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The Journey


X art the journey

With any couple, the journey of a relationship is a complicated thing…there are peaks and valleys, good times and bad. In this X-art update we get to see some of the peaks for stunning dancer Jessica and her boyfriend as they share some intimate moments on camera together! Jessica’s flexibility makes coming up with new and fun positions a snap and she looks incredible with her perfect tight body as she gets penetrated, making passionate love and forgetting the cameras are even there as her hunky guy leads her on the dance of sex. Fancy words for a couple of hot people fucking I know but there’s something about these kinds of updates that X-art does that makes you want to get a little more elegant…so unbutton your pants, put on a tophat and check out this sexy girl! I know we’ve all seen beautiful dancers doing ballet or jumping around in a music video or whatever and wondered just what it would be like to fuck someone that flexible…well, now’s your chance to take a look and see for yourself!

FTV Arianna


Arianna for ftv girls

Brace yourself for a gorgeous girl with incredible legs getting into some very intense masturbation sessions, even squirting all over the floor! FTV Girls loves bringing in a girl for her first time experiences and they get their fill and more with this update featuring Arianna. Not only does she bust out the VibraKing toy to make herself squirt, she also fists herself in nice and deep for the first time on camera. Once she’s had her whole damn fist in that wet pussy she figures hey, might as well bust out the big boy toys so she grabs the FTV Monster, a truly enormous dong, and has the busty assistant pound her deep and hard with it! This girl gets put through the wringer but is able to take everything the FTV crew tosses her way…this girl is horny and loves pushing her limits, which I think we can all agree is a fine attitude to have. Plus, this site is well known for having great quality photos and videos so you can look forward to getting your nose all up in this girl’s business as she masturbates!

Karina Heart


Karina Heart DDF Busty

I know it’s a porn cliche that is more than played out but man, Karina Heart makes a hell of a sexy French maid in this DDF Busty photoshoot! With those huge perfect breasts and her pretty face she looks like she knows how to work a featherduster among many other things…watch her strip down nude in these photos, showing what she’s got working in her favor! Just imagine sticking your face between those enormous titties, maybe even giving her a motorboat as she pretends to dust things on the top shelf over your head. The sky’s the limit with this sexy horny redhead Karina…maybe she can even fake a French accent!

Jurgita Valts


Jurgita Valts on Playboy

Yep, it’s another gorgeous naked big tittied blonde on Playboy. Surprised? Nope! Sick of them yet? Hell nope! There’s no such thing as too many hot naked blondes, and Jurgita Valts is definitely smokin hot as she comes down the stairs with a bikini bottom on and no top in these photos. Soon the bikini bottom gets dropped as well and she’s just hanging out on the stairway in the nude, twirling around so we get to see every inch and every angle of that gorgeous body! Maybe the bedroom is up those stairs…better see if Jurgita is down to give you the grand tour. Also, maybe she’d be willing to change her name…Jurgita isn’t exactly a great name for a beautiful woman if you ask me, it sounds more like a Star Wars character.

Satin Bikini Dare


Satin Bloom on Bikini Dare

Summer is over and the winds are starting to blow in the chilly Autumn air but a photoshoot like this one from Bikini Dare featuring Satin Bloom will bring you right back to the heart of the heat! She’s relaxing on a bright-ass green towel or something in her thong bikini, looking amazing…just check out those big round titties, I don’t know if she’s had work done on them or not but they seem a little TOO perfect to be natural if you ask me. Either way, she’s running her hands all over her body as if she’s super turned on, maybe it’s the fact that her thong bikini bottoms are riding up into that tight shaved pussy of hers. Just a guess.

Stacey Strictly Glamour


Stacey Poole Strictly Glamour

For a site called Strictly Glamour they seem to be going above and beyond to me, reaching into the realm of BDSM for this kinky latex lingerie video shoot of horny redhead Stacey Poole! She’s looking like a dom any guy would love to get a little spanking from, provided she has those huge tits out like this when she does it. I can only imagine what a dominatrix with big breasts can do to tantalize and drive a guy wild with desire while keeping him tied up or submissive in one way or the other. All in all I’ve gotta say the latex lingerie is definitely working in Stacey’s favor, not to mention her sexy knee-high black boots!

Veronika Vanoza


Veronika Vanoza fucks

She may have stopped doing porn a couple years back but dry your tears, little cowboy…we still have some mega hot scenes to remember Veronika Vanoza by! This one, for example, a sexy video clip featuring the big breasted honey in all her glory as she shows off her tits, gives a nice long blowjob, and gets fucked in a hot POV scene as her boobies bounce up and down! She was one of the hottest out there, it’s a shame she’s gone by the wayside but hey what can you do. Maybe she found religion or something and decided hardcore porn just wasn’t where she wanted to take things.



Anjelica on massage girls 18

Anjelica is a hot teen massage therapist who showed up for a free rubdown at the Massage Girls 18 studio, but from the way she stripped right down nude and got her sexy firm ass in the air right off the bat it looks like she has something else in mind all along! She offered to do a massage trade which was a little weird because the one she was getting was already free, but it makes more sense when she skips the massage entirely and just goes for the good hard fuck. With those long athletic legs and beautiful perky tits, not to mention a pretty face, she has a body anyone would love to get their hands on. A totally hot teen with a great ass and a horny wet pussy just begging to get pounded…sounds like a pretty decent update to me! Can’t wait to see Anjelica’s ‘trade’ work that she offered for this fuckfest. At the beginning she says she saw his ad for a free massage and showed up, but the one time I tried doing something like that on Craigslist the lady that showed up to redeem my little coupon looked like she had been rolling around in garbage and acid for awhile. Not exactly on the same level as this sexy teen vixen.

The Perfect Temperature


Passion hd the perfect temperature olga kiesha

When the summer starts drawing to a close it’s a sort of panic to get in what sun and fun you still can…there’s a short window where it’s the perfect temperature out, not too hot and not too cold, and that’s the situation in this Passion HD update featuring Olga Snow and Keisha Grey! They start things out with some bikini-clad sunbathing, but when they start kissing and making out they head indoors for the real fun. The bikinis come off, their guy pal shows up, and they spend the rest of this sexy episode in a hot naked threesome fucking and licking and sucking each other right in front of the cameras for us! Both of these girls have great bodies but Keisha’s big perky titties are in my opinion the star of this little show…it might just be personal preference though. It’s extra hot seeing those big boobs bounce as she ride’s Olga’s face while the guy plows the latter’s tight wet pussy! Olga and Keisha make a hell of a couple but they look even better when they join in with their guy pal, taking turns getting their holes mortar-and-pestled.

Chase Ryder


Chase ryder for casting couch x

20 year old Chase Ryder starts things off on an interesting note in her update with Casting Couch X…she was a theater dork so she busted out with a little a capella song, and I’ve gotta admit she has a damn nice voice! She must have been breaking hearts left and right with the other theater students, but at least they’ll all be watching as she makes her initial steps into the porn world in this episode, getting her tight wet pussy pounded. She’s hot as hell, with perfect full titties and a great ass, not to mention a sexy little scream moan she does as she gets filled up with cock! It must be that vocal training she’s done…she also much give a hell of a blowjob with that throat control, it’s like theater was the perfect introduction to the porn world for her. You’ve probably seen her on a few different sites now, she’s making a splash in a big way and speaking of splashes, she gets glazed with a nice big wet facial at the end of this hardcore scene!



Courtney for fucked hard 18

So you know that pursed-lip thing that so many women do in their selfies (goddamit I hate that word) and whenever anyone snaps a photo of them? It’s called the duckface, because it turns the girl’s lips into a duck bill looking monstrosity…well, that’s basically this blonde girl Courtney‘s permanent expression as you can see in this Fucked Hard 18 update. I guess we can forgive her though, because with her tight little package she makes for one sexy update! Especially that gorgeous butt…look at that backside, it’s just begging for a slap and a good fuck. I’m not sure if she gets into any slapping here but she sure does get her pussy pounded good and hard! She gets that body oiled up and rubbed for a little bit before a hard cock is slipped into her tight little hole. It’s hard to see the duckface expression when she has her face pushed into the pillow as she gets plowed doggystyle with that perfect ass sticking up in the air like some kind of sex magnet. Check it out!

Karla Meyers


Karla meyers for zishy

Join sexy redhead Karla Meyers in this Zishy photoshoot…she’s a real redhead by the way, not a brunette with dyed hair or some shit like that. This amateur girl is a legit ginger and has a stunning natural beauty as she shows her team spirit at the stadium! She’s the only fan in the stands but with that sexy body she’s more than enough on her own. Zishy loves to tease, and this girl is a hell of a girl to do it…she’s not like over-the-top hot and fake, she seems like a girl you’d meet on a college campus in those tiny little shorts that let her beautiful ass hang out. Long gorgeous legs, long red hair, big breasts and skimpy little shorts? Hell yes my friend! She doesn’t get naked, just flashes a little ass and a little underboob, but it’ll get your mind working that’s for sure. Mark my words, when you’re lying in bed tonight she’ll be the one you’re thinking of, not the fake blonde with the huge store-bought plastic tits getting every hole plugged!

Lilith Lust


Lilith lust on big tit cream pie

It’s always a pleasure watching a big-tittied redhead honey get naked, show off her breasts and get fucked! Lilith Lust fills that role and gets her own role…er, hole, filled in this hardcore update from the Bang Bros network site Big Tit Cream Pie! The name of the site says it all…this chick has huge boobs and gets a big creamy load shot into her wet pussy in this update! She’s shaved her pussy but from a distance you can’t really tell, she’s got a pube triangle tattooed above her twat for some reason. Seems sort of counterproductive to me, you can only really see the tattoo if her pussy is shaved but if her pussy is shaved her tattoo makes it look like it’s not shaved. Anyway, this busty hottie gets her twat absolutely hammered after sucking cock and getting tittyfucked in this update, and she works a big creamy load of jizz out of this guy’s big dick deep inside her hole to finish things off!

Bathing Beauty Chase


Passion hd chase rider bathing beauty 2

After a long strenuous day, all Chase Ryder wanted to do was hop into the tub, soap up, and get a nice luxurious massage. Well, since this is Passion HD you know that she’ll be getting all that and more! Beautiful Chase has a unique, exotic look to her and of course that incredible body with nice firm tits, a superb ass and long smooth legs that look great all oiled up as she gets her rubdown. The sensation of having her nude body touched and caressed like that just gets her fires blazing so soon she’s got the masseuse’s big cock in her mouth and is getting her pussy teased and fingered! This bathing beauty looks amazing as she gets her legs spread open and that wet pussy penetrated like a train rolling full speed through a tunnel. This is Chase’s first update on Passion HD but after a performance like this I can pretty much guarantee it’s only the first of many! At least I sure as hell hope so…there’s something about her look that just drives a guy nuts.

Sex Tape


Pure mature sex tape evita pozzi

Busty blonde Evita Pozzi has a few years under her belt but they’ve been pretty kind and she’s basically made out of sexuality at this point. She’s also got it in her head that she’s determined to make a sex tape, and this dude is more than happy to help her out with her fantasy! She slips on some sexy lingerie that shows off her huge fake tits nicely before hopping into bed with the dude and getting her pussy absolutely pummeled by his huge cock. Is it just me or does her cunt almost merge in with her ass? It looks a little odd, maybe it’s just me…or maybe it got stretched out by getting fucked by big dino-dicks like this one! This update is from Pure Mature and this sexy MILF Evita looks fantastic getting her body rocked by this younger guy, who penetrates that wet hole front back and side-to-side before shooting his load all over her pretty face and onto those huge boobs!

Ultimate Sin


Skin Diamond Ultimate Sin

Nice round ass on this petite black girl that you guys should probably know by now her name is Skin Diamond.  She had one of my favorite Teen Fidelity videos ever but this one is also pretty damn good.  Brazzers just puts in a ton of work in their porn videos. I actually watched the behind the scenes of this video and the singing you hear is actually Skin Diamond, she isn’t bad in my opinion. If you want to see the full version of it you can click here to give it a listen.  The sex scene is just one of Skin Diamond’s fantasies that she had.  For some reason she wanted to be fucked in a bathtub and fucked really hard so the brought in Johnny Sins got a tub and made it happen for her.  You can tell it was one of her fantasies because Skin was really fucking into this sex scene I mean look at the passion in her face in this picture.

Kendra Lust Monster Curves


Kendra Lust Monster Curves

I will tell you one thing galleries like this one don’t make my job very easy.  There is like 90 pictures I could have chosen for this preview and I spent way to much time trying to pick it!  This gorgeous plump ass belongs to Kendra Lust.  She is getting fucked in probably the hottest scene that she has ever done and it’s for Reality Kings website Monster Curves.  Monster Curves is one of those mini sites I always talk about that you get access to when you join a big network like Reality Kings.  The site is dedicated to woman just like Kendra with big asses and big tits.  Kendra has a really nice body this MILF takes care of herself I think she has a six pack and she still has a ass like this I mean DAMN!  She starts off in tihs sexy little black thong and does a little walking around for us and you will surprised just by how hot that is.  She then gets to work on this guy sucking his dick but not before smothering his face with that booty of hers as she sits on his face and stays there until she cums.  Like I said really awesome scene, you have to check it out the only problem with it is that I didn’t make the gallery!

Attitude Adjustment


Porn fidelity attitude adjustment isis love

Sexy busty Dominatrix Isis Love showed up at the Porn Fidelity house ready to kick ass and take names, but I guess Ryan Madison thought she needed bit of an attitude adjustment so he turned the tables, handcuffing her to the wall and giving her a taste of her own medicine in this hot hardcore update! She was taken aback at first but his big hard cock overcame her reservations as he fucked that sweet wet pussy of hers until she moaned despite her helplessness. There must be some kind of magic in that big dick of his because soon she was riding with enthusiasm, all thoughts of power and domination out of her head as she just enjoyed the sensation of getting her pussy pleasured! By the time Ryan shot a huge load deep in her pussy for a creampie finish she was laughing and grinning as she rode him, holding onto some chains and letting those huge tits of hers bounce with the rhythm of sex.

Syren loves Anal


Syren on pawg

The sexiest redheaded MILF in town, Syren de Mer, apparently loves anal more than any other kind of sex and since she’s got a hell of a nice big round juicy booty she was a natural for the Bang Bros network site PAWG! According to this horny ginger, the best fuck she ever had was a guy with a foot-long monster cock who fucked her up the ass good and hard…this chick is no joke! So many girls are squeamish or nervous about anal but girls like Syren will take it up the keister and ask for more…this phat ass white girl shows off her huge round tits and warms up a little with some toys, sliding them one after the other in her back door until she’s ready for this guy’s big thick dick. He fucks her sweet tight asshole good and hard until finally pulling out and unleashing a big creamy load all over her face and huge breasts!

Ballerinas Dream


Wow porn ballerinas dream

You run across a lot of Russian girls in the adult world but it’s not all too often where they actually speak in Russian in a scene! Such is not the case with this Wow Porn update featuring 18 year old Zoe, whose incredible body is understandable when you learn she’s a trained ballerina! She talks a little about her training regimen and looks cute as hell doing it, but not nearly as hot as when her handsome co-star strips her down and starts kissing and caressing all over that nude body before licking and fucking her tight teen pussy! He fucks the hell out of her, working her sexy body until finally pinning her down, fucking her from behind a little more and shooting his load into her pussy for a nice creampie. The scene is called Ballerina’s Dream and this does seem like a dream come true for Zoe! Incidentally, I think the fact that she’s a ballerina also explains why they don’t really include any pictures of her feet…ballet dancers have jacked up feet pretty often

Feel the Passion


Feel the passion on wow girls anjelica

You can certainly feel the passion between Anjelica and her girlfriend Linda S in this Wow Girls update as they spend a relaxing summer day out in the tropical gardens! Now, keep in mind, Linda isn’t exactly ugly but she’s not supremely stunning either so the delta of looks is pretty large here but man, who wouldn’t look like a plain Jane next to a goddess like Anjelica? It’s not really fair but Linda’s not complaining, since she gets to spend the afternoon naked with Anjelica as they kiss and caress and lick each others perky nipples and tight wet pussies! These lesbians have a great time whiling away the summer day, bringing their own beauty to a scene already chock full of natural allure. I didn’t realize Anjelica had gotten so tan though, maybe it’s just the lighting…or maybe Linda is just crazy pale, who knows.

Red Chair Dildo


Briana lee extreme dildo ride

If you haven’t checked out Briana Lee in awhile you might not have seen her newer site, Briana Lee Extreme…she’s finally exploring all the fantasies and dirty thoughts that were just hinted at in her older site, so if you’ve been dreaming of seeing that big juicy booty getting penetrated or a nice up close look at Briana masturbating like in this photoshoot, now’s your chance! Watch this exotic horny honey grabbing those huge tits as she goes for a good hard ride on that big toy, sliding her wet shaved pussy up and down on her dong imagining it’s a real cock giving her pussy a nice pounding! It’s a hot solo shoot that shows sexy Briana in ways you might never have seen her, so if you’ve got a hankering for big tits, big ass and a big libido on a pretty girl you could certainly do a lot worse.

Come from Behind


X art come from behind leony

Blonde vixen Leony was feeling particularly frisky apparently so at the beginning of this X-art update entitled Come From Behind she was on the floor in the nude masturbating to beat the devil! She was rubbing her pussy like crazy but what she really wanted was a good hard cock…luckily her boyfriend was there to fill the void, so to speak, so she grabbed his dick from his pants and gave him a nice passionate blowjob! When he was rock hard he pinned her to the wall, grabbing her hips and sliding into her tight wet pussy from behind, making her moan with pleasure. This lusty couple decided to push their physical relationship to the next level and Leony took him in her tight back door, gasping in ecstasy as he pushed into her ass to fuck her hard, slow and deep…just how she likes it! This guy couldn’t handle the sensations of this anal action for long though, so soon (probably a little too soon for his liking) he had to pull out and shot his load all over her pussy and onto her stomach while she rode him. Leony has such a tight little package, she looks like a joy to fuck and from the looks of things she’s pretty much eternally horny!

Beautiful Asian MILF


Mompov beautiful asian milf

This 38 year old MILF has a little bit of a younger look than many of the models but I think in general that holds true for Asian women. She’s been supplementing her income for awhile with some implied nude modeling but I guess the combination of not being hardcore enough coupled with the excitement of being in front of the camera with strangers watching made her want a little something more! This is her first time doing adult videos and Mom POV was a fine choice for her debut if you ask me. She’s got a great body and a great attitude, obviously loves sex and obviously loves having the spotlight on her as she’s filmed sucking cock and getting fucked! This horny babe loves riding dick and even slips a finger or two in her ass while she slides the guy’s hard cock deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. The years have been kind to this sexy mama and hopefully she cums back to Mom POV for round two, or three, or ten! She certainly seemed like she had a good time with this update.

Jessenia Vice


Jessenia Vice Show Girlz Exclusive

Curve lovers rejoice…Show Girlz Exclusive has done it again, bringing you a girl who defies gravity with her big round juicy booty as well as her big full breasts! Jessenia Vice has a hell of a name and a hell of a body as she shows off in her black lingerie, complete with garter belt, lace-up top and high heeled shoes. Do you think you could even handle a woman like this? Just look at that bodacious booty, this raven-haired exotic beauty has legs like a stallion and the attitude to match in this set of sexy photos. She even rubbed some oil onto that badonkadonk to make it shine like a beacon!

Justine Miller


Justine Miller Playboy ass

Now that’s what I call an ass…check out Playboy cybergirl Justine Miller in these photos and see what a perfect backside looks like! She looks like she came straight off the set of Flashdance in a few pictures with her ripped up gray tanktop and thigh high socks that could have been legwarmers…all she needs is a headband and she’s ready to dance up a storm! Soon though she strips down nude, showing off that incredible butt…the rest of her body is no slouch either though, don’t get me wrong! It’s just her butt is so distracting you almost might not notice her perky titties and gorgeous face…almost!

Capri Cavanni


Capri Cavanni for Penthouse

You know, the rich guys can keep their Bugattis, their Lamborghinis, their Hummers or whatever, if you ask me the Volkswagen Thing is a super sexy car! At least it is when Penthouse pet Capri Cavanni is hanging out nude in it, like in this hot photoshoot. Even if you think the car is ugly you’ll love her sexy body, and if you’re like me and dig the Thing, it doubles the pleasure of this set. That, my friend, is what I like to call a win-win situation. Capri certainly seems to love the VW, she’s grabbing her big tits and rubbing her pussy just from behind in, on and around that crazy car!




Now, I know what you’re thinking…you’re looking at that thumbnail and are going ‘hey nice cute little butt, looks like a cute face, hotness’ but don’t be fooled. Unless you’re into the starvation look, this girl might freak you out a bit! Her name is Carina and she’s posing in a cowgirl hat for Girl Folio, but man she really needs to add a few pounds if you ask me, you can basically see right through her. She looks a lot better from the back than from the front, which I guess is important if you plan to fuck this walking skeleton…maybe that’s your thing though, hey I won’t judge. We all have our quirks, maybe yours is hearing bones rattle together when you pound a girl.

Morning Fantasies


Jamie Lynn on Twistys

I’d be hard-pressed to find the hottest spot oin busty Jamie Lynn’s nude body but I think for my money her nipples might be high on the list. They’re just the right size for biting and I think the women who don’t like having their nipples gently bitten are luckily few and far between. Jamie loves it, I’m sure…you can tell by the way she grabs those big tits as she rolls around nude in bed for Twistys, enjoying the feel of that sheepskin or whatever the hell it is against her bare skin. She’s climbing all over the endtable in these photos, not caring if she clunks over the lamp or anything because dammit she’s hot and horny and ready to make some morning fantasies come to life!

Alexis Adams on Teen Fidelity


Alexis Adams on Teen Fidelity

The gorgeous Alexis Adams is straight up killing it in this new Teen Fidelity scene.  I know I just posted Bailey Blue but how much hotter is Alexis I mean really!  She has these perfect perky little tits and such a pretty face, you’re going to love what you see.  If you want to see Alexis getting a creampie I have that, how about her just straight up getting cummed on?  Yep, that’s in there as well.  Ryan is the master of multiple cumshots and I would say the sites he runs with his wife are some of the best in porn.  You could just watch some of the trailers from Teen Fidelity or their other site Porn Fidelity and see that they put a lot of hardwork into these things and it comes out just great!

Try My MILF Shake


Brazzers Try My MILF Shake

I failed with this opening picture not because it’s not hot seeing Syren De Mer fucked in the ass but there is another 2 MILFs in this Brazzers scene.  It doesn’t let you know that you’re also going to see Tiffany Mynx and Alura Jenson.  They’re not just fucking in this update though each one of them is purely just having anal sex and there is one guy that gets to stuff each one of these bubble butts.  The scene is called “Try My MILF Shake” I just wanted to mention that because it was pretty damn witty and gave me a little bit of a laugh.

Afternoon by the Pool


Fantasy hd ariana marie afternoon by the pool

You can see the excitement on adorable schoolgirl Ariana Marie‘s face as she heads out from class early and goes to her guy friend’s house for an afternoon by the pool…when she sees him in his swim trunks though she has to stop in her tracks, staring at that huge bulge between his legs! He sees her masturbating as she watches him and his plans for doing a few laps went right out the window, as he grabs that gorgeous girl and pulls her panties off to do a few laps of a different kind! He tongues her pussy for a while until she’s nice and wet, then slowly eases his enormous dick into her until she’s used to the size…then, Ariana is off to the races! She fucks him like crazy in this Fantasy HD update, riding that meat bat until finally he pulls out and glazes her with a huge facial cumshot up to the hairline! Hopefully she doesn’t jump in the pool afterwards because man that would make a mess of the pool filters.

Romantic Affair


Porn fidelity romantic affair chanel preston

You might remember Chanel Preston on Porn Fidelity from the brutal Get My Belt shoots awhile back, but she’s back and she’s in a whole new kind of scene! This is a softer, more romantic take on things but don’t worry it still has all the hot hardcore action you demand from the likes of Kelly and Ryan Madison. Chanel told her husband that she was having a ‘girls night out’ but in reality she was heading over to meet Ryan at his house for a seductive night of passionate loving! They met up for a classy dinner but soon it was time for dessert so they headed for the bedroom where Chanel took off her sexy black dress and Ryan took off his suit and they fucked all night long! Chanel’s phone started ringing as her husband was looking for her but she was too busy getting deep-dicked to answer or even hear it…with those huge tits and sexy ass of hers can you blame Ryan for wanting to get a piece of that action?

Cassie Becker


Cassie becker seethrough zishy

Sexy amateur babe Cassie Becker loves showing off those huge tits of hers like in this Zishy photoshoot…she’s got a very sheer white top on that does nothing to hide those big beautiful breasts! I don’t know about the Pocahontas boots she’s sporting but man those titties are incredible…she’s done a few shoots for Zishy and she looks hot as hell in all of them. We’re all still waiting for her to go fully nude though…I get the feeling that she just loves teasing us all with photos like these, she knows how crazy she drives the guys! I guess that’s a pretty common thing though with naturally beautiful girls…everyone loves attention and man when you’ve got breasts like this you get a whole lot of attention I’m sure.

Pornstar Vines


Pornstar vines

The world is becoming a sexier, more fun place every day if you ask me…every new piece of technology seems to have porn-related applications! For instance, take Vine…if you haven’t used it, basically it’s like Twitter but instead of a certain amount of characters you take a 6–second video with your smartphone for everyone to see. Some people suck at it but pornstars appear to excel at this new way of showing off those crazy titties and sexy pussies…check out this little roundup of some hot pornstar vines, with appearances by some of your favorites like Dani Daniels, Siri, Kendra Lust and Natalia Starr! It’s always hot to see them behaving sexy in their everyday lives and not just in front of the cameras for a website…these girls just love having fun and love getting naked for everyone to see!

Miley Cyrus Nude


Miley cyrus nipples

OK so what is it with the tongue thing for Miley Cyrus? She’s still coasting on her fifteen minutes of fame and is getting more and more nude with every photo, which I heartily approve of. She’s an attention-whore but holy shit does she have a nice tight body…check out these photos, you can see that she doesn’t even have weird-looking nipples or anything, she’s hot from head to toe! From photos ranging from a sheer see-through top that shows those perky tits to a completely topless shoot with fishnet type stockings to a picture of her giving herself a cameltoe with her red leotard outfit Miley is showing she’s not afraid to bare it all, which puts her in the upper echelon of sexy celebrities if you ask me. I still don’t get the tongue thing though…and man she has a hella long tongue, just imagine what she could do with it!



Camilla Show Girlz Exclusive

I am posting this because yes Camilla is smoking hot I mean look at those big natural tits of hers!  The exotic look, I love it!  The real win though is seeing this video that BabeUnion put together.  It’s the super hot series of a bunch of different Show Girlz Exclusive models.  I won’t name them all because that would take too much of my time, you guys can google them if you want to find more.  You can check out my category for them or BabeUnion’s.  I don’t really care we both have dope sites, I might be a little bias.  This scene was shot for Black Lingerie #18 a series that Show Girlz Exclusive has had for some time now as you can probably tell from their being 18 of them haha!



Teen fidelity bailey blue scavengers

After the bombs have fallen and the shit has really hit the fan, the people who are left are going to have to become scavengers if they want to survive. The human spirit endures though, and that goes double for our desire for sex! The destruction of major cities didn’t do much to dissuade Bailey Blue and Ryan Madison from surviving and she’s more than happy to keep him happy with that wet teen pussy of hers. The update is from Teen Fidelity and it shows a couple living off the grid (or what’s left of the grid), with sexy blonde Bailey spreading those long legs to get her hole hammered! Actually I just assumed this was a post-apocalyptic thing, maybe they’re just living like hippies or something. All I know is that this hot blonde teen is getting her pussy rearranged by that big cock and she’s looking sexy in her striped socks!

Nurse Julia


Julia nurse porn goes pro

Nurse Julia Anne isn’t into making housecalls for just anyone but if you can foot the bill, she’s got a hell of a bedside manner! Watch the stunning blonde pornstar get naked and get fucked in this Porn Goes Pro update, pulling her huge tits out of her nurse top and spreading her long legs to take your cock deep inside in this hot POV scene. Porn Goes Pro loves to play with different fantasies you might have and the nurse play fantasy is a tried and true one…I’ve gotta say, the outfit definitely suits Julia for this update! With her stethoscope she checks to see if your cock is still alive and from the way it springs to life at her touch I’d say there’s some pep in its step for sure. She finishes things off by taking a nice facial, pumping out your load onto that pretty face of hers and dripping it onto her tongue. Now, time for the patient to get back to bed…Nurse Julia will be back by later to give you a sponge bath!

Deep Pressure


Passion hd deep pressure holly michaels

When Holly Michaels asked for a long hard massage she made sure to request some deep pressure to really get her kinks out, so to speak…I guess the masseuse took her at her word because in this Passion HD update he gave her the full service! First he oiled up that beautiful nude body of hers, spending a littl extra time on her huge tits and round ass, before slipping his cock into her mouth and pussy. She still felt a little tight though so soon he had Holly on her hands and knees, easing his big dick into her tight ass for some awesome anal action! She’s got an incredible butt and it looks like it would be a dream come true to fuck that sexy round ass like this. Some guys get all the luck. Holly certainly seems to be enjoying her day at the ‘spa’ though, as she pounds that cock harder and harder until he shoots his load into her ass for a nice anal creampie finish!

Ria up close


Ria rodriguez in the crack

Who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal to gorgeous exotic babe Ria Rodriguez? In this photoshoot from In The Crack we get the grand tour of her beautiful body as she tugs off her little jean shorts to show her incredible bubble butt, then climbs up on the windowsill like a mountain goat to shake that tushy and spread her sexy pink twat! She even masturbates for us, getting her pussy nice and wet with a milky sheen as she fucks herself with a big rubber dildo. It’s closer than you ever thought you’d get to this stunner, but what else would you expect from a site called In The Crack? Careful you don’t get your nose wet when you get all up next to that sexy wet pussy of hers…you might smear it on your monitor and that’s a pain to clean off from what I hear.

In Charge


X art carrie in charge

Do you guys remember the old TV show Charles In Charge? Well this X-art update is like that, except it’s Carrie In Charge and, well, it’s completely different except for part of the name. Carrie decided that today she got to call the shots so she put her boyfriend right where she wanted him; namely, on his back on the floor so she could ride his face! After teasing him a bit with her perky titties and that sexy pussy on his mouth she took his clothes off and grabbed his cock, sucking him and then going for another ride…except this time, it was his dick in her pussy instead of her pussy on his face! With all that teasing her boyfriend was ready to burst so after grabbing her to fuck that hole from behind he shot a big creamy load all over her beautiful round ass to finish off this hot hardcore fuck scene.

Bound for Love


Passion hd bound for love carmen sara

When you’ve got a couple of gorgeous lesbians like Sara Luvv and Carmen Callaway sleeping on the bed in their panties together you know you’re in for a treat…the dude lying in bed in the other room didn’t know how big of a treat he was in for, though! These two horny girls came into the bedroom and tied his wrists to the bed before basically jumping right on him, grabbing his big cock out of his boxers and sucking him off before taking turns fucking him there on the bed. Sara took that big meat deep in her tight hole before passing the reins over to lovely blonde Carmen, who bent over to get penetrated doggystyle. Sara was the lucky recipient of the creampie cumshot though, getting her wet hole filled up with cum for Carmen to lick up as a sexy finish to this hot Passion HD update called Bound for Love! Sara is quickly becoming one of the hottest models in this industry and it’s because of hot sets like this…she loves eating pussy and she loves getting fucked and that’s just a winning combination if you ask me!

Cirque de CoCo


Porn fidelity episode cirque de coco

Short-haired brunette CoCo was in the circus tent dreaming about days gone by when she was a circus clown and cabaret dancer, smoking a cigarette and thinking about all the fun she used to have. When she takes a peek into her looking glass though, her fond memories and fantasies come to life as she relives a hot rendezvous with her favorite couple, Kelly and Ryan Madison from Porn Fidelity! They get into a hot hardcore threesome under the bigtop as CoCo has her hairy pussy eaten out and fucked by Ryan as Kelly gets those huge tits of hers out and plays with both of them. The days of the past can’t come again but Ryan sure can, and he gives both of these beautiful showgirls a good hard pounding as they take turns riding his cock and riding his face one after the other! This shoot looks like it was part of the 500th Episode spectacular but this is the first I’ve seen of it. Coco is looking hot as hell, though, the costume and circus makeup looks fantastic on her!

Sexy Dress


Jayden Jaymes sexy dress

Now that’s a sexy dress! Beautiful buxom brunette Jayden Jaymes is showing off her newest outift, a blue dress with a bunch of slits in it so you can see those big sexy titties right through it, but just in case your vision isn’t so good she takes the dress off and hangs out completely nude in this photoshoot from her own website. Jayden’s got those glorious breasts coupled with a sexy big juicy ass and a stunning face, which combine forces like Voltron to make a pornstar babe who is in a neck-and-neck race with the sun for hotness. I can’t decide if she looks hotter in the dress or in the nude, but lucky for us we don’t have to pick one or the other as she gives us both!

Kate Upton


Kate Upton black and white

If you’ve been living under a damn rock for awhile you might not be familiar with Kate Upton, but we’re about to change that with this collection of photos…she’s one of the hottest celebrities out there with that beautiful ass and her big perfect titties, not to mention her supermodel face! In these photos she’s getting classy, going black and white in her frilly bikini lingerie in a very stately house or mansion or something. It’s like if Masterpiece Theater was actually interesting and had sexy half-naked celebs parading around showing off incredible long legs, long wavy blonde hair and everything else that Kate is showing off in these photos.

Beverly Ass


Beverly for Twistys

Oh man, please tell me you’re a fan of Asian chicks and a fan of big round juicy asses…if that’s the case you’re about to hit the jackpot with this Twistys update featuring Beverly taking off her pink dressing gown and blue lingerie to let that big round bubble butt out to play! She’s not just another gorgeous ass though, she’s got a beautiful face and sexy perky titties with perfect perky little nipples that are standing erect from the cool air as she gets naked and spreads her pussy lips for us. A beautiful Asian with a sexy body getting naked and masturbating? Sounds like a hell of a good time to me, and I guess Twistys agrees!

Ashley Greene


Ashley Greene cameltoe bikini

I’ll tell you right now, I’ve never seen any of the Twilight movies but from what I understand they were kinda popular for awhile. Ashley Greene here played the character Alice in the Twilight movies, which I’m sure was her big break but also maybe her big career-stopper as everyone will only ever think of her as that character, if at all. Anyways she’s hot as hell and some quick-fingered paparazzi snapped a shot of her on the beach in a wet top and wet bikini bottoms that are slightly pulled up inside her pussy for a cameltoe. Pretty sexy no matter who she is or what shitty movies she’s been in, if you ask me! Those bikini bottoms look like they’re ready to have a hand slipped right down the front of them, and I’m gonna go ahead and call dibs.

Marloes Horst


Marloes Horst for CelebMatrix

OK this blonde model Marloes Horst is drop dead gorgeous but these bra photos look like they’re straight out of a K-mart advertisement or something. Boring bras in a bunch of different colors, the only thing they have going for them is the sexy body they’re encasing! Marloes has a stunning face with piercing eyes and of course those perfect breasts…I just wish those stupid bras weren’t in the way so we could enjoy every inch of this beautiful model. The bras aren’t even different designs really, it’s like they just took one bra and photoshopped a bunch of pictures just changing the bra color between each one. Oh well, better luck next time.

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