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Pleasures Of The Flesh


Melody Jordan Babes Network

In Melody Jordan’s first Babes Network scene you get to see her orgasm from getting her pussy eaten it’s so hot I can’t even explain it!  The name of the scene is Pleasures of the flesh and Melody definitely knows how to pleasure a guy, I mean I have seen some of her past work.  I just love this girl cause she has a nice thick round booty beautiful full natural tits and she is a natural redhead!  I mean redheads are hard to come by you know especially ones that are as horny as Melody Jordan.  I would say that redheads are usually a little hornier then most girls but this girl takes it to another level trust me.

Awaken To Passion


Madison Ivy Awake To Passion

I don’t know about you guys but have you ever got the wake up in the middle of the night and fuck me sex?  Well it’s the best kind and that’s what Madison Ivy is doing in this newest scene from Passion HD.  You get to see this curvy petite pornstar riding dick like she wants it because well she does she woke this guy up in the middle of the night for it!  I probably missed the part in this episode where Madison was drinking all night with her friends and cam back and was horny so she woke up her man.  I mean that would be more like a real life story or something.



Sin Show Girlz Exclusive

This is from a update Show Girlz Exclusive did called ShowGirlz Latina 2.  They always have these different type of updates whether it be black lingerie or webgems.  I just think they have so many hot girls wanting to shoot for them that they just fit them in wherever they can.  Not all of the girls get naked on their site but when you see how hot they are you can understand why they just take what they can get when they shoot them.  I would rather see a perfect 10 wearing a thong and bra then nothing at all you know what I am saying?  I almost forgot to mention this girls name it’s Sin, seductive I know.

Esperanza Gomez


Esperanza Gomez Brazzers

I don’t post many Brazzers galleries because they are just on so many other sites I try to be different.  I can’t be different though when it comes to posting this gallery because its just superb.  The beautiful Latina model you see here is Esperanza Gomez!  I thought she was gone too but Brazzers got her back for a beautiful scene called Story Of A Call Girl.  It’s shot like a movie and the plot is that Esperanza is a call girl and doing whatever these little notes that are left around for her tell her to do. All the people in the gallery speak Spanish in it which I don’t really like but hey I will watch anything that Esperanza is in.

Naomi West


Naomi West FuckedHard18

I have seen a couple of other scene of Naomi West before but I can’t quite remember where they were.  I do know that I will not forget this FuckedHard18 scene she did though!  Naomi is looking incredible and I don’t think I have seen a sexier video segment of a girl stripping down then in this scene!  In our little teaser trailer you get a little bit of it but you just have to watch the full video to see it all.  Naomi is gorgeous when she is naked with cute small perky tits a nice teen ass, and then that meaty pussy of her dripping wet and ready to be fucked.  The guy makes it wet by giving her a really oily massage and rubbing just right around it and her pussy lips he has done this a couple of times and knows what makes girls horny.

Talia Lingerie


Talia Shepard Lingerie

I mean how great do Talia Shepard’s tits look in this picture!  I remember when she first got her boob job people where just in a outrage I bet those voices have sure died down.   Here is a new picture gallery that was released and she is looking hotter then ever especially because she is wearing sexy lingerie!  I just love a girl with the full get up, the stockings to the corset she looks amazing.



Ivana Massage Girls 18

I don’t know if the guy from Massage Girls 18 called in to get this gorgeous Russian massage girl or even she was just in L.A. and he had to fuck that sweet pussy of hers.  Either way Ivana is fucking hot doesn’t speak great English at all but a girl like this she doesn’t need to speak just get naked.  She has a banging body and this is just exactly what you are looking for when you are wanting to watch “good” porn and Massage Girls 18 is definitely good I would say it’s great.

Rikki Six


Rikki Six Bang Bros

I have for you a gallery in which a gorgeous platinum blonde pornstar gets inseminated!  It’s from a Bang Bros site called Big Tit Creampie where they find girls with big tits and who like to have their guy dump cum in their pussies.  Rikki Six is a straight up babe I love the body and I love the way she fucks and I know you guys will too once you watch the video.  I know some of you don’t like this type of porn because well it’s too much like porn but it’s a fact that a lot of people do so just deal with it.  I have a feeling that most of you will check this out though.

Red Raven


Mollys Life and Raven Bay

Molly was in L.A. for a weekend and was invited to go over to her friends house Raven Bay and do a little video for her website Molly’s Life.  This video is pretty special because Molly wasn’t feeling like getting her pussy licked she wanted a dick inside of her!  We know that Molly doesn’t do hardcore for her site but she does let gets put on a strap on and fuck her that way!  This gives you a good idea of what Molly is like when she gets the urge for real and brings a guy home.  Molly gets fucked in every position and once she has her orgasm she returns the favor by sucking on Raven’s meaty pussy while she just sits on her face as has her way with it.

Jessie Anal


Jessie Rogers Everything Butt

You can imagine that Jessie Rogers has done a couple of scenes for Everything Butt because I mean any guy that likes asses is going to love hers!  Here she is getting anal sex from not just a guy but a girl as well.  It actually starts off with just Jessie and Ariel X licking each others assholes and Jessie even fisting herself.  They then move on to a strap on and then once they have done everything then can the bring in the real stun cock to pound Jessie Rogers tight butt.  Ariel X makes sure to keep Jessie Rogers tongue busy licking her ass hole, she’s  a freak what can I say and with that being said so is Jessie!

Jessie Rogers on Fucking Machines doing DP and orgasming from it!

Really Innocent


Not So Innocent Girls Do Porn

This girl right here was a virgin 3 days ago!  She lots her virginity while doing a webcam show on Worlds Best Cams!  I usually wouldn’t believe a story like this but I think Girls Do Porn kind of shoots it straight when it comes to this kind of stuff.  This girl is really just banging she has that hot girl next door look with a beautiful slender body and she keeps some pretty good tan lines too.  She doesn’t even know what her favorite position is yet because well she doesn’t have much experience. You can tell that this is the biggest dick she has ever taken in her pussy before. She is just screaming like crazy as he is railing her, I think she is really starting to like this sex thing.

Mia Malkova PAWG


Mia Malkova PAWG

I almost forgot to post my favorite gallery today and that’s of the gorgeous Mia Malkova and that round ass of hers!  They finally got her to go on PAWG a site that stands for Perfect Ass White Girls and there is no better way to explain Mia now is there?  The site is all through Bang Bros so just join them and you will find the PAWG section within the site.  You get a ton of wallpaper worthy pictures in this gallery of that round ass of Mia’s and then in the video you get to see amazing hardcore sex that will blow your freaking mind.

Bikini Babe


Sexy Pattycake Bikini Ass

In this gallery you get to see the legendary Sexy Pattycake in just a little bikini and she makes sure that you get plenty of time to gawk at her ass.  There isn’t any nude slips in this one today but sometimes you just have to enjoy the hour glass figure that Pattycake has you know?  She is one of the few girls who actually runs her own site and if you ever get to see some of her videos you will know how much personality this cute girl has she is definitely my favorite solo girl of all time.  Check her out today and show your love!

Brooklyn Chase


Brooklyn Chase Brooklyn Chase

We walk by hot girl all day long like Brooklyn Chase here and don’t you wonder what goes down in the bedroom.  Well in this gallery from Porn Fidelity Ryan let’s you see.  Brooklyn is just drop dead gorgeous let’s get that out of the way but watching her fuck you will like her even more!  This girl just loves it when Ryan drops a load of cum inside of her I sure hope she is on birth control though!  Porn Fidelity always has cool little story lines like that and more of their scenes have a creampie cumshot which from the looks of traffic to that section you guys love that.

Alexis Venton


Alexis Venton Nubile Films

I have another Nubile Films gallery for you guys today this time with a model named Alexis Venton.  The name of the scene is It’s Been So Long and I think the setup is that her man is finally returning home from work and the first thing they do when he walks through the door is get down to business and that’s fucking.  The undress each other kissing passionately as they walk towards the bed where he bangs her doggystyle until he cums.

Sweet Music


Veronica Avluv Sweet Music

If Veronica Avluv could transform the sex she has into music it would be some damn sweet music I tell you.  Here is a scene that just came out today from Pure Mature and you guys are going to love it.  Veronica keeps spreading her legs as far apart as they will go because she wants to take every inch of this guys big dick in her pussy.  Veronica is one hot MILF and you can tell she is a little bit older just by how much she loves to be fucked.  It’s something about being older that makes girl just that much hornier I mean check any of the scenes on Pure Mature and tell me it’s not true!

Bridgette B Porn Fidelity


Bridgette B On Porn Fidelity

Bridgette B is making her second appearance on Porn Fidelity I get a feeling she likes the way she gets fucked on this site or eaten out by Kelly Madison.  It actually might be that Bridgette just likes eating out Kelly I mean that is one hot pussy if you ask me.  I personally wouldn’t even make it to Kelly’s pussy because I couldn’t get past her amazing huge natural tits I would just lay on them and probably go to sleep.  Anyways these two huge titty babes go outside and give Ryan a wet t-shirt contest and made to they look hot all wet in their see thru shirts!  They then go back to the room for some lesbian sex and once Ryan is ready to go he joins in for a threesome any man would die to have.

Laura Crystal


Laura Crystal Babes Network

This is the new hardcore scene that came out from Babes Network today!  I always check their site on the weekends because that’s when they update their hardcore and that’s the stuff I like to post from them.  This model I have never seen before her name is Laura Crystal and she has a great body I just wish she never would have even though to get a titty job!  She would be perky with cute little perky tits but oh well I guess right!  I will take a hot babe getting fucked any day especially in white stockings like Laura is wearing they’re so sexy!

Fat Ass Anal


Anal Black Sex

It’s really hard to get a good image from these homemade sex tapes!  This one comes from the largest community of exhibitionist / swingers it’s called Wife Bucket.  Basically the community makes videos and uploads them for other people to enjoy.  This couple a black girl and a white guy made one of her taking it up the ass!  What a ass that is I would like to point out big and fat just the way you have to like it on a black girl!  I also like the fact that she has a little thong tan line too I find that super hot anyways enjoy this couples tape and if you want to see more make sure to check out Wife Bucket!

Garden Of Love


Garden of Love Nubile Films

It looks like Nubile Films just came out with another amazing hardcore scene that I want you guys to see.  It’s called Garden Of Love and actually is with a model I have never heard of before.  That seems to be happening a lot today maybe I am just out of the loop or something.  This girls name is Lien and she is quite the teen cutie.  She fucks her man out in the garden riding him nice and good and when he is about to cum she begs for him to shoot it in her mouth so she can swallow all his little sperm soliders.



Tabby Backroom Casting Couch

I have for you a gorgeous college girl her name is Tabby.  She didn’t know she was going on Backroom Casting Couch so she didn’t know the rule.  When you go on there you can’t even mention that anal is possible or Rick will somehow end up in your but!  That’s exactly what happened in this scene.  She also told him not to cum inside of her and I thought for sure that Rick was going to do it but he played nice guy today and just dropped a fucking bucket of cum on her face!  Not only did she do anal but she did so riding him on top I have it as my preview image.  Pretty impressive for a girl that says she just casually enjoys anal.  I think Rick has finally settle into his office because he actually had toys for Tabby to use!  Ever since he moved to this office he just has been using hand sanitizer as a toy but now he has the real deal and lube too!

Exotic Girl


Exotic Girls Do Porn

Some of you might say this girl isn’t very pretty but I just say she is exotic!  You can’t tell me her body isn’t amazing, her make-up a poor choice probably.  Anyways this girl comes on Girls Do Porn and all she wants is to fuck.  You can tell she is so over the interview that Girls Do Porn does with every model she just wants that dick in her pussy.  The scene is a really good one because this girl does a lot of anal play in her personal life when she masturbates.  So when they guys heard that they knew that anal sex was going to happen and sure enough she takes it up the butt!



Zemani Gracia

Beautiful brunette Gracia looks amazing as she poses in just a pair of boots and a lovely colorful necklace for Zemani…watch her pose in these sexy shots as she spreads her thighs and frames that tight pussy with her necklace! She’s just hot head to toe with a beautiful face, perfect boobs and great hips, so enjoy.

Marjana Outdoors


MPL Studios Marjana

MPL Studios presents this hot gallery of beautiful exotic babe Marjana showing off in the great outdoors for all to see! She’s sitting at the top of her front stairs, dropping her dress top to show off her perky boobies and lifting up the bottom to spread her thighs and give us a nice look at her tight pussy.

Holly H


Holly H this is glamour

Holly H is a stunning blonde from This is Glamour who is showing off in her tight white tank top and Union Jack panties…I guess she’s from the UK? At any rate the sun is shining and she’s lit up like an angel as she pulls up her top to show off her big beautiful boobs in this hot photo gallery!

Taylor Pussy


Twistys with Taylor Vixen

Taylor Vixen is showing off for Twistys in this hot gallery as she lays back on her big bed in the nude, spreading her thighs and touching that tight pussy! She runs her hands down between her legs and up over her big full boobs…looks like she’s ready for the main event!

Candy Masturbating


Candy for Teen Models

Long pigtails always look pretty sexy and Candy is really putting that to work in this hot gallery from Teen Models! This beautiful brunette strips down nude and works her tight shaved pussy with her fingers and a big gold vibrator…her beautiful ass is in the air as she masturbates doggystyle and makes her nipples get hard enough to carve obsidian!

Nicole Aniston


Nicole Aniston Tonights Girlfriend

I thought I would round out today with Nicole Aniston and her 3rd  visit to Tonight’s Girlfriend.  If you missed her first two times just look in the related section right below they will be there.  Nicole comes to this rich guys hotel room because you know he is cheating on his wife and at least he has the decency to not fuck Nicole in their bed.  He has a little bit of a fetish too.  It’s not crazy but he does like when girls dress up like cheerleaders.  Nicole Aniston is a good pick if you are looking to fuck a pornstar because she makes a mean cheerleader that’s for sure!

Nicole Aniston’s first time on Tonight’s Girlfriend
Nicole Aniston’s second time on Tonight’s Girlfriend



Jessica East Coast XXX

I have for you a awesome amateur gallery from East Coast XXX.  This girl Jessica is all natural pretty much everywhere from those tits all the way down to her pussy.  In this scene she ends up getting a creampie like a lot of the girls who show up on this site.  I like this site for a lot of reason but the big reason is because of the girls you find on this site.  He definitely has chicks you don’t see other places and I do like the amateur style of the site.  I forgot to mention on East Coast XXX you get “cuties” and “milfs” so it’s kind of the best of both worlds.

Lola Foxx SexTape


Lola Foxx Sex Tape

Lola Foxx has a sex tape that was shot for a site called Latina Sex Tapes.  You get access to that site when you join the Mofos network that’s why I have their banners in this gallery it’s a better deal.  Lola has fast become one of my favorite models and with seeing that Amateur Allure gallery that she did the other day I just had to post more of her.  I love how amateur this scene is and you can the fact that it looks like Lola is definitely enjoying the sex.  I like when they put down the camera so the guy can get two hands on that beautiful body of hers.

Sara & April


Sara Jaymes and April O'Neil

I think Nubile Films is doing a really good job with there lesbian sex scenes.  I would like to say it’s better then anyone else in this glamcour niche.  It seems that most of those guys are just in it for doing the hardcore scenes really well.  Nubile Films does all their scenes really good and when you watch Sara Jaymes and April O’Neil have lesbian sex together I definitely think you will agree with me!  These two definitely loved eating each other out and I loved seeing them do it.

Kendall Karson


Kendall Karson Porn Star Spa

This guy is a pretty lucky dude you have to admin I mean look at that ass he gets to fuck!  Her name is Kendall Karson and you can just tell that she spends a lot of the time in the gym.  From the way she was stretching out I would also say that she spends some time doing some yoga or something along those lines.  Kendall has definitely scene a video or two from Porn Star Spa because she got her made she she was nice a loose before she got her massage knowing how much of a pounding that sweet pussy of hers was going to get.

Red Feather


Brandy Aniston Babes Network

What a gorgeous babe Brandy Aniston is!  No wonder that Babes Network just had to have her on their site.  This is an amazing hardcore scene that she did for them it’s called Red Feather.  She starts off in this bright red mini skirt and the guy you see fucking her here is the one taking her out on a date.  They didn’t even make it to dinner instead just going straight to the couch so he can bang one out in that perfect little pussy of hers.

Soothing Passion


Anissa Kate Passion HD

I have one hell of a new gallery for you guys it’s from Passion HD!  I usually keep these galleries just to our site but I don’t have the time to make one of this scene so I will just send you over to a buddies site.  Anissa Kate is looking hot as hell and I am so glad she is back on Passion HD her scenes are probably my favorites when it comes to Passion HD.  She is just one of those girls that is to hot to be in porn and man she is a dirty girl in these videos!  I mean Passion HD even has a couple of her doing anal sex when I saw that she did that I was just shocked.  In this one there is no anal but at the end she probably gets the biggest creampie of her life.

Anissa Kate Having Anal Sex Poolside on Passion HD
Mischa Brooks and Anissa Kate Have A Threesome on Passion HD

Lola Foxx Returns


Lola Foxx Returns

I have a awesome Amateur Allure scene for you guys today because Lola Foxx is back on Amateur Allure!  The first time she was on Amateur Allure she was new to the porn game and you could tell she was kind of a amateur.  In this one you will see that she has picked up a couple of things along the way.  There was a ton of great picture that I could have used for my preview image but I think this view of Lola is definitely my favorite that round ass of hers is amazing.  The last thing I want you guys to know about this video is that in it you will see Lola having real orgasm multiple times and all of them are from sexy can you believe that shit?  I love a girl orgasming it just makes a scene so much better and I have a feeling I am not alone.

Beverly Paige


Porn Fidelity Beverly Paige

What a rough life Ryan from Porn Fidelity has right?  I mean he is just sitting there fucking a big set of natural tits that isn’t even his wifes.  The thing is his wife is sitting there right next to Beverly Paige egging him on waiting for her turn to get her tits fucked. Anyways basically Ryan gets to fuck to banging girls and both of them have huge tits. The plot of this episode is that Ryan is returning from war and his wife Kelly has a special surprise for him. That suprise is that he gets a threesome with Beverly Paige. If only more wifes where like this, the world would be a better place.

Cassandra Nix


Cassandra Nix Mr. Anal

I have the beautiful Cassandra Nix having anal sex in a brand new scene from Bang Bros’ Mr. Anal site.  Mr. Anal did it again with these scene because they just know how to pick the girls I guess.  Cassandra is all about getting fucked in her ass moaning like the little slut she is.  There is a lot of gaping in this gallery if you like to see how big a girls asshole can get.  One other thing I always like about these Mr. Anal scenes is how often then just have the girls pull aside their little g-strings I find that pretty fucking hot.



Kaylee Amateur Creampies

It’s been a while since I last posted a Amateur Creampies gallery so I thought I would hook you up with this sexy broad.  Her name is Kaylee and she has a nice ass yes but I didn’t show you her big natural tits which are the big win!  The reason I picked this preview image is I wanted you guys to know that this girl knows how to fuck!  I mean it’s a easy tale when a girl rides dick like this!  This site might seen like its old and doesn’t update but assure you it does I mean just look at some of the recent girls they are chicks who just currently got into porn.  I find that Amateur Creampies seems to get a lot of the girls before they get “big”.

Ashli Orion Bang Bus


Ashli Orion Bang Bus

That beautiful round ass belongs to Ashli Orion and she is taking over the Bang Bus in this brand new update for their site.  Ashli is able to pick up 4 pickup for different guys during her ride on the bus and this is how it went:  The first guy had a small dick, and Ashli hates small dicks and on top of that he couldn’t stay hard so he was booted.  Then the second guy got hard and did a pretty good job but as soon as Ashli started to ride his cock he couldn’t hold his liquid and orgasmed.  The third guy bends Ashli over and fucks her doggystyle for all of a minute before he cums.  Then the fourth guy was actually the bus driver and he just thought that Ashli needed to at least have her face covered in cum so he stepped up and gave it to her.

Deeper Love


Allie Haze Deeper Love

Allie Haze is receiving that deeper kind of love in this new scene from Passion HD!  I mean watch the video and see how passionate she is during this sex scene it’s super sexy.  I mean just the way she was sucking this guys dick was amazing!  You know a girl is good at it when I say so because i have seen a lot of dick sucking videos in my life time!  Passion HD finally got Allie on their site and I hope they did more then one scene with her because I just can’t get enough of her.  I also wanted to mention that Allie is one of the few pornstars who keeps a nice full bush so if you like the hairy pussy then Allie Haze is going to be a new favorite of yours.

Three Hot Lesbians


Sapphic lesbian trio

The only and only Sapphic Erotica presents this hot gallery of three beautiful lesbians getting together and having fun on a couch. These three brunettes strip nude and look amazing, but look even better when they’re all over each other kissing and fondling those petite perky titties and long smooth legs.

Pammie Lee


Pammie Lee for Met Art

In the mood for a beautiful brunette with a hairy natural pussy? Well you’re in luck, because Pammie Lee is here to drive you crazy in a hot Met Art gallery as she poses in and out of her lingerie. She’s got great legs, beautiful round boobs and as I mentioned, a veritable forest between her thighs!

Ariel Flower Holding


Ariel with flower for Femjoy

This stunning redhead is of course the one and only Ariel and she’s showing off her phenomenal body in a great update from Femjoy. Ariel is posing in the nude with a handful of flowers and that’s enough…she just looks incredible and doesn’t need any fancy props or anything, just look at those boobs and that ass!

Sarah Summers


Sarah Summers on Playboy

Playboy brings you on a trip to retro land in this artsy black and white photo gallery featuring the beautiful busty blonde Sarah Summers. She’s posing in the nude and grabs her huge tits, looking just beautiful from head to toe.

Stacey P Gold Dress


Stacey P Big Naturals

These are some amazing natural tits!  Her name is Stacey P and I think the only galleries I have ever found from her is from this Only Tease site.  Actually I see her on other sites but they are all owned by that Only Tease one.  In this gallery she is wearing some black stockings and a tiny little skirt.  She takes off the skirt and her top revealing her breasts that are probably the best tits I have ever seen and I think you will agree with me.

Jessica Jaymes


Jessica Jaymes Passion HD

I would like you guys to welcome the newest MILF to appear on Pure Mature and that lady is Jessica Jaymes.  She is a gorgeous babe that just oozes sexuality.  The video is a little disturbing at the start I will agree but once you get to the sex it makes it all better I promise.  It looks like Pure Mature has started getting a new crop of MILFs to be on their site because this is the third girl in a row that is all new to the site.  What usually happens is they get like 5 or 6 girls and then just update with multiple scene of each.  I know that Jessica has a titty job but they actually look really good in this video and when she gets her pussy eaten you will see her orgasm like most girls with a clit piercing.

Sheena Shaw


Sheena Shaw Porn Fidelity

I am pretty sure that Ryan understand what guys want to see!  I mean first of all he convinced his wife to bring Sheena Shaw on to their Porn Fidelity site.  On top of that he doesn’t even let Kelly Madison get a piece of this round ass he keeps her all to himself!  Ryan is one of the few guys who I have ever seen cum multiple times in a scene and he does it once again in this one filling Sheena’s pussy with cum twice!  He doesn’t just fuck that meaty pussy of hers though he knows what we want to see so he puts in her ass and gives that a good hard fucking and Sheen loves it.

Great Tits


Nikki Sims Tits

I have know that Nikki Sims has great tits for some time now but after seeing this gallery I thought I finally have proof.  If you know Nikki at all you know she runs her own site called Nikki’s Playmates where she in most of the updates but sometimes has guest stars.  Nikki is known for being quite the tease but in this update the only thing between you and a naked Nikki is this rope and then in the video some damn stickies she has on her tits.



Angelica Let's Share Our Love Wow Girls

Here is a new scene with one of my favorite models period right now her name is Anjelica.  I have only found scenes of her on Wow Girls but that doesn’t mean she is other places.  I just don’t usually like European type of stuff but Wow Girls just does it right.  I do like that they translate what the girls are saying during sex as well.  Like this scene wouldn’t be nearly as hot if you didn’t understand that Anjelica is asking her man to cum in her pussy as he is fucking her nice and hard from behind, it just makes the scene.

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