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Callie Casting Couch X

This nice white teen ass belongs to Callie she is a New York babe who is trying to get into the porn industry.  She met up with a talent agent who is pretty big in the porn industry, to see where to start.  He also happens to run his own porn site now called Casting Couch X, it shows all his models first time sex tapes.  I am not sure if she knew that she would be making her first sex this day but she did!  The guy has a rule that all the girls he represents he has to take a first run at.  By that I mean he fucks them on camera and then he will tell his producers around the world about her.  He will also then try and get her jobs.  This girl I don’t really think I have seen another video from her so I wonder if she called it quits right after she got done fucking this guy.  She didn’t look too stoked with the facial he gave her but he is kind of crazy when it comes to his cumshots.  I mean I think he must be on a special diet or something to get those “Peter North” type cum shots. If you want to skip the interview you’re going to have to fast forward to about the 4 minute mark btw.

Angel Dark Tree Nudes


Angel on Met Art

When you’re as hot as Angel (is it Angel Dark? I think so) you can get naked pretty much any old where and it’ll be sexy as hell…to prove this point she heads to a meadow and shows off that incredible body by an old tree stump. Why a tree stump? Does it matter? She’s got a great butt and long legs and sexy big titties and she’s showing it all off in the nude so just take what you can get, is the way I look at it.

Zuzanna Near By Me


Zuzanna on Art Lingerie

I hope you’re ready for some mega-closeups, because these photos of brunette Zuzanna from Art Lingerie are fucking huge! You can see every inch of her way up close, but luckily she’s hot enough that this is a plus instead of a drawback. She’s in thigh high stockings and a garter belt and that’s about it, showing off a great ass and a great pair of tits, not to mention her beautiful face.

Emma MC Nudes


Emma on MC Nudes

Emma loves to show off, is the long and short of it. Not content with just getting nude and letting us check out her body, she decided the thing to do was to hop up on a glass table for this MC Nudes photoshoot and let us see every angle that we want, above and below and side to side with her gorgeous titties and tight pussy! She’s gently caressing and masturbating her hole in these photos and looks fantastic with her long lean legs, so give it a shot. Get it?



Meshell on Sandlmodels

How many different ways can you think of to spell the name Michelle? Well I bet Meshell wasn’t in the list you came up with, but apparently thats the name of this hot brunette posing on a hotel bed for Sandlmodels. She’s got big tits (one is slightly bigger than the other but that’s the case for most women I think, and thats a-ok if you ask me) and has some pretty unusual facial expressions…maybe there was a voyeur watching through the window? I’d watch too if I saw a hot woman showing off big titties and a sexy ass, so who am I to judge.

Xenia Deli


Xenia Deli

You probably can’t see it very well from this picture but if you view the big one on this gallery you will see a little upskirt action on a girl named Xenia Deli.  Who the fuck is that you ask?  Well unless you are up on you fashion models you would have no idea who she is.  She is pretty popular over in Europe and shit but the real reason you are going to click on this gallery is because Xenia here is a chick that doesn’t like to wear panties.  So if there is a upskirt with no panties that means you get to see a bald pussy that belongs to a famous chick, click away!

Cum For Me


Come For Me Joymii

This gallery has two people who are just trying to please one another.  That always makes for a really good sex scene especially when a girl as hot as Tiffany Fox is starring in it.  The name of the video is Cum For Me and it’s from Joymii a erotica site that is a must see!  Tiffany is the first start start the giving in this video giving her man a super sensual and erotic blowjob.  Once he is hard and ready she rides that cock of his giving him every inch of her pussy.  Once she has done that for a bit the guy decides to return the favor by licking and fingering her beautiful tight pussy.  The scene ends with Tiffany laying on her back and getting fucked as hard as this guy can muster and then he cums all over her nice perky tits.

Rylie Richman


Rhylie Richman Babes Network

I think Rylie Richman here probably isn’t know to porn just from the way this girl can fuck a cock but I for sure have never seen her before.  Babes Network seems to do that a lot to me.  They find like girls that are in porn that I just don’t see, it’s weird.  This scene however entitled “Take Me There” took me there if you know what I am saying.  I am a sucker for erotica and a sexy blonde like Rylie here this scene was just meant for me!  If you like what you see then check out more Babes Network scenes just by following the links in the gallery.

Katie’s Profile


Katie Banks Profile

If this profile picture of Katie Banks isn’t the best picture you have seen this week, I’ll be down right shocked!  She has always been a favorite babe of mine, one of the few “solo” girl sites that I actually have a membership to.  In this sexy little scene from her personal site you get to see her naked from the very start, she has set the mood with candles and is going to have one of those very special masturbation moments.  You know when nobody is coming home and you can take you’re time, that’s what she is about to do.

Anjelica Fucking Skills


Anjelica Wow porn

Anjelica is back on Wow Porn this time she is not doing anal porn like she did in “Assfucked Princess”, she is instead just having some rather enjoyable sex with a well hung man.  She gets him ready not by sucking his dick or giving him a helping hand instead she does a very sensual dance that ends with her in nothing but these white stockings.  She then puts her hands down her pants and starts to rub her clit.  Watching the pleasure that Anjelica is giving herself the guy is more then ready to jump in and reveal his fucking skills to her.  She takes in the little spoon position which involves to many more.  Anjelica is just a nymph when it comes to sex you can tell she could take a pounding for a week if you were able to hold your liquid for that long. This guy definitely isn’t he almost cums inside of her while she gives him the ride of his life but is able to tell her right before hand. She jumps off and lets him cum on her face and inside her mouth what a great video this is, I know you guys are going to love it!

Cum Inside


Come Inside Xenia

Xenia is a newbie and she has done her first scene with her boyfriend and as you can see from the cum dripping out of her pussy it was a creampie scene.  It’s hard to have a erotica site like Nubile Films and not have a bunch of creampie scenes.  I mean afterall that’s how the majority of us end a sex session right, so it’s closer to “real” then anything else.  I mean I could be wrong maybe everyone is just cumming on their wife’s face and tits or something.  Xenia and her boyfriend make sweet sweet love on the couch and it ends with him pounding her doggystyle and cumming in that tight little pussy of hers, a happy ending if ever there was one.

Spring Break Time!


Brooke Marks Spring Break

I can never get enough of this girl Brooke Marks.  She doesn’t release much promo material to us sites but when she does it’s a good day!  Here she is in a gallery which is suppose to let her members see what she is going to wear out to her Spring Break vacation.  It’s a super sexy little hello kitty bikini, it’s like made of just beads.  She then takes it off and does her best to hide her tits and pussy but she does a poor job, she is probably drunk already.  You don’t get to see that good stuff in promo stuff though if you want to really see Brooke naked or even cam with her live you have to be a member so join already!

Secret Weapon


Secret Weapon X Art

X Art has another Scarlet scene that went up on their site this time it’s just a gallery of her masturbating.  Most of you are going to like the hardcore scene she did with Chloe Foster entitled Fashion Models better but for those of you who don’t like dick in your porn this is right up your alley.  Scarlet starts off by just trying to get herself to orgasm with her fingers, she seems right at the edge of a orgasm for quite some time.  She just can’t seem to get over the hump if you will.  So the guy who was filming her scene with her brought out the “Secret Weapon” it’s this long vibrator with like a egg type shape at the end.  It’s mostly meant for a g-spot orgasm but Scarlet uses it on her clit and makes herself cum.  Once she makes her self cum from her clit she stands to use the toy on her g-spot and that’s when she has a really intense orgasm.

Connie Takes A Biggie


Connie Wow Girls

The name of this Wow Girls episode is “A Busty Takes A Biggie”.  I would so that the first part is right but the second part I mean, if he is big then the world is flat.  I don’t really care about that though I mean we get to see Connie fucked and fucked for a nice long while too.  This is kind of like a massage scene where they are fucking on a massage table.  It starts off with Connie getting her big naturals rubbed down a big and then it turns into Connie’s face getting fucked.  You will see starting at picture 6 what I am talking about.  This girl is really just super hot to me, I love her curves and she isn’t another one of those skinny bitches we are always seeing.  I like how she gets down and dirty like when she is getting her face fucked and she lets the guy sit on her face and she swallows both his balls, pretty dirty I must say!  You know Connie is in the level of hot where she doesn’t have to do that type of stuff but she just loves pleasing her man so she will do just about anything.

The Man


The Man Playboy TV

Here is a pretty interesting TV Show that you won’t find on any channel except for Playboy TV!  The name of the show is “The Man” and I kind of get the point of it but not all the way.  So it’s basically two female judges and 4 guy contestants.  The guys are trying to impress these judges to be crowned The Man.  The judges test everything about the guys including how well they fuck as you can see here.  I just don’t know what happens when you win the title.  Do you get money?  Do you get to date the judges?  I have no idea but I do know that it’s unique so check it out!

Ariella and Kendra Lust


Kendra and Ariella

Two really hot MILFs are getting fucked in this episode from CFNM Secret.  This is one of those sites that you get access to when you join Reality Kings.  The CFNM stands for Clothed Female naked Male.  As you can see Ariella Ferrera and Kendra Lust are in their workout gear during this whole video but they tare holes in their yoga pants so that they can get fucked.  Ariella does a little ass licking while Kendra is getting fucked and then when it’s her turn she is still licking Kendra’s pussy and ass!  It was not a fair exchange between these two MILFs I guess there is a giver and a taker in every scene and Ariella is definitely the giver.  Kendra was probably just too wrapped up in all the pleasure she was getting and it looked like it was a lot!  You rarely get to see two MILFs in the same together I feel almost always they do a MILF and a younger like 20 something in a porn scene.  So watch these two very experienced females have their way with a 20 something male, it’s quite hot I would say.

Dick Tasting


GF Revenge Dick Tasting

This girl was pretty positive that people were going to see them fucking outside.  She was also concerned with the whole camera thing but her boyfriend claimed that he was going to give her the memory stick after they were done.  I am not sure what happened to that plan after they were done, he probably said that he wanted to watch it later or something and she agreed.  Well she should have taken the memory stick and burned that shit because now her boyfriend at the time has sold her sex tape to GF Revenge.  You get to see a nice round ass girl getting fucked in her bedroom in all kinds of positions.  GF Revenge is such a great site because they almost always have really high quality sex tapes, not those sex tapes that look like they were filmed in the 90’s or something.



Hazel Backroom Casting Couch

I think it has been quite a while since the last time Rick gave a girl a creampie and she was actually on birth control!  I swear like 50% of the girls who he cums inside of don’t use it.  Hazel here is quite responsible though, I mean she claims that she has only slept with 5 guys, Rick and I both call bullshit on that though.  I mean she talks about fucking two guys at the same time, yet she has only fucked 5 in her entire life…  The video is full of Hazel here just doing whatever it takes to please the producers she wants them to know she will do anything.  She even takes a nice hard ass pounding for them.  It didn’t even look like it hurt her, she is just one of those chicks that is quite expressionless.  I mean you get her closing her eyes and enjoying a hard fucking every once in a while during her little audition tape for Backroom Casting Couch but most of the time she is pretty stoic.  Rick met her on his secret dating site that I happen to be in the know of what that dating site is, and since you visit my site you do to just click on that link!

Sara Luvv FTV Girls


Sara Luvv FTV Girls

You guys have seen this girl before and now she is on my favorite site FTV Girls!  They have her doing some pretty risky public nudity she gets caught a bunch of times but she doesn’t even give a shit.  Sara Luvv is able to ahve some super hot real orgasm and she takes on some pretty huge dildos.  She tries anal beads but not in her ass just in her pussy but she likes to!  They bring out one of those super scary toys it almost looks like a spike and she rides that thing to orgasm which I will have to say is definitely a first time for me!  The video I have for you is a little trailer of all the different scenes that Sara did for FTV as well as a extended version of her using this super strong vibrator.  It’s one of the many toys that FTV has that I have never not scene a girl orgasm to, Sara is no different.

Open House


Kendra Lust Holly Michaels Open House

In this nice little episode from Pure Mature they have a little bit of a plot and what not!  Usually a video will just start off with no talking or anything but this time they changed it up!  They always seem to do that.  The pornstars in this gallery are Holly Michaels and Kendra Lust.  Kendra is pretending to be looking for a house and Holly is showing her and her husband around different open houses.  When they finally reach the last house Kendra makes her move pulling up Holly’s little mini skirt and grabbing a handful of that amazing ass.  Holly isn’t opposed to the move so the two girls start making out and then moving to oral sex all while the husband waits for his turn.  Kendra makes the move first and Holly is eager to get at this big guys cock.  Kendra makes sure she gets the first turn riding her mans cock while Holly works his balls and licks her clit as you see in this picture right here.  It’s just a really high quality scene that most of you are going to like so please get to clicking and enjoy it already!

Who’s Sucking My Cock


Whos Sucking My Cock

This is one game that I would want to play it’s called Who’s Sucking My Cock.  There are 4 different girls and they each take a turn giving this guy head and then fucking him.  He is suppose to guess which girl is which, pretty tall order I would think.  I have it all planned out how I would do it though.  I would let all 4 of them suck my dick and then I would remember the girls who were really good at giving head and guess them as the uglier of the chicks.  I have a theory that not so good looking chicks give better head then good looking girls just because you know they need to be able to do something a little more special then good looking girls to make up for that gap.  As for the fucking though I have no idea how I would rank that, it would just be totally guessing.  I would totally wait until they were all done fucking until I guessed though I wouldn’t want one of these hot college girls to pussy out.  The video can be seen in it’s entirety at College Rules so check it out today!

Juno Temple


Juno Temple

I bet you think you’re just going to be seeing Juno Temple in a see thru shirt but you’re wrong!  I got a nice little video for you guys to check out, it’s a sex scene that Juno did for I have no idea what movie.  It’s way graphic if you ask me and she is fucking a super old man while his wife watches I think.  It’s really hard to figure out when I haven’t seen the movie but damn it’s a hot clip so enjoy.

Wendy Is Hot!


Wendy Fiore Is Hot

I don’t know how you can’t click on this image!  I mean this is one hot ass babe.  Many of you will know her as Wendy 4 or Wendy Fiore however you want say it she is so hot.  She is one of the few babe sites that I check out regularly.  I think she is one of those girls who doesn’t even have to get naked.  I can just stare at her in sexy clothing or even that cleavage and it just does it for me.  If you like what you see I would encourage you to join her site where you can get to know her a little better.

Nothing But Lotion


Nikki Sims Naked

I would consider Nikki Sims being straight up naked in this latest gallery from her website Nikki’s Playmates.  She has nothing but little dabs of lotion on her nipples and that’s suppose to mean she isn’t naked, YEA RIGHT!  Enjoy these lovely natural breasts I know I have for like the past 5 years or something crazy like that.  Nikki has one of the longest run websites of any girl I know and the reason it’s last that long?  Well it’s because she knows how to treat her members obviously so become one already and see what you’re missing out on.

Past Fantasy HD Scenes


I would like to get my Fantasy HD category up to date so I have a lot of make up galleries to do.  Instead of posting each and every one of them I thought I would just give you guys a nice big dump so here you go!  These are galleries I have missed:
Fantasy HD Kitchen Queen With Kennedy Leigh
Fantasy HD Model Behavior With Ella Milano
Fantasy HD Revved Up With Karlie Montana
Fantasy HD Bff Babysitters With Natalie And Chloe
Fantasy HD Poolboy Seduction With Kendra Lust
Fantasy HD Rodeo Queen With Dani Daniels
Fantasy HD The Car Wash With Holly And Natalia
Fantasy HD Camping Fun With Alice March
Fantasy HD Prize Fighter With Natalia Starr
Fantasy HD Serving Aces With Dillion Harper
Fantasy HD Private Secretary With Lily Carter
Fantasy HD The Masseuse With Holly Michaels
Fantasy HD Shower Sex With Natalia Starr

The Ballerina


Capri Anderson The Ballerina

I have a really awesome video for you guys from Fantasy HD.  In this fantasy you get to see a beautiful ballerina played by Capri Anderson getting fucked in her studio where she practices.  The video is really long and the beginning of it is basically you just seeing Capri her her little white leotard stretching and showing off her amazing ass and cute perky little tits.  She gets naked right in the little to dress in her white tutu and white stockings.  She performs her routine for the ballet instructor and well in order for her to get this part she needs to go the extra mile.  Capri is all to willing to do that, sucking his cock and let him fuck her any way that he wants.  Enjoy the long video and then make sure to check out this brand new site I know you’re going to like what you see.  It’s from the same guys who brought you Passion HD and Pure Mature.

Roommate Revenge


Dare Dorm Roommate Revenge

Girls can be so petty in college.  In general now that I think of it. This girl wanted to get some revenge on her roommate so what did she do?  She used the girls cellphone to get a guy she liked into their dorm room with a bunch of her friend.  Then they filmed themselves having a little group sex session with him.  Just proving that this super nice guy she thought she liked is just like any other guy.  Will drop all his moral when he see’s a nice we pussy.  Two girls ended up fucking him but he got to see a lot of naked girls, lick on some tits that kind of thing while they were playing a game of truth or dare.  Then to add insult to injury the roommate then submitted this tape to Dare Dorm who paid her $10,000 dollars to get the rights to it.  Now that roommate can watch the one that guy away fucking a random girl and her roommate in her dorm room!  That’s what I call revenge served cold.

Fashion Models


Chloe Foster and Scarlett

Tyler is one lucky ass guy!  He gets to fuck two girls that could be fashion models with just how tall and petite they are.  The girl on the bottom in this picture the blonde, is Chloe Foster.  The girl getting it from behind is a chick named Scarlett.  This is the debut for her and what a debut it is!  Her and Chloe are suppose to be pretending not to like this photographer who is doing their photoshoot.  It didn’t work that well because both of these girls wanted to fuck Tyler before they even knew that he was going to be their male talent on their shoot for X Art.  So as you can see they were quite stoked to have him and you can tell just from the pleasure they get by being fucked by this stud.

Lisa Ann Returns


Lisa Ann Tonight's Girlfriend

Lisa Ann is back fucking guys for money in this episode of Tonight’s Girlfriend.  She isn’t doing anal like her last time probably because she wasn’t paid the big bucks but it’s still a really hot scene.  It’s kind of funny because as we all know Lisa Ann is one thick MILF and the guy who is fucking her looks like a little mouse.  I bet Lisa has a couple LBS on him so it just looks funny when that big ass of hers is riding him.  The guy is one of those young successful engineers and has a lot of money to blow and a really boring marriage.  So he went to Vegas when Lisa was in town and booked her to come over to his hotel and fuck him like crazy.  Lisa Ann never disappoints when it comes to sex and this is no different, the video is nice and long and you’re definitely going to love it.  If you somehow missed Lisa’s anal sex, or threesome with Jayden Jaymes Tonight’s Girlfriend scenes you’re going to want to see those to so click away.

Dillion Is A PAWG


Dillion Harper is a PAWG

That perfect round ass that Dillion Harper has is finally on PAWG a Bang Bros website.  I cannot get over how perfect this 19 year old’s body is!  I mean that ass, those amazing full natural tits she is incredible.  She knows she has a good body too because she spends extra time keeping those tanlines that she has and I think it makes her look that much hotter.  In this scene she gets a nice dick down in a video that starts you off with her riding this super big cock reverse cowgirl girl.  It’s a fast fuck with her riding up and down and him giving it a little effort from below.  They had to use a lot of lube to get this dick to fit in her perfect pussy but when you see her naked you will do just about anything to get inside of her I mean it’s that amazing.



Tok Exploited College Girls

Toki is your typical college girl that is just in need of some quick cash.  So much so that Toki was able to be convinced that she should try anal for the very first time during her Exploited College Girls sex tape.  I can’t say it she really enjoyed it because her face definitely tells me that she didn’t.  However, she just sit there very quietly and just took it while the guy had his way with that tight ass of hers.  I don’t know what it is but Asian girls usually have really nice pussies and Toki here is definitely part of that club.  She has thick thighs a little bit of chub but I think she is definitely still fuckable.  Sure Exploited College Girls has done better in the past but there are not many of their models who try anal for the first first time right? So that makes Toki just that much hotter that she would go ahead and try that, in my mind at least.  So get to looking at the gallery already, nice pictures, long video you guys are in for a treat, HAPPY FRIDAY!

London Hate Fucked


London Keyes Hate Fucked

Check out the fucking that London Keyes is taking here!  I mean have you even seen a position like this before?  I know I haven’t and I have watched way more porn then all of you.  This video is from Evil Angel and the model who is getting the rough fucking is London Keyes.  She is kind of known for like it rough and she also loves anal sex too, that’s part of what makes this gorgeous Japanese girl so hot.  In this gallery it’s just regular old sex but man does Nacho Vidal give it to her rough!  There are no pictures or anything like that just a long video so please enjoy and then check out their site for full versions of the video.

Play With Me


Kiera Winters Play With Me

Kiera Winters is being quite spunky in this new Passion HD video.  It’s entitled “Play With Me” and she wants this guy to have fun with her so bad!  He however just wants to get his balls suck and his dick wet.  Kiera tries to get him to play hula hooping naked, wearing these funky earphones anything and everything she tires.  She finally just gives in and gets between his legs to start to get him hard.  I don’t think she regrets her decision to just go ahead and have a fuck session because she does orgasm.  Anytime a girl orgasms its like the best day ever I think.  Kiera is super cute and this is the third time that she has been on the site I think.  The first one was with Chloe Foster and the second was a lesbian scene with Cassie Laine!  These guys at Passion HD really just do make the best porn but I think the key to it being such a good site is they pick hot girls like Kiera, simple as that.

What A Beauty


Katie Banks Big Boobs

It’s been a while since I last posted a gallery of Katie Banks so you guys are due.  Here she is in a self shot picture gallery she did and man are her tits looking great!  She does a couple close ups of those rock hard nipples as well as 2 ass shots.  Katie Banks is a total babe and when you’re a member of her site you will get the opportunity to have a live cam session with her as well!  It won’t be one on one or anything but she does cam with her members. So check out her tour and then look within yourself to see if she would be a girl you would like to get to know.  I know I would I mean she is like a perfect 10 to me!

Let It Snow


Let It Snow Sex Art

Let me set the mood for you.  It’s snowing outside.  You can’t go anywhere because you don’t have 4 wheel drive car (damnit all!) so you are stuck inside!  There are statastics to prove that when something like this happens the amount of babies porn 9 months later is higher then normal.  The reason is is what you see pictured here.  We all stay in and get our fuck on!  That’s the fantasy that Sex Art is filming in this latest video that they released.  It’s with a new girl named Uma, she is tall and skinny with cute little small tits.  The video I have attached on the gallery is nice and long so make sure to watch it when you have a free moment!

Ava Is Back


Ava Addams Porn Star Spa

Ava Addams is back for more sex on Porn Star Spa.  Her first time was good but now she is back with those bigger and better titties!  These boobs that you here are actually fake, but how natural do they look?  The only reason they look so damn good is because Ava had great tits before she got her boob job.  The video actually starts out with Ava getting a massage, boring I know but once she gets loosened up a bit she is totally down for a hard fucking.  There are a great shots of her nice big ass and of course her titties.  Check it out already and enjoy the show!

The Siren


Silvie The Siren

The gorgeous Silvie is in a new scene from X Art called “The Siren”.  In this update they mention that she has a new hardcore scene coming out with Mr. X.  You know me, as soon as it is out I will have a video and gallery made up and most it!  Silvie is definitely one of my favorite models, I love her super long hair and that slender body of hers.  She has some nice natural tits too!  I mean for as skinny as she is they’re actually quite big.  The gallery I am sending you to is just a nude gallery of her no video or anything but I figure most people like to see a beautiful naked lady, so here you are.

Theater Sex


Theater Sex

This is a homemade sex tapes you don’t want to miss!  It’s was shot in a theater room either at someone’s super dope house or at one of those apartment complex theater rooms that people have.  I am going to say it’s a apartment complex because let’s be honest those are the type of people who are going to make a sex tape.  The video can be seen on Submitted Porno and it’s a video you do not want to miss!  The girl who is getting fucked has a great body nice rough booty and natural tits to die for!

Doing It Delicately


Lily Carter HD Love

The beautiful Lily Carter is now doing anal sex!  I have to be like the last to know but watching this video from HD Love I didn’t expect her to be taking it up the ass and sure enough she does!  The video is quite amazing but all these scenes that come from HD Love are.  Lily starts out our little video sucking on this guys big dick giving it some deepthroat love, choking it on it that kind of thing.  Then you get to see her have a real orgasm while being fucked missionary and she is rubbing her clit at the same time.  I think that’s when the guy decides that it’s time for him to get in that ass because well she has already got hers!  He slips in it that nice round ass of hers and pounds away Lily being the good little slut she is enjoy ever inch of this guys big girth in that tight little butt.  The scene ends with the guy filling up her asshole, how every anal scene should end I think!

Learning To Give Head


Pledges Learn To Suck Cock

This is a little different from a lot of Haze Her videos that are submitted to them because there is actually some dick in this video.  The sorority doesn’t mess around when it comes to getting dirt and their pledges.  So much so they they film them sucking on real guys cocks!  The cocks they get are from their “brother” house and the guys are sworn to secrecy but I am sure everyone in that house knows about this hazing that each sister goes through.  The sisters first teach the girls how to suck dick on a fake dildo and then the real thing comes out and they instruct them to get to work.  One girl sucks on the cock, the other girl strokes it and the third pledge sucks on the guys balls.  The guys hold out for as long as they can but end up cumming, with 3 girls working them you can’t blame them!

Amy Brooke Mr. Anal


Amy Brooke Mr. Anal

I don’t think Mr. Anal is teaching Amy Brooke how to do anal in this video I think Amy Brooke is teaching him!  This girl if you guys have watched any of her past porn videos just loves anal sex.  In this gallery you will see that passion shine through.  She takes this big dick in her ass like it’s nothing more then a little finger.  She rides him, let’s him fuck her it doesn’t matter because Amy just loves the way it feels.  Mr. Anal has some of the best anal sex scenes you will ever see but this one might actually take the cake.  Make sure to watch the full video, it’s a long one so pace yourself!



Giulliana East Coast XXX

Here is a Russian chick named Giulliana that you get to see fucked without a condom and you would think the guy from East Coast XXX would give her a creampie but he went against his tread here.  Instead he had Giulliana suck him off and spread his huge load all on her face and in her mouth.  She swallowed like a good girl, I wasn’t sure she would.  This girl has a pretty nice body, lots of tattoos and some super sexy tan lines.  She has a tight pussy and I love that she kept these little boots on while she got her bang on!  I mean you wouldn’t want to have cold feet while fucking right?

Rachel Starr Helps


Rachel Starr Bang Bus

Rachel Starr was a little board this day so she told the guys who where going out to get themselves a girl to fuck on the Bang Bus that she wanted to come aboard and help.  Rachel Starr is quite the asset when finding random girls.  The first couple didn’t really work out to well because they had fucking Bang Bus stickers on their shirts.  Once they took those off Rachel was able to get a girl named Calentia onto the bus.  The girl was pretty stoked with Rachel Starr so instead of having the guy seduce her they just went with it and Rachel Starr talked her into letting her eat out her pussy.  Once that happen the girl was absolutely down to get in on a threesome with Rachel so they fucked one of the Bang Bus guys and everyone had a happy ending.  The is Rachel’s second time on the bust the first one was with Diamond Kitty, you might to check that one out it was good as well!

Rosemary Radeva


Rosemary Radeva In The Crack

In The Crack is literally giving you a fine ass Asian teen pussy!  Her name is Rosemary Radeva and she just turned 18 year old when In The Crack did this photoshoot.  These guys have some of the best content in the world and most of you probably don’t give them the time of day.  The reason is because you don’t see in videos from the because they keep them under lock and key in their members area.  This scene for example isn’t just pictures if you where a member you would get to see her masturbating to one hell of a orgasm.  This is the kind of body shaking orgasm we want to see when we watch a porn, so check it out!  The the only way you can do that is if you join, just do it!  These guys are not scam artists or anything, no hidden charges nothing!

Poolside Passion


Poolside Passion HD

The gorgeous and naturally busty Natalia Starr is enjoying some Poolside Passion in this new update from Passion HD.  The video starts off with her walking out in her white bikini and let me tell you she is looking hotter then fuck.  She gets in the pool and decides that she would rather be skinny dipping.  With a body like hers I think she would want to be naked as much as she can.  Her boyfriend comes out in the the pool and licks that perfect hairy little pussy up and down and once she is ready to get a real fucking they head back to the cabana and get to banging.  The guy fucks her pussy until is is about to cum and then sprays it all over her stomach and pubic hair.  That’s going to be hard to clean.  Natalia you better not have jumped into the pool after this, people swim in that!

Rose Petal Sex


Presley Hart Rose Petals

This is like a Valentines day sex session but it’s like 2 month late coming out from X Art LOL!  The gallery starts Presley Hart and she is looking super sexy in this all white bed with the splash of red color from the rose petals.  She and her boyfriend make love, it’s one of those movies that you could watch with your woman friend.  I do have to admit though I think that most girls like to see like really kinky stuff, or girl girl porn.  I have heard a lot of interviews with girls who do porn and it’s mostly always one of the two.  Never something classy like this.  Maybe it’s just because the girls who want to be in porn are not that type of girls who like to see erotica.

Kennedy’s Casting


Kennedy Leigh Casting Couch X

You guys are about to see one super hot video and I didn’t fuck around and make like a trailer this is pretty much like the full video!  It’s from one of my favorite models Kennedy Leigh.  I like this girl because she has a nice body her tits are what I really like just how full they are and perky.  This is the first sex tape she ever made because the guy who made it with her is her agent.  He also runs a website called Casting Couch X, he probably make more on the site then he does getting these girls jobs.  Since you have seen Kennedy on Passion HD and other sites I can’t really think of right now you know that he has gotten her other jobs.  Let’s go back though and see where it all began!  What a crazy way to get into the porn business I might add.  You would think a girl with get a facial like the one in this video and never want to do it again.  Kennedy loves herself some cum though!

Nude in paradise


Hegre Art paradise nudes

Talk about spending a day in paradise! These four are all part of the gorgeous Hegre Art model team and they’re spending the day at the beach, lazing around in the water in the nude and letting it run down their perfect bodies. Have you ever seen a quartet of naked girls so attractive? A total of eight perfect perky breasts, three shaved pussies and one landing strip, all ready to blow your mind and blow your wad. Which one is your favorite? I prefer the tall one, myself, but they’re all amazing.

Rachel in fuck me boots


Aziani fuck me boots

Are you ready for a hot MILF with huge tits, a horny pussy and tall ‘fuck me’ boots? This busty brunette stars in a hot Aziani photoshoot as she shows off those massive melons and gets naked to finger her cock-hungry pussy, still wearing those boots and her thigh high fishnet stockings. From the looks of things I think a lot of guys could learn a thing or three from this sexy mama!

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