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Delilah Davis


Delilah Davis MILFs Like It Black

Delilah Davis is a new MILF to me but I found her over at my buddies site and thought you would like to see her swallowing up this huge black cock.  It’s a video from a Mofos site actually.  You wouldn’t guess it but they mostly have like younger 18 to 29 girls on their site but they have one site and one site only called “MILFs Like It Black” and that’s where this video comes from.  Pretty funny that they just have one MILF site and it’s not even a normal one it’s these MILFs fucking cocks so big you might think they’re fake.  I can tell you though I have seen the fake dick sites plenty in my days in porn so I know the difference these guys are real.  Delilah is one of the girls that can actually handle the dick though… When she rides this guy she doesn’t just stay on the tip of his dick and ride it up and down like a inch or something.  She goes all the way to the top of his tip and down to his balls, any moment you think it’s just going to pop out her throat or something LOL, I am impressed Delilah!

Marina Angel


Marina angel for massage girls 18

To paraphrase the movie Princess Bride, there is a shortage of perfect asses in the world, it would be a shame to ruin this one…luckily there doesn’t seem to be any danger of Marina Angel ruining her ass when she gives it a frequent workout like this! She’s on the site Massage Girls 18 to try her hand as a masseuse but what she really wants is to get that hard cock inside her pussy and go for a ride. After stroking the guy to stiffness and sucking him for a minute she gets her wish, taking him deep in her hole and bouncing that perfect butt up and down as she fucks him for this hot hardcore episode! Looks like everyone is getting a happy ending today.

Fast Times


Zishy rainia belle fast times

She might go by the name Lilith Lust on Zishy but we know her better as Rainia Belle…she’s already done a few sexy photoshoots for this site and always looks like she’s having a blast, so it’s no surprise she’s back for another one here! She’s wearing a high school letterman jacket and a dress that barely covers her bouncy round booty, looking like an actress from Fast Times at Ridgemont High or something as she hikes it up and flashes her sheer white panties for us! This sultry redhead looks a little nervous about mounting up on a Harley but she looks great doing it, and even better when she rolls around in the grass at night lifting her legs up and enjoying the cool evening breeze! A fun girl with a great personality coupled with a great body and having a fun time shooting sexy photos…it’s like the perfect combination. Now, if only she would get completely naked.



Belle fucked hard 18

Shy skinny teen Belle seems a little reluctant to get completely nude in this Fucked Hard 18 update as she undresses to get ready for her rubdown…she’s got great perky little boobies and a nice tight ass though, so we’ll have to be satisfied with that right? WRONG my friend…the masseuse starts oiling her up and rubbing her down and soon she’s getting wet in the pussy and is more than happy to have him pull off her little panties and give her clit some attention with his fingers! If you want a laugh check out what happens when he slides his cock into that wet twat, but that little hiccup aside this is a great fuck scene starring a very sexy girl! She spreads those long lean legs and plays with herself while she sucks his cock before getting pinned face-first to the massage table and fucked from behind. She gets that magnificent tight 18 year old body worked and fucked before the guy finishes things off by shooting his load all over her face and bouncy petite titties!

Homemade Porn


Mofos b sides ava taylor homemade porn

Get ready for some homemade porn, diy style! Sweet and slightly geeky Ava Taylor keeps her glasses on while she gets her panties pulled off and her pussy fingered in this video from the Mofos site B-Sides, showing that perfect tight little body of hers! Her boyfriend had been aching to give that wet hole of hers a nice deep dicking and figured this was the perfect opportunity…some girls get a little shy when the camera is on them but not Ava, she loves being the center of attention and I think she gets even more turned on knowing so many guys are watching her get fucked on the internet now! After getting her hole worked in a few different positions she takes a nice POV facial, getting her boyfriend’s man-cream all over her chin and dripping down onto her perky little boobies.

Show and Tell


Moms bang teens episode show and tell

I know you guys have been looking forward to another hot gallery of Heather Night content, and now your time has cum! Get it, what I did there? Anyway, Heather and her boyfriend started out naked in bed after a long night of hot steamy sex…she got up to take a shower and while she was gone her stepmom Eva Karera came into the bedroom and found her boyfriend naked on the bed! He was a little taken aback at first as was she, but she recovered quickly and told him he had a nice body before she left. Pretty ballin move if you ask me. She headed into the bathroom and found Heather there and couldn’t resist grabbing that sweet ass of hers and making out! They were busy eating out each others’ pussies when Heather’s boy came into the bathroom looking for his shoes or something and found them both half naked and licking twat like lesbians! They begged him not to tell Eva’s husband and invited him to join them and you don’t say no to that shit when the girls are as hot as these two…they all end up naked and fucking with the girls sharing his love juices at the end of this Moms Bang Teens update called Show and Tell!

Kelsey and Hazel


Ftv girls with kelsey and hazel

We’ve seen hot teen Kelsey once before in her own update from FTV Girls but it’s a whole different ballgame to see her together with her sexy, horny, pretty girlfriend Hazel! I have the feeling we’ll be seeing more of Hazel in the future since she’s so hot and so willing to get naked and push her boundaries for this girl-girl update, stretching her pussy with some truly huge toys and of course making out and licking Kelsey’s tight pink pussy and her ass with some rimming action. Two beautiful and sexually experimental teen honeys with big tits and tight firm asses getting naked and spending a weekend together like lesbian girlfriends, playing with toys and exploring each other with hands, lips and tongues? Sounds like a recipe for awesome if you ask me and after taking a look at these great photos I think you’ll give it the ol’ thumbs up as well.



Chloe amour x art temptress

When you think of a temptress you probably get an image in mind of a gorgeous exotic babe with big perfect breasts, seductive eyes, and a sexy come-hither smile. Well lucky for you (and for me too) that’s exactly the kind of temptress X-art thinks of as well! They call her Amelie but you and I know her better as the beautiful Chloe Amour. This is a solo photoshoot so we don’t get to see her taking a big dick in that perfect pussy but hey, it’s Chloe so it’s not like anything or anyone else is needed to make it sexy as hell…just Chloe rolling around in the nude like this, grabbing her big breasts and sliding her hands down to play with her pussy! Watching Chloe masturbate is about as tempting as things get, so the name of this update is pretty well earned if you ask me.

Riley Reid Big Mouthfuls


Riley Reid Big Mouthfuls

Riley Reid has a brand new hardcore video out from Bang Bros today from their Big Mouthfuls site.  In this scene you’re going to see a super cute pornstar swallowing a load of cum.  Bang Bros sites are all pretty much based on something and Big Mouthfuls is of course each girl getting a big mouthful of cum and swallowing it.  Riley seems to be growing out that bush bigger and bigger wonder if she is going to ever trip that puppy down I mean DAMN!  She actually has a really tight pussy as you can see here but in this picture it looks like it’s a little meaty and the only reason for that is there is a huge dick inside of her, I just couldn’t fit it into the picture dimensions that I have here.  She is really enjoying the fucking and I wanted to get that super cute smile of hers in it so I just took out the dick.  The video is really well done and the great thing about joining Bang Bros is that you will get a lot of scenes of Riley there along with 1000’s of other pornstars, plus it’s CHEAP.

Desire5k Rides Anywhere


Desire5k Rides Dick on Chair

I think I could make a Dr. Seuss rhyme about all the places that Desire5k can ride a dick.  She can do it on a chair, she can do it in the air she can do it anywhere, dammit I did it anyways.   She looks like she lost a little weight in this video which is just fine by me because unlike most girls when she loses a couple LBS it doesn’t come off the important parts her ass and her titties!  She is giving her man her patented ride but this time she is doing it on a chair.  If you want to see her take it to the couch that you see behind them, well she has rode his dick there as well LOL!  I wonder if they just go through their house and try to find new places to fuck.  They have pretty much done it everywhere at this point, but don’t worry I will keep checking back on this black beauty and see if she can come up with anything new!



Natalie for net video girls'

Alright…real talk here. Net Video Girls can be a little hit-or-miss with their models sometimes, but I guess that’s just what they have to deal with when girls respond to their ads asking them to audition for calendar shoots and hiphop videos. Sometimes they tend to be a little, well, homely I guess is a nice way to put it. Some might say ass-nasty. On the other hand, sometimes the stars align and they get a girl like Natalie here, who is absolutely fucking gorgeous. She’s got some womanly curves to her so she doesn’t look like she’d break if you fuck her and after this guy skillfully talks her out of her clothes we get to see that body in action! She sucks his big black cock and gets those big perfect tits bouncing as she impales her pussy on his meat, sliding up and down and moaning with pleasure as he films the whole thing. She’s got big hopes for getting a spot on the music video dance squad but I’ve got some good news and some bad news for her…the bad news is that there is no video, but the good news is that she’s now in the upper echelons of nude amateur hotties getting fucked for Net Video Girls!

Sensory Overload


Pure mature sensory overload

When Alektra Blue slips a blindfold over her man’s eyes she gives him a bit of sensory overload just to drive him nuts in this Pure Mature update! She starts off kissing him passionately before shoving her big tits in his face for him to lick and suck, but when his cock is hard as a stone and her pussy is dripping wet she lets him take off the blindfold to give her a good hard fucking. He slides his tool deep in that sweet wet hole after eating her out, making Alektra throw her head back and shudder and moan with pleasure! Those big fake tits of hers bounce as he pounds her slit, teasing her pierced clit with his cock until she cums all over him. Speaking of coming all over the place, she gets him so hot and bothered that soon he can’t take anymore and has to shoot his load all over her for a nice facial ending!

Noelle in the Park


Noelle easton for zishy

On a beautiful crisp fall day Noelle Easton decided to go for a walk in the park and the Zishy cameraman was along for the hike! She loves the outdoors and it shows in her easygoing demeanor and sparkling eyes as she walks around in the leaves, pulling her white tank top down to show those huge beautiful titties as she smiles knowingly! With big boobs and a stunning face and a juicy booty like Noelle’s packing it’s a wonder the park wasn’t full of drooling guys but she’s all by herself besides the photographer, so her personality is free to come out and relax in some very hot and fun photos for you.

Mon Amour


Chloe amour on 21 sextury

With her gorgeous face, incredible round ass and big perky titties, Chloe Amour has no trouble finding a willing guy when she’s feeling the need for a nice hard cock in her pussy…as it turns out, that happens pretty damn often! In this update from the site 21 Sextury for instance she’s hanging out having a drink with a guy pal and soon it turns into an all-out fuckfest as she peels off her stretchy pants and gets those perfect tits out! I know I know I already posted a gallery of Chloe Amour today but that was a solo masturbation thing and this is a hardcore sex episode so I figured why not play the field a little. I don’t think anyone will complain…just look at how hot this girl is and how much fun she must be to slide your cock into and you’ll see what I mean!

Ready For Cock


Ariana Marie HD Love Ready For Cock

Ariana Marie is getting that deep dicking in this new video from HD Love.  It’s called Ready For Cock and you can tell from how wet that pussy is that she was totally ready for the dick.  She has her legs as far back as they can go because she wants it as deep as it could go.  The scene is really high quality just the way I like my erotica.  The video ends with Ariana getting a facial. The best part about HD Love is they’re one of those sites that don’t have the same damn ending to every single video.  Sometimes a girl will get a facial, other times a girl will get a creampie it all just depends.  What I will tell you is that Ariana has had a lot of great scenes you can see that by checking out all the galleries we have posted, or you can just believe me because after all I am a professional.

Shy Tan Teen


Shy teen for girls do porn

She’s 19, she’s gorgeous, and she’s adorably shy without being TOO shy if you catch my meaning. Check out this tanned amateur hottie on Girls Do Porn…she likes watching porn, particularly threesomes, and says that threeways are a fantasy of hers. She’d like to get into one but this isn’t the day, hopefully she’ll be back on the site in the future and will give it a whirl for us! If that wasn’t hot enough, her alone is plenty to get your motor running in her first adult video ever. She enjoys sucking cock and looks like she’s pretty damn good at it, but the real star of the show is that tight little ass of hers! She gets bent over and fucked nice and hard, then goes for a ride on the guy’s meat. For such a quiet and calm girl she definitely lets loose a bit as she takes that cock in her tight wet hole! If I was to nitpick at all I’d have to say I’m not a big fan of girls who have spent a lot of time in the tanning booth…with her super white teeth and thin-lipped smile this chick can look a little like Fire Marshall Bill but hey what can ya do. Don’t let that bug you though, this girl is definitely smokin hot.

MILF Tiffany


Milf tiffany on exploited college girls

Now keep in mind this chick has had four (thats right, fucking four) kids so she’s not exactly a spring chicken in terms of pussy tightness and boob perkiness but she’s only 22 years old so there’s plenty of life left in that body! She’s a down-home cutie named Tiffany who’s trying to make a little extra cash by doing this video for Exploited College Girls…is it still accurate to consider her a MILF even though she’s only 22? I mean I know technically it’s accurate since she’s very very fuckable and is definitely a mom but it seems a little deceptive given what your average MILF looks like. Anyway, Tiffany has big (albeit a little deflated) titties and a nice ass, it’s easy to see why her boyfriend or husband or whatever wanted to fuck her all the time…the only thing is that she doesn’t like sucking cock, which is going to put a hell of a crimp in her porn career plans if you ask me. She does it a little though and then gets bent over and fucked in this update, so if you like to see a cute amateur milf get pounded and facialed you’ve come to the right place!

Scrub It Clean


Passion hd chloe amour scrub it clean

 When Chloe Amour got home the kitchen was a disaster and her boyfriend was just relaxing and watching TV…she wanted to teach him a lesson so she put on some sexy denim, showed the guy the dirty counter and told him to scrub it clean so he could fuck her on it! That was more than enough incentive of course to get him off his ass and do a little housework for once, and soon he was enjoying his reward…they started out on the counter with him licking Chloe’s pussy, then headed to the couch for a little more cushion for the pushin! She’s got that amazing body in full effect and it’s working its magic on him as he slides his big cock into her hole and grabs those perky perfect titties of hers, pounding her pussy until finally shooting his load into her mouth to finish off this Passion HD update. If only there was a gorgeous exotic hottie like Chloe around when my kitchen is dirty, I’d have a hell of a lot more incentive to pick up once in awhile! You know if Chloe told you to clean house that thing would be goddamn spotless if her ass was up for grabs…

Kiara and Veronica


Kiara Mia and Veronica Rodriguez

This scene is from Brazzers but it’s very much Moms Bang Teenish.  I consider those guys like the founding fathers of this niche where MILFs like Kiara Mia teach younger 20 somethings how to have sex, girls like Veronica Rodriguez.  I like the match up these did with these two just because Kiara is a Latin babe and so is Veronica.  To be honest how could you not choose Kiara over Veronica, all those amazing curves of hers she is amazing!  She teaches Veronica how to suck a good dick and then she teaches her how to ride.  I am not sure she needed much help with that but Kiara helped her out where she could.  At some point the she just got tired of helping throughout the sex session so she got on all fours and told the guy to start pounding her.  Veronica gets underneath Kiara and sucks on her clit and the guys balls and he fucks her doggystyle, that guy had to just be in heaven! Just as a extra bonus for all you guys who actually read what I write (thank you) you can check out this other Kiara video from 21 Sextury that just came out today as well.



Ftv girls marlie

So here’s the thing about sexiness…some girls have it, some girls don’t. The ones who don’t can sometimes fake it and basically make do, but the best ones in my opinion are the girls who are sexy as hell but couldn’t give less of a shit and are just having a ball! If you haven’t already guessed, that’s the category this FTV Girls update girl named Marlie falls into…she’s undeniably gorgeous and sexy as all hell with a perfect body but she doesn’t feel like a diva or anything like that, she’s just having a fantastic time showing off in the nude and masturbating with some huge toys, slipping them into her tight teen pussy until she cums all over the place for her smokin hot debut. Hopefully she never starts taking things too seriously or her attractiveness will go down, is my theory…and that would be a shame, those perky 18 year old boobies and that nice smooth firm ass are too hot to waste on a self-centered attention whore, so hopefully Marlie keeps being Marlie!



Melody on backroom casting couch

Some girls get into the adult industry for the money or for the fame but the best seem to be the ones who get into it because they love sex! That’s just what’s coming down the pipe in this update from Backroom Casting Couch starring Melody…she starts out with the introduction interview but you can tell she’s just itching to get to the fucking and I guess the casting director could tell too, especially when she makes herself cum from masturbating for about 30 seconds! He puts her through her paces, fucking her face and pussy and even going for some nice anal action which she doesn’t mind at all, before shooting his load into her mouth for her to swallow down. I don’t know if she’ll be a big hit in the adult industry but she certainly looks like a good fuck!



Net video girls nico

This is one of the remastered episodes from Net Video Girls from way back in the day, but I for one had never seen it so I figured I’d toss it your way as well. Apart from looking like she was just yanked out of bed by her hair, blonde amateur Nico is pretty cute! Apparently she had been to the NVG studio once before but the director told her the footage wasn’t so great so he wanted her in for round 2…this girl was worried that she was the problem, the guy reassured her that she did fine but man you can see the manipulation going on there, pretty amazing how he plays her like a fiddle! Sure enough, soon she was on her knees sucking his cock and then after a nice blowjob she slid her tight wet pussy down on his shaft to go for a ride in this POV scene. I’m not a huge fan of POV but hey, with a scene like this you’ve gotta take what you’re given you know what I mean?

Gisele sucking


XO Gisele sucking

See, it was already kind of unfair that Gisele from XO Gisele was teasing us with those huge tits but then she just went over the top and stuck a big pink vibrator between her boobs and started licking and sucking it! Dirty pool if you ask me…you can tell she knows it too, in the last photo in this hot set she’s laughing as she licks that cock and grabs her tits because she knows she looks incredible and every guy in the audience is sitting there with a boner and an expression of frustration at not actually being in that room with her.

Toni Leanne


Busty Brits Toni Leanne

You might think this girl Toni Leanne is a little shy at first but don’t be fooled, this mischievous vixen just wants to reel you in so she can blast you in the face with a double dose of huge boob hotness! Not that I think anyone around is complaining…she looks fantastic in this photoshoot from the site Busty Brits, popping off her sexy bra to let those huge natural breasts out to play as she lounges on the couch, giving you that seductive little smirking grin because she knows exactly what you want to do with her and she likes it.

Anal Creampie


Amateur anal creampie

Imagine peeking over your neighbor’s fence and seeing them outside just going at it like this with the guy’s cock buried balls-deep in his MILF wife’s tight ass while she rubs her clit and moans! She’s a mature nympho with a hankering for some back door loving…you can tell she likes being watched too as the cameras roll with her masturbating and moaning as she gets her ass pounded, taking an anal creampie in the great outdoors for all the world to see in this video clip. If you’re a fan of milf-next-door type videos and anal sex you’ll be in hog heaven!

Jayden Lee


Jayden Lee Lets Try Anal

It’s a day full of anal action, looks like! This is an update from the Mofos network site Lets Try Anal and Jayden Lee figures it’s time to take it in the back alley…needless to say, her guy pal is more than happy to give it a whirl. We get a nice close up view of Jayden’s round juicy booty getting penetrated in this hot hardcore scene…it’s a little hard to tell if she really likes it or if it’s a little more painful than she likes, but man it’s definitely hot to watch! Hopefully she’s an anal convert now and we’ll be seeing more of this kind of thing from her.

Rihanna Rimes


Rihanna Rimes fucks

When Rihanna Rimes starts off this video from WCP Club you already know it’s gonna be a doozy…this ebony hottie has great tits and a fantastic ass that look like a dream when she splashes around in the pool and then does a little oiled up sunbathing! I guess her guy pal thought so too because soon he had his balls in her mouth and then his huge black cock in her pussy. The guy doesn’t look like he’d be donkey-hung but man he really gives her the ol’ meatbat in this hot video clip!

Feet Trained For Love


Satin Bloom 21 Naturals

This is kind of a foot fetish gallery but it’s not all completely that if that isn’t your thing.  The camera definitely takes the time to get the feet in certain shots but to be honest it’s hot.  The girl in this 21 Naturals scene is named Satin Bloom and you guys should know her pretty good!  Take any chance I can to post a new gallery of here.  For the lucky few who actually read my little blogs about each gallery you are going to get a extra video of her.  That one is nothing more then her masturbating though.  In this scene you get to see the guy sucking on her feet and then she shows off her skills by giving him a footjob.  I think the way a lot of these kinds of scene end is the guy cums on their toes.  I don’t know how he could ever pull out of that perfect pussy that Satin has but you will see for yourself I won’t ruin it for you.

Naughty New Neighbor


Passion hd naughty new neighbor

Cmon let’s be honest now, every man dreams about getting a naughty new neighbor, especially one anywhere near as hot as Jenna Ross in this update from Passion HD! She comes by her new neighbor’s house with a bottle of wine to say hi and soon she was in his lap, kissing him and then taking him to the bedroom (and beyond) to really enjoy his ‘welcome wagon’! That’s the name she gives his big thick cock, by the way. This petite brunette has an incredible nude body that looks like she’d snap in half if you gave her a good deep dicking but she takes that big meat again and again, riding him hard right on the stairway until he shoots his load all over her for a very hot update. Most of my new neighbors tend to look like Rosie O’Donnell so I guess I’m just in the wrong neighborhood or something.

Carmen Caliente


Carmen caliente casting couch x

With a name like Carmen Caliente you just know this Latina babe is gonna be one hot little pepper! Sure enough, Carmen brings her A-game to Casting Couch X to try and impress everyone and break her way into this business…well, with a pretty face like that and her sexy horny body I think she’s got a leg up on the competition. Watch as she pulls her ankles up to her ears to let the casting director play with her pussy, showing off for the camera and then dropping to her knees to suck his cock for her hot casting video! She gets bent over the table and plowed from behind, making those perky juicy boobies of hers bounce and swing as the guy slaps balls against her thighs doggystyle. They end up trying out all kinds of positions, with Carmen’s legs all over the place as she gets a nice pussy workout! Hopefully some sites see her casting video here and give her a job offer because I’m not sure this guy is going to want to share her with anybody else…maybe he’s hoping to bring her back in for another ‘casting call’!

Putting On A Show


X art putting on a show for you lauren

Who wouldn’t want a private show from sexy X-art newcomer Lauren? She’s putting on a show for you in this photoshoot, relaxing in the bedroom and giving you a nice look at every inch of that tight nubile body in and out of her favorite pink lingerie. She’s gorgeous with a great smile and an even greater body with perky round titties, a spectacular ass and a nice pink pussy that she looks eager and ready to get filled up with cock! Hopefully at some point she’ll do a hot hardcore scene for the site but since she’s the new girl who knows what she’ll get up to…I think we all have high hopes for her though. Hopefully she’s not just a pretty face with no personality like a few girls I could mention…I guess we’ll all find out on this big adventure called life.

Zoey is Back


Zoey monroe mr anal

Sexy pornstar Zoey Monroe loves getting fucked in that sweet round ass of hers so much that she decided to head to the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal to see how the big boys do it! She starts out fingering her tight pucker before using a toy or two but what she really wants is that big meaty dick to pound her hole and that’s just what she gets. It’s a hot anal fuck scene with a smokin hot and horny blonde pornstar, what else could I possibly say that tells the story more than that? She does take a big facial, getting frosted with a creamy load of jizz but that’s basically a given for this girl. Now, if she would only get rid of that stupid hat…she’s already been on Mr Anal once before, so maybe she’ll be back soon for round 3!

Frosted Cups


Sexy pattycake frosting shower

When I first saw this gallery of Sexy Pattycake taking a shower and rubbing shaving cream onto herself I thought she was going to shave but man, she just kept on going and soon I realized she just loves the feeling of cream all over her body! She can’t stop rubbing it into those big perfect boobs of hers, tickling her nipples and then sliding her hands over her round juicy ass. With her multicolored poofy shower cap on she looks like a cupcake and she’s certainly getting some nice frosted cups in this hot photoshoot from her own website! It’s a good thing she’s doing all this in the shower, it’ll make getting nice and squeaky clean a snap after she’s done playing around. I think that’s one of the hottest things about Pattycake, she always loves to play and just have fun with her sexuality!

Teanna West


Teanna west for fucked hard 18

This girl Teanna West looks like a dream and has an ass you have got to see to believe! She’s shown up at the Fucked Hard 18 studio for her free rubdown which of course turns into much more when the masseuse’s hands wander down and start tickling her clit…he’s already oiled up her sexy nude body by this point and takes the opportunity to easily slide his dick into her pussy which is dripping wet with desire! I guess she was getting as turned on as he was by all the rubbing because she got right into it, moaning and bucking her hips back onto his hard meat as he penetrated her from behind. She raises a bit of a conundrum because she’s smokin hot but man oh man that ass is amazing, so it’s a pickle whether to fuck her from front or back! Well no need to worry, this guy does both and gives us a great view of every inch of exotic honey Teanna’s hot body for this update.

I Want To Tell You


X art i want to tell you

Prepare yourself for some of the hottest lesbian action around…you already know X-art can bring the hotness and here’s even more proof! Bailey is brand new to the site but you’re bound to fall instantly in lust with her when she gets together with hottie Lisa for this sexy scene called I Want To Tell You…Lisa was lying on her stomach and when she felt her lover’s hands sliding over her body she lifted her sexy firm butt up to give better access to her already-wet pussy! Bailey gives her what she wants and both of these hotties end up with mind-blowing orgasms in this sexy twosome.

Rainia Belle Anal


Rainia Belle Anal Sex

I like a lot of what is going on in this video!  It’s from Let’s Try Anal a site that we have posted a lot of videos from and then it’s of this gorgeous redhead you guys all know well Rainia Belle or Lilith Lust whatever you know her by.  She has nice big fake titties and just a perfect tight pussy so good that this guy passes up a lot of anal just so he can pound that thing for a little bit.  It looks like Rainia isn’t too stoked about anal it looks more like painal but she is a champ for trying isn’t she?  The only problem I have with the video is it’s fucking shaky cam POV that shit drives me crazy after a while… I can’t be the only one that wants a nice wide angle, sure you can get up in there every once in a while but the POV gets old after a while.  Or you could even do that Porn Goes Pro does and have that camera strapped to a guys head at least that looks better.

Alina Li


Mofos best girlfriend ever

Check out this video of when Alina Li was an unknown, and man oh man she must have been the best gf ever! She’s probably the hottest Asian in the hardcore biz right now if you ask me, and hopefully she never falls into the trap of getting a boob job like some girls do…Alina has perfect perky little boobies and it would be terrible if she messes them up. Watch this cutie show off on the window seat, shaking that perfect firm butt before heading into the bedroom and giving her boyfriend a footjob, blowjob and fuck job! Wait, that’s not a thing is it…well anyway she grabs his cock and impales her tight little pussy on it, bouncing up and down and spreading her ass to get pounded from behind for this hot update from I Know That Girl, part of the Mofos network of sites. A gorgeous Asian with perfect breasts, perfect ass, perfect face, just plain amazing.



Tysen for massage girls 18

This tall gorgeous drink of water is Tysen and she’s at Massage Girls 18 to try her hand at the massage game…she’s a decent enough masseuse but kept getting in trouble because of the way she can’t keep her hands and mouth off of the customers! They never seemed to mind but their wives certainly did…watch Tysen strip down and show those cute little purple crotchless panties before getting her perky little boobies out and then taking the guy’s cock right through her panties and fucking her on top of the massage table. I always love when they get a truly smokin hot babe on this site, they don’t look like they can rub their way out of a wet paper bag but they fuck like crazy and look great doing it.

Brooke Wylde


Casting couch x with brooke wylde

Some girls just know they’re destined to make it big in the adult industry…girls like Brooke Wylde here know they’ve got what it takes to be a hit, just look at her beautiful face and those amazing big tits! I love seeing these girls before they really get into the industry, they’re full of enthusiasm and are eager to please…check out her introductory video on Casting Couch X as she tells us a little about herself, stripping down nude to masturbate before bending over to get fucked by the fake casting director! I guess he must have passed her info along after all because Brooke’s been on a few sites since this was shot. Always nice to see a dream come true.

Lily Ocean


Lily ocean for bang bus

Let me paint you a picture of the mind, if I may…say you’re walking along the sidewalk and a minivan pulls up, the door slides open and when you peek inside you see a gorgeous amateur asian like Lily Ocean sitting there swinging her panties on her finger! Do you A. Jump your ass inside and fuck her brains out, or B. trick question, there is no other option than A. This is the Bang Bus and she’s on the roll to see what lucky dudes she can get to fuck her! With her pretty face, sexy titties and that big juicy round ass it’s not like she has a hard time finding willing hard cocks to fill that sweet pussy.

Sex Addict Anonymous


Fantasy hd sex addict anonymous tucker star

I’m not so sure this sex addict therapist is doing the trick for horn yblonde Tucker Star…or maybe it’s just his fantasy to have a girl come into his office and be unable to keep her hands off her pussy and her mouth off his cock! Tucker starts out lounging on his huge comfy looking leather chair, sliding her hands into her skirt and playing with her pussy as she talks about her nymphomaniac tendencies…after masturbating for a bit she notices her therapist is getting hard in his pants so she grabs his cock and goes to town! A nice sexy blowjob gets her even more wet in the panties, which the guy takes advantage of by turning her around and fucking her hard from behind in this Fantasy HD update called Sex Addict Anonymous. Her perfect pussy gets a nice workout and so does the chair as he pounds her hole and then shoots a big creamy load all over her for a nice messy facial finish!

So Right Its Wrong


X art so right its wrong scarlet kendall

Sometimes it’s obvious where the names come from for X-art episodes and sometimes they’re less so…the latter is the case for this one entitled So Right It’s Wrong, featuring the lovely duo of Scarlet and Kendall as they do a sexy striptease outside of their friend James’ window. He of course invites them in to continue and they get naked while he watches, kissing and caressing each other to drive him wild! I guess it works because soon he’s lost his underwear and is taking turns licking and fingering each of the girls before fucking them both in this hot hardcore threesome. The title might be a little puzzling but the scene itself is crystal clear…who doesn’t love a nice threeway, especially one that ends with two beautiful girls getting showered in cum?

Alina Li


Bang bros 18 alina li

In this update from Bang Bros 18 we’ve got our favorite tight little Asian hottie Alina Li getting ready for a hot night out in front of a big mirror, putting on makeup and making sure her perky boobies look just right…soon her guy pal shows up and when he gets a look at her he just can’t help but grab her and slide his dick down her throat! Alina is more than happy to take some time out for a good hard fuck, getting her tight pussy pounded right there in the dressing room. When she’s up next to her reflection it’s like she has an identical twin sister getting fucked right next to her but man that would just be an overload of sexy, I don’t think the human brain could handle two Alina Li’s getting pussy-pounded at once!

Jennica Lynn


Jennica Lynn XL Girls

Man oh man that is a lot of woman right there…if you’ve got a hunger for a girl with plenty of meat on her bones, Jennica Lynn might just blow your mind! This curvy BBW sexpot is hanging out in her favorite place, the kitchen, pulling the top of her dress aside to play with those enormous natural boobs for XL Girls! She rubs herself with fruit, showing how her titties absolutely dwarf a couple of apples, then squeezes a little juice on her titties for a refreshing morning beverage. There’s no better way to get your vitamin c than by drinking fresh juice off a pair of huge breasts, I always say! Well, that’s what I always say from now on, at least.

Ocean Front


Als Scan Ocean Front

These two hotties are hanging out on the beach together in their bikinis and I guess rubbing suntan lotion on each other just turned them on like crazy because soon they were both naked and making out and licking each other up and down! Hopefully they were careful about the sand because man that would be a nuisance but I don’t think these sexy lesbians were too concerned about something like that…they were too busy fisting and eating pussy and licking each others ass to worry about sand getting in their slits!

Amber Rouge


Amber Rouge for Twistys

Got a hankering for a sexy stunning redhead? Try these shots of Amber Rouge for Twistys on for size! She’s absolutely gorgeous and has no qualms about whipping off her bra to show off her perky pierced tits or lifting her legs to spread her pussy and give you a nice look at her pretty pink privates. Sexy from head to toe with that seductive little half-smile and a horny wet pussy to boot? Sounds like heaven to me…but then again maybe I just have a weakness for smokin hot redheads who love to get fucked.

Vanessa Jay


Vanessa Jay Playboy

Who else but Playboy would bring you a photoshoot of a hot and sexy blonde like Vanessa Jay stripping out of her lingerie and looking amazing doing it? Well actually I’m sure a billion sites probably would, but Playboy actually knows how to do it up right…Vanessa looks seductive and smokin hot as she lounges on a big plush bed slowly stripping down nude and giving that little come-hither look as she wiggled her sexy ass at us. I noticed she kept her tits hidden beneath her after her bra came off though, maybe she was getting a little lifting help from it?

Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus Rolling Stone

When I caught a glimpse of this Rolling Stone issue featuring Miley Cyrus my initial instinct was ‘oh god here we go, more of this attention-whore’ but then I remembered she’s fucking smokin hot and loves teasing her body around so hey, go ahead and take a look. There’s no real nudity mind you, just some hand bras and the like but she is cute as hell, attention-whore or no. One question though, did she really tattoo the words ‘rolling $tone’ on her feet? What a terrible idea.

Missy and Ava


Ava Addams and Missy Martinez

This is a really hot video from Brazzers with Ava Addams and Missy Martinez.  The two of them are being some private eye’s following Ava’s husband to this random house because they suspect he is cheating.  Sure enough he is and he is doing it at a interesting place, it’s a swingers home.  They’re all about pleasing each other and the guy who runs the house let Missy and Ava know that he could blow their minds if they were open to it.  Since Ava found out her husband was cheating she wanted to get revenge and she has always wanted to lick that perfect pussy that she knows her friend Missy has.  The share this guys cock Missy only takes his big dick in her pussy Ava however put it in her ass and then had her friend eating her pussy and he pounded away at it.  That right there is a pro move I bet Ava ended up teaching this guy a thing or two.

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