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Mrs. Conduct


Brandi Love Mrs Conduct

Brandi Love is back on Moms Bang Teens!  This time she is with Natalia Starr in a scene they call “Mrs. Conduct”.  I didn’t include a picture of Natalia in here because this is the best picture for sure I mean look at that hot MILF body!  Perfect round ass, nice big tits Brandi just has it all.  If you missed the last scene she was in with Lia Lor called Soothing Sensation you may want to check it out, it’s really good too.  Alright let’s get back to this one though.  Natalia and Brandi are at their vacation house and Natalia brought her boyfriend along with her and her step mother Brandi.  Little does this boyfriend know is that Natalia and Brandi share their boy toys so when Brandi has him along she seduces him because it’s more fun that way right.  She tells him that Natalia knows about it and he doesn’t really believe but of course he fucks her anyways.  You cannot deny a body like the one Brandi has.  Natalia walks in and he thinks he is in trouble but oh contraire my friend you fun has just begun!  Enjoy this amazing threesome and then take the Moms Bang Teens tour you will like what you see.

Group Session


Group Session Nubile Films

Not too long ago I posted that video called Cum Desires starring the gorgeous Dido Angel and you guys fell in love!  Well Nubile Films has done it again but this time it’s not just Dido Angel getting fucked her cute brunette friend Gina Devine is also having sex.  Not before they eat each other out the and have orgasms from that.  The guys don’t get to try out each pussy they’re in a relationship with the girl they’re fucking hence why they only get to fuck that pussy.  The video is a group sex session because the girls still interact while they’re having sex with their man so I will let it slide.  I always had those threesomes, foursomes where it’s basically just 2 set of couples having sex in the same room!  That is not a real foursome!  Nubile Films does such a great job with their video and site so if you are looking for a honest quality site I couldn’t recommend them anymore.  They’re on that level of a X Art / Passion HD but they have models that those guys do not.  I think Gina and Dido are both European models but if you check out their tour you will see they don’t just shoot over their they also have a ton of really hot America girls, so it’s nice seeing woman from across the world.  You don’t always get that on these erotica sites.

Teen Tysen


Tysen on fucked hard 18

Tysen says this is the first massage she’s ever had and man, what an introduction to rubdowns! She’s at Fucked Hard 18 and is collecting on the free massage the guy offered her, not suspecting that he had another type of rubdown in mind. She stripped down and showed a nice tight teen body with perky little boobies and a great ass as she hopped onto the massage table, and seemed to love it when the guy started rubbing oil into her smooth skin. She loved it so much in fact that when his hands drifted down to tease her tight pussy she started grinding her hips back against his hand and before long he had his cock buried in that sweet hole! She lifted her legs to take him as deep as possible, moaning as he pounded that nice shaved pussy until finally he had to shoot his load all over that horny face of hers as she squealed with delight! Looks like she didn’t realize she was supposed to be the one who gets the happy ending in a massage.

Anna Massages


Anna Lynn on massage girls 18

You might recognize that gorgeous round ass up above as that of Anna Lynn and you’d be right on the money! She’s been making the rounds on a few different websites but it’s nice to see her getting into the massage trade as she gives a rubdown on Massage Girls 18. This wavy-haired beauty gives a nice rub but once she gets to the crotch area of her client she seems to get distracted and just has to get that cock in her mouth, losing her own panties and top in the process! She climbs up on the table and gets fucked in this hot hardcore scene, riding that dick until they’ve both gotten a nice happy ending…she cums on his dick and he shoots his load inside her wet teen pussy for a nice creampie finish.

End of the Evening


Pure mature end of the evening vanille deville

It’s the end of the evening but Vanilla Deville and her date aren’t quite done yet! They’ve had such a good time out on their dinner date that Vanilla invites him back to her place for a nightcap which quickly turns into a hot blowjob as this horny MILF grabs his cock out of his pants and starts sucking him right there in the living room. A quick jog to the bedroom later, Vanilla loses her clothes and gets that wet pussy of hers rocked as she gets fucked by the younger guy, her big full breasts swaying as she moaned with the rhythm of his thrusts. This is Vanilla’s debut on Pure Mature and from the looks of things I’d say she’s found a nice place to stay, I can’t wait to see more of this horny raven-haired mature mama in the future! She gives a great blowjob and fucks like a champ, and besides that she just looks beautiful from head to toe.

Football Fantasy


Sexy pattycake football jersey

You’ve heard of fantasy football but after you check out this photoset from Sexy Pattycake you’ll have a football fantasy, that’s for sure! She’s posing in her blue football jersey that barely covers her sexy round ass and blue panties as she goofs around in her bedroom, sitting on a red chair and teasing us with those big perfect boobs she’s got hiding in her jersey. When Pattycake bends over you’ll see why she’s so damn popular, if her stunning face didn’t already convince you…just look at that incredible big round caboose of hers! Bangin ass beside, Pattycake just looks like a hell of a lot of fun to just hang out with, she’s a naturally sexy fun-loving babe with a pretty face and a great body and loves to tease so take a peek.



Briana lee extreme submissive strapon

You’ve never seen Briana like this! Well I guess if you’re a member of her site Briana Lee Extreme you may have but if you’ve only seen her older stuff you might think she’s just a tease…well in this photoshoot from her Extreme site she’s proving that wrong thats for damn sure. She’s getting dominated by her kinky lesbian girlfriend who loves sliding her big thick strapon into Briana’s mouth for a fake blowjob, then bending that sweet round bouncy booty over to fuck her from behind like a submissive bitch! Her dominatrix girlfriend is sexy in black leather and thigh high black stockings and Briana herself is looking red hot in crimson lingerie that she pulls off of her big breasts and pulls up to show her sexy ass and tight wet pussy. Briana just loves getting fucked whether it’s by a guy or girl, and she loves it when we all watch her get rammed!

Russian MILF


Horny russian milf on mom pov

I’m not 100% sure because I didn’t actually hear her say it or anything but it sure as hell sounds to me like this 50 year old MILF is from Russia…she’s got that sexy accent but her huge natural tits have already sealed the deal as far as I’m concerned! She says she likes basically everything sexually but isn’t too keen on anal, so don’t look to this Mom POV scene for any buttsex. If you like watching a busty blonde mature babe ride cock though or get tittyfucked between her huge melons you have come to the right place, because this woman knows what she’s doing! I get the feeling she’s a little nervous especially early on in the video but I guess that’s understandable since she’s never done an adult video like this before…I think once the clothes come off and the fucking and sucking start up the women tend to get a little more comfortable in general and that’s certainly the case here as this busty babe gets her wet hole hammered and then takes a nice creamy facial at the end.

In Bloom


Giselle mari in bloom passion hd

Giselle Mari starts out this Passion HD update by relaxing in the shower, soaping up her beautiful nude body and letting the water cascade over her perfect skin…she’s getting nice and relaxed but once she gets out and towels off it turns out her man is waiting for her in the nude and has some not very relaxing ideas in mind! They kiss passionately and Giselle grabs his stiffening cock in her hand, her nipples springing erect with excitement as she drops to her knees and starts licking and sucking him. They head to the bed where he starts playing with her pussy, licking and fingering her clit until she’s absolutely buzzing with excitement and is shaking with lust for his hard cock! He obliges, penetrating that wet hole again and again as she moans and cums until finally he can’t take any more and has to release, shooting a nice big load all over her gorgeous face and breasts. If you think of her vagina as a beautiful flower it’s lovely to see it in bloom in a hot passionate fuck scene like this!



Kim Kardashian Ass Pic

Even though Kim Kardashian is probably everything that is wrong with the world I thought this picture she posted on her instagram was probably worth a post.  I mean it shows off that giant ass that so many black guys have fell in love with and then the side boob as well.  I thought that Kim had fake titties for some reason but I guess I am wrong because the way those babies hang they have to be real!  It’s a good time to remind you guys that she does have a sex tape if you want to actually see her fucking.  If you don’t then just enjoy the sexy lady is like a weird white bathing suit, I know I did.

Schoolgirl Mandy


Mandy fucked on ddfbusty

Ahh, the ubiquitous sexy schoolgirl…Mandy does it up right though with the white nylons, red plaid skirt, white top and even a little tie and pigtails! That’s called putting in the effort my friends…she might be a little above the correct age group for being a schoolgirl but this busty blonde has the right attitude not to mention an amazing rack! She gets those big breasts out and invites her guy pal over for a little after school special, lifting up her skirt and pulling her panties off to get bent over and fucked in this hot update from DDF Busty. She sucks a nice big load out of that dick for a creamy facial ending and looks pretty damn satisfied with herself, as well she should be.

Christine Smith


Christine Smith on Playboy

I mean do you really even need to see the little bunny logo on these pictures to know right off the bat that it’s a Playboy shoot? One look at the lighting and the soft golden glow on the hair of this gorgeous model and you can probably call it immediately. Christine Smith is the lady’s name and man she is looking positively stunning as she strips down to take a bubble bath in an old copper tub in front of a roaring fireplace, soap and water cascading down over her huge full breasts and sexy hips. I don’t know who actually takes baths like this but hey, I’m not about to stop her, know what I’m sayin?

Nina Agdal


Nina Agdal

I’m not sure who Nina Agdal is but I can only assume she’s a supermodel given how gorgeous her face is and how tight and perfect her lean body is…what we’ve got here is a collection of photos of Nina in all kinds of different outfits ranging from sexy elegant dresses to lingerie to jeans and a tank top and hair that looks like it escaped from 1991. She is hot as hell in anything she wears apparently, I can only imagine how beautiful she must be in the nude. You’ll have to imagine it too by the way, because none of these shots are naked.

Medina for Femjoy


Medina on the rocks femjoy

It’s time to take a trip out to the sea, not to a white sandy beach but to the jutting jagged rocks that sailors always fear…and fear with good reason, because there are beautiful sirens on the shore that would call to them and draw seamen to a watery grave! You can imagine how easy that would be for Medina from this Femjoy update, she is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect nude body and a beautiful innocent fresh face as she lounges on the rocks and basks in the sun. Her perky breasts and sexy round ass shine like beacons in the sunlight, so she’d better be careful or she’ll cause some shipwrecks herself! Unless that’s been her plan the whole time…I knew that face looked a little too angelic to trust!

Samurai Irina


Irina on Melina

I don’t know if Irina here is just doing a little cosplay or if she actually heads out to the woods with a katana to practice her swordplay but here she is on the site Melina, swinging her sword around and showing off a very sexy body at the same time. I was going to make some kind of sexual innuendo here about wanting to sheath a different kind of sword in her scabbard but changed my mind at the last minute. She does have a great ass though, with perky lovely breasts and apparently gets turned on by swinging a sword because her pussy is getting visibly wet in these sexy photos…

Hump In The Night


Holly Halston Anal Brazzers

That is one big ass isn’t it ladies and gentlemen.  You may want to notice too that she is getting fucked in her ass in this picture because that’s what’s going down in this video called “Things That Go Hump In The Night”.  The video is pretty fucking awesome if you like MILFs and you like anal sex.  The guys over at actually have quite a few Holly Halston videos if you want to check them out here.  I took a look at them all and I would say this one is probably the best.  It’s a long video too 5+ minutes which you just don’t see much of, at least when it comes to Brazzers videos.  The site Brazzers if you don’t now about that by now you haven’t watched nearly enough porn, so get to watching already!

Jojo Creampied


Jojo for backroom casting couch

I don’t know what it is about 18 year old girls and their fashion sense, it’s like all of a sudden they get covered in glue and just roll around in clothes until they’re covered with whatever. Jojo here looks like she just ran through a thrift store with her eyes closed , but luckily underneath her wardrobe there’s a sweet tight bangin body with great tits, a great ass and a pussy that is just begging for a good hard fuck! That’s what she gets in this update from Backroom Casting Couch, taking the cameraman’s dick in her pussy in exchange for a little extra cash to pay the bills. I guess she didn’t expect him to cum inside her though so when he busts out a creampie ambush they have to rush to the store for a morning-after pill! This girl is seriously cute though, hopefully she comes back sometime or at least sends some of her hot teen girlfriends over to the studio.

Grow Up With Me


Caprice baby x art grow up with me

Blonde Baby was very inexperienced when she first started at X-art, and it’s been great watching her blossom and explore her sexuality…she always thought of Caprice as her big sister on the site so it made things even more special when the two girls decided to have a group session with their boyfriends! All four of them loved the idea and once the clothes came off the passion turned on and they were all off to the races…watch both of these lovely ladies have multiple orgasms, getting fucked and making out and eating each others pussies while sharing the fun with their guy pals (who must have been high fiving in the hall afterwards). It’s a sexy group session called Grow Up With Me featuring two of the hottest women on a site known for having hot women, so you know you’re in for a treat.

Hanna Lay


Hanna lay for amateur allure

Hanna Lay is the new hotness from North Carolina and has a body that is just made for fucking…she’s slender, has great boobs, a spectacular ass and a very nice pussy that grabs onto a cock like a vice! In this update from Amateur Allure she tells us a little about herself before showing her skills on the skinflute, giving the cameraman a nice POV blowjob and then spreading those long smooth legs to take that hard cock into her wet little hole. She just absolutely loves sex and it shows, nothing seems faked or forced and she just has a fantastic time fucking and sucking that cock until she has swallowed not one but two loads of cum! We’ve seen Hanna on a few different sites now and it’s always exciting to see this young beautiful girl making her mark in the adult world. Sites like Amateur Allure were lucky enough to catch this hottie when she first started doing adult work, so we’re seeing her fresh off the plane basically!

North Carolina Girl


Hanna lay for teen fidelity

When North Carolina girl Hanna Lay came by the house for a little relaxation in the back yard in her bikini, Ryan Madison just couldn’t keep his hands off that ass of hers. It’s just so bouncy and perfect he had to give her a nice spanking before sliding his big cock into her throat for a nice blowjob! This update on Teen Fidelity has this sexy honey getting that tight beautiful body worked…if you’re a fan of long labia you’ll love seeing Hanna get fucked while Ryan tugs her lips apart, getting those perfect titties all nice and perky with nipples like eraser heads! Hanna is hot as hell and makes a great addition to the Teen Fidelity family as she rides that big cock like a pro. Ryan gives her body a good hard workout as he piledrives into her tight pink wet hole, penetrating her good and deep before shooting his load inside for a nice creampie finish to this hot fuck scene!

Emily Thorne


Emily thorne for zishy

Prepare your eyes for a beautiful blonde amateur hottie with long wavy hair, enormous soft full breasts, a great ass, and plenty of attitude! These photos come from Zishy so you know you won’t be getting any full nudity but what you will be getting is a hot photoset of a gorgeous woman doing what she does best and having a damn good time doing it! She’s showing off in her white lingerie, hanging out on the stairs playing with those huge tits, even practicing the trumpet (and you know what they say about girls who play a horn…well, me either. But it’s hot)! Her name is Emily Thorne in case you want to know who you just fell in love with…hopefully she’ll be back soon and will be down to show more of that soft seductive sensuous body of hers!

Sensuous Sunset


Eve notty sensuous sunset on porn fidelity

There’s something magical about a sunset over the ocean…it’s the perfect time and place to fall in love or, in the case of the Porn Fidelity crew, the perfect time and place for a good hard fuck on the beach! Eva Notty joins Kelly Madison to create basically a Voltron of huge titties…they both have enormous melons and love showing them off, pulling those boobs out of their bikinis and bouncing around as they dance and have fun on the sand before Ryan whips his big dick out and fucks both of them right there on a towel. Soon though the sun went down and they had to head inside, but the fun didn’t stop there…check out this hot hardcore threeway as Ryan gives both of them a good pussy pounding before tittyfucking them both and shooting his load all over those funbags! It’s hard to tell who has the most fun in this update but I’m pretty sure we are the ones who are coming out the most ahead.

Sexy Jana


Mofos public pickups jana

Man, the Public Pickups guy really scored (no pun intended) with this hot amateur chick Jana…she was relaxing in her bikini and she is truly hot as hell, the kind of girl most guys would just stare at and wonder what she looks like nude. Not this guy from the Mofos network though, he straight up offered her a fistful of cash and took her into the woods to suck his cock and get fucked good and hard! She has perfect perky titties and a perfect pussy, not to mention a great ass that looks even better out of the bikini than it did in it. The guy bends her over and pounds her doggystyle for awhile, then she goes for a ride on his big fat cock…he told her that her boyfriend would never know and I guess that should work out, unless he surfs the internet for porn! In that case I hope she’s happy with the cash she got because she’ll probably be down by one boyfriend. With a body and stunning face like that though I doubt she’d stay single for long!

Luna Star Athletic Sex


Luna Star Naughty Athletics

I don’t post enough Naughty America stuff so I have to go out and find some for you guys so that my category keeps fresh.  Here is a brand new scene as of today!  It’s stars one of my favorite exotic pornstars her name is Luna Star and you guys should definitely know her by now!  She has just a perfect big bubble butt and watching her ride a cock is something we should all do at least once.  Luna is on the phone talking to her boyfriend about how boring her day is without her.  She is just going to go the the gym and then come home and do nothing.  Well in reality she called up a personal trainer she has been crushing on and he is going to come to the house for a little 1 on 1 instruction.  She plans to seduce him right there by wearing a super sexy little outfit and being out right flirtatious with him.  He catches on pretty quick and before they know it they’re fucking on the yoga mat that he brough and what a sex session it is!

Miko Sinz


Miko sinz on in the crack

Join stunning Asian hottie Miko Sinz as she gets back to nature, stripping down in the great outdoors for In The Crack on the rocks next to a beautiful river. One thing I can’t really figure out though is that huge plastic-looking structure next to her, it’s vaguely pyramid shaped and I don’t know what the hell it is. My best guess is a UFO that dropped her off, since her body can’t possibly have originated on Earth. She’s got perfect perky little boobies, a spectacular ass and a nice pink pussy that looks like some kind of beautiful flower as she bends over and spreads her lips to slip a vibrator inside that wet hole! We get a nice up close and personal look at her slit and that butt as she relaxes on the rocks, masturbating in this hot photoshoot.

Pool Party


College rules pool party hotties

Man, this is a hell of a submission for College Rules, especially if you live somewhere where the weather has already turned towards autumn and winter with chills and rain! This update starts out with a pool party in the sun, featuring tons of hot and horny college girls in bikinis dancing, drinking and having fun. They start making out and eventually get into an all-out backyard orgy as they eat each others pussies out like lesbians and get tag teamed by the lucky dudes in attendance! There’s more hot coed tail here than you can shake your stick at but I wouldn’t blame you for trying. I never realized how prevalent belly button piercings were, it seems like every chick in this update has at least one piercing somewhere, I guess these girls just love getting poked!

Kitchen Sluts


Haze her sexy amateurs in the kitchen

If these pledges want to be accepted into the Haze Her sorority they’d damn well better prove that they’re useful to the house as well as being cute as hell! In this update we’ve got a gaggle of sexy amateurs in the kitchen cleaning in the nude and cooking up a meal to show they can pull their weight…well unfortunately the meal turned out awful and the full sorority sisters hated it! As a punishment, these cute coeds were forced to eat each others pussies while the sisters watched and threw insults and urged them on. You’ll be getting more sexy tight pussy and ass coming your way from these lesbians than you know what to do with! These chicks might know how to look hot as hell with those perky little boobies and asses but apparently they don’t know shit about cooking.

Cassie Laine


Cassie Laine Babes Network

Some models in the adult world are, well, let’s just say not very gifted in the facial features department. Some however, like Cassie Laine in this photoshoot from the Babes network, are absolutely stunning and would turn heads walking down any street! The fact that they get naked and share the pictures with us is just a magnificent bonus to their hotness…Cassie is showing off her cute bra as she gently caresses her body in these photos, sliding her hands down over her perky perfect boobies and giving a gorgeous smile as we watch her get nude with our breath held. Cute little tits, a fantastic ass, sexy hair and beautiful eyes? Cassie’s got the full gamut working for her!

Interior Design


Wifeys World amateur MILF

This sexy blonde MILF is the sexiest interior design lady in the biz and she’s ready to talk you into a total renovation in this video clip from Wifeys World! She’s been called in for a consultation but this guy is a little more interested in her sexy thigh high stockings and big tits…she says she provides more than just decorating service and when those huge breasts come out I’m pretty sure she can convince just about anyone to be a loyal customer! She gets that pussy licked and then bends over the arm of the couch to get her mature hole penetrated good and deep by this guy…she says he needs art in his home but if you ask me those huge boobs of hers are artwork themselves!

Sunny Leone sex


Sunny Leone fucked

When you think of a pornstar you probably think of a beautiful woman with a bunch of makeup, huge tits and a cock in the mouth and/or pussy, right? Well that’s just what you’re getting in this update featuring Sunny Leone from her own website…she’s in a pink tie-top with those big boobs hanging out and thigh high pink stockings, and is spending a little time with one of her guy friends as she drops to her knees and takes his cock in her mouth, then straddles him to go for a nice deep hardcore ride!

Busty Zafira


Zafira for Met Art

I’m not sure what kind of name Zafira is, maybe Sapphire was already taken and this chick wanted to be super unique. Well luckily it doesn’t really matter, her name could be Brickjaw and she would still be a winner with those incredible good looks and spectacular body that she’s showing off in this photoshoot from Met Art! Zafira has big perfect breasts, a stunning face and a great ass, and what’s more she obviously loves spending time naked and runs her hands all over that smooth nude body in these photos, tantalizing us as her fingers brush against that tight shaved pussy.

Lauren Pope


Lauren Pope bikini

I had no idea who Lauren Pope was so I looked her up, apparently she’s a famous DJ in the UK and was voted by some magazine as ‘sexiest DJ alive’ or something like that. It’s a little hard to tell just from these paparazzi type photos of her in a bikini but hey I’ll buy it, she’s at least got fantastic tits and nice legs so she’s already got a thumbs up in my book. I’m sure she’s just getting up and adjusting her bikini bottoms but at a glance it looks like she’s ready to drop them and sit on that guy’s head behind her, I really hope that’s what she did. Anyone know if she’s actually any kind of a good DJ or does she just have a pretty face and nice big boobs? Let me know.

Lily Love Working Out


Lily Love Reality Kings Big Naturals

Here is a hot little workout video with the big naturals and big ass of Lily Love.  I actually think they made her work out because it looks like she got a little sweaty doing all the work in that gym.  The best part of the video though is that Lily has a real deal orgasm while she is riding this guys cock.  Her body is shaking at everything and she has to take a moment to kind of catch her breathe!  If you like this pornstar then you are going to love being a member of the Reality Kings they have 21 scenes of her, that’s right TWENTY ONE!  I don’t know if she is like a contract star with them or what but that has to be one of the highest counts.  All the scenes are amazing, some are just her having lesbian sex others are her in full on hardcore like you see here.  She is one of our favorite pornstars here and she is on one of our favorite sites, so go ahead and check out this video and then make sure to click though to Reality Kings for their tour.

Emma Fucks A Virgin


Emma Starr Brazzers

Emma Starr is doing the work that no woman wants to do and that’s fucking a virgin in this new Brazzers episode.  It’s not all bad she is getting paid for it as Keiran found this hot MILF to fuck her in the yellow pages.  She thinks it’s going to be a pretty quick job but once she see’s the size of man meat this guy is packing she hopes it last a little longer then “normal”.  Sure enough it does, it wouldn’t be a porn if it didn’t though right?  She gets fucked nice and good and teaches him along the way on what to do and where to put what.  After all the orgasms that this nerd gave her Emma couldn’t charge him a penny she is just glad that she didn’t have to pay anything for that kind of sex!  This scene comes from the worlds famous Brazzers website and is called “Can’t Put a Price on Quality” if you wanted to try and find more from it.

New Cassidy Cole


Cassidy Cole Tight Pussy

I like to keep you guys up on what’s going on in the world of porn so I thought I would share with you a new solo girl that just came out.  Her name is Cassidy Cole and my boys over at have a bunch of her galleries if you want to check her out.  This picture comes from that very first gallery entitled “Looking Out The Window”.  I mostly choose it just because I wanted to show you just how perfect this girls pussy is.  She has a very slender body, that is in great shape but by far the most amazing thing about her is that perfect tight little pussy she has, I mean it’s one of the best I have ever seen!  You guys know me though I get overly excited about thing, you will just have to look for yourself and tell me what you think.

18 and Innocent


Chelsea 18 and innocent x art

It just doesn’t seem fair that a girl could have such incredible breasts naturally…at least she’s down to share them with all of us! This beautiful creature is Chelsea, a teen goddess with perfect natural big boobs and a gorgeous face with eyes that make you just want to curl up and take a nap in them. She just started working with X-art fairly recently in a hardcore update called First Loves and then again here, and is showing that amazing body in this photoshoot entitled 18 and Innocent! By the way, just in case you think those tits are a fluke she happens to have a fantastic ass and a nice tight little pussy as well. She must have had some kind of cheatcode for life. If there was any kind of criticism I’d make it would be for her to close her mouth more often to look less like a zombie…but hey, if most people closed their mouths more often we’d all be better off am I right.

Alby Rydes


Mr anal with alby rydes

Most of the girls who show up at the Mr Anal house have been doing anal sex for awhile and know they love it and want to stretch their limits (and their asses) for us, but this update is something special! It features Alby Rydes, who has apparently only done anal once in her life before this so she might not have been fully aware of what she was getting into…although from the way she was moaning and riding that big fat cock in her butt maybe she did! This update from the Bang Bros network is seriously hot business with a beautiful girl working that sexy butt while her huge tits bounced! I guess this chick knew right off the bat that she loved getting her ass fucked…I’m not sure the tattooed shaved head is working out all that great for her though, it looks like she spent too much time in the tanning booth to pull off the alt punk chick look to me.

Sexy Firecracker


Sexy pattycake red stripes

I don’t know what it is about Sexy Pattycake that is just so damn hot…I mean she’s cute and all but she borders on the slightly chubby side and I don’t think she’s ever done a hardcore sex scene but she just has something magical about her. Maybe it’s her personality, maybe it’s those big beautiful breasts popping out of her red corset in this photoshoot, maybe it’s her big round spankable booty that looks so great in her striped stockings, maybe it’s the way she slips a finger into her tight shaved pussy and masturbates for us! Who knows, but Pattycake is one of the hottest out there if you ask me…always fun, always sexy, always trying new things, this blonde is just a pleasure to watch. When her nipple peeks out of her corset while she fingers herself it’s just the icing on the cake, enjoy!

All She Can Take


All she can take on nubile films holly belle

Blonde hottie Holly Belle‘s boyfriend decided it was time to give his woman all she can take so he takes his time working every part of her gorgeous nude body in this Nubile Films update! He licks her ass, eats out her pussy, slides his cock into her mouth and then fucks her good and hard before shooting his load onto her lips for a nice wet facial. Her big breasts get plenty of attention from the camera and for good reason, they look amazing bouncing up and down while she rides that hard dick! I don’t know if that big red chair has ever seen so much hot action in one day, they’re all over it in this episode and even fuck right up against the huge windows for all the world to see.

Fucked Hard


Nubile films paula fucked hard

Beautiful Paula looks like something out of a dream in this update from Nubile Films as she gets stripped down and fucked hard by her tall lanky boyfriend! They’re relaxing in a sun room by a beautiful garden and Paula was looking amazing in her little white nightie so her guy pulled it up to grab that sexy round ass and lay her down on the bean bag chair to lick and finger her sweet shaved pussy before penetrating her with his hard cock. She rides him good and hard for this update until he shoots his load all over her tummy, but what I want to know is what the hell is that contraption off to the right there? It’s either an antique printing press or some kind of medieval torture device…it looks like something that should have an orc pushing it towards a castle. Regardless, Paula is more than hot enough to keep your eyes firmly attached to the hardcore action in this scene!

Mika Three Loads


Mika dates amateur allure

In a little bit of a changeup from the way they normally do things, Amateur Allure is giving us this hot update featuring a cute Asian named Mika…she showed up and asked the videographer guy out on a date and he was more than happy to head out with her, luckily bringing his camera along for the ride. This horny babe couldn’t wait to get his cock in her mouth so he filmed her sucking him off for some road head on the way to dinner, then getting naked to fuck him good and hard before sucking out a second load. Three’s a charm when it comes to cumshots so the next morning she hops into bed with him at the hotel and fucks his brains out, working a third load into her mouth to swallow for the hat trick! This is certainly not the first time Mika has been on the site…if you’re into her and want to see this cutie sucking and fucking some more, check out episode 1 episode 2 episode 3 and episode 4!



Fantasy hd babysitter ariana marie

What guy hasn’t fantasized about banging the hot teen babysitter, especially if she’s anywhere near as stunning as Ariana Marie? She doesn’t exactly spend much time caring for a child in this Fantasy HD update, maybe the kid is down for a nap or something because Ariana just changes into her sexy red bikini and heads outside to get some sun. She rubs oil on her beautiful body, enjoying the feeling of her hands on her skin so much she pulls her bottoms aside and starts masturbating right there in the open! The guy of the house comes home early because he forgot his wallet or something and finds her rubbing that sweet pussy, so he crams his huge cock right into her mouth before bringing Ariana inside for a good hard fuck on the big soft couch. He pounds that tight wet hole of hers good and hard, trying to be quiet enough that they won’t wake up the baby, but neither of them can help but moan when he shoots a nice big load all over her for a dripping facial finish for this hardcore episode!

FTV Gina


Ftv girls gina

She’s not ugly by any means but Gina‘s face isn’t exactly the focus of this FTV Girls update if you ask me….she has an amazing ass and loves to show it off! Her tits are no slouch either, nor are those long lovely legs of hers, but that butt is just top shelf material. Watch this total first timer getting naked in public for a nude jog, hanging out by the pool in her bikini and flashing her titties, even sliding a big cucumber into her pussy to masturbate as she rubs her clit with her other hand! She has some great orgasms in this update and just has a damn good time pushing her own envelopes as only FTV Girls can do. And to answer your question yes she does play with her ass a bit, I know she does some anal fingering but I didn’t see if she sticks a toy in that booty or not. I hope she did but I can’t guarantee it…what I can guarantee is that this girl is sexy as hell! We can only hope Gina will come back for another update at some point to play some more but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Raquel Pomplun


Raquel pomplun playboy

I don’t know if you know this about me but one photography technique I absolutely hate is selective color…if that term doesn’t ring a bell it’s when someone takes a picture and turns it into grayscale except for one particular color that’s left. You’ve probably seen that shit on Facebook at some point, there will be like a grayscale photograph but there’s a single red rose in it. I hate that shit, I think it’s cliche as hell…anyway the point is, this Playboy photoshoot with Raquel Pomplun is riding the edge of that prettttty closely here, it’s not quite selective color but it’s enough to put me on edge a little. It’s a good thing this hottie has a great ass to distract me from it!

Hangover Dump


Hangover dump

Still feeling a little delicate from a rough weekend? Having a hard time getting into the flow of things at work? Maybe what you need is a little hangover dump…take a few clicks through this cornucopia and see sexy babes showing off their asses on twitter, bending over to give you a look down their shirts, some funny comedy and just some random weird shit that will take your mind off the fact that all your shoes are covered in vomit from trying to mix tequila with mayonnaise the other night. Man, did that even seem like a good idea at the time or was that just a dare? Either way, I hope you’ve got a very understanding boss.

Shione Cooper


Shione cooper showre

Beautiful Shione Cooper was already plenty hot enough with just her good looks and sexy ass but when you add those huge unbelievable full breasts into the mix she just becomes flat-out amazing! This voluptuous sweetheart has hopped into the tub with her lucky guy pal in this DDF Busty photoshoot, kissing him passionately and helping him soap up his cock by putting suds on her big melons and letting him tittyfuck her until he’s squeaky clean. She sucks cock, gets her huge boobs squeezed and bends over to get fucked all in this one hot hardcore scene! Shione is always a dream, but it’s extra nice to see her getting a good hard deep dicking instead of just masturbating.

Alura Jensen Fat Ass


Alura Jensen Big Fat Ass

Alura Jensen sure has a lot of junk in her trunk I mean god damn!  She is fucking some lucky ass college guy in this video.  Not only is he getting to fuck this curvy MILF but he is getting a discount on rent on top of that!  Alura Jensen went over to her rentals in this video from Naughty America’s Seduced by a Cougar to interview a guy that wanted to rent it.  When she saw him she knew that she was going to be able to get this dick in her wet pussy so she played with him for a bit and then finally just came right out and told him if he fucked her she would hook him and his college Bros up.  With the dicking he put down in this video I am pretty sure these guys are getting a screaming deal!  You have to love Naughty America for always having nice plot lines and stuff like that, it’s not just straight up gonzo porn, these guys put some effort into every single video!

Lounging Around


Joymii ivy lounging around

In this sexy shoot from Joymii, Logan and his gorgeous girlfriend Ivy are just lounging around in their underwear. For most of us that would mean they’re sitting on the couch crunching fistfuls of Doritos and cackling at some stupid sitcom but for these two it means they’re getting naked and fucking in the living room! Luckily the cameras are rolling so we get to join in, or at least get a front row seat to the action…Ivy looks fantastic getting those white panties tugged off her long legs and her pussy fingered and licked, and even better when she takes her man’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob! Ivy ends up bending over and getting fucked from behind as her guy grabs that sweet ass with both hands, penetrating that pussy doggystyle which as we all know is Ivy’s favorite position to get fucked in.

Kimber Day


Pawg kimber day

It’s always a treat to see which phat ass white girl will be featured in the newest PAWG update…this week it’s sexy Kimber Day taking the center spotlight with that tiny waist and big round juicy booty bouncing all over the damn place! Man…some asses are big and sloppy but this butt is amazing, you want it to just touch down right on your face, can you imagine how hot that would be? I guess the guy in this gallery doesn’t need to imagine it, Kimber sits on his face and goes for a little mustache ride before bending over to get her sweet pussy filled up with rock hard dick! I guess it’s hard to resist fucking the pussy that’s next to a beautiful round peach like Kimber’s caboose…that’s why she’s such a hit on the Bang Bros network. The fact that she’s cute as hell and has nice perky boobies doesn’t hurt either, nor does her seemingly limitless libido!

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