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Drawn to You


Callie calypso passion hd drawn to you

Sometimes as a massage therapist women find themselves drawn to you, attracted by the notion of strong hands and a connection with their body that few can understand. Callie Calypso called up the masseuse complaining of some nagging shoulder and neck pain but when the guy showed up at her house and hopped her up nude on the table to give her a rubdown it doesn’t look like she has too much pain behind her secret smile. She got her gorgeous tight body oiled up and the rubdown began, starting with her shoulders and back and working down to those long smooth legs, giving her thighs plenty of attention with the masseuse’s fingers drifting up to tease and caress her pussy. As she got more turned on she started pushing back a little, lifting her ass and moaning to let the guy know exactly where she wanted to be rubbed next and he was more than happy to oblige! Soon they were fucking on the massage table, the guy’s big thick cock sliding in and out of that wet hole until they were both reaching the peaks of pleasure in this Passion HD update! Callie finishes things off by taking a nice facial cumshot…not a bad way to make your debut if you ask me.

In Her Lane


Gfrevenge in her lane

This skinny goth chick was getting ready for her ‘girls night out’ when her boyfriend surprised her, busting out the camcorder and recording her as she tried on different outfits. He got her to put on this see-through black number that let her little titties show right through and somehow convinced her to get down on her knees and suck his cock despite her reservations. I think its funny how these chicks always go ‘you promise nobody else will see this right’ for these GF Revenge videos…if that bitch didn’t want anyone else to see them sucking and fucking on camera maybe she shouldn’t have used her ‘girls night out’ as an excuse to go sleep with some other dude! Her boyfriend found out about it and decided the best revenge would be to put this sextape up on the net so we can all see this skinny amateur get her hairy fuckmuffin of a pussy pounded. The name of this update is In Her Lane which doesn’t make a damn bit of sense to me but hey who am I to judge.

Remy Lacroix


Remy lacroix monsters of cock

When brunette cutie Remy Lacroix rode up on her bright purple bicycle wearing a pair of dorky glasses and stretchy see-through teal tights she looked ready for anything, but I’m not sure she was ready for a solid foot of big black dick! Monsters of Cock presents this hot hardcore update as Remy stretched out her thick round ass a bit before heading inside for the main event. Jack was waiting with his enormous chocolate thunderstick, sliding it deep inside that tight wet pussy and pushing Remy to her limits as she impaled herself again and again on that big thick shaft! She loves a good interracial fuck and you can see it on her face as she caresses that meatbat before sucking a nice big load out of it, taking a wet creamy facial cumshot to finish off this scene from the Bang Bros network. I can’t even understand how she fit that thing inside her, it must have been almost coming out of her mouth when he buried it in that pussy!

Ava Addams


Ava addams tonights girlfriend stockings

This guy was taking a break one evening from his business trip and he knew exactly what he was in the mood for and knew just the hot horny MILF of a pornstar to do it! He called up his favorite agency and a fistful of cash later, Ava Addams was Tonights Girlfriend! She might have a few years on some of the other girls but she spent them wisely and they’ve been treating her well, as you can see…she looks great with those huge titties in her lingerie, giving the guy a blowjob and then straddling him to take that big cock deep in her pussy as she went for a nice little ride. The guy definitely got his money’s worth in this hot hardcore fuck session, flipping her over and taking her in every position he could come up with! From the looks of things, doggystyle was his favorite and that works out well because I think it’s Ava’s favorite way to get her pussy pounded too.

Remy Lacroix Returns


Remy on fucked hard 18

If you’ve been around a little while you might remember the debut of Remy Lacroix on Fucked Hard 18 awhile back, but if you don’t maybe this link will remind you. She was hot as hell the first time around and nothing has changed since then, that’s for sure! Word on the street is that Remy stopped doing porn but this scene was filmed a little while ago so hopefully this will scratch your itch because it might be the last you see of her on that site. Hopefully I’m wrong though, this girl is just stunning…watch her strip out of that sports bra and her black yoga pants to get that sexy round ass of hers oiled up and rubbed down, and when the masseuse’s fingers slip down to tickle the lips and clit of that tight pussy she just can’t help but take his cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob! He props her up on his fuck-pillows and slides his dick inside that hole, fucking her in a scene that will get your blood pumping and your dick jumping. I love when the guy holds her arms behind her while he pins her to the table from behind, fucking that pussy and slapping against her thick firm ass!

Tessa Fowler


Tessa fowler big tits

You ever see those women with incredible bodies but faces that look like they’ve been through a lumbermill, people call them butterfaces right? (As in, she’s got a nice body but her face…) Well the flip side of the coin is when you come across a woman like Tessa Fowler, who has both an incredible body with huge full breasts and also has an absolutely stunning face. She might not be a butterface but I bet there’s a lot of churning going on as people check out these Pinup Files photos featuring Tessa hopping into the bathtub while still wearing her bra, panties and a top. Don’t worry though, soon she takes off the top and her bra to let those incredible big boobs out…it’s too bad she keeps the wet panties on still but hey what can you do.

Alessandra Ambrosio


Alessandra Ambrosio

What is it about Brazilian women? It just seems like almost every single damn one of them is gorgeous as hell and it’s not like they start out hot as 18 year olds and balloon up once they hit 30, they just seem to stay beautiful. Case in point, Alessandra Ambrosio here…she’s a Brazilian model who you’ve probably seen in Victorias Secret catalogs a million times but she’s 32 now and still looks absolutely incredible in (and presumably out of) a bikini. Check out these shots from her recent trip to Greece as she hangs out with her beautiful sexy friends on the beach…they all look just incredible, it’s not even fair. And look at that water, is that even real? It looks like an outtake from Avatar but with actual people instead of stupid blue aliens.

Irina Voronina


Irina for playboy

Someone went through all the trouble of putting up a nice clean white sheet of paper just to have Irina Voronina burst through it like a football player at the beginning of the super bowl! She probably loves kicking over peoples’ sandcastles at the beach too, it wouldn’t surprise me…and the bitch of it is, she probably never gets in trouble because she’s so damn hot! This calamity in high heels is a gorgeous blonde posing for Playboy in her lingerie, with some sweet sheer thigh high stockings and a garter belt to complete the ensemble. She never gets completely naked in this photoshoot which is a shame, but she’s pretty enough that I figured I’d put the gallery on here anyhow. There’s something intriguing about her eyebrows in particular, weirdly enough…I mean her big tits are glorious of course but those eyes and features are just mesmerizing.

Luisa Zissman


Luisa zissman upskirt

This hot UK babe is Luisa Zissman, who was apparently one of the contestants on the Brit version of The Apprentice, canoodling with a millionaire CEO who appeared on the show at some point. I don’t know if it’s his great personality or the hundreds of millions of dollars he’s got in the bank (take a guess) but she was caught by the paparazzi straddling him and as it turns out she didn’t have any panties on. I think they call them knickers there? Anyway I call it a hot quasi-celebrity upskirt however you cut it! She’s pulling kind of a wacky face in this shot but I think she was in the middle of saying “ffffuuuuuuuudge” or something along those lines when she saw the cameras clicking away. Too late Luisa, you got drunk and got horny and now we all know you’re trying to fuck a millionaire, welcome to the real world!

Double Call


Porn goes pro double call

If you’ve been checking out Porn Goes Pro like you should, you may have already seen sexy pornstars Jessica Jaymes and Sarah Jessie but this will be the first time you’ve seen them together, that’s for sure! Not content with just one hot horny chick slobbing on his knob this guy makes a Double Call, summoning both girls at once to get naked and take turns getting those wet twats pounded in this hot hardcore threesome update. Fans of big tits, horny pornstars, round asses and tattoos will be especially happy with this episode…and it’s all shot POV style so if you want you can pretend it’s your huge dino-dick in the pictures fucking these horny sluts! There’s nothing they love more than a big fat dick fucking them one after the other so they get into this hot scene almost as much as the guy does. They even share the load once the guy shoots his cum all over their faces, what a good couple of girlfriends!

Adriana Massages


Adriana massage girls 18

Adriana has a sweet touch and some good skills up her sleeves when it comes to giving a nice rubdown, but on a site like Massage Girls 18 the massage skills are secondary to the girl being hot and horny and having some skills in the sack. Adriana fits the bill to a t, with her tight teen body and that sexy wet pussy she’s ready to show what she’s got in this debut photo and video shoot! She wore her best ‘interview outfit’, a sort of leotard with a see-through panel all the way down her front to give a little peek at the goods. If that wasn’t enough she also happens to be super pretty and loves showing off her shaved cunt! After a little teasing in this update she gets down to business, using her tongue and lips to rub the guy’s cock before mounting him and fucking that dick until he cums all over her face and tits.

Hitchhiking Masturbation


Talia shepard car masturbation

Tell me you wouldn’t slam on the brakes and pull your ass over like lightning if you saw a gorgeous girl like Talia Shepard hitchhiking along a hot and lonely desert road. In this photoshoot from her own website Talia repays you the driver for picking her up by giving you a nice little masturbation striptease in the back seat, pulling those huge soft full breasts out and sliding her shorts down her legs to get her fingers into those panties and play with her pussy. She gives quite a show, even pulling her panties up between her pussylips for a little cameltoe action and licking her perky nipples as she plays with herself. Talia is a beauty no matter what but this photoset really shows it off and she looks like she’s having a damn good time doing it! Hopefully she’s on a cross-country hitchhiking journey and will have plenty of time in the car…I wonder how she’ll repay you for gas?

Yurizan Commits Adultry


Yurizan Beltran Latin Adultry

Yurizan Beltran is committing adultery in this latest video from Naughty America.  She plays the part of a wife who is married to a super rich guy who runs a winery.  She is known for sleeping around with the employees and once her husband finds out he fires them.  He can’t exactly divorce Yurizan that will cost him half.  So when this guy learns he is going to be working with her he tells Yurizan straight up he will not be fucking her.  That is until she gets him alone in the wine cellar where he can’t turn down this Latin goddess when she gets on her knees and starts to suck his cock.  They fuck down there every which way and he doesn’t even wear a condom!  He of course ends the sex session by cumming on her tits I mean they’re so big and gorgeous that’s the only logical place to cum.  You guys may notice something different about Yurizan and yes it is those tits.  She had them redone and they look so much better!  If you want to see the old pair you can see them here.

You Will Pay For This


Life selector youll pay for this

Get ready to take porn to the next level…if you haven’t checked out Life Selector already now’s your chance as this Dominatrix gives her little lesbian slave what she deserves…in accordance with your own wishes! Life Selector puts you in the driver’s seat, making all the choices about what will happen to this little slut; if you want her to lick the Domina’s boots you can make her do that, if you want her to get her wet panties stuffed into her mouth you can do that, it’s all up to you to make this hot lesbian scene play out however you want (well this is just a pre-recorded demo video clip, you don’t actually make the choices but it’ll show you how things work). If you’re tired of just sitting back and watching porn and want to have it be a bit more interactive, Life Selector might be right up your alley. If nothing else, you get to enjoy a slutty submissive who can’t scrape together any cash for her car repairs and has to pay with her pussy in this hot scene called You’ll Pay For This!

Just A Small Town Girl


Just A Small Town Girl on Girls Do Porn

You’re going to like this 20 year old chick from some small little town in Texas.  She plays up the part too wearing some daisy dukes and a plaid shirt.  I mean come on at least break the stereotype I have in my head!  She is pretty freaking cute though with these amazing perky full tits and I love that she has that tanline going on.  The best part of this chick is how much she loves to have sex.  I mean she loves to be fucked so much she had a tattoo put on her right above her pussy that reads “Lucky You”.  She also has some great stories to tell the Girls Do porn guys in her interview.  Like the time she lost her virginity.  She fucked some football star back and school on the tennis court.  If you think that is crazy how about when she seduced her drivers ed teacher and fucked him in the back seat of the drivers ed car!  Now that’s some crazy shit!  She gets fucked nice and hard and probably puts to shame the fuck buddy she banged last night, yea that’s right she fucked a guy the day before she did this porn!

Raw Passion


Veronica Radke Raw Passion X Art

I used have a favorite X Art video of Veronica Radke is was the one she did with Jenna you can see that here.  I have a new one after today though and it’s this one called Raw Passion.  She gets to have sex with Mr. X probably her biggest porn crush I would say.  She has fucked him before on X Art but in this video you get to see a passion from his cock that she just hasn’t shown in other scenes.  Maybe it was because she was getting a creampie or they have a behind the scenes romance happening.  I don’t really care what it is I just love seeing this petite teen getting fucked!  If you want to see all the video we have posted of her on our site then make sure to check out her section.  I went ahead and figured out how many videos X Art has of Veronica or as they call her Scarlet and they have 7 different videos all of which except for 1 is of her having sex with a guy!  So with that being said if you like Veronica this is definitely a site you can find a lot of her amazing work.

Julia Ann Porn Goes Pro


Julia Ann Porn Goes Pro

If you guy are members of Porn Goes Pro you will know this is a older gallery but I just had to post it because I am quite the Julia Ann fan!  She looks especially hot in this video because you get the first person view.  Seeing her ride this guys cock reverse cowgirl and you get to see that fat ass bouncing up and down it was trying just erotic art.  I also like when she turned around and rode him, this site has just the coolest camera angles.  That’s why I have been posting so many video with them.  The site has just started out but I think it’s going to be a hit and keep getting bigger and bigger.  They have some really famous pornstars on their site, I mean any site that is able to get Julia Ann is top notch in my opinion.  I think how this site is kind of operating is there is this guy who is treating these pornstars like hookers basically.  He sets up a shoot and leaves their money on the table, bangs them and then send them on their way.

Bryci Oiled Up


Bryc Oiled Up and Ready

I could just gush about Bryci for pretty much ever.  She is literally the best solo girl site to join, nobody I mean nobody is close.  I might tell you a girl is but I am lying because she is #1.  In this gallery you will see her in all white showing off those amazing tits and her perfect ass.  She oils herself up for you and if you are lucky enough to be a member you can see this amazing video.  I have said it a million times but I think I have to stay it everytime.  The reason you are searching for Bryci video and not getting any is because people are not allowed to have it.  Video is for members only when it comes to Bryci so it’s just a fact of life.

Loving Kim


Kim Happy Tugs

You guys probably thought that Happy Tugs wasn’t updating anymore.  Nope, I’m just lazy and haven’t posted a gallery from them since January of this year!  Holy shit, I know I fire me.  I will bring it back though and it starts with another masseuse named Kim.  The way this site works is Kim is getting paid extra money to bone this guy on camera something she usually just does for her standard fee.  Then the guy is getting a free happy ending massage at his favorite place to go!  It’s a win win for everyone and then we get to see these awesome sex tapes from these hidden cameras in this room.  The video is all of this sexy ass Asian girl Kim riding his guys cock.  She has that round Asian ass and her face is really pretty as well, you guys are going to love Kim!

Julie Cash CFNM


Julie Cash CFNM Secrets

Holy fat ass batman!  This is just down right perfect, alright it might be a little big for some people… I think this butt would put Kim Kardashians to shame.  The ass belongs to a hot MILF named Julie Cash who kind of has always been known for that big butt of hers.  In this gallery she is fucking for a site called CFNM Secrets.  It’s a site where as you see the girl kind of stays clothed.  Like Julie here just ripped a whole in her tights so the guy could get at her pussy and of course so he could see her perfect ass.  She never takes off her shirt either.  Instead she just pops her nice tights out so he can see them as he fucks her.  The niche is called Clothed Female, Naked Males and it’s kind of a big thing.  I mean we have a whole category here dedicated to it!

Round Ass Dick Ride


Awesome Ass Black Girl Rides

Here is a nice black porn video for you guys from a site that sounds pretty awesome.  It’s called Lifetime Black Pass.  So I can only assume that what’s you join the site you have access for life.  This girl is a unknown pornstar that is just lovely getting fucked by this black guy.  She has a awesome tight shaved pussy but look at that ass of hers, that’s the real winner!  If you want to see more videos from this site you can see them here.  Other then that check it out if you like black porn this is going to be right up your alley!

Christy Mack DP


Christy Mack DP Brazzers

Brazzers is making history today!  They are the first porn site to get the gorgeous Christy Mack to do a DP scene!  Here she is with the two lucky guys, well I don’t know if they’re lucky I mean the only my dick being 1 inch away from your dick doesn’t seem like to much fun.  There is too many DP lovers out there though because this is something people always want to see.  It’s especially good just because of that perfect plump ass that Christy Mack has.  She has done quite a number of scenes for Brazzers 16 to be exact.  So if you’re a big Christy Mack fan I would suggest heading over to them and seeing all the videos they have.  Especially because it’s the only place you will find her DP video!

500th Episode Part 3


Porn fidelity 500 episode part 3

Check out part 3 of the Porn Fidelity 500th episode extravaganza as we take a trip to the circus, joined by the whole hot and horny crew including Kendra Lust, Anikka Albrite, Christy Mack, Kelly Madison, Jacky Joy, Romi Rain and Brooklyn Chase. You’ll be pitching your own tent as these sexy ladies get into a hardcore lesbian and bisexual eightsome in the big top, sucking cock and getting fucked in a sex scene you’ll flip your lid over. Apart from the sex it’s just cool to see these pornstars in vintage circus performance outfits, just kinda neat looking…in parts 1 and 2 of this series you got to see the preparations but now the real showtime is about to begin! I tell you what, I would absolutely go see this circus if it came to town. Not sure it’s very family-friendly though.

Our Second Meeting


Britney amber returns to porn goes pro

I guess horny blonde sexpot Britney Amber had a good time in her previous session at Porn Goes Pro because this is our second meeting! Here’s your situation, get ready to put yourself into this hot POV scene. You’re on a business trip and have a hankering for company, and a big bulging bonus check in your wallet just begging to be put to use so you call up the Porn Goes Pro people to see if Britney Amber is still available since you had such a good time with her last time around! Sure enough her schedule was open and she was more than happy to come spend a little more quality time with you…since introductions were already out of the way she got right to work on your huge dick, getting her big tits out while she gave you that awesome blowjob you remembered. Soon she was bending over to get her wet pussy fucked doggystyle and spreading those long smooth legs as she laid back on the bed to take you to the hilt before sucking a big load out and getting it all over her lips and dripping onto her massive melons!

Sarah Randall


Sarah Randall on Pinup Files

Sarah Randall has a very pretty face but man it’s pretty obvious what her main draw is…I’m talking of course about those enormous titties of hers! In this photoshoot from Pinup Files she’s popping off her polka dot top to show off her red bra, and speaking of popping off her big melons are about to pop her bra to kingdom come. Luckily she takes it off herself and lets those big round funbags hang loose. It’s gotta be pretty hard on her back but man she knows she’s got a couple special features hanging out on her chest and she’s more than happy to share!

Gabrielle MomXXX


Gabrielle MomXXX

This beautiful brunette is apparently one of the MomXXX models and if that’s true you can just take my wallet right now. She is tall, lean and sexy as hell with her big full breasts, short dark hair and thigh high sheer black stockings. She shows off her new underwear to her guy pal Steve and he’s of course more than happy to let her show him whatever she wants. This sexy MILF pulls out all the stops, licking his cock and spreading her long legs to get her wet pussy fucked in this amazingly hot video that will have you sweating bullets inside of 2 minutes, I almost guarantee. Some women look good in lingerie, and some women (like Gabrielle here) look absolutely breathtaking.



Tori on Breath-takers

I don’t know that I’d say this girl Tori took my breath away but she is certainly hot as hell in this photoshoot from Breath-Takers, playing around in her sheer white lingerie to give us some sneaky peeks at her big full breasts and sexy round ass. Soon she’s tired of the game though and pulls it up over her head to stand completely nude except for her high heel shoes, ready to take things to the next level! I don’t know what makes me think of it but she seems ot me like a bored rich housewife slutting it up for a poolboy or something…keep an eye out for her nipples as they try to aim directly towards the ceiling on her huge tits.

Andrea Corr


Andrea Corr

Here’s another celebrity that I had no idea who she was at all, and had to look her up. Her name is Andrea Corr and apparently she’s an Irish musician in a rock band or something, I honestly have never heard of her but if you’re into Irish rock maybe this will float your boat…she’s not showing nipples or anything like some celebs but you can get a little peek at her bra through her shirt I guess. It’s weird to see celebrities and have to be told that they’re a celebrity; Andrea is cute but I doubt she’d be a head-turner walking down a city street in the US of A.

Jennifer Mackay Eternal Desire


Jennifer Mackay for Eternal Desire

When I saw that the name of this chick was Jennifer Mackay all I could think of was Mr Mackey from South Park and it sort of ruined the experience, but honestly she is wicked hot and I think you’ll dig these pictures from Eternal Desire as she poses completely nude by an old fancy looking chair, mmmmkay? With her long blonde hair, perky full breasts and huge beautiful eyes Jennifer is a stunner, I can only hope that if she sticks around in the porn business she decides to change her name, mmmkay? Oh man I’m sorry, I hope I’m not messing this up for you guys, she seriously is super hot.

A Big Gamble


Lily love ariana marie passion hd

Time to take a big gamble with Ariana Marie and Lily Love…they’re in a heated game of strip poker with their guy friend, who happens to be holding the winning hand (I guess it’s not a big gamble for him, he comes out ahead either way really) so the two ladies lose their tops and figure why stop there? They start kissing passionately and the trio decide to take the action to the bedroom, where the guy takes turns fucking them one after the other…both of these girls are incredibly hot and sexy so it’s a pleasure to see them both, well, pleasured! I’m not sure offhand who gets the creampie at the end of this Passion HD update but sharing is caring so they both get a chance to sample that big creamy load. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I think Lily’s big tits look even nicer in this hot hardcore fuck scene than they normally do!

Ava Fucks Son’s Friend


Ava Addams Fucks Son's Friend

Here is a episode from a Naughty America fantasy site called “My Friends Hot Mom”.  This college kid comes to drop off some shit to his friend before he goes off to college.  The friend isn’t home my Mrs. Addams is.  She answers the door in some super sexy night time attire.  This woman is all about being sexy and has been his whole life.  When Ava Addams see’s him her mature pussy takes over the mind and she wants nothing but his fat dick in her tight ass.  MILFs get freakier and freakier when they get older and that’s when they start enjoying anal and Ava definitely enjoy anal!  The two of them just have regular sex at first but that isn’t doing it for her and that’s when the anal starts and never stops.  Ava has such an amazing body with just the perfect big tits and look at this plump ass I mean how could you not want to see this long video click and enjoy already!

Ava Sparxxx


Ava sparxxx bang bros pawg

Alright listen up…if you like phat ass white girls with hairy pussies and cute faces, I hope you have a hat on to hold in the mess because your head is about to explode. Ava Sparxxx is the guest of honor on this update from PAWG on the Bang Bros network of sites and she’s making the most of it! Sometimes guys aren’t into the big juicy booty but man the ones that are, REALLY are…watch her strip down and shake that jiggly butt before spreading her legs to get penetrated balls-deep in her hairy hole by that big hard cock. The guy tries to be all business but it’s a little tough when the girl is riding his face like a horsey-ride like Ava does here…she probably gave him a wicked burn from grinding that unshaved pussy all over his mouth, he’s gonna look like he took a big sloppy bite of poison ivy pie.

Pepper Anne


Pepper anne on backroom casting couch

Redheaded 24 year old Pepper Anne might not win the Miss Universe contest anytime soon but she’s got a great personality (stay with me, I don’t mean she’s ugly or fat) and certainly knows how to fuck! She came to the Backroom Casting Couch to try to make her first baby steps into the world of porn and I don’t know that she’ll make it big, but she definitely gave it the old college try! She gave a nice blowjob and didn’t mind taking that dick up the ass, so any potential agents feel free to put a checkmark next to anal and oral if you’re thinking of hiring this girl. She has better chance of getting a modeling gig from what I just wrote than from the ‘casting director’, that’s for damn sure…he’s just down to get as much pussy as possible and put it out on the net! Oh you can put a checkmark next to the word facial too because she finished off this hardcore update like that, laying back and getting her face hosed down with a shower of cream. Oh also I might as well mention, she’s got a really soothing voice…I know it’s a weird thing to say but there it is, she could be on the radio or something.

Nympho Zoey


Zoey on exploited college girls

So I don’t know about you guys but personally I prefer a tall girl to a short one…they seem more versatile and sometimes short girls just can’t keep up, you know what I mean? That’s what I was thinking about when I first checked out this Exploited College Girls update featuring Zoey, but once this 19 year old spinner started doing her thing though I took it all back…she’s 4’11” of pure get-down and she’s ready to prove herself by sucking and fucking like a champ! She starts out with some great road head, then heads back to the hotel room basically begging to get that dick in her pussy. She’s horny as hell and loves having her pussy played with so the videographer takes his time, teasing her with toys and his finger before giving her what she wants which is a good hard fuck! He takes her in a few different positions getting some great footage of those perky tits bouncing until finally he shoots his load all over her tummy. She’s a cute girl with a great bubbly personality and a sweet little body and she certainly knows how to use it!

Nancy Erminia


Nancy erminia pinup files

I mean, orange isn’t really my favorite color but after looking at a photoshoot like this you can’t really deny that some women can just work it! Nancy Erminia stars in this set of photos from Pinup Files and is rocking an orange bra and panties as she rolls around on some kind of futuristic curved sofa. As she lays back she grabs those huge melons with both hands before taking the bra off entirely, giving us a look at those huge knockers in all their glory. I don’t know if she had a funny boob job or something but her nipples might make you a little crosseyed if you stare at them, so be careful.

Kennedy Nash


Sweet as honey

Sexy Kennedy Nash from the Babes network is sweet as honey but looks like she could sting harder than a bee as she brushes her hair back and undoes her top out in a beautiful field! With those intense piercing eyes she’s almost intimidating but with a body like that you just can’t look away. Kennedy has an incredible pair of tits and an even hotter ass as she bends over and gives a look at that pussy from the doggystyle position, is she giving you any funny ideas? Apparently the sensation of being nude in the great outdoors just turns her on, and I sure as hell ain’t stopping her from whatever she’s up to.

Penny Mathis


Glamour show huge tits

Feeling a little dirty? So was gorgeous Penny Mathis, until she hopped into the tub for a nice warm relaxing bubble bath for the site Glamour Show! She’s pretty in the face area but man it’s those huge full breasts of hers that really run Bartertown….I guess she doesn’t really want to give away all the goods so she covers up her nipples with soap bubbles, but we get to see like 90% of those huge melons so it’s not a huge loss. Penny keeps her panties on when she takes a bath apparently which is kind of weird if you ask me, maybe she’s got like a dragon tail or something…surely there’s something to offset the hotness of the rest of her.

Malibu Moments Part II


Xart malibu moments 2 jericha

If you havent checked out the X-art model Jericha, you’ve done yourself a disservice…luckily I’ve got your back and this is the perfect time to make up for your mistake by checking out this new update called Malibu Moments II. The first Malibu Moment was with Chloe Amour and was quite the scorcher but this one might just be even hotter, let me know what you think! Jericha is absolutely gorgeous in it as she and her man spend an afternoon in the hotel room by the sea at Malibu. They look like they just got back from a wedding or something and are all dressed up, maybe they spent the whole time at the ceremony flirting and just waiting to get back to their room and get each other naked! That’s just what they do after kissing for awhile, their clothes just seem to melt off and soon Jericha is getting her sexy pussy tongued before spreading her legs and getting fucked on the soft bed. They try out a few different positions and Jericha seems to float from orgasm to orgasm before finally laying back and taking a big facial cumshot from the guy!

Hot and Cold


Amy fair passion hd hot and cold

It’s a case of hot and cold as Amy Fair goes from licking and sucking her chilly popsicle, letting the juices run down her tubetop over her perfect breasts, to getting warm oils rubbed on her nude body as the massage therapist gives her a nice rubdown in this Passion HD update. She’s got more on her mind than getting tension rubbed out of her limbs though so soon she’s pushing her pussy against his hands, softly moaning and getting more and more turned on as she watches his cock get stiff in his pants. Finally Amy just can’t take anymore and pulls his dick out, licking and sucking it before straddling him and mounting his cock to fuck him right there on the massage table! He lets her move that tight shaved pussy up and down on his shaft until he just can’t handle anymore and has to shoot his wad, giving her a nice facial cumshot to remember him by.

Teddi Rae


Casting couch x teddi rae

Give a big hello to 18 year old Teddi Rae, a fresh faced hottie who looks like she just came back from the beach with her tanlines…she’s got some of the nicest tits you’ll see in a long damn time and has a cute bubbly personality that will grab your attention before she even gets naked. Soon though the clothes are coming off as she goes through her Casting Couch X interview and we get to see just how how this teen actually is! Of special note are the bruises on her inner thighs; it looks like Teddi is down for a little rough fun sometimes when she fucks! We don’t get to see a whole lot of that but maybe it’s something that will develop as she gets more into her porn career. For now though we just get to watch a mega hot teen get naked and spread her legs to have her shaved pussy pounded on camera before taking a big facial cumshot!

Petals in the tub


Zishy tub petals

I haven’t been able to find out the name of this girl but she’s inviting you to join her in a relaxing bath in this Zishy photoshoot! She brings the candles in and shuts the door, putting on some soft music before scattering bright red flower petals in the water and slowly sliding her nude body in. This girl loves having smooth soft skin and knows how important it is to take care of herself so she takes time out to relax and indulge in a little self-loving ritual as she takes a nice long leisurely bath. We get to relax with her, and also enjoy a few naughty peeks at that sexy teen body of hers in these lovely photos! Next time you see a beautiful girl-next-door type like this just imagine joining her in the tub as she gets slick and wet…Zishy always has the hottest amateur girls around and isn’t interested in getting them to do crazy shit, just to be beautiful and natural and happy.

Alexis at the Spa


Alexis adams porn star spa

Alexis Adams gets pretty worn out from all the fucking and sucking she does being a horny pornstar, so sometimes she just needs a little rubdown and let out some of that tension that’s built up over the weeks! She headed to the Porn Star Spa to get that beautiful nude body of hers oiled up and massaged, but wouldn’t you know it, the masseuse just kept on letting his hands slide down between her thighs and touch that sensitive pussy until she was so turned on she just couldn’t help but grab the guy’s cock from his pants and give him a blowjob right there! Soon she was spreading her smooth legs and getting her pussy mortar-and-pestled by his cock in this hardcore fuck scene from the Bang Bros network of sites.

Creamy Sex


Pure mature creamy sex with kortney kane

The fad of taking a milk bath seems to be in full swing as lovely brunette Kortney Kane slowly removes her black lingerie, including a garter belt and her thigh high stockings, before sinking into a tub and running her hands over her huge round breasts. Her guy pal comes into the bathroom and pours a pitcher of cool cream all over her back, running it over her round ass to soften and refresh her skin…she thanks him in a big fashion by sucking his cock right there at the edge of the tub! After he gets that blowjob his dick is hard as a rock and he hops into the water with her, bringing Kortney onto his lap for some creamy sex…they splash a little too much water on the floor though so soon they’re out of the wet and fucking on the counter, that hard meatbat sinking hilt-deep into her quivering wet hole! They finish off this Pure Mature update with a bang, with Kortney taking a nice wet facial of the guy’s own cream, maybe it’ll help revitalize her skin as well. Kortney is always a hit on this site; if you want to see her satisfying some more of her sexual cravings take a look at that gallery!

The Squirter


Fantasy hd the squirter tiffany fox

You’ve heard about Freaky Friday, but how about Wet Wednesday? Tiffany Fox is making a case for a new weekly holiday in this Fantasy HD update entitled The Squirter as she shows off her unique talents in the pussy department…she starts out stripping down from her bikini by the pool, rubbing her clit and squirting all over her fingers as she cums. But hang onto your rainboots, the party’s just starting! Her guy friend hears the commotion and heads over, giving her a hand as he helps her masturbate and licks her cunt and finally slowly slides his big hard cock inside her wet hole. She makes things even wetter almost immediately, squirting like a damn Super Soaker while he fucks her in this raunchy hardcore action! I hope they put down a tarp or are fucking in a kiddypool or something because her pussy is just going to town and I don’t think there’s a sheet in the world that could soak up this much juice. The guy finally decides enough is enough and gives her a few good squirts himself, shooting his load into her fuckhole for a nice creampie cumshot finish which of course she squeezes right out using those phenomenal vaginal muscles. Tiffany is certainly impressive downstairs but she’s also hot as hell with a beautiful face and a great pair of perky titties!

Britney Noisy Fuck


Britney Amber on porn goes pro

When you think about a pornstar what’s the image that pops into your mind? A pretty blonde with dark roots, huge tits and shaved pussy named Britney, or maybe Amber? Well take a look at this update from Porn Goes Pro as pretty blonde Britney Amber shakes her huge boobs and works her bald pussy as she gets fucked by some lucky dude. You can tell from the way she sucks this guy’s cock that she’s a pornstar with a little experience but she’s certainly not all used up like, well you know how I mean. She’s got great legs and looks great in the photographs but the video camera is really where she shines as she works that cunt in this hot POV hardcore scene, taking that big hard cock to the hilt as she gets fucked doggystyle and turns around to ride your cock like a cowgirl. She even keeps her red belt on or whatever that is, with jangly metal bits so as she gets fucked it sounds like Santa Claus with epilepsy! Hopefully that mental image doesn’t mess with your mind as you watch this horny babe get her pussy pounded.

MILF Loves Creampies


MILF Loves Creampies

I have for you a super hot MILF and she is getting her pussy filled up with cum in this new Mom POV video!  The guy who usually shoots the site wasn’t even here to enjoy this meaty pussy but his buddy sure did.  He fucks this mother of 2 for well over a hour.  I think towards the end there they were just doing whatever it took to make him cum.  I mean he set down the camera and got two hands on each hip and just pounded away and this sweet MILF.  Like I said she is a mother of 2 so she doesn’t get to sleep around much, it’s been a long time since she has fucked a guy and she is quite stoked to be doing her first sex tape.  She usually just masturbates to calm her horny nerves but after this sex session I think she will probably increase her twice a week habit to 5 days a week or something!  One thing is for sure is that her pussy was definitely sore after this video… They talk about her coming back for a threesome with another girl that would be awesome but I won’t hold me breathe, I have a feeling this is her first and last porn video.

Hot legs and feet


hot lesbians licking

If you’re into hot legs and feet, not to mention pretty lesbians eating out each others pussies you’re going to dig this photoshoot from the DDF network…these two lesbian schoolgirls were hanging out after class and decided it was high time to find out just what they could do with those tight shaved holes of theirs, so they pulled off their plaid skirts and tugged off their panties and got to licking on those clits and slits! They both definitely have hot legs and feet and those long stems and cute toes get a nice working over as well in this sexy sapphic scene. You’ll take one look at those perky titties and those cute butts in the air and want to join in on the fun I’m sure!

Courtney Laudner


Courtney Laudner for Zishy

Ah, the underboob. Man sometimes I look back on the 80s with fondness for some things, like the fad of girls wearing ripped up little tanktops that showed off the bottoms of those titties to drive everybody crazy. I could do without all the hair though. Anyway, this update from Zishy brings back the underboob with a vengeance as Courtney Laudner snaps a few photos of her own while being captured on film pulling off her shirt and teasing us with those huge boobs of hers! Her butt is no slouch either in any sense of the word, as she tugs up her polka dot skirt and shows a little cheek.

Ossia Offroad


Ossia Offroad for Errotica

Holy shit these photos are friggin huge…I have a big monitor and still was blown away by the sheer size of the shots, not to mention the hotness of the model Ossia! She’s doing a little offroading in this photoshoot from Errotica Archives, or at least would be if the jeep she’s crawling around in was functional. Looks like she’s been doing a little monkeywrenching in her spare time but decided to take a break and shed her clothes for a little while…can’t fault her there! Ossia is any mechanic’s dream as she crawls on her hands and knees into the cockpit, wiggling her cute little ass and giving us a nice look at her soft shaved pussy while looking over her shoulder with those beautiful eyes of hers.

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