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Best Friend Fun


Passion hd anikka holly best friend fun

When the Passion HD chicks have a friendship it’s for life, and it’s closer than most friends get…Holly Michaels and Anikka Albrite for instance are good friends who happen to love getting off whether it’s with just each other like lesbians or sharing a mutual guy friend, which is what they do in this latest update entitled Best Friend Fun! Holly was just lying bored in bed and sent Anikka a text of her big round tits, and Anikka knew some good times were in store as she started masturbating and thinking about Holly’s pussy. By the time the stunning brunette came over Anikka already had her panties off and was ready to go with her guy pal, who was more than happy to pleasure two hot pussies for the price of none! The girls take turns getting fucked by that big dick and licking each others slits until finally the guy had to pull out of Holly’s wet hole and shoot his load all over her ass and slit, which Anikka was happy to lick clean.

FTV Claire


Claire for ftv girls

Say hello to Claire…she’s been on FTV Girls before but this is her first solo update, and man she made it a doozie! This slender hottie is a trained ballerina and has the flexibility to prove it…she even put on her tutu and busted out a few moves, I’m no ballerinaologist but it looks pretty legit to me. Claire is cute as a button and horny as hell, showing off her perky little boobies, long labia, cute feet and sexy tight ass in a variety of hot photos! Since this is FTV Girls you know the quality will be second to none for the photography as well as the video sets and they definitely don’t disappoint. If you just can’t get enough of Claire and solo masturbation photos just aren’t cutting the mustard I’ve got a hardcore set from Exploited College Girls handy that might scratch that itch! Enjoy these shots of a pretty girl with a fantastic tight body showing off every inch and exploring the different ways she can orgasm all over herself with some of the toys they have at the FTV house.

Peggy McIntaggard


Peggy McIntaggard

The guy who made this gallery has to have got the name wrong or something, Peggy McIntaggard I don’t even know how to say that, can’t even attempt it.  Anyways she is a old school model from Playboy.  People always say Playboy isn’t what it used to be and that’s for damn sure I mean check out the bush on this girl!  You couldn’t even go down on her if you wanted to you would need a weed wacker at the least!  I know some people love the hairy bush but I think I will stick with the “new school” models that Playboy has because they’re fucking SUPER hot in my opinion.  Those who like the vintage stuff don’t say I never did anything for you!

Wifey’s Orgasm Clinic


Wifeys World Orgasm Clinic

So I guess what Wifey’s World is trying to tell us here is if you want your wife to have a orgasm during sex you have to do it on a exercise ball.  Seems pretty weird thing to fuck on but this isn’t even the first time I have seen them use it!  They are putting on a orgasm clinic in this episode of their site and it’s quite hot.  I will admit that anytime Wifey is getting fucked it’s pretty hot but seeing her have a real orgasm well I mean that’s just a notch above I think.  The video ends once Wifey is satisfied with the number of orgasm she has had and then she sets her husband down on the ball and gives him one incredible looking handjob I must say.  On the list of stuff a girl can do to you a handjob is near the bottom but the way Wifey gives one I might have to rethink that order.

Love and Lust


Porn fidelity aaliyah love and lust

There’s a fine line between love and lust and that’s where Porn Fidelity comes into play (no pun intended)! I wouldn’t go so far as to say Aaliyah Love and Ryan Madison love each other but they both certainly love to let their lust overtake them and let their passions guide their actions as we see in this hot steamy hardcore fuck session. Blonde Aaliyah loses her white dress in two seconds flat and joins ryan on the couch in the nude, kissing and touching and building in momentum until he’s on top of her holding her by the throat while he pounds her wet pussy and they both moan with the sensation of physical bliss! Aaliyah has a great body and a cute face and looks great sucking cock as well as getting her hole fucked and Porn Fidelity brings us right to the front lines to savor every hot second.

Pussy Feast


Nubile films pussy feast

It’s always fun to watch a girl get her holes fucked but sometimes seeing two lesbians enjoying a sumptious pussy feast is just what the doctor ordered! Actually if a doctor ordered me to watch hot lesbian sex as a prescription for anything I would go to that doctor for the rest of my life (which might not be very long if he prescribed it for, say, high blood pressure or something). Anyway not to get sidetracked, what we’re dealing with here are two of the most beautiful girls in the adult industry in bed nude together eating pussy and making out. I’m speaking of course of Sara Luvv and sexy Latina hottie Megan Salinas, either of whom would be amazing to see nude but having them both in bed together is like some kind of incredible dream. It’s no dream though, this is reality and it’s being brought to you by Nubile Films! My particular favorite is when Megan goes for a ride on Sara’s face, rocking her hips as she takes a moustache ride without the moustache.

Pervy Kendall


Porn goes pro kendall karson

 Giggly brunette Kendall Karson showed up at the Porn Goes Pro hotel room ready to please, and please she did! With her pretty face and sexy smile she’s already making a good impression when she walks through the door, and that gets reinforced even more when she changes into some hot lingerie before dropping to her knees and sucking your huge cock in this POV scene. Kendall gives great head and knows it as she smiles upwards before laying back and spreading those smooth silky legs to present her tight pussy and get fucked good and hard…she doesn’t even take those big boots off as she’s getting plowed, wrapping her legs around you to take that cock to the hilt! Kendall is a busty beauty with sex appeal for days and the body to back it up…keep an eye out for when she turns around and gets fucked doggystyle, moaning as you slam into that round sexy ass as she gets her pussy pounded. I was never a huge fan of POV scenes but this site is turning me around the corner on them, that’s for sure…hopefully you like them too!

Local Girl Fucks


Girls do porn local girl

We’ve got another hottie for you doing her first adult video for Girls Do Porn! This time it’s a 19 year old local San Diego girl, a gorgeous blonde who hasn’t had a whole lot of sexual experience but man she is hot as hell and is ready and eager to learn! This girl is nice and tanned from head to toe so either she hits the tanning salon occasionally or she likes to sunbathe in the nude…I like to think it’s the latter one. I guess she works in a tanning salon though so, oh well. She’s given a few blowjobs and handjobs in her time but she’s got a few kinks to work out so to speak, because partway through this video keep an ear out for an elephant trumpet as she honks right into the guy’s cock! I don’t know quite what she did but I thought it was hilarious and she was a little embarassed. It doesn’t ruin the mood though that’s for sure, she strips down and hops onto the videographer’s cock and rides him nice and hard! She’s got some stamina, too, rocking and rolling and fucking this guy for what seems like hours before she finally drops to her knees and takes a nice wet facial cumshot, blowing a kiss with a laugh to wind up her very first adult video.

Ava A


Passion hd ava a with ava addams

We all know Ava Addams is one of the hottest MILFs around and in this Pure Mature update she gets all the spotlight! Speaking of the spotlight she hops into the tanning bed to get a little UV loving, but her man’s got some better ideas for getting her good and hot…he opens the lid and grabs those huge breasts of hers, licking and sucking her nipples before she pulls his huge cock and gives him a blowjob right there in the tanning room. Hopefully nobody else shows up because these two aren’t holding back as they strip down nude and Ava bends over the tanning bed to get fucked from behind! He works that wet pussy of hers good and hard because that’s just how Ava A likes it! With those huge tits, her beautiful face and of course that big juicy booty she’s a hell of a fuck and she shows her skills in this sexy hardcore episode. Don’t they say UV lights make cum shine like a beacon? Man, the next person who opens that tanning bed is gonna get a hell of a surprise!

Nuru and Facial


Whitney westgate passion hd nuru massage

What could be better than a nice long sensual massage by a beautiful blue-eyed brunette like Whitney Westgate? Well how about if it was a Nuru massage? If you don’t know what that is, you’re missing out…the masseuse covers herself with a special oil and uses her nude body to rub yours down, getting all sticky and hot in the process! Whitney certainly is hot to begin with but she gets super turned feeling her man’s body against her slick skin, and feeling his huge cock stir with lust. She rubs him for as long as she can take before grabbing that rock hard dick and impaling her tight pussy on it, sliding up and down on his shaft with a good hard ride for this Passion HD update entitled Nuru and Facial! As you may have guessed from the name of the episode Whitney is destined to get a nice protein treatment and sure enough, after fucking him for awhile and working that huge cock with her mouth and hands she gets that pretty faced sprayed with a big creamy load as a reward for her nice thorough massage. Those big titties look amazing all sticky like that by the way…she looks like some kind of sexy spider queen and I’m sure pretty much any guy would love to get wrapped up in her webbing!

Look and Learn


Kendra Lust and Giselle Mari Look and Learn

You guys probably had no clue but Moms Bang Teens has been away for a little bit not being updated but it’s back!  Reality Kings was just trying to get some good porn going to they put it on hold while they went out and found the right person to take over the site.  They definitely took their time and they got it right because this new video called “Look and Learn” is fucking hot!  Kendra Lust has been on Moms Bang Teens once before with Katie St. Ives.  This is the second time and I think it blows that first time out of the water.  In this update Kendra comes home from a long day of work and goes into the bathroom to take a bath and of course masturbate like most girls do in the bath.  She is rubbing one out when she notices that her step son is fucking watching her!  She tells him to come in to the bathroom and tells him he must masturbate in front of her now so that they’re even.  He starts to and it just turns Kendra on so she starts to suck him off.  She has been dieing to have a crazy sex session so she tells him to invite over his girlfriend and they can have a threesome where she teaches Giselle Mari everything she needs to know about having amazing sex.  This MILF knows what she is talking about as you watch this lesson she gives I mean wow, one of the hottest scenes this year!

Ariana Big Mouthfuls


Ariana Marie Big Mouthfuls

It’s kind of funny how Bang Bros Big Mouthfuls site kind of ripped off Amateur Allure.  They have the flat screen tv in the back and everything.  I don’t really care and actually like it because that is one of my favorite sites.  In this gallery you get to see Ariana enjoying a big mouthful of cum.  The video in this gallery is really just focused on her giving head as that’s what this mini site of Bang Bros is kind of about.  It also has some fucking so don’t worry about that.  If anyone was wondering about that 15 on her shoulder I figured out that the 15 is her lucky number.  She won the lottery with it (only $1000) so once that happened she figured she might want to carry that number with her the rest of her life.  I would say we are the real lucky ones getting to see her suck and fuck but that’s just my opinion.

Emily Kaye


Emily kaye for casting couch x

It’s always a pleasure to see a new girl making her first steps into the adult business, so when Emily Kaye sits down on the couch it can’t help but put a smile on your face! She says she’s been working in the music industry and gives a little singing demonstration, after which I think we can see why she decided to head to the porn industry instead. I mean she’s not terrible but she definitely looks better getting naked and getting fucked than she sounds singing…her voice training does give her some pretty good moaning skills though as she gets her pussy pounded! Casting Couch X always gets the hottest girls around and Emily is definitely a looker, though with her hair all feathered when she shows up she looks like one of Charlie’s Angels or something. She’s certainly no angel though, not with the way she rides that cock and works a nice big load out of it with her pussy, hands and mouth! Once the guy busts his load she slurps it right up for her protein intake of the day.

Nika loves sex


Nika on fucked hard 18

Nika here apparently has a twin sister who got a rubdown by the Fucked Hard 18 guys some time back but I don’t recognize her offhand…and I think I’d remember a girl with a body anything like this one! Maybe I’m just getting old, who knows…at any rate, Nika has an amazing body and a pretty face even if her nose is a little Streisand-ish. That ass more than makes up for her beak though…she strips down nude and hops onto the massage table, eager for the thorough deep tissue rubdown her sister had been raving about. Soon she finds out just how deep the massage can go as she gets her body oiled up and rubbed down, and the masseuse’s big hard cock pushed into her tight pussy! She loves being fucked and loves being massaged so this is like a dream come true for a girl like Nika, who gets really into riding that cock and getting pinned down and fucked doggystyle…I guess the masseuse gets really into it too because he slams that cunt so hard he can’t help but shoot his load deep inside for a nice creampie!

Adriana rubs it


Massage girls 18 adriana lynn

Some girls show up at the Massage Girls 18 studio ready to prove themselves to be master masseuses but Adriana Lynn knows the deal here…she knows that for them to love her ‘treatment’ there she has to be proficient in much more than just working knots out of a muscle! She immediately starts stripping down nude and rubbing her pussy, knowing that she’ll soon be presented with a nice big fat dick to work and she just can’t wait. What I wouldn’t give to be her first lucky customer…check out the action in these photos and video clip as Adriana gives that cock a nice concentrated rubdown with her hands and tongue, giving the guy a nice blowjob as he records the whole thing on film for us! After slurping down that big cock she hops up on the table and shows why she’s the best around, sliding her wet pink pussy down onto his meat and fucking him there on the table in reverse cowgirl so he can watch that beautiful ass of hers while she mortar and pestles him! She’s one of those girls that’s just as hot from the back as from the front so any position she gets into with this guy looks sexy as hell…but why bother reading all this when you can just watch the hardcore fuck session for yourself?

Glass in the Ass


Briana lee extreme glass in the ass

You’ve never seen her like this…for the longest time about the most you could expect to see from Briana was a little nipple once in awhile or a tease peek at her sexy round booty but now with her site Briana Lee Extreme she’s giving up all the goods and then some! Watch in this hot photoshoot as she pulls off her dress and panties before sliding a glass dildo in her ass and licking those big boobs. Briana loves a little glass in the ass for some anal masturbation and man has she got the ass to pull it off…big, round, firm and juicy! When she walks in tight jeans it looks like she’s juggling a couple of basketballs back there or something, I bet. We all knew Briana loves masturbating with her pussy but we’re learning that she loves it in her backdoor as well…write that down. If you’re into sexy exotic babes with huge tits, big asses and horniness for days you’ve gotta check Briana out.

Sexy Sally


Net video girls sally

Teen hottie Sally showed up thinking she was doing an audition for a hiphop video as a backup dancer or something…well her dancing skills weren’t up to par so much but man she was hot as hell so the Net Video Girls casting manager figured out a role she’d be perfect for, name sucking and fucking his big black dick! I guess it works out since there was no hiphop video to begin with, he only got her in the studio to get her naked and pound that tight teen pussy. She’s probably the cutest girl I’ve seen on the site so far, so I’m glad the casting director came in on his day off to give Sally her chance in the limelight. Watch her give a great blowjob and suck his balls before laying back and spreading her legs to get that hole rammed! From the looks of things though doggystyle is her favorite position so she made sure to dish up that ass to the guy, I guess she’s a huge fan of the interracial fuck now. Hopefully she comes back for round two now that she has a better idea of the ‘audition’ she showed up for and we get to see even more of that teen pussy getting fucked and fingered!

Horny Cougar


Horny cougar on mom pov

This sexy MILF is a self-confessed horny cougar who loves a good hard fuck and she’s ready to do it on the mainstage for Mom POV! She’s never done any hardcore adult work before but her pussy is already wet just thinking about it and she could use a good deep dicking so she jumped right in. With those big full titties and nice spankable ass she’s sure to be a hit with you MILF lovers, and the fact that she’s basically a nymphomaniac is just icing on the cake! Watch this blonde fox suck cock and bend over to get fucked in that shaved pussy while she takes a dildo in her ass at the same time. I thought they were going to get into some serious anal but it’s not to be, maybe next update it’ll happen and I’m sure there will be a next update for this chick because she basically embodies what Mom POV is all about!

Macy in Black Pearls


Macy for Met Art

It’s always nice seeing a beautiful brunette do her thing and Macy B here is absolutely stunning with huge lovely eyes, nice perky titties with puffy nipples, and sexy hips! She’s playing with a string of black pearls she was just given and in return is stripping down nude, pulling off her thong panties and spreading her legs to show off that tight shaved pussy for Met Art. Bad news Macy, those ‘pearls’ are just glass but hey, we’re all glad you liked them so much! Man I just can’t keep my eyes off this girl…that pussy of hers looks like it would be tight as hell to fuck.

Stacey Only Tease


stacey poole schoolgirl only tease

Stacey Poole (or Hawknose, as I call her, and I think you can guess why) is all decked out in red as a sexy schoolgirl in this photoshoot from Only Tease with her red jacket and red high heels, and of course the requisite red plaid schoolgirl skirt. She’s been studying for her sex ed midterms and was hoping she could get a little hands-on instruction, and once she takes off her top to show those huge tits of hers I think you’ll be more than happy to be her private tutor for the evening!

Hello Kitty


amateur little kitty

This amateur loves Hello Kitty and loves to show off her own little kitty for people to say hello to it, as you can see from these sexy photos! She’s just hanging out in the bedroom, stripping out of her panties and dancing around for the camera. She’s pretty cute in the face but man what a body…it’s no surprise most of the photos crop out her head and concentrate on those big full breasts and her sexy bubble butt! She looks like that girl you always had a crush on back in high school but never got the guts to ask out…well now she’s in college and is getting naked on camera, so you can see what you missed.

Casey hole in one


Casey for FTV Girls

Get ready to choke up on your club a little because Casey is hanging out at the golf course for FTV Girls, showing off an ass that is second to none! With those perky titties, beautiful face and perfect ass Casey is ready to do a little putting from the rough, spreading her legs to give you a nice look at that tight shaved pussy…and since the photoshoot is from FTV you know you’ve got super high quality photos in store! It’s always a disappointment when a site has a gorgeous model but terrible photo quality, so a site like FTV Girls is a welcome relief because of their consistency.

Lucy Mecklenburgh


Lucy Mecklenburgh tits

Here’s another celebrity I had to look up…she’s Lucy Mecklenburgh, and her claim to fame is that she was on the UK reality show The Only Way Is Essex. I don’t know what the hell that is but she’s got a hell of a pair of hips and is cute as hell, so when I saw these paparazzi shots of her walking down the beach wearing some kind of chain shirt that lets you see her perky titties right through it I knew I had to share. Do any of you guys watch that show, is it popular overseas? If all the women on it are as hot as Lucy here I might just have to start watching!

Real Life Part 8


Brandi love real life 8 porn fidelity

You asked for it, you demanded it, you begged for it and Porn Fidelity listened! Sexy busty blonde sexpot Brandi Love is back again already for part 8 of the Real Life series, spending a little time in the nude by the pool getting nice and wet before getting her pink pussy licked by Ryan Madison. Not many people would be able to resist licking and sucking on that sexy MILF pussy and Ryan is definitely not among that number as he gets her slit nice and wet before penetrating her with that huge cock of his on the patio! Brandi loves working on Ryan’s meat and she bounces her juicy booty up and down as she fucks him, showing some of the skills she’s picked up over the years as a pornstar. If there was ever a woman who could show Ryan a thing or two (besides Kelly Madison of course) it would probably be Brandi! The action gets even hotter when they jump into the pool for a dip, kicking up some whitecaps as they fuck in the shallow end while the summer sun shines down at Casa del Porn Fidelity. If you missed Brandi in Real Life Part 7 make sure you check that one out while you’re at it!

Darla and Maddy


Darla Crane and Maddy O'Reilly

Maddy O’Reilly has a deal with her step mother Darla Crane.  She lets her do whatever she wants she just has to share her boyfriend with her.  It works out great in this scene called “Risky Relations” because Maddy loves having threesomes and someday she is going to love to have anal sex like her step mom Darla.  Her boyfriend is at first super freaked out when she catches him fucking his step mom but sure assures him it’s alright and this is what he gets for being such a good boyfriend.  The two of them fuck him like he has never been fucked before and as I mentioned he got to fuck that big round ass that Darla has as well.  The video ends with Maddy in doggystyle just laying her face on the pillow enjoying a long steady fuck as her boyfriend tries to nut.  He is going to bust it all over this slutty MILFs face because that’s what she wants and he gives it to her.  Maddy cleans it up off her step mothers face like it never happened, this guy is living the life!  This video is from Moms Bang Teens a site that has older MILFs teaching younger 18 to 19 year olds how to fuck, it’s freaking awesome!

Shae Teeny Black


Shae Teeny Black

I have a fine dime piece for you guys her name is Shae Spreadz from what I can gather.  She isn’t the newest update for Teeny Black but close enough!  She has a very cute face, nice shaved pussy and look at that ass!  You wouldn’t expect a black girl like this to be too impressed with this guys small cock but that pussy of hers must be tight or something because she was just loving it!  I have watched a couple of these Teeny Black videos now and I have to say it seems like this black girls are just a little freakier then the rest.  I mean they just love a dick fucking that pussy and I like that!  This video is super long and even though you’re getting a nice little clip at the place I am sending I would definitely suggest you guys take the tour and think about joining this site they make some great stuff.

Addison Avery


Casting couch x addison avery

It’s always nice to see a cute blonde making her start in the adult entertainment business…Addison Avery here is 21 so she’s getting just a little bit of a late start, but with that body of hers I don’t think she’s falling too far behind. She had only been with two guys in her entire life before heading to Casting Couch X so she was basically just jumping right into the deep end! Speaking of deep ends, the cameraman slides his cock deep in her tight pussy to fuck her good and hard in a hot POV fuck session before unleashing a torrent of cum all over her face. She takes it all with pleasure…I was a little worried that with only having been fucked a few times she would freak out and not be able to keep up with the hardcore demands of the adult porn world but man she stepped up to the plate that’s for sure! I’m looking forward to seeing more of that tight pussy, keep an eye out for Addison.

Tiny Hearts Bikini


Sexy pattycake pool bikini

Summer might be getting a little long in the tooth with the clouds rolling in, the temperatures dropping off a bit and the days getting a little shorter but as long as you can watch girls like Sexy Pattycake here in her bikini with tiny hearts all over it, summer will never end! Patty is swimming around in the pool with her underwater camera, showing off those big boobs and one of the nicest asses on the net in my opinion. She’s part mermaid or something so really she just wants to strip down and swim around nude, and who in the world is going to stop her? She peels her bikini off underwater and swims around, the tan lines on her round smooth ass twinkling in the diffused light as she kicks. Pattycake is always beautiful, always happy and always sexy, so it’s just a joy to watch her get naked and play.

Danielle Delaunay


Bb pawg with danielle delaunay

Welcome Danielle Delaunay (better known as Danielle FTV if you ask me) to PAWG, where she should feel right at home with that big round juicy ass of hers! She shakes her huge titties and gets naked to let us know what she’s working with before meeting up with her costar, some jackass with a big dick and a stupid grill who proceeds to lick that slit of hers until she’s good and wet, before impaling her pussy on his meatbat! She gets that round ass all oiled up so it shines like a beacon as she gets fucked doggystyle in this hot update from the Bang Bros network, taking his cock to the hilt and looking like she’d be down for one in the mouth at the same time. Speaking of taking one in the mouth, Danielle ends up getting a nice wet facial with her mouth open and tongue out, but I think almost as much got on those huge breasts as on her face…this guy needs to work on his aim a little. Although, with boobs like that I can sympathize; they’d draw my attention too in that situation.

Riley Reid


Riley reid for tonights girlfriend

Some guys just have a desire to be in control, and maybe they just don’t get that in their day to day lives…maybe they have a dominating wife, maybe they get constantly beat down at work by an oppressive boss, who knows. What we have in this update from the folks at Tonights Girlfriend is this guy’s opportunity to be in control, thanks to gorgeous pornstar Riley Reid who shows up at his hotel room ready willing and able to obey and do whatever he wanted. She makes a very sexy submissive in his thigh high stockings and black high heels, dropping to her knees to take her master’s big cock in her mouth and spreading those long legs to get fucked however he wants to fuck her. It’s a hot hardcore scene with some nice bdsm undertones and Riley certainly seems to enjoy it, especially when the guy shoots a huge load into her mouth and onto her chin for a nice facial finish!

Lovely Liona


Liona hd love

She might have a jacked up grill and a slightly creepy stare but once Liona gets those perky little titties out and pulls off her leotard to show her cute butt, you won’t be thinking about her teeth that’s for damn sure. In this HD Love update called Lovely Liona she decides to help out her man during his workout by bringing a glass of fresh orange juice but he’s got better ideas and grabs her by the hips, kissing her while she grabs his already hard cock and goes down for a nice long blowjob. He’s bigger than she is so she’s gotta brace her feet against his thighs as she mounts up to ride his big dick, lowering that tight shaved pussy to the hilt on his cock and moaning as he lifts her up and down to give her a workout of her own. She looks super hot in some of the photos and then kinda awkward and weird in some of the others so I’m not even sure exactly what to think about this chick…what do you guys say, is she hot or is she not? With her face pressed into the cushions as she gets that pussy pounded from behind and her gorgeous ass showing she looks amazing, but how about when she’s looking right into your soul with those big ol eyes?

Horny wet MILF


Mompov milf gets wet

This hot MILF starts out her interview by saying she’s not technically single but she is available…I like her already! It’s her first time making a porn movie, at least her first time making one for the internet…apparently she had made a home movie once before but this is a whole different kind of beast. She loves giving blowjobs, loves riding cock, and gets wet just talking about sex! The Mom POV guys picked another winner with this mature sexy mama, fingering her ass and spanking her before she gives a great blowjob and spreads those long legs to get her MILF pussy fucked. She’s also got huge tits with nice tanlines, so as she rides that dick her boobs jiggle up and down and look just amazing. If you’re in the mood for a woman with a few years under her belt but still a bangin body and the skills to pleasure a cock in a hundred different ways, check out this horny honey! Keep an eye out for when she rides the guy in reverse cowgirl position, her ass looks amazing sliding up and down on that man meat. For her magnificent efforts she receives the grand prize of a nice big creamy facial to remember the day by!

Dakota Johnson


Dakota panties

I didn’t really know who Dakota Johnson was until a short time ago when she was fingered (no pun intended) to play the main female lead in 50 Shades of Gray, which I guess a lot of people were really upset by. I couldn’t really care less and after seeing these paparazzi shots of Dakota in her panties climbing out a window on the set of another movie she’s shooting (Cymbeline or something like that) I’m all for them picking her! She’s got a great little ass that will look fantastic getting spanked as she’s tied up I’m sure…I bet having so many Hollywood connections helped a lot but man I have no problem seeing this cutie on the silver screen getting naked and getting fucked even if it’s not as explicit as I’d hope. The girl in these shots doesn’t need to be a famous actress or anything like that, she’s just got a great ass that looks great in panties and obviously has a pretty face, so the fact that she’s a celebrity just is icing on the cake.

Penny Mathis


Penny mathis glamour show

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think you can just wrap some toilet paper around your tits and say it’s a bathing suit, right? Well that’s basically what Penny Mathis did in this Glamour Show photoshoot, from the looks of things…I guess it’s not toilet paper but it’s a torn piece of fabric wrapped around her big full breasts to cover her nipples and keep the kids from being exposed to sin or something. Once that fabric gets wet though it’s not doing a whole lot of concealing…Penny is smokin hot to begin with and when she’s the sole contestant in a wet tshirt contest it’s hard to look away! Watch this busty babe hang out by the pool, soaking up the late summer rays before the autumn chill comes around (which would just make her nipples even perkier I suppose).

Miley Cyrus


Miley cyrus nips

Are we about done with Miley Cyrus yet? Well maybe not…I mean the whole VMA twerking thing was pretty ludicrous and people just won’t shut the hell up about it but man this girl is pretty hot you’ve gotta admit with that tight little body of hers. What we’ve got here is a paparazzi shot of her after a workout or dance practice or something, she’s wearing a white top that’s semi see-through and you can make out what her nipples look like through the thin fabric. I don’t know about the little nubs on top of her head but hey she’s a multimillionaire with a bangin body and has the whole world talking about her so who am I to say? She can twerk that skinny white girl ass against me any day of the year, that’s for damn sure, and I bet you say the same.

Sunny Leone


Sunny leone spider swimsuit

I love photos like the one just above for this gallery post…it’s like the girl has looked down for the first time in her adult life and is like “holy shit have you seen the size of my titties? I’ve just gotta grab them”! I can’t say I blame her though, she does in fact have an amazing rack. This Latina beauty is Sunny Leone by the way in case you didn’t know and were curious who you know are completely in lust with. She’s got some kind of crazy spiderman inspired swimsuit on in this Twistys photoshoot, it looks like a goth girl’s dream as it spiderwebs its way around her sexy thighs and hips and wraps over those huge breasts of hers. Sunny can’t keep things contained for long though so soon she’s stripped down completely nude and looks much more comfortable as she spreads those long legs and masturbates for a nice ending to a hot photo session!

Tasha Reign


Bang bus tasha reign

Blonde sexpot Tasha Reign was super excited to be a part of this reverse Bang Bus scene…usually the guys pick up a chick and fuck her brains out in the van but the reverse style is when they have a female pornstar in the bus and they pick up some amateur dudes who try their luck at fucking her! More often than not it’s a disappointment as the guys get nervous being on camera and fail to, you know, perform to their full extent so to speak. That happens with one or two of the guys in this update but much to Tasha’s surprise, the guy who looks like he’d be a droopy dan ends up being a raunchy randy as he fucks the hell out of her in the back seat! The Bang Bus is of course part of the Bang Bros network by the way but you probably already guessed that just from the name. Watch Tasha get those big titties out and bounce her big juicy booty up and down on some amateur cock while they drive around in public, mere feet away from the unsuspecting populace going about their business! The next time you see a van rocking a little as it drives by you should take a closer look; it might just be a horny pornstar getting her pussy ravaged.

Lease Licked


Lease Licked Wifey's World

When you run a website where you just fuck you husband in every video you got to do some role playing and of course Wifey’s World knows this.  In this nice long video that I have for you guys you get to see the amazing Wifey fucked and facialed.  She is also swallowing cum too because her husband has saved up his load for her.  The whole role playing thing is that Wifey is a leasing agent and she is willing to do whatever it takes to get this guy to sign a lease and that includes fucking him.  He gets the idea and has no problem getting his dick sucked by this hot MILF just so long as she doesn’t tell his wife of course!

Asian goes Anal


Mr anal with london keyes

We’ve got a treat for you butt lovers today…the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal gave us this update featuring London Keyes, a gorgeous Asian pornstar with a nice big juicy booty and nice big titties as well! It could be just my imagination but it doesn’t seem like we see a whole lot of Asian hardcore anal porn…maybe it’s a cultural thing or something but hey this is 2013, let’s bring the world together with the power of butt sex! London warms up by using a few toys on her ass, getting ready for the big cock to come. Soon enough that dick is there but she’s gotta prep it (there’s a lot of prepwork involved in an anal fuck session!) by sucking and licking it until that dick is big and hard as a rock…so much so that she can barely fit it into her mouth! How in the world will she fit that meatbat into her tight little puckerhole? Well I don’t know how she did it but man she took that dick like a pro, which I guess she is, getting fucked from behind with an easy smile before he shot his load all over her cute face and big tits.

Destiny Cheerleader


Porn goes pro destiny dixon cheerleader

If you’ve always had a thing for cheerleaders and also have a thing for pornstars consider yourself one lucky quarterback because this update from Porn Goes Pro stars gorgeous Destiny Dixon in a cheerleader outfit! She looks like she just came direct from practice but if there’s a school that has their cheerleaders dress like this you can sign me right the hell up for next semester because those big round tits of hers are almost spilling out of her tight little top! Destiny completes the look with pigtails and boots and wastes no time in grabbing your big dick out of your pants and sucking you off in this POV scene before spreading her legs and getting fucked in that nice wet pussy of hers! She doesn’t even bother taking the skirt off, she just lifts it up to give you access to that sexy wet hole. Is it just me or does Destiny have just a perfect round ass? It’s just plain incredible, look at those sweet peaches.

Devour Megan and Catie


Megan salinas nubile films

Man wouldn’t you just love to join these two lesbians as they devour each other? Well that’s too damn bad but you can do the next best thing, which is to check out these photos and video from Nubile Films as Megan Salinas and Catie Parker do their best to lick their way to the center of each others lollipop…in a way I guess it almost is as if you’re there, because they’re so into each other that they don’t even notice the cameras rolling or have any self-consciousness that anyone is watching. They just get lost in each others bodies, kissing and groping and feeling and licking their way to ecstasy! They made the lighting in the photos a little light and misty and dreamlike, which I guess works out because Catie and Megan are probably gonna be in your dreams later on after seeing this sapphic scene. Two beautiful faces, four perfect breasts, two gorgeous asses, two tight wet pussies, add all that up and it equals hot hot hot! That’s just math, man.

What She Wants


Nubile films capri anderson

Capri Anderson is a girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it…well the second part is easy, she just takes all her clothes off and tends to get whatever the hell she wants from any guy (or any girl for that matter)! In this Nubile Films update what she wants is to get her titties and pussy licked and then to get fucked by a handsome young dude with a decent sized cock and wouldn’t you know it, that’s just what happens as these two get nude and get sexy on the couch! Capri shows off some of her flexibility as she does the splits while lowering herself onto the guy’s dick, making him feel like a circus performer or something. As long as he doesn’t have to dress up like a clown he says, but hey if it turns out Capri has a clown fetish and takes all her clothes off again I’m sure he’d be putting on a big red rubber nose without too much hesitation…anything to get his cock into that sweet pussy again!



Ftv girls anita

Anita piece of that! Sorry, that wasn’t a winner I know. So this is Anita, the newest update on FTV Girls, and if you’re in the mood for a babe with huge tits and a juicy booty you should probably just jog on because this girl has petite boobies and a small ass but man if you’re into smaller butts you are going to lose your mind on this girl. She’s a teen college student who is into acrobatics and yoga so she’s nice and flexible and is more than willing to show her stuff whether she’s wearing any clothes or not! The FTV Girls photographer loves getting the girls naked in public and Anita was down for a little daring daytime play, scampering around and masturbating in public hoping the cops don’t come a-calling. They say she’s an exchange student, I think she’s from Hungary or something, but she fits right in here with her dyed red hair and fun-loving attitude…hopefully she sticks around for a second update but I guess we’ll have to see! For now though we’ve got plenty of photos and videos and since it’s FTV Girls you already know they’re going to be top-shelf quality.

A New Friend


Passion hd a new friend ella lily

It looks like Ella Milano‘s boyfriend made a new friend, and her name is Lily Love! Lily and the guy show up at his apartment where Ella is already hanging out and despite the fact that they were kissing and feeling each other up at the door Ella isn’t jealous or mad, she looks more…hungry. The guy takes a seat and Ella takes charge, grabbing Lily’s ass and kissing her passionately, moving down to nibble and kiss her ass before licking that beautiful pussy. Soon all three of them are in the mix, licking and sucking and grabbing each other in a nice hot threeway of lust for Passion HD, with Lily and Ella taking turns impaling themselves on his cock and both of them looking so hot it’s a struggle to try to pick one over the other! They both love eating pussy like lesbians and they both love getting fucked, and of course they both have amazing bodies. All good things have to cum to an end at some point though and Lily was the lucky one getting fucked when the guy shot his load, which went deep in her wet pussy for a nice creampie that dripped down onto Ella’s pretty face!

Beautiful Schoolgirl


Fantasy hd ariana marie beautiful schoolgirl

The world never gets tired of a beautiful schoolgirl…at least hopefully it doesn’t or a lot of models and websites would be out of a job! It’s a super common fantasy to have and there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as the girl is definitely over 18. Ariana Marie is definitely over 18, let me just say that right off the bat because when you see her licking a lollipop and reading a picture book while getting fingered it might be a little on the questionable side. She does make a beautiful schoolgirl in this Fantasy HD update though, sporting her tiny red plaid skirt (I have never seen an actual school uniform anywhere near as short that’s for sure) as she has fun jumping up and down on a trampoline in the back yard. It turns out she’s roleplaying with her boyfriend, who is watching that skirt flip up to flash her panties as she jumps…it intrigued him enough that he busted out his magic briefcase, which had a surefire tool for getting Ariana to do whatever he wanted: a huge lollipop! She gave that sucker some licks as he fingered her pussy, pulling her panties aside for better access…soon he was pulling her skirt up and fucking that sweet hole from behind in the bedroom, slamming against her perfect ass until finally shooting his load all over her tummy. I know I already posted an Ariana Marie gallery today but man I just can’t help it when I come across a girl this cute doing scenes like this!

Fiona Only Tease


Only tease lingerie

I don’t know who did Fiona’s makeup for this Only Tease photoshoot but I hope they get fired…they made her look like she had just gotten punched in the face or something with all the blush they slathered on her cheek. Either that or she actually had gotten punched earlier but let’s hope that didn’t happen. Either way she’s showing off her huge tits in a sexy lingerie set, and after she saw our mouths drop open and our jaws hit the floor she figured hey why not and took off her bra to let those big boobies out to play! She’s got one pierced nipple which I suspect she put in to set off metal detectors at the airport and maybe get her tit groped a little.

Emylia the Goth


Goth emylia mc nudes

She might not be on target to win any beauty pageants anytime soon but man, Emylia here has a hell of a body. If you’re into a bit of androgyny you might be down with her face as well but if you ask me she’s a bit of a boyish butterface. That said, holy shit are her tits amazing…she’s got nice hips too, great womanly curves without being too round, she’s hitting just the right notes. I guess you’ve gotta hand it to her for working what she’s got as best she can, right? These photos are by MC Nudes and this goth chick is as I said named Emylia…I don’t know what’s up with her lingerie, what’s the point of having fuzz on the panties like that? Usually there’s already fuzz built in right around there, if you catch my drift.

Lucy Ohara Stockings


Lucy ohara stockings

Everyone loves a redhead, especially when she’s as smokin hot and horny as Lucy OHara! In this update from her own site, Lucy is in a sexy pair of sheer black thigh high fishnet stockings and is playing with her big red dildo, licking it up and down before spreading her legs and penetrating that tight pink pussy while grabbing her big tits. I know those are a lot of adjectives in that sentence but man, Lucy is just plain incredible so I tend to go a little overboard describing her. Suffice it to say she is beautiful, has a fantastic rack and an ass you will be dreaming about I guarantee it…plus she’s nude and masturbating in these photos, so it’s like winning the lottery on your birthday or something. What the hell are you waiting for, go drool over this firecrotch!

Lisa Ann Creampie Live


Lisa Ann Live Gonzo Creampie

Live Gonzo has a really hot scene with the MILF goddess Lisa Ann.  She has to be the most popular MILFs on the Internet if not one of the most popular pornstars.  She has such a great ass and those big fake tits of hers she is a real winner.  She just loves to have sex too as you will see in this nice long video from Live Gonzo.  It ends with Lisa getting a sensual fast fuck in the missionary position and this guy doesn’t pull out… He fills up Lisa Ann’s pussy with cum for one awesome creampie!  I haven’t see Lisa do many creampies so get it while it’s hot gentlemen, and ladies too I guess…

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