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Karina White


Karina White for Bikini Riot

Summer might be over but Karina White is still keeping things scorching hot as she shows off her, I guess it can only be described as a swimsuit, in this photoshoot from Bikini Riot! It’s basically a normal bikini but you feel like you’ve got x-ray vision as there is no fabric covering her perfect titties or that sexy shaved pussy. It’s like what you dreamt would happen when you bought your first pair of x-ray spex, but without the disappointment! Karina looks amazing as she basks in the warm sun, getting a little last bit of color to her skin before autumn and winter roll up in full force. Summer never ends for Bikini Riot though, not when they have hot babes like this!

Brittany Oneil


Brittany Oneil on Naughty America

Brittany Oneil has taken full advantage of the hot summer sun from the looks of things, she’s got a deep glow to her skin but when she gets naked and fucks her son’s best friend in this Naughty America update she’s got tan lines that are like flashlights! Those huge tits of hers are bright white and pink from laying on the beach in her bikini, and the same goes for her pussy…that doesn’t stop this horny blonde MILF from getting her pussy pounded by a younger dude though, and he seems more than happy to play along! It’s not every day you get to fuck your friend’s hot mom, fulfilling a million fantasies about grabbing those huge boobs while you pound her.

Gulliana Alexis


Gulliana Alexis Naughty America

If my sister’s hot friend looked anything like Gulianna Alexis does in this Naughty America photoshoot I’d fuck the hell out of her too, I’ve gotta admit! Unfortunately my sister’s friends tended to look more like a cross between Chewbacca and Mr Potato Head, so that didn’t work out. This guy fared quite a bit better though , as Gulliana showed off her sexy bikini before kissing him and grabbing his hard cock to suck and fuck his brains out before the sister in question got home and saw what they were up to!

Homemade Creampie


Homemade creampie

What we have here is a shitty homemade video of a black couple fucking each others’ brains out…it’s a shame the quality isn’t better because these amateurs really get into it, with the chick wrapping her chocolate legs around his thighs to pull that big hard cock as deep as possible into her hot horny hole until finally he shoots his load inside her for a nice creampie! Somebody pony up the cash for these two to get a decent camera so they can join us in 2013…I think my cellphone could take better video than this.

Aria Amor


Aria Amor on Twistys

Twistys presents this photoshoot featuring the lovely Aria Amor getting ready for her closeup…and I’m not talking about a closeup of her face, the photographer went straight for that sexy pussy of hers as he zoomed way the hell in on her ass and labia! I can’t say I blame him, that slit looks good enough to eat. The rest of her is no slouch either, though, she’s cute as hell with perky little boobies and upturned pretty brown eyes as she relaxes on the couch in the nude. Some girls just have a natural sexiness about them, and Aria is one of those…she might even have a little more makeup on that she should in these photos, I think she’d look great just completely natural.

Join The Game


Anjelica Join The Game With Nacey

Foreigners have the funniest names for porn scenes.  This one from Wow Porn is called “Join The Game”.  I think it should be more like Join The Fun because Anjelica and her boyfriend are not really playing a game in this scene they’re just fucking.  Nancey wakes up and see’s her friend Anjelica giving her man head and she is intrigued so she sits in the loft and watches Anjelica bob up and down.  She starts to rub her pussy because well it’s like real life porn and that’s when the couple catches her.  They offer her something she has always wanted and that’s a threesome.  She doesn’t even think about it she goes straight down there and gets to work sucking this guys big dick with Anjelica.  I will admit that Wow Porn has a lot of different girls besides Anjelica but I just seem to post her the most and I am not going to apologize really because she is fucking hot.  If you want to see other girls you either need me to start making more galleries of Wow Porn, which I agree I should or just visit their damn site already!

Remy and Dani


Dani Daniels and Remy laCroix

I do believe that this is the first time that Dani Daniels and Remy LaCroix have done a scene together and they’re fucking each other!  No dick invovled which I am pretty surprised about but I don’t mind enjoying to beautiful females eating each other out.  if you want to see these girls in hardcore sex scenes you can just check out their sections on our site here is Remy’s and here is Dani’s.  In this scene it’s all about them eating each others pussy having orgasm after orgasm.  It’s a big plus too that both of these girls have amazing round asses and Dani has a great set of tits too I think.  Remy has the raw end of the deal in this Brazzers scene I think just because she has her pussy nice and shaved yet she has to eat that hair bush of a pussy that Dani has!  She gets her face at on too so you know there are pubs all up in her teeth!

Love with a View


X art love with a view featuring vicky

She had already been having a great vacation by the sea but when Vicky met this guy Dylan things really heated up! They shared a few drinks and talked and hit it off hard and fast so soon they were hunting around for a secluded spot to get to know each other a little better! In this X-Art update entitled Love with a View they’re getting naked and getting freaky on a couch out in the open by the beach, kissing and touching each other before Vicky takes his cock in her mouth and then wraps her legs around him to take his manhood deep inside her wet pussy. They fucked with the lust that only a new relationship can bring, with Vicky riding him from on top until finally he shot his load all over her mouth and face…and what a load it was! Vicky looks like she’s been eating glazed donuts by the end of this hot hardcore photoshoot, and looks like she’s ready for more!

Introducing Sadie


Casting couch x sadie north

Blonde babe Sadie North has had quite a bit of life experience…she graduated college early, she was a dancer for 13 years, she’s been in the military, she likes to race cars and now she’s taking her first steps into the adult porn world at Casting Couch X! She gives a little overview of her life story before stripping out of her clothes and showing off a fantastic butt, impressing the casting director already before she’s even fully nude. Once she does lose those panties though he just can’t keep her hands off her, not that we can blame him! She’s got cute perky little titties and that sexy bouncy booty and can suck cock like a champ, bobbing her head up and down on that shaft with her hands clasped behind her back, then pumping his dick into her mouth with one hand as she looks up at him with those big pretty eyes. Sadie gets her pussy pounded good and hard doggystyle as well as riding it from up top before getting a big creamy load shot all over her face! Looks like she needs a little practice taking a facial but other than that she aced this interview I’d say.

Maia Gets Fucked


Porn goes pro maia davis

Maybe you’re fed up with the cookie-cutter big breasted plastic blonde fuckdolls masquerading as pornstars these days…maybe you got a look at some cute punk chick walking the streets and want something a little on the edgy side, who knows? All you know is that you’re horny for a hot girl just like Maia Davis and she’s available so hell, why not give her a call and have her come by to suck and fuck your huge cock in a hot POV scene from Porn Goes Pro? This sexy alternative babe has tattoos, a partially shaved head, and an entirely horny pussy and she’s ready to rock your world from here to next week as she shows off her sexy kinky lingerie before getting into a nice blowjob and spreading those long smooth legs to get her pussy spelunked by that big dino cock in front of you. There’s just something about a cute tattooed girl that brings out the wild side in a guy, and Maia loves when things get a little wild!

Nikki Sexx


Nikki sexx for tonights girlfriend

When you’ve got an itch that can only be scratched by a hot and horny pornstar and you’ve got a fat wad of cash to go along with it, it might be time to give Tonights Girlfriend a call and see who’s available! In this hot update some guy scored bigtime because Nikki Sexx had her red lingerie all ready to go and was ready for a big hard cock! She came by this guy’s hotel room and proceeded to make his dreams come true left right and center as she sucked him off and bent over to take his dick deep in her wet hole, watching him over her shoulder as he dipped his crank. She uses those big boobs to her advantage too, tittyfucking him and letting him grab those melons as he lightly choked her and pounded her happyhole. I just came up with that term, I kinda like it…I’ll have to file that one away! Anyway, watch Nikki get down and dirty for this sexy hardcore fuck scene!

FTV Kalila


Ftv girls kalila

If you’re in the mood for a hot exotic babe with huge natural tits, today is a banner day for you my friend. FTV Girls has a new update out with Middle Eastern babe Kalila taking center stage in her first solo update! This first timer has magnificent big bouncy boobies and she loves playing with them, licking her nipples and squeezing those breasts as she plays around nude in public, masturbates in private, and has a great fun time shooting with the FTV photographer all over the place. Beautiful high quality photos and videos of a sexy busty hottie, can’t go wrong with that! Usually glasses on a girl in shoots like this detract a little but this time I can’t deny that they make her even sexier in a sort of dorky way…probably because she looks so comfortable wearing them, it looks a little odd when she takes them off. Did I mention she’s a squirter when she has a strong orgasm masturbating?

Katy on the Couch


Brcc katy blonde

They say blondes have more fun, even if the blonde comes from a bottle like what Katy‘s got going on in this update from the Backroom Casting Couch! This dizzy starlet has big dreams in her eyes but not a lot of neurons firing in the old rusty cage up top, so she believes the ‘casting director’ when he tells her he’s going to be submitting her tapes to different porn producers and that she’d be raking in the big bucks in no time. Her boyfriend is apparently not the brightest bulb either because he’s aware that she’s doing porn and will be getting fucked and facialed for the whole damn internet to see and is ok with it. Brainpower aside, Katy’s got a great ass and a decently pretty face, so it’s a win to watch her bent over the table and penetrated from behind before she drops to her knees and takes a mouthful of man cream. Hey at least the guy didn’t creampie her, her boyfriend might have had an objection or two to that at least!

Vanessa Jay


Vanessa jay for playboy

It never gets old, seeing a beautiful blonde in the nude with nice round titties and a gorgeous face! Playboy certainly knows their blondes; they’ve had plenty of experience with em. This particular naked blonde is Vanessa Jay, lounging on the bed and looking every bit like a centerfold as she brushes her long hair back over one eye. You’d think that after so long in the spotlight a high-maintenance looking blonde chick would lose some of the appeal but from the looks of things they’re still going strong as ever!

Shy Loretta


Loretta for met art

Loretta is a shy girl, you can tell by the way she’s hiding behind the sheer curtains in this photoshoot from Met Art. However, she’s also a very horny girl, and you can tell THAT by the way she’s completely nude and is letting her beautiful breasts and sexy shaved pussy show from behind that flimsy fabric! Loretta looks like she’s ready for a nice passionate fuck as she lies on the bed, drawing the gauzy curtains aside to invite you in for a romp. She’s just having fun in the nude, looking hot as hell for us in these photos! Can’t go wrong with that.

Natasha Ass


Natasha belle angelic ass

Do angels even have asses? You never hear about them, people just talk about angelic faces but never angelic butts. If there is such a thing though, Natasha Belle has one! She’s a brunette bombshell with a bangin body and in this hot update from her own site she’s letting her perfect ass out for a little fun. From the looks of things she’s been spending some time on the beach this summer in a bikini, which is a thought that will keep you company tonight in your dreams I’m sure. She’s just downright gorgeous from head to toe, from the front as well as from the back!

Julianne Hough


Julianne hough nipple poke

Man, if this is the type of chick that’s on Dancing with the Stars I need to start setting my TiVo or something…Julianne Hough is hot as hell, how come nobody informed me of this yet?? Well better late than never I suppose, I learned now…these aren’t nude photos or anything like that, they’re just a couple of shots of her coming down some stairs in a tight dress that shows her nipples poking out like gumdrops. I don’t know what it is, she’s just looking downright gorgeous, but not necessarily so much that I’ll ever buy one of her country western albums. Unless she sneaks some nude photos into the cd cases or something, of course. How come more sexy singers don’t do that?

Thick Ass Face Sit


Thick Black Girl Face Sitting

Here is a nice thick ass black girl getting that pussy eat out by sitting on her mans face.  It’s a long video but what video isn’t long over at Blackz right?  The girl isn’t bad look at all she has a big ghetto booty and then has a nice set of natural tits.  The little corset she is wearing is either giving her a crazy hour glass figure or she is just built with curves like that.  I will ruin how the video ends for you guys because who watches 25 minutes of porn I mean that’s just way to much time he fucks her in missionary until he is about to cum then he pulls out and put it right on her nipples.  One weird finish I mean who is like hold on let me pull out and run over to you left nipple and just cum on that baby, whatever’s he should have put it on that ebony face of hers!  She is in charge though I mean any guy that lets a girl sit on his face isn’t wearing the pants.

Ariella Seduced


Ariella Ferrera Seduced By Sons Friends

Ariella Ferrera knew it was too good to be true showing her sons friend around.  She though he was really going to by a fat pad and she was going to bring home a nice fat chick.  Well in reality this guy is just broke as shit and finally wants to bang his friends mom.  He gets her to show him the bedroom at some swanky house and when he is in the room he makes his move.  Ariella tries to say know but when you’re a older lady like herself you don’t get that many opportunities to fuck a young cock and this cougar pounces on her chance.  I bet it’s pretty easy for Ariella to get laid because well she is hot as fuck is she not?  In general though I think there is a lot of older chicks who probably wish they could get as much dick as Ariella does.  The video is really long and really hot and there is a ton of pictures as well so check it out and then visit Naughty America to see if there are any other fantasies you would like to live.

Seductive Sensual Massage


Seductive sensual massage emily hegre art

There’s nothing more erotic than a seductive sensual massage, and nobody knows massage better than Hegre Art! Beautiful Emily looks like she’s being transported to another world by the magic of the lovely masseuse’s skillful hands as she lays back, enjoying the sensation of those hands oiling up her lily-white nude body, rubbing all the tension out of her arms and legs before moving to her perfect breasts, then down her slender body (maybe playing a little xylophone number as she rippled over those ribs) to caress and penetrate her pussy. Emily shuddered and arched her back as she climaxed, letting those fingers do their work and experiencing some amazing orgasms in this hot lesbian video! If you don’t mind a few bones here and there, Emily is just incredible to watch as she reaches the peaks of physical pleasure.

Mischa rubdown sex


Porn star spa mischa brooks

Sexy pornstar Mischa Brooks was feeling a little sore, a little run down, a little in need of something she likes to call the full-body special! She headed to the Porn Star Spa for a little relaxation in her blue bikini, getting her long limbs stretched out and loose before heading in for her nude rubdown. Once she got that warm oil rubbed into her skin and felt the masseuse’s strong hands kneading her nice natural tits and smooth legs she started getting more and more turned on, and when his hands moved to her pussy she about came then and there! Watch this hottie suck cock and get that wet hole pounded in a hot scene from the Bang Bros network, leaving her spent and all shagged out, so to speak. From the looks of things she’ll need a massage to recover from this massage!

Samantha Surprise


Samantha Rone in a bikini for amateur allure

Blonde cutie Samantha Rone is back and is looking hotter than ever! This tight little spinner showed up as a surprise, catching the Amateur Allure guy by surprise…and what a nice surprise! She was in her little blue bikini and wanted to spend a day at the beach. They had a good time but the fun really started when Samantha took her swimsuit off, showing those perky little titties and sucking cock like she does so well! Watch this horny cutie get fucked in that tight pussy…if you’re a fan of seeing a girl take a load of cum in the mouth you’re in for a treat, Samantha gets two mouthfuls of cream and looks like she’s ready for a third! With those perky boobs, tight little ass and pretty face, Samantha is always a treat…we’ve seen her before on Amateur Allure but I’ve gotta say I am really digging on the look of her in a bikini…maybe it’s just me. Take a look at this previous gallery of hers and see what you think, maybe you prefer her in a sexy dress!

Cassie Becker


Cassie becker for zishy

Say hi to Cassie Becker, a pretty amateur with huge tits and a great ass! Caught your attention with those terms there, didn’t I…well Cassie is looking fine as hell in this Zishy photoshoot as she goofs around with some hula hoops and shows off her flexibility as she stretches out on the couch. Since it’s Zishy don’t expect a whole lot of full nudity, just some ass peeks and upskirt panty shots and a whole lot of sexy teasing…it’s a nice change of pace from some of the sites around that just bombard you with chicks sticking traffic cones and whatnot inside them. Cassie here proves you don’t need all that shit to be sexy…she just grabs those big boobies and pulls her skirt up over her juicy round ass and has a great time showing off, so we have a great time watching her!

Pregnant Asian Rya


Rya for exploited college girls

Alright so here’s the thing…I don’t really find pregnant chicks very sexually attractive. That said, I know there’s an audience out there that goes absolutely bananas over a preggo girl getting naked and getting fucked, and who am I to judge? The bonus here is that if you’re into Asian chicks you’re about to blow your load all over your damn keyboard, because Exploited College Girls had Rya in the studio for a hardcore fuckfest…she’s a few months pregnant and is just starting to really show so she’s got a little bit of a belly and her breasts are starting to look like preggo breasts. That’s certainly not stopping her from being horny as hell so she came in to get her pussy taken care of, and definitely got her wish! She sucks cock, gets penetrated with toys and orgams good and hard, then gets fucked until the guy shoots his load deep inside. I guess there’s not much danger of her getting pregnant from the cumshot, right?

Seductive Swimmer


Passion hd sara luvv seductive swimmer

Sexy Sara Luvv had gone for a dip in the pool and was rinsing off in the outside shower while her man was getting ready for a big night out…he’s all decked out in his suit while she’s naked and looking fantastic after her workout! The guy just couldn’t withstand the temptation of that seductive swimmer (not that I can blame him) and he grabs her, kissing her passionately and basically tackling her fine ass to the ground. She was more than into the idea, grabbing his already-hard cock from his pants and impaling her face on it while he licked her tight shaved pussy until it was nice and wet and she was moaning for a fuck! He was happy to oblige for this Passion HD scene, pounding that tight hole and bouncing her on top of him while she rode that dick and flicked her clit until finally he shot his load all over her gorgeous face.

Party Boat


X art party boat with gianna

Gianna decided to go for a ride on the party boat and she’s ready to get things started as she and her two guy friends relax on the deck of their sailboat! She has had enough drifting and sunshine for the day and is ready to get her pussy filled by two big thick dicks on the high seas…she starts out making out with one of them, getting him hard and sucking his cock on deck while the other one snoozes. Soon though as she’s getting her pussy licked, Gianna reaches for that second cock and he wakes up, sliding his meat into her mouth while the first guy fucks her hole. They do the old switcheroo once or twice with Gianna being the meat in the manwich until finally everyone cums to a climax…one guy shoots his load on her sexy ass while the other busts nut into her mouth for a hot finish to this X-art threesome.

Sophia Night


Sophia Knight Twistys

Some girls need a partner in a photoshoot to really bring the sexy out but man, when you find a girl who heats up the camera all on her own it’s a thing of beauty! That’s the case with blonde hottie Sophia Knight in this Twistys photoshoot as she relaxes by the pool in her pink bikini, tugging it off to show her perky titties with small perfect nipples and spreading her legs to give us a nice look at her tight pink twat. This horny stunner loves showing off her body and loves being outside in the sun by the pool so it’s a win-win all around if you ask me!

Lux Kassidy


Lux Kassidy corset

Horny blonde pornstar Lux Kassidy might not have much of an ass to speak of but that’s not stopping her from showing it off in this update from Stockings on Pornstars! Speaking of stockings she of course has a pair of sexy sheer black thigh highs with a garter belt and a corset, the works…and those look incredible on her. Long sexy legs, big round titties, long blonde hair and a pretty face, can’t go too wrong with that! If she had a little bang in her booty it would be nice but hey, maybe you’re in the mood for a skinny white girl ass. I won’t judge.

Indigo Suicide Girls


Indigo Wolfe Suicide Girls

I think this girl’s name is Indigo Wolfe but hell I can’t keep all these Suicide Girls straight…this girl is sexy as hell in a sort of understated way with her perky little boobies and great ass. Since this is Suicide Girls you can bet she’s got her hair dyed and has a lot of eye makeup on, but this girl isn’t jumping off the walls in excitement like some of them. She’s looking pretty emo so if it’s a rainy day out, put on some Cat Power and settle back for a nice quiet sexy time with this gorgeous girl. Maybe you can read some Proust to each other after a passionate intense fuck, who knows.

Hangover Cure


Hangover hotties

Feeling a little delicate after a wild weekend, need a little help with getting your hangover off your mind? Well take a look at this collection of links to some hot ladies, some famous, some not, showing off their titties and asses. This isn’t all just naked celebrities though, there are a few weird random links scattered in just to keep you on your toes…it’s all entertaining though and hopefully will make you forget that last night you dumped a whole damn bottle of tequila into the fishtank because you wanted Mr Bubbles to have a good time too. What were you even thinking with that shit?

Busty Daisy


Daisy MC Nudes

I’m consistently impressed with the girls that MC Nudes shoots for the site…for instance, take lovely blonde Daisy here! She’s got a great body with huge tits, a nice round ass and a pussy that looks like it would love to have a big hard cock sliding into it, even if Daisy herself looks a little grim sometimes. Seriously girl lighten up, summer might be about over but things are okay, no need to be a gloomy gertrude about it! She does busty out a grin in one or two photos, so we get to see that pretty face light up. I actually meant to write ‘bust’ there in that last sentence but I got a glimpse at those huge breasts and ‘busty’ just came out by accident, so I figured I’d leave it.

Jessica Is Back!


Jessica Robbin back on Big Tits Round Asses

That looks like quite a nice little comfortable spot for a dick.  Inbetween those massive 32DDD tits that Jessica Robbin has.  She is back on Big Tits, Round Asses if you missed the first time you can see that here as well.  The video that is on this gallery isn’t like super long but it’s the important part I think of Jessica giving James Deen a awesome titty fuck.  She is a straight up pro at it I imagine that is because she has done it a lot.  In all the videos she has done and you know in her personal life she lets her man fuck those big tits that is the benefit of dating a big titty girl.

Rainia She’s New


Rainia Belle She's New

I honestly don’t even know what’s wrong with you guys.  You should have seen Rainia Belle here and already been clicking on the picture reading this is just a waste of time.  She is fucking so hot you have to watch her getting fucked in this awesome gallery from Team Skeet.  It’s part of their series called “She’s New” were basically they put all their new girls who are just getting into porn.  As you will see as you surf around she isn’t exactly new anymore she has a couple of scenes out.  I posted one not to long ago but of course I was spreading around the wrong name.  I her as Lilith Lust from Zishy but it’s not my bad I mean even on her twitter account she goes by two names Rainia Belle and that Lilith one.  I think we jus thave to make a stand about it today and only call her Rainia so you will no longer hear me even mention her alter ego name.

Bryiana Noelle


Bryiana Noelle Playboy

I saw someone complaining recently that Playboy was wack now because they just have the same girls that everyone else has.  Well I call bullshit because this gorgeous exotic Latina you are only going to find on Playboy!  Her name is Bryiana Noelle and she is just drop dead gorgeous I have two galleries for you actually the first one you can click on that thumb and go to it.  The second one is actually of her in the pool and it was her spread when she was playmate of the month for September.  They’re both really good galleries all pictures in typical playboy style.  They are not however just a all picture site I have posted quite a few of their videos from their TV series they have and they’re really hot.  You can check those out by heading over to our Playboy category and looking for the little video overlay in the corner of the thumb.

Simone and Valentina


Simone Sonay and Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi is getting a little lesson from Simone Sonay in this gallery from Bang Bros MILF Soup site.  She is actually teaching this hot foreign exchange student that she has how to enjoy some anal.  As you guys probably remember from her last Pure Mature scene she loves it up the butt!  I am not sure if Valentina Nappi has done anal before this scene but I am going to guess she has because she took it really good.  As I mentioned earlier it’s pretty much like MILF Soup is becoming Bang Bros Moms Bang Teens which is good because I love theses scenes where hot MILFs teach up and coming pornstars a thing or two.

Ivy’s Awesome Ass


Ivy Snow Nice Plump Ass

Ivy Snow is a little freakier then I remember he being!  I remember her from back in the day and I think they used to like no have any nudity with her how times have changed!  Check out this awesome gallery of her that shows off those big natural tits of her and of course that big plump butt.  She puts a little butt plug in before she uses every womans best friend a hitachi vibrator.  She has the strongest orgasms of her life when she uses a butt plug so it kind of part of her masturbation routine now.  She is so damn hot and she is doing these kinds of scenes I think I might have to join her site and make her one of my new favorite solo girls!

Heather Massages


Heather night massage girl 18

If you go in for a massage and the masseuse looks anything like Heather Night you had better tip like crazy because you’re in for the rubdown of your life! She says in the pre-massage interview on Fucked Hard 18 that her clients always leave happy and I think your reaction will be about the same as the cameraman’s at that point…check the video and you’ll see what I mean. Heather gives a quick rubdown and then takes the guy’s big dick in her mouth, stroking him with her hands while she gives a blowjob, then climbs up to join him on the massage table and fucks his brains out! She’s got a nice little tuft of bush above her pussy but she keeps it neat and trim, so instead of being a gross forest it’s a sexy little patch that looks great as she bounces her tight little pussy up and down on that cock. Heather loves a good hard fuck and it shows as she bends over to take him to the hilt doggystyle, rides him in reverse cowgirl and any other position she can come up with to help her client achieve total release!

Jayden T


Jayden for fucked hard 18

Jayden might not have gotten the right memo on appropriate attire for a Fucked Hard 18 shoot as she showed up in a classy looking dress, but since she was just going to take it off anyway I guess it doesn’t matter too much. Jayden looked magnificent like she had just come from a cocktail party or something as she sensually stripped down, taking her time as she let that dress slither down her long legs with a soft whisper of fabric. Soon she was peeling off her thong panties to show an incredible tight little ass as she laid down in the nude on the massage table, finally ready for her rubdown! I guess the masseuse was ready for her too because as soon as his hands moved over that gorgeous oiled body he started popping wood…Jayden was aware of it and thought it looked like something to play with so she grabbed his cock out of his pants and started sucking him off before spreading those long luscious legs to get her tight pussy fucked good and hard in this hot update!

Deep Groove


Passion hd deep groove with kennedy leigh

Gorgeous blonde Kennedy Leigh loves when her tunes get into a deep groove with plenty of funk…in this Passion HD update she has her headphones on and is getting down to some serious funk as she puts on her bikini, but when she finds her man in the bedroom the headphones come off and so does the swimsuit! She takes his big cock in her mouth, sucking him for a nice blowjob as he licks her pussy good and wet before she sits on his lap and gives him a little dance, penetrating herself onto him and rocking with the rhythm. Kennedy loves a good tune but loves a good fuck even more so soon she’s making her own backup vocals, moaning as she orgasms on his dick and then taking his load right into her mouth to finish up this sexy little number!

Dani Back Again


Dani daniels on pawg bang bros

If you’ve been around on this site awhile you know how we feel about Dani Daniels…she is absolutely gorgeous and is always sexy as hell, so it’s great to see her spreading out (no pun intended) and doing work on some different sites! This time she’s rocking the house over at the Bang Bros network for their site PAWG, and she is truly a phat ass white girl…I know you guys have drooled over that sexy round booty of hers before and now it’s time to see it put to work as she bends over and gets her pussy eaten out from behind, then takes this guy’s huge cock in some of her favorite positions! More cushion for the pushin, so they say, and Dani Daniels makes guys want to do a whole lot of pushin with that sweet horny pussy of hers. I believe this is Dani’s third time in the drivers seat over at PAWG, and the previous two updates were just as hot as this one so be sure to check those out too!

Mind Blown


Girls Do Porn Blows Womans Mind

This isn’t the first time that Girls Do Porn has blown a girls mind when it comes to her sex life.  This woman here thought she had it good so much so that she doesn’t even masturbate.  Well after this fucking I think she is going to have to pick up that habit because she isn’t getting laid like this in her personal life.  This girl was cumming all over this guys dick in pretty much every position.  She got her very first facial during her shoot as well.  She is a pretty good looking chick, tall, thick and a very pretty face.  Only problem would be her skull tattoo on her stomach I mean WTF is that.  She has some pretty interesting stories but the best one as I mentioned earlier is that she claims she doesn’t masturbate I call BS but whatever I like a girl who thinks she is innocent.  As always Girls Do Porn our favorite site should definitely be joined, I’m not fucking around here save up your pennies or whatever currency you have and just join their site already these guys are top notch.



Marry on amateur allure

Marry is a very pretty 21 year old with a great smile, but if you ask me she flashes that smile just a little too often, so much so that at times in this Amateur Allure update it’s like the guy is fucking a game show hostess or something. That’s a pretty small quibble though, that a girl smiles too much…she is downright gorgeous with a great body so I guess she’s got plenty to smile about with her tight tan body (with some pretty strange tan lines here and there, I’m not sure what’s up with that), a great rack and beautiful eyes. She also loves giving head and swallowing, which makes her already a winner in most books before she even hikes that dress up to get fucked in her tight shaved pussy but once she goes all the way I think probably everyone in the room had that same grin that Marry had. She’s not just paying lip service either (pun intended) about loving sucking cock, she gives that big slab of meat a great blowjob using her lips, tongue and hands. A beautiful girl who loves to get fucked, loves to suck dick and loves to swallow cum, can’t go wrong with that!

Having It Her Way


Ariella ferrera pure mature having it her way

Some girls like taking a back seat and letting the man make all the decisions, but not Ariella Ferrera that’s for damn sure! She likes having it her way and doesn’t take no for an answer in this Pure Mature update as she orders her mover around, showing him where she wants the furniture to be put. Having a strong muscular man at her beck and call gives her that rush of power that turns her on like nothing else, and soon she’s pulling those huge tits out of her top! Ariella calls the moving guy closer and unzips his coveralls, taking his hard cock out to give him a nice blowjob reward for following directions so well. This horny MILF just can’t wait to get that big dick in her ass and sure enough, after getting her pink pussy pounded for a moment she lifted a leg and invited him on a roundtrip vacation to anal town…and he was more than happy to pack his bags! He fucked that tight backdoor of herse until reaching that point of no return and shooting his load all over her ass.

Tera Patrick


Tera Patrick sheer top

When some pornstars start getting a little long in the tooth they really go downhill and you never hear from them again…such is not the case with Tera Patrick! She’s been around a good while but man she is still sexy as hell and looks stunning with the finest huge tits money can buy and, in the case of this photoshoot from her own website, a sexy sheer top that shows them off to their best advantage! Tera looks great, feels great and has turned into a hell of a MILF if you ask me, so hopefully she sticks around for a long time to cum.

Amara in charge


Amara for 88 Square

I’ll be honest with you guys I don’t really know a whole lot about 88 Square but from the looks of things, Amara runs the show around there! She’s a tough Asian hottie in a leather jacket who has a pussy just hungry for hard cock…so much so that it chewed a hole right through her stockings! Watch this horny honey show off those perky titties and masturbate on camera for us while sitting on a table, her trusty chain close at hand in case any bitches try to start some shit. Nobody messes with Amara!

Pamela Nurse


Pamela nurse on DDF Busty

Pamela needs 8cc’s of cock juice, stat! This naughty blonde nurse is showing her sexy bedside manner in a hot photoshoot from DDF Busty, stripping out of her nurse uniform except for the little hat (is there a specific name for a nurse hat? if there is I don’t know it) and showing off those huge titties for us while playing with her stockings. She’s laying on the examination table, ready to get a very thorough examination from the doctor…or any lucky patients who happen to wander in! She looks great with those white stockings on her long tanned legs but looks even better nude…just a hot blonde doing what she loves to do, causing heart attacks and then treating them herself.

Yoga teen sex


Yoga on teen mega world

It must be a constant struggle being an instructor in a yoga class, having those tight bodies stretching and flexing right in front of you…especially in those sheer yoga pants! Well this guy certainly didn’t have the kind of self-discipline it takes as he seduces his teen student after class in this photoshoot from Teen Mega World. Once he got a look at that tight little butt of hers he was off to the races, pulling her panties off and sliding his cock into her throat before fucking her right there on the yoga mat and showing off a few of his favorite poses.

Jennifer Mackay


Jennifer Mackay Met Art

Feeling in the mood for an angelic beautiful blonde in a sheer top showing off a great pair of tits? I thought as much…you sick puppy, I like the cut of your jib. Check out Jennifer Mackay in this Met Art photoshoot as she does all that and more, pulling off what little clothes she had on to get completely nude and play with her shaved pussy! This hottie loves lounging on her leopard-print sheets and just looking hot as hell with those juicy titties out in full effect. I hope she’s got a nice personality too because she’s definitely got the rest of the package going on.

Black Coed Fucks


College Couple Sex Tape

Here is a pretty fucking hot amateur sex scene for you guys.  It’s this light skinned black girl and she has just a fucking banging body.  It’s crazy how hot sex in a chair can be.  These guys are just banging in the dorm room and it’s a nice long fuck session.  Especially for how good this round ass black girl can ride a dick.  I mean she is right him fast and hard she is just good.  It ends with her kneeing over the chair kind of and he goes at her doggystyle fucking her until he cums in that sweet little pussy of hers.  The video then cuts off and you get to see them back at it but this time over in her dorm room, he doesn’t last as long but hey two sex tapes in one!

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