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Aria Amateur Allure

I wish I knew this girls full name for you guys so you could go searching the Internet for more of her.  It’s Aria and that’s all I know I am just hoping it’s not one of those models that are exclusive to Amateur Allure.  She is super hot!  I mean she has a exotic look, big perky tits and nice tight pussy I don’t know what else you could ask for!  That is enough for me but she is really good at fucking and sucking dick.  Probably one of the best blowjobs I have ever seen and I have watched a lot of porn in my day so that’s saying something!  I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did and I will keep my ear to the street trying to find more of this babe Aria.

Jessica Facial


Jessica Robbin Back Room Facials

Look what I have for you guys!  Her name is Jessica Robbin and she has one amazing set of natural tits!  I have posted a couple of galleries of her now that you will see in our related section.  This one was shot for Bang Bros and is part of their Back Room Facials series.  This another casting couch interview thing that Jessica is doing.  She must be really pounding the streets to find a porn job!  A natural redhead with big natural tits it’s not going to be hard to find jobs for her!  Watch her riding cock and then getting a face full of cum in her newest casting interview.

Jessica Robbin on Casting Couch X

Natasha & Nadia


Nadia and Natasha Fucked Hard 18

I guess that Nadia has been on Fucked Hard 18 before yet I searched our site and I couldn’t find her anywhere!  I thought I posted every single gallery from them but I guess I missed one so this is going to be your first time seeing Nadia.  I have pointed out who is who in this image just so you can know.  I like both of these girls, they have great asses and cute 18 year old bodies.  The guy spends most of his time fucking Natasha since she is the new one but he can’t help but dip his dick in that sweet wet pussy that Nadia has.  You can tell these girls haven’t had a threesome before, or are very new at it because the one who isn’t getting fucked does a lot of standing around and that’s just not how it’s done!

Aurora Rose


Aurora Rose East Coast XXX

The guy at East Coast XXX is trying to impregnate some more woman it looks like.  This time its a BBW type of girl named Aurora Rose.  She has huge big white juggs and a lot of cushion for the pushin.  We all know big girls need love too and I think many of you would give this girl a roll in the hay.  She is quite the slutty girl I mean when she is giving him head she takes him balls deep and he didn’t even ask her to do that.  I don’t know what it is about bigger girls but they all seem to have that really nice innie type of pussy and Aurora here is no different.  Enjoy the super deep creampie and make sure to check out their tour for all the other cutie’s they have fucked.

Carlye Denise


Carlye Denise Playboy

That is a girl that has it all right there guys.  Her name is Carlye Denise and I might just be her biggest fan.  She has gorgeous big natural tits and a pussy that is so perfect I can’t even believe I am seeing it!  If that’s not enough for you she has got some sexy ass tan lines and is wearing nothing but black stockings in this gallery from Playboy.  I think she should be like Playmate of the Year or something because it just cannot get any hotter then this girl.

Jessi Palmer


Jessi Palmer

Super cute Jessi Palmer is getting fucked in this new glamcour scene from Babes Network.  I don’t think she is a natural redhead but she could be just by how white that skin of hers is.  I don’t know what it is but if you have redhead it’s like required that you are white as a ghost, which I am okay with because I like girls of all flavors.  This sex is extremely passionate and you can tell that Jessi is a new comer just because she enjoyed this sex way more then a girl that’s been around the block you know.  She isn’t used to a guy fucking her as good as this guy did and it was just a pleasure to see!

Want You


Want You Baby

If you want Baby you are going to have to go through a face sitting it looks like.  This guy just wants inside that pussy but Baby wants to have a orgasm first so she goes to work having him eat her out.  She rubs his cock with her hand while gently urging him to get after that pussy a little more.  This is from X Art and it’s called “Want You”.  X Art has a lot of porn of this model Baby so head on over to the tour and see what they got and check out all the other amazing models they have.

Train Toilet Fuck


Public Pickups Train Toilet Fuck

I have for you a nice little gallery from Public Pickups of a huge titty girl getting a creampie in the bathroom of a train!  She got paid a shitload of money (for her) to do it.  I don’t know if she asks him to give her a creampie or he just does it without asking because well I didn’t read the sub titles and I don’t understand whatever language that they are speaking.  I couldn’t think of a grosser place to fuck then on a train bathroom because you know people are pissing all over the place, it’s a fucking moving train!  This girl doesn’t care though she just loves being fucked by the big dick and filled up with cum.  At least there was toilet paper right there for her to clean up her pussy with.

Nikki Seven


Nikki Seven Porn Pros

This is just a really good video if you like to see a girl who knows how to ride a cock.  Nikki Seven is getting some height when she goes up and down on this big cock and I am almost afraid of the guy getting his cock broken, that shit happens you know.  The scene is shot in a very amateur style basically just a camera on a tripod of set down somewhere I would say.  It’s nice that you get this type of porn from Porn Pros because not a lot of people like to shoot this way anymore.  They also have very high end stuff as well, so if you just want a little of everything check them out for sure.

Birthday Breakfast Sex


Latina Sex Tapes Breakfast Sex

You know you got yourself a special girl when she wakes up and makes you breakfast on your birthday!  Not only that though but when she goes and also fucks you right there in the kitchen to make that special day even more special!  This girl then went one step further and she told him to film the fuck and oh they did.  I bet you didn’t expect them to break up and for me to be talking about her sex tape on a porn site.  That’s just how the coolie crumbled this time, great scene, great sex, great girl enjoy!

Naked Football


Naked Football Haze Her

With the NFL playoffs coming up I thought I need to get some football theme porn up here for you guys.  So, I got you this Haze Her scene called Naked Football.  I mean it can get any closer to my theme that that!  This sorority actually makes their pledges play a game of football in just their thongs.  They which isn’t even close to as bad when they lay them on their backs and take turns getting their pussies eaten by the pledges.  One pledge actually got to do some face sitting I bet she thought she was super lucky, a favorite if you will.  Then she had to return the favor eating out each pledge until she had a orgasm though!  That tongue of hers was probably sprained after she was done but damn it was hot seeing her eating that college pussy.

Truth Or Fuck


Truth or Fuck By College Rules

I have for you a nice little College Rules scene called Truth Or Fuck.  This is basically just one big party with college students doing some freaky ass stuff.  I mean there is ass licking, anal butt plugs and then two girls have their first threesome.  Not your typical threesome with two girls and one guy.  It’s a two guy situation going down for both of these chicks.  The blonde girl makes one of her guys cum super fast so she spends most of the time trying to work some cum out of another guy.  I always wonder when it’s a big group of people like this how do they split the $10,000 dollars?  Or maybe they send in their tape and tell them they want a little more money that that to help make it worth everyone’s time.  I mean there are other girls in this gallery that are not fucking or anything but they are still trying out some vibrators and cumming from them, so they should get paid a little something too don’t you think!

Sunset Sex


Ivy Sunset Sex Joymii

This is probably every girls fantasy having a little sunset sex overlooking the water of some exotic country.  I this works for guys too because Ivy here is fucking incredible wouldn’t you say?  This Joymii gallery is just pictures right now but hopefully down the road I will be able to update it with a video.  I can’t wait to watch the video I haven’t done it yet just haven’t had the time.  But I am going to go in their members area and check it out right after this, I can already tell you it’s going to be straight up awesome.  Ivy is just one of my favorite models with that compact body and those perky little tits.  I also like the fact that she seems like such a sweet girl but she is all about sex, anal sex, giving head and all those other dirty things.

Beyonce GQ



I don’t know where I read it but I think it was Gawker or something that said this Interview that Beyonce did for GQ made her seem like a straight up crazy person.  I am pretty sure all these famous people are a little crazy, when everyone thinks you’re the shit it probably just goes straight to you head and fucks you up.  There is one thing going for Beyonce though, she might be crazy but damn she has a great body!

Happy Ending


Presley Hart Babes Network

I would say that if you’re going to name a scene Happy Ending there better be some kind of massage in it.  I mean I know this guy ends up cumming in the end but I am pretty sure a sex session with Presley Hart always ends in one of those.  This scene was produced by Babes Network a site that I pretty much always update my site with.  I like the erotic way they film all of their porn and they just happen to have some of my favorite pornstars on their site.  They update 5 days a week but only 2 of those updates are hardcore and I just try to stick with the hardcore stuff unless there is like a really really good lesbian scene, then I will hook you guys up with that.

Anikka’s Colorful Ass


Anikka Albrite PAWG

Have you seen a ass like this before!  I bet you have because I have posted Anikka Albrite in her first two scenes she did for PAWG right here on this very site.  If you somehow missed it then first and foremost you must start visiting the site more often and second here you go, 1st scene, 2nd scene.  This one is just as good as the other two which were awesome I should say.  I do like how this one starts off a little better because she tries on some very sexy panties and outfits that make that perfect white ass look even better.  This is my favorite one for sure, the colors against that tan skin ahhh yea that’s what I am talking about.

Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust Porn Fidelity

This scene is called “Breaking and Entering” and it’s from Porn Fidelity.  I just love going through their site and looking at all their trailers they’re just so well done!  As you will see in this video that I am hooking you guys up with that Kendra Lust here is a busy girl with Ryan.  She milks out a couple cumshots from him including one on her chin and then another deep inside of her pussy.  Ryan at first tires Kendra to the bed nice and tight and has his way with her so for all those that like bondage this is a must see for you.

Jessie, Remy & Krissy


Jessie Rogers Wicked Pictures

This is one of those Carol Jr’s commericals that just went a little to far.  The girls who are starring in it are porn stars after all and this is a Wicked Pictures video.  It’s a threeway lesbian sex scene and I would say that Jessie Rogers is the star of this show.  The other two are Remy LaCroix and Krissy Lynn but the video ends with Jessie in a pile driver position getting those sweet pussy of hers fucked nice and hard.  That isn’t enough to make Jessie cum though so instead they put it in her ass and fuck that while Krissy rubs her pussy and she has one super hard orgasm you just have to see to believe.

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr Online Seduction

How about them apples?  Nice and big and all natural just the way I like them!  This is Natalia Starr and I think she is going to be the next big thing.  I mean with a look like this how could she not be one of the top pornstars right?  Passion HD seems to be on top of it when it comes to getting new models like Natalia here.  She is in a new scene for them called Online Seduction.  It’s just a simple Passion HD sex scene.  So for those that don’t know what that is it means that it’s a very sensual gallery, with soft music and filmed in the highest quality possible.  The video you are watching isn’t even close to the quality you can get in the members area.  With that being said these tits look just as good in low definition as they do in high.

Poolside Seductress


Pure Mature Capri Cavanni

Here is a Pure Mature scene called Poolside Seductress and it’s a lovely erotic scene features Capri Cavanni.  I wonder if you guys know this because I can’t decide or not.  Did Capri get bigger boobs installed on her or have they always been that big.  I just can’t decide with I think on that one.  In this gallery she is a Poolside Seductress and she is getting some poolside dick in this gallery.  She starts getting fucked in just as simple little wicker chair but they move to a padded couch to get a little more comfortable.  They also moved so that Capri could do what you see pictured here and that’s get on top and ride.

Nicole Pussy Workout


Nicole Aniston Wicked Pictures

Listen, Nicole Aniston is a pornstar so she has to work things out at the gym that you don’t have to.  One of those things is that tight little pussy of hers.  She brought in a guy with a nice big cock to help stretch her out a little.  She likes to combined cardio and stretching at the same time as you will see in this very long video.  The scene comes from Wicked Pictures and I am not exactly sure which DVD it’s from because well I didn’t want to spend the time to figure it out!

Lexi Swallow


Lexi Swallow Porn Star Spa

Lexi Swallow makes one hot pornstar wouldn’t you guys think!  She is on a episode of Porn Star Spa it’s a massage site that Bang Bros makes.  You get access to it along with like 38 other sites when you join their network so make sure to check that deal out.  In this scene Lexi is fucked every way imaginable on this massage table and I would like to point out when she is being fucked doggystyle how real do those tits look!  I know she has pretty big ones before so when you get a boob job it really turns out good.  This one though they actually move like real tits, I just have never seen that before.



Jenna J Ross Nubile Films

This guy makes sure to fuck Jenna J. Ross in the perfect positions that show off just how plump and round her booty is.  The scene is called Translucent and is part of a awesome site called Nubile Films.  Jenna is just a natural beauty with cute small tits and nothing fake on her at all.  I mean she doesn’t even get a tan and I think that’s pretty big because most of these porn chicks stay in the tanning beds.  I like the milky white skin every once in a while and Jenna just “does it” for me.  This gallery has it all video and amazing picture make sure not to just spend all your time watching the video but check out the photography it’s great.

Aprilia First Date


Aprilia Sex on The First Date

I am pretty sure that it’s a rule that you have to have sex on the first date at least once in your life.  Aprilia here doesn’t know that the rule doesn’t mean you have to film it!  The scene was filmed for the one and only Wow Girls a great site if you like seeing “fresh” or new models because they shoot over in Europe there are going to be a bunch of girls you just have never seen before.  With that being said they do have some American pornstars that you will definitely recognize.  It’s just that the majority is shot over there.  This is the only 3rd  update that Wow Girls has of her but it’s her first hardcore scene so it’s probably the only one you guys will actually care about.

Jayden Jaymes Bangs


Jayden Jaymes Bang Bros

This is a new Bang Bros scene that they just released of Jayden Jaymes and when I looked at it I was just like “damn Jayden is looking good” so that’s why it’s here on the site.  Her ass is as plump as ever and those boobs are just begging to be motor boated.  The scene was shot for Big Tits, Round Asses one of the most popular sites on their entire network.  I mean who doesn’t like a big booty and big tits it’s a pretty easy formula if you ask me.  I think Jayden has been in this industry for a very long time but somehow some way she is seriously just getting hotter and hotter.

Riley and Lola


Riley Reid and Lola Foxx

I have two amazing round ass babes and one of them has a perfect pussy that model would be Riley Reid.  This is a Christmas scene I fucking know!  I am super late getting it out to you guys but better then never.  The other girl is Lola Foxx and these girls give the guy who runs Amateur Allure a Christmas present he will never forget.  I think any guy in the world woudl want to have a threesome with these two girls and this guy made it happen.  This isn’t their first time on the site for all those other scenes make sure to check out the related section at the bottom of this post.

Lola Foxx first time on Amateur Allure
Lola Fox 2nd time on Amateur Allure
Riley Reid’s first time on Amateur Allure
Riley Reid’s second time on Amateur Allure

Capri Anderson


Capri Anderson Porn Fidelity

I was under the impression that Capri Anderson was out of porn!  Well I don’t know if Ryan and Kelly and friends with her or what but they got her on their site Porn Fidelity.  This is a extra special scene because not only do they have her but they also have her very first creampie.  I can’t actually verify that this is the first time she let a guy cum in her pussy but that’s what Ryan is trying to tell me and you.  I might go through and do a little investigation about that I mean I don’t mind watching Capri videos until the end of time you know what I am saying?  This scene there is tons of fucking and Ryan in true Ryan fashion is able to produce multiple cumshots for Capri.  Some he just lays deep inside that pussy and other ones he pulls out and gives her a mouthful of cum.

Breanne Masturbates


Breanne Benson

I just love the photography that In The Crack does it’s different and very sexy then everything else you see.  They’re one of the few sites I post even though they have no hardcore porn.  This one is of Breanne Benson and you get to see her in this sex little white dress that she strips out of as you can see.  She then uses a purple vibrator to fuck her pussy.  I don’t know if she gives herself a orgasm or not because my membership to In The Crack didn’t renew for some reason.  I will have to fix that today and I imagine some of you will want to join as well just to see the gorgeous Breanne naked and masturbating!

Christy Mack


Christy Mack Bang Bus

So you guys think you would be game to fucking this perfect round ass?  Well a couple of random guy had a chance in this weeks episode of Bang Bus.  There was 4 to be exact and not one of them could fuck Christy Mack even remotly good.  Of the 4 only one was able to complete a fucking with her and that’s because he came in like 30 seconds of Christy riding him.  The other guys either couldn’t get hard or when they did get hard they were like 2 inches big.  She ended up having to kick a lot of them off the bus and for one sucker who was so embarrassed by his performance he ran off the bus but he forgot his wallet!



Cali East Coast XXX

You know MILFs are not always super hot all around.  Usually there is just one really good feature about them whether it’s a big fat ass like Cali here or maybe just a nice set of natural tits.  Either way you have to take the good with the bad and that’s all I am going to say about this girls looks.  Cali does do anal and not only that but she has no problem with the nut in the butt she actually encourages the guy from East Coast XXX to drop his load in there!

Aleksa Nicole


Aleksa Nicole Mr. Anal

That is one round ass that you guys are going to see fucked in this new episode from Mr. Anal.  The pornstar that is starring in this update is Aleksa Nicole.  She has definitely done a anal scene or two in her day because man does she love it!  It takes a lot of getting used to be Aleksa has definitely found her comfort zone when it comes to anal sex.  This scene is great but what Mr. Anal scene isn’t I mean really?  They seem to get the hottest pornstars on the planet on their site, it’s really not just their site though because all of Bang Bros sites have my favorite models.  Aleksa has that super petite body with just a perfect flat stomach and I love that fact that she keeps a little hair on the pussy, which I might add is pretty fucking tight!

Veruca James


Veruca James Secret Society

I was about to make my own gallery of this one but I saw that my buddies site already had it up.  It’s called Secret Society and it’s from Porn Fidelity. The model who is eating out Kelly Madison right now is Veruca James.  Not saying Kelly isn’t special at all but you guys should know her by now she is in so many porn Fidelity scenes. This scene must have came out around Halloween or something because it’s a little dark.  You do get to see some amazing sex though I mean I would say Porn Fidelity scenes are some of the best on the Internet, I know they are the only site that has a guy that can cum mulitple times!

Fleshlight Ice


Fleshlight Ice

This isn’t really a porn gallery or anything like that it’s just a male sex toy that I thought I would share with you guys.  Its a variation of the #1 sex toy of all time for males called the Fleshlight.  This one however is a little different because you can see through it, that’s why they call it the Fleshlight ICE!  The video is a little demo about the toy and then a sexy woman fucks it with a dildo at the end of the video.

Ukraine Girl


Ukraine Girl

This girl has quite the cute little accent because she comes from Ukraine.  She is on Girls Do Porn though after several years of living in America and not getting that America dream she is ready to make it happen.  I bet her boyfriend is going to be pretty pissed though that some other guy made her look like a glazed donut.  I know that would piss me off for sure.  This is probably the most epic facial that I have ever seen from Girls Do Porn, I guess Aubre had a pretty huge one too.  This is by far my favorite site and if you just browse our category you will see why, it’s because they find the hottest girls and there exclusive to Girls Do Porn alone.

Sage Evans


Sage Evans Casting Couch X

I have for you a Casting Couch X scene starring Sage Evans.  I like this scene because I have actually seen Sage in another scene.  That means that these guys who run this casting agency actually get girls jobs after they film their first sex scene.  This isn’t like Backroom Casting Couch where the guy just tricks them into thinking that he is going to get them jobs, these guys actually get the girls job.  I mean I don’t really care that much but its a little “different” then these other casting couch sites.  There is one thing that is kind of the same Sage here has no idea that she is going to be making her first sex tape she just thinks she is going in for a quite interview to begin her porn career, she doesn’t know that it actually starts today!

Holly Caught


Holly Michaels Caught Red Handed

You guys get to see a little erotic bondage scene, yes that does exist.  Especially at Passion HD I think they have a couple of scenes like this now.  This one stars Holly Michaels and those big tits of hers are looking super sexy in this gallery.  There is pussy eating, deep throat blowjobs and then he ties her up and fucks the shit out of her doggystyle.  Passion HD is probably my most favorite site in the whole world so just do me a favor check it out and verify that I am right, I love being right.



Dane Jones Tenderness

This video update from Dane Jones is called Tenderness and if you take a look I think you’ll see why. This couple is passionately kissing and when he starts slipping his hand into her pants you can tell that she loves being touched gently, having every inch of her gorgeous nude body caressed by his hands, lips and tongue. He licks her tight pussy, bringing her to the brink of orgasm before he even penetrates her in this hot hardcore sex scene!

Amateur Black Couple


Amateur black couple sex

Check out this hot amateur sex scene as this couple fucks like crazy in the bedroom! They set up a camera to catch all the hardcore action but I don’t think they realized how ashy the guy’s feet are. If you can past that there is some hot real action in this video as this ebony couple goes at it like bunnies!

Shower Masturbation


Janessa Brazil shower

If you know sexy Brazilian babe Janessa Brazil at all you know she loves to masturbate, and in this update from her own site she’s getting wet and wild for us with a shower head! She strips down and shows off those huge perfect tits before fingering her tight pussy and spraying herself down, buzzing her clit with a waterproof vibrating wand until she moans in ecstasy with a huge orgasm.

Sexy Cocomi


Cocomi Sakura Sex Asian 18

The site Sex Asian 18 has some of the hottest ladies from the Far East nude and ready to fuck, and in this update we’re treated to drop-dead gorgeous Cocomi Sakura getting naked and showing off! She’s got perfect boobs, delicious curves and even a little bush for those of you tired of the shaved bald pussy look. Oh, and did I mention the skin-tight black catsuit?

Tasha Seduces


Tasha Reign MGBF

When blonde hottie Tasha Reign gets horny, watch out! She doesn’t care if you’re her friend’s boyfriend or not, she’s down to fuck and she’s going to get what she wants. In this update from My Girlfriends Busty Friend she seduces this guy while his girlfriend is out of town by pulling her huge round tits out of her nightie and licking his cock until he’s just got to fuck her pussy and mouth like crazy!

Cum All Over Me


Scarlet B Joymii

Here is Scarlet B for you guys to enjoy, it’s a model that you probably will only see on Joymii but hey all the reason to join their site.  Joymii named this scene Cum All Over Me and I bet you can guess why they call it that.  Scarlet fucks her boyfriend really good and she doesn’t want him getting her pregnant or even swallowing his little soldiers.  The next best thing is to let him just cum all over her amazing body.  I really like this site and I know I don’t post them enough I will make a concerted effort to give you guys more galleries from them.

Bus Blonde


Bus Blonde Public Pickups

A all natural blonde gets picked up on a bus by Public Pickups and it’s awesome.  The guy is pretty smooth about it I must say.  He is in some kind of European country where they don’t make a lot of money or something.  He offers this guy pretty much a fortune in her world but the only way she will fuck him is if he goes back to her house.  This guy has no problem with that, especially when she gets all dolled up for her first sex scene.  He bangs her with no condom on and man does those boobs looks great bouncing every which way.  The video isn’t super long but hey if you want to see the full thing just buy a membership I think it’s like $1 to get in for a day.

Sasha Jones


Sasha Jones Cum Louder

Right Now parodies are very important in the adult biz. With parodies porn producers like Cum Louder discovered a new way to make porn. A mixture of fun and sex that allows them to apply visual effects, well prepared scripts and pornstars doing what they really want to do be a real actress. Some of them do a real great work like Sasha Jones. A cute and naughty ebony teenager that stars in CyCocks The Mutant Dick, the XXX Parody of the Marvel superhero Cyclops. In Cumlouder he’s CyCocks, founding member of the superhero team known as The X-Penis and he was born with the ability to shoot rays of light through his eyes and his cock. With these powers he is able to undress Sasha Jones burning her clothes off.

Breanne Returns


Breanne Benson Tonight's Girlfriend

There is another guy out there that wanted to fuck Breanne Benson so she is back on Tonight’s Girlfriend.  He has hired a lot of hookers before but this is his first time with a pornstar.  I feel bad for him though because that’s like going from driving a Toyota to a Ferrari I mean he is in the big leagues now!  Breanne gives him the red carpet treatment making him feel like a boss and fucking him like all the girls before him never could.  She even put on this super sexy lingerie outfit that right there is what separates her from these other rookies.

Breanne Benson’s first time on Tonight’s Girlfriend

Ivy and Miela


Miela and Ivy Joymii

This is just a picture gallery from Joymii but I thought they did such good job with it I thought they deserved a nice gallery on our site!  The models who are having lesbian sex in this gallery is Miela and Ivy.  If you really like this gallery and you want to watch the video I would suggest you just bookmark this gallery because he will eventually put a video on it.  I know this because I have checked out that site a whole bunch I do love me some Joymii galleries.

Luna Star


Luna Star Real Slut Party

This is a scene from Real Slut Party but you’re only going to see the video of Luna Star fucking.  There is good reason for this it’s because it’s by far the best part of the whole video.  The other girls are cute and what not but Luna just steals the show with those full tits and her amazing perfect ass.  She knows how to work it too as you will see when rides this guy reverse cowgirl.  That’s where this image is from it’s the best part of the whole video hands down.  The whole thing is like a hour plus long but they save the best for last when Luna Star milks some cum out of this guys cock.

Spur Of The Moment


Ivy Spur Of The Moment

Ivy here will have Spur Of The Moment anal sex with you if you’re dating her!  I mean I don’t think there are many guys out there that get that.  I mean I get it if it’s his birthday or something but just everyday anal sex that shits crazy!  The scene is super erotic I mean it starts off with them just sitting around in the kitchen making dinner.  He makes a move and the next thing he knows she is riding his cock on the kitchen table.  It’s in her ass too!  I always find that impressive, because usually it hurts a girl so they like to kind of just lay back and get fucked slow.  Ivy here jump on him and rides like it’s in her pussy I think she is just a big fan of the anal or something.  I know most of you have probably at least looked at the X Art tour before because these guys have to be the hottest thing in porn, but I suggest you do it again the site is always getting bigger and better!

FTV Girls Hawaii


Lena and Melody FTV Girls

Here is more from the Hawaii set that FTV Girls did with Lena and Melody Jordan.  The girls are just beautiful together with Melody big perky tits, and Lena’s cute small tits and perfect round ass.  The girls don’t just get naked next to each other no, they eat each other out and actually in this video you get to see Melody licking Lena’s ass.  Lena admitted that that is one of her guilty pleasures to have her guys do.  Lick her pussy and move down a little further and lick her ass.  Good thing for her Melody is a straight up freak and is willing to do any of that!  Melody Jordan brought her favorite toy on vacation with her a hitachi wand which she uses out on her hotel balcony and has a amazing orgasm.

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