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Lily on the Bus


Bang bus with lily love

Man, the Bang Bus is like a lottery jackpot on wheels for this update, these lucky dudes picked the right fucking day to get into a van with strangers! Lily Love stars as the cock-hungry backseat passenger as they pick up a few random guys off the street and let her at them…she’s already got her clothes off and is playing with her absolutely perfect tits so the guys have no qualms about letting her rip their pants off and dive face-first onto their dicks before fucking that gorgeous pornstar! She gets three or four guys on the bus and then gets them off in more ways than one, mounting up and going for a ride as the bus drives around the city past a ton of unsuspecting rubes on the street! Her favorite seems to be straddling the guys and riding them cowgirl style so those big boobs of hers are bouncing up and down right in their face…I don’t know how these guys could even handle that much hotness without busting a nut in like 2 seconds. Lily loves getting a creamy load on her face and tits and she gets a few great facials in this hot update!

Cindy Starfall


Cindy starfall for in the crack

I’m not sure what nationality Cindy Starfall is but I’m guessing Pacific Islander…she’s exotic and beautiful and horny as hell in this photoshoot from In The Crack! She started out just going in her bikini for a little sunbathing at this tropical resort but once she saw the cameras were out she decided to make a nice show of it…watch this beautiful babe strip out of her swimsuit and spread her ass and pussy, giving us a nice close look at her naughty bits and then pouring a pitcher of water all over herself! Talk about a nice wet pink vagina…she’s taking it a little literally! With that beautiful smile of hers though I don’t think anyone will bother correcting her…just sit back and enjoy a lovely lady in a lovely setting getting naked and showing off her sexy body!

Big Night In


Monique alexander pure mature big night in

Sexy and seductive redhead Monique Alexander enjoys a big night in with her guy pal in this update from Pure Mature! When you’ve had a few years under your belt like this horny MILF you know that heading out to the bars and clubs just isn’t always the best thing to do…she had that tingling in her pussy that meant she just had to have some cock right then and there and this guy was more than willing to give up a night of drinking for some of that sweet pussy! He made those big boobs bounce as he licked and fucked her hole, giving her a nice pounding as she spread her long smooth legs wide open for him before he shot a huge creamy load all over her freshly fucked hole.

Riverside Fuck


Ann angel xxx by the river

I don’t know if this is the concept Ann was going for in this photoshoot from her hardcore site Ann Angel XXX but in these pictures it seems like she’s a seductive spy who got caught smuggling documents and is forced to do what she has to do in order not to be turned in! She opens her overcoat to show off a sexy lingerie set and her long black leather boots before pulling her panties aside and getting fucked in this hot outdoor scene. With that sexy body I bet Ann gets out of a lot of trouble, making her the perfect agent to snoop around behind enemy lines!

Bryci masturbating


Bryci hardcore masturbation

If you’ve been watching Bryci over the years you might not be prepared for the hotness that she’s starting to bring…I guess she got tired of just teasing us with those big full titties of hers and decided to go full beans, doing hardcore with her boyfriend and fucking herself with toys and showing every bit of the action! For instance check out this photoshoot as she slides a big purple dildo deep in her horny pussy, and even better yet she films the whole thing so the shoot is sort of half POV half not. Even better yet I’ve got a video clip for you guys of her getting fucked by her boyfriend James! You’ve seen how sexy her round ass can be, but man it’s ten times better when it’s bouncing up and down while she impales her twat on a big hard dick.



Carrie for net video girls

Mocha-skinned amateur Carrie here thought she was auditioning for a part in a rap music video when she showed up at the Net Video Girls studio and for once they found a girl who can actually dance! It’s just a bit of a bonus though because there’s no real video they’re auditioning for, they’re just trying to talk the girls into getting naked on camera and getting fucked…sometimes it doesn’t work and the girl walks off from feeling uncomfortable or creeped out, but more often than not the girl is easily persuaded by these skillful pickup artists and ends up getting her brains fucked out. Such is the case with Carrie as she bends over and gets that tight body pounded by the hung black cock of the videographer ‘casting director’ in this mostly POV scene! This girl might have a face that looks more than a little like Urkel but man she’s got a hell of a body as she gets naked and gets banged.

Pixie Samantha


Samantha halloween pixy

Happy Halloween from Amateur Allure! Adorable Samantha Rone surprised the cameraman by dropping by in her sexy Tinkerbell costume…isn’t that what Halloween is all about for adults, getting your sexy on? Well Samantha did a great job of it, becoming the cute pixie with a hardcore twist as she grabbed her perky tits and flipped up her skirt to pull her thong panties aside and finger her ass and pussy, masturbating until the dude was so turned on he just had to slip his cock in her mouth. She kept her fairy wings on as she sucked his cock, staring up at us with those beautiful eyes and maybe even flapping her wings a little…although that could just be my imagination. What’s not imagination though is that sexy tight ass of hers as she spins around and gets fucked from behind before taking a load of cream in the mouth! If you missed the first couple of times Samantha has been on the site you can take a look here and here…you’re welcome!

Erotic Beauty Massage


Erotic beauty massage for hegre art

Blonde gorgeous Milena gets strapped into the special modified doctor’s chair and man I bet she wishes every trip to the doctor was like this! She gets her body brought to the peaks of physical pleasure and lets her mind roll with the flow as the skilled masseuse tantalizes and touches every inch of that sexy body, running her hands over Milena’s small perky beautiful boobies and down her smooth legs, traveling back up to caress and electrify that tight hairy pussy until she’s so wet she can barely take it! She holds on for dear life as the masseuse starts to tickle and stimulate her clit, bringing waves of pleasure until finally she has a nice orgasm and lets the thrills of ecstasy run through her body as she moans and bucks her hips! Hegre Art presents this hot lesbian update called Erotic Beauty Massage, I bet Milena can barely wait for her next ‘checkup’!

Painal for Page


Page for backroom casting couch

This long haired brunette named Page is a mother of two so she knows a thing or two about getting her pussy filled up with cum…she says right off the bat that she’s into rough hardcore porn which made me wince because I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into on Backroom Casting Couch! She’s an odd duck for sure…she thinks she can squirt (but only when she has to pee, so it doesnt take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what’s going on there) and she thinks she can handle anal just fine (although she about cries for mommy when the guy jams his cock into her backdoor for a little painal). She wants to be a pornstar but man I just don’t think she’s got the goods…she’s sorta cute I guess but not stunning and that would probably be her only saving grace is if she was just mind-blowingly attractive. Well the guy fucks her face and fucks her pussy and fucks her ass before tossing a load inside for a little ambush creampie to make it a memorable experience before she hits the bricks.



Melody for exploited college girls

This girl Melody is an 18 year old senior in High School so I’m not sure she quite fits the title of the site but hey, she’s hot and horny and has a great body so I guess we can all bend the rules a little bit for her. She’s got a very pretty face and nice perky titties that look fantastic as she gets fucked in this POV scene for Exploited College Girls, and she cums like a freight train multiple times as she gets her tight little pussy pounded! I guess the high school boys don’t know how to use their dicks yet so when she met up with the ‘casting director’ here it was like a dream come true for her wet teen cunny. Melody gets fucked nice and hard and deep in a few different positions, it’s hard to tell what her favorite one was because she was having a great time throughout the shoot…it might have been when she was pinned down and drilled from above with her face buried into the pillow, tough call to make. She giggles when the guy busts his load all over her face, so she’s obviously not afraid of facials…can’t wait to see this girl around if she makes it to some other hardcore sites!

Courtney Stodden


Courtney Stodden

So this is the chick who married the creepy Shawshank Redemption guy when she was 16, her name is Courtney Stodden. Apparently they’re super in love though so hey, age is just a number right? Anyway she’s at some kind of red carpet event and is showing off a pair of little metallic gold panties that are giving her a cameltoe, matched with a top that shows right through to some pretty sweet tits. Big ups to the Shawshank guy, who I also remember being a creepy dude in X-files, apparently he made a good choice and hopefully she actually digs him and isn’t just gold-digging.

Valeria Zebra


Valeria for Met Art

I don’t get the zebra striped rug in this Met Art update, maybe this chick Valeria likes to pretend she’s out on safari or some shit while she gets naked…well whatever it is I hope she keeps it up because this chick is hot! She has a long dark braid of hair that spills over her shoulder as she takes off her see-through bra and panties for this photoshoot, looking a little like Lara Croft with that sweet tight body and gorgeous titties, not to mention a beautiful face. Hot all around, is my expert opinion.

Gabriella Paltrova


Gabriella Paltrova Bang Bros

Good fucking lord look at the size of that big black dick! You know that saying “once you go black you’ll never go back”? Well Gabriella Paltrova’s motto after she finished up this hardcore shoot at the Bang Bros network site Monsters of Cock was “Once you go huge, you’ll be walking funny for a fucking week”. It doesn’t quite rhyme as well but the feeling comes across…this chick gets absolutely impaled by that huge chocolate thunderstick. The thing is, she looks like she’s having the time of her life…I feel sorry for pretty much any guy that fucks her from now on, they’ll pretty much fall into that stretched-out pussy!

Chainmail Bikini


Leanne Crow shiny bikini

When you’ve got breasts as fucking gigantic as the pair of melons Leanne Crow is packing, an ordinary swimsuit just won’t cut the mustard…those tits will just laugh at a bikini top and come spilling out all over the damn place. So, Leanne picked up a chain-mail bikini in hopes that it would keep those huge breasts contained…she looks a little nervous about it at the beginning of this shoot on her own website but I’m happy to report that the chainmail bikini top held up admirably! Well, kind of happy to report…I gotta admit it’s nice to see those tits come piling out in full view. Maybe next time.

Logan Drae


Logan Drae Twistys

Have you ever been to a circus or seen one of those contortionists on a TV talent show and seen them bending around like pretzels, and wondered what it would be like to see a chick like that get naked? Well wonder no more because Logan Drae is flexible as all hell and she’s bending around to make for a better and hotter masturbation scene in this photoshoot from Twistys! Watch this lovely brunette spread her legs and bend her head all the way the fuck under her ankles as she rubs that sweet pussy…it’s weird and oddly sexy.

FTV Leia


Ftv girls introducing leia

Cute little Leia just turned 18 and is excited about getting into the adult industry but didn’t want to start out with anything too hardcore…and a great way to ease into the industry, so to speak, is with FTV Girls! They’ve been around a long time and are trustworthy, plus the quality is second to none and the girls always seem to have a great time shooting for the site so it seems like a solid choice. Sure enough, Leia seems to thrive on exploring her sexuality in her introductory photo and video shoots, getting naked on camera and even masturbating to orgasm for the first time ever! She explores her boundaries with some anal fingering, some truly huge toys to test her limits, all kinds of fun stuff and it’s all here for us to enjoy! This teen cutie looks like she had a great time so I’m looking forward to seeing her get into all kinds of mischief in the future.

Juicy Katerina


Juicy Katerina Hartlova HD Love

It’s been quite some time since I last got a Katerina Hartlova gallery for you guys but HD Love has delievered with this new scene called “Juicy Katerina”.  The video is really just good because it starts off right in the action, they don’t mess around with the story or whatever you just get to see Katerina doing what she does best riding dick!  I know I already posted another HD Love scene today but I was a little behind so I thought I would catch you guys up.  Anytime I see a new Katerina gallery I am a little too excited to post it as well because she has some of the best tits I have ever seen!  I am a boob man and I suspect a lot of you guys are to so you’re welcome!

Blindfold Me Pt One


X art blindfold me part 1 jayden scarlet

Newcomer Jayden gets a hell of a welcome to X-art as she’s paired up with lovely Scarlet and they have a sexy lesbian encounter as she gets blindfolded and tied up and tantalized all up and down that gorgeous body! The update is called Blindfold Me Part 1 and by that you can be damn sure there will be a part 2 coming up soon and in that one a guy gets in on the fun as well, should be pretty hot. For now though enjoy these two beautiful girls getting a little kinky as they tie each other up and lick pussy, tickling each others clit with their tongues to drive them crazy! They also take turns with a little silver bullet vibrator and get into some ice play to make those nipples get nice and perky and bite-sized. Two incredible girls getting naked and bringing each other to orgasm again and again, and this is only part 1 of this scene? The future is looking pretty bright right about now.

Sweet Love


Hd love sweet love jayden

Beautiful Jayden was chopping up some sweet treats in the kitchen when her man came wandering in for a little taste…he wasn’t interested in the fruit she was preparing though, he wanted to get a little taste of some of her built-in treats! He put her on the counter and stripped her down, kissing and caressing all over her beautiful body and getting her perky nipples hard enough to cut through a bank vault, then led her by the hand into the other room where he proceeded to sample every inch of that lovely body! The auburn-haired Jayden got a few treats of her own, sucking the guy’s big thick cock and straddling him on the chair to go for a nice hard ride, moaning with pleasure as he penetrated nice and deep into that wet pussy. She finishes things off by receiving a nice creamy facial as her own little dessert to bring this HD Love episode entitled Sweet Love to a nice satisfying close!

Ava Returns


Ava addams for tonights girlfriend

Sexy brunette MILF Ava Addams is no stranger to being Tonights Girlfriend so when she shows up at this guy’s hotel room she’s all ready for business! She even brought along her sexy white corset which makes those huge tits of hers almost bounce out with every step, just to drive the guy even wilder than he already was. He got his moneys worth for the night’s entertainment as she rocked his world all night long, sucking his cock and grinding her pussy onto his face before lifting a leg to get her sweet shaved pussy pounded by that big thick dick! Her huge breasts come spilling out of her corset as she rides his cock in reverse cowgirl and she can’t help but lick her own nipples as he tittyfucks her. She even kept on her thigh high stockings and high heel shoes, I guess that’s kind of a fetish of his (or she was ready to make a quick getaway if he decided to be a creepster)!

Fuck n Blast


Wifeys world fuck n blast vegas

This busty blonde MILF sure loves to get her pussy eaten…what’s more, she loves when people watch her and her husband get it on as you can see in this video shoot from Wifeys World! She’s a hot and horny blonde with a great rack of 34F breasts (yes you read that right, 34F as in FUCK those are big tits) and she puts those funbags to good use as she gets bent over and slammed in a sexy hardcore amateur scene that will have you looking at your neighbors in a whole different light. I mean what if they’re getting into sexy hardcore situations like this every day and are just itching to have a horny neighbor check them out as they fuck? You could be doing them the biggest favor of their sex-lives by checking em out!

Curvy Busty MILF


Mom pov curvy big breasted milf

There are a lot of reasons for women to choose to do their first adult film when they’ve matured and figured themselves out sexually, but I think the best one is when she says she’s doing it for the excitement…it’s a good sign that the update will be hot if the woman is going into things with enthusiasm! Couple that with this curvy busty MILF’s huge tits and good looks and juicy round ass and you’ve rustled yourself up a winner for Mom POV. She loves getting tittyfucked and loves taking a big dick deep in her wet hole and she gets plenty of each as she fucks this cameraman for a hot update…and what’s more, she’s not only a MILF she’s a GILF to boot! Time to check out this granny’s cranny…

Hot Blonde


Lindsey olson hot blonde passion hd

There are two words that can’t help but get a guy’s blood pumping, and of course those words are ‘hot blonde’! Lindsey Olson definitely qualifies as one of those in this Passion HD update, showing her just relaxing at home reading a book when her guy pal shows up and starts kissing her and fondling those perky little boobies of hers. She must have been reading something sexy because she was already pretty turned on and this was the last straw, she just had to have some hard cock inside her! She gives the guy a blowjob before spreading those long lean legs and letting him pound her hole, fucking her right there in the living room before he pulled out and frosted her pussy with a big load of cum to finish things off.

Marina Visconti


Marina visconti poolside

You’ve probably seen Marina Visconti on here before but I don’t think I can ever resist showing you guys those big full tits of hers…this update is from Big Naturals and Marina is hanging around by the pool playing with her tits and getting more and more turned on every moment! Soon she finds some dude who was sleeping on his towel, grabs his boner out of his shorts and goes for a ride! Look at his expression as he wakes up to this hot busty babe riding his cock, it’s fucking priceless. Anyway it looks like Marina had a great day at the pool in and out of her bikini, hopefully she’ll cum back to pay us a visit again sometime soon!

Rihanna Erotica


Rihanna erotica

I’ve never been a huge fan of her music but there’s just something incredibly sexy about Rihanna if you ask me. I like that she’s immensely rich (well relative to me at least) and is making these photos and releasing them without needing them to supplement her income or anything…she’s not attention-whoring, she just loves making sexy photos and loves sharing them and what’s not to like about an attitude like that? For a second I thought I’d give her music another try but I gave it about five seconds and turned that shit off, I’d rather just look at her cute butt and that pretty face.

Kelly Brook


Kelly brook upskirt

OK so after taking a look at this shot of UK personality Kelly Brook showing her incredible ass with a sexy little skirt as part of her Halloween costume I have three questions. First, where is this party? Second, why the hell wasn’t I invited? Third, who is the blonde on the right with the nice butt? Hopefully it’s someone actually hot and not like a 40 year old guy with a blonde wig on, but even still I guess I gotta admit thats still a nice ass. Speaking of nice asses though there are few that compare to Kelly’s butt, and she looks understandably proud of it as she looks over her shoulder! That combination of upskirt photo and sexy white thigh high stockings is a hell of a double threat, and hopefully if I send Kelly an invite she’ll come to my halloween party in the bedroom.

Alana Rains Interracial


Alana Rains Monsters of Cock

I haven’t had the time to post this gallery but I made some today!  It’s the first interracial sex scene of Alana Rains young career!  Bang Bros of course pulled it off with their Monsters of Cock site.  I bet it wasn’t hard to get Alana Rains on this site she loves a big dick.  She didn’t try to put it in her ass though.  For being the self appointed “Queen of Anal” I expect more from her!  I will admit that if she would have put it in her ass I would have been down right impressed because this dude is hang like a damn horse.  She rides him really good and likes being on top, then she gets on her knees and lets him face fuck her.  No easy task for any woman I think but Alana has that urge to please men and so she just sits there and chokes all over this guys big dick as he has his way with her.

Tessa Is Wonderful!


Tessa Flowers Wonder Woman

I warned you guys with Halloween coming up you’re going to get more and more galleries of girls in sexy costumes.  I don’t know if Tessa Flowers here is ever going to be beat I mean these tits of hers are fucking amazing.  She reminds me of September Carrino kind of… A prettier face probably but those tits can compete with her and few woman can!  I am surprised that she doesn’t have her own site I mean she is hot enough that I would definitely join that.  For now though you can always go to this site that put out this gallery, it’s called Pinup Files.  You guys should know about them by now they have some of the hottest models on their site.  They like only have girls with big tits on their site.  If you had double d’s and tried to get on Pinup Files they would just laugh at you.

Adriana Malao VIP


Adriana Malao In The VIP

In The VIP always has a really good Halloween party I mean isn’t that what it’s all about for us older folk?  Seeing sexy ass woman dressed up in skimpy little costumes?  Well here you get to see it all.  You get to see a bunch of girls wearing slutty outfits and then some of them like Adriana Malao here just get naked so they can fuck in the club.  The video I am sending you to is pretty much all of her because well it’s a black porn site.  The video isn’t super long but it isn’t short either and if you want to see this sexy little black girl getting banged in the club then you’re going to be quite happy.  As most of you know In The VIP is a site you can get access to by joining Reality Kings so do that so you can get the all for one special.

Pool Side Service


Fantasy hd dani daniels pool side service

On a site known for having some of the hottest women in the adult business, I’ve still gotta give Dani Daniels the nod for being one of the hottest! She’s just sexy from head to toe in this update from Fantasy HD as she gives this guy a little pool side service…he’s the pool cleaner so you’d think he’s the one doing the servicing but she’s just inside the big glass doors stripping down and pressing her big tits and round ass against the window while he peeks, sitting down on the couch and masturbating until he heads inside to lend a helping hand or more like a helping cock! She mounts him and goes for a ride, bouncing that wet pussy up and down on his shaft as she moans and bucks her hips, pulling him deeper inside until he shoots his load into her cunt for a nice creampie! Looks like this guy will be back to ‘clean her pool’ pretty much every day from now on if he can manage it.

Outdoor Blowjob


Bryci sex in the woods

Oh man, did you ever think you’d see beautiful busty Bryci sucking dick and getting fucked? She and her guy JD went out to the woods to find a good spot to shoot a photoset for her website and ended up fucking each others brains out among the trees! You can see her getting horny as she masturbates by the river in the pictures, but the best part is when Bryci gives a great blowjob in the video clip, getting those big titties out as she licked his cock before bracing herself against a tree and getting that sweet pussy pounded from behind. It’s a hot hardcore scene from one of of the sexiest girls around, hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did! (and as much as Bryci’s guy did!)

Naughty Twin


Maddys naughty twin porn goes pro

So by now you know how Porn Goes Pro works…it’s a POV site (meaning Point of View if you’re a little slow) so you’re in the driver’s seat so to speak as the action goes down with whatever hot pornstar they ring up to come by your hotel room. This time it’s Maddy O’Reilly who shows up looking hot but what you really want is a horny fuck slut who will do whatever you want so you ask her for Maddy’s Naughty Twin! She knows what you mean so she heads to the bathroom and gets changed into the hottest little sexy slutty outfit she’s got and comes out ready to play…watch this hot teen minx take care of your every need as she sucks cock, spreads those long gorgeous legs to get fucked (still wearing her black leather boots) and finishes things up by getting a nice wet facial! When you’ve got an itch that your wife or girlfriend just can’t seem to scratch, sometimes Porn Goes Pro is the answer you’re looking for…I’m still not too keen on the fisheye lens used for the POV filming but hey I guess it’s just their style and when they’re bringing in girls this damn hot it’s a little hard to argue with their methods, know what I mean?



Natasha for fucked hard 18

When I hear the name Natasha I immediately think of a sexy seductive Bond villain or something…well this Natasha doesn’t seem like a villain but she’s got the sexy and seductive part down pat I’d say in this update from Fucked Hard 18! She’s got her little itty bitty jean shorts on and a white top tied up to show off her midriff, it’s like a Daisy Duke costume that doesn’t really look like Daisy Duke at all but nobody says so because the chick is so foxy in it. If you think that’s hot though wait til she starts peeling those clothes off and gets completely nude for her free rubdown, showing off her perky titties and getting oil rubbed into her fine ass by the luckiest guy around. He’s got magic fingers apparently because she starts getting turned on as he slips his hands down between her thighs to play with her pussy, and once she’s nice and wet he sneaks the sausage in before she knows what’s happening! She’s down to clown though and fucks him hard right there on the massage table, moaning and wiggling her ass, birthmark and all, as he pounds her hole until he shoots his load onto her pretty face!

Callie Rubdown


Callie calypso massage girls 18

There have been quite a few girls who I’d consider a cut above the norm in terms of hotness on Massage Girls 18 and this girl is definitely one of them…I mean cmon, look at those sexy skimpy little black panties and tiny yellow bikini top! You absolutely have to check out this latest update with Callie Calypso, an incredibly stunning babe who gives a nice little rubdown, followed by a great blowjob and a mind-blowing fuck! She’s got a beautiful face, incredible body and is sexy as hell…some women have all the tools but apparently not the know-how to use them, this is not the case with Callie from the looks of things. Check out that ass as she climbs up on the massage table and goes for a ride on this lucky dude’s cock, giving him what must be the happiest ending of his life! She even has a few tattoos here and there to show her edgy side…she’s not just an innocent cutie regardless of how nice her smile is. The guy ends up shooting a huge load all over her face (which she swallows most of) and I think she was like mid-orgasm when he did it from the expression on her face…and check out the little dance she does at the very end, that is one happy hottie!

Body Language


Body Language With Susie

I have for you guys today a hot threesome gallery with this gorgeous teen startlet from X Art named Susie.  She has been in two other threesomes for X Art body invovled other girls but they were called “Beautiful World” and “and Then They Were Three” each really good if you like girl on girl action.  Susie took on the challenege here but I think one of the guys wasn’t quite up for it.  He didn’t even get to stick his dick inside that perfect tight pussy that she has!  Why you ask?  Because he blew his load way to early just from Susie giving him a handjob and sucking it a little too!  Shame for him but his loss is the other guys win because he then gets her all to his self only problem being that she has another dudes come on her.  That’s fine though because he just takes that pussy for a spin doggystyle until he cums all over that shaven vagina.

MILF blowjob


MILF blowjob outdoors

Sometimes you want a little extra spice and it’s time to head outdoors…there’s just a feeling of naughtiness knowing that at any moment someone could stumble upon you and your partner doing whatever it is you’re doing! In this case, it’s a hot blonde MILF giving her man a nice blowjob while he films it POV style…she brought a cushion outside thinking ahead so she could kneel down in the gravel and not tear up her knees (its years of experience that teach you things like this I bet) as she takes her guy’s hard cock in her mouth and bobs down on it, sucking him off and swallowing a creamy load.

Kenze Thomas


Kenze Thomas for Zishy

Good gravy…I don’t think I’ve heard of Kenze Thomas before but man those dimples and that sweet ass have done me in! This adorable blonde is hanging out at the park in her sexy tight little white shorts that caress every curve of that perfect butt and her nice pussy lips as she plays in the grass and stretches out, showing off her flexibility. She even flashes a little underboob action to drive the guys wild, as if she hadn’t already stolen every guy’s heart by then anyway. The photoshoot is from Zishy who do a great job showing some of the most beautiful girls around just being natural and having fun doing what they like to do…great idea right?

Madison Rose


Madison Rose fucked

Behold the juicy, round, shaky and oiled up booty of Madison Rose as she tantalizes us in a string thong before getting that pussy pounded by a big black dick in this WCPClub video clip! She sprays a little water on that butt and it runs right off from all the oil like water off a duck’s back as she runs her hands over those cheeks and over her big round full breasts. She really knows how to shake it and I guess her technique works, she got this guy to show up and give her a good hard fuck with his huge cock!

Sexy black teddy


XO Gisele teddy

A woman like Gisele would look stunning wearing a couple of paper bags or something, so when she goes the extra mile with things like these sexy fishnets and a sheer black teddy it’s like a force of nature! She’s gorgeous from head to toe with that long blonde hair, huge round tits and a sweet seductive ass that she loves to grab and caress while she her her pictures taken and makes this kind of video clip for her site XO Gisele.

Kt So in yellow


KT So in yellow

There are a lot of things about fashion today that really drive me nuts and I think are completely retarded but one thing I do love is the trend of skin-tight dresses that are so short that anytime the girl moves her ass just peeks right on out. That’s the kind of dress Kt So is wearing in this photoshoot from her own website as she shakes that sweet Asian booty and teases us with her lovely boobs!

Halloween 2013 Nikki


Nikki Sims 2013 Halloween

I don’t know if this is what Nikki Sims is going to be for Halloween but I would recommend it.  She is waering this super sexy leather outfit that really shows off those big breasts of hers.  She then takes them out and does her best to have the chains hide her nipples.  The pictures are all very erotic and have a feeling they’re going for the whole 50 Shades of Grey thing here.  I didn’t read the book but I heard there is a lot of bondage in it and after it came out girls have been becoming more and more fascinated with it.

My Naughty Girl


Xart my naughty girl with caprice

Mark here calls Caprice ‘my naughty little girl’ and if you take a look at this latest episode from X-art you’ll see why! She loves sex of all kinds whether it’s with a guy or another girl or a mix of both or a couple of each…she just loves getting fucked and what’s more, she loves getting fucked in the ass! That’s right, Caprice is getting some hot anal action in this sexy update, mounting up and riding the guy in reverse cowgirl as his big cock slides into her tight back door. She’s a naughty girl and has one of the hottest bodies in the business, not to mention a beautiful face, and in this update we see why she’s become such a legend! Perky tits, perfect ass, horny pussy, naughty temperament…that about sums up Caprice. With a beautiful butt like that can you blame Mark for wanting to lick, finger and fuck it?

Samantha Jay


Samantha jay cosmid tits

OK lets be honest here, this won’t exactly be the first wet tshirt photoshoot you’ve ever seen so no points for originality here but hey, at least Samantha Jay here has an amazing pair of big breasts to show off in this Cosmid gallery! Just because it’s been done before doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done again, at least if it the girl is this cute and has a rack this nice. Just look at those perky little nipples that got all erect as they were sprayed down with cold water! If the see-through top wasn’t enough, she lifts it up to give you a perfect view of those titties. Top notch girl, if you ignore the eyebrows.

Lisalla Montenegro


Lisalla montenegro esquire

Lisalla Montenegro might be one of the hottest women in the world if these photos from Esquire magazine are any indication, but I’m not so sure she knows how to do construction. Otherwise she might have picked, you know, a house or a garage or workshop or something to do a little hammering and screwing (oh cmon you know you were thinking of that joke too) instead of this mountain range. It’s pretty, sure, but I don’t know how much maintenance the rocks need. Anyway nobody is looking at these photos for her woodworking skills, this Brazilian chick has an amazing body and a stunning face…are all Brazilian women just mind-blowingly hot or what?

Francesca Eastwood


Francesca eastwood upskirt

What is it about celebrities we find so alluring? I mean we’ve all seen panties before but when a celebrity flashes a little panty upskirt action when she’s getting out of a car it’s immediately a big deal. Oh well, whatever the psychology behind it is, Francesca Eastwood appears to wear some pretty sexy panties under her fishnet stockings! She’s a hot blonde with great legs and a sexy body but man I don’t know who could take the pressure of dating Clint’s daughter…what if you two broke up and he came by your house to rearrange your face with his fists?

Shannon in Red


Shannon alluring vixens

Now, I know what you’re thinking…another goddamn fake blonde with big fake tits and a vapid expression? My response to that of course is, fuck yeah it is! What’s wrong with you, there’s a reason fake blondes still exist and it’s because they’re hot as hell…say hello to Shannon from Alluring Vixens as she shows off a skin-tight red latex corset that squishes her huge tits until they’re almost spilling right out the top. She doesn’t quite get naked in this photoshoot but she does peel her little black panties off nice and slow…

Alina Li Halloween


Alina Li Bang Bros Halloween

The bigger sites that shoot a ton of new content every week are going to have a lot of Halloween stuff.  I don’t think there is going to be a scene that beats this Alina Li video!  She has such a nice pussy and look at that small little round ass.  She is dressed up in a sexy little nurse outfit and looking just hot as hell.  Thank Zeus that we actaully get to her getting laid!  She has been on quite a few Bang Bros scenes now and this is actually her second time being on Big Mouthfuls.  Big Mouthfuls is Bang Bros’ mini site that has girls swallow cum.  They pretty much have every kind of ending you want in porn from swallowing to creampies, if you want quality porn these are the guys to go to… They have a lot I mean a lot of porn too.

Tea Time


Passion hd liona tea time

Pip pip and cheerio, it’s tea time at Passion HD and Liona is serving up the biscuits! Well I guess she’s serving up the blowjobs but they both start with b so that works out. This is Liona’s Passion HD debut and she’s looking hot as hell in it, pulling off her shirt in the kitchen to show off those perky little boobies and dropping to her knees to take her man’s big thick cock in her mouth before adjourning to the living room couch to continue their discussion. She goes for a ride on his dick, sliding her tight wet shaved hole onto his shaft with a pussy so tight it grips him like a glove until finally he has to pull out and shoot a huge load all over her…and she’s still wearing those pink socks of hers. Now I know why the English are always so eager to have a ‘spot of tea’ in the afternoons, if it’s always like this I might just move to the UK myself!

Enthusiastic Lia


Casting couch x with lia ezra

Lia Ezra is a cute and bubbly 19 year old who is enthusiastic and excited to get into the adult industry just as a nice change of pace from normal life and man, it’s great that she chose this path because she is seriously hot as hell! Her face is gorgeous but man I think probably her best feature is that pair of perfect titties she’s packing…the nipples are just puffy enough and get erect like gumdrops when she gets turned on, and this girl gets turned on pretty easily from the looks of things! She’s even got the support of her boyfriend to get into porn which is a little unusual but hey, anything to avoid drama and regret down the line…watching Lia get that sweet teen pussy pounded good and hard in this Casting Couch X update, I think her boyfriend is pretty much the last thing on her mind! I don’t know if she’s ever gotten a nice hard fucking like this, but she looks like she’s down for more as she rides that cock hard until the casting director gives her a nice facial that she takes without flinching. Keep an eye out for this girl, I think she’s gonna make waves!

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