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Brazilian Gets Black Cock


Brazilian Gets Black Cock

This Brazilian girl gets herself a nice big black cock while she was on spring break.  The only problem though is that she let some of this guys friends stay in the room and as you can see they took a little video.  The good thing for her though is that her face was never shown so nobody will ever know this is her except for the friends in the room and the guy that got to fuck her.  I am going to guess that she is a pretty good looking chick just from the looks of that round ass of hers though, I’d fuck her.

Ava Addams Selling the Goods


Ava addams selling the goods pure mature

Sexy busty brunette Ava Addams knows that if you want to get ahead in the business world you’d better be willing to go the extra mile, so when she sits down to finish a business deal with one of her competitors she’s got a game plan in mind, and it involves her big tits and his big dick! She shakes those boobs and that round booty of hers and gets him interested in a merger between his assets and her ass, and ends up fucking her face, tits and of course her wet tight pussy in this Pure Mature update entitled Selling the Goods.

Big Huge MILF Tits


Huge Naturals on Mom POV

When you see some big natural tits like this girl Tori has on Mom POV you want to do exactly what the guy who films the site is doing right now fuck them titties.  He is able to muster two cumshots during this video the first one he probably came a little to fast giving her a creampie so to make a longer video they started up again.  I don’t know how much later it was after her creampie but hey two times in a short period so good for this guy rallying.  The second cumshot he gives her is on her face and of course her tits I mean that has to be your focus when you’re fucking a MILF like this.  She is a really horny girl and is starting to get into porn but has only done a couple of scenes and two of them are with Mom POV now…  I don’t have the older one but at some point I imagine I will post a link to it.

Red Sunglasses


Hailey Leigh red sunglasses

What’s that, you say? You want to see a gorgeous girl with perfect tits wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of sunglasses? Well my friend you must be part psychic because I’ve got a hot photoshoot featuring beautiful Hailey Leigh showing off those incredible pierced titties of hers in a gallery from her own site. I don’t know why she decided to keep her shades on for every shot but hey, with a face that pretty and a nude body that hot who’s going to argue?

Carlotta midnight snack


Carlotta Champagne snack

Plenty of people get in the mood for a midnight snack, but Carlotta Champagne takes it a step further…she wants a midnight fuck! In this solo photoshoot from her own website she is enjoying the cool radiance of the fridge as she pulls off her purple dress and shows us that incredible nude body of hers…check out her big perfect boobs and that sexy round ass as she cools off and tries to decide what she wants to have as a snack!

Presley Hart


Presley Hart for In The Crack

With her black panties and red high heels, Presley Hart must be feeling pretty sexy…at least it sure seems that way from the fact that she’s hopping onto a table and spreading her long legs to masturbate with her favorite toy in this photoshoot from In The Crack! Look how wet her shaved pussy is getting as she fucks herself…it’s easy to see since we get super up close and personal, it’s just how this website rolls.

A Desired Gate


Wow Girls a desired gate

This episode is called A Desired Gate but if you ask me it’s hot exotic brunette Luiza who is desired here…maybe it’s a translation slip-up. Speaking of slip-ups, her sunglasses-clad guy friend slips his hard cock right up into her pussy as they fuck in the alley by the gate, completely exposed to whatever member of the public might happen to stroll by!

Devine Justine


Devin Justine for Playboy

Beautiful, sensual, and blonde…with big tits. Sounds like a recipe for awesome, and also sounds like the mission statement for Playboy, doesn’t it? It should come as no surprise that this hot photoshoot feauturing blonde bombshell Devin Justine is for the bunny…there’s not much to it fancy-wise, just a stunning model in pantyhose and a bra getting naked and showing off her incredible breasts and butt, but you don’t need to be fancy when you look this good. Hot from head to toe with a timeless beauty and a sweet ass…sign me up.

Dillion Harper Porn Star Spa


Dillion Harper Porn Star Spa

This amazing body of Dillion Harper is getting yet another massage!  This time for a Bang Bros site called Porn Star Spa.  You have to love a massage scene with this girl just for the fact that usually the spend a lot of time massaging her perfect natural tits and then also seeing them massage her perfect bald pussy.  This guy doesn’t just use his fingers to massage her pussy though he gets in between those legs and gives it a good licking.  Her pussy being eaten out along with the sensual massage she received kind of puts her into a sexy frenzy.  You get to see all that energy released while she is riding this guys cock, she is riding it up and down and fast.  I don’t know if normal girls know how to ride a dick like pornstars do but man they should take some lessons or something because it’s just down right impressive!

Casey Calvert In Tropic


Casey Calvert Tropic

Casey Calvert is starring in a very romantic sex scene from the most unique erotic site I know of Sex Art.  I would love to fuck this girl Casey but man does it look hot as shit outside I mean that might not even be enjoyable I am not sure.  The only thing to keep your dick hard is just how hot Casey really is and maybe a nice cool ocean breeze.  The cabana they’re fucking in over looks the ocean and it’s quite a few I am sure a girl would get wet just being in a bed with that view.  I haven’t seen many Casey videos so this is a nice find by me, yea you guys owe me one but when do you not?  I don’t post many Sex Art films but it’s not because I don’t like them it’s just hard to find longer videos for you guys.

Young Couple In Love


Young Couple In Love

I have a wonderful Dane Jones video for you guys that is long and it ends in a creampie!  This is the real deal love right here you get to see a couple in their loft making babies basically.  The video ends with her on her back taking a nice long pounding in kind of a weird position.  The guy drops his load really deep inside of her once you see the position they were fucking in you will see what I mean.  She tries to squeeze out as much cum as she can but most of it stays inside of her.  If you like erotic sexy with gorgeous girls like Lola here then check out Dane Jones they’re really just a incredible website and a leader in adult entertainment for a reason!



Rianna Ass Parade

As you guys now Bang Bros has a lot of “Ass” related sites in their network like, Big Tits Round Asses, Ass Parade, Mr. Anal the list goes on.  It looks like they found a whole new pool of woman who perfect round ass in Columbia because this is now the third girl named Rianna they have posted from there see Natalie and Juliana for those two girls.  This girls name however is Rianna and she has a nice huge ass as you can see from this picture here and she knows how to ride a dick!  She is wearing this little thong bikini at the start of the video and from the way her tan lines look I would say that is what she normally wears out in public.  I think Columbia is a little different then here though girls like to show off their asses.  I always knew that Columbian girls had great butts but I never knew they were some of the best in the world!

Meditating Beauty


Lily Love Passion HD Meditating Beauty

If you’re into yoga I guess this is going to be your dream come true which I suspect is what Passion HD is trying to do.  I think they should have put her in some yoga pants personally but this little leotard is pretty sexy as well.  The video ends in a creampie and it ends with her riding on top of the guy making him cum, which is a really good ending if you ask me!  Lily Love has a banging body with a perfect round ass and big natural tits I just can’t get enough of this girl!  The name of this scene is Meditating Beauty and I have a very long video for you guys that starts at the beginning when she is just clothed and ends with her getting her pussy filled with cum.  It’s almost 10 minutes long but don’t thank me for the video thank Passion HD by visiting their site!

Hot Oil


Tasha Reigh Hot Oil Fantasy HD

I have said it before and I will say it again Tasha Reign makes some funny ass faces while she is being fucked.  She obviously loves her job too much which mean she loves sex too much.  She is in this really hot Fantasy HD scene called Hot Oil.  Tasha is given a massage in the beginning of this video and let me say they used liberal amounts of oil.  They actually continued to use the oil throughout their sex session and it looks like it could be really fun.  His dick slides in and out of that pussy so fast that Tasha can’t help but make these faces as she just loves being fucked too much.  The only probably with doing this in real life is that someone has to clean up after the sex romp.  Oil is going to be fucking everywhere and I don’t think that that will be very easy to clean up.  The video ends with a real deal creampie he is fucking her in the big spoon position and drops a load that is so deep inside of her it takes a while for it to fall out. Fantasy HD just opened their doors not too long ago so this is the first scene Tasha has done with them but I have a feeling we will be seeing her again.

Jordan Outside Nudes


Jordan Carver Outdoors

Jordan Carver is getting off her top outdoors in this sexy little picture set.  She starts off in a bikini which I must admit are even made for woman as chesty as Jordan here is.  She then shows you every angle of her body and the last one she gives herself handbras, or more like finger bras can your petite little hands couldn’t fit around these babies!  The site I am sending you to is one of my favorite just everyday sites to surf.  They have everything from hot babes to just down right funny videos, enjoy.

Jodi Taylor


Jodi Taylor Mr. Anal

Jodi Taylor is back on the site and doing more anal sex!  The only other anal scene I think she has done was with Let’s Try Anal.  This gallery is from a Bang Bros site called Mr. Anal these guys know how to get girls to enjoy the experience.  Jodi even learned a new little trick that she is going to use in her personal life.  Once a guy cums she is going to use that as lube so he can fuck her ass more!  She was going crazy with Mr. Anal did it to her she just loved it.  Jodi is a super cute girl but the best part of her being on Mr. Anal is she is known to have a gorgeous bubble butt and that thing getting fucked really highlights the scene I think.  I remember when Jodi first came out on porn she was like on every site every single week but those updates have started to slow down a bit.  I hope now that she is doing anal that more people will get her on because she is easy on the eyes.  I also might be a sucker for a redhead with a perfect round ass though, she might be the only girl with that combination in porn right now!

The Romantic Gift


Staci Silverstone The Romantic Gift

I got the new Passion HD and you guys are going to like what you see!  Staci Silverstone is giving her man “The Romantic Gift”.  That gift is the gift of that nice bald pussy of hers.  She dressed it up with a nice little pair of panties that has a chain running over her pussy it looks so sexy.  Staci has never been on Passion HD before so this is a very good start.  The great thing about a petite girl like this is all the little positions she can get in like what you see pictured here.

Bryci Enjoys Toys


Bryci Enjoys Toys

Bryci is enjoying a nice little toy here and you guys are going enjoy seeing it!  She has just the perfect little pussy you ever did see.  The great thing about Bryci is you now get to see her actually having sex which back a year ago I never could have even imagined.  Bryci has on these black stockings and these little stickies at the start she ends up taking off the stickies and keep just those stockings on as she uses this little toy to penetrate herself.  If you join Bryci’s site you don’t just get pictures because that’s probably all the stuff you find of her when you google her.  The fact is there is tons of videos but it’s strictly reserved for members only!  So if you want the real deal you need to be a member but if you can get by by just seeing her in pictures the keep on googling my friends, keep on googling.



Daniella Exploited College Girls

This is Daniella and she isn’t your typical Latina at least in my mind.  She is the real deal though she is from Mexico and you can just hear it in her voice.  I am used to Latin girls being thick and having juicy round asses but as you can see that is not the case with this skinny girl.  She has braces she just got on and is 19 Years Old I missed the college that Exploited College Girls picked this girl up from but I am going to take a wild guess and say it’s somewhere in California.  Someone email me and tell me if I was right or wrong.  In her little video she is introduced to a toy for the first time and it made her cum.  In the video you can see that part as well as a special little replay I made up for you guys as well.  The scene ends with him pounding that Mexican pussy in the missionary position and outside on her pussy and a little bit in it too.

Stacey FTV Girls


Stacey FTV Girls

I have for you the new model from FTV Girls her name is Stacey.  This is her first time on FTV Girls and her first time in general doing any of this stuff.  She has of coursed masturbated before any girl that says she hasn’t is one big fat liar.  She tries some new toys of FTV and I think they could start a second business just selling these toys to the girls after they are doing shooting their update for the site.  Stacey fell in love with a couple of vibrators the way they were able to make her cum so fast.  She is a Latin girl it looks like with a nice thick body and a set of beautiful natural teen tits is what I will call them.  She isn’t that shy of a girl even though she kind of looks like it.  Any girl that is willing to flash her tits and pussy in public is definitely not shy!

Chloe Amour Casting


Chloe Amour Casting Couch X

Here is the first sex tape that Chloe Amour ever did, it’s her Casting Couch interview if you will.  I can just tell what casting site she was on by the couch and the fact that I have seen her on other sites I know that Casting Couch X was the first to fuck her.  They are one of a couple casting sites that actually find girls jobs, the other ones are fake agents the most notorious being Backroom Casting Couch.  Chloe comes into her interview looking stunning wearing white pants because she knows that us guys can’t help but like a hot girl like her in white pants.  She also has on this little matching tube top and a big shirt that goes over it, very trendy and cute I must say.  Who cares about what she is wearing though because in this video you get to see this former Playboy model fucking and sucking!  I guess being a hot model getting naked wasn’t paying the bills so she stepped up to the big leagues and now taking the dick!  If Chloe here sticks with porn I think she is going to be the next big thing, but it seems most girls in porn make a run and then disappear so enjoy her while it last fella’s, because all good things come to a end.

Playing With Passion


Anastasia Morna HD Love

Playing With Passion is a new video that came out from HD Love today.  I know I am posting two of their galleries today but man it’s just too good not to post right away!  The girl starring in this video is Anastasia Morna.  She is just pretty she looks really tall from the pictures in this gallery but she looks quite petite picked up in this guys arms.  The video is a long video and it has a really good part right at the beginning where she is riding this guys super hard and fast.  The video is not the only thing that is good but the pictures are as well.  Anastasia is wearing this super sexy little white see through shirt and panties.  The panties pictures are what are the best because you can see through them and see her perfect little pussy.  They’re more like cameltoe pictures then they’re anything else but for some reason cameltoe pictures are just hot!

Cosplay Erotica Alila


Cosplay Erotica Alila

I have to admit, I’m not sure who this chick is cosplaying as but she’s dressed up as somebody and she’s crazy hot with a fantastic ass, so it’s worth checking out. And hey, if you recognize the character or whatever feel free to let me know, it’s nice to know who or what I’m jerking it to. Man, that ass is out of this world…and I hope she’s dressed up as a spaceship captain or something which would turn the ‘out of this world’ thing into a pretty great joke if you ask me. The site is Cosplay Erotica and this hottie’s name is Alila, if you’re curious.

Nikky Case


Met Art Nikky Case

Nikky Case is hot as hell and has one of those rare perfect pussies, nice and tucked away and even and smooth…I mean most pussies are fine looking regardless of whether they’re innies or outies, so to speak, but Nikky’s just looks delectable. Anyway she’s showing off in the nude for Met Art, slightly pink as if she just got out of the shower and toweled off and immediately started posing for the camera, except for her makeup.

Natalie Scandalous


Natalie on Twistys

The name of this update is ‘scandalous lover’ but it’s not super clear why that is; this hot brunette Natalie is just hanging out in the pool getting her naked swim on. Maybe she’s some other guy’s girlfriend and came over ‘just to swim’ and ended up getting naked in the water and masturbating on the edge of the pool, I guess that’s pretty scandalous. Either way she’s gorgeous and has a great body, especially that round smooth ass…man oh man.

Carol Goldnerova


Carol Goldnerova Twistys

Now this is one crazy getup…this blonde’s name is Carol Goldnerova and she’s got this wackadoo leopard print corset lingerie top and panties on in this Twistys photoshoot, but don’t worry…she slips out of them soon enough. Once she’s naked this busty MILF gets busy masturbating, sliding her hand down to that nice pink pussy…not the most gorgeous girl in the world I guess but she’s not ugly, and she’s definitely horny and ready to have some fun.

Kristi Michelle


Kristi Michelle Playboy

This poor gray shirt is getting stretched around like it’s made out of silly putty…it’s a shirt, not a dress! Actually maybe it is a dress, who can tell in this day and age…anyway, hot brunette Kristi Michelle is the one doing the stretching, and I think it’s just because it looks so hot on her big round titties that she just can’t help but show off. This is a Playboy photoshoot, so of course the model is stunning and has an incredible body, so just head on in and take a look!

Lily Carter Is Back


Lily Carter Tonight's Girlfriend

This is the second time that Lily Cater has been on Tonight’s Girlfriend.  The first one though was with Lizz Tayler.  This one she is all by herself pleasing her John just the way he wants to be pleased.  The little plot of this hooker hookup is that the guy fucking Lily is a photographer by trade and of all the girls he has seen in porn Lily Carter is his muse.  The girl he most wants to bang and the girl who he is going to bang because he has saved up money for it!  Lily gives him the high roller treatment because she is being filmed.  She puts on some very sexy lingerie and then lets him fuck her no condom any way that he wants.  She keeps on her stocking and let me tell you it makes that body of hers look even better then it usually does.  Lily is a girl that you could just bang doggystyle for about a hour because her ass is just so perfect and you have the best view in the house from back there.



X Art Names

This is a pretty clever gallery for you guys to check out it’s from X Art and stars Baby you guys should know her by now they have had so many videos with her.  The video is clever because it starts out at first with this couple making some dinner / breakfast whatever it is and they decide to have so spontaneous sex in their apartment.  They have sex right there on the little center island and Tyler gives Baby a creampie right.  Well then it cuts to another scene of Baby riding Tyler in thier living room and they are arguing about names.  I will give you 2 guesses what they are naming but you should only need one.

Sweet Fruit


Joymii Sweet Fruit

I tend to forget to post just pure lesbian sex galleries and it’s just because the sties that have awesome lesbian scenes also have really good hardcore scenes.  Joymii is definitely one of those porn sites that I am like “oh, I will post a gallery of them today” and then a see a lesbian gallery and a hardcore one and I always choose the hardcore.  Not today ladies and gentlemen!  You are getting a very nice pussy licking picture gallery called Sweet Fruit. Starring to European models I bet named Mia and Karol.  They both take turns fingering and eating each other out in this lovely little gallery that you have been due for quite some time now.

Alice March HDLove


Alice March HD Love Love and Lust

A gorgeous round ass is on HD Love for you guys and you are going to want to see her fucked!  Her name is Alice March and she is really really cute.  In this video you get to start off seeing her having her legs on her mans shoulder as he fucks her slowly tip to balls.  He then starts bringing the pussy pounding harder and harder and then it switches to my favorite part of the video where she is picked up in the air bouncing up and down on his cock.  These two don’t have to go to the gym after this sex session because there was some serious calories burned this sex session!  Alice March is pretty new to porn but I think she fills a niche in this industry.  With her nice bubble butt and petite body I think we all want to see this girl getting her bang on.  HD Love is a site that I sometimes forget to make a gallery for but if you are a fan of this site just bookmark this place I am sending you, they’re always on top of the new HD Love videos.

Harmony Vision


Faye Reagan Harmony Vision

I really do hate posting pictures like this it just makes the whole site look bad!  I do however love watching a good porno and this video from Harmony Vision is just that!  The girl that Faye Reagan is sharing a cock with in this video is Ryder Skye. They’re both dressed to the nines in full lingerie get up.  It is a very classy scene and you get to see how a threesome is done right and that is very important!  This site Harmony Vision looks like it has a lot of pornstar type of videos and it looks really high quality even those this video might not be.  Usually those promo stuff like this is never that nice they want you to pay for a membership to get the good stuff, it makes sense to me.

Veronica Radke


Veronica Radke FuckedHard18

When I first made this gallery of the new video from FuckedHard18 I didn’t know the full name of the model and now I do!  It took a little bit of research but her name is Veronica Radke!  The way I figured it out was I knew that I had seen her before somewhere so I started looking around the site.  I finally found her Casting Couch X scene and then figured it out from there.  She is just one of those girls who is too damn cute for words.  What really makes her cute is actually the way she talks.  The girl seems very shy and has that southern draw damn it makes her irresistible I think.  I first saw this scene and thought she was going to be very inexperienced with having sex and what not because just the way she looks and talks.  I couldn’t have been more wrong she looks fun as hell in the sack!  She can move those hips nice and fast and you should see some of the crazy positions that she got in during this video!  My favorites though are definitely when she is on top because man is she good and that small little ass of hers is fun to watch bouncing up and down on a big cock.

Truth Or Dare


Turth Or Dare X Art

I can’t wait for the video to come out of this scene called Truth Or Dare from X Art.  The reason is as simple as who is in this scene, Mia Malkova and Lexi Belle!  I mean any video that has a scene like you see pictured here must be watched.  I for some reason really love seeing girls in weird positions like this even though pretty much every hardcore Mia Malkova scene has her doing this.  It’s like her signature move or something.  The whole premise of this episode is the two couples here playing a game of truth or dare in which they switch partners and have wild uninhibited sex.  X Art got a lot of brownie points with me by having these two girls in a scene together.  It is well documented how much I like me some Mia Malkova but less known probably is how much I love Lexi Belle.  Lexi and Mia are probably equal in popularity Lexi having that innocent petite look and Mia Malkova and that perfect round ass so they’re kind of known for different things.  With their powers combined though they make one hell of a porn video!

Waiting Game


Blake Rose Waiting Game

Blake Rose is a nice girl to look up to isn’t she?  I know she has “enhanced” tits but I think they look pretty awesome.  I love that shaved pussy of hers too.  Here she is in her very first video for Passion HD they call it Waiting Game.  The video starts with a guy checking his watch waiting on Blake to finally show up.  When she finally does she doesn’t waste anytime getting naked and getting her fuck on.  The video I have in this gallery is a really long one so you guys own me a thank you email or something!  Passion HD lets you guys have these long clips because really nobody can beat their porn and they want you to see that.  The video really has it all I mean you get to see the beginning, middle and end so watch it and then join Passion HD as your little thank you to them and so that they continue to make such awesome video with models like Blake.

Lola Foxx Massages


Lola Foxx Massage Girls 18

Here is another massage video with Lola Foxx this time she is the one giving the massage as you guys know that’s what goes down on Massage Girls 18! You might remember her FuckedHard18 scene where she got to just sit back and get pleasured in every way imaginable.  In this video she is the one who is “interviewing” for a job at a massage studio.  If I was the guy hire her I would see her in this little red lingerie get up and hire her right then and there!  I mean she looks fucking hot and that ass of her couldn’t look any better in these sexy panties.  The guy played it pretty smart though because if you’re hire a girl to be a your happy ending massage studio you have to give her a test run.  Lola shows him what she is all about riding his cock reverse cowgirl, cowgirl pretty much all the female dominate positions.  To get his rocks off he puts her on her back and just slams that pussy nice and hard until he is about to cum and then he pops up and pops on this pretty Latin girls face.  I almost forgot to mention that in this video you can see her having a real orgasm while she is riding his cock.  She is riding him and rubbing her clit at the same time and that almost guarantees a orgasm for most girls and sure enough Lola has one.

Hayden Panettiere


Hayden Panettiere Bikini

I think that Hayden Panettiere is looking for a whale to save or something in this picture from my bud over at Drunken Stepfather.  He clowns on her a little bit and I will not do that because she dates a guy who will wreck my face and I like my face.  So let’s just say that Hayden is looking mighty fine and I thought you guys would like to see it.

Leanna Decker


Leanna Decker Playboy

There is a reason that Leanna Decker was Cyber girl of the year for Playboy.  She has some perfect big natural tits and she is a natural redhead!  I mean it’s like seeing a unicorn really.  Here she is in a sexy little gallery over at a buddies site, he has a ton of pictures of her there.  This has to be my favorite though just the angle it was shot at and everything her tits are seriously perfect.  I am going to go make a entry over at Wikipedia and put these as the definition of what breasts should look like.

Get My Belt II


Brooklyn Lee Porn Fidelity

This isn’t like the last Porn Fidelity video that Brooklyn Lee was in (see it here)!  She got it rough but nothing like this!  This is part of a new really hardcore series that Porn Fidelity is doing it’s called “Get My Belt” and this is episode 2 from that serious.  Brooklyn Lee brought her man home the wrong apples and now she must pay.  She gets fucked in the ass throat and pussy.  He fingers her to orgasm as well as anything else he wants to do because her body is his playground.  Brooklyn has been known for those nice and hardcore scenes that she has done but I have to say there is nothing like this.  If you like what you see make sure to join the site because he is putting out more and more of these Get My Belt videos this is just the second I think he is up to like 4 now or something like that.  Brooklyn wants nothing more then to make this man come and it just seems that it takes her forever and you just have to see how it ends!

Layla Sin


Layla Sin Mofos

This is one of those homemade sex tapes that pornstars some times make.  I am not sure if this girl Layla Sin is actually consider a pornstar or not.  I could have just given out her real name I am not quite sure.  One thing I do know is that she knows how to ride a cock as you will see in this nice little video I have for you guys.  The scene is from Latina Sex Tapes a site you can get access to when you join the Mofos network of sites.  Layla has a gorgeous body with a very pretty face, small breasted but I like girls with all kinds of different sized breast.  I am not a breast hater and you shouldn’t be either.  I am always down at watching a exotic girl having sex that’s why I always check out the new girls over at Latina Sex Tapes.  I am sure there are going to be a couple of you who do the same after you watch this amazing free video.



Scarlet Nuru Massage

This Nuru Massage scene starts off in the bathtub where the guy who hired Scarlet gets to feel her amazing body especially that perfect tight pussy of hers.  Then he gets on the lip of the tub and gets his dick sucked for quite a while.  Right before he is about to pop he tells scarlet it’s time for her to start the massage.  If you have never seen a Nuru massage before it’s actually quite weird but I woudl like a beautiful babe like Scarlet rubbing her naked body on me. What the girls do is they put the guy on this blow up matress right. Then they get this special oil called “nuru” and the put it fucking everywhere.  So basically it’s one big slip and slide and then the girl uses her body to kind of slide on yours and that’s how the massage is done.  It’s suppose to feel really awesome but the best part about these kind of massages is they alwasy have a happy ending.

Too Much For Her


Getting A Big Dick

If you don’t think this new girl from Girls Do Porn is cute then your brain is broken!  She is a Nympho she said it herself but she is very specific about how big the dicks that go in her pussy can be.  The first guy that fucked her too small, the guy from Girls Do Porn that fucked her too big WHAT THE SHIT.  I guess when you’re as hot as this girl you can get what you want.  She had another very interesting story about her sex life in her little interview.  The first time she did anything sexual was with a girlfriend of hers.  Her friend showed her her mothers toys and one thing lead to another and they ended up eating each other out and fingering one another!   Pretty crazy first experience I must say and that’s a first I have ever heard of anything like that.  This girl has a pretty rough go about it in this video you can just tell that at times this guy is too much for her she needs to step it down a level.  I am glad she is just a amateur because she couldn’t make it in porn that’s for sure but seeing this her first time sex tape was worth the watch, check it out and tell me what you think!

Public Bathroom


Chloe Amour Fantasy HD

Chloe Amour is fulfilling a fantasy for all the members of Fantasy HD in this new little video entitled Public Bathroom.  She walks into a restroom at work and finds the guy she has been crushing on for some time now.  They don’t even lock that bathroom door before they start getting after it and someone actually walks in on them!  So when that happens the pick up their clothes and go into a stall where Chloe gets fucked in all kinds of positions.  I have to say that sitting on a toilet while a girl rides my dick doesn’t sound like to much fun, almost think it would hurt but when it’s Chloe Amour you make it happen.  Chloe has a gorgeous body but I just love that face of hers. It’s so damn pretty and exotic looking she just does it for me.  Hopefully Fantasy HD can produce a couple more videos with her.  I will send in the request they seem to listen to their members a lot and I am definitely a member of this site!

Farrah Abraham Pregnant?


Farrah Abraham Pregnant

Did Farrah Abraham get knocked up by James Deen?  That’s what TMZ is thinking because she told them that the only person she has slept with in the past year was James Deen.  If you missed Farrah’s sex tape your going to want to see it but you’re going to be a little puzzled about how she got pregnant…  I am not sure if Farrah knows this or not but you can have a baby when you’re being fucked in the ass like James did.  I mean I bet that has been her birth control for a long time now I guess you should have just had James do all anal all the time.  Or maybe this little sex session they had wasn’t the first and last did they do it more after this was filmed?  Who knows but one thing we do know is that Farrah went to her local drug store and bought herself a pregnancy test so I guess stay tuned!

Road Trip!


Girls Do Porn Canada

Looks like Girls Do Porn took little road trip up north!  They find themselves the typical Canadian in my mind at least.  She says aboot, eh all the stuff all Canadians do but say they don’t do.  She even went so far as to tell her parents that she was traveling to meet up with a famous hockey players son.  That’s right the best lie she could come up with contained hockey.  The girl probably gets the fucking of her life in this little video she says she likes it rough but I can almost guarantee that she walked bow legged for a week after being fucked by this guy.  He is hung like a horse and he was fucking her so hard she was at times in pure bliss others she could just barely handle it.  Girls Do Porn is a great site if you like seeing amateurs fucked.  It’s always done in a hotel room and the endings of the video are usually facials sometimes a girl will ask them to cum inside of them but those sluts are few and far between.

Fuck That Pussy!


Fuck That Pussy Dancing Bear

That’s right this Dancing Bear party got a little crazier the most!  Sure there were a bunch of girls sucking on these male strippers cocks but then two of them decided to one up everyone and get fucked by the male strippers!  The crop of girls in this update is pretty good, their all 21 –  30 years old and they’re pretty much down for whatever!  I mean the male strippers were fucking throats, titties, pussies everything in site!  This group is also nice because you get a nice variety of girls not just white girls like a lot of other videos that Dancing Bear has.  White girls love male strippers and when these huge black cocks come out they seriously just go ape shit.  A lot of the time it’s a bachelorette party or something like that so it’s their last big Hurrah until they’re lock down forever.  I think that most of these girls end up cheating though, you do know girls cheat more then guys right? They just never get caught is the problem, we are too stupid or something.

Beatrix nude


Beatrix for Femjoy

Gorgeous Beatrix looks like the kind of dame that would stroll into a private investigator’s office and ask for his help in tracking down her bum of an ex-husband. SHe’s got the gams, she’s got the looks, and she’s definitely got the tits to pull it off! Enjoy this artful photoshoot from Femjoy as she shows off her beautiful nude body, hanging out in front of a fan to not only keep cool but also to make her long wavy hair blow alluringly…it’s the oldest trick in the book. With an ass like that, though, I don’t think she needs any kind of trickery!

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape


Farah Superstar

It looks like Farrah Abraham finally made a deal with Vivid so that her sex tape will be released!  It will be up May 6th  so make sure you check back often and I will have the Farrah Abraham sex tape for you guys.  Right now we do know that she does anal in it which is crazy!  Will this be the first celeb sex tape to ever have anal?  I am not up on my celebrity stuff so there might be another one I am not sure.  There is no denying that this Teen Mom is hot and as much as I want to say I won’t watch the video I will.  So will 90% of the guys in the world though, we will mock her of course but we’re all going to watch it LOL.

You can finally join the site and get access to this sex tape! We have also learned that Farrah is a squirter and man does she love anal sex! I mean just watch the video and you will hear her screaming for him to fuck her ass, pretty hot I must admit!

Another UPDATE:I have a special discount link for you guys, you can join for just $4.95!

Mai Hakase


Mai Hakase All Japanese Pass

This beautiful Asian is Mai Hakase and she’s invited us into her bathroom while she gets good and wet in the tub, not even taking off her sheer nightgown. She gets soaking wet and shows off her large breasts in this sexy photoshoot from All Japanese Pass, looking elegant and vulnerable and incredibly sexy all at the same time. Did I mention her huge perfect boobs?

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