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Megan Salinas


Megan salinas hardx

I bet you’ve missed those perfect tits, haven’t you? It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a gallery with Latina stunner Megan Salinas but that just makes it all the hotter when she comes out with a set like this one from HardX! She was sitting in the fountain splashing water onto her big lovely breasts…and yes those are in fact perfect natural big tits, there are very few in the world that are nicer in my opinion and I’ve seen a lot of big boobs come and go on this site! Anyway Megan looks fucking incredible and gets oiled up head to toe for a massage, but after she gets rubbed down a bit her masseuse pops wood (as you might expect) and Megan is more than down to play a little as she takes his cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob before spreading her legs and getting fucked right out in the sun for this hot hardcore scene! She ends up getting blasted with cum, it’s sort of a facial but from the looks of things she got cum all over her tits too as it dripped off her chin. Don’t be a stranger, Megan, we all want to see more, and more often!

Megan Salinas


Megan salinas in the crack

If this isn’t a harbinger of summer coming up soon I don’t know what is…say hi to gorgeous Latina babe Megan Salinas for this In The Crack update as she relaxes poolside in her bikini, enjoying the sun on her skin as she pulls off her top to let those big perfect breasts out to play! I guess she was getting too hot and, well, didn’t think of hopping into the pool to cool off, she preferred to grab a can of cold water and pour it all over herself! So she’s not exactly the brightest bulb ever but man this girl is incredibly hot. In The Crack loves bringing you right up close and personal to the action so get ready for some nice looks at those perfect tits and that even more perfect ass and pussy of hers! I’ve been a fan of Megan Salinas since she first started, and she’s done a nice variety of scenes since then…if this is your first introduction to this stunner, you might want to set a little time aside and peruse the archives so to speak, just head here and all the ones I’ve put on here will magically be collected for your enjoyment!

Under My Skin


Babes network under my skin

In this Babes network update called Under My Skin we’ve got beautiful Latina hottie Megan Salinas doing what she does best…taking a man’s hard cock in the mouth! She gives a fantastic blowjob with that pretty mouth of hers, especially when she’s got her perfect breasts out. She sucks him hard and deep before laying down and spreading her long smooth legs and getting pounded in that sweet pussy of hers! She’s a chick who knows how to fuck, we’ve seen that for damn sure over the past year or two, I mean cmon check it out! Watch this beautiful goddess get her pussy pounded, fingered and licked.

Amazing Megan


Hd love amazing megan salinas

From the title of this HD Love update you’d think Megan Salinas was a magician named The Amazing Megan…well, actually after watching the scene it’s not too far from the truth! She certainly does a good disappearing trick using her boyfriend’s big thick cock as a prop, making it vanish into her mouth and then into that tight wet pussy of hers. As a grand finale she conjures up a nice big wet creamy facial, and if there was a crowd in the room I bet she’d be getting a standing ovation! This girl is seriously hot, I’m sure you’ve seen her on a couple other sites lately and there’s a good reason for that…with her flawless face, perfect big full breasts and sexy tight butt there’s nothing stopping this girl from reaching the top, especially if she keeps doing hot hardcore scenes like this one! If you’ve got a hankering for a sexy Latina it’s like an extra bonus but nationality aside she is just objectively beautiful so I think pretty much anybody will have their heads explode when they check her out here.

Pussy Feast


Nubile films pussy feast

It’s always fun to watch a girl get her holes fucked but sometimes seeing two lesbians enjoying a sumptious pussy feast is just what the doctor ordered! Actually if a doctor ordered me to watch hot lesbian sex as a prescription for anything I would go to that doctor for the rest of my life (which might not be very long if he prescribed it for, say, high blood pressure or something). Anyway not to get sidetracked, what we’re dealing with here are two of the most beautiful girls in the adult industry in bed nude together eating pussy and making out. I’m speaking of course of Sara Luvv and sexy Latina hottie Megan Salinas, either of whom would be amazing to see nude but having them both in bed together is like some kind of incredible dream. It’s no dream though, this is reality and it’s being brought to you by Nubile Films! My particular favorite is when Megan goes for a ride on Sara’s face, rocking her hips as she takes a moustache ride without the moustache.

Devour Megan and Catie


Megan salinas nubile films

Man wouldn’t you just love to join these two lesbians as they devour each other? Well that’s too damn bad but you can do the next best thing, which is to check out these photos and video from Nubile Films as Megan Salinas and Catie Parker do their best to lick their way to the center of each others lollipop…in a way I guess it almost is as if you’re there, because they’re so into each other that they don’t even notice the cameras rolling or have any self-consciousness that anyone is watching. They just get lost in each others bodies, kissing and groping and feeling and licking their way to ecstasy! They made the lighting in the photos a little light and misty and dreamlike, which I guess works out because Catie and Megan are probably gonna be in your dreams later on after seeing this sapphic scene. Two beautiful faces, four perfect breasts, two gorgeous asses, two tight wet pussies, add all that up and it equals hot hot hot! That’s just math, man.

Megan and Jessica


Jessica Robbin and Megan Salinas

Here is a gallery that kind of just fell by the wayside and now I am just remembering to post it!  I mean how could I forget a lesbian sex scene with Megan Salinas and Jessica Robbin!  That’s two of my favorite pornstars right there.  Megan and Jessica have amazing tits, sure Jessica’s may be bigger but Megan’s are seriously perfect you couldn’t change a thing about them.  The other girl in this video is Mercedes Lynn.  She has been on a ton of Party Of 3 videos from Bang Bros just kind of think of her as the host.  The real win here is seeing these two gorgeous babes eating out each others pussy and having real natural orgams, enjoy!

Slutty Sorority Contest


Megan Salinas Slutty Sorority Contett

I was quite surprised to see Megan Salians taking this huge cock balls deep while she was fucking him but that tight little pussy surprised me!  Here is her very first Brazzers scene and man is it good!  The whole plot is Megan is trying to get into a sorority and they have been putting her through a bunch of test and what not and this is the very last one.  They have been writing the legendary Danny Big Dick D and kind of taunting him.  The sisters have been signing the letters as Megan… So you see Danny isn’t too happy with this sorority chick for all the mocking letters.  The sorority tells Megan about this and now she has to go down to the prison and spend 30 minutes alone with this harden criminal.  Megan goes down there expecting she is going to have to fuck her way out of this mess.  It wasn’t as hard as she though because she just loves a hard pounding and with a dick this big it definitely fulFILLED her and fast!



Webyoung megan salinas

Megan Salinas is hot enough that she could have basically any guy she wanted, there’s no doubt about that but I guess she just couldn’t whip up the confidence to go seduce the poolboy she has her eye on in this Web Young update, and had to retire to the hot tub for a nice intimate masturbation session to fantasize about his undoubtedly big dick sliding into her tight shaved pussy! We get to enjoy ever minute as she caresses that perfect body of hers…the poolboy doesn’t know what the hell he’s missing, I tell you what. I’m also pretty sure any of you guys would have thrown that pool net right in the water and gone inside with her!

Megan Pervs On Patrol


Mega Salinas Pervs on Patrol

I have been waiting to see this new hardcore video from Pervs on Patrol for quite some time now!  Mofos will always let it’s members know it’s upcoming scenes and I saw this and have just been waiting, not so patiently.  It’s finally here and seeing Megan Salinas getting fucked is always one of my favorite things to do!  This is only the second time she has done hardcore the first was also from a Mofos sites.  Those are not even the only two scenes they have of her!  If you like this girl there is basically only one place to go to get her and that’s Mofos because thy have the most content of her hands down.  Pervs on Patrol always tries to be really amateur and voyeuristic so you get some camera time of Megan outside laying in the sun with other hotel guest.  They go in this little ten that the hotel has setup outside for hotel guest, close the door and get naughty in there.  The guy was to much of a pussy to have sex with Megan in there even though she wanted to.  He made up for it though when he brought her back to their room and just destroyed that pussy of hers!

Megan Latina Sex Tapes


Megan Salinas Latina Sex Tapes

When I first saw Megan Salinas I knew she was a winner but I didn’t know she would be doing hardcore porn!  I thought she would just do stuff porn along the lines of that FTV Girls scene she did.  Masturbating maybe getting crazy and licking another girls pussy never in my wildest dreams did I think this was going to happen!  Megan is seriously too hot for words.  She is a real Latina with big natural d-cup titties and she keeps that nice pussy of hers shaved.  Like all Latin girls she has a round ass and if that isn’t enough then just look at that face and tell me she isn’t hot!  I hope she stays in porn for a very long time but if she doesn’t at least we got this Latina Sex Tapes video to always remind us of just how hot she was.

Megan Salinas on FTV


Megan Salinas FTV Girls

This picture doesn’t even do Megan Salinas justice.  I mean she looks super hot don’t get me wrong but you don’t get to see her best assist here and that’s her all natural tits.  These just are your average natural tits she is a d-cup and they’re like perfect!  Super perky, hang on her body just right you’re going to love them.  They so nice you will almost think they’re fake but I assure you they’re not.  This gallery is from FTV Girls so it’s probably the best place to find porn of Megan here because FTV is the best simple as that.  They have her doing a bunch of things in her update from masturbating, to panty stuff I mean she literally does everything.  I think the guy who runs FTV knew he had something special in Megan here.  The best video of all the videos that she did (and she did a lot) is when she takes on some of the bigger FTV toys.  The big pink toy and like the 12 inch dildo.  Her pussy isn’t that deep but she tries.  Then she takes the smaller pink dildo and rides it like a cock.  You will get a little taste of what I am talking about if you watch the video I have in this gallery.  It starts off with a trailer of what happens in all the videos but then goes to the one I talked about, my favorite if you will.

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