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Photodromm Adrienne body tales

There are plenty of fake tits out there and usually they look pretty nasty but I’ve gotta give the thumbs up to Adrienne’s work here…she has big round perfect titties that look like they must have cost a pretty penny, but she got her money’s worth! She’s showing off totally nude in these Photodromm shots in a gallery called Body Tales, and I’m sure her body could tell some pretty good tales. For now we’ll have to be satisfied with just staring at her pretty face, big boobs and sexy ass!

Farrah Abraham


Farrah Abraham boob job

You know how when you get a new car it takes you a little while to learn how to park it and maneuver through traffic, like you’re just not used to the size yet? Well that’s what Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is going through with her new titties…she went and got a boob job, then celebrated by showing off her new tits in a blue bikini at a pool party in Vegas, but her bigger breasts ‘accidentally’ peeked out from that bathing suit while the cameramen happily snapped away.

Lilly Roma rock chic


Lilly Roma rock chic

The title of this Lilly Roma photoshoot is ‘rock chic’ but man I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl looking like this at a rock show. It’s already hard enough to breathe with all those people in a crowd, without being in some kind of sexy corset! Lilly is a gorgeous redhead with huge perfect round titties and a magnificent body from head to toe, so she can wear basically anything and go anywhere and look drop dead beautiful. Can you imagine her stagediving on top of you with those big round breasts popping out of her bra like that?

Isis Taylor


Digital Desire Isis Taylor

I don’t know what it is but there’s something about Isis Taylor’s look that kind of bothers me…I think it’s the hair, it just looks weird with her skin tone and facial features. Styling aside, she’s got a great pair of tits and is showing them off like crazy in this Digital Desire photoshoot as she pulls off her pink lingerie in bed! She also flashes her cute white thong panties to give us a nice look at her sexy booty as well…if she would change her hairstyle she would be a force to be reckoned with, that’s for damn sure.

Watch My GF selfies


Watch my gf selfies

Sometimes it seems like every girl out there is taking sexy pictures of herself in private…well if you feel that way, this update from Watch My GF isn’t going to help matters any! It’s packed to the brim with gorgeous amateur hotties showing off their titties and asses in some of the hottest lingerie this side of the Rio Grande. Any of these girls might be the shy hottie down the street from your house, you might want to take a peek and make sure just in case she invites you over for a bbq and needs a few more photos taken!

Beach Candids


janessa brazil candid beach

Gorgeous and busty Latina hottie Janessa Brazil lives a hell of a life…apart from the legit modeling photos on her website, Janessa is pretty handy with the ol iphone and is snaphappy in her day to day life. Sometimes the candid shots are sexier than the posed shots with all the makeup and lighting and everything like that, if you ask me. Janessa is just downright beautiful and has an incredible body so just taking a shot on her phone looks amazing…in these shots she’s in a beauty competition (winning, of course), hanging out in her bikini with those big boobs bouncing out, and some shots just goofing around in the hotel room showing off her nice round booty for us to enjoy.

Stacey Poole Gots It


You Got It Flaunt It

Stacey Poole has definitely “Got It” in my opinion!  With tits this amazing she is one of the hottest girls I can even think of!  This is a gallery from a site called You Got It Flaunt It.  It’s suppose to be random girls from European beaches but I know this girl from a mile away.  She actually takes off her top in this gallery so you can check out these natural up close and personal if you want.  If you really want the good stuff you can become a member of this site and they have even more content of her inside of the members area!

Fucked Or Fiction


Fucked or Fiction Brazzers

Jessica Robbin is in the house with her roommate and a guy who starts acting really really weird.  His weirdness pays off though as he is able to get Jessica into the bathroom where he fucks her silly.  He has a hard time keeping his hands off her tits I think they have grown since the last time I have seen them!  Jessica Robbin is a natural redhead with just a banging body that’s why I am posting this gallery plus she is really good at sex.  The video ends with her giving this guy the best head he has ever had and he blows his load all up in her mouth and she swallows of course, good girls always swallow.

Dinner and Desert


Kelly Madison Dinner and Desert

Here is a gallery from Kelly Madison it’s called “Dinner and Desert”.  Kelly cooks up a nice dinner and for desert she wants her husbands cock.  She starts off giving him a really nice hand job getting him hard as he can.  They then fumble there way to the bedroom every once in a while Kelly will get down and suck his dick.  Once in the bedroom this busty MILF takes her husband for a ride.  The scene finishes with Kelly on bottom getting fucked in the missionary position and then getting her tits and stomach came on.  If you have never seen this couple before where have you been!  They’re the ones who do Porn Fidelity and Teen Fidelity two of the best sites I can think of.  Not to mention Kelly Madison’s personal site which is a great one to join if you love a MILF with huge natural tits.

Squeek Ass Bed


Squeeky Ass Bed

You are MOST DEFINITELY going to want to turn down your volume when you watch this video!  These two have the squeekiest bed I have ever heard I don’t even think I could enjoy my dick being rode with this noise going off.  You turn off the volume though and it turns into a really nice amateur scene.  The wife spends the whole time on top and then he just cums right in that old pussy because you know she can’t get knocked up at this age!  Famous last words right?

Jasmine Rain Ex Girlfriends


Jasmine Rain Real Ex Girlfriends

DAAAAAMN, how long has it been since I last posted a Real Ex Girlfriends video?  It’s been like almost a year!  Well right after Porn Pros went all high class on their website I thought they might have discontinued this series but it looks like they may be bringing it back!  Check out this new scene with one of my favorite models Jasmine Rain.  Her and her boyfriend on fucking on the couch in a really amateur gallery that really just focuses on the sex.  She rides a mean dick ladies you need to take notes!  The video ends with her getting on her knees and giving a blowjob, he doesn’t last very long but Jasmine giving any of us a blowjob would probably end in the same way.  The great thing about Jasmine though is she gives herself a facial, that’s a real go getter attitude if you ask me!

Ariana Marie and Giselle Marie


Giselle Marie and Ariana Marie Teen BFF

I know that I have already posted Ariana Marie’s Fantasy HD scene today but can you really get enough of this girl?  I mean perfect tits, tan lines a really exotic looking face she really has nothing wrong with her!  In this episode from Teen BFF (a Porn Pros site) you get to see her and Giselle Mari taking on a cock together.  In this gallery you are not going to see Giselle Mari getting a creampie again but instead Ariana Marie is getting her pussy filled with cum!  This threesome gallery is really good because the girls love getting fucked but you can tell that they also really like to have their pussy eaten out.  Both the girls are able to have orgasms but Ariana is definitely the girl that can just cum at the drop of a hat.  If you like what you see check out Porn Pros site to see if there is anything else you may like.  They have definitely changed the way they shoot porn from the past till now, they’re really really high quality now I highly recommend them. 

String Queen


Kyla carrera for porn goes pro

Some guys only like totally natural girls, but sometimes you get in a mood for a girl just custom built for fucking…in other words, a pornstar with big fake titties! That’s where hot Latina babe Kyla Carrera comes into play, sliding your big cock down her throat and riding it with her shaved pussy in this POV update from Porn Goes Pro. You’ll get to see with your own eyes what it’s like to fuck a horny pornstar, ramjamming that round bubble butt in this hot hardcore fuck scene as she wears her thigh high fishnet stockings and a pair of high heels! It might not be as good as being there but it’s pretty much the next best thing, plus it’s about as safe as can be.

Happy Anniversary


Babes happy anniversary

After having a glass of champagne to celebrate their anniversary, Molly Bennett decided it was time to show her man her appreciation so she took his already-stiff cock in her pretty mouth, sucking him until he was rock hard and ready to fuck! He gave her pussy a tongue bath, licking that slit up and down and tickling her clit with his tongue until she was moaning with desire and ready to take every inch of his lovestick inside her in this update from the Babes network of sites entitled Happy Anniversary! Molly looks great and looks like she’d be a blast in the sack as she works that pink pussy on his cock until he finally shoots a big load all over her perky titties.

Wild Thing


Babes natalia starr wild thing

Getting the attention of a guy can be a little tough sometimes when he has a lot on his mind, but blonde stunner Natalia Starr has a few tricks up her sleeve, such as grabbing his dick out of his pants and licking him from balls to tip! Actually I’m not sure what’s going through this guy’s head, it seems like just having a girl around as hot as Natalia would be more than sufficient to drive any other thought out of the noggin. Eventually he comes around and does the wild thing with her in this update from the Babes Network, fucking that tight wet pussy until he pulls out and cums all over her cute tummy!

Strip Poker


Strip Poker The Life Erotic

Alright you got me here… This isn’t the HOTTEST girl in the world but did you guys ever watch the Youtube video where lesbians watch “lesbian porn”.  So I have a feeling if they watched this they would actually like it.  The scene is from The Life Erotic a site that really dedicates itself to real amateur erotica.  This lesbian scene is about is hard as they go they really just specialize in erotic photography.  The other model you don’t see here but she is kind of cute the girls names are Anastacia and Belina.

Trinity St. Clair POV


Trinity St Clair Porn Goes Pro

I have one of the favorite pornstars in a brand new site that I really think you guys are going to like.  It’s called Porn Goes Pro and it gives you porn in like a true POV angle.  No guy holding the camera or whatever he gets after this perfect tight pussy that Trinity St. Clair has with two hands.  I think he doesn’t really fuck around with a “plot” or anything like that for these videos.  He is just a guy who hires pornstars to come to his house so he can fuck them.  He is their “John” you could say.  Trinity looks like she is a real professional in this video she comes over to this guys house puts on a super sexy outfit with hooker boots and this white one piece thing that I guess coudl be a bathing suit.  Whatever it was she looked super hot in it.  Make sure to tell me if you guys like this site so I can continue to find new galleries for it.  Or if you don’t like it just don’t say anything that’s another way I will know!

Two Facials, Two Guys


Two Facials Two Guys

Here is a super hot MILF teacher that’s right a teacher!  She is about to get in big trouble for this!  She not only fucks the owner of Mom POV but she also fucks his friend in the s same day!  I guess the owner guy just wanted to get his dick sucked today or he promised his buddy that he could fuck this MILF because he just gets head for the first part of the video.  This girl is pretty good at giving blowjobs she makes him cum all on her own.  Considering he usually bangs and gets his dick sucked for a hour plus for her to knock him out in like 5 minutes is pretty damn impressive.  She then gets in her bikini and goes down to the hot tub to get the next guy ready to go.  They get back to the hotel room where she gets fucked nice and good even having a couple of orgasms!  You will see one in the video where she is riding him reverse cowgirl.  She has a really nice body for a older chick, fake tits but this round ass is what’s the real winner in my opinion.

Another Threesome Story


Another Threesome Story

Addison and LollyPop are having a threesome in this new scene from Wow Girls.  As you see in this picture Addison is riding this guys dick while LollyPop is just off to the site rubbing her clit.  I usually hate these kind of threesome but I assure you LollyPop gets involved at some point.  They girls both eat each other out while the other gets fucked but there is times that the threesome is just focused on one girl.  Those parts are okay when the focus is Addison of course because that girl is fucking hot!  She has a nice set of perky tits as you can see and a ass to match!  The name of this episode is called Another Threesome Story and if you want to watch the full video then join Wow Girls it’s a really good site with no hidden charges at all!

A Daydream Together


A Daydream Together

Connie is in a Wow Porn gallery called A Daydream Together here.  She is fucking her boyfriend outside and it’s really hot.  Both meanings there I mean Connie works up a sweat riding this guy nice and hard and the sex is also incredible.  I always love seeing Connie’s scenes though I think it’s because she fucks her real life boyfriend that they’re so good.  I mean if you have ever noticed all her scenes are shot with the same guy.  This is the second time I have posted a Wow Porn Connie gallery the other one was called Boobs Seduction in case you missed it.  This scene ends with the guy fucking her in the missionary position and right before he is about to cum he sprays his load all over her stomach and tits.

Anikka and Aaliyah


Aaliyah and Anikka

Here is a gorgeous little gallery from In The Crack featuring a lesbian sex scene.  It’s not just two random girls either I got Aaliyah Love on top here pounding Anikka Albrite nice and hard.  I don’t know what you would call this toy that Aaliyah has it’s like a strap on but no straps.  One end goes far up her pussy and it gives her like this dildo penis that she uses just like a dick on Anikka.  The gallery doesn’t have many picture of it but if you join In The Crack you can see the crystal clear HD video if you wish.  Video are reserved for members only when it comes to this site, I think I have said that about 1000 times now.



Cadence FuckedHard18

I got a the new Fucked Hard 18 model for you guys her name is Cadence.  I didn’t pick any of her introduction stuff in the video just because I didn’t watch that shit either so why should you guys!  I just picked two of my favorite parts and slap a video together from that.  The first is her just getting her awesome natural tits massage and she has this stupid smile on her face “like this is the shit”.  It is probably the best sex she every had because this guy totally spent time rubbing down her body.  If you actually watch the video I want you to see how perfect that pussy of hers is, a nice “innie” pussy if I have ever seen one!  The video ends with the guy on top just pounding out a cumshot and I will leave where he puts it a mystery because we all need a little of that in our life.



Cassidy Massage Girls 18

I would want to pitch that little round ass too!  Here is a scene from Massage Girls 18 with a model named Cassidy.  I couldn’t find the last name for her but trust me I tried!  You know who she reminds me of?  Take a look at the first picture and tell me if you think she looks like a whiter version of Farrah Abraham… Cassidy here is trying out to be part of a happy ending massage studio and the guy who runs that studio always takes his new hires for a test ride.  In this video you get to see Cassidy on top in control for a little bit while her “John” just lays down and enjoys her ride, then you have the guy on top pounding that sweet little pussy of hers until he cums.

Introducing Mila K.


Mila K X Art

This gallery is nothing more then Mila K getting naked but I have a feeling it’s going to be enough for most of you!  She is just so damn hot and exotic looking I can’t wait to see what X Art does with her next.  This is the very first time she has been on their site and we can only hope that she does a boy / girl for them or I would even settle for a lesbian scene!  In this gallery you just get to see her strip down from these see thru white cotton panties and a white top to absolutely nothing… She is petite and has everything going for her so check this out already!

Double Dream


Double Dream Kennedy Leigh

Passion HD is hooking you guys up in this gallery with both lesbian sex and a amazing hardcore scene as well!  The video starts out with just Kennedy Leigh and Chloe Brooke in the bath tub having fun with each other.  They please each other how girls can please each other and then they go in the next room to get the real deal.  They still eat each other out in the threesome as you can see but they’re all just waiting their turn for the dick basically.  If you wanted to see all of the Kennedy Leigh videos I have then I would click on that link because there is a bunch.  She is absolutely one of my favorite models because of those awesome perky tits and then in this gallery check out the very first picture so you can see just how round that ass is. If you like quality porn then Passion HD is definitely a site you need to check out, it’s worth every penny I promise.

Digital Love


Whitney Westgate Digital Love

I can usually recognize a pornstar from behind like this but when I first saw this picture I couldn’t.  If you can, you watch way to much porn LOL!  I know the reason I couldn’t though it’s because Whitney Westgate here has such a nice rack you almost never look at her from this angle.  This picture is one of the hottest pictures I have ever seen though I mean she looks just stunning doesn’t she?  It comes from a site called HD Love you guys should all know it by now I think I have posted every gallery they have ever made. There is a reason for that, they’re fucking awesome!  The name of this episode is Digital Love and I literally have no idea why they would call it that.  I didn’t really watch the “plot” part of the video I kind of just skipped to where Whitney was getting banged.  Don’t worry I hooked you guys up with a video that skips all that too, you get to see her fucking in a missionary position.  Nice and slow and sensual how HD Love does things!

Carmen Callaway


Carmen Callaway Casting Couch X

I have a super cute and petite girl named Carmen Callaway.  She is trying to become a pornstar so to do that she went and got a agent.  I imagine this guy from Casting Couch X is pretty popular now just because I have seen so many of the girls that have been on his site go out and make it big.  Girls like Anissa Kate, or Alexis Adams all are really big pornstars now.  Back to Carmen though!  She has super small tits and a super small pussy and I think this guy ends up fucking these tiny pussy just that much harder!  He doesn’t look like he is holding back on Carmen really just putting her through a real porn like scene.  He even holds Carmen’s head and just face fucks her, she doesn’t pull back or anything but just takes it like a champ.  I feel like could have just stopped there because you know she will do just fine in a porn if she can do that.  He wanted to cum on this pretty face though which he does, so much cum he must have been saving up for like a week!

Shae Snow


Shae Snow FTV Girls

Usually when it comes FTV Girls the girl I am posting is a total first timer.  I would think that with Shae Snow here if I hadn’t seen her in a episode from Passion HD!  This will be the second scene I have a feeling this one was filmed first but FTV Girls takes a while to release all their porn.  This update form FTV Girls is actually a little short, I didn’t take note of why there is so little of Shae here but so little for FTV is a lot of any other site.  They still have her in a bunch of masturbation scenes as well and jogging naked in public.  The best part of the video is when Kenndy Leigh walks in and gives her the largest FTV Girls toy there is.  They did it just to see if it reminded Shae of a ex-boyfriend she has that she claims had the biggest dick ever.  Sure enough she saw it and started missing this guy she broke up with, I bet he got away with murder when he was dating Shae just cause she was addicted to that dick.

Christy Back on PAWG


Christy Mack back on PAWG

Christy Mack is one sexy bitch.  I just can’t get enough of her and she is totally not what I usually go for.  Girls with shaved heads, just aint my thing guys but Christy Mack here I will make a exception her body is just too damn perfect.  She is once again on PAWG this is her third time being on the site.  If you would like to see the other two times she was on this Bang Bros site you can see them here and here.  I can’t really say that this one is better then the other two but it’s just as good.  Christy looks a little different in this one as well, she has the blonde hair and probably a couple more tattoo’s.  Bang Bros is the site you’re getting sent to for those of you who are not in the know.  It’s because you get access to this PAWG site through their mega pass, it’s a really good deal because you get access to like 30+ sites for one price.  I mean you can join for a day for $1.00 so if you just want to watch this one video and maybe a couple of others do that, I don’t see why you wouldn’t!

Sex Ed


Veronica Radke and India Summer

Moms Bang Teens just came out with a nice new scene called Sex Ed starring Veronica Radke and India Summer (the one getting fucked in this picture).  The whole plot of this gallery is that India is Veronica’s step mother.  She is one horny woman and she tries to seduce Veronica’s innocent boyfriend when he first comes over.  Veronica comes in and kind of breaks it up and they go and watch a movie.  Veronica falls asleep and as soon as that happen the boyfriend is off looking for the step mom. He finds her masturbating in her bedroom and she asks him to start to lick her ass while she rubs her pussy.  He does that until she has a hard orgasm and then she lets him start to fuck her.  Veronica barges in and finds what you see above.  When the world gives you lemons though you make lemonade and that’s what Veronica did joining her step mother in a super hot threesome!

Sarah Blake


Sarah Blake Pure Mature

Every girl has to have a first time on our site here at some point right?  Sarah Blake is popping her cherry on our site when this amazing Pure Mature scene called Game Day.  She is watching a game with her man and he just isn’t giving her the time of day.  She knows our flaw though and so she comes out in a little tank top and some panties that say “tight end” on the ass.  The guy knows his time of watching the game is at the end so he gets down and starts eating out this lovely perfect pussy that Sarah has.  They then fuck right there on the couch and you can tell he is trying to get his nut off as fast as he can so he can get to watching the game again.  Not saying sex isn’t better then the game but it’s the best of both worlds if you get your nut off fast.

Natalie’s Big Ass


Natalie Big Tits, Round Asses

It looks like Natalie is making her rounds through the Bang Bros sites this week she is on Big Tits, Round Asses.  Make sure to check out her other two scene with Bang Bros by clicking here and here.  This one has her all oiled up and in a bathtub showing off that big fat ass of hers as well as her big fake boobies.  In The video you get a longer clip the only problem with it is I kinda of fucked up and just gave you a whole clip of her riding this guys dick.  It’s not even from the right angle either!  Should have got the angle where she is was reverse cowgirl so you could get a look at that perfect bubble butt of hers.  I mean let’s be honest here anyone can get fake tits but the ass that she has it’s quite rare.

Sophia Bella


Sophia Bella MILF Hunter

Sophia Bella isn’t your typical soccer mom she is more like a soccer MILF.  This Italian has such a nice round ass you are going to love seeing her ride this guys cock reverse cowgirl.  He played this right in my opinion.  She needed some soccer stuff for her son so the guy quoted her a price that she most surely couldn’t afford.  He did however offer her quite a “deep” discount if she would just put on a sex little uniform.  She does so but little does she know that’s just the first step.  After he gets that big ass in some tiny little shorts he wants it completely naked and on his dick.  It doesn’t take this MILF long to decide to just do it.  Like all MILFs her pussy probably took over her her brain and just begged to have it filled with a nice big white cock.  This scene was shot for MILF Hunter a site you get access to when you join Reality Kings so please enjoy!

Petite Girls With Skills!


Petite Blonde With Blowjob Skills

This girl has a lot going for her.  From her interview you would think that she is actually a pretty innocent chick, she has only started having sex since she was 18 and is rather inexperienced.  With that being said she tried to lie a couple of times to the Girls Do Porn guys and they caught her on it.  Like the fact that she has a boyfriend, who has no idea she is about to make a sex tape with a random guy. Then they caught her again when she tried to say she had never cheated on a guy.  So she could be selling us a bill of goods witht he whole I was 18 when I lost my virginity thing but I will give her the benefit of the doubt.  The reason I am skeptical in the first place is just how damn good she is at giving head.  I mean she took this guys balls deep literally.  At one point while she was giving head she stuck out her tongue and started to lick his balls at the same time she was deep throating him, that right there is a pro move.  You guys might notice that the sound is kind of out of sync and that’s not my bad.  It’s probably because she is being fucked so hard in this video her future self is feeling it or something.  I mean she literally could have had 30 orgasm during this video or not at all I just can’t tell, she definitely loves to have her bald pussy pounded.  She thought it hurt after she lost her virginity I would love to see how that pussy feels after she woke up after this sex session.

Tashas Shower Orgy


Fantasy hd tasha reign shower orgy

They call it Tasha’s Shower Orgy but it looks more like a bathtub orgy to me, as sexy busty blonde Tasha Reign hops in the tub with some floating rose petals wiht her guy friend! They’re already getting hot and heavy, kissing and caressing each others nude body when a whole group of dudes show up and start enjoying the show! Tasha is a little taken aback for just a moment but then finds herself irresistably turned on and she fulfills a fantasy of getting taken front and back by a group of guys at once for this Fantasy HD update! Tasha has a cock in the mouth and a cock in the pussy and a couple more on deck and looks like she just couldn’t be happier. Just look at that satisfied smile after getting a few loads busted on her pretty face!

Wonder Waltz


Caprice wonder waltz x art

Can you even comprehend how hot Caprice is? She’s been around for a little while but doesn’t look used up or all cosmetic surgeried up like some girls in this industry…she still looks like some kind of dream figment with those perky tits and what must be the most perfect pussy anyone has ever seen. In this X-Art update entitled Wonder Waltz she’s in her lacy white lingerie and is exploring her body all by herself, running her hands up and down those long silky thighs and masturbating in the early morning light.



Hazel for exploited college girls

Some girls can only get pleasure via the vagina but man the ones who are willing to push the envelope a little are worth the wait…that’s where girls like Hazel here come into play! This teen hottie loves having her ass worked and she is a freak in the sack, so when she showed up at Exploited College Girls the cameraman was I’m sure mentally high-fiving himself. She’s a pretty college freshman with a taste for masturbation and is packing a perky set of b-cup titties that look great bouncing slightly as she gets her tight little pussy slammed, before taking it deep in her ass! Once she feels that big hard cock in her back door she won’t settle for anything less than a cumshot deep in her ass and of course the guy from ECG is more than happy to oblige.

Lola Foxx


Lola foxx in the crack

Lola Foxx looks like she’s in a tropical paradise in this hot photoshoot by In The Crack as she relaxes in a bedroom suspended above a lush green jungle! I guess all that proximity to nature got Lola’s blood pumping in a primal sort of a way because her clothes flew off and she got busy masturbating on the bed while still wearing her high heels! It’s a hot solo photoshoot with a gorgeous model and you get so close you can almost taste that tight pussy of hers.

Red and Lusty


Ann angel red dress suck

Ann Angel always looks hot but man she is looking red and lusty and horny as hell in this sexy update her from her site Ann Angel XXX! She’s got her fiery red lingerie on complete with garter belt and stockings and she’s showing off that sexy body before giving her guy friend a hot blowjob and letting him fuck that tight pussy of hers. I don’t mean to blow my own horn so to speak but notice that while she’s sucking his cock she’s still looking over at the camera which can only mean that she’s thinking about me in particular while she’s doing it. Extra hot.

Take it Outside


Nubile films take it outside

Usually when people get into some serious freaknasty fucking they head towards the bedroom but not Sophie Lynx! This horny vixen and her boyfriend take it ouside in this Nubile Films update, heading out under the sky and losing their clothes without any self-consciousness or worrying about the neighbors or anything. Sophie grinds that tight pussy on the guy’s face to get all turned on before sucking his cock and taking it to the hilt in her hole, ending up getting a piledriver as she holds onto her legs for dear life.



Net video girls ashley

She might not have the best and fullest titties in the world, in fact you might want to be ordering some syrup with those pancakes but Ashley is a cute ebony babe and she sure sucks dick like a pro! The guys at Net Video Girls didn’t know that at first of course when she showed up for a ‘calendar shoot’ but as soon as she dropped to her knees and started sucking them off they knew she was a keeper, even before they spread her long chocolate legs and gave her pussy a pounding in this hardcore episode.

Nice Perky Tits


Ex Girlfriends Nice Tits

This girl has a pretty nice rack doesn’t she?  This isn’t even the star of the gallery in my opinion the video is.  The problem is it’s so low quality I just couldn’t get a good screen capture from it.  So I am leading off with the hot ebony girl here.  This gallery is from Watch MY GF and in the video you’re going to see a real deal homemade video of a hot Asian check getting fucked.  It’s like a 20 minute sex session but that’s for members only.  You’re going to have to deal with a little smaller video, but not that small!  As I said it’s now the highest of quality but who likes their real porn high quality not me, I like that shit pixelated and looking at least 20 years old!

Brianna Brooks and Kiera King


Kiera King and Brianna Brooks

Alright two Brazzers galleries in one day I know a little much but it really is a good site.  This gallery shows off their hardcore it stars Kiera King and Brianna Brooks.  Brianna is the one riding this guys dick and Kiera is getting her pussy eaten out.  The name of the episode is “The Taming Of The Bunnies”.  If you want to see a video of it you can check it over at my  This was a special easter update that Brazzers did and the plot is that Mr. Strong created these amazing woman and now he is taking them for a test run and he is doing it bondage style.

Cytherea and Felony


Cytherea Brazzers

Cytherea is having lesbian sex with a girl named Felony I shit you not.  She must lick pussy so good it’s illegal or something!  After seeing these pictures I might actually agree!  The gallery doesn’t have any video but if you wanted to check that out you can see it here.  Brazzers really does just have porn for anyone.  This one was shot for a series they call hot and mean it’s basically a girl on girl site where one of the lesbians is super aggressive almost “Mean”.  While the other girl is submissive.  I think that Felony is the aggressive one and Cytherea is the passive one she is the one getting her face sat on so it’s pretty much just a guess but I would bet the farm on it.

Blind Date


Blind Digital Playground

Here is a bunch of chicks that totally fuck on the first date LOL!  It’s a DVD with some real hotties too the girl on the front here is Selena Rose and the the big breasted babe behind her is of course Anissa Kate.  There is one girl that isn’t pictured here at that’s Allie James.  So this gallery might be really tricky for those of you who don’t read my blogs!  There is three videos here one for each girl but to see the other two you need to click their names in the little blog.  For those of you who don’t read this you’re probably only going to see the Anissa Kate video.  Which is a shame because there is like 21 minutes of video here for the taking!

Selena Rios Reality Kings


Selena Rios Reality Kings

I would like to introduce one saucy lady!  Her name is Selena Rios and when I stumbled upon her over at a friends site I just had to hook you up.  This scene was shot for 8th  Street Latina’s of course the only Latin site with joining.  It of course is the best because not only do you get a ton of really hot Latin girls but you also get access to the entire Reality Kings network of sites which is up to 37 now.  Selena is just really petite but look at that hour glass figure and I don’t think a girl has ever looked so good in panties and stockings.  She is nice and thick and once you see her ass you’re going to be loving Latin girls forever.

Samantha and Chloe


Samantha Ryan and Chloe Foster Moms Bang Teens

Samantha Ryan is hot enough MILF to have a girl on the site a guy on the site but she has more then that!  Samantha keeps a 18 year old girl that just loves to please her pussy on the side and that’s where this video takes it’s start.  Samantha is just laying back and enjoying a good pussy eating when her 18 year old lover Chloe Foster talks about how she just isn’t getting the dick she usually gets.  Samantha decides it’s been a while since her last threesome so she brings over one of her usual fuck buddies and ropes him to not only banging her but also Chloe.  You have to keep everyone happy when you fucking so many different people and it seems as though Samantha is quite good at that game.  This video as you can probably guess from the older MILF teaching the teen is from Moms Bang Teens the site that always has a older MILF and a younger 18 to 19 year old.

Dawn and Haley


Dawn and Haley Net Video Girls

I am not quite sure which one of these girls is Dawn and which one of these girls is Haley.  These two girls show up to Net Video Girls and only one of them is trying out to be on the calendar.  The other chick is the girls girlfriend, like the licking pussy kind not the oh we’re good friends.  The partner is super protective and is sketched out why they’re filming for a “calendar” and what not.  If you are a member of Net Video Girls you can watch the full beginning and really get what I am saying.  Just know for you guys that are though she is on high alert.  It’s quite funny that she goes from that alert state to licking her girlfriends pussy on camera all so her girlfriend can get this fake job.  Once the pussy licking begins the guy from Net Video girls works his way into a threesome.  The partner doesn’t really like the dick so she only sucks his dick but once the fucking starts she just sits back and gets her pussy eating.  The best part of the video though is where he is nailing the one who likes sex from behind he is about to cum so he pulls off his condom and she starts to swallow his cum.  At least you think that!  She is just holding in her mouth to pass it off to her lesbian partner to swallow, I have a feeling that have blown some guys minds with this trick many of times before.



Backroom casting couch rylie

There are plenty of girls out there who think they know everything there is to know about the world and put on a tough exterior but deep down they’re vulnerable and shy, but sometimes the tough front gets them in over their head! That’s sort of the case I think with this scene girl Rylie from Backroom Casting Couch…you can tell from her facial expressions when she starts getting her shaved pussy slammed that she didn’t quite think her plan through, but at least there’s a modeling gig coming after this  hardcore casting call right? Well I’ve got some bad news for you Rylie…there’s no modeling gig and there’s footage of you getting your hole pounded on the internet. Hopefully she uses the cash from this shoot to go back to school, after buying a little mouthwash to help get the taste of jizz out of her mouth! Oh who am I kidding…Liono here is going to blow it all on a couple more tattoos and some hair gel.

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