for her. She’s got nice round hips, sexy eyes and of course those big natural breasts all working in her favor as she pops out of her lavender sweater and rolls around in this erotic, dreamlike photoshoot from the folks at FTV.

Hairy Raven


Raven for Babes

This beautiful dark-haired beauty is Raven and she’s showing off that hot nude body of hers for the Babes network in this photoshoot! Her gorgeous face and big full breasts will appeal to probably pretty much anyone but that hairy pussy might be a dividing line for some. If you’re into the natural unshaved look though she will be a dream come true…if you prefer a shaved bush you might want to jog on but if you’ve got a set of hedgeclippers and a hardon for hot brunettes with incredible bodies this is the photoshoot for you.

Gina Devine Body


Gina Devine In The Crack

You know Gina Devine’s perfect little body doesn’t look too great here, it’s probably because of the image filters… My bad guys.  You will get over it though once you get in the gallery and see the amazing pictures from In The Crack.  You know the drill, you can’t really see the videos from these shoots unless you’re a member.  So you will just have to do with the pictures of her putting this lollipop dildo in her pussy.  Or if you really want to tie yourself over you can check her out in some hardcore action, it’s from Dane Jones and she is getting a creampie.  Don’t say I have never done anything for you guys though!  That is a really hardcore gallery so if you just want to keep it to her beautiful body and seeing her masturbate don’t click on that link.  In The Crack has a bunch of scenes from Gina I for some reason have very few of them, I am ashamed but I can’t do it all guys!

Ariella & Chloe


Ariella Ferrera and Chloe Amour

Ariella Ferrera is about to get a piece of step daughter ass right here in this Moms Bang Teens video.  I for some reason thought that Chloe Amour had already been on this site but I made a mistake, her video with Julia Ann on MILF Soup as a scene from them.  It is all kind of the same thing a older MILF teaching Chloe and her boyfriend how to do it right in the bedroom.  Ariella had to plans on getting fucked in this video she just wanted to eat some pussy for breakfast and then get the favor returned to her.  The thing is they got caught by Chloe’s boyfriend and well instead of risking that he goes and tells Ariella husband / Chloe’s dad they just invite him in on this taboo little sex session.  It’s a good opportunity for Ariella to help out her step daughter by teaching her boyfriend how to fuck a woman correctly.  Ariella gives both of these two some awesome tips and they just learn from watching her most of the time, all these Moms Bang Teens videos are really hot but this one might actually take the cake.

Tracy Delicious Ass


Tracy Delicious Hint Of Red

I do believe this is the first time that I have posted Tracy Delicious here.  She has a incredible round ass and if you can’t tell by the photography she is on In The Crack.  They have her in these sexy red high hell and then they give her some red beads to play with.  She does what you freaks are hoping she does by sticking those red beads in her ass and then pulling them out nice and slow.  She doesn’t just pull them out with her fingers, nope she is much more pro then that she uses her high heel to fish them out…  I am not even joking and the only way you can see the video is if you become a member of In The Crack.  It is just how it is they don’t allow anyone to see their videos unless you’re a member.

Summer Rae


Summer rae on pawg

Summer might be over and done with but Summer Rae, now that’s a different story! She’s the featured model in this update from the Bang Bros network site PAWG and when you see this Phat Ass White Girl you’ll see why instantly. Summer has an incredible ass, nice and round and fuckable and what’s more, she loves to show it off! Starting out in a string bikini, she hangs out poolside on a deck chair blowing the minds of any guys that might be watching with her bodacious butt before this guy from the site comes by and basically dives facefirst into her crack! He licks and tongues that fine ass and pussy before sliding his big cock into Summer’s mouth and pussy in quick succession, fucking her hard and deep from behind while grabbing and spanking that incredible ass as he thrusts. No mortal man can withstand the hotness of that body for long, so pretty soon he’s ready to shoot his load and Summer is ready to take it! She gets a nice facial cumshot and gives a happy grin, cum dripping from her chin.

Katerina Kay


Casting couch x with katerina kay

There’s always a nice influx of fresh new faces coming into this business…Katerina Kay here is a 20 year old nursing student from the Big Easy, and she’s just gorgeous…beautiful face, great smile, incredible ass, perky little boobies, just plain hot as hell. She says she has a boyfriend who is ok with her doing things solo or with another girl but doesn’t want any other dudes getting their cocks in that pussy of hers…well, since this is Casting Couch X that went right the hell out the window as soon as she started masturbating! The photographer started helping her out by playing with her clit, and when she saw his big boner in his pants she just had to get that cock in her mouth. He of course proceeded to fuck the hell out of her, finally shooting his load all over her pretty face…she says she never cheated on her bf before but I guess she’ll be facing the music now, this hardcore shoot isn’t exactly private on the internet!

Rosemary Radeva


Rosemary radeva for in the crack

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where to look…it’s getting towards winter so the sight of a beautiful tropical paradise with warm ocean breezes is pretty compelling but I guess it doesn’t really stand much of a chance in this update from In The Crack! I mean, it’s competing with beautiful exotic babe Rosemary Radeva after all with that gorgeous face and perky little petite titties, not to mention her amazing ass. Speaking of that butt we get a nice up close look at the goods, zooming way into the crack to see her pretty pucker and that tight pink pussy as she gets on her hands and knees on the bed! She even keeps her high heel shoes on as she spreads her cunt for us to cozy up to, which is pretty hot if you ask me.

Mouths Full of Dicks


Dancing bear amateur mouths full of dicks

It’s been awhile since we’ve been graced by the presence of the Dancing Bear but it’s party time once again for a bevy of lucky amateur babes! They headed out for a friend’s birthday and man, what a night it ended up being…the party got started when the Dancing Bear and his pals showed up and started doing their thing, shaking those asses and big hard cocks around while the ladies cheered and got drunk and had the time of their lives. The birthday girl got the seat of honor, and once she got her hands on one of those big dicks she just couldn’t stop! She ended up sucking three guys at once, down on her knees and loving every minute of it. Looks like the girls were making too much noise though because a cop showed up to break up the party…luckily he was part of the crew and ripped his uniform off to add one more meatmace to the suck-party! These amateurs love sucking dick and they give more blowjobs in this update than you can shake your stick at…looks like this party was a big success, Dancing Bear style!

Southern Hospitality


Girls Do Porn Southern Hospitality

This is a really really hot gallery you guys need to watch it.  At first I thought she was just kind of average looking but once you get to hear her talking and see her having sex she will win you over just like she did with me.  Girls Do Porn was treated to some real fine southern hospitality here.  She has the super cute accent and everything.  She tells the guys that she has only slept with 3 people in her life and I think she isn’t BSing… If she is I have to watch out for people that have this accent because there is just something about it that makes me believe them and I just feel like they’re so damn innocent.  This girl may not have fucked a lot of guys but the 2 boyfriends she did fuck she sure fucked a lot!  She was telling Girls Do Porn that she would have sex with them at least once a day so that explains why she is so good at riding a dick and sucking on one too.  I think it was awesome that they had her keep her boots on during the sex scene, she probably was the one that did it because that’s just how they do it down there maybe, if it is damn I need to go. After the last southern bell they had and this one, I say they actually spend some time down there and get some recruiting on because man they are 2/2 right now.

Strip Dodgeball


College rules strip dodgeball

What do you mean you’ve never played a game of strip dodgeball?! Well sit on down there and take a gander at what is hopefully the next Olympic sport, courtesy of the fine folks at College Rules. It’s an all-out brawl from the opening whistle as these sorority girls run for to get their hands on those balls and play with them…no not THOSE balls, I mean the rubber ones on the field. They’ve even got uniforms, and man they look sexy as hell with those tiny little shorts and tight tops! Usually when you get tagged with a ball you’re out of the game but that’s not nearly sexy enough; for these chicks, when they get hit they have to remove an article of clothing! Soon you’ve got a bunch of naked college girls running around laughing and bouncing and what’s not to like about that? The only thing that could make it better is if after the game the team that gets entirely naked has to fuck the guys’ team…oh wait, that’s exactly what happens! I get the feeling these girls may have thrown the game though, they’re so horny they just wanted to get naked and fuck.

Arrest Me


Xart caprice arrest me

Her man is an off-duty cop who has been on the other side of handcuffs for quite a while but now thanks to Caprice it’s time to turn the tables! She strolls in wearing just a pair of sexy little panties while he’s asleep and slips the cuffs on his wrists, binding him to the bed and letting him know in no uncertain terms that he is fucking HERS to do with as she will! He doesn’t seem too disappointed by this turn of events either as she rubs her perky perfect tits in his face and turns around to grind her pussy on his lips as she sucks his cock…as you no doubt know, Caprice is one of the hottest girls in the world and has a body that would make any guy’s head blow off, and she loves using it to her advantage in her X-art shoots! This one is called Arrest Me anad it is just smoking hot from beginning to end…eventually she relents and releases him from the cuffs so he can give her a good hard proper fuck, shooting his load into her mouth to finish things off!

Deciphering Girls


Friendship and love

So this is a helpful blog about how to get a girl for friendship and love and, one would assume, sex. I can shorten it for you though if you want, it comes down to being confident and turning up your dont-give-a-fuck without coming across as a cocky douche. If you go up and talk to a girl and ask her questions about herself and things she likes, you’re like 9/10ths of the way home brother…there’s no such thing as ‘out of your league’, as hard as that is to understand at first. Just talk to a girl and treat her like a human being. Man I should be a fucking self-help guru too, I bet I’d make some serious coin!

Curvy Babes


Curvy girls gone bad

Where the hell is this party and why the hell wasn’t I invited?? These curvy beautiful babes are apparently British tourists on vacation and blowing off a little steam by stripping down and getting hosed off in front of a crowd, rubbing their big tits together like lesbians as the guys cheered and snapped photos! Sounds like quite a vacation to me…the photoshoot is on the site Real Girls Gone Bad and man there are more fine-ass big tits here than you can probably handle. This leaves any wet t-shirt party in the dust…what would you rather see, a wet tshirt or a pair of wet titties out in the open? That’s just science.

Claudia Romani


Claudia romani ass

Beautiful Italian model Claudia Romani was just leaving lunch in Miami when a gust of wind took her skirt and puffed it up a little, just enough to give us a glimpse of that perfect ass of hers! A round of applause for the paparazzi photographer who was quick enough on the shutter to catch a few upskirt pictures of that butt for us to enjoy. I know you can just like search the internet for shots of her ass but it’s kind of more alluring when it just happens, rather than being staged on a photoshoot…or is that just me? Maybe I’m just a voyeur, I guess that could be it. Man, that skirt barely covers her ass to begin with, huh?

Jordan on the Beach


Jordan carver on the beach

Man oh man…Jordan Carver must be battling some wicked back problems but dayumm those breasts are incredible! Her bikini top is put to the test in this photoshoot from her own website as Jordan hangs out on the beach, rolling in the sand and enjoying the sunshine on her smooth skin. This beautiful blonde knows she’s packing some serious heat down the front of her swimsuit and doesn’t mind if you stare, so go right ahead! Don’t get any funny ideas though, she’s got that knife tucked into her belt just in case.

No Hurry


Xart no hurry with misty

When Misty and her guy pal get into an intimate lovemaking session they’re in no hurry to end it; they take their time and fully enjoy each others’ company! In this X-art update she and her fella get into the groove, slowly and happily exploring each others bodies with their hands, lips and tongues. Misty is a gorgeous Czech with a thin lean physique but large perky breasts and she loves using her body to pleasure and tantalize her man as she climbs on top of him and licks his cock, gazing up at him with those pretty eyes and a wide happy smile. He just lays back and enjoys the sensation as she gives him this leisurely blowjob, getting his cock nice and hard before climbing on top and riding him with gasps and moans of pleasure! After fucking him for a bit she switches things up a little, spinning around to put her pussy in his face to lick as she worked his cock again in a 69, pumping out a nice facial as he shoots his load at long last.

Slumber Party Sluts


Passion hd episode slumber party sluts

It’s the next morning after the slumber party and Alina Li and Tiffany Fox are in the mood for a little early morning romp! They’re the first two up and they decide to wake up the guy between them in the best possible way, by getting naked and getting all over him in this Passion HD update called Slumber Party Sluts. They start out rubbing their pussies inside their little panties but soon all three of them are naked and the girls are taking turns sucking that cock before mounting up to both ride his dick while the other played with them. It’s gotta be the best slumber party ever, they don’t bother with popcorn and pajamas and just get straight to the hardcore fucking and sucking! Alina takes the creamy load in her mouth and spits it onto Tiffany’s pussy to wind things down.

Karina Hart


Karina Hart DDF Busty

Gorgeous Karina Hart makes a hell of a sexy French maid as she wanders the halls of this hotel looking for laundry and showing off those big perfect breasts in a hot photoshoot from DDF Busty. I’m pretty sure she’ll have no trouble filling those bags, all the guests of the hotel will be more than happy I’m sure to rip their clothes off at the first sight of that gorgeous curvy body of hers…care to let her into your room for a little feather-dusting? I don’t know what that means but I bet it involves a motorboat or two, how can anyone resist the siren call of those huge titties.

Amateurs Ahoy


Amateur Collection

Here’s a little thing I like to call an erection collection! It’s a whole cornucopia of real amateur girls sucking cock left right and center…if you’re into blowjobs but your wife or girlfriend doesn’t want to go down south, keep the faith because there are plenty of girls out there who obviously love to suck the D. Enjoy these girls next door as they lick, suck and gobble down the cock in these candid shots! I mean there’s no shortage of porn stars who will suck cock all day long but it’s always nice to see actual everyday women who enjoy blowjobs as much as most guys do.



Jodie for Cosmid

Big natural titties on a cute blonde? Yes please! Meet Jodie, a sexy blonde with huge breasts and a shy demeanor…but not so shy that she won’t pose in the nude for Cosmid, apparently! She’s got some weird looking shorts on at first but just ignore those and focus on the tits…not exactly a hard thing to do with this girl. Soon she’s getting naked and showing off those curves, playing with her hair and cupping her boobs in her hands as she gives a cute little sidelong glance to the camera. Adorable.

Leanna Decker


Leanna Decker playboy

When I first saw this Playboy shoot I thought for sure it was Lindsay Lohan from the face but man this girl Leanna Decker has way nicer titties than LiLo. She’s showing them off in a sheer tan top at the beginning of this gallery but by the end she’s completely nude and letting us see those boobies in their full glory, not to mention her butt! A gorgeous redhead with freckles, big tits, great ass, and long legs? Sounds like Playboy material to me!

Ela Hidden Glance


Ela for Photodromm

The only thing vaguely resembling imperfection on this gorgeous girl Ela is that one of her huge beautiful breasts points in a different direction than the other. That’s not even so much a flaw as a point of intrigue though…she is seriously just stunning and in this Photodromm gallery she’s hanging out on a half-built pier or something getting naked and just blowing everyone’s minds in a ten-mile radius I’m sure. Gorgeous face, perfect ass, nice big boobs and she’s hanging out in the nude? A++ would fap again.

Savannah Fox


Mr anal savannah fox

With a butt like that one can only hope that Savannah Fox is a fan of anal sex…well as it turns out you can put your worries aside because this hot and slutty pornstar absolutely loves getting fucked in that juicy ass! She’s showing off her plump peaches for Mr Anal and starts things off by stretching out a bit using a toy or two…but no toy in the world can compare to the real thing so soon she’s got her costar there and is sucking his cock nice and hard before taking it in her pussy and deep in her tight asshole in short succession! He pounds that butt nice and hard and deep just how Savannah likes it before she goes ATM and receives a nice big creamy load on her chin with a big grin that says it all. She makes for a hot update on this site from the Bang Bros network, hopefully she cums back again for round 2 in short order!

Sensual’s Backyard Bang


Sensual Jane Backyard Bang

It has to be pretty easy to guess what site this was shot for.  It’s Big Tits, Round Asses a Bang Bros site a girl like this will almost always be on their site!  Her name is Sensual Jane I have posted her plenty of times before, I don’t know if she has ever looked this good.  I saw this video and knew that it was a winner.  I don’t even know how the scene is setup and what not but if you want to see that you can check out the trailer.  I think she doesn’t speak English but I won’t even guess what she is… I do know one thing though and that is she is smoking fucking hot.  Big natural tits like this should not be wasted so I suggest you guys put the name Sensual Jane in the spank bang and remember her when you’re out looking for some kind of porn… Of course look here first but if you don’t find anything… I understand.

Break Time


Veronica avluv pure mature break time

When she feels her guy has been working a little too long or too hard, Veronica Avluv knows how to show him that it is officially break time! She strolls in with that seductive walk and starts kissing his neck, dropping her dress to let her big round tits brush against his face as she straddles his lap, then gets naked to fuck his brains out right there in the living room! This hot Pure Mature update features one of the sexiest and horniest MILFs in the business as she gets her pussy pounded with her man’s huge hard cock, and she is obviously loving every second of it. I don’t know how this guy manages to get any work done at all from home with this sexy mature babe walking around the place, he must have a permanent boner! She rocks him with that wet pussy until he’s about ready to erupt, when she pulls his cock out and pumps a nice big facial for herself, taking his quivering prong deep in her throat.

Moving In


Fantasy hd moving in taylor whyte

This guy has taken a roommate to help pay the rent and man, from the looks of things he could not have chosen a better one! Her name is Taylor Whyte and apparently she likes to wander around the house in her skimpy little panties and a tight bra that shows off her perky titties pretty damn well. She finds the guy taking a nap in his underwear on the couch (I guess he didn’t expect her to be moving in quite so early) and starts kissing him awake, making his huge cock poke out for her to suck and lick! Soon she’s on her back on the couch getting her pussy impaled by that huge dick, her perfect boobies bouncing with the rhythm as these two fuck in a hot Fantasy HD update…I get the feeling they’ll be great roommates, and if she ever can’t come up with her share of the rent I’m sure she can figure out some other arrangements for ‘payment’!

Rose Monroe Shows Up


Rose Monroe Shows Up

This guy was at a costume party and he was commenting on how hot all the ladies were looking and then Rose Monroe walked in and just stole the show.  This “Super Doctor” wanted nothing more then to take her into the back examining room and have that perfect round ass of hers bounce on his cock.  He had no idea that his dreams where about to come true.  Rose is a gorgeous Latin pornstar with a ton of different videos for different sites.  If you want to see all that we have posted of her just click on that link. There is just something about a girl in a nurse outfit isn’t there?  It’s like the red and the white makes a girl look so sexual, it’s also a real plus when you have a perfect hour glass figure like Rose here.  All in all a really great scene but that’s what I have come to expect from Brazzers in all honesty.

Sara Luvv


Sara luvv for massage girls 18

How could anyone show up for a rubdown and not pop wood if the masseuse was anywhere near as cute as adorable Sara Luvv in this Massage Girls 18 update? She is absolutely gorgeous with those pretty eyes and friendly smile, not to mention her perky bouncy boobies and that perfect ass. She starts out topless which is a good sign, rubbing the guy and enjoying herself as his cock gets harder under the sheet…soon she has it in her mouth and is giving him a nice blowjob as he grabs her butt, and I think you can imagine where things go from there! Actually I take it back you don’t have to imagine it, just watch for yourself as she climbs up onto the massage table and fucks the guy, riding his dick in all kinds of different positions and spreading her legs on her back to take his cock as far into her wet hole as he can push it. I’m sure she earned a hell of a tip as he pulls out and shoots his load all over her gorgeous face, it looks like this whole rubdown was one big happy ending to me!

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