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Latex Stimuli


Latex love

If you’re into latex you’re gonna love this one. A hot redhead in a skin tight, forest green latex bodysuit? Count me in. She looks stunning enough in the suit that it’d be no big deal if she kept it on, but she takes it off and lets us see all she’s got to offer. Get ready to drool.



Veronica Real Ex Girlfriends

This fine piece of ass riding a dick is Veronica from Real Ex Girlfriends a real amateur porn site that has some of the best stuff you will find if that’s the type of porn you like.  If you want to see all the great amateur porn then I suggest you check out our Ex Girlfriends category because thats were you will find all our hand picked scenes.

Lesbian Strap On


Busty AND lesbian!

Busty girls are great, and so are lesbian girls. But when you combine the two you reach a plateau of hotness that most men and women can only dream of. These two big tittied hotties are crazy about each other and vigorously filling each other’s pussies is how they like to show it.

Gisele Lingerie


White is awesome

I know most people like black when it comes to sexy lingerie, and while that shit is fantastic, real men understand that innocent white is usually the cutest. It definitely holds true with this stunning hottie, who pulls on her white panties and dazzles everyone who looks in her direction.

Melissa Fucked


Hot action

Melissa XoXo’s having some fun with her new boyfriend and invited us to chronicle the action. She rides his hard cock like it’s what she was born to do, in multiple positions and with the kind of style we’ve come to expect from her. He blows a load all over her in a very good finish.

Danni Gee


Gee she’s hot

Here is pornographic action superhero Danni Gee in various states of dress and undress. I can’t really point out a favorite to you guys because she looks amazing regardless of what she’s wearing, though of course I have to say she probably looks best wearing nothing at all.

Carmen Nice Pussy


What a tease

Just look at the way this hot little piece of ass works her magic. She knows you’re watching and wanting what she’s got, so she bends over and lets that white t-shirt of hers ride up just enough to give you a glimpse of her black panties, and bam, you’re stuck thinking about it all day.

Milly Morris


MILFy Milly

Milly Morris likes to fuck; I know this because she told me. It’s probably not a shock to anyone then that she also enjoys taking off her clothes to try to entice men to fuck her. She’s got a great body and that tiny tuft of hair above her clit is so cute I want to bury my face in it.

Victoria Rae


Victoria’s panties

Victoria Rae really wants the world to see her new lacy white panties and the world thanks her for it. These things are super cute and hug her kissable hips and firm round ass perfectly. When she pulls them aside to give you just a quick glimpse of her pretty pussy you know it’s heaven.

Beyounce Areola


Beyonce slip

Beyonce got careless and we saw a bit of her nipple. That sound you heard the other day was six thousand paparazzi cameras going off at the same time. Word on the street is the flashes blinded sixteen people including a pilot who was flying overhead, thankfully nobody was hurt.

Valory Irene


Bathroom beauty

Valory Irene caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror after using the bathroom and immediately flipped open her cell phone to make a few calls. She cancelled all of her appointments for the day because she was so enthralled with her own beautiful tits she just had to play with them.

Lesbians Bathroom


Lesbians, anyone?

Guys, I’ve got some nice pics of two slutty little cuties exploring each other’s pussies with serious gusto here. I want to share them with the world, because beauty like this needs to be seen. This is the kind of gallery that reminds you that sex is the one biological urge that we all love.



Heather Girls Do Porn

This is a super cute petite Asian her name is Heather and she is from Girls Do Porn.  In the interview before the sex scene on Girls Do Porn she lets the guys know she has a boyfriend and he doesn’t know she is doing this!  I would love to be in the room when he see’s this for the first time.  I mean I would be pretty pissed too it looks like this chick really knows how to fuck I mean just watch her ride this guys dick its amazing!



Karissa exploited college girls

This is one hot piece of ass her name is Karissa and this is the second scene I have seen of her and let me tell you its just as good as the first!  Karissa gets fucked, eaten out a finger stuck in her ass and she sucks on some balls doing it all because well she just likes to fuck!  If you like real amateur porno, and love yourself some college girls then this is the site for you its called Exploited College Girls.

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Natalina Marie


Curvy hottie

I’d like you to meet Natalina Marie, who enjoys taking her clothes off and posing provocatively for the camera. Thankfully this is a perfectly done set of photos, with plenty of attention paid to both her amazing full breasts and her sweet heart-shaped ass. Come give her a spank.

Katie Banks


Katie’s bedtime

Katie Banks bought a cute new nightie and she’s wondering what you think of it, so she asked us to take some photos and toss them up for your perusal. Unfortunately it wasn’t that well made. Fortunately that means it fell off halfway through the shoot, and we just kept right on going.

Teen Karoll


First timer

Karoll just turned eighteen and while she’s had some experience, she’s never once felt a hard hot dick in her tender pouting asshole. Until now, that is. She takes it pretty well for a first timer, even though the guy is super excited and giving it to her a bit roughly. Good job, Karoll.

Gemini Candy Ave


The cutest

This girl’s name is Gemini and she is super cute. Has kind of a girl next door look going on, but the curves are in all the right places and when she takes off her clothes you’ll realize that while she may look innocent, she knows how to be naughty and is determined to enjoy herself.

Sun Nudes


Beach bunny

A hot girl on the beach. You know what that means guys. It means the clothes are coming off. This always happens and it’s definitely a treat this time, although I have to say there’s a little too much sand for my liking. Guess we’ll just have to wash off that perfect ass of hers, huh?



Backroom Casting Couch Sadie

This beautiful pair of tits belongs to a girl named Sadie from Backroom Casting Couch.  She did something that no other girl has done in the history of BRCC and that is make the guy who does the site cum three times!  At first he talks her into sucking his dick, but he doesn’t know how good she is so she makes him cum almost right away.  He powers through it and gets his dick hard again and fucks her until he gives her a creampie.  For the final cumshot she needs a ride home and he said he would give her one if she blows him and she does and he gives her the biggest load in her mouth I have ever seen.

Brianna Jordan


Open wide

You’ve got to love a girl who’s so beautiful, so confident, sure of herself, and un-shy that she has zero problems taking off her clothes and spreading her legs for the world. Some people say it’s degrading, the rest of say it’s empowering. Check this girl out and see what you think.

Ulya Met Art


Red headed beauty

This is Ulya, quite possibly the hottest red head to walk the planet. Her fiery red locks are definitely worth a good look, but don’t get so distracted by her beautiful hair that you miss the rest of her smokingly impressive body. Curves this amazing are meant to be seen and loved.




Amelie is yet another girl who got careless with the nudes and then went through a bad breakup. Usually that’s a bad thing for the girls, but this one was happy when her photos got leaked, because it’s been her first class ticket to stardom. She’s going to go right to the top, I’m sure of it.

Femjoy Angelina


Lesbian love

Angelina and Jenni are straight but they just have such a strong connection that they decided to try exploring each other and as this spread proves, it’s working out really well for both of them. Come watch them get their first wonderful taste of hot lesbian action and cheer them on.

Anetta Keys


Lick it hard

Anetta Keys and Evelyn Lory invited us over to their place and told us to bring cameras. We weren’t sure what they were up to but we knew it’d be hot, and we were right. They spent four straight hours licking, kissing, touching, sucking, and fucking each other. And we got every second of it.

Alexis & Jada


Jada and Alexis on Reality Kings

I have a awesome gallery for you guys of Jada Stevens and Alexis Texas in the same scene!  You know that’s a whole lot of perfect ass almost too much I think.  Jada does some anal in this scene and both take turn fucking this huge cock.  The name of the scene is The Perfect Match and I would have to agree with Reality Kings on this one these girls go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Model Viki


Czech hottie

Viki is new to the United States and looking to get established in the adult entertainment industry. After being present for her first shoot I feel comfortable saying she’s going to go far, so you may as well take a look now and see what you think of her. You’re gonna see a lot more of her.

Puma Swede


Busty maid

I’ve never had a maid but I hope and pray that if I ever do she ends up looking half as hot as this blonde goddess does. She lifts that skirt to make sure you can see her panties and then she just goes about doing her teasing housework, hoping you enjoy the show. Harsh, but exciting.

Tea Playboy


Petite and horny

She may be small but don’t even worry about breaking her, those hips can take a pounding, those tits can take a squeezing, and that ass is just begging for you to shoot a creamy load all over it! Petites are always the hottest and this one is extremely spank worthy, so get to work.



Princess Ashley

Ashley always dreamed of being a princess but she’s going to have to settle for being the queen of our hearts, minds, and hard cocks. Once you take a good look at this lusty goddess you’re going to want to pledge allegiance while you raise a flag, if you catch my meaning.

Cameron Russell


Cameron Russell

Here is super bombshell Cameron Russell showing off various swimsuits and panties. She just kind of brought in a chunk of her wardrobe and told us we were going to do a mixed shoot, and it sounded like a fine idea to us. Enjoy the lacy, the silk, and the skin!



Photodromm Dominika

This scene came out a bit ago from Photodromm and I was meaning to post it but it slipped my mind until today.  This models name is Dominika and and she has a perfect hour glass figure on her and well as some lovely perfect natural perky tits.  If you have never experience the perfect photography or video from this awesome site Photodromm I suggest you take a look at it today its pretty amazing stuff.

Hour Glass Figure


Briana Lee Online Hour Glass Figure

Here is Briana Lee Online during a webcam chat she was doing with her members.  All of the chats are recorded and then made available to download for later for all those members who missed the chat.  I have to say Briana Lee Online is probably the best solo girl site you can join, I mean just look how hot she is how can you not want to see that naked!

Frosty Fucked


Fucking Frosty

I just thought that this was such a unusual gallery I had to post it, its from Money talks which is a site you get access to when you join Reality Kings.  Basically on the Money Talks website you get the funny with the porn as you will see in this scene.  The girl hosts gets this snow board chick to fuck frost for some money.



Hot Threesome I Know That Girl

Here is a cool threesome from I Know That Girl it features a girl who I wish I knew her name, but she just has a amazing ass.  She is the one sitting on the girls face in this picture right here.  The two of have a text book threesome with each girl taking a turn getting fucked while getting fucked she is licking the other girls pussy.

In The Mood


Gf Revenge In The Mood

This girl has a nice little pussy on her the scene is from a site called GF Revenge.  If you come to our site often you will see a lot from this site because well its just down right awesome.  The name of the episode is In The Mood because the boyfriend watches his girlfriend masturbate because she is in the mood and when he is hard enough he starts to fuck her.

Jenny In Mesh


Mesh is love

What’s that you say? A stereotypical blonde porn star in a see through mesh outfit? Don’t mind if I do. Sure you’ve seen girls just like her a thousand times but she really is smoking hot and I think it’d be a damn shame to not crank out at least one load to her. Maybe two. Okay, three.

Rebeca Monster Cock


Partaking of cock

Rebeca Linares was on the hunt for big clock and managed to score a nice black one. Come watch her work that thing like a master of the industry, she’s such a goddess and is so skilled at what she does I have no idea how home boy managed to last longer than a minute or two.

Sophia Bang Bros


Horny hottie

She called up demanding dick, dick, lots of dick! How can we refuse a pretty girl? We can’t and we didn’t, we hooked her up with a guy and broke out the cameras while she went wild, posting up and down on his hard wang like she was expecting to die at any moment. She lived, just fyi.

Dirty Amateurs


Slutty amateurs

Sometimes you don’t want a big named star; you want the girl next door. That’s what this gallery is about. Not all of these girls are looking to break into the industry but they DO all love showing their tits and asses to the world and that’s really all we need from them, isn’t it?



Maiya the hottie

This girl’s name is Maiya and this is her first shoot. She confessed to being a little nervous but you really can’t tell, she handles her body like a pro and the steam and water from the hot tub make her look unbelievably enticing. Come see if you like her; I’m thinking you will.

Sweet Spring


Susan Wayland Sweet Spring

Susan Wayland is just updating like clock work over at her site, and you can see some of her galleries if you just check out her category off the the left there just search for her name.  This gallery is called Sweet Spring Moments and she is in some hot pink latex that she takes off so she is just wearing a black thong and showing off that awesome round ass of hers.

Going South


Mygf Blondie Goes South

This MyGF galleries is called Blondie Going South and its called that because this girl just see’s her boyfriend filming and her first move is to get on her knees and start to blow him.  She has a big ole ass as you can see here and it looks pretty good riding this guy reverse cowgirl like in this photo right here.

Red Haired Hottie


Red Haired Hottie My GF

I have two MyGF galleries for you guys today the first one is this one called Red Haired Hottie and it features this beautiful chick.  She has big fake tits and a nice little pussy on her as well.   She fucks her boyfriend nice and good but is one of those serious fucks if you know what I am talking about, now moaning no smiles just serious fuck me hard and get done kind of girl.

Shower Sex


Submit Your Bitch Shower Sex

Here is a couple who filmed themselves fucking in the bathroom and now it somehow ended up on Submit Your Bitch.  I don’t know if its like a mad boyfriend who submits the majority of these videos or if its the couple deciding they need some extra money so they sell it to them.  Whatever it is I am glad it happens because I am a big fan of amateur porno.



Lily Carter

Here is a nice gallery for you guys probably my favorite of the day and its of Lily Carter in a scene from Massage Girls 18.  She has such a nice body and just a gorgeous face.  She starts off by giving his guy a nice little massage and then fucking really really good.  The girl likes to be fucked because she orgasms so much you can just tell she is in this for the sex.

FTV Chloey


Ftv Girls Chloey

I know this is suppose to be Massage Monday but I had to post this gallery as soon as I could its of a girl named Chloey from FTV Girls.  She is just so damn beautiful and her masturbation scenes are pretty damn hot if you like to see girls orgasms there is no other place on this Planet like FTV Girls.

Showering Melissa


Look at this goddess

This is Melissa Debling and as you can see, she is a hot blonde. This girl could make millions just with that beautiful face she’s got, but then you mix in a tantalizingly perfect body and she’s immediately elevated to new heights of hotness. I can’t wait to see more of her, and to share with you.

My GF Rides


She’s naughty!

Enjoy this fine set of a cute amateur girl doing sinful things with a toy that is shaped remarkably like a penis! She rides it quite eagerly and seems very keen on making sure we get good views of every slow stroke. Watching this little cutie orgasm has been the highlight of my day.

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