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Naomi West


Naomi West Amateur Allure

It looks as though Amateur Allure has asked Naomi West back to do another scene!  That’s is pretty dope because this girl is fucking hot.  She has a nice liittle meaty pussy and man did the dress her up super cute in this update.  She is in this small little golden mini dress / skirt I don’t really know what to call it cause I am not that into fashion.  If you guys missed the first time she was on Amateur Allure make sure to check that out because you need to start in chronological order!  Scene she took two loads in the mouth the first time in this update she closes her mouth and tells the guy to just cum on her face.  He does just that and then scrapes it off her face and feeds it to her.  What a dirty little slut, I love it!



Karina White Exploited College Girls

I have a UCLA girl named Samantha A.K.A Karina White for you guys this New Years day.  She has amazing big natural tits they’re D’s and she fucks!  I am not sure if this is the first scene she ever filmed but it’s definitely one of my favorites.  The guy who runs Exploited College Girls made sure to give her a couple of orgasms before he actually fucked her which makes for a great sex scene.  It’s so much better when the girl comes first because then she is all kinds of horny and just wants to be fucked forever.  Big ups to this guy because he lays down a awesome fuck session not cumming for like a hour!  I mean when you’re banging a pussy as perfect as Karina’s it has to be hard not to cum fast.

Football & Sex


Brandi Love Porn Fidelity

I think that Brandi Love might be the perfect girl!  She has a banging body as you can see in this picture.  She loves football, and she loves to fuck!  This is yet another awesome scene from Porn Fidelity part of their Real Life series.  The Real Life series is basically just camera set up in their house and they kind of forget about them.  Brandi Love is a close friend of this married couple so she came over for some sex and football.  I bet she didn’t think she would be having as much sex as she ended up having with Ryan but he just couldn’t lose his boner!  He gave Brandi 6 different cumshots some of her face, some on her big tits others deep inside of her pussy.  Brandi loved every single one of them, she is in her sexual prime you know!

More Porn Fidelity Scenes With Brandi Love

Brandy Taylore Nurse


Brandy Talore on Sweet Sinner

If you’re feeling a little run down why not go in for a checkup? Sexy nurse Brandy Talore from Sweet Sinner will perk you right up as she gets her huge tits out and lifts up her skirt to reveal her lack of panties while she checks your blood pleasure. Looks a little high if you ask me, she might need to make a housecall or two.

Lesbo Brits


Lesbo Brits Alicia and Chanelle

Alicia and Chanelle aren’t too keen on the whole water conservation thing, as you can see from this hour-long shower they took together. You can’t really blame them for taking their time though; they’re both hot as hell and if I was in the shower with either one of them I wouldn’t want to get out either! Watch these hotties get their perky titties out and soap each other up in this sexy photo gallery.

Lacy Spice


Lacy Spice Twistys

Busty blonde Lacy Spice looks like a vision in pink as she struggles to strip out of her frilly wisp of fabric to show off those huge tits of hers! She finally gets it off and triumphantly flashes her lovely ass to the camera in a hot update from Twistys with her long wavy blonde hair reaching all the way down to her lower back. And check out that side-boob action!

Adrianna Polka Dots


Arianna Luna on Penthouse

Latina honey Adrianna Luna loves hanging out in her white and blue bikini but loves getting naked even more than that, so when Penthouse asked her to strip down on camera she was all for it! This beautiful exotic babe shows off her perky tits and that juicy round booty in these hot photos, spreading her luscious legs to give us a look at her shaved pussy as well.

Priya Spreads


Priya Rai spreading pussy

Band practice is over but Priya Anjali Rai is still ready to rock! This sexy exotic bombshell spreads her legs next to the drumkit in this hot photo update from her own site, fingering her bald pussy with her huge round tits out as she works the camera with her smokin hot looks. I don’t know if Priya Rai is in the band or not but she’s definitely a crowd-pleaser!

Countdown To Love


Courtney Taylor Babes Network

I am pretty embarrassed that this is Courtney Taylor’s first time on the site because she is a pretty famous pornstar.  I mean she has 53,000 followers on twitter that’s how popular she is.  Courtney Taylor has big fake tits but it’s a great boob job and you are definitely going to like them.  This is a pretty good introduction to this famous pornstar though I must say being that it’s from Babes Network.  They make some of my favorite porn for sure.  It is New Years today so I thought there would be no better way to start it out then with this bang, I hope you enjoy.

Stacey Poole


Stacey Poole Only Tease

This is a girl I wish had her own website!  Her name is Stacey Poole and she is pretty much one of the hottest girls on the Internet.  Here she is in a scene from Only Tease.  They have her dressed up in a cute little mini skirt and white shirt.  She takes it all off to show the super sexy panties and garter.  Then she takes off the top and shows us what we really want to see those amazing big natural tits.

Samantha Ryan


Samantha Ryan Babes Network

The gorgeous Samantha Ryan gives this funny looking dude a taste of bliss.  I think this is the hottest girl he probably will ever fuck.  He didn’t do much of the fucking I think Samantha let him try for a bit but then she pretty much took over as you can see in this picture.  Samantha has a nice big booty and cute small tits.  I don’t usually post two Babes Network scenes in one day but today is a special day after all so I thought I would hook you guys up!

Lena & Melody


Lena Nicole and Melody Jordan

I think at the end of every year or maybe a couple times throughout the owner of FTV Girls takes two or sometimes just one of the members favorite models to Hawaii.  This year he took Lena Nicole and Melody Jordan with him and both of this girls have amazing asses!  I mean they are pretty much perfect or the members wouldn’t have voted them to go.  I think Lena kind of gave up masturbating on sites and doing anything kind of hardcore, but for FTV Girls she is willing to do this kind of stuff.  If you think that they just get naked next to each other or something not hardcore you totally wrong there is full on lesbian sex in these videos and it’s fucking hot!  One of the better parts might actually be when Lena is fucking Melody ass with a huge cucumber and Melody is just loving it, true story watch the video!

Morning Desires


Morning Desires Angie

I bet you X Art fans are pretty stoked with this new update with the super popular Angie.  She has a nice thick body and lovely big natural tits.  In this new scene she wakes up and is a little horny so she starts to rub one out next to her boyfriend.  She can see that he is rocking some morning wood so instead of just flicking the bean she wakes him up the best way possible. With an amazing blowjob that he is definitely happy to be receiving.  They then start their day of right with a awesome fuck session all while X Art films it in crystal clear HD.



Rachel Fuckedhard18

FuckedHard18 is going far and wide to find you guys the hottest models possible!  This episode starring Rachel is proof of that.  I have no idea what she is but she has the cutest little accent.  She gets her massage and loves it and then gets fucked and loves that even more.  After she had made the masseuse cum she was talking about how she was never going to forget this day at all that jazz.  The guy was a pretty big fan of her too because he asked her if she wanted to go again and she did so he pusy her back on the massage table and gave her a little after hours fucking if you will!  I don’t know how he did it but if you have a girl this hot naked I am pretty sure you could stay hard for a week.  I mean just looking at these perfect tits does it for me!

Jessica Simpson Preggo


Jessica Simpson Pregnant

As you guys all probably know by now Jessica Simpson is all kinds of knocked up and well she is twitting pictures of it now.  The one good thing about that big belly of hers is those huge tits of hers, they just keep getting bigger and bigger!  I can’t blame her husband either because I would be banging Jessica all the time too if I was him.

Physical Act Of Love


Dane Jones Physical Act Of Love

You know these art sites take filming sex very seriously and none more so then Dane Jones.  They went out and found a real life couple who let them film one of their fuck sessions.  They call it the Physical Act Of Love… I know way to nice to be porn but it’s pretty hot actually.  The girl is easy on the eyes and she loves to be banged that you can tell!  The scene cost Dane Jones a lot of money because it was hard to find a good looking couple who would let a camera into their bedroom but in the end they had to pay this couple what they wanted because they were by far the best option.

Audrey Bitoni


Audrey Bitoni Tonights Girlfriend

Here is Audrey Bitoni being Tonight’s Girlfriend.  Some rich college student who is a huge fan of big tit pornstars came to New York and wanted to be escorted by a pornstar.  He could think of no better babe then the gorgeous Audrey Bitoni here and that’s how we got this video.  Audrey pleases him like only a pornstar can for one amazing sex scene that will have you saving every last penny you make so you can spend the night with a girl like Audrey.

School Of Sex


School Of Sex

Who said that porn couldn’t be educational!  I have a great scene that if you watch all the way through you might actually become better and pleasing your girl.  This is a scene from Playboy TV in which Tera Patrick teaches you how to give your girlfriend / wife / fuck buddy the best oral sex she has ever had.  If I was you I would listen to Tera because this girl knows how to do it all.  If for some reason you have been living under a rock, Tera is one of the most popular pornstars of all time, of ALL TIME!  I will be posting more in this series so stay tuned and enjoy this awesome TV series.

Holly & Ava


Holly and Ava Pure Mature

I don’t know how this can’t be the best scene of December, you get the amazing Ava Addams and Holly Michaels in the same scene together from Pure Mature!  They call it Partners In Bliss but I would call it a educational video on how to have a threesome!  I mean these girls never sit out of the action always either fucking a cock or eating some pussy it’s so fucking hot!  I also want to mention how hot does Ava Addams look with those big tits of hers!  She got a boobie job and it’s officially the best tit job of 2012!  I mean they look natural and they just fit her body so good.  Ava Addams is fast becoming the ultimate MILF in my opinion!

Awaken By Passion


Holly Michaels Awaken By Passion

I have lost count how many scenes Passion HD has of Holly Michaels!  It’s a fucking lot though and here is another awesome scene to add to the mix.  It’s called Awaken By Passion.  Holly wakes up in her bed naked with no sheets or anything she must be cold, but she is more horny then cold.  She goes down stairs and gets to sucking some cock so her man can get hard enough to fuck her.  I have a feeling that they did it last night as well but when your girl is as hot as Holly is you have no problem fucking her anytime she wants.  Passion HD is the only place you should go if you like Holly Michaels because as I said earlier they have so many erotic scenes of her I can’t even count that high.

Lily Full Moon


Lily Love Reality Kings

Lily Love was outdoors with no panties on giving people that walk by a nice little ass flash or a Full Moon if you will.  One guy walked but and couldn’t not go over and give this round ass girl a little talk.  They then go back to the house where he gets to fuck her every which way.  Lily Love isn’t all ass though if that’ what you’re thinking they have a perfect set of big natural tits.  I am thinking that Lily Love is probably going to be one of the bigger names in porn once everything is all said and done so bookmark this post so I can say I told you so when it happens.  This scene was shot for Reality Kings and part of their Monster Curves series.  That series only finds girls with big tits and perfect round asses, girls exactly like Lily here.

Studying Sex


College Rules Studying Sex

The girls who submitted this to College Rules are some smart cookies let me tell you!  They had a class where they had to study the effects of pornography on college students.  They took this opportunity to make $10,000 dollars as well as do some real life research so they can get a A on their paper.  The girls who are making the video aren’t actually all that hot, the petite Latina girl is pretty cute the other girl I would pass on.  They end up getting some friends to have sex in front of them why they took notes and that is the girl you see pictured here.  She was a hot thick chick with big natural tits just what I am looking for when I see these real college sex scenes.

Twisted Siter-Hood


Haze Her Twisted Sister-Hood

No wonder this girl setup these hidden camera’s because this girl who is riding a pledges face is a straight up bitch!  I wonder if she does anything on her own.  She is in the shower and has a pledge wash her and then to bunch them she sits on their face and gets her pussy eaten out.  Why doesn’t she just go to a party and get fucked by a guy like 98% of all the other sorority girls.  The video was then submitted to Haze Her who bought it for $20,000 dollars.  It’s a super hot video because there is hot college girls and there is orgasms what more could you ask for really!  This chick isn’t the only sister who is taking advantage of the pledges one of the girls is caught playing with a pledges perfect natural tits, I mean so perfect I would motor boat them without even thinking about the consequences.

Abbey Brooks


Abbey Brooks Is Tonights Girlfriend

In this weeks Tonight’s Girlfriend episode Abbey Brooks is booked for a night of fun by one of her biggest fan.  He is married and he loves big boobs but was dumb enough to marry a check that doesn’t have a rack.  She he bring is Abbey his favorite pornstar pays her a ton of money to fuck her for the night.  He especially wants to fuck those big tits of hers.  This isn’t Abbey first rodeo so she gives him want he wants the best titty fuck he has ever had in his life.

Melody Jordan


Mollys Life Bootyful Ballernina

Damn Molly Cavalli is sexy as fuck isn’t she? This is a lesbian sex scene between her and Melody Jordan it’s called Bootyful Ballerina.  They are not really dressed up like ballerina’s but they do have on those shoes that they wear.  Both of these girls are packin a huge caboose though that’s for sure!  They eat each other out both having amazing orgasm…  Molly’s Life really is the best lesbian sex site on th Internet.  You know why it is?  Because Molly is a real life lesbian and she only picks girls to come on her site that she actually wants to fuck.  So it’s bascially because Molly has hella good taste.

Loren Nicole


Loren Nicole PAWG

Loren Nicole got a instant fan once I saw this new PAWG scene that she did!  I even tried to go and find more porn of her but her name is so damn common or she is brand new because I couldn’t find shit.  I just kept finding ugly ass Facebook pages of girls named Loren Nicole.  Loren is not ugly at all in fact she is way hot, I mean a girl with a perfect round ass like this is always going to be hot.  The angles that the video is filmed in make her ass look almost too perfect but that’s not a bad thing at all.  The guy fucking her is definitely stoked to be fucking such a girl with a nice fat ass he takes full advantage grabbing it every time she is riding him.

Riley and Co.


Anikka, Riley, Cherie InTheCrack

There is actually two other girls in this gallery that I should have posted but I just liked this picture of Anikka Albrite’s ass so much that I had to post it.  The girls in this gallery are as mentioned Anikka Albrite then Riley Reid and Cherie DeVille.  It’s a full on lesbian scene and it’s from In The Crack.  These guys only share pictures for their promotion but if you go in their members area you will get to see a video of this amazing scene.  Each one of these girls has a fucking awesome ass I bet that they book these girls together for that very reason.  Riley and Anikka have small tits but Cherie has a big firm pair that I am not sure if they’re real or fake because porn is nothing but fantasy lets pretend that they’re real.

Interracial Creampie


Naughty Alysha Interracial creampie

I can’t exactly tell you that this is a super unique scene for Naughty Alysha but it’s not.  She fucks a lot of black / latino guys because well she likes too.  She especially likes black cocks because well they’re big not much more you can say about that.  In this update though she is fucking some average sized Cuban guy who fucks this busty MILF nice and good while her husband looks on.  Naughty Alysha is so dirty she not only has this random guy fuck her without a condom but she wants his sperm deep inside of her pussy and this guy has no problem dumping a load in her sweet sweet pussy.

Anikka Albrite


Anikka Albrite My Wifes Hot Friend

You get to see a hardcore scene with this beautiful ass model named Anikka Albrite.  She is in a fantasy series put on by Naughty America called My Wifes Hot Friend.  The who setup is that this guy is cheating on his wife with her best friend.  I mean it’s fucked up on both ends because she is her best friend too.  Sometimes you just can’t help yourself though and these two cannot!  They fuck in the wifes house right on her couch and man is it good sex!  I mean it has to be when you are going to do something so fucked up right?

Hayden’s Pussy


Hayden Winters Femjoy

I posted this gallery today because I want you guys to know what a perfect body looks like.  This is Hayden Winters and not only does she have the most perfect pair of natural tits but look at how amazing that pussy is as well!  The gallery comes from a erotic site called Femjoy that I don’t post much because they are very softcore.  They do however have super hot girls and amazing photography as well as erotic videos.  This isn’t the first time that Hayden has been on their site so if you want to see a bunch of content with her then definitely check out their site.

Rachel Massaged


Rachel Starr Dirty Masseur

Here is a brand new massage sex scene with Rachel Starr.  It’s from Brazzers part of their Dirty Masseur line.  The name of the scene is called Stranger Danger because Rachel requested that she get a girl to come and rub her down but Keiran knew about this hottie so he showed up and gave her the massage of her life.  Being a masseuse you know how to get a girl all kinds of horny and if you watch this video you might be able to make it happen in your real life!  Rachel Starr has one amazing ass and this video definitely features that booty so check it out today!

Lucy V’s Naturals


Lucy V Perfect Breasts

I love a nice set of tits and Lucy V definitely has some!  This is a girl who runs her very own site and I think you are going to like her a lot.  This gallery has her in some just everyday clothes but it’s funny how these type of clothes look so extra ordinary when they’re on a hot babe like Lucy V.  She ends up taking off her shirt so you can get a look at her perfect naturals which I am sure you all will be very happy about.

The Sweet Girl


Sweet Girl on Girls Do Porn

It looks like Girls Do Porn is even able to get sweet girls like this one into porn!  I don’t know her name but I did something weird with this video and that’s I watch the entire interview and that I have never done before!  This girl is one of those chicks that you could bring back to mom but you just can’t get her talking about sex because this girl loves it!  I mean she has pretty much tried everything and doesn’t hate any of it.  The sex scene is really good because of this and the fact that she is fucking the biggest dick that she has ever fucked.  One last awesome thing about this girl is that she has a Mom who is all about her being in a sex video can you believe that shit?

Surfs Up


Surfs Up GF Revenge

This is the new GF Revenge update it’s called Surfs Up.  I think it’s because this guy picks up a drunk chick on the beach and brings her back to his hotel room and bangs her.  I mean this girl looks like she is enjoying the drunk sex for sure.  The girl is wearing this super skimpy red bikini at the beginning of the video that just screams I am a whore and well with such a obvious whore on the beach it wasn’t long before someone picked her up and brought her home for a good bang.

Veronica Rodriguez


Teen Fidelity Veronica Rodriguez

Some girls just can’t get enough dick! Hot Latina babe Veronica Rodriguez loves getting fucked and loves the feeling of a big load of jizz deep in her pussy, so when she got to the Teen Fidelity house Ryan gave her just what she had been craving. He pounded that tight pussy with his huge cock and shot a big load inside her!

Cassie Lane


Cassie Lane white lingerie

Cassie Lane has some amazing curves…she’s not overweight by any stretch of the imagination, in fact she’s quite skinny, she just has a fantasic ass and some great legs that she shows off for Art Lingerie as she poses in her white panties, bra and stockings. If you’re a fan of beautiful women wearing next to nothing, this gallery is for you!

Big Tit Cam Girl


Monroe Lee big boobs

I don’t really know hot blonde bombshell Monroe Lee all that well but this looks like a pretty sweet site if her huge tits and round juicy ass are any indication! She pulls those enormous melons out of her tight haltertop and then turns around to shake that booty before dropping her panties to do some finger spelunking of her ass and pink pussy.

Jessie Volt


Jessie Volt Digital Desire

If you’ve seen one blonde you’ve seen em all, right? Wrong my friend…check out Jessie Volt on Digital Desire and you’ll see just how damn wrong you are! She is gorgeous as hell with a lovely face and skinny fit body that she flashes as she lifts up her shirt and drops her denim shorts. Looks like she’s a fan of plaid panties, but just wait til she gets fully nude!

Samantha Busty


Samantha on MC Nudes

Samantha is one of those real girl-next-door types, like the busty beauty you always admired from afar but were too chickenshit to approach. Well you’re in luck because MC Nudes is giving you the chance to see her nude body from head to toe, from her pretty face down past her huge lovely breasts all the way down to her tight shaved pussy, she’s yours to enjoy!

Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis

Can you guess who’s tits these are?  Well don’t read the title you fucking cheater!  That’s right these boobs belong to Ashton Kutcher… Err I mean they are attached to Mila Kunis but Ashton is all of up those according to the celebrity blogs.  The Drunken Stepfather just posted a sexy little gallery of Mila that she did for a magazine check it out, she has quite the body.

House Cleaner


Brooke Marks House Cleaner

In this nice little zip set gallery you get the chance to by a new zip that Brooke Marks just uploaded where she is cleaning a house naked.  I mean she gets everything wet and you can pretty much see all the goods including that mysterious pussy of hers.  Brooke is looking straight up like a model in this gallery I don’t know if it’s the lighting or what but man does she look hot.  In the end she has no clothes on at all and she having soap just run down her body.  There is a video that matches this zip set if you like what you see buy it, it’s only $20 bucks I think.

Token Of Love


Karina White Token Of Love

You guys get a nice little gallery from Nubile Films today called Token of Love.  These guys release some really good scenes to the public in a attempt to get them to join their site.  If any site is going to get you to join it will be this one because Karina White just knows how to please a man!  The name of this scene is Token Of Love and Karina’s tits are looking as gorgeous as ever and seeing this girl get fucked is fast becoming my favorite past time.  If you don’t want to see this full video in their members area I don’t know what will.

Natalie Heart


Natalie Heart Casting Couch X

Does anyone want to see the first scene that Natalie Heart (A.K.A Jaslene Jade) made?  It was for none other then Casting Couch X.  She went to this nude photoshoot thinking the only thing that she was going to do was show off her awesome tight pussy and her even more awesome perky tits.  Well the guy she was interview with actually works in porn and he had a different idea how to make this girl some money. So he talks her into making her first sex tape which he then goes on to show other studios and she becomes the star she is today.  If you think her pussy is tight now then you have to check out this scene because it’s before all the guys in the porn industry got to fuck her so it was nice and small.

Hot Luna


Adrianna Luna Babes Network

I mean I love me a exotic girl in a hardcore scene and that’s what Adrianna Luna is fulfilling for me!  The scene comes from a very erotic site called Babes Network so that’s a big plus if you know anything about them.  They have some of the highest quality content on the Internet with some of your favorite pornstars as well.  This scene is called Hot Luna because well she is just looking hot as fuck in this gallery.  So much so that this guy could barely hold his load once he got inside of that amazing Asian pussy of hers.  The scene is incredible from beginning to end and if you like the way this small video looks then you’re definitely going to watch to check out the full length feature.

Waking Up Baby


Waking Up From A Dream

Baby had a naughty dream so she woke up and started rubbing out a orgasm when her boyfriend caught her.  He wasn’t mad he just wanted in on the action and so they started having some morning sex.  The scene is from X Art and they called it “Waking Up From A Dream”.  This is kind of like couple sex, there isn’t anything to fancy just some missionary pussy pounding.  He flips her over to fuck doggystyle but that was a bad call because it felt so good that he popped really soon after fucking her.  He doesn’t pull out instead drops his seaman in that tight pussy that Baby has.

Naughty & Nice


Angelica Naughty and Nice XArt

Angelica from X Art plays both Naughty and Nice in this new episode from X Art.  The naughty parts of the video is where she gets naked and the dresses up in this sexy little black lingerie outfit.  You can also see the other one where she sits on her boyfriends face and has him eat her out until she cums all over his face.  She then becomes nice and at least turns around and has him keep eating her out but this time she returns the favor by sucking his cock.  The scene never actually turns into sex but just the exchange or oral sex, which I think is a first for X Art.

Anissa HD Love


Anissa Kate Perfect Pussy

I don’t usually post the same models on the same day but Anissa Kate has two amazing scenes and they must be seen! This one from HD Love called Perfect Pussy actually has nothing to do with that meaty pussy of hers which I would say is not so perfect.  As you can see this is another anal sex from Anissa it’s something she is good at and she does it all the time.  Proof being that there are two anal sex galleries of her today.  This is a brand new website and this is the newest scene, I have to be one of the first with it up so show me some respect and just click on this gallery and enjoy it.



Madison Amateur Allure

I don’t know what name Amateur Allure is calling this gorgeous model it’s either Maddy or Madison they use both the names in their members area.  No matter though because all you need to know is she has a banging body and she gets banged!  This girl loves to swallow cum, at the end of her scene she was still sucking on the stunt cock trying to get it hard again so she could go for another ride and another orgasm.  This girl looks familiar to me but I spent some time to try and find her and I just couldn’t so I am going to say that she is one of those real Amateurs that only Amateur Allure will have.  She looks sexy as hell in this little red dress don’t you guys think?  It’s very rare that I post a girl fully clothed but when you look this good you’re going to make it!

Summer Passion


Dani Jensen Summer Passion

This is the petite model of all petite models!  Her name is Dani Jensen she is actually a natural redhead but she dye’s it a little bit to make it that vibrant red.  This is a very erotic scene from Passion HD called Summer Passion that I just know you guys are going to love.  Dani Jensen has super small tits, but they are cute and you guys know that some people really dig this shit.  She has never looked better then she does in this gallery and if you watch the video I think you’re going to like it.  I don’t think there are going to find much better porn then Passion HD but that’s just me.

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