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Mika Does Anal


Mika Anal Amateur Allure

Not only is this a special gallery because Mika is back on Amateur Allure and it’s a Halloween update but it’s really special because she does anal!  I think this is like the second anal scene that Amateur Allure has ever done.  The only one I can remember is when Trinity St. Claire did anal.  Mika here is a perfect girl to do anal because you can just look at that amazing perfect pussy of hers as she is being fucked in the ass.  This video is way different from most Amateur Allure scenes because they are into the Halloween spirit so it’s super dark and the music in the background is kind of creepy.  I have to say I kind of liked the lighting in this update I think the should do it more.

Anissa Creampie


Anissa Kate Creampie

I think you can pretty much depend on our site always posting Anissa Kate galleries as she is probably the hottest Latina in porn right now.  This scene comes from Bang Bros who happens to be one of our favorite sites as well.  The scene was shot for Big Tit Creampie so you get to see Anissa fucking this guy until he cum inside of that sweet pussy of hers.  I say Anissa is a Latina but she is actually French but man I don’t know what French girls look like but they definitely don’t look like Anissa to me I could be wrong.  I just think she like grew up in France or something because there is just no way she doesn’t have some kind of Spanish in her you know!  For all those big tit lovers out there this girl is going to be your new favorite just watch the video!

Casana Lei


Casana Lei Casting Couch X

This is one damn hot picture is it not!  Too bad I don’t have any in the gallery just a video but that’s what you all want to see anyways.  This girls name is Casana Lei and this is the first sex scene she ever shot for a casting company that finds adult models.  They just opened up their own site though called Casting Couch X.  I think after you guys see this video you are going to check out the tour because well it’s just a straight up dope site.

Stevie’s Love


Stevie Shae Babes Network

Stevie Shae‘s love looks like it is worth trying to get after seeing this very erotic scene from Babes Network.  She has just an amazing set of natural tits they are full and perky I don’t know how else to explain them.  She keeps her mans shirt on during the whole fuck I think they did that to cover her tattoo’s I could be wrong.  I am not a tattoo hater when it comes to Stevie because she pulls off that badass chick thing, and I like a bad girl.

Just A Sweater


Cam With Carmen Sweater

I don’t think there is a hotter cam girl on the Internet then Cam With Carmen here.  She has the most perfect natural tits.  So perfect that a buddy of mine swore that they where fake and after looking at videos and pictures he finally believed me that they were real.  I mean just look at this picture at here and see how they are hanging you can just tell they’re real!  Cam With Carmen is wearing no panties in this picture gallery and this cute little knit sweater with no bra underneath.  She never shows you her pussy but she does let her tits fall off so you get almost everything you want.

Pattycake The Zombie


Sexy Pattycake Zombie

I bet you guys didn’t think you would find a zombie attractive.  Me either, I don’t know how I feel about it.  Sexy Pattycake probably just lives for Halloween because during the year she has so many different costumes that she wears it’s like she is just trying them out for the big day.  This year she decides to be a sexy zombie and the little mini skirt with the black thong was a good call if you ask me.  The skirt is so stiff that when she bends over it just flips up so you can view that bubble butt that we have all come to love.

Bang U


Dylan Ryder Bang U

I bet you that this series on Playboy TV got canceled because the theme of it just kind of sucks.  I do however like seeing Dylan Ryder fuck because this pornstar is fucking hot!  She is pretending to just have moved to Ohio to go to school and she runs into this dick who is just straight up mean to her but somehow that does it for Dylan.  She ends up getting naked and fucking him right there on the golf cart, Dylan fucking actually might save this show now that I think about it.



Amber Backroom Casting Couch

I told you guys last week that Rick got kicked out of his office so this weeks episode of Backroom Casting Couch takes place in a hotel!  I don’t know how Rick was able to make Amber believe that this is how talent agents do their interviews but he did it.  She must have had some idea that she was going to be banging because I mean the hotel room is a dead give away.  Amber seems like a very innocent girl she has a cute look and I am loving the glasses.  She never tried anal before but Rick was able to talk his way into that virgin butt and man did he like it.  This girl is a good fuck and has a great set of natural perky tits that have a lot of bounce to them as she is being fucked, just watch the video.

Rachel MILF Soup


Rachel Starr MILF Soup

The beautiful and always sexy Rachel Starr is on another scene of MILF Soup and it once again is a stunning scene.  I can’t believe we consider Rachel Starr a MILF now but I guess she has been in porn long enough that eventually she has to be.  Rachel still stays in the gym though because that ass of hers hasn’t lost a beat.  This gallery is extra nice because there is a ton of sexy pictures of her as well as a nice long video where you get to enjoy seeing her pussy given a seriously pounding.  I mean SERIOUS!

Dani Daniels Fucks


Dani Daniels Hot Pepper Passion HD

How many times have we watched a video with Dani Daniels getting her pussy eaten out or licking some other girls pussy?  Well she is still getting that twat licked as you can see in this picture but now she has guys doing it!  I guess she just need a meat stick in that sweet pussy of hers.  This is the second hardcore scene that she has done by my count, that number isn’t accurate problem but I feel like I got my ear to the street when it comes to Dani Daniels hardcore.  This scene comes from Passion HD and is called Hot Pepper.  I feel like it shows how hot of a model Dani is because usually it takes a model a while to be a Passion HD girl but she did it in her second hard video!

Leigh Anne Pinnock


Leigh Anne Pinnock upskirt

OK I’ll bite, who the hell is Leigh Anne Pinnock? Hang on while I look her up. OK, I’m back…she’s apparently a singer in a band called Little Mix from the UK, kind of like the Spice Girls I guess? Anyway in this paparazzi upskirt shot you get a little glimpse of her panties so if you’re a big fan of that band I guess you might find it kind of titillating.

Pussy Prepping


GF Revenge Pussy Prepping

There is “the walk of shame” and I think there should be “the shower of shame”.  The shower of shame is when a girl gets a little to much cum on herself and instead of just whiping it off she is like I have to take a shower.  This girl is doing exactly that after she let her boyfriend fuck her in the bathroom while filming it all.  When he first walks in and films her Pussy Prepping it seems like she is super pissed and if she would have just stayed pissed she would have never ended up on GF Revenge.  This sex tape never would have happened, I guess it’s a lesson learned but I am glad it took this sex tape for her to learn it.

Julias Room


Julia for Domai

Lovely and exotic Julia invites you up to her bedroom in this hot Domai photoshoot…so get going, ya goof! She’s hot as hell and is wearing nary a stitch of clothing, showing off her tight bald pussy and those sexy perky little titties of hers. What’s that you say? You’re an ass man? Well I’ve got some good news, buster; Julia’s packing a hell of a butt back there too.

Crawling To You


crawling to you Skokof

I’m not really familiar with this site called Skokof but apparently they recruit new amateur talent and share it with the world, which is something I heartily approve of! This hot gallery is entitled Crawling to You and features a sexy blonde showing off a great nude body all stretched out on the studio floor…she’s got long beautiful legs, big sexy natural tits and a great ass, so check it on out!

Blonde Teen Grace


18 and Busty Grace

18 and Busty never disappoints with photos of hot teen honeys with big ol titties and this gallery featuring blonde hottie Grace is no exception! She shows off her cute magenta bra with lace and polka dots before losing the bra and letting those huge boobs out to play! She might develop some back problems later on in life but for now she’s just hot as hell with big tits, good looks and a fun attitude.

Busty Girls Clubbing


Real Girls gone bad clubbing

Real Girls gone bad is a site that shows hot real amateur girls getting freaky and this gallery is a good example of that! These are all shots of amateur girls in a club getting into the music and dancing their asses off so hard they get hot and sweaty and just have to peel off their shirts, showing off some big amazing boobs…luckily for us this guy was there with his camera to cover the whole thing.

Deep Red


Alexis Ford Pure Mature

This is a the new Pure Mature scene that just came out with Alexis Ford.  It’s called Deep Red and I have no idea why they call it that but I can tell you this is some seriously passionate sex.  Just check out how sexy she looks at the beginning of the scene and towards the end you can see she has been working to make this guy cum for quite some time.  I love Pure Mature because you just don’t see this kind of sex on any other site because most of these erotic sites don’t have on hot pornstars like Alexis.

Alexis Ford in Creamy Treat by Pure Mature



Kelly Divine PAWG

I have another awesome PAWG scene for you guys this is once again starring Kelly Divine who is like the epitome of a Phat Ass White Girl if you ask me!  This isn’t her first PAWG scene though and if you missed that one you have to check it out too because she does anal in that one too!  Kelly Divine takes a big dick up that fat round ass of hers know problem which isn’t a surprise because that thing has a lot of room in it I imagine.  Kelly Divine is definitely the pornstar I think of when I think fat round asses and that’s why I love her and I suspect you guys will too.



Mandie Reality Kings

It has never taken me as long as it took me to make this Reality Kings gallery.  I was posting it no matter what because this Latina model is seriously stupid hot!  Then when I looked at the pictures and stuff I was like I have seen this model Mandie before and that’s what took so long.  I searched this site up and down trying to figure out where it had been and then I figured it out!  She is Mandy from Exploited College Girls!  That felt so good once I figured it out.  I don’t know if this scene is better then that amateur sex scene but it’s definitely higher quality.  I am a sucker for a amateur scene so you can see what I think but I will leave it up to you guys to be the judge.

Jenna Rose


Jenna Ross Babes Network

I would like to share with you this passionate gallery from Babes Network.  It stars a gorgeous model name Jenna Ross or sometimes she goes by Jenna J. Ross.  The scene is called Upskirt because these two do not take the time to get Jenna completely naked just lefting up her skirt and fucking on the couch as you see here.  The video is short but the quality is amazing, it gives you a taste of what it would be like to be a member of their site.



Stacey Casting Couch X

Here is a amateur from Casting Couch X the only reason I think she is one is because well I haven’t seen her anywhere else.  She seems super nervous during the interview but she does know that she is making a adult video today.  She said that she wanted to keep it low profile so nobody found about but it looks like she wanted to keep it so low profile that she didn’t make another sex tape after this one!  I am pretty stoked that she made one at least because this girl is a knock out and seeing her fucking it a behind the scene kind of way is just what the doctor ordered.

Abella Porn Star Spa


Abella Anderson Porn Star Spa

Our dry streak is over!  It’s like we are getting laid after not getting any for 5 months.  Abella Anderson is in a brand new scene and it’s for one of my favorite massage sites called Porn Star Spa.  The best part about these scenes is when the girl gets on top and rides the guys dick on the massage table.  Riding dick is hot always with any girl but when you have a big round ass like Abella Anderson here it’s like watching Picasso paint it’s a work of art, it’s just where she belongs.

Roc & Shay Oil Fuck


Roc Shay Oil Fuck

This is the new update from Roc and Shay.  They are one of those couples that make their own sex tapes and put them up on the Internet.  This one Roc oils up Shay fat roun dass and then he bangs her right there on the floor.  I guess that really can’t go anywhere else because that’s where they put the tarp down.  Shay takes her turn on top and then gets banged doggystyle until Roc cums.

In It To Win It


Dare Dorm In It To Win It

I don’t know which girl is the one who had the idea to win the $10,000 prize from Dare Dorm but whoever it was she was in it to win it!  There are like 6 different girls in this scene I am pretty sure at least all of them flash a tit or something along those lines.  Then you have three girls who end up going down on each other and this hot blonde who fucks her boyfriend on camera.  If I had to bet who is the one who sold the tape I would say it was the girl who fucked because she has the most to lose after all so she deserves it.  You also get a cute black girl at the end of this tape giving one of the guys at the party some head and letting him try some black pussy for the first time.

Loves Head


Love Head Girls Do Porn

Now that I think about it this girl might have been being sarcastic when she said her favorite part of her Girls Do Porn video was giving head for 1 hour.  I am going to pretend though that she just really liked it because I am pretty sure that is a dream of every guys.  To have a girl who just wants to sit there and suck your dick for a hour that seems pretty magical if you ask me!  She is suppose to be “giving head girl” and I put up a picture of her getting a vibrating butt-plug in her ass, great job I know but whatever it’s a hot part of the video.



Valeria Photodromm

This is Valeria from Photodromm and she is incredible!  She has a awesome body nice and fit with big round hard fake tits that I like I know some of you are going to stick your nose up at that.  This site Photodromm is really good if you just like to see hot nude babes.  Valerie is naked from the start just wearing these high heels that I think go good against that perfect tan skin of hers.  She is kind of exotic looking so much so that I am not even going to take a stab at what ethnicity she is.

DP Fantatics 2


Ashley Fires DP Fantatics 2

Are you guys ready to see some of your favorite pornstars getting DP’d!  This new DVD that Elegant Angel put out is where you are going to find that.  The DVD stars Anissa Kate, Holly Michaels, Ashley Fires (who is pictured here) and Ava Addams.  I just have a trailer for you guys because I didn’t want to have to find a scene for each one of these girls but it’s nice and long so that should make up for it I would think.

Asa Akira Anal


Asa Akira Mr Anal

I thought for sure that Asa Akira had been on Mr. Anal before but I searched the site and couldn’t find it.  I think it’ s just because you see Asa doing a lot of anal in all the scenes she is it.  She is just one of those pornstars that takes the dick in the ass like a champ.  This scene is a really good one but all anal scenes but Asa Akira are dope.  She just starts off showing off that plump round booty of hers and then gets worked into the mood of having anal sex by getting her ass licked.  Once there is proper lubrication the guy goes to pounding that sweet Asian ass pretending like it’s her pussy not going slow or anything, you can just tell he doesn’t take anything off his “pounding”.

Audrey Bitoni


Audrey Bitoni Passion HD

I got a Italian goddess for you guys her name is Audrey Bitoni.  If you don’t know of her then you have been missing out let me tell you!  Audrey has curves for days and these stupid big tits that are fake but they really do look great on her thick frame.  In this brand new scene from Passion HD called Warm Lover you get to see Audrey like you have never seen her before and that’s in a sensual hardcore scene that you will only find on glamcour sites.

Lily Love Big Naturals


Lily Love Reality Kings

I got a gorgeous babe for you guys her name is Lily Love.  If you are a fan of porn at all you will know about her because this girl is banging!  Lily has a set of perfect natural tits and a perfect pussy that matches up with those boobies very well.  As you can see this is a hardcore scene for Reality Kings for one of their sites Big Naturals.  Lily definitely fits into that category wouldn’t you guys say?  I have been missing this girl and now that I have watch this entire video that thirst has been quenched.

A Day To Remember


Baby X Art Day To Remember

I have A Day To Remember for you guys and that day is today I guess.  This is the day you saw a new model by the name of Baby fucking on the world famous X Art site!  She is fucking on a boat somewhere very romantic and the sex reflects that location.  The guy pounds her in the big spoon position until he is just about to cum.  He tells Baby that he is cumming and she reaches down and pulls his cock out so he can spread is cum all over her rock hard abs.

Teal Conrad


Teal Conrad Casting Couch X

I have for you guys Teal Conrad in a casting couch video from Casting Couch X.  She goes to this interview knowing that this is the first time she will be fucking on tape and well I think she impresses.  Teal Conrad rides dick like her lively hood depends on it and from the sounds of it she really did need the money she was getting after the interview.  If you guys just like seeing amateur girls in casting couch videos that I would still check out this site because they too have a lot of first time pornstars who decided after they shot this tape that it wasn’t for them.



Jillian Exploited College Girls

I know I just did a update from Exploited College Girls but I had to get this girl out as soon as I could!  Her name is Jillian and she is definitely beautiful am I wrong or am I wrong.  She gets fucked by a Rabbit one of those toys that has a vibrator for the click as well as a dildo for the g-spot.  The guy from Exploited College Girls fucks her with it giving her the best orgasm she has ever had because according to her own words she never masturbates with toys.  Once he does that her pussy is just dripping wet and you know what you have to do to a wet pussy, that’s right fuck it.

Alex Chance


Alex Chance reampie

Here is the new update from East Coast XXX and he has back Alex Chance.  Alex is a sexy BBW type of girl with huge natural tits and a nice tight pussy.  Unlike last time he is giving her a creampie instead of just cumming on her tits.  I would say it’s a better scene but it’s really just to each his own you know what I am saying.  East Coast XXX has a lot of hot girls on their site some famous like Alex and some not but either way it’s worth a look.

Porno Side Job


Ava Addams Brazzers

Check out this Brazzers scene with the gorgeous Ava Addams.  She is Jordan’s teacher in this fantasy and Jordan found out that his teacher has a porno side job.  As he is checking out the pictures he gets caught by Ava.  This is a porn though so it works out in his favor and Ava gives him just want he wants a look at her perfect natural tits and to bang that hot MILF pussy of hers.

Mira X Art


Mira Poolside X Art

This is a hot little gallery that you guys should check out.  It’s Mira again pretty much in the same place she did her last scene for X Art.  This time though it’s way better because you get to see her fucked and fucked HARD!  Mira is a brand new girl to X Art and like a lot of their models you are only going to find her fucking and posing naked for their site.  I want to remind you guys that X Art is the one who pioneered the glamcour niche so make sure to show your respect.

Amber Cox


Amber Cox Latina Sex Tapes

You are very close to seeing Amber Cox in her very first sex tape!  It was shot for Latina Sex Tapes a site you get access to when you join the Mofos Network of sites.  Amber is pretty freaking hot is she not just from this one picture you see that gorgeous face of hers and those big natural tits that in itself is going to get me to like her!  Then you watch the video and see how good she is at having sex and you will most certainly fall in love with this Latina.

Alba Zapata


Alba Zapata

I just can’t help but post all these extremely hot babes that BabeUnion is posting.  Beware though when you go to this gallery a chick is totally going to be talking over her webcam you can just press the ‘X’ in her little box and she will go away.  This models name is Alba Zapata and as you can see she is blessed in the butt and the face!  her tits are not that big but that still doesn’t take away from the fact of just how beautiful and exotic she is.  I hope you enjoy, and if you want to see more really hot babes just search around that site.

Light Up


Julia Ann Pure Mature Light Up

I don’t really know why Pure Mature named this scene “Light Up” I mean that phrase sounds like we should be dealing with weed or something along those lines.  I guess it could be all the candles in the background or something…  In this scene the only thing that gets lit up is Julia Ann’s MILF pussy that’s about it!  I love this part of the movie when she has her legs wrapped around him and he is just pounding her missionary.  There are some many good parts though and I am sure if you watch the video you will find one as well.

Dillon Harper


Dillon Harper Amateur Allure

If I know anything about Amateur Allure members (I do I am a member) I think they are going to demand to have more scenes shot with Dillon Harper here!  She does an amazing job in this her first scene and man I don’t think she has ever looked better.  Her make-up is great and those tits of hers just a perfect are they not.  They’re like big but super perky as well I wonder if she can keep those things perky her whole life!  I mean it definitely helps that she is only 19 years old, around like 35 or something that perkiness just has to wear off.  Anyways enjoy seeing her swallow two different cumshots and fuck and suck like all Amateur Allure scenes.

Melody Does Anal


Melody Jordan Anal Exploited College Girls

This is a scene from Exploited College Girls with a girl named “Rachel”.  I watch way to much porn so I know her name is actually Melody Jordan and that’s rare because I am going to be honest and Exploited College Girls usually has girls that are exclusive to their site.  Melody though is not.  In this scene though you get something that is pretty exclusive because you get to see Melody having a anal orgasm.  You might think that the anal orgasm is a myth for girls but just watch this video and tell me that Melody is lying about it!  I know she isn’t you can just see her body quivering as she has it, it’s the real deal.

Abby Is Sexy


sexy abby we like to suck

They call her Sexy Abby and in about two seconds you’ll see why…she’s gorgeous and has an amazing body, and she loves having a nice hard cock between her lips! I guess that’s why she headed to this site called We Like to Suck, she fit the bill and it sounded like fun so in she went, licking her lips in anticipation!

Alli Marie


Alli Marie for Playboy

Playboy presents another beauty in this hot update…this time it’s lovely brunette Alli Marie in her pink top and sexy see-through black panties, sensually stripping down and showing that she’s got what it takes to rock your socks right off your feet. Just look at the perfect round ass and I think you’ll be convinced too!

Sexy Coed Selfpics


Russian amateur

This Russian brunette might have the eyebrows of a supervillain but has a hot and sexy body as she sets up her camera to take some amateur self shot photos to send to the web! I don’t know if she’s trying to break into the adult world or just has an exhibitionist streak but man I hope it continues. It’s always refreshing to see a totally amateur girl showing off a naturally sexy body without camera tricks or heavy makeup or anything like that!



Alluring Vixens Nikki

Nikki is a blonde hottie who looks like she’s almost more trouble than she’s worth…you know, how you can sometimes just tell a girl is totally high-maintenance? Well Nikki has that look to her but man she is just too damn gorgeous to turn down as she poses in the jungle for Alluring Vixens wearing her sexy leopard print bikini.

Cute Lesbians


Lesbians on Sex Art

I love the sight of a couple of drop dead gorgeous girls getting naked together and exploring their lesbian fantasies, and I’m sure you do too! In this update from Sex Art we see these two stunners out in the garden on a sheet getting to know each others bodies intimately with fingers, lips and tongues. They’re hot as hell and get exponentially hotter when they’re entwined together!



Kennedy Casting Couch X

I keep meaning to post more and more of these Casting Couch X scene for you guys because I know how much you like them.  You know how I said that they have both pornstars and amateur girls well Kennedy here is one of those amateurs.  I don’t know why she decided that she didn’t want to get into porn but she decided not to and now the only sex scene you will ever see of her is this one.  She has a banging body and a nice ass from the looks of how much “junk” this guy is grabbing.  The video I have for you is one of those super long ones so much sure to skip if you want to get to the ending because it will sure take you a while if you just sit there and wait.

Be A Good Girl


Nicole Aniston Be A Good Girl

This update from Tonight’s Girlfriend is a continuation from the last update she did where she dressed up in a cheerleader costume.  This one though it’s the same guy and he wants her to just be submissive.  He is not talking like chains and rough sex kind of stuff he just wants her to be the good girl who will do whatever the guy wants just to please him.  I feel like that’s how Nicole Aniston normally is so it wasn’t really hard for her to play that “part”.



Connie Carter Babes Network

I have for you a gorgeous babe her name is Connie Carter and many of you will probably be like no that’s Josephine or just plain Connie and well you guys are right as well.  This model has gone by some many different names I have no idea what to call her.  I will say that Babes Network is the first site to give her both a first and a last name so that’s something if you ask me.  Connie is seriously just drop dead gorgeous she has a nice thick body with just a perfect tight pussy and amazing natural tits, you guys are going to love this girl.  Babes Network does a great job in all of her porn and you may notice that their videos just seem higher quality then everyone else on this site and well that’s just true.

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