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Chloe Amour Rides


Chloe Amour 8th Street Latina

I am pretty stoked about this new girl Chloe Amour.  Apparently she is a Playboy girl gone bad as you can see!  I mean she has the looks of one of those girls that is just too hot to be in porn but I am so glad she is!  This is a 8th  Street Latina scene a site you get access to through Reality Kings.  She may look innocent but this girl knows how to fuck I mean just look at her in this position this is a girl who knows what she is doing!  I haven’t seen a girl look this good in sometime, she is so exotic her face is so damn beautiful I can’t get over it!  I am going to keep my ear to the street and try to find as much as I can of Chloe so stay tuned guys!

Guess That Titty


Dare Dorm Guess That Titty

Here is video of some slutty sorority girls talking about how you don’t want to fuck a big dick because your pussy will conform to it.  One girls is fucking her pussy super fast and the other girl is going nice and slow twirling it around.  One girl puts this big dildo inside of her and ask the girl next to her to take it out and she can’t because her kegal muscles are so strong.  Then they have what I would like to call a masturbation off to see who could cum faster.  It’s the blue team vs the red team and blue team wins!  The girls then just stop watching these two masturbating and they get down and dirty having a lesbian sex session together, it’s shot hot.  Usually I like to see a Dare Dorm scene that is hardcore but seeing hot girls going at it does it too, at least for me!

Passionate Seduction


Jessa Rhodes Passionate Seduction

Jessa Rhodes is on her road to becoming a pornstar!  If you forgot you first saw her on Casting Couch X telling her talent agent how much she wanted to do this.  Well looks like he found her a job because now she is doing scene for Passion HD.  These guys are no joke either they’re at the top of the best porn site list, I will have to share that with you sometime.  Jessa is getting a massage from this guy but it’s mostly her pussy massaging his dick so I don’t know how that works out.  I love the part of the video where she is riding on top of him because she is able to ride his dick fast and furious and it’s fucking hot.  In the end she gets down on her knees and takes a huge load in her mouth like a good little girl.

Deep Throat Dreams


Lily Love Deep Throat Dreams

Passion HD just doesn’t have Lily Love showing off her deep throat skills in this new video for their site called Deep Throat Dreams.  They also have her receiving a creampie too!  Two sexual acts one scene it’s our lucky day.  I do have to say though I like my blowjob scenes to end with the girl swallowing a mouthful of cum.  What they should have done is given her a deepthroat creampie, I just made that up but basically he cums in her mouth like in the back of her throat.  If she could take that then she would be the woman of any mans dream I think.  Lily Love is on her 5th scene with Passion HD and you can see all of them by clicking on that link.  She is just a beautiful model and let’s be honest if she didn’t have these perfect natural tits she would be just average, but these tits make her just amazing!  So if you like what you see make sure to join Passion HD it’s really cheap and you just won’t get any better porn then what they make.

Nyfada in the snow


Nyfada for Erotic Beauty

Spring may be here but it looks like Nyfada didn’t get the memo…in this photoshoot for the site Erotic Beauty this busty blonde is posing in the snow wearing only her boots! She’s got gorgeous breasts and a pretty face, and loves playing with her long blonde hair…from the pink tinge on her skin and her goosebumps, not to mention those rock-hard little nipples, she’s looking a bit chilly…hopefully there’s someone inside the house to help warm her up again once the cameras are put away (or maybe the cameras will stay out…even better!).

Gabriella Cervellos


Gabriella Cevellos

This is a Australia model which is way surprising because she is very exotic looking, I didn’t even know they had babes like this!  Her name is Gabriella Cevellos and the gallery I am sending you to is of her in different bikinis for a magazine shoot she did with DSS.  She has everything you want in a babe big tits and a perfect round ass, so get to gawking at her already I have already spent 10 minutes doing it.

Perky little Liala


Liala for MPL Studios

This skinny hottie goes by the name of Liala and she’s having a hard time getting into bed and going to sleep in this photoshoot from MPL Studios. She strips down nude to show off her perky little titties and nice tight butt, then slowly steps into bed with those long lean gazelle legs, stretching and arching her head back! She’s not ready to fall asleep quite yet though so she starts air-humping, pretending some lucky guy is ramming his dick into her tight hole to help her get to sleep…a nice long orgasm is just what the doctor ordered when you need to relax.

Adriana in bed


Adriana on Met Art

Adriana is just incredible gorgeous, there’s no two ways about it. In this Met Art photoshoot she’s playing around in bed, lifting the covers over her head and goofing around, looking sexy as hell. With those long perfect legs and her perky tits (not to mention a supermodel-caliber face) she is a vision of loveliness from head to toe and from the way she spreads her legs wide open I’d say she’s got a touch of the naughty in her as well! Nothing wrong with that, it gives a little spice to life if you ask me.

Zoe Britton outdoors


Zoe Britton on Digital Desire

Everyone loves hanging out by the pool when the weather starts turning nicer, and Spring is now officially (finally) here! Zoe Britton isn’t letting the opportunity go to waste as she pulls her huge tits out of her top, ruffling up her hair and enjoying the feeling of the sun on her skin. It was a pretty long winter and sometimes you just need a little relaxation time to recuperate, which is where this Digital Desire photoshoot comes in! With her tie-up blue top and tiny little pink bottoms, Zoe is ready for warm sun and outdoor fun.

Blue polka dot bikini


Ivy Snow masturbating outdoors

Have you noticed any kind of pattern lately? All the girls in the adult world seem to be flocking in droves outside for the first sun of the year, dusting off their bikinis and getting ready for a hot couple of seasons by the pool! In this gallery from her own site, edgy tattooed redhead Ivy Snow is showing off her blue polka dot bikini before just stripping down nude and getting into a hot outdoor masturbation session, fingering her tight pussy and grabbing those big tits as she enjoys a nice cool breeze.



Jasmine Latina Sex Tapes

I saw these giant juggs and new I hate to give you this Latina Sex Tape video.  Her name is Jasmine and she is a very beautiful latin woman who is well endowed as you can see.  In the video you get to see her riding a dick and those big floppy tits bouncing all around, she has a fat ass too but you knew that I mean a Latina without a nice ass is like Santa Claus without Reindeer.  She then gets put on her back and fuck missionary because we all know when you want to get your nut off sometimes you just need to be on top pounding away at that pussy.

Natalie Bang Bros


Natalie Bang Bros

I don’t even know why I bother to write stuff when I have a picture this hot.  I mean how do I expect you guys not just to click on this right away?  Her name is Natalie and she has one of the best big butts I have ever seen!  She not only has a big ass but she has big tits too.  Her tits may be fake but when you have a ass like this you have to balance yourself out.  She is starring in a hardcore scene for Bang Bros this is the first one that she has ever done and man is it good.  She is a Columbian chick and she now has me thinking that Columbian woman might have better asses then Spanish / Mexican girls.  I home that I can find more of this girl but just going off the name Natalie is going to be hard.



Madison Chandler Babes Network

You guys just have to know that the MUSIC in this video is not in the full length video.  I am sounding like a robot here saying this every time I post a Babes Network scene just because the trailer music is that bad.  I have a membership to their site so I know for a fact you’re in the clear when it comes to this terrible music.  So back to the scene I have Madison Chandler wearing some sexy white stocking during her new sex scene on Babes Network.  The first video she did for them was “All About Love” and it starred the same stunt cock but Madison was in her everyday clothes.  In this one she is dressed super sexy and it just has that extra passion that her first one didn’t have.  She has one amazing body, kind of thick but I do love a girl with a bubble butt and nice big natural like Madison has.  Her tits are not huge but they have that full perky look, you don’t see it often but when you do it makes all other tits just seems average.

Island Passion


Clover Island X Art

You guys know I don’t just post nude girls unless it’s really really hot.  I will say that every time that X Art has came out with a Clover gallery I have posted it because well look at this body!  She is a super cute teen with a body / face/ ass / tits to die for!  Her boobies might not be big enough for some of you but you have to love how damn perky they are?  Her ass everyone is going to like and especially when you see this episode called Island Passion.  I have seen a lot of these exotic location galleries with Clover and I always think when I see her body all sandy like this that it must hurt when she gets sand in her vagina, I mean it’s a saying unto itself, there is a reason for that I would think.

Bryci Blowjob


Bryci Blowjob

I think those of you who visit this site enough have the pulse of the porn Internet and already know about Bryci doing hardcore now.  Those of you are just finding this out by reading this blog post then you guys first and foremost need to start visiting our site more!  Second you need to check out Bryci all dressed up in red lingerie giving her boyfriend a blowjob.  She doesn’t just give him head but she also lets him bust his nut on her face / in her mouth.  If you have been wondering if Bryci is a swallower or not you can get your answer you just have to join her site and watch this video!

Young and Restless


Young and Restless X Art

This is a creampie video from X Art.  It stars James Deen the same guy that fucked Farrah Abraham in her sex tape.  He is like a big deal now I mean when X Art updated with this update James Deen had a full name while the models name is just Scarlet.  I bet she was pretty stoked to be fucking a “famous” guy.  I mean he is famous he did star in a movie with Lindsay Lohan.  He is more well known for his skin flicks though and this is just another good one to add to his reputation.  I would say the two of them had some really passioniate sex both really were into the scene, I like to see that in my porn.  That’s part of the reason I always post X Art videos because I am pretty sure they won’t even post a update that has a girl not enjoying herself.  You know those scenes where a girl just lays back and gets fucked, I hate those.

Dulce Cherry is Back!


Dulce Cherry East Coast XXX

The guy who made this East Coast XXX site just can’t get enough of this perfect pussy that Dulce Cherry has.  So he invited her back (1st  time here) for another scene!  He couldn’t help himself but to cum in her pussy again so we got two creampie galleries of he now.  I think girls who are on birth control are probably stocked to do a porn scene and get cum in their pussy I mean it’s a lot less messy then all the other kind of cumshots you can get in a porn.  It also happens that this site East Coast XXX seems to do more creampies then any other kind of cumshot it’s what the members want.  If you like amateur porn done by a professional then this site is for you.  I do find that this guy seems to find unknown girls or pornstars that are like underground pornstars if you will.  His site is broken up into “cuties” and “Milfs” so in the MILF section you get a lot of swingers / older amateurs who want to do something crazy like a porn.  In the cuties section you get more girls like Dulce who are just sexy and younger, this is were you will find pornstars that you know more then the MILF section at least.

Zoey Paige


Zoey Paige Fucked Hard 18

That’s the view I want to walk into when I am getting a massage.  Zoey Paige loves being fucked doggstyle and what a view it is from behind!  This scene is from Fucked Hard 18 and you get to see her having orgasm after orgasm in this video.  She gets one during the actually massage (when he was rubbing her pussy).  Then she gets a couple others while she is being fucked and riding this guys cock.  This is a facial scene and Zoey Paige just gets covered in cum, he must have been saving up for like a week or something like that!  She is a really hot chick who seems very innocent but the guy from FuckedHard18 gets her talking about her past throughout the massage and you get an idea of just how naughty of a girl she is.

Macy Cartel


Macy Cartel Massage Girls 18

I have to admit I actually watched a full length 1 hour film and that was this one from Massage Girls 18.  I wouldn’t have normally done it but I am a big fan of this Macy Cartel girl. She has this par of tits that looks so different, just because how puffy and perky they are.  They’re all natural 100% but you just never see these odd looking titties on other girls so I think it makes her really unique.  The other reason I sat down and wasted some time watching this porn was becaus I have never watched a Massage Girls 18 video begginning to end.  I usually just fast forward to a position I like and then to the end to see if the guy does a facial, or a creampie.  In this video he does a facial just so you know.  I did learn a couple things though the plot or the reason he is interviewing these girls is to be part of his “massage” studio.  I never actually knew the reason for the site until now.  I mean odds are it’s fake but what if you went into this massage studio and saw all the past models that showed up on Massage Girls 18?  I mean it would be like heaven on earth I think.



Capri Anderson Sexcapade

Capri Anderson is getting a creampie in this new erotic scene from Erotic Snap called Sexcapade.  The fantasy they are trying to give you in this video is that having sex with that person that you shouldn’t have sex with.  Capri gets a call from a ex boyfriend of a friend of hers.  He has always had his eyes on Capri and that’s part of the reason he broke up with the girl.  So he finally calls her up to act on his lust.  Capri has been having the same feeling so when they meet up nobody needs to make a move.  They both know what they’re there for so the sex begins and what a sex scene it is!  Capri Anderson is just fun to watch while she is getting fucked.  I am glad she has came out of retirement because I missed her!

Intense Loving


Paula Shy Intense Loving

Paula Shy rides her boyfried to a creampie in this latest video from Nubile Films.  The name of the video is Intense Loving and they named it that for a good reason.  It’s always better to see a real life couple having sex then just two people who just met.  They don’t know what each other likes and you don’t get to see the guy cum inside of a girl that often when that is the case.  Nubile Films has a lot of couple scenes and they almost always have the guy giving the girl a creampie.  In this video Paula Shy is riding her man nice and slow and he just can’t help but cum in that pussy while she is riding and you would too!  I mean Paula has one of those perfect tight pussy and it’s just a matter of time before any guy were to cum because with a pussy like that you couldn’t hold on forever.  She rides him a little longer after he cums and then she gets off and you get to see that cum of his just dripping out of her Asian pussy.



Josie Backroom Casting Couch

With this new Farrah Abraham sex tape I think Rick from Backroom Casting Couch wanted to find his own “teen mom” to fuck.  So he found this tall Mormon girl named Josie.  She has a boyfriend right now she broke up with her baby daddy but she doesn’t think he will mind her trying to become a pornstar.  She sure has hell didn’t expect to be fucking someone today she just thought she was there for a interview.  She was however sitting on the Backroom Casting Couch.  She gets talked into making a audition tape with Rick because he dropped the best pickup line ever on her as he always does “Do you want to make $1000 to $5000 dollars a day?”.  It works everytime so much so that Josie was willing to try out anal sex just to impress these “producers” that don’t actually exist.  Rick ends up having her ride him reverse cowgirl while he sits on the couch and she does something that only a girl who knows how to fuck does.  She was massaging his balls while she rode him and it make Rick give her one hell of a deep creampie.  I think she massage out a little extra cum or something it was crazy!



Veronica Casting Couch X

I have a very cute girl with a meaty pussy for you guys today her name is Veronica.  It’s another “Casting” scene but this guy is actually for real.  The guy runs Casting Couch X but he also really does find girls like Veronica jobs, unlike the other fake agents that just try to bone a girl and add them to their site.  The guy makes these videos probably more for the fact that he gets to have consistent sex this way then to actually show other people who make porn to get the girls jobs.  I mean it can’t hurt though to see a girl you are about to hire for a sex scene perform that task.  I just have a feeling that if I owed a paysite that hired girls to fuck on film I would purely hire the girls that looked the hottest, their sex skills wouldn’t matter that much to me.  I probably have it all wrong but that’s how I would run my site!  That’s probably why I don’t own one LOL!

Perfect Pussies


Haze Her Perfect Pussies

This sorority is all about their girls having a perfect pussies.  They want them shaved with no shaving burns, no spots they want it perfect.  The things is I don’t think a bald pussy is what makes it “perfect” you guys know that I am pretty good and picking this hit out.  The sorority makes the girls clean up their pussies and then they put them on the floor and having them eat each other out while they look on.  The Nerdy girl seems to like sitting on these girls faces the most so they let her spend the most time getting after it.  After the nerdy chick has her orgasm the other girls must use a double sided dildo and man is that another hot segment of this video.  It’s all filmed and is now sold to Haze Her.  The reason they film these videos is because then when they’re members of the sorority they have a form of blackmail.  I wonder if sororities still make these kind of hazing videos now that Haze Her has been so successful and buying them up.  I mean $20,000 dollars is hard to turn down for anyone!

Simply Stunning


Sandra Simply Stunning

This gallery is Simply Stunning for many reason but the most important one is how beautiful Sandra here is.  She is a total amateur and the guy she is fucking in this video is her real life boyfriend.  X Art does a really good job of finding girls who will have sex on camera but only with their boyfriend.  It works out well because they’re well known for their really erotic videos and what not.  What’s more erotic then seeing a real couple making love?  This video is a creampie scene and she gets that creampie by riding his dick like you see in this picture.  I hope that X Art films more of this girl because there is just something about her that is really sexy.  I think it’s her milk white skin that really just does it for me.  I like a girl who doesn’t give a hit about getting a tan I guess… It makes her just look pure, doesn’t it?

UPDATED: Now has video

Basketball Star


Kendall Karson Basketball Star

Looks like Kendall Karson has game!  By that I mean she isn’t good at basketball actually from watching her jump shot and her post play she isn’t scoring on anyone.  Watch does help her score in the bedroom though is that perfect little body of hers and man does her ass look good in her little basketball shorts.  These two fuck in a new Fantasy HD scene called Basketball Star.  It’s pretty hot because they fuck in some interesting positions.  I mean one position is where Kendall is hanging on the rim and she has her legs wrapped around his head and he is eating her out.  The video ends with Kendall geting her nice shaved tight pussy filled with cum as she is fucked doggystyle against the basketball hoop.

Rockell Starbux big tits


Rockell Starbux on Digital Desire

Digital Desire is who to send a thank-you card to after you take a look at these shots of busty blonde Rockell Starbux! SHe’s got huge soft tits that she loves to squeeze together as she spreads her legs, giving you a nice look at her tight pink pussy. There are some great closeups of those big titties, which I guess means the photographer loved them almost as much as Rockell loved showing them off! She looks like she’s just dying to have some lucky guy shove his face in between those hangers for a good solid motorboat.

Malena Morgan babydoll


Malena Morgan for Twistys

Get your ass in here and watch Malena Morgan heating up the Twistys camera like she’s about to set the world on fire! She’s spoirting a cute little babydoll dress that barely covers her gorgeous ass…well, at first anyway. Eventually she pulls it up and off, getting completely naked so we can let our eyes travel down past her butt down those long, lean legs of hers…somehow she has JBF hair already even though she’s only been showing herself off in this solo photoshoot! I guess it’s only a matter of time before she finds a guy around who is willing to take care of her needs and rock that tight little body of hers just right.

Lucy Pinder huge tits


Lucy Pinder big tits

I thought Lucy Pinder looked familiar but just couldn’t place her, then I found out she’s hot as blazes in the UK. From what I understand a photographer discovered her sunbathing on a beach and basically immediately offered her a modeling contract…good choice, since she’s drop dead gorgeous and has those huge perfect breasts! This is a collection of photos she’s done, showing off all her best features in all kinds of different outfits…enjoy.

Malena Morgan outdoors


Malena Morgan Sex Art

It’s a hot day full of Malena Morgan and I don’t think any of us would have it any other way! In this update from Sex Art this stunner is hanging out poolside, lounging on a chair and stripping down to catch some rays of sun on her gorgeous nude body. She just can’t help but touch herself when she’s in the nude, which I totally understand, and ends up masturbating on camera for us all to enjoy! There’s something so erotic about a beautiful girl pleasuring her pussy outdoors while the sun illuminates her, it’s hard to describe…you’ll just have to take a look for yourself.

Kayleigh on Hayleys Secrets


Hayleys Secrets Kayleigh

It’s an old trade secret in the adult world to bust out the ice cubes when a girl wants her nipples to be nice and perky and erect for photos and such, but Kayleigh just loves how it feels! She gets her perky titties out and rubs ice on the nipples, enjoying the sensation as the cool water melts and runs down her chest in this hot photoshoot from Hayley’s Secrets. Soon she’s stripping down nude for this outdoor shoot, wandering around the garden wearing nothing but a sexy seductive glance and showing off a butt that is nothing short of incredible.

Naughty Temptress


Capri Anderson Naughty Temptress

Capri Anderson for some reason has to seduce her man into fucking her.  I am pretty sure that any real guy would want to fuck Capri all the time no matter what so I just have to assume that Capri is naturally a pleaser when it comes to sex.  She always wants to make it perfect and what turns a guy on more then seeing his girl dressed up in white lingerie and doing a little strip tease.  Capri Anderson can do it a little better then most girls you will see, I mean it’s fucking hot.  The video is from Passion HD and is called Naughty Temptress.  Make sure to check out the last video she did for the called Icing On The Cake it’s probably my favorite Capri scene out there right now.



Nikki Daniels Mixology Pure Mature

Nikki Daniels mixed up some cocktails for her and her husband and then once they got enough booze in them they started to fuck.  The gallery is from Pure Mature and it’s a good one!  In the end Nikki Daniels here gets fucked from behind and then she gets one big creampie.  Nikki Daniels is a very pretty MILF and I think she is new to porn so she is just now getting the dick that she probably has been denying to get for some time now.  You know how much these older chicks love to be fucked.

Tight and Pierced


Tight and Pierced

Here is a Ex Girlfriend that a guy submitted to My GF that has such a great pussy I don’t know how he could let it go.  He is getting revenge on her so I imagine she did something very fucked up.  She is nice and thick with a big ass but this pierced pussy of hers is the real winner.  This is a real homemade sex tape so the camera work is so bad it hurts.  It’s almost all point of view but the good thing about this is that he zooms in on this nice pussy and let’s be honest that’s what we want to see!

Remy Lacroix Masturbating


Remy LaCroix

Look at that beautiful round butt!  Her name is Remy LaCroix and she is well known for this caboose.  She is showing off every angle of that booty in this gallery because that’s how In The Crack does it.  Their name says it all I think.  Once the posing is over and done with they give her this strong little vibrator and Remy masturbates to a orgasm with it.  This is the first time that they have had Remy on the site which is surprising because they usually always hire models with perfect butts like hers.  I think Remy went into retirement and just came back out and that’s why they’re just now getting content of her.

The Minute Woman


The Minute Woman

Girls Do Porn found themselves the equivalent of a minute man in this video.  She is a minute woman because the first 60 seconds she was being fucked doggystyle she orgasmed.  I mean the guy didn’t start off slow or anything like that he brought the ruckus and fucked her nice and hard for a good two minutes.  I love that she tried to say at the end of the video that she still liked the way her boyfriend fucked her better.  It’s probably because she is hoping that if he ever finds out about this video that he will see that little part and be like “oh, well she fucked another guy but didn’t like it as much as me”.  If the guy who is dating her takes her back he is such a bitch!  I love how the guy asks the girl right before she is getting a dick inside of her if she has ever cheated before.  Her brain somehow doesn’t consider this cheating and you can tell that just from her initial response, pretty funny.

Elle and Mia


Mia Malkova and Elle Alexandra

It’s funny because the name of this new video from X Art is called “Elle Hearts Girls” and that’s actually her Twitter name!  I mean Elle Alexandra (the redhead) must really love herself some pussy.  She sure acts like it in this scene.  I am a big fan of Mia Malkova so if I was elle and got to eat that beautiful pussy out I wouldn’t be to mad either.  X Art has a ton of lesbian sex scenes so if you don’t like their hardcore stuff or even their masturbation updates don’t worry there is enough in that members area to keep you busy for a month.  Even if you only like to see girls having lesbian sex.  I like this little combo they have a girl with a nice round ass and blonde vs a redhead that is slender with that milk white skin.  They’re a lot different and I like that when see a lesbian scene.

Linda Lay Massage


Linda Lay Porn Star Spa

You guys have actually seen this girl before.  If you don’t remember let me refresh your memory you saw Linda Lay on Casting Couch X.  I guess the guy doesn’t just bang his models but he actually get them jobs!  Linda Lay is getting another dick inside of her in this sexy little massage porn video from Porn Star Spa.  The video I have for you guys kind of skips the build up to the sex, it’s just all sex my bad sometimes I can to excited with just the sex and not what makes the scene so great.  If you want to see the ending and the beginning though there is only one place you will see that and that’s by joining Bang Bros.  That’s not a bad thing though because they have to be one of the most popular sites on the Internet and that means you get tons of high quality porn and it’s CHEAP!  I mean you get access to like 48 sites and it’s all for one low price, pretty dope.  Linda Lay is well on her way to become a popular porn star I think, I do like the way her body looks and of course the fact that she is kind of exotic looking.


Lelu Love Stripper Pole


Lelu Love Creampie Stripper Pole

Here is a creampie scene from Lelu Love you guys might enjoy.  She does a lot of creampies because well it’s a site that she and her boyfriend run and that’s kind of what they do when they fuck most often.  She does however swallow his cum, or let him cum on her face she doesn’t really care she just loves having sex.  Here is the couple fucking next to a stripper pole and then finishing the sex session with Lelu riding her man reverse cowgirl and as I said earlier cumming deep inside of her pussy.

Flower Trail


Holly Michaels Flower Trail

Passion HD when tall out in this little video for their site!  They got Holly Michaels a huge diamond ring gave her a walk way of flowers they did it all.  The video is suppose to be a little sex session you have with your girl after you ask her to marry you.  I mean it’s almost a given then you get pussy after you put a rock on her finger.  Holly doesn’t just give her guy that normal sex instead she fucks him like he has never been fucked before.  It’s great because after he bust in nut her her butt hole Passion HD got her to say “I Do”.  Nice touch and well done guys, you’re the leader in erotica for a reason!

Katerina Hardcore


Katerina Hartlova Hardcore

I saw this DDF Busty hardcore scene with a model I have just fallen in love with.  Can you guess why?  Yep it’s those beautiful blue eyes!  Sike, her tits are fucking awesome arn’t they?  I mean she is all natural with a banging fit body and just the best natural tits!  She kind of reminds me of a Shay Laren but as you can see she takes a cock in her pussy Shay never did.  The guy she fucks is the same in every hardcore video so I am going to assume she travels around the country with this guy in tow fucking for different porn sites.  The guy does a great job banging her but I think any guy that got the opportunity to fuck this girl would do a good job.

So Right


So Right Babes Network

Babes Network has released another update with Veronica Rodriguez.  This scene is called So Right and if you missed the first time she was on the site you can click here to see that one.  She is fucking the same guy in this update so the sex is much the same.  I still just can’t get enough of seeing a petite latin girl like Veronica fucked.  She is just like your own personal little fuck doll and you know that that pussy of hers has to be so tight.  I mean she is too small for it not to be tight.  The galleries I give you guys from Babes Network always have a pretty short video and you may think that the annoying music in it is in the full length video as well but I want you to know it’s not.  It’s just these promo clips that have them, so rest easy and join their site it’s worth it!

Shay Tries Anal


Roc and Shay Anal

Roc and Shay do something I have never seen them do before and that’s try anal!  Roc put his big dick in that big black ass of Shay while she used a vibrator on her pussy to make it extra pleasurable.  They start off the video having regular sex, well regular for them not for you and me.  These two fuck in some pretty crazy positions I think Roc just likes to look at Shay’s ass while he bangs her that’s why they fuck in this positions.  The video starts off with Roc eating her out and ends with him busting his nut all over that fat ass, a great scene for you ebony lovers.

Teacher Seduction


Capri Anderson Fantasy HD

Capri Anderson is back on Fantasy HD if you missed her other video called The Ballerina make sure to check that one out.  This video is called Teacher Seduction.  Capri is playing the part of a teacher and she just wants to get after this college guy that she is teaching.  He comes in for a little extra help and the only thing Capri helps him with is milking his cock.  She let the guy know that she wanted the dick by no wearing any panties to work that day.  She then dropped the dry eraser and he got a good look at that pussy from behind.  The two of them just fuck what’s available and then in the end he cums all over her face.  Not before asking her to put back on her glasses though because let’s be honest we all want to cum on a girls face that has glasses on.

Bubble Wrap


Bubble Wrap Dare Dorm

I must be getting too old or something because I am just not getting this party that these college students threw for their Dare Dorm video.  It’s a Bubble Wrap party, who has ever heard of that?  I mean I get that it’s see through so you can see the girls thongs and asses but still why not just plastic wrap or something like that.  I mean when you’re bumping and grinding like these students end up doing the bubbles are bound to pop!  I am a jumpy person so that would just take me out of the mood for sure.  The video has some girls with some nice round asses and you even get to see a Indian girl getting crazy.  You don’t see that kind of flavor much on Dare Dorm I am glad they finally got one.  One of the girls get’s straight up tag teamed in this update one guy is fucking her face while the other guy is fucking her pussy.  The sad thing is the guy that’s face fucking her can’t even keep his dick hard, I think it’s all his buddies screaming at him to fuck her harder that’s really throwing him off.  Douchebag friends are the worst.

Bella Reese Mr. Anal


Bella Reese Mr. Anal

Bella Reese is getting a nice hard ass pounding in this new Mr. Anal scene.  She is actually not receiving a ass pounding but instead giving one to herself!  I mean she is the one riding this guys cock so she is the one in control.  She used to be in a ton of scenes but I think she retired or something because I have seen less and less of her.  This Bang Bros scene mentions something about her returning so maybe hse has came out of retirement.  I wouldn’t mind that because I get more of seeing her getting fucked in the butt, what about you guys?

Nikita Von James


Nikita Von James is Tonight's Girlfriend

The color on this picture is all fucked up but I assure you if you watch the video you won’t see shit like this.  Tonight’s Girlfriend is a really good site with high quality videos so don’t be alarmed.  This guy hired Nikita Von James to fuck him because he wanted to brag about it to all his co-workers.  I take this guy as the nerd at work that probably makes more then any of us just because he doesn’t have any fun and he works all the time.  Well he is finally not saving his money and actually spending it on cool stuff like fucking Nikita here.  I think if you’re going to fuck a pornstar you got to go with the real pornstar type.  Bleach blonde hair, a serious tan, big fake tits I mean the whole nine yards.

Casey Calvert


Casey Calvert Amateur Allure

How cute is this girl!  Her name is Casey Calvert and people are saying that she is going to be the next Sasha Grey.  I can see it I mean she couldn’t be any hotter.  Nice and petite and has that look of the a everyday girl in my opinion.  You definitely don’t expect to see her doing hardcore porn but here she is.  She is on Amateur Allure giving one hell of a blowjob and even getting fucked.  I say “even” because back in the day Amateur Allure almost exclusively was girls sucking dick and swallowing cum.  It’s turned into more of a hardcore site, with sex even anal sometimes.  They have stayed true to having every single girl swallow though.  There is nothing better then a girl swallowing your load after you fuck them and they suck your dick, am I right or what?

Claudia XO Hand Bra


Claudia Xo Hand Bra

Claudia XO is giving us the ole hand bra here.  She has a awesome natural big titties doesn’t she?  She is actually brand new and you guys have never seen her before that’s a fact.  She just opened up her personal site where you can get all you want of these boobies as well as her banging body.  I mean I can’t see a flaw on this girl and neither can you so go and check out her tour and see if this is a chick that you would like to invest in.

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