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Natalia Starr and Kenna James


Natalia Starr and Kenna James

Click to watch this Natalia Starr & Kenna James video!

Smokin hot blonde Kenna James has just found out about Club VXN and man, she’s already hooked…especially when she meets up with Natalia Starr to double up on…READ MORE

Natalia Starr Dream Hook Up


Natalia Starr Dream Hook Up

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It turns out beautiful blonde Natalia Starr has found her niche of choice…namely, meeting up with basketball player celebrities and fucking their brains out!…READ MORE

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr

Click to watch this Natalia Starr video!

It was bad timing for Natalia Starr‘s boyfriend to head out of town…she was feeling frisky as hell and she already had plans to meet up with this random dude,…READ MORE

Natalia Starr DP


Natalia Starr DP

Click to watch this Natalia Starr video!

Beautiful blonde Natalia Starr thought she was being pretty sneaky going behind her husband’s back to fuck her ex boyfriend on the side, but turns out the guy…READ MORE

Natalia Starr and Summer Day


Natalia Starr and Summer Day

Click to watch this Natalia Starr & Summer Day video!

Gorgeous Natalia Starr had been cheating on her husband and got caught in the act so she was in the doghouse for sure…but now that he sold his company and was…READ MORE

Natalia Starr Bottle Service


Natalia Starr Bottle Service

Click to watch this Natalia Starr video!

Beautiful blonde Natalia Starr has been working as a server at a high end club in LA so she’s always rubbing elbows with celebrities and athletes…she doesn’t…READ MORE

Mia Malkova and Natalia Starr


Mia Malkova and Natalia Starr

Click to watch this Mia Malkova & Natalia Starr video!

Get ready for a double dose of blonde hotness as Mia Malkova and Natalia Starr team up to take on one big dick…Mia was asked to housesit for her boss while he…READ MORE

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr

Click to watch this Natalia Starr video!

Sexy blonde Natalia Starr was at the gym working out when she was approached by a guy who said his employer was a rich hiphop artist visiting town and looking…READ MORE

Fantasy Fitness Fuck


Fantasy Fitness Fuck

Click to watch this Kenna James & Natalia Starr video!

Man, this girl Kenna James is just plain sexy as hell. She’s beautiful and she loves to get fucked and has a perfect body…and hey, those also go for Natalia…READ MORE

Natalia Starr and Jill Kassidy


Natalia Starr and Jill Kassidy

Click to watch this Natalia Starr & Jill Kassidy video!

Being a TA can be a thankless job but when it pays off it pays off bigtime apparently lol…beautiful Natalia Starr introduces her friend Jill Kassidy to the TA…READ MORE

Natalia Starr and Kylie Page


Natalia Starr and Kylie Page

Click to watch this Natalia Starr & Kylie Page video!

If you’re in the mood for a threesome with two gorgeous blonde girls (and who isn’t, lol) do yourself a favor and check out Natalia Starr and Kylie Page here as…READ MORE

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr

Click to watch this Natalia Starr video!

Gorgeous blonde Natalia Starr has a naughty secret…she’s got a crush on her stepbrother and has gone beyond just fantasies as we can see! She was in the…READ MORE

Natalia Starr and Harley Jade


Natalia Starr and Harley Jade

Click to watch this Natalia Starr & Harley Jade video!

Graduation day is a big deal! After all the stress of finals and commencement and all that, it’s time to celebrate so Harley Jade meets her friend Natalia StarrREAD MORE

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr

Click to watch this Natalia Starr video!

It looks like beautiful blonde Natalia Starr is in a bit of a pickle…she’s going to school to become a fashion designer and her parents are footing the bill,…READ MORE

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr

Click to watch this Natalia Starr video!

Gorgeous blonde Natalia Starr has been married for a couple of years but is a bit disappointed with how things have turned out, especially when she finds out…READ MORE

Blonde Desire


Blonde Desire

Click to watch this Natalia Starr video!

If you’ve felt like something’s missing from your life lately it’s probably beautiful blonde Natalia Starr as it’s been a little spell since she did a hot scene…READ MORE

Natalia Starr and Alli Rae


Natalia Starr and Alli Rae

If we were allowed to pick two blondes we wanted to see get naked and get lesbian with each other I don’t think the result would change, we’d still be voting for Natalia Starr and Alli Rae! These two horndog beauties are in the buff and munching muff in this hot passionate sapphic scene from the Reality Kings network…they both love licking slit and take turns on each other, then get into some scissoring on the couch bumping bagels and just generally (and genitally) having a great time! Lesbian love is quite a sight to behold and these two certainly know how to make each other mighty happy, so grab some popcorn and unbuckle because we’ve got a front row seat to the fun.

Natalia Starr


Natalia starr porn pros

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen gorgeous blonde Natalia Starr showing her stuff, but she’s back and is looking of course amazing in this update from Porn Pros! She’s a cock hungry slut of the first degree and with those big juicy titties, round sexy ass and beautiful face of hers she never has a problem finding a willing guy to pound that sweet wet pussy nice and deep and hard. In this update Natalia just got out of hte shower and is teasing her man, flashing her sexy body and then losing her towel entirely before tackling him back onto the bed and taking that big hard cock of his in her mouth, getting her pussy licked and tongue-fucked…after a nice 69 she goes for a hard ride on that dick, her big titties bouncing hypnotically as she gets fucked, pounding that pussy up and down on his dick! It’s not a Natalia Starr scene until she gets that ass of hers in the air though, and soon sure enoguh she’s on her hands and knees getting fucked doggystyle, taking every inch of that cock before sucking and pumping a nice big load of cum out that gets all over those sweet boobs. Welcome back, Natalia!

Two Girl Surprise


Passion hd 2 girl surprise

This guy thought he was just going to be meeting up with his girlfriend but in this Passion HD scene he’s getting a 2 Girl Surprise! His beautiful blonde gal pal Natalia Starr was at home making out with her girlfriend Naomi Kennedy, they were swapping panties and decided to swap kisses as well…the guy rolled in while both girls were nearly naked and wasted no time before giving them both a nice hard pounding! Passion HD loves getting a little group grope session together and this is one of the hottest threesomes they’ve had on there in a little while if you ask me…especially because Natalia is involved! She’s a total stunner and has an incredible body, not that Naomi is any kind of slouch either! They’re both hot as hell and are taking turns eating out each others pussies like lesbians and sucking and fucking this dude’s big thick dick until all three of them are orgasmic, with the guy finally shooting his load onto Naomi’s tight pussy and all over Natalia’s gorgeous face!

Sweet Loving Natalia


Hd love sweet loving

Sometimes sexy blonde pornstar hottie Natalia Starr digs a nice hard quick pounding, but sometimes she gets in the mood for some passionate and sweet loving…good thing for her she’s got a fella here who is into both! In this HD Love update he takes a nice leisurely stroll through that sweet pussy of hers with his tongue, licking her slit up and down and tickling her clit and labia with his lips and soft caresses before standing up to slide that big thick cock of his between her lips as she gazed up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers. Natalia has an incredible body, we’ve seen that in all her other scenes too of course, and always looks stunning in any setting so with the time and care that HD Love puts into a scene she just becomes magical! Watch this sensual sweetie get pleasured from head to toe, moaning as the guy firmly yet gently penetrated her wet pussy again and again before giving her a big wet facial to finish things off.

Julia Ann Teaches Natalia Starr


Mbt natalie julia

Apparently Natalia Starr just wasn’t putting her all into it when she was fucking her boyfriend, luckily her stepmom Julia Ann was there to take the reins so to speak and show her a thing or two about fucking as she got those big juicy MILF tits out and went for a ride on the guy’s big dick! He must have been thanking his lucky stars that he came over to Natalia’s place that day because not only did he get to pound her nice pink pussy but Julia’s too and he made the most of it, getting the girls in all kinds of fun positions and fucking one while she licked the other, then switching their positions around and making sure everyone got a turn taking his cock! Natalia and Julia both have amazing tits and sweet round asses so there’s plenty of eye candy in this hot Moms Bang Teens hardcore fuck scene.

Sexy Shadow Boxing


Natalia Starr Sexy Shadow Boxing

I was just looking at our Natalia Starr section and I got to say we have one hell of a selection of galleries with her.  A lot of them are from Passion HD, this one is too by the way.  They just must really like her and I mean what’s not to like.  I love her big floppy tits always have always will but I also just like how much she loves to get fucked.  This scene is called Sexy Shadow Boxing and if you’re sitting there trying to think of the innuendo that is shadow boxing don’t worry there isn’t one.  Natalia Starr literally starts off this scene in some pink boxing gloves shadow boxing.  I didn’t stay to watch that long I till you what, I waited until she was on her knees giving a blowjob.  Natalia Starr is a straight up star when she is blowing a cock she is really good at it I bet she has had a lot of practice HAHA!  The video has her getting fucked by this big dick in a bunch of positions and it’s a swallowing / facial scene I don’t really know what you call it where a girl will wipe some cum off her face and eat it?  Is it swallowing, is it a facial all the complexities of porn.

Controlling Carter Cruise


Natalia Starr and Carter Cruise

I have the beautiful Carter Cruise on the right here and Natalia Starr on the left here for you guys.  It’s a great new scene from Reality Kings to be more specific it’s from their We Live Together scene.  Carter just broke up with her boyfriend and she spills the beans to Natalia that she is really attracted to her.  Natalia makes the first move my starting the make out session and she takes it a step further by going down on Carter.  She just moves her panties aside and starts to lick on that hairy pussy that Carter keeps.  Carter pushes her head into her pussy because this head she is getting is like nothing she has ever had before.  You even get to see her have a real orgasm at about the 2 minute mark so make sure to fast forward to that because it is a really intense orgasms with the full body going, the eyes rolling in the back of the head, it’s good.  Once Natalia makes her cum Carter can’t really take the pussy licking anymore so she takes charge and gets at that perfect tight pussy that Natalia has giving it a sensual licking that you don’t want to miss.

Hot Day with Natalia Starr


Natalia starr back on povd

It’s been a little bit (here’s a link to the first scene if you missed it) but we’re getting treated to another hot update featuring the one and only Natalia Starr doing her thing on POVD! She doesn’t waste much time getting down to business, this is a girl who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it…she brings her man a little iced tea, then slips her foot into his lap and starts playing with her pussy to give him a very subtle hint as to how she wants the afternoon to go down. He catches on pretty quick and follows her inside and up the stairs, spanking her pretty ass on the way, and basically dives into bed with her! It was a hot day outside but even hotter indoors as Natalia gets naked, penetrating her pussy with his big hard cock and getting those juicy bouncy titties jiggling in his face as she rides him! She gets a good hard pounding, then finishes things off by getting a huge cumshot that sprays all over her tits and up to her face…the guy totally drenches her with jizz, it’s like a cum-on-my-tits and a cum-on-my-face situation at the same time, he should be very proud of himself. The best part is that it’s all filmed in incredibly high resolution and we get a first-person perspective on the hardcore action courtesy of the POVD cameras!

Pre Party Fuck


Passion hd pre party fuck

Sexy blonde pornstar Natalia Starr and her guy pal are hosting a party later on but before their guests arrived they were in the mood for a nice hot Pre-Party Fuck! She shimmies out of her little pink party dress and takes her lover’s cock in her mouth, dancing around and slowly stripping out of her panties…actually if that is her party dress this is going to be one hell of a shindig, her perfect ass is peeking out and it’s barely holding in those big beautiful tits of hers! She rides his cock, working his shaft with her wet pussy as she bounces up and down on it….Natalia is always beautiful and man that body of hers just doesn’t have any bad angles. She’s done some Passion HD stuff before, so if you want to check out some of her older updates make sure you take a look at scene1 scene2 to see more of that smokin hot body!

Natalia Starr POVD


Natalia Starr on POVD

I am glad to see Natalia Starr back at work!  When she first came out she was huge, you would see her on a new site every single week and then she just went away.  I had assumed she retired or something, but it looks like she just went on a little break.  It could be POVD just shot this during that stretch and haven’t released it until now.  They are brand new though, I am talking like 2 days old… It might be kind of annoying for you guys that don’t actually like this site because I have only been doing updates from them. The thing is I am pretty good at guessing what you guys will like to see and I know you will like this site if you buy a membership.  In this scene you get to see Natalia wake up and go and take a shower.  The POVD camera is attached to her head and you get to see her watching that amazing naked body of hers.  When she comes out of the shower the stunt guy is standing there and Natalia knows what to do.  She gets on her knees and starts to blow him and then go in the bedroom to finish the sex session.

Big Tits Massage


Fantasy hd big tits massage

Quick, off the top of your head name the best job in the world. If you didn’t say something along the lines of “Natalia Starr‘s personal breast masseuse” what the hell are you even doing with your life. This girl is absolutely stunning…there are very few truly perfect asses and breasts in this business but Natalia might just be the proud owner of both (or all three, however you want to look at it). In this Fantasy HD update called Big Tits Massage she’s, well, getting her big tits massaged. This guy oils those boobs up and starts a-squeezin, and I guess she gets pretty turned on by it because next thing you know she’s got his cock down her throat! She turns over and gets fucked doggystyle on the massage table and goes for a nice hard deep ride on his meat, sliding her wet pussy up and down like a carousel horse. He shoots his load onto her face, onto her tits, just every damn where and she loves every second of it! If somehow you haven’t seen Natalia Starr do what she does best before, do yourself a favor and take a look at scene1 and scene2, not to mention scene3!

Sexting For A Booty Call


Passion hd sexting for a booty call natalia starr

Blonde hottie Taylor Whyte was getting her nails done at the beginning of this Passion HD episode by her girlfriend Natalia Starr when she decided it was time for a little action…she whipped off her shirt and had Natalia take her picture to send to a guy friend of hers, sexting for a booty call if you will! Obviously the guy came flying over when he got a look at those great titties, and when he found Natalia there naked as well he basically had to high-five himself. They headed to the bedroom where these girls took turns fucking this guy’s huge thick cock, licking and sucking and riding him until he shot his load for them to slurp up. Natalia is one of the hottest girls on that site if you ask me…if you don’t believe me see for your damn self, in scene1 and scene2 and scene3 for instance! There are plenty more but I think you get the picture and I don’t want to be held liable for blowing your mind.

Breaking and Entering


Passion hd breaking and entering

This is the sexiest case of breaking and entering I’ve ever seen…beautiful blonde pornstar Natalia Starr sneaks into the bedroom of Brooke Wylde and her well-hung gentleman friend as they snooze, and strips off her clothes! I guess she’s not the best burglar in the world but she certainly gets what she’s after in this Passion HD update, hopping naked into the bed and kissing both of them awake! Soon they’re all naked and sucking and kissing and fucking and groping all night long in a sexy hardcore threesome…Natalia and Brooke take turns getting plowed by that huge hard cock the guy’s packing and the action isn’t over til he’s shot a massive creamy load all over Brooke’s face and big tits for Natalia to lick up! Two gorgeous girls getting hammered one after the other by some donkey-dick, sounds like a winner to me…check out this hot scene.

Sexy Real Estate Agent


Natalia starr sexy real estate agent passion hd

Tell me you wouldn’t buy anything sexy real estate agent Natalia Starr showed you…especially when she decides to sweeten the deal by showing off those big perfect breasts and masturbating in front of you to seal the deal! Join her and this lucky new homeowner in a hot Passion HD update as she works his huge cock with her mouth and tight wet pussy to celebrate the signing of the contracts! I’m sure her commission checks must be off the charts with a body like that…watch her suck cock, get fucked and then take his meat between her tits until he shoots his load all over her chest! This beautiful sexy horny blonde really knows how to sell it, she’s got a hell of a lot of curb appeal if you know what I’m talking about.

Mrs. Conduct


Brandi Love Mrs Conduct

Brandi Love is back on Moms Bang Teens!  This time she is with Natalia Starr in a scene they call “Mrs. Conduct”.  I didn’t include a picture of Natalia in here because this is the best picture for sure I mean look at that hot MILF body!  Perfect round ass, nice big tits Brandi just has it all.  If you missed the last scene she was in with Lia Lor called Soothing Sensation you may want to check it out, it’s really good too.  Alright let’s get back to this one though.  Natalia and Brandi are at their vacation house and Natalia brought her boyfriend along with her and her step mother Brandi.  Little does this boyfriend know is that Natalia and Brandi share their boy toys so when Brandi has him along she seduces him because it’s more fun that way right.  She tells him that Natalia knows about it and he doesn’t really believe but of course he fucks her anyways.  You cannot deny a body like the one Brandi has.  Natalia walks in and he thinks he is in trouble but oh contraire my friend you fun has just begun!  Enjoy this amazing threesome and then take the Moms Bang Teens tour you will like what you see.

Foot Play


Passion hd natalia starr

This Passion HD update will be like nectar of the gods for you fans of foot play! Beautiful blonde Natalia Starr is working out and just happens to be doing it in the same room as a guy working on her house…and whoops, her big natural tits just happened to pop out of her top while he was watching! It turns out he’s a foot fetish fan so she gave him a nice footjob, rubbing his cock nice and hard before spreading her legs and taking him deep in her wet hole right there on the floor. Natalia loves a good hard fuck and that’s just what she gets in this hot sex session, getting every inch of that amazing nude body of hers worked over by this guy’s thick tool and skillful hands! I guess being a laborer isn’t all that bad, if this is the kind of thing that happens regularly. You’d almost think Natalia had the whole scene in mind when she came into the room to do her yoga, but there’s no way she’s that naughty, right? I guess given her past updates on the site like this one with Tasha Reign and of course her Poolside Passion update we should expect some naughtiness, though.

Natalia Starr


Porn star spa natalia starr

It’s pretty easy to see why Natalia Starr gets so much work in this industry…with her big natural tits and that gorgeous face she’s an instant hit which works out great for her bank account but can be hell on her body! That’s why sometimes she just needs to slow down and take a little time for herself, heading to the Porn Star Spa for a little R&R. At the spa she gets a little exercise in on the treadmill before doing some yoga to stretch out her sore muscles, but what she really needs is a nice oil rubdown! Luckily there’s a skilled masseuse there who is more than happy to rub warm oil all over her beautiful nude body, spending maybe a little more time than normal to make sure her round ass is nice and relaxed. She loves having her body touched in such a sensual way and soon she’s rubbing his cock through his pants, getting him nice and hard before he hops up on the bed himself and she rides his dick like a pogo stick! Even when tired out she’s one of the hottest pornstars in the business and in this video from the Bang Bros network she shows you why. To finish things off she gets on her knees and takes a nice big load on her big tits, rubbing it into her skin…nothing like a nice protein rub at the spa to keep a girl fresh!

Wild Thing


Babes natalia starr wild thing

Getting the attention of a guy can be a little tough sometimes when he has a lot on his mind, but blonde stunner Natalia Starr has a few tricks up her sleeve, such as grabbing his dick out of his pants and licking him from balls to tip! Actually I’m not sure what’s going through this guy’s head, it seems like just having a girl around as hot as Natalia would be more than sufficient to drive any other thought out of the noggin. Eventually he comes around and does the wild thing with her in this update from the Babes Network, fucking that tight wet pussy until he pulls out and cums all over her cute tummy!

Threesome Sex Tape


Passion hd threesome sex tape

When two of the hottest blondes on Passion HD get together you know you’re in for something special…in this update we’ve got Natalia Starr asleep in bed nude with her boyfriend and their horny roommate Tasha Reign filming them with her camera for her own pervy reasons! Soon she’s making out with Natalia and when the guy wakes up to find his girl making out with their gorgeous housemate his boner almost blasts them right off the bed. Soon they’re all nude and making a hardcore threesome sex tape as the guy fucks them both, sending all those perfect titties to bouncing and filming what might just be the hottest action the world has ever seen. Hopefully the battery was charged or they might just have to do the whole thing over again! On second thought, that might not be such a bad idea anyway.

Poolside Passion


Poolside Passion HD

The gorgeous and naturally busty Natalia Starr is enjoying some Poolside Passion in this new update from Passion HD.  The video starts off with her walking out in her white bikini and let me tell you she is looking hotter then fuck.  She gets in the pool and decides that she would rather be skinny dipping.  With a body like hers I think she would want to be naked as much as she can.  Her boyfriend comes out in the the pool and licks that perfect hairy little pussy up and down and once she is ready to get a real fucking they head back to the cabana and get to banging.  The guy fucks her pussy until is is about to cum and then sprays it all over her stomach and pubic hair.  That’s going to be hard to clean.  Natalia you better not have jumped into the pool after this, people swim in that!

Gold Starr


Natalia Starr Babes Network Gold Starr

Natalia Starr just got a new scene on Babes Network that you guys might enjoy.  She looks awesome as always the only problem is that they guys from Babes Network put her in some weird make-up.  Something just looks off with her but all in all it’s a great site.  I mean look at her just riding this guys cock so hard!  The video is super erotica, I mean with the music and everything so beware haha!  I actually have a membership to this site (it’s great) and I will tell you that the music in the video in the members area is totally different then what I am showing you here.  It’s much quieter and soothing if you will.  So if that turns you off of Babes Network have to fear it’s only in their promotional stuff.  The name of the scene is Gold Starr, very clever I must say and appropriate too!  Because I would give her just that after the performance she put on during this video.

Sticky and Sweet


Natalia Starr and Maddy O'Reilly

You know I am posting a gallery with both Natalia Starr and Maddy O’Reilly in it!  The gallery comes from Nubile Films and is called Sticky and Sweet not the most sensual name for a episode Nubile Films…  The girls take turns getting fucked and sucking on this lucky guys balls.  It’s a great threesome and the quality of Nubile Films porn is really just incredible.  When you look at these pictures just know that these are screen captures from the highest quality video they offer in their members area, pretty impressive right?

Lily and Natalia Look of Love



If you’re like me you’ve seen tons of hardcore threesomes so it takes a special kind of team to really get things going…well, HD Love decided to bring together Natalia Starr and Lily Love, two of the hottest girls in adult, so I think they’ve got the right kind of recipe for a mega-hot threeway fuck scene! Both of these girls have big natural breasts and they both absolutely love to fuck, so right away they get into the sex with a gusto you don’t often see…watch those milky pussy juices flow as they scream and moan their way to ecstasy as that big dick plunges into their tight shaved holes!

Passion Touch Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr Passion Touch

It looks like you guys are quite lucky because Passion HD just released a new scene with the gorgeous Natalia Starr.  The first one was called Online Seduction just in case you missed it and this one is called Passion Touch.  She is getting a very sensual massage in this gallery and you will never believe how much she loves getting those big natural tits of hers massaged.  I really like this model and I hope that they keep making scenes with her because her body is really just flawless and man does she know how to fuck and give a blowjob!  Natalia Starr is brand new to this industry but in the short time she has been around she has made quite a few scenes she is in really high demand and once youw atch this video you will definitely want more of her.

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr Casting Couch X

The drop dead gorgeous Natalia Starr is in a new episode from Casting Couch X.  I bet all you wonder what lucky guy got to fuck her in her very first boy / girl scene well that guy would be anonymous who also runs a talent agency.  He just started putting up these auditions tapes of some of the girls he represents.  These tapes are their “interviews” before he goes and gets them any job he fucks them first.  Seems like a pretty good gig to be a porn talent agent I might just have to get into that business.

Natalia & Brett


Natalia Starr and Brett Rossi

Natalia Starr and Brett Rossi are taking a roll in the hay in this awesome video from When Girls Play.  This is the site you need to go to if you love seeing lesbian sex.  There is so much pussy being eaten on that site it would keep you full for a week.  Natalia Starr and Brett Rossi are a lot alike but there is one difference and that is that Natalia is all natural and Brett is not.  How amazing are those titties of Natalia’s I could just suck on those and be happy.  Brett though is nothing like me she wants to suck on this and her pussy but she actually does it as you will see in these pictures and video.

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr Online Seduction

How about them apples?  Nice and big and all natural just the way I like them!  This is Natalia Starr and I think she is going to be the next big thing.  I mean with a look like this how could she not be one of the top pornstars right?  Passion HD seems to be on top of it when it comes to getting new models like Natalia here.  She is in a new scene for them called Online Seduction.  It’s just a simple Passion HD sex scene.  So for those that don’t know what that is it means that it’s a very sensual gallery, with soft music and filmed in the highest quality possible.  The video you are watching isn’t even close to the quality you can get in the members area.  With that being said these tits look just as good in low definition as they do in high.

Natalia & Holly


Holly Michaels and Natalia Starr

I have a new scene from Passion HD features like the Passion HD contract star Holly Michaels (she is in a lot of scenes with them) and a new girl named Natalia Starr.  Both of these girls are completely natural and both have amazing natural titties!  This girl Natalia is to die for with her blue eyes and blonde hair, she is righ tup my alley.  If you like passioniate high quality porn then you guys need to check out this site Passion HD because it’s all of that and so much more.   The name of this episode is called Shared Passion because both of these girls do a great job sharing in their threesome, it’s how a threesome is suppose to go down!

In White Lace


Natalia Starr White Lace

This is a new erotic video from Babes Network called In White Lace.  The girl starring in it is pretty new her name is Natalia Starr.  I mean she is so new that doesn’t even have a profile of her yet.  As you can probably tell by the title of the episode Natalia is all dressed up in super sexy white lingerie I love the stockings moved of all.  She has a great set of natural tits  that are not huge but they are like full you know what I am saying.  There is just something about seeing a girls natural tits flopping back and forth while she is being fucked doggystyle that makes me happy, is it just me?

Natalia Starr


Natalia Starr

Pretty hot girl wouldn’t you guys say?  Look at those nice natural tits just being all floppy there!  Want until you see those things in motion they might put you in a spell.  This scene is for I Know That Girl and the models name is Natalia Starr.  It’s a love of POV type style of porn along with them just setting down the camera and making sweet sweet love.

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