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Kendra Lust Anal


Kendra Lust Anal

Kendra Lust doesn’t do anal sex a lot and after watching this Brazzers scene I am wondering why. It looks like she really likes it and this guy was able to…(Offsite Gallery)

Kendra’s Workout Plan


Kendra's Workout Plan

Kendra Lust is looking to get in the perfect shape for her wedding. Even if that means riding on her trainers dick to work off those extra calories. If that’s…(Offsite Gallery)

Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust

Click to watch this Kendra Lust video!

This beautiful busty woman is of course Kendra Lust and she’s not super thrilled about how her marriage was going…everything was fine except for the sex, her…READ MORE

Kendra Lust First Anal


Kendra Lust First Anal

Click to see Kendra Lust on Tushy!

There’s a certain connection between a doctor and his patients, especially a psychiatrist…this guy has been treating his patient Kendra Lust for years but didn’t realize that she was lusting after him, but today is the day she lets him know! She asks for his help with her fantasies that just won’t stop running through her head, and describes how she wants to dance seductively for him, stripping down and feeling his hands all over her big tits and that sexy round ass…he figures the best way to dispel this fantasy is to fulfill it, and soon they were both naked and fucking right on his desk and the couch! Kendra gets her pussy pounded but really wants to venture into the anal regions so she gets fucked in her beautiful ass for the first time in this hot Tushy update.

Kendra Cares


Kendra Cares

There was actually two Kendra Lust galleries that came out today so I figured I would just post them both for you guys. The first one is from Brazzers and is called “Kendra Gets Loose For Big Members”. Basically it’s a video to their members telling them thanks. Kendra gives the member what they want a bunch of ass shots, a strip tease before she fucks this guy every which way and lets him cum on her face. The second of her scenes that came out today was from Evil Angel and it’s “Lex Turns Evil” series. Now warning the video isn’t very big for this one but that’s because Evil Angel pays so much for their videos that they don’t want to just give them out for free like a lot of other sites. This is a interracial video and the black guy fucking her is pretty popular his name is Lexington Steele.

Kendra Likes Her Sons GF


Kendra Likes Her Sons GF

I am a big fan of Kendra Lust so I make sure to go ahead and post new scenes of her when I see them. This one just came out today from Brazzers. It’s a scene called “Our Son’s Girlfriend”. Basically what is going on here is that Kendra Lust’s son has brought home his girlfriend to meet his parents. Well his parents are really like this girl and I guess they can tell Adriana here is a slut. Or maybe Adriana just really wants to impress the parents. Either way Adriana ends up going into the bedroom and she starts to have lesbian sex with her boyfriends mom. Things get really freaky though when his dad walks in and joins in on the action. Adriana is deepthroating her boyfriends Dad and then later lets him cum inside of her pussy! Then Kendra being a horny slutty MILF goes ahead and eats the creampie out of Adriana’s pussy.

Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust

Click to see Kendra Lust on Blacked!

Man oh man the ass on this chick! Kendra Lust was working up a sweat on a machine in her gym with her personal trainer and was looking hot as hell in her little spandex workout gear…he was giving her some encouragement and making sure she didn’t strain anything, then when the workout was over was giving her a shoulder rub to ease a little of that muscle tension. She felt something stir down south, so to speak, and when she realized it was his cock Kendra knew she had to have him then and there! In this BLACKED update this hottie gets a fantastic pounding, she busts out her huge tits and goes to work on that big black dick of his, sucking and licking and slurping him until he was rock hard and swinging all over the place like a lightsaber. She went for a ride on that chocolate stick, taking every inch in her pink wet hole sliding that juicy round bubble butt up and down! Man, with that ass gyrating in front of him it was no wonder this guy popped wood watching Kendra work out, and it sure looks like it ‘worked out’ for them both here in this hot update! She got that pussy drilled hard and deep and he got to sample that delectable snatch of hers before blasting a big creamy load of cum all over her face and tits.

Kendra Breaks Internet


Kendra Lust Breaks Internet

We have a little bit of a parody for you guys today of Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine shoot which you can see here.  I might even say that Kendra’s “break in internet” campaign is better then Kim’s because not only do we get to see a banging body with a great ass but we do get to see her fuck after the shoot too.  That being said Kim Kardashain’s sex tape will scratch that itch for anybody too.  So we are back at square one and it’s just down to if you like a MILF like Kendra better or a babe like Kim.  Damnit, Kim is now a MILF too I don’t know you guys decide which one you like better because I sure as hell can’t!

Dillion Harper and Kendra Lust


Moms bang teens laws of attraction

Gorgeous busty MILF Kendra Lust is hot as hell but you definitely don’t want to mess with her! She’s giving her pupil Dillion Harper a few piano lessons and when she figures out Dillion hasn’t been practicing she gives her the hand of justice, spanking that perfect sweet ass to teach Dillion a lesson or two! It turns out Dillion’s been fucking her boyfriend instead of doing her piano practice so she’s in even more trouble…Kendra offers the two a choice, if they don’t want to get snitched on to their parents they’ve gotta get naked and invite Kendra along for the ride in this Moms Bang Teens update called Laws Of Attraction! This is part of the Reality Kings network of sites of course so you know you’re in for great quality and some hot steamy hardcore action, especially when stunning Dillion Harper is in the mix. She’s got a perfect body and Kendra just adds to that hotness with those huge tits of hers as the two take turns sucking and fucking that guy’s huge hard cock!

Make Her Purr


Pure mature make her purr

If you want to hang out with a hot kitten like Kendra Lust you’d better be prepared to make her purr…in this Pure Mature update she tries on her Halloween costume, with her little cat ears and tail twitching as she crawled on her hands and knees to meet her bemused man at the door, licking and sucking his big hard cock! This horny MILF has an amazing body with those big tits and nice round ass and looks incredible sucking dick, and even better getting that wet pussy pounded…she’s a hot mature honey who loves getting pounded, slipping a finger into her ass as she got pounded doggystyle before working a nice big creamy load all over her face and tits! I guess she got the treat she wanted from her trick-or-treat practice…looks like her cat costume is ready to go! Pure Mature always has the sexiest horniest MILF babes around and Kendra is definitely among that number, her big round juicy booty and those huge soft tits are pretty astounding.

Kendra Lust Is Good


Kendra Lust Is Good

Kendra Lust is pretty good at this whole fucking thing isn’t she?  That nice round ass of hers looks great like this and what a angle to fuck her in!  This guy has a stupid smirk on his face just because he can’t believe how lucky he is.  Kendra already pounced on him once this day when he jumped out of the car to take a leak.  She followed him into the woods and didn’t like him piss instead she tooks his dick and started to suck him off.  She didn’t just give him head though she bent over and had him fuck her doggystyle that is until someone walking along caught them.  They then had to scramble to put their clothes and get back to the house where they could continue.  Kendra didn’t even wait for the guys to get the camera rolling again before she was in the kitchen sucking on his dick again.  They go outside by the pool where he bangs her doggystyle and what not and then Kendra stands him up because she wants to fuck like this.  They do it for a long while and he ends up picking her up and she holds on to the pole right behind them.  He almost cums but is able to set her down carefully so he can nut on her face.  This scene is from that random Bang Bros site they just call Bang Bros Clips.

Kendra Lust Has Game


Kendra Lust Has Game

Kendra Lust has game guys, I mean she could stop me for scoring if she ran around with her tits out like she did with this guy.  She fucked up though.  She should have never mentioned he would get a blowjob from her if he was able to score because I would beastmode this shit as well if that was the case.  Once he scores this horny MILF of course pays up blowing on that big dick but she doesn’t just ant to sit there and get her neck sore so she doesn’t ask and just gets on top and starts riding him.  Once a Kendra Lust is on your dick riding I don’t think you’re ever going to want her to get off she is just too good at it.  Plus that ass of hers is something to look at as it goes up and down.  This video is pretty awesome because in the beginning you get to see her running around with her tits out and her perfect ass is just jiggling everywhere I mean it’s hot.  I won’t lie though whenever you see Kendra fucking that’s when things are really hot, she knows she is good at that.  I will say though she isn’t bad at basketball either she probably played back in the day or something.

Kendra Lust & Belle Knox


Kendra Lust and Belle Knox Brazzers

This is a pretty weird gallery it kind of reminds me of the movie Scream.  It’s a sexy version of that I guess.  The video is about Belle Knox who is a babysitter sitting for Kendra Lust and her husband.  They are going out for a date but they’re really just trying to seduce their babysitter.  They go outside and the husband calls up Belle and starts to talk dirty to her until she is doing exactly what he says including fingering her pussy.  That’s when Kendra walks in to take the seduction to the next level by eating out her babysitter.  Then for the final seduction the guy comes in with his cock hard and ready to fuck his wife and the babysitter.  It’s a hot threesome of course because Kendra really knows how to have one of these and with all the press that Belle Knox got for the Duke University scandal she has been in so many porns she is good at this as well.

Sara Luvv & Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust and Sara Luvv Moms Bang Teens

The girl sucking on some balls in this picture is Sara Luvv definitely a site favorite and then you have our queen of MILFs Kendra Lust riding on this guys cock.  Kendra has such a nice body you just have to check out picture #3 and tell me this isn’t one of the hottest MILFs ever.  The Moms Bang Teens video starts off with Sara telling her step mom how unsatisfied she is with the way her boyfriend fucks her.  She also tells her that when she masturbates are orgasms don’t seem that well orgasmic.  So Kendra being the good step-mom she is decides to teach her a few things.  First thing she teaches Sara is how to masturbate because every girl needs to know how to do that.  Kendra likes to use a Hitachi and finger her ass while it vibrates on her clit.  Sara mimics her and finds that this makes her cum very hard as well.  The two girls keep masturbating knowing that Sara’s boyfriend is going to walk through that door at any moment.  So when he walks through Kendra doesn’t even explain to him what is going on she just tells him he better have his dick hard by the time they’re done masturbating.  Kendra probably has problems fucking older men and think that most guys can’t get hard or something!  Especially with how hot she is that’s a problem she would never even know about!

Kendra Lust teaches Maddy OReilly


Mbt kendra and mady

Poor Maddy OReilly…her boyfriend wanted to fuck her brains out and bring her to the peaks of pleasure but just didn’t have the first clue as to how to do it! Luckily for both of them, hot horny MILF Kendra Lust was in the house and was down to give them both a much-needed lesson in love for this Moms Bang Teens scene! While the boyfriend watched, Kendra demonstrated a little fun foreplay as she spanked Maddy’s fine round ass, and licked and fingered her tight pussy until she was practically moaning with desire. Soon the boyfriend joined in, sliding his cock into that wet hole and fucking Maddy nice and deep while Kendra assisted with her hands and tongue, sucking his cock and then licking Maddy’s ass while he fucked her pussy! This lesson wasn’t free though, so soon Kendra collected by going for her own ride on that big hard cock, kissing Maddy while she did so until the guy busted his load all over both of those pretty faces.

Kendra Lust 3rd Ass Parade Vid


Kendra Lust 3rd Time on Ass Parade

That beautiful big ass that Kendra Lust has is making it’s 3rd  appearance on Ass Parade.  You know I like to be thorough in everything that I do so I have the other two scene she has done for them here and here.  If you think that Kendra’s ass is just round and fatter you might be right because the guys who run Ass Parade think that and Kendra Lust isn’t exactly putting that rumor to rest.  They have her walking around out in public in some little booty shorts.  A girl with a good ass just walking around is hot, that’s how you know a girl has a good ass.  If you can just sit there and watch her walk and it hot that right there is a good ass.  Once she goes back into the house she fucks one of her favorite dicks in porn.  This guy gives it to her just right and she comes all over him.  Kendra just has a beautiful body I mean the perfect hour glass and then when it comes to having sex she is so damn good.  Just look at her here fingeirng her ass while she is being fucked, she is just a freak in the sheets and that’s what any man dreams about.

Lisa Ann and Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust and Lisa Ann Naughty America

This is like the MILF power couple right here.  Kendra Lust has her legs spread apart while Lisa Ann helps her orgasm by rubbing her clit and thighs.  This scene isn’t a new video from Naughty America it’s actually old but man anytime these two are together in a scene you just have to share it!  The video is for Naughty America’s site called 2 Chicks Same Time and the plot of this video is that this guy answered a ad for a roommate.  He shows up and Kendra Lust answers the door and he is already willing to sign the lease then he see’s her roommate Lisa Ann and he pops a boner right there.  These two MILFs don’t mind that because what they’re looking for in a roommate is someone to fuck them during those lonely nights they can’t bring anyone back from the bars.  The give him a test run of what it would be like fucking them each taking a turn on his cock and giving him a threesome he will NEVER forget.

Kendra Seduces Sons Friend


Kendra Lust Fucks Sons Friend

Kendra Lust is waiting around with her sons friend Bruce who is waiting for his buddy to go see a movie.  While she is waiting with him she fucks with him bending over to look for her lost remote she knows she doesn’t have any panties on.  Bruce doesn’t take the bait though so she decides to give up and go take a shower and then take a nap.  She does just that and then starts to go to sleep naked except for her silk black nightie.  When Bruce comes in to take some upskirt pictures of his buddies “sleeping” MILF.  Kendra isn’t asleep at all but she lets him take some quick pictures and just when he is about to leave she confronts him.  She lets him know he can keep the pictures and actually have a couple more but he has to take them with his dick in her pussy.  It’s been a while since this MILF had some young cock and her pussy is craving it even though it’s her sons’ best friend!  They fuck in every position and in the end she tells him to keep their little secret and she kicks him out the door and sleeps off the amazing sex she just had.

Kendra’s Second Job


Kendra Lust Second Job

Usually porn plots are pretty shitty but this one is actually a really good idea.  So to my huge female audience who just so happen to be stewardess I have the second job for you!  Be a escort AKA a whore on the side it would work out perfectly.  That’s what Kendra Lust is pretending to do in this new Brazzers video called A Labor of Lust.  It’s a good idea because you get to travel for free, you don’t have to shit where you eat.  That meaning you don’t have to bone any John’s in your local state you can do it all out of state so the odds of getting caught are slim to none.  The airlines put you up in a hotel for free, there goes some of your overhead.  I mean just seems like a great business decision.  So back to this gallery here is Kendra Lust doing exactly that and she talks about how boring it is fucking these loser John’s.  They’re usually not very good in bed but when Kendra finds one that is good in the sack she gives him the extra special treatment.  If you were to actually buy a membership you could see a example of both but since you are just getting a clip here you are only going to see Kendra fucking the guy that is “good” in bed.

Kendra Lust Taking It


Kendra Lust Taking What She Wants

You can’t tell me you wouldn’t be a little scared with Kendra Lust on top of you riding your cock.  I mean she just takes what she wants when she is riding a guy no mercy.  She must work out like every day or something on top of her riding my dick raw I would be scared that it might snap off inside of her vagina because of all those muscles.  Maybe she doesn’t go to the gym and this is just her workout, because it definitely looks like one.  It’s like squats but doing it 1000x times.  She has a lot of energy because she doesn’t just ride him like this for 30 seconds she spends minutes on his dick.  She is one of my favorite MILFs for sure, great body and just the way she fucks makes her in my top 10.  This scene comes from Bang Bros and is for their mini site Big Mouthfuls.  If you can’t figure out what that site is let me explain it.  Girls take big mouthfuls of cum and then they swallow it simple as that.  Kendra here has no problem doing it because that is how she personally likes to end every sexy session.  With a body like this you can’t be surprised she likes her protein!

Kendra Lust Going Deep


Kendra Lust Going Deep At The Gym

There are some seriously hot pictures in this gallery from Brazzers.  You get to see that perfect body of Kendra Lust working out and then getting fucked on different workout equipment.  You would never think how many cool sexually positions you can get into on this stuff but here is example one.  You just need to check out the pictures for the other ones.  You also get to just see some cool naked pictures of Kendra in the beginning she is wearing some funny leggings that are like muscle pants, its something you see in like a doctors office or something.  Another thing I want to mention is that it’s fitting that Kendra Lust is getting fucked in the gym because you know she spends a lot of time in one.  To have a body as great as this MILF has she must spend hours and hours at it and I just want to say thank you Kendra Lust for putting it the work, because damn girl you look good!

Kendra Lust Poolboy


Kendra Lust Poolboy Fuck on NA

I think it’s kind of funny because I was watching this scene over at my buddies house and it’s of Kendra Lust seducing a poolboy.  I was thinking like man I have seen this video before but just couldn’t really put my mind where it was.  I did a little search of our site and sure enough Kendra Lust has a pattern of fucking Poolboys!  Just check out this video from Fantasy HD called Poolyboy Seduction.  Well this video is much like that one she is in her house watching this sexy poolboy go to work.  She decides to rub one out while she watches him and as she starts to finger herself and it’s just not quite enough she comes up with a plan.  She pulls open the door and asks the guy if he would like to come in for a little break.  once inside it’s all easy because this guy is picking up all the signs from this cougar.  Once she puts her hands on his dick, it’s ON!  She gets down sucks him up and then they get to fucking on her couch and anytime you get to see Kendra doing what she does best (having sex) you are in for a treat because she is a real deal pro!

Kendra Lust Monster Curves


Kendra Lust Monster Curves

I will tell you one thing galleries like this one don’t make my job very easy.  There is like 90 pictures I could have chosen for this preview and I spent way to much time trying to pick it!  This gorgeous plump ass belongs to Kendra Lust.  She is getting fucked in probably the hottest scene that she has ever done and it’s for Reality Kings website Monster Curves.  Monster Curves is one of those mini sites I always talk about that you get access to when you join a big network like Reality Kings.  The site is dedicated to woman just like Kendra with big asses and big tits.  Kendra has a really nice body this MILF takes care of herself I think she has a six pack and she still has a ass like this I mean DAMN!  She starts off in tihs sexy little black thong and does a little walking around for us and you will surprised just by how hot that is.  She then gets to work on this guy sucking his dick but not before smothering his face with that booty of hers as she sits on his face and stays there until she cums.  Like I said really awesome scene, you have to check it out the only problem with it is that I didn’t make the gallery!

500th Episode Part 3


Porn fidelity 500 episode part 3

Check out part 3 of the Porn Fidelity 500th episode extravaganza as we take a trip to the circus, joined by the whole hot and horny crew including Kendra Lust, Anikka Albrite, Christy Mack, Kelly Madison, Jacky Joy, Romi Rain and Brooklyn Chase. You’ll be pitching your own tent as these sexy ladies get into a hardcore lesbian and bisexual eightsome in the big top, sucking cock and getting fucked in a sex scene you’ll flip your lid over. Apart from the sex it’s just cool to see these pornstars in vintage circus performance outfits, just kinda neat looking…in parts 1 and 2 of this series you got to see the preparations but now the real showtime is about to begin! I tell you what, I would absolutely go see this circus if it came to town. Not sure it’s very family-friendly though.

500th Episode Part 1


Christy Mack, Kendra Lust, Kelly madison

Starting from the left and working to the right you have Kendra Lust, Kelly Madison and Christy Mack!  This is quite a great scene but it’s even better then you think because this is just Part 1 of 3 part series that Porn Fidelity is putting out to celebrate their 500th episode!  The video is almost like a full length feature film and it’s all about Kelly Madison here and Ryan Madison starting up some crazy circus.  I will be honest I didn’t check into the plot that much I just watched these three hot pornstars having lesbian sex.  Theyb rough out some glass dildos, vibrators and just made each other cum.  If you like this part but actually want some hardcore then check out Part 2 I am posting that today as well!

Picture Perfect


Picture perfect kendra lust pure mature

If you’ve never been in a photography studio before you might not know what an infinity wall is…it’s a curved white wall and floor all sealed together so there are no corners, used in photography so there’s a perfectly plain background. Kendra Lust gets well acquainted with such a wall in this Pure Mature update and looks picture perfect as she gets naked with her photog friend, sucking his cock and her big tits bouncing as she got fucked on the white floor before taking a nice big creamy facial cumshot!

Kendras Ass Returns


Kendra lust tonights girlfriend

If you’re a fan of the ol rump you probably already know about Kendra Lust and her spectacular behind…but if not or if you’re new to the scene, let me clue you in. Kendra has an amazing butt, and guys will pay out the nose for a chance to tag that pussy and feel that round juicy booty bouncing against their nuts, and this guy from the Naughty America site Tonights Girlfriend is a perfect example! He’s on a business trip and is bored and horny as hell so he rings up Kendra and has her come by his hotel room…a fistful of cash later and she’s bent over, sucking his dick and presenting that round pair of peaches to get her wet pussy fucked in this hot hardcore scene. Kendra is no stranger to the hotel room…she’s been on Tonights Girlfriend a couple of times before and seems to be getting hotter each time she comes back, wouldn’t you say?

Kendra Phat Ass


Kendra Lust PAWG

Two Kendra Lust galleries in one day?  Yea honey badger doesn’t give a shit and I know you guys won’t either!  This time Kendra Lust is on PAWG and no if you’re thinking this is a repeat this is just the second time she has been on this site (1st  to here).  Kendra Lust is one of the most popular girls on Bang Bros and there is a reason for this it’s because she loves what she does!  You can tell riding a dick is her second favorite thing in the world other then having a orgasm.  MILFs love a younger cock and she gets a big younger cock whenever she wants she just shows up to a set and gets her fuck on and loves it.  If you guys forgot what PAWG even stands for it stands for Phat Ass White Girl.  I don’t like the Phat in it I would change it to Perfect if I had my way but hey I didn’t invent this slang term, I probably have help perpetuate it though. 

Kendra Lust Is Back!


Kendra Lust Tonight's Girlfriend

Looks like a guy saw Kendra Lust in her first Tonight’s Girlfriend scene and decided he wanted to do the same thing.  It’s a little different for this guy though because unlike the first guy he doesn’t make any money.  In fact he makes nothing his wife does all the work, role reversal for sure.  He however doesn’t get the sex that he wants because well that girl is always working.  So he has hired Kendra Lust in this Tonight’s Girlfriend scene to help fulfill what he is missing with his current wife.  I think Kendra is not only going to give him what he wants but I think he will never be able to go back to fucking his wife after he got a sex session like this.  I mean look at that perfect round ass that she has and you haven’t even seen her ride a dick yet, she is incredible!  Kendra Lust is one of the hottest MILFs in porn with a body that is to die for and when she fucks she doesn’t mess around guys.  I love that the guy who hired her kept her in her heels and stocks thing entire time it’s just a good look for Kendra.

Ariella and Kendra Lust


Kendra and Ariella

Two really hot MILFs are getting fucked in this episode from CFNM Secret.  This is one of those sites that you get access to when you join Reality Kings.  The CFNM stands for Clothed Female naked Male.  As you can see Ariella Ferrera and Kendra Lust are in their workout gear during this whole video but they tare holes in their yoga pants so that they can get fucked.  Ariella does a little ass licking while Kendra is getting fucked and then when it’s her turn she is still licking Kendra’s pussy and ass!  It was not a fair exchange between these two MILFs I guess there is a giver and a taker in every scene and Ariella is definitely the giver.  Kendra was probably just too wrapped up in all the pleasure she was getting and it looked like it was a lot!  You rarely get to see two MILFs in the same together I feel almost always they do a MILF and a younger like 20 something in a porn scene.  So watch these two very experienced females have their way with a 20 something male, it’s quite hot I would say.

Open House


Kendra Lust Holly Michaels Open House

In this nice little episode from Pure Mature they have a little bit of a plot and what not!  Usually a video will just start off with no talking or anything but this time they changed it up!  They always seem to do that.  The pornstars in this gallery are Holly Michaels and Kendra Lust.  Kendra is pretending to be looking for a house and Holly is showing her and her husband around different open houses.  When they finally reach the last house Kendra makes her move pulling up Holly’s little mini skirt and grabbing a handful of that amazing ass.  Holly isn’t opposed to the move so the two girls start making out and then moving to oral sex all while the husband waits for his turn.  Kendra makes the move first and Holly is eager to get at this big guys cock.  Kendra makes sure she gets the first turn riding her mans cock while Holly works his balls and licks her clit as you see in this picture right here.  It’s just a really high quality scene that most of you are going to like so please get to clicking and enjoy it already!

Past Fantasy HD Scenes


I would like to get my Fantasy HD category up to date so I have a lot of make up galleries to do.  Instead of posting each and every one of them I thought I would just give you guys a nice big dump so here you go!  These are galleries I have missed:
Fantasy HD Kitchen Queen With Kennedy Leigh
Fantasy HD Model Behavior With Ella Milano
Fantasy HD Revved Up With Karlie Montana
Fantasy HD Bff Babysitters With Natalie And Chloe
Fantasy HD Poolboy Seduction With Kendra Lust
Fantasy HD Rodeo Queen With Dani Daniels
Fantasy HD The Car Wash With Holly And Natalia
Fantasy HD Camping Fun With Alice March
Fantasy HD Prize Fighter With Natalia Starr
Fantasy HD Serving Aces With Dillion Harper
Fantasy HD Private Secretary With Lily Carter
Fantasy HD The Masseuse With Holly Michaels
Fantasy HD Shower Sex With Natalia Starr

Siren Song


Kendra Lust Pure Mature

Kendra Lust is back and better then ever in this new Pure Mature scene called Siren Song.  Who knows what that even means but you get to see her back on top of cock riding it like only this MILF knows how.  Kendra has a nice juicy booty and big tits and I mean that face is easy on the eyes as well.  She has one other Pure Mature scene and that one was called “Summer Dress”.  The video is really high quality as well as the picture so take your time and look around my friends!

Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust Porn Fidelity

This scene is called “Breaking and Entering” and it’s from Porn Fidelity.  I just love going through their site and looking at all their trailers they’re just so well done!  As you will see in this video that I am hooking you guys up with that Kendra Lust here is a busy girl with Ryan.  She milks out a couple cumshots from him including one on her chin and then another deep inside of her pussy.  Ryan at first tires Kendra to the bed nice and tight and has his way with her so for all those that like bondage this is a must see for you.

Too Much Ass


Christy Mack, Nikki Delano and Kendra Lust

I love when Bang Bros goes all out like this did for this New Years update of Ass Parade.  They got three round ass pornstars do to a episode of their ass worship site called Ass Parade.  The girls are Nikki Delano, Kendra Lust and Christy Mack I have them all nice and labeled for you guys.  If you want to check out even more porn of them you will see their pictures on the sidebar in the gallery just click on that to see all of their sex scenes.  This one is a great group sex gallery where the three of them take on two different cocks in one of the best sex scenes of the year (see what I did there).

Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust Pure Mature

Can you guys believe this is the first time the Kendra Lust has been on Pure Mature?  I know I can’t either but it’s true because I fucking checked!  This MILF is probably one of the hottest MILFs out there right now just because she has a banging body and her face is easy on the eyes.  Plus do you see this picture?  She knows how to ride a cock better then most any other pornstar on the Internet.  These MILFs who are super popular are popular for a good reason and that’s because they know how to have sex.  Their age doesn’t mean she because they’re still beautiful and but instead of being noobs when it comes to sex these girls know how to please a guy.

Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust Tonight's Girlfriend

In this weeks update for Tonight’s Girlfriend you get to see a girl who obviously (from this picture) has a round ass and can ride a cock!  Her name is Kendra Lust and she was babe a shit load of money to fuck this guy and do a little bondage for him.  The guy first wanted to blind fold Kendra so he did that fucking her in different positions.  Then he put a ball gag in her mouth and pounded that pussy so hard I am surprised Kendra didn’t have a squirting orgasm.  If you guy haven’t watched a Tonight’s Girlfriend scene before I suggest you guys view this one it’s a great introduction into the site.

Kendra Lust PAWG


Kendra Lust PAWG

I have the new PAWG for you guys this week and it’s the beautiful MILF Kendra Lust.  She has a perfect round ass but what girl that appears on PAWG doesn’t?  PAWG is a website that is being started by Bang Bros and it stands for Perfect Ass White Girl.  In this episode they have Kendra do a whole bunch of things that make her ass look even more amazing like: put on stretchy yoga pants, pour milk all over her ass, doing stretches, oiling up her ass, and then fucking!  If your a ass man this is definitely the site for you because they know how to show off these big booties better then anyone else!

Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust Porn Fidelity

I wanted to give you guys some really high quality updates today so I thought I should definitely post a Porn Fidelity gallery for you guys.  This one stars a very attractive MILF named Kendra Lust.  Kendra and Ryan are pretending like they just met each other and cannot deny the lust they have for each other.  So they get down to fucking right there in the kitchen and what a fuck it is!  Kendra works out a lot and just has a banging body and with that fit body she is able to get into some pretty flexible position as well as really pound that cock when she is riding him.  Do you know what I mean?  She likes goes up and down but when she reaches the bottom of his shaft it’s a audible smack because she is getting after it so hard.

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