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Paige Turnah Massage


Paige Turnah Massage My Ass

Check out this super hot massage video from Brazzers. You get to see the down right giant ass of Paige Turnah massaged and then as you see in this picture fucked!  Paige has to have one of the biggest asses in porn and I just love it!  She knows how to work it to if you watch the video look how she shakes her ass while she is riding his cock that shit is so pro!  I am not sure how the video ends but I am definitely going to login to my Brazzers account and check it out!



Tristan Exploited College Girls

You know I saw the preview of this girl Tristan on Exploited College Girls (just the pictures) and I didn’t think much of her.  It wasn’t until I made this gallery that I realized just how hot this girl is.  She is a exotic babe with nice big tits, a gorgeous ass but that face is just so damn pretty.  On top of her great looks this girl has a great personality.  She is very shy and is doing this porn to help break her of her shyness.  I get the idea she is kind of a geek in her real life just from the facts that she says she masturbates all the time and she has only slept with two guys before the day she filmed this!  So she is probably like a lot of you who visit this site, play too many video games and just masturbate because it’s easier then finding a real chick.  She is so hot she could get laid in a hot second if she just went out to any bar or join the fuckbook or something.  She is a girl who doesn’t fuck unless it’s the “right” guy.  She made a exception for the Exploited College Girls guy but I suspect that’s because she wants to break herself of that habit and just have sex all the time.  She clearly loves being fucked and is open for some pretty kinky things including anal.  Oh yea I forgot to mention that in this video you get to see her fucked in the ass!  Yep the shy Pacific Islander likes it up the butt!

Delilah FTV Girls


Delilah FTV Girls

Alright so FTV Girls had a little mess up with their members area and a girl that was suppose to be updated about 2 days from now is already live on the site!  It’s great timing because i have been putting of updating our site with the newest girl because well she just isn’t that awesome.  This Delilah chick though I have some stuff to say about her!  First we all notice those crazy eyes she has, They are almost to unique to be real I would say but if they’re real she gets a +1 to the beautiful grade that’s for sure.  The video I have starts off with just a quick tease of all the different videos that she did on FTV Girls and then it goes to one of my favorites.  The one I chose is of her using this huge double sided dildo on herself.  You might then she wouldn’t beable to take it that deep but Delilah has a couple of surprises for you throughout this update, you are just going to have to join up and watch them to find out for yourself.  I am not spoiling it for those who are members.

Only Girls


Capri Anderson X Art Only Girls

It’s so weird that pornstars like hold off on doing interracial scenes but Capri Anderson is one of those girls.  She has finally starred in her first one and it’s a lesbian sex scene for X Art called Only Girls.  The girl she is eating out in this picture is Ana and this is actually her very first time being on the site!  So everyone is having first in this erotic gallery!  Hurry up and click on this already because I know you are going to enjoy it, unless of course you don’t like hot girls making love to each other!

Double Thai Oil Massage


Double Thai Oil Massage Hegre Art

Thailand must be one awesome place!  I mean it looks beautiful from this surrounding and then the ability to just go to a resort and get a massage like this!  That’s what I am talking about!  These two girls getting the massage look awesome especially those round asses of theirs.  I tried to figure out what these models names were but it was too damn hard sorry.  The video is really short but that’s just how Hegre Art rolls there video is meant for members only, I hope you can understand.

Kate Upton Topless


Kate Upton Topless

I would give my left nut to motor boat these titties. I don’t know if it’s the media that has made me love them so much or if Kate Upton really just have the best set of tits in the world.  Whatever it is I am a fan, sign me up I want to see this girl naked!  Playboy pay her whatever she wants I just need you to make it happen.  I think they’re our only hope in seeing these tits so everyone let’s start writing Hef now!

Kanye’s Mistress


Kanyes Fuck Buddy

I was trying to find some pictures of Kanye West’s mistress and then I found the holy grail of galleries of her over at my buddies site.  I must say if you’re going to cheat on Kim Kardashian he at least made it count!  This girl is banging and she has all natural tits!  I bet she is fucking half as crazy as Kim too.  Can you imagine she was crazy to begin with a now she has those pregnancy hormones no thank you, I would rather just bang this chick.

Sara and Jessi


Jessi Summers and Sara Jay

I found this Bang Bros over on a buddies site and they’re into it for the MILF on the right of this picture Sara Jay.  I saw this perfect ass though and that’s why I watched the scene!  It’s with a model named Jessi Summers.  The two of them walk around in their bikini’s and look just down right fuckable.  Then they take some lucky guy to the roof of some building and they let him have a threesome with them.  Maybe one of the best threesome’s I have ever seen, but I will let you guys judge for yourself.

Jessica Robbin Tonight’s Girlfriend


Jessica Robbin Tonight's Girlfriend

I saw that Jessica Robbin was going to be coming up on Tonight’s Girlfriend and I have been waiting patiently for this and it’s finally here!  The guy that has hired Jessica Robbin to get fucked tonight is a college wants her to play the part of a naughty little college student.  He picked a great girl to play that part because as Jessica says she has “that young pussy”.  I noticed throughout this video that Jessica keeps getting a finger up her butt it and she goes freaking wild when he does that.  The video ends with him fucking her in the missionary position right before he is about to cum he dumps a load on her face.  She showers up, puts on her cloths and leaves that’s the best part about hiring a hooker!

Talia Fingering Herself


Talia shepard Fingering Herself

This gorgeous body belongs to a girl you guys should all know by now Talia Shepard.  She is one of the few girls I have a membership to and there is a reason for that.  I like being a member of her site because unlike a lot of other sites out there being a member you get exclusive stuff.  Like there are some other sites that if I wanted to find a video from their site I could and it’s free.  Well with Talia Shepard here if you wanted to find a video from her site you’re not going to be able to!  The site is locked down pretty tight!  So there is actually a point on paying for her site, that’s what I like!  Weird I know, but I thought I would share that with you guys.  Here is a picture gallery with her where she pulls down her tight pants and fingers herself you are going to like it.  Those who are members you can go watch a video of her masturbating that’s like 20x better I think!

Lorena B On The Rocks


Lorena B Met Art

This is a very cute “teen” model from Met-Art her name is Lorena B.  I am saying “teen” because usually these girls are like 25 or what not but just have that forever youthful look.  The great thing about this gallery I am sending you to is that the images are like the highest quality images ever.  I have some huge monitors and they fill my entire screen.  It gives you a idea of the kind of quality you can get from some of these erotica sites.

Mia Malkova Naughty Athletics


Mia Malkova Naughty Athletics

You know I remember when I first saw Mia Malkova I knew she was going to be a winner.  With a ass as round as that and the face, I knew she was going to be big.  Now you see her on all the popular sites and that’s a good thing because I can never get enough of her having sex!  Check out this Naughty Athletics scene from Naughty America that was just released!  You get to see her in some athletic gear, that ass of course looks good in yoga pants and you also get to see her get into those flexible positions she has become known for.  The video isn’t short but it’s not long either it’s a good way for you to see what happens in the entire video.  Naughty America is one of the most affordable sites on the Internet and it might even be the best deal when you think of how cheap it is plus the fact they update 7 days a week.  They also get the hottest pornstars I mean there isn’t much to say bad about these guys.

Freshening Up


Sally Charles Freshening UP

Sally Charles is back on Babes Network and I think she is looking hotter then ever!  Her first scene Moment Of Lust the lighting was all dark and you couldn’t get a good look at her beauty in this one we are in business!  Her ass is looking great but not as good as in her Reality Kings scene that gallery is just ridiculous!  In this update she is freshening up after a long day of work, you know that shower girls do where they wash everything but their hair.  Well her man just can’t help but want to fuck her when he sees her naked so he lets her get clean just so he can make her dirty again.  He makes her really dirty in the end of hits video cumming all over those cute little tits of hers.  Sally is just a really beautiful girl wouldn’t you say?  I would say her face is one of the prettiest I have seen in a long time, I will try to find more of this hottie this gallery has really opened my eyes to her.

Lacy On My Sisters Hot Friend


Lacy Channing My Sisters Hot Friend

I know Naughty America is on top of what people have fantasies about but I can’t believe that us guys think about fucking our sisters hot friends enough to make a whole site about it.  With that being said I still like this Naughty America site because they do have some of my favorite pornstars on this site!  One of those pornstars is pictured here it’s Lacy Channing.  You know what I really love about Lacy besides her super sexy body, is that she has nice sure white skin, I mean she doesn’t try to get tan she just embraces it and I think she looks sexy as well with it!

Ascend To Passion


Silvie Deluxe Nubile Films

There is something really special about Silvie Deluxe.  I personally think it’s because she has a very classy look.  The look of a girl you can take home to mom but when you get her back to your place all she wants is to be fucked.  Here is a very erotic scene called Ascend To Passion and it’s from Nubile Films.  The gallery is awesome because you get to see her in some pretty kinky positions including the one you see pictured here.  Another good part is in the beginning where she kind of climbs up a stair or two and then gets her pussy eaten out by her boyfriend.  Kind of sitting on his face but not really, you will just have to watch the video to see what I am saying I guess!

Little Miss Flexible


Jenna J Ross Little Miss Flexible

You guys are in for quite a unique gallery called Little Miss Flexible.  The girl who is getting into these flexible positions is Jenna J. Ross you guys probably already know her already.  You are about to find out a lot about her in this Fantasy HD video and see just how flexible she is.  I mean a girl that can do a handstand and stay that way, I’m pretty impressed with.  This isn’t you’re average sex scene and I think it’s a nice change.  Fantasy HD is just a nice change all around when it comes to their porn. You always see something different like last weeks underwater sex scene.  This week you see Jenna contorting her body in to some awesome positions  while she is being fucked, I can’t wait for next week!



Kimber Backroom Casting Couch

It’s not all champagne and caviar when your Rick from Backroom Casting Couch sometimes you have to do some real work and I think this week was real work.  He had a casting call with this girl named Kimber who gave him a really good massage / happy ending and he thought he would get her on his site.  Well I don’t think he talked to her much during his massage because this girl is well just dumb, no other way to explain it.  The real kicker is that she is pregnant!  I think Rick just finally gave in to those members asking him to get a pregnant girl on the couch.  One good thing about having a preggo chick is Rick comes inside of her and doesn’t even have to worry about getting her knocked up, if you watch the full video notice he doesn’t even have to ask if she is on birth control.  I am pretty sure the guy that knocked her up should have asked her that question after he came inside of her.

Ella Milano Private Showing


Ella Milano Babes Network

Here is the always exotic and beautiful Ella Milano.  She gives her man a little strip tease before she fucks him.  I think that every girl should give a little private showing before they offer up the goods.  I mean we all know us guys love sex so lets just make it last as long as possible!  I have been slacking on my Babes Network stuff at for that I am always sorry.  Over the next couple of days I will catch up though!  I also want to make it clear that Babes Network just isn’t all hardcore stuff, I just happen to only post that kind of porn.  It’s not because I don’t like seeing a girl masturbate but you guys definitely click on the hardcore stuff way more then anything else!  I don’t really know what kind of cumshot this video is so someone who has a members access to Babes Network will have to let me know, mine just ran out and I am broke bitch!

MILF Takes On Two


2 Cocks Same Time Mom POV

When you’re a MILF and your getting into your 50’s I think you start having life regrets and that’s where Mom POV comes in to fulfill those regrets.  There are some MILFs that probably are just hornier then ever and hoping to get a young cock to fuck them and that’s how the end up on the site.  In this MILFs case she had some fantasies that she just needed to knock off the list.  One of those fantasies was just being in a porn and she did that the first time she was on Mom POV but now this her second time she is checking off a big one!  That’s taking on two cocks at the same time!  This MILFs does it wonderfully and is even able to have a couple of orgasms along the way.  Isn’t it crazy how easy it is for these MILFs / Moms to have orgams?  It must get easier and easier with age, part of the reason I love MILF porn so much.

She Wanted Black Cock


Cheating Girlfriend

I guess it’s not really cheating if you’re boyfriend is filming you getting fucked by a black cock.  I guess this is what white people do, the girls want to have a black cock and the husbands want to see them fucked by one.  I don’t think this girl is ever going to be the same after the fucking this guy gave her.  Her husband standing behind the camera was probably instantly regretting his decision to let her fuck this guy LOL!



Amateur Creampies Taisa

I have a video from my buddies over at Amateur Creampies of a girl named Taisa.  This is a older scene from them but still a goodie!  I like it because I know that this Taisa girl is a real deal amateur and you know I like to see amateurs every once in a while.  This scene starts off with this girl getting her pussy eaten out and she seems to really enjoy it.  She likes it so much you might want to turn you volume down, bitch is LOUD!  Then it moves on to her returning the favor if you will sucking this guy until he is nice and hard.  Then they have sex which is of course the best part because Taisa here has a really nice pussy I mean it’s flawless!  She gets her creampie in the missionary position and it’s give so deep inside of her it takes a while for it to drip out of that tight pussy.

Tooling Around


Pattycake Tooling Around

Remember that hot chick from Tool Time back in the day?  That’s what I thought of when I saw this new update from Sexy Pattycake.  She would have made a good tool time girl that’s for sure.  She is in the shed or garage one of the two undressing until she has nothing but band-aids on her nipples.  In the video you guys are going to see her using a toy on herself.  You have not seen this video before I promise and if you think you have then you probably saw this one and think it’s the same video.  It’s not, it’s just the same location / chair that she was in on that one.  This video I think is a little better though because as good as Sexy Pattycake is at fingering herself a vibrator does a better job!

Lily Love 2 Creampies


Lily Love Porn Fidelity

Lily Love getting two creampies in one video makes this video 2x better then any other video you have seen with her.  I mean it’s simple math right?  There is only one place that a girl can get that many cumshots in one video and that’s on Porn Fidelity.  Ryan is made of different stuff then most guys and he can just cum and cum and it makes for some great porn.  His favorite place to cum is in a girls pussy and you will see that if you ever take the Porn Fidelity tour.  The sex scenes on this site always have a ton of passion and are grade A in my books.  If I had to choose the most underrated porn site it would be this one.  Lily Love is also looking sexier then she ever has before I think, that ass got rounder and her tits got bigger.  She is sporting some tan lines I mean there is much right with this gallery I just can’t even explain it to you.  So get to watching it already and then tell me what you think!

Thick and Flexible


Thick But Flexible on Girls Do Porn

This girl has a gorgeous thick ass and just a thick body in general.  She flew across the country to go on Girls Do Porn all while her fuck buddy is trying to talk her out of it.  She ends up just lying to him and going anyways.  The funny thing is though is that she thinks nobody is going to find out about this video LOL!  She says she is probably going to end up dating this guy because he is “really good at sex”.  I think her definition of “really good at sex” might have changed after this little video she did.  She says her favorite position is doggystyle because when she is on top she ends up cumming to fast and just wants to go to sleep.  Well the guys put her in her favorite position and she was pounded into submission.  I don’t think she is used to a dick this big bringer her the ruckus or something.  Doggy ends at some point and then she hops up onto this guys cock and takes him for a ride.  This is where her being flexible comes into play.  Without being asked to to do this or anything straight up does the splits this guys cock riding him up and down, pretty impressive.  I figured out what she meant about her cumming so much while she was on top because she kind of gets out of control.  You can just see that she is horny as hell and just can’t fuck this dick fast enough.  I think I even hear at one point the guy telling her to calm down.  There is a fine line between being into the sex and being a straight freak and I think this girl might have passed that line!  Anyways all in all great video and you guys are going to really enjoy it, make sure to check out Girls Do Porn’s tour as a little thank you.

Three For Passion


Capri Anderson and Dillion Harper

Now that’s how a threesome scene is suppose to go!  Capri Anderson is riding her boyfriends cock while Dillion Harper licks her clit.  The video is brand new from Passion HD in a scene entitled “Three For Passion”.  The video ends much like you see pictured here with Capri riding her man until he cums inside of her.  The real kicker though is Dillion sucks the rest out of his cock and then goes after the rest of the cum inside of Capri’s pussy!  Capri enjoyed it and funny enough I think Dillion did too!

Tanya Tate & Ava Addams


Tanya Tate and Ava Addams Naughty America

How would you like to have Ava Addams and Tanya Tate as your first sex teachers.  Talk about trial by fire!  These two MILFs know how to fuck and they teach this guy everything he needs to please a woman and then some.  I love watching milf porn because these woman know what they like and they ask for it!  I can’t remember the last time My First Sex Teacher has had two MILFs taking on one cock.  The guy comes into the classroom and he is worried about loosing his scholarship but the thing is these MILFs are horny and they want to fuck the star football player.  They trade him greats for a good dick down, lucky for him he is able to satisfy these cougars unlike their husbands at home!

Huge Strap On


Huge Strap On Lesbians

I have noticed that when it comes to strap on lesbian porn there isn’t a better place to go then this site.  Most of it’s just pictures but hey, not everything in this world is free!  This is one of my favorite sites that they promote it’s called Huge Strapon Lesbian.  They didn’t really try to be clever with them name, you just get to see girls taking on one of the biggest strap on cocks you will ever see!

Kaylee & Clover Sapphic Waltz


Sapphic Waltz Kaylee and Clover

You guys get to start off the day with a awesome lesbian sex scene from X Art.  This scene is called Sapphic Waltz and it stars Kaylee who you see here licking a pussy.  The pussy that belongs to though is what makes this gallery great.  It belongs to Clover!  This girl has been teasing me with that perfect body of hers for a very long time and now I finally get to see her in somewhat of some hardcore action.  Sure some of you might not consider lesbian porn hardcore but it’s way better then just seeing her naked.  The girls take turns giving each other orgasms and that’s when you know it’s a real deal lesbian scenes.  Lesbians just don’t eat each other out for no purpose, they’re trying to cum!  The also have the help of a hitachi vibrator, one of the strongest vibrators known to man, that must help too.

Veronica Swallowing


Veronica Radke Amateur Allure

We just saw Veronica Radke on Amateur Creampies and now we get to see her on Amateur Allure.  I must say that Veronica Radke is looking way hotter in this scene that she has in any other.  I don’t know if it’s the makeup or this super sexy red dress she is wearing but whatever it is I am feeling it!  This is a special little video for Veronica because Amateur Allure got wind that her birthday was coming up so they wanted to give her a extra special visit.  So instead of giving her just one guy to please they gave her two cocks.  From the looks of this video they couldn’t have gave her a better present!  She works both of these dicks like a master and is able to make both of them cum.  They don’t just cum anywhere though this is Amateur Allure she takes both loads in her mouth and swallows like a good little girl.

Jasmine Wolff


Jasmine Wolff Amateur Allure

I don’t know how to describe this look other then when I look at Jasmine Wolff or other girls like her I just see a super innocent like “nice” girl.  In my mind it’s like impossible that she is doing porn but here she is on Amateur Allure not only doing porn but swallowing a guys cum that she just met!  Not once but twice!  I am going to double up on my Amateur Allure scenes today because you will be shocked to hear this but I am behind.  So this is the first and little warm up for the next one.

Connie Fucked Poolside


Play Me X Art

I can’t wait for this video to come out!  It’s a new creampie scene from X Art it’s called “Play Me”.  For right now though you’re going to have to get by just on the pictures of the gorgeous Connie getting fucked poolside.  Once the video is life on X Art I will make sure to post it on this gallery so just bookmark it and come back later.  I can never get enough of a girl with a body as great as Connie and I suspect I am not alone in this.  She has those natural tits that are just so damn firm they look amazing.  Then you move down to her perfect landscaped pussy that is tighter then all hell, you just have to think of all the lucky guys that got in between those legs.  I think the guy she is fucking here is actually her boyfriend because I went and looked at all her past scenes and the guy is the same in all of them, at least from what I could see.  So you get that extra level of passion just because they’re actually together I do like that in my porn.

Ava S.


Ava S. FuckedHard18

This is probably going to be a tease more then anything else!  Not because the gallery sucks or anything because let me tell you I made a great gallery but because I don’t know this girls name!  All I know is what FuckedHard18 has told me and that she goes by Ava S.  What does the S stand that’s what we need to find out!  Hopefully she isn’t one of those new models that is only on Fucked Hard 18 and then is done, because that would be a crying shame.  This girl kind of reminds me of Jessie Rogers before she got the terrible boob job.  This girl has a serious big booty and cute little small tits.  I think it’s a nice touch that she has some tan lines on her ass.  She is a natural redhead you can just tell from that pale skin of hers and the “tan” she has just makes her look red not white.  Stop trying to get a tan Ava redheads are meant to be pale!

Faye and Alice


Faye Reagan and Alice FTV Girls

FTV Girls setup a damn hot lesbian sex session with two really hot girls.  One is a complete amateur named Alice, you might remember seeing her before because she has been on FTV Girls once before.  Then there is Faye Reagan and I am almost positive that all of you should know who that is!  Faye is kind of in charge in this video just telling Alice what to do and kind of taking charge.  She doesn’t take charge like you think by having Alice eat her out or sit on her face or something she just kind of bosses Alice around.  Faye does all the pleasuring licking Alice’s pussy as well as using a toy on her.  She is able to make her cum of course, I mean she is a professional after all.  The gallery is just a video but I have to tell you if you can find some picture from this update you might want to because Alice is just looking hotter then ever I think!

Zoey Massages


Zoey Paige Massage Girls 18

I knew once I saw Zoey Paige on Fucked Hard 18 that she would soon be making her appearance on Massage Girls 18 and here we finally are.  That big ass that Zoey Paige has is looking great in that little black thong she is wearing underneath her dress.  Her ass just swallows it, it looks like she is wearing just backless panties or something.  She doesn’t have very big tits but I kind of like this type of girl, small tits and a big ass they even each other out!  She starts off by giving this guy a nice massage and then she takes off her panties and pulls down her top and gives this guy a dick ride he will always remember!

Remy LaCroix Anal


Remy LaCroix Anal

When is Remy LaCroix not doing anal that’s the better question!  I think she has one of the best asses in porn so it’s only right that she does do anal otherwise it would just be a tease.  You got to see her do anal in a very erotic setting now you just get to see some down and dirty anal sex.  The pictures in this gallery are worth a look as well just for the fact that they’re great ass pics.  The video is a little bit wack and that’s my bad because I cut a part of the video that she is just getting her tight little pussy fucked, I mean I think it’s better but I know all you anal people are going to be pissed at me.  Well here is my solution for those who are mad BUY A MEMBERSHIP!  I mean I think you can join Bang Bros for like a dollar. Sure it’s a days pass but still it’s a fucking dollar.  Join every other day if you want to or whenever you want to download some shit, seems pretty eas to me.

Jamie Lynn Sigler


Jamie Lynn Sigler

Jamie Lynn Sigler is knocked up!  Nobody told me that shit and I had to find out from the Drunken Stepfather.  Well now I can just clear those fantasies from the brainski.  She doesn’t look too bad for a pregnant chick but I would much rather see her back in her fighting shape.  Towards the end of the Saprano’s she was fucking so damn hot, I mean am I right or what?

Anikka and Riley


Riley Reid and Anikka Albrite

Riley Reid and Anikka Albrite have been on In The Crack scene together before but I don’t think anything as hot as this!  Riley is eating out Anikka in this gallery but while she is doing that she is using this super strong vibrator on herself.  Not only does Riley Reid cum, but she has a squirting orgasm!  You know Riley is in a good place when she starts squirting, I have only seen it a couple of times before this!

Darryl Hanah and Shyla


Moms Bang Teens

I have for you the new Moms Bang Teens update from Reality Kings.  It stars a MILF named Darryl Hanah (terrible porn name!) and Shyla Jameson.  Shyla goes away to a dance practice and her boyfriend stays at the house with her stepmom.  Well being the horny housewife that Hanah is she seduces her step daughters boyfriend into fucking her.  The real genius though is when they’re caught the Hanah just claims that she is making him better at sex and Shyla seems down with that.  In all honesty Hanah was teaching the young male how to have sex, eat pussy at all that so I guess it could be true.  I have a feeling though this MILF likes to be in charge and being the teacher in a sexual relationship gives her that power.  The sex session ends with boy girls ont heir knees milking cum out of this ginger’s big white cock.

Aurora Monroe


Aurora Monroe Casting Couch X

Here is a girl named Aurora Monroe and let me tell you see is pretty damn cute.  She actually has a personality something you don’t see much on these pornstars LOL!  I think if she keeps a level head she could make it pretty big the industry.  Not to mention that she has a awesome petite little body.  She has a great pussy nice and shaved and you’re going to enjoy seeing it fucked.  The best part of this video is when she was being fucked missionary she came so hard they kind of had to stop for a second so she could get her head together!  I love a girl that can have a real orgasm during sex!  The video ends like ever single other Casting Couch X video and that’s with Aurora Monroe on her knees getting a facial.  If I had one complaint about this site it would be that ever cumshot is the same, but most people like facials so I think it’s fine just how it is.

Sexy Webcam


Madison Chandler Sexy Webcam

It looks like Madison Chandler and Passion HD are giving you a idea of how to spice it up in the bedroom!  Madison and her boyfriend are in their badass big house and like most couples who don’t want to yell at each other they’re talking over messenger.  Then a little sex talk started to happen and next thing the guy knew Madison was naked on their bed with a dildo fucking herself.  Once he got enough of watching that he walked into the bedroom and started to fucked Madison here.  Madison has a really nice body nice big curves because of her giant ass.  She is so small but man she packs a lot of weight in the caboose there!  The sex is great because ever Passion HD has great sex, and it ends with Madison getting a facial while getting her pussy eaten out.

Remy Gets Anal


Remy LaCroix

Remy LaCroix is known for her really good anal sex scenes but I think this new one from HD Love may take the cake!  It’s a interracial scene and she is just thoroughly enjoying this sex session.  The name of the episode is Rocking Remy, pretty awesome name you must say.  The pictures are almost as good as the video just because the pictures really just show you how great this girls ass is!  She starts off by giving this guy a blowjob that looked so damn good I am surprised he didn’t pop right then but he held off probably knowing he was going to get at that ass later.  I won’t spoil how it ends for all those who have memberships to HD Love you just go there and watch it.  If you don’t have one this is one of a dozen sites that I would recommend.  It’s cheap to join and there is no hidden charges, discreet billing the whole nine yards.  Remy’s Mr. Anal scene seemed really popular and I have a feeling this one is going to be even more popular I guess only time will tell, so get to watching already!

Scarlett Anal Sex


Scarlett Back For Anal

You guys remember this horny college girl?  Her name is Scarlett and she is back on Exploited College Girls but this time for anal!  If you are a member of their site and actually watched the full video she did last time you will remember her saying she wanted to come back.  The guy who runs the site told her if she came back she would have to do anal and well here she is!  She practice doing anal before she showed up for her big day but she was just using fingers and what not nothing serious.  They took their time and got her really comfortable with something in her ass before they started actually having anal sex.  She was so comfortable with it in fact that she had one of the most intense orgasm I have ever seen while she was being fucked in the butt by him and using a vibrator on her clit.  You must watch this video it’s really good, if you like anal it’s really going to blow your mind.  I almost forgot to mention this girl is so damn good that she started giving him road head on the way to the shoot house and she made him cum!  So she got two cum loads in one day, probably not the first time she has done that but the first time I have seen it on Exploited College Girls, at least I think. 

Underwater Sex


Sara Luvv Underwater Sex

You know there are like trends in porn and now I am starting to see another one start I think it’s underwater sex!  I first saw this X Art scene doing it and now we have Fantasy HD!  I like it, it’s something different and porn always needs to be different I think.  Fantasy HD does a great job of keeping things fresh too!  This is the first time they have had Sara Luvv on their site which I am glad they went out and got her.  This picture I have posted here probably isn’t her best but the wet hair just isn’t a good look for her.  If you want to see the rest of the scenes I have posted of her you will see just how hot this girl can be.  She and her boyfriend fuck in this ballin’ ass pool and then she makes him cum from a underwater blowjob, I bet none of you have ever had a underwater blowjob!

Bryci Takes A Ride


Bryci Takes a ride

Bryci and her boyfriend just bought a new place and on a little whim they setup a camera and christened their new home by fucking on the couch.  Bryci just pulled down her panties and her man went to work and then she took over riding him up and down reverse cowgirl. What a video that is too because not only does Bryci have great tits but her ass is seriously out of control too!  I won’t spoil how this video ends you will just have to join and see for youself!

Asian Swinger


Older Asian Swinger on Mom POV

I know that I just updated our Mom POV category but they had this 31 year old Asian MILF I wanted to share with you guys.  She is a swinger so her husband knows that she is off shooting a porn with some random guy.  I bet he didn’t know his wife would be getting fucked this good!  She is totally beside herself with this sex session, you can just tell from the excitement in her voice whenever she talks.  She is from the Philippians so she has that accent which is pretty cute especially when she is screaming fuck me harder LOL!  He literally fucks her in every position you can think of but some of the best parts of the video is when she is reverse cowgirl and you can get a look at her perfect little round Asian ass.  The scene ends like most of the Mom POV scene and that’s with this girl getting her face literally covered in cum.

Adriana Chechnik


Ariana Chechnika Casting Couch X

I have for you a new Casting Couch X model!  This girls name is Adriana Checnik and a fun little fact about her is that she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 18!  That probably saved her a lot of sexual partners right?  I mean she lost it at 18 and 1 year later she is trying out to be a pornstar because she likes sex so much.  The girl has a nice shaved meaty pussy and cute small tits, that petite teen look.  The guy who is fucking her is her talent agent and I can almost bet you she is going to do more scenes that just this one, almost all of them do.  He is pretty good about getting his clients porn jobs.  They all fuck him first though before they get jobs, that’s just the way he rolls.  He must have like the best job in the world I would say… Besides not having a job and being rich that is.

The Porn Star(r)’s


Dorm Invasion Porn Starrs

Dorm Invasion has put together a legendary scene I think.  They got Natalia Starr, Luna Star, Rachel Starr and Jessica Bangkok invading a college party and it’s awesome!  I do find it fun that they have 3 pornstars with a “Star” name and then Jessica Bangkok… One of these people is doing their OWN thing!  Anyways Jessica still is hot as fuck and I am glad she is in the video.  The girls start things off by whipping the guys into a frenzy by eating each other out and Rachel Starr even broke out a strap on and fuck couple of the girls.  Then the girls tease them by asking who wants to fuck.  A couple of guys of course had the hands up and were ready but these pornstars wanted to have their fun first.  So they blind folded them and then took turns riding their face and getting their pussy eaten out by them as you see in this picture right here.

Kim The Deaf Girl


Kim Backroom Casting Couch

There is the line Rick, right behind you.  It was only a matter of time but he’s finally crossed it I think.  I couldn’t be happier I mean this Kim girl is seriously a 10 out of 10 and might be the hottest girl to ever come on Backroom Casting Couch.  The only other girl that can compete I think is the infamous Kendall.  So what’s the big deal with this new girl well how about the fact that she is deaf!  Yep that’s right can’t hear shit.  Rick made it happen though it wasn’t as easy as he thought he ended up having to spell shit out for her on a notepad.  It all worked the same though she sucks his dick, even did anal!  She is a little different then most girls because he found her on MyFreeCams and convinced her she could make more money if she became a pornstars.  He even told her if the producers didn’t work out he would still promote her and sure enough Rick didn’t lie for the first time because he did!  This is a really good scene because well we don’t have to listen to a annoying girl talk we just get a hot Asian girl who loves to fuck and will even take it up the butt!  Rick doesn’t even have to ask if he can come in her pussy because well she wouldn’t hear him, so he just does it anyways and Kim seems not to mind at all.

Holly & Melody


Melody and Melody Deep Hot Fun

This is a really awesome gallery from Passion HD it’s called Deep Hot Fun.  It’s a anal creampie scene and Melody Jordan is the one getting her pussy filled with cum.  Melody also does anal in this scene but honestly when does she not, this girl is a total anal freak.  The resident pornstar Holly Michaels is in this threesome and she just makes it that much better.  She starts off but loosening up Melody Jordan’s ass by putting a butt plug in her and licking her pussy.  That gets her in the mood for anal faster then anything else.  These girls are total freaks I can see that just by how into this threesome they are.  It’s not a job for them they’re just enjoying having sex.  Holly gets fucked in her tight pussy first and once the guy has got that a little loose he moves to Melody ass and that thing just stays tight!  These girls are nice compliment to one another both have awesome tits and big round asses, thick thighs all that you can ask for in a woman.

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