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Show Me Your Boobs


Show Me Your Boobs

It’s been a while since my last Public Pickups gallery so I thought I would share with you guys a very average looking chick maybe even below average but her tits are super amazing.  I did the best I could to cut out her face and just focus on those boobies.  In this gallery you get to see her titty fucking and then bent over and fucked doggystyle.  I won’t lie actually she has a great looking pussy too.  Public Pickups is a real site that features a guy going around some European country and picking up real girls off the streets by offering them a shitload of money.

Gia Steel


Gia Steel Babes Network

This is a gorgeous model named Gia Steel who is very easy on the eyes.  She is in a erotic sex scene for Babes Network called Mediterranean Couple.  I am going to take a guess here and say this guy is actually Gia’s boyfriend because well I haven’t seen him in any other Babes Network updates and that means he is new.  I guess we will find out as more updates come out from them if he doesn’t show up then it’s her boy toy.  The couple have amazing sex, it’s super hot and you just don’t find porn as good as this anywhere else on the Internet.

Christy Mack Fucks


Christy Mack Reality Kings

That is one plump ass and it belongs to a badass pornstar named Christy Mack.  She just has a perfect body with an amazing hour glass figure and a booty that just doesn’t quit.  That’s why Reality Kings got her to do a scene for their curvy women site Monster Curves.  The pictures in this gallery are definitely worth a look usually I know you guys just skip right to the video but I am telling you just check out some of the pics.  They did such a good job a capture her ass that I think you guys will agree that she has one of the best butts in porn right now.  During her sex scene she keeps on her super tight jeans for a bit just sliding the down to the guy has access to that meaty pussy of hers.



Niki Exploited College Girls

You get a nice little anal sex scene from Exploited College Girls today!  It’s with a super cute and exotic model named Niki.  She tells the guy who shoots the site that she loves anal but she only does it during special events.  I guess her first sex tape was special enough because that’s pretty much all she did in this update!  I don’t think he even asked he just gave her a bunch of orgasms using the toys he has at his house.  Once she is nice and horny from those orgasms he slides his dick in her ass and fucks away.  Niki keeps the vibrator on her pussy because that’s when anal sex really feels best.  He puts her in different positions giving her the rough sex she loves and just doesn’t get that much.



Krystal Backroom Casting Couch

This is a interesting Backroom Casting Couch scene because it kind of just stops abruptly at the end.  Rick thought it was a good idea to go through with a interview with this girl Krystal who told him before she showed up that she is on her period.  Well that didn’t stop him because he had a plan.  Rick wanted to do a purely anal sex scene with her and well Krystal was down.  She was down until Rick got balls deep in that ass and then it was just too much for her, she stops the scene and the tape is cut off!  You will never know what happened unless you are a member of Backroom Casting Couch and if that’s the case just read the description that Rick made for this update.

Young Passion


Presley Hart Young Passion

Presley Hart is about to take a nice big dick for a ride in this new episode from Joymii called Young Passion.  The pictures in this gallery are pretty hot but as always the video trumps it and is super erotic and everything you could hope for and more.  Joymii has been open for a nice long time now so if you haven’t checked out their tour in a while I suggest you do it today.  Joymii is a leader in the erotic porn niche and they just have so many hot models I can’t even explain to you!

Three Is A Crowd


Three Is A Crowd Dare Dorm

Check out these two college girls having there first threesome all while a bunch of their friends look on and drink!  These two girls are roommates and eat each other out on the reg but they decided to bring in a guy to fuck both of them so that they can win the $10,000 dollar prize that Dare Dorm gives out.  They take turns and then once the guy goes soft from all the people talking them start eating each other out.  The guy makes everyone leave so that he can get his nut off.  He pounds his girl doggystyle all while the other girl films.

Love The Funbags


Evi Fox Reality Kings

You know Evi Fox is super popular when she is already doing another update on Big Naturals.  I mean it hasn’t even been a month yet and she is already back on that Reality Kings site.  The video on this one is a little lame because you don’t get any hardcore action from the scene but in the pictures you can get a good idea of what is going down.  Evi Fox has a flawless body with big natural tits and a juicy Latin booty.  If you like her make sure to shop around on the site I am sending you to because it’s dedicated to just her.

Amber Cox Hunted


Amber Cox MILF Hunter

I tend to pick thumbs that show hardcore when the video is hardcore but this sexy little picture I just had to post!  I mean if you don’t want to see Amber Cox getting fucked I have no idea what is wrong with you but you should!  This scene is from Reality Kings for one of their mini sites called MILF Hunter.  I am pretty sure you all know about this site as it’s one of the most legendary sites known to man.  What I love about posting these galleries from these bigger sites is that you know that you can trust them just because if you couldn’t they wouldn’t have lasted as long as they have.

In White Lace


Natalia Starr White Lace

This is a new erotic video from Babes Network called In White Lace.  The girl starring in it is pretty new her name is Natalia Starr.  I mean she is so new that doesn’t even have a profile of her yet.  As you can probably tell by the title of the episode Natalia is all dressed up in super sexy white lingerie I love the stockings moved of all.  She has a great set of natural tits  that are not huge but they are like full you know what I am saying.  There is just something about seeing a girls natural tits flopping back and forth while she is being fucked doggystyle that makes me happy, is it just me?

Panty Dropper


GF Revenge Panty Dropper

This is one hot redhead!  She has a perfect round ass and she knows it because she sleeps in the sexiest little panties ever.  Have you guys ever noticed that girls with nice asses always wear hot panties?  I am starting to see the trend now.  Not only are her panties sexy though but they’re also crotchless!  I don’t know why her boyfriend even spend the time to get them off I would have just fucked her with them on.  This scene comes from GF Revenge the only site I know of that buys high quality homemade porn.  They don’t really mess around with that camera phone porn or anything like that.

Natasha Vega


Natasha Porn Fidelity

I don’t know if Natasha Vega here got a boobie job or not but I really love her tits.  They are great if they’re fakes which I think they are because I THINK I see scares around the nipples.  I mean honestly who cares though she is fucking hot.  This scene is from Porn Fidelity and you get to first see her having lesbian sex with the beautiful MILF Kelly Madison who runs this site with her husband Ryan.  He comes in after those two gave each other orgasms by eating each other out.  He then proceeds to fuck Natasha nice and hard, having sex in some pretty hot positions especially the one that you see pictured here.

Bailey Shaves Pussy


Bailey Knox Shaves

If you are a fan of Bailey Knox you know that she doesn’t show her pussy much if at all.  Well in this new zip set you get to see her shaving her hairy little pussy.  This girl has one hell of a body and a even better pussy trust me!  How a zip set works is that you down have to pay for a membership or anything like that you are just purchasing one thing and then your done.  In this case it’s a video and some pictures uncensored of course of Bailey shaving her pussy bald and it’s so damn hot you’re going to love it!

Natalie Evans


Natalie Evans Round and Brown

Check out this big booty black hoe named Natalie Evans riding dick in a scene from Round and Brown.  This girl has that ghetto booty and she knows how to work it, if you don’t believe me then just watch the video!  The whole entire time she is just on top getting after it and if I was this guy I would just keep her there until a got mine because it just can’t get any better then this.

Tight White Pants


White Pants Girls Do Porn

This girl comes on Girls Do Porn in this hot pink shirt and these white pants and I think any guy in his right mind would want to fuck her.  She is so damn hot and those natural tits of hers are just so perky and they’re a fucking D Cup!  I can’t even believe how perfect they are.  She has a tight vagina and amazing tan lines I really just can’t find anything wrong with this girl.  When she gives head she is like attacking the cock I mean straight up getting after it if you know what I’m saying!  The scene ends with her getting a facial I have a feel this isn’t her first time just from her interview I know she is quite a sexual girl.  I mean not many chicks can say they have had sex with two guys multiple times but she can!

Unforgettable View II


Unforgettable View Part II

I have another Addison gallery and it’s a continuation of the Unforgettable View I posted on the 7th.  This time it’s way better though because in Part II you get to see Addison fucking!  The sex is amazing but this guy just can’t quite bed ride Addison’s pussy to a orgasms so she has a idea and I bet the guy who is shooting for X Art suggest it as well.  He just loves to use that under water camera of his and I think it’s pretty hot I am not going to lie.  They go to the pool with the craziest view you have ever seen and then she gives him a handjob in the pool.  He just cums right in the pool and that is some cold hearted shit because you know they didn’t clean it up, so the people who rented this house after them swam in cum!

Evi Cheating


Evi Fox Naughty Americans

This is like all kinds of good because not only do I have a new site I want you guys to check out but also another video of the gorgeous Evi Fox!  Here is a sex tape she made while she was just starting out in porn.  She was cheating on her boyfriend at the time and took a cruise with a guy a filmed it to sell to Naughty Americans.  The sex tape is super hot and well that’s just because Evi here has one of the best bodies I can think of I mean she is exotic looking and her big natural tits are just stupid perfect.

Layla Lopez


Layla Lopez Naughty Americans

I wanted to show you guys this new site I found called Naughty Americans!  It’s like one of those ex girlfriend sites and the girls they have on their site are quite impressive!  This fine little g-string ass belongs to a girl named Layla Lopez and in the long video I have you can enjoy seeing her having sex with her boyfriend.  I don’t know if they’re still together but you can just tell they’re a couple by the way they fuck, it’s that sensual sex that you just don’t see in normal porn.

Jayden Cumlouder


Jayden Jaymes Cum Louder

One of Cumlouder’s features that I most like is the fresh way they do reality porn. A good example is this scene with Jayden James for Pornstar Fisher (the guys go fishing to catch pornstars in their spare time) because I already saw a lot of Jayden’s scenes but nothing so natural as on this scene. Jayden James doesn’t need a lot of make-up or a great location to do a great sex scene. She’s so beautiful, so hot and she enjoys her job so she just needs to be comfortable with the guy, although he scared her while she was sunbathing by the pool. Marco disturbs her but he wants to fuck her, he repays Jayden with a great massage. First it was Jayden who teased Marco but with the massage it’s Marco who is teasing Jayden and it takes effect because the busty brunette is horny and now she wants to taste his dick. Marco has had a good fishing day I would say.

Foursome S5 Ep.5


Playboy TV Foursome s5ep5

Here is a Foursome episode from Playboy TV for all of those who are scared to subscribe to the Playboy TV website or even through your cable provider.  Playboy TV seriously has some great tv shows and Foursome is probably one of my favorites.  In Season 5 Episode 5 you get to see one girl who isn’t a really big fan of the show because she walks out once these couples get together and start fucking, it just goes a little to far for her.  The Asian girl is by far my favorite she is petite and well just exotic looking just the way I like them.

Nikky & Nomi


Nikky Nomi In The Crack

This is a sexy little scene from In The Crack with two models with perfect asses and gorgeous naked bodies.  I want to know where this guy shoots all of his porn because some of the places are just amazing.  It looks like these guys are just shooting on a deserted island and look at that water!  You are only going to find pictures of In The Crack anywhere you go but that’s not because they don’t do videos, it’s just because they reserve videos for members only.  In The Crack has done a bunch of scenes with both these models so if you like either one make sure to check out her section when you become a member of their site.  I almost forgot to mention the names of these models it’s Nomi Melone and Nikky Thorne.

Super Jadis


Super Jadis Black GFs

This is a hot homemade sex tape from Black GFs they call the tape Super Jadis.  I would say this picture right here if you could go in the mind of this dark black girl it would be saying “I shouldn’t be making a sex tape with this guy” but guess what she did.  I mean she was his girlfriend at the time but it didn’t work out and now her sex tape is on the Internet.  I think she should have spent some extra time thinking this one through and thought if she really trusted this guy or not.  Well I hope she doesn’t really care because let me tell you girl you can fuck good, I mean real good!  You should probably become a pornstar because with a body like yours you could go far.

Anjelica Anal


Must Own Girl Anjelica

This is probably my favorite Wow Girls model her name is Anjelica.  You guys probably remember seeing the other scenes I posted of her because I tend to post a lot of her because well she’s fucking hot.  In this gallery called Must-Own Girl you get to see Anjelica enjoying some series anal sex!  She takes it in every position and as you can see she likes it deep in her butt while she rubs her pussy.  She ends up finishing the guy while she is on top still doing anal, it’s a incredible scene and I know you guys are going to love it.

Puma Swede


Puma Swede Porn Star Spa

This gorgeous porn star is Puma Swede and she is taking her turn at the Porn Star Spa a site made by Bang Bros.  She has been working out the body hasn’t she?!?  I mean she has to be at least 35 and she is just looking hot as hell just getting better with age I think.  She has a great hour glass body and seeing it getting all oiled up during her massage was actually enough for me!  But I know how much you guys just like to see the hardcore sex so don’t worry there is plenty of that in this video.

Busty Latina Fucked


Latina MyGF

You get a nice little homemade sex tape this morning from me and I hope I get a lot of thank emails!  This scene is from My GF and it features a gorgeous busty latina girl.  Those are not fake tits those are just super nice perky big tits.  The guy just sets down the camera on the night stand and fucks his girlfriend how he normally would and I think that’s what makes a good amateur sex tape.  There is a lot of scenes that My GF has that is POV and that shit is always really hard to watch because the guys holding the camera and total amateurs and they’re not to concerned with quality as it is filmed for their own eyes.  Well My GF ends up buying these tapes from people and that’s how we are able to watch them, so if you have a tape you want to sell to either get revenge or just make some money send it in and see if they give you a offer.

Amber Creampie


Amber Cox Creampie

You would be quite right if you think that is Amber Cox who has cum coming out of her pussy!  This is a scene from Big Tit Creampie a site you get access to if you are part of Bang Bros so that’s why this site is sending you there.  This is one of those model dedicated blogs I always send you guys to because I think if you like the model then you can spend some time looking at her other scenes.  This is the second one she has done for Bang Bros if you missed her Blowjob Friday scene you can check that out as it’s her first one with them.

Jada Pink Fishnets


Jada Stevens Ass Parade

This guy had no time to take off Jada Stevens pink fishnets so he just ripped them!  This comes from Bang Bros butt worship site called Ass Parade.  If you are not familiar with this site that you are not a big butt lover!  The site I am sending to you not only has this video but you also get to see a ton of other scene that Jada Stevens has done! Jada is one of those pornstars that just gets better with age and I think her butt might be getting more round I don’t know what it is! She has been around for so long but man is her porn still just straight up amazing.

Rachel Starr


Rachel Starr PAWG

I knew it was going to happen the most famous ass I can think of Rachel Starr is finally on PAWG!  This gallery has Rachel doing a lot of booty shaking and because she has been in porn for so long and been known for her ass she can do it very well.  She can even shake her ass while fucking, that’s how skilled this gorgeous pornstar is.  The site is from Bang Bros so when you join their site and get in the members area you can view their “mini” sites, sites like PAWG here.

Nikki Benz


Nikki benz mr anal

She’s got blonde hair, brown eyes, big round titties, pouty lips and an ass that is just begging to be stretched around a big fat cock! She’s Nikki Benz and she’s the featured victim…er…model in the latest update from Mr Anal! I can’t believe she took that enormous dick so deep in her fire door, can you? I guess she got pretty warmed up with fingers and toys but man, she was a trooper when that big dick started banging her ass before cumming all over her. It’s a hot hardcore update and features lots of dick sucking, boob bouncing and of course ass fucking, so check it!

Whipped Cream


Gfrevenge cream of the crop

I don’t know the name of this knockout brunette but maybe that’s for the best…I mean a girl is this hot and her boyfriend not only breaks up with her, he also shares the video of them fucking in the kitchen with the whole internet via GF Revenge? She must have done something pretty bad…it’s nice to watch her though from the safety of a monitor as she plays with some whipped cream, gets her shaved pussy eaten out and sucks cock before getting bent over and fucked from behind with a great view of her sexy ass!

Tiffany in blue


Tiffany Thompson on Twistys

What can be said about Tiffany Thompson that hasn’t been said a billion times already? Well who cares if it’s a repeat phrase, she’s hot as hell! Tiffany is seriously one of the most gorgeous girls in the adult scene right now and in this Twistys update you get to see her in a blue dress and black stockings while she strips down and gets naked. Winning!

Chloe Miranda


Chloe Miranda for Playboy

Gorgeous blonde cybergirl Chloe Miranda looks like she’s acting out a secretary fantasy in this update from Playboy…she’s stripping down in an executive office, showing off her great butt and asking if her boss needs her to take a letter! Cancel my afternoon appointments, Chloe.

Tiffany Thompson


Tiffany Thompson twistys

Gorgeous face, perky titties, perfect ass, insatiable horniness…yep, must be Tiffany Thompson! The brunette stunner heats up the camera in this solo update from Twistys as she masturbates her shaved pussy in the great outdoors, closing her eyes as she fingers that majestic hole and even slips a finger in the back door. Naughty girl!

Tiffany Toth


Tiffany Toth on Playboy

Now this is a hot Playboy update! Gorgeous blonde sexpot Tiffany Toth shows off her big full titties, beautiful round ass and of course her stunning face as she poses in and out of some slinky lingerie. She’s gorgeous nude or clothed and Playboy has captured every inch of her in these hot photos!



Nikki casting couch x

Sexy, honry blonde Nikki has been dying for a chance to prove she’s got what it takes to make it big in the porn business, and this is her big opportunity! She’s gone to the offices of Casting Couch X to get some camera time and to satisfy her desire for a good hard fucking at the same time, and man did she get what she wanted and then some. This girl has nipples that will poke your eyes out and a butt that just won’t quit as she mounts the casting director for a nice long fuck session in this hardcore update!

Pledgers Eat Pussy


Haze her pledgers eat pussy

These sexy sorority pledges will do just about anything to become full Sisters, and on Haze Her you get to see exactly what they have to go through! In this episode entitled Pledgers Eat Pussy these sexy freshman college girls are stripped down to their birthday suits and forced to eat out each others pussy with cherries shoved in their asses…crazy, right? They’ll do it without argument if they want in, and the whole thing is on video! They get lesbian on each other and fuck some blowup dolls while getting called dirty little whores by the full Sisters but if they want to sit at the cool kids’ table they better put out and shut up.


FTV Abigail


Ftv girls abigail

This is Abigail, a hot 23 year old brunette from FTV Girls who loves staying fit…this was her first foray into the world of softcore adult entertainment and to make her comfortable, FTV asked her to do some things she loved doing in her day to day life so she chose exercise! In this gallery we get to see her in her tight and stretchy spandex workout outfit, doing squats and leg lifts and generally staying good and toned to keep that hot body of hers in top shape. There’s more to her than just working out though, and after she’s done working up a sweat she pulls off her little shorts and plays with her tight pussy in a hot masturbation scene!

Ivana Miss Me Not


Xart ivana miss me not

Tossing and turning in bed with thoughts of her absent lover, Ivana decides the only way she’ll ever get any rest is if she relaxes and what better way to relax than by a nice masturbation session caught by the X-art cameras? Her hands slide between her thighs and touch her pussy, sending pulses of pleasure up through her body as she thinks back to when she and her man last fucked on that bed. As her breathing quickens and she gets closer to orgasm her eyes close and she gasps in ecstasy, thrusting her hips to meet the touch of her fingers and as she finally cums with a shuddering gasp she knows exactly what she’s going to do with her lover as soon as he’s back from his trip! This hot solo update is entitled Miss Me Not and it is truly not to be missed.


Parking Lot Porn


Latina sex tape parking lot porn

This hot Latina babe just can’t get enough cock…she couldn’t even wait til they got back to the hotel room to slip a dick between her lips in this hot hardcore update from Latina Sex Tape! You get a little parking lot porn as she gets her titties out and sucks that cock before they get back to the room and really get down to business. She spreads her thighs and takes his throbbing meat wand deep inside her shaved pussy as she moans her way to orgasm, and it’s all on film for us to enjoy again and again.

Baby & Susie


Xart then they were three baby susie

Beautiful blondes Susie and Baby were hanging out together brushing their hair when they both started feeling a little frisky…these two hotties started kissing and making out and stripping out of their clothes, eating pussy and getting more and more turned on, and then they were three. This lucky guy shows up and figures that fucking both these hotties is the way to go, and I can’t say I blame him! He slides his hard cock into soft warm mouths and tight warm pussies one after the other in this sexy hardcore X-art update, finally getting a big load sucked out in a magnificent finish to a hot threesome scene.


Jada Stevens


Jada Stevens hardcore workout

After Jada Stevens finishes her workout she’s ready to shower and head home to relax in front of the TV, right? Wrong my friend…she’s ready to get a rubdown from her personal trainer, then pull his cock out and fuck him senseless in a hot hardcore Brazzers video clip! She even spreads those cheeks and takes him in the backdoor for some nice anal action, check it out.

Jynx Maze


Jynx Maze brazzers

In this hot video from Brazzers, lovely brunette Jynx Maze is positively dripping after getting so turned on from a nice oily rubdown! She just can’t wait to grab her masseuse’s dick and fuck him hard, giving herself her own happy ending right there on the massage table in a hot update entitled My Neck My Back.

Bianca Divine Breasts


Divine Breasts bianca

Bianca is all dressed up to do some firefighting but it looks like she’s bringing the heat herself as she shows off a pair of mind-blowingly enormous titties! Those boobs are truly huge, so if you’re the kind of guy who loves burying his entire head between two big tits you should do yourself a favor and check this gallery from Divine Breasts.

Christy Lynn


Christy Lynn on Nubiles

Nubiles loves bringing you hot updates featuring petite beautiful women, and Christy Lynn is no exception! This bubbly blonde has the cutest little petite boobies and a magnificent ass, and she’s more than happy to share both with you in this hot photo set, not to mention her tight pink bald pussy as she spreads her thighs.

Cindy Starfall


In The Crack Cindy Starfall

Asian hottie Cindy Starfall looks like she’s having the time of her life as she shows off for In The Crack, pulling up her little black skirt and yanking her panties off to give you a better view of the goods. It looks like she just got back from having her pussy and ass waxed or something, maybe that’s why she’s so smily!

Rihanna You and Me


Babes me and you rihanna

Beautiful Rihanna Samuel meets up with her lover for what she calls a little you and me time, which in normal language means “Hey, let’s get together and fuck like crazy”! Sometimes a girl’s just gotta get that pussy worked, know what I mean? In this update from the Babes network Rihanna gets what she wants and then some, getting her shaved pussy eaten out and sucking cock and of course mounting up like a knight on a warhorse galloping to the fray, only instead of fighting it’s hot hardcore fucking.



Amateur allure alice

Beautiful young brunette Alice was friends with Madison, one of the Amateur Allure models, who told her how much fun it was shooting with the site, so Alice just had to give it a try herself! I’m awful glad she did, too…she’s cute as hell with a skinny petite body that looks like it would break in half if you fucked her hard but man she takes a big hard cock in the mouth and in that tight pussy and looks like she’s rarin for more! Check out this hot update, she crawls on her hands and knees just begging to get that hole rammed doggystyle and it looks like her costar had the same thought.



Bang bus chloe

This cute petite blonde is named Chloe and she’s the latest passenger on the Bang Bus! This site (part of the Bang Bros network) takes hot amateur babes on board and goes for a drive while they go for a ride, in more ways than one. Chloe strips down and takes her fellow passenger’s cock in her mouth before stuffing it in her tight pussy, fucking him like crazy as they tool around the streets past tons of unsuspecting people. Chloe handles the corners like a champ, fucking the guy hard until he busts a nut all over her pretty face.


Unforgettable View


X-art unforgettable view addison

Sometimes a girl just has to spend a little time alone and explore herself…in the case of Addison, she chose to do it while wearing a bikini and sitting in a spot with an unforgettable view! The best view though is the one we’ve got of Addison herself as she pulls her bikini bottoms aside to masturbate with her eyes closed in ecstasy. As she rubs her pussy and nears orgasm she doesn’t realize she has an audience, a mysterious man who watches her from a distance…but not for long! I have the feeling we’ll be seeing a Part 2 for this X-art update pretty soon.


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